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January 15, 2020


jim nj


Parnas, in rare interview, undermines Dems' claims that Trump team surveilled Ukraine ambassador

I don't know what to think of this guy. Based on this article he doesn't sound like "star witness" material.

jim nj


"The administration has repeatedly cited concerns of alleged mismanagement and corruption as justification for their hesitation to hand over billions of dollars in disaster funds to the island.

"Now that a full financial monitoring team is assembled and active, we can move forward with confidence that these disaster recovery funds will reach those who need them the most," a senior HUD official said in a statement to NPR."

I think they would have gotten the money sooner if the corruption down there hadn't been so self-evident.

JM Hanes

Captain @ 10:53:

That's what Ignatz' avatar would look like with clothes on.


congratulations DrJ, wonderful news.

jim nj


Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick (D) Arizona. No snark from me, I hope she gets the help she needs.


My niece is a 6 foot tall slender blonde who was an excellent volleyball player. She was very good back in the day.

She now works for DoJ in DC.


caught up to the end of a thread and now have nothing to say.


Actually were way past atomics we need to move to meson crust busters


Quilted northam is a piece of work isnt he?


Whats the nearest safe county, around you fairfax is like zombie town.


Sorry loudon county which includes fairfax

jim nj


"It’s safe to assume that Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. meant no harm to LSU on Monday night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Yet within minutes of the Tigers defeating Clemson 45-25 in the national championship game, Beckham insisted on handing cash-like currency to nearby players. Whether he dispensed real cash or fake money—or perhaps a bit of both—is now a crucial compliance question for LSU Athletics."

I didn't squawk when the NY Giants traded him away. I thought it was for the best. He is a great player, but he does incredibly stupid stuff at times. This seems like one of them.

I suspect James D, my fellow Giants fan, might agree with me here.


So julian edelma. Is he out for the season or what?

jim nj


I sometimes take notes so I can add my two cents later.

I felt like screaming BASTA a few times today catching up. Decided KF was the better choice.


loudoun is a separate county but the dems worked their black magic and flipped the board of supervisors there. va is a lost cause for the gop.

not sure why anyone is surprised by what they were planning to do, they said it numerous times (and the gun issue is partly to distract from all the other bad policies they are putting into place). i think captain hate brought over a bit from the horde about what to expect from january 20th-the gov is going to bring in antifa and the state police are going to let another C'ville happen. the whole thing will get blamed on gun rights activists and the dog's breakfast of gov. blackface's worst ideas will get crammed down.


Yes one ofthe board members in associated with the al hydra mosque (yes the autocucumber is intentional)


Posted by: jim nj | January 16, 2020 at 01:16 AM

i was thinking ... how much glue do we need? is joe biden hungry?


A lot of horses. For slo jo (who seemed more confused than usual)

jim nj


Can Cheatin’ Carlos: In wake of Major League Baseball’s sign-stealing scandal, Mets should fire new manager

Whoa, this thing has tentacles. I don't pay a lot of attention to baseball anymore. Stealing signs with technology has always been a major taboo. Thinking you can get away with it is even worse. Not stopping it if you aware of it is about as criminal as you can get in baseball.

jim nj


"New data suggests that our evolutionary cousins the Neanderthals may have been diving under the ocean for clams.

It adds to mounting evidence that the old picture of these ancient people as brutish and unimaginative is wrong.

Until now, there had been little clear evidence that Neanderthals were swimmers.

But a team of researchers who analysed shells from a cave in Italy said that some must have been gathered from the seafloor by Neanderthals."

It wouldn't surprise me if a Neanderthal beat Joe Biden in debate.


Narc @ 12:18 —

Really good article. Thanks

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--It adds to mounting evidence that the old picture of these ancient people as brutish and unimaginative is wrong.

Until now, there had been little clear evidence that Neanderthals were swimmers.--

Uh, sea monkeys can swim so who exactly are the unimaginative ones, Neanderthals or modern researchers?

--It wouldn't surprise me if a Neanderthal beat Joe Biden in debate.--

OK, but Paul Ryan couldn't. Has anyone seen him swim?

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: Narciso | January 16, 2020 at 01:14 AM
It's a moot point considering that the team was eliminated a few weeks back.

jim nj


Mollie Heningway fisks the New Yorker article on AG Barr. Rather brutally.



Dave (in MA)

Stephanie, but your employer never considered that their applications would last into the next century. Mine never figured the code would be around beyond the 70s. They were almost right; they were mergered in '81 and the whole thing went under in less than a year.

jim nj


LOL. I think the homo sapien researchers of Neanderthals are racists.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This Hannity interview of Sidney Powell indicates [to me anyway] that DoJ did NOT actually pressure Flynn senior, re Flynn Jr, though they did investigate him.

HANNITY: So [the FBI] withhold the exculpatory information... then the agents that interviewed him didn't think he lied. You either say you lied or we're going after your kids. So I am just guessing that a soldier, a man of honor said I'm not going to let my kid go down for something I didn't do. I'll dive on the sword. Why do I imagine that is the scenario that really unfolded?

POWELL: When you put together the fact that Mr. Mueller got the letter authorizing him to target Michael Flynn Jr., and they had seized Michael Flynn Jr.'s computers and electronic devices and those things, it’s not too hard to imagine that that might have happened.

If that statement by his own lawyer is the hardest evidence Flynn pled because of DoJ pressure on Junior it's pretty weak. At worst it suggests Senior feared DoJ might do it but actually didn't.

jim nj

I took a COBOL course in college during the 80's. The associate professor wrote code every day for his job and taught the same way.

He was a bit of a COBOL-Nazi. It was a three hour evening class. He'd teach for three hours and assign a coding problem each week that took about 15 hours to write, compile and run on a mini-DEC.

He was right though - the way to learn to code is to code.

It's not an abstract thing of just getting the logic correct. You have to learn how to spot compiler errors, which I got very good at, and you have to document your work with comments. Without the documentation, as time passed, you might forget why you did something in a particular manner. And if you couldn't remember, you couldn't expect a stranger to be able to fix your code either if the need arose.


Ignatz —


On the left we see over and over that the narrative takes precedence over facts. We need to be careful not to fall into the same trap.

jim nj

I have great respect for gentlejim, Rocco, and other LEOs, but some of you just don't recognize just how sleazy some LEOs with lesser morals are.

I know of of a case in Hackensack where a female crack addict, a relative of an LEO, was released from the County Jail on the basis of her sentence would be lowered if she went undercover.

Look people in jail want reduced sentences. Cops like people who will rat out others looking for a higher targets. I understand that.

But a crack addict? Someone who will do anything to get high? And I mean anything. Including lying and trading sexual favors.

She plead with people to hook her up with crack dealers. She wouldn't deal with dealers herself, but begged people to help her out.

They arrested about a dozen intermediaries, but no crack dealers, based on her deceits.

When the case broke and arrests were made none of the intermediaries were caught with drugs in their possession. None had large cash hordes.

A pathetic crack whore created a set of criminals who fell for her drama and were trying to "help" her. They didn't "deal" drugs, they made no money off her, they were manipulated into being a conduit.

The county prosecutor in charge of that effort should be in jail now.

To think that state and federal prosecutors don't engage in the same kind of thing just boggles the mind.

Somebody wants "proof" of prosecutorial mis-conduct. Not going to happen. They are too clever. It's never written down anywhere. It's all verbal and cleverly worded.

jim nj

That's why I support intelligent bail reform. Without it prosecutors have too much power to force plea bargains on people who just want to get out of jail, but can't pay for bail or a lawyer. Public defenders don't count. They're, for the most part, window-dressing.

It's really the height of hypocrisy for a county jail inmate to cop to a lesser offense and a term of punishment of "time served" just to get out of jail for a trial that won't come up for a year later that the prosecutor possibly can't win.

The prosecutor gets a "win" the inmate gets freedom and a record, but where is the justice?

That is not to argue that some plea bargains aren't mutually agreed to. That some prosecutors are right and some inmates are guilty and the plea bargain is mutually useful to both parties.

And in the negotiations the police and prosecutor can legally lie. Yet if the inmate lies it can be used against him in a trial.

It's not a fair system IMO.

jim nj

As to my remarks on an "expendable" ship I thought I was quite clear.

Create and load a large missile launch system that can be launched via remote control on an old freighter or tanker. It doesn't have to be autonomous. It can be crewed minimally. Abandon ship when it's on station.

The ship won't need expensive drone navigation and it won't need expensive defensive armament. The crew will be gone before the missiles launch.

If it is sunk in a counter-attack it has already returned to its state as an old freighter or tanker after the missiles were launched.

I'm advocating cheap ships with expensive missile systems. Once the missiles are gone we don't need to withdraw the ship and re-load it. We just move another cheap ship with an expensive missile system in to replace it.

Instead of a very expensive manned ship with expensive defensive systems surrounding a few vertical launch tubes you create a massive launch system on an old hull you can afford to lose.

jim nj

I've had two anxiety attacks this week. Sunday and today. Some people call them "panic" attacks.

That's unusual for me and I'm exploring why, and I may have some idea. This has happened before in the past, but they were very widely spaced. I mean like years apart.

I'd rather keep this private for the moment, meaning I don't want to discuss it, but I mention it because I may rage on somebody for no good reason.

I hope I don't, but if I do, I hope you will understand that it's not you, it's me.



jim nj--interesting--both my spouse and I have had trouble sleeping this week; no overt cause. Plus--Dry January! We typically sleep like babies when not metabolizing alcohol.

I do follow a psychiatrist who incorporates astrology in her theories and treatment.

(We've long noticed increased births w full moons.)

Who knows??



Are we really back to this again.

Please be specific as to what you are referring to, as there are at least three discussions yesterday it applies to.



Donald Trump vs. Greta Thunberg: Davos prepares for climate crisis showdown


re lazy date fix: Even window dates really don’t matter unless something needs a calc crossing the threshold. Parking meters? If you parked over new years. Anything that was going to crash already did. This is Mayan Calender rollover level silliness.


Rosenstein's 2nd Scope Memo dated Oct. 20, 2017, gave authorization for Mueller to target Michael Flynn Jr.

This was first reported in the NBC link I posted above on Nov. 5, 2017.

Per Sundance,

Getting Rosenstein to authorize adding Mike Flynn Jr. to the target list (scope memo) meant the special counsel could threaten General Flynn with the indictment of his son as a co-conspirator tied to the Turkish lobbying issue (which they did) if he doesn’t agree to a plea. Remember: “jointly undertaken activity“.

Robin, eff 'em all


Your girl sounds amazing. Volleyball is the first time we've seen our girl's mettle tested - she's had to start at the bottom and be the worst player on a team that was not warm and welcoming because she was the only kid from the alternative school playing on the school district team. The club team has been a far more positive experience and the girls much more accepting. Still, she loves it and works her butt off, which is all you can ask of your kid.

And yes, I do complain, but at the same time, I love watching her figure things out. We have an adult son too, so I know the time is fleeting. One friend said that she laid out the years on a timeline and every time she felt like kvetching, she would look at the remaining years at home and count her blessings. I know exactly what she means.

jim nj


I'm still awake. Having another beer, trying to calm down.

Several stressors recently. My beloved girlfriend Nancy, AKA Yongsin, her real name, got caught up in the domestic abuse of her friend Debra again.

She borrowed $40 dollars from me to help her. The same night I realized my wallet was empty. There goes another $35 dollars.

And she refused to tell me where my money went. It went to help Debra, the abused woman, but Nancy refused to tell me where the money went.

I went ballistic and told her to leave in the middle of the night.

She didn't leave, so I called 911, because I was very afraid that I would do something stupid.

The police came and escorted her out while I remained outside the building.

When she came outside she finally told me that she had funded Debra, the abused woman, with my money.

With the help of the responding LEOs we reconciled outside and I brought her back in.

We hugged and cried and talked it out. I feel like an absolute shit for going off on her.

It's a scar on my soul at the moment. We're good, but I think I need to tell her again just how wrong I was.

I got good advice from JOMers before that I can't fix this, but Nancy is an Earth Mother, she can't dis-engage from people she thinks she can help.

And that was before the anxiety attacks surfaced.

Robin, eff 'em all


I'm sorry you're struggling.

Another Bob

Google at it again...


I don’t recall why Oracle denied Goog the Java license. I presume it was over the fee Oracle wanted, but don’t particularly care as that’s a situation where I hope both companies lose. But legalizing a unilateral appropriation of the work of others simply for a “greater good” (nice euphemism for “good for me”) can’t be allowed to stand.


Schumann Resonance sensitivity?


A Bob, agree on Oracle / Google. How many hundred million in legal fees on that dispute so far?

jim nj

Thank you Robin, I don't mind baring my soul here as I get good advice and for some odd reason I just felt a deja vu moment.


Virginia passed the “Equal Rights Amendment”. Even thought it timed itself out long ago, so cannot go into effect. Something tells me zombie Grant needs to burn Richmond to the ground again.

Another Bob

“How many hundred million in legal fees”

One of my problems with the legal profession. They’ll get rich enabling endless litigation on what should be an easy principle.


jim nj,

Praying for all of you. It's good things worked out for you and your girl. Praying that the whole situation resolves itself.

I'm off to the eye doc for an injection of Avastin in my eye. That eclipse I looked at has caused scar tissue to grow over it affecting my vision. The doc doesn't think my vision will come back in that eye but if I get these injections every 5 weeks, there's a good chance it won't get worse.

James D.

JimNJ @ 1:23

I'm of two minds on OBJ. He was a moron, but I think he's not malicious the way that some of these diva players are, just really, really stupid.

I think that with a stronger/smarter coach and management, he probably could have been handled reasonable.

I definitely think they were idiots to take the first offer they got, without even bothering to try and shop him around (Gettleman basically bragged about that, which on its own is grounds for firing him from where I sit)

Another Bob

Thieves shouldn’t be able to buy a change to the definition of theft.


The situation in Virginia is getting worse. That governor is nuts. Yesterday people started forming militias and within hours thousands of LEO's and military vets from across the country had volunteered to help.


James D.

rich @ 1:16

I think that's exactly what Northam and his fellow Dems want to happen. And if no gun owners take the bait, I don't think they'd have any problem running a false flag operation to set off violence and bloodshed to get the result they want.

I hate my state. I hate it a lot.

jim nj

Google can steal Java for the greater good?

Oh, please.

Another Bob

Ahem, I mentioned the Virginia nonsense yesterday. Apparently nobody noticed.

Lots of bad, bad potential there.

Another Bob

“That eclipse I looked at”

Really? That’s what did it?


That Google case may be even more important, since they have so many operations in China.



Yeah, when I was 18 or so. Mass Eye and Ear actually took pics for the medical books. It healed after a few months but scar tissue has grown over the scar. Gotta run, my daughters driving me and here shortly.


Ampther Bob,

I am sorry I didn't comment on it yesterday. I got alarmed because a gal on Twitter posted that she felt President Trump should intervene.


Jim nj, copyright needs to be respected. However software copyright (patents are worse) often involves the equivalent of “1 + 1 = 2” being claimed. To combat one will be in the neighborhood of $100 million and years of uncertainty. Then decided by a judge that is can’t figure out how to set a digital clock.

Re Goolag vs Oracle, the dispute is over hardware interfaces that can only be programmed one way (if you want it to work) even if Goolag is documented to have grabbed that bit.

Another Bob

I don’t recall Trump making any particular statements about 2A (other than suggesting Hillary should be a victim of it). Do we know Trump migh5 come down on this?

Another Bob

Henry, what “hardware interface”? I thought the dispute was around the Dalvik VM and some specific parts of the API that did “software” things?

So all software should be open source?


Please be specific as to what you are referring to, as there are at least three discussions yesterday it applies to.

I fell asleep and couldn't participate, so can all three be resuscitated? What were they - Teddy breaking the designated driver rules, Michael Flynn's mysterious plea, and....what else?



Why Trump will win again? Taxes.

I think it is important to explain to people what will happen if the dems get control, like this guy did.

Captain Hate

Ahem, I mentioned the Virginia nonsense yesterday. Apparently nobody noticed.

Lots of bad, bad potential there.

I noticed. I applaud the conservatives there for developing a perfectly legal alternative to the gun grabbers. But they haven't raised enough hell to get to the bottom of the Charlottesville nonsense, which was a total setup by McAwful and people associated with Gaylord. As a result you have this undercover crap going on by the blackfaced wearing hypocrite governor.

I'd say you should stop electing trash but I know the demographics. Still the state GOP is very Failure Theater and a tool of the Gas Chamber.

Robin, eff 'em all

It's like deja vu all over again on FB with my lefty acquaintances up in arms about the Warren/Sanders kerfluffle. It's getting ugly. Again. And really, what this signals to me is that Sanders is not a popular guy in the party.


Lookie here! I found a dead horse upon which I can beat to my hearts content!


Clip embedded of Miss Sidney laying it all out to Lou D.



The crowded dem field is sucking out the oxygen, according to Andrew Malcolm.

Personally, it could be thinned down to 3 and it still wouldn't help, since NONE of them are appealing. Also, I wonder how Bloomberg will fare as a Jewish candidate given the level of antisemitism in the party.


I hadn't known there were wild rumours, at the time at Martha's Vineyard, about what "really" happened with EMK. It reminds me of a phenomena I've noticed (or imagined) lately, and it's a great phenomena to cite if you're a ledge dweller or, worse, an outright misanthrope. So, it can be defined thusly - the "what really happened" scenarios for any noteworthy incident become more dire over time, with the participants in the incident becoming more despicable in the process. I'll use Marilyn Monroe's death as an example. Starts as actress slightly past her peak, meds problem, OD's after Bobby tells her that neither he or his brother will be spending time with her going forward. Scandalous, tragic, etc. After thirty years the story, as I recall, took on new players, like Peter Lawford, Lawford's doctor and the chances he might have dosed Marilyn, Marilyn's threats to talk to Jackie, etc. But now, thirty years later still, the story (at least, how I've recently heard it) makes you want to just hang your head and think dark thoughts.

There was a time when Frank Sinatra was happy to hire private eyes to tail Marilyn for his friend Joe DiMaggio; DiMaggio was pining for his ex-wife and jealous of any new lovers. Famously, Sinatra's hoods broke down the door of a hotel where Marilyn would presumably be caught in flagrante delicto (they were wrong, surprising a middle-aged woman alone in bed while Marilyn slipped away two doors down). Now, though, two days before Monroe died, Sinatra was telling the still-possessive Joe something else - forget it, Joe, leave it alone. Marilyn was going to be drugged by Sam Giancana, he was going to pass her around to his mob buddies for a couple of days, then they were going to kill her. Old Blue Eyes was OK with it because the mob and JFK both said so, and Joltin' Joe could send flowers to her grave forever but could never wipe the cowardly stain from his soul.

Crazy world. I mean, it's like finding out the FBI is crooked, or something.

Another Bob

Re. VA, there’s (at least) a large minority that are pretty firm 2A people. Those of that minority who would show at a rally are probably pretty hardcore. Given the precise topic is the right to own weapons and the state’s infringement of it, hard to see them giving in and agreeing to Northam’s diktat or cancelling the event.

The Charlottesville police appeared to engineer a conflict. So there’s that precedent.

Playing those games with a crowd that is pointedly armed seems to be playing with fire (no pun intended, but hey).

It seems a near perfect environment for some really really bad things to happen, even if by accident. Too bad we can’t trust the politicians and police.

Maybe I’m being over dramatic.


Please be specific as to what you are referring to

I presumed it was to Y2K, not any of yesterday's kerfuffles.



the materials to make c'ville an issue in the schools had been preprinted before the event. The driver into crowd and copter crash were, I think, the only unplanned, aspect.

Remember the timing allowed this to be the images that drove returns to K-12 and universities. The image in the brain is quite powerful for what it can be be led to believe. The term really is Guiding Fiction for such beliefs that are politically useful if fundamental transformation is the aim.



More details here.




All of us have opinions on the Flynn case.

None of our opinions are going to have ANY bearing on his fate.

Anybody who has grown up in a big family learns that some people are argumentative by nature.

Not much you can do about it except screw them outta the last slice of cake in the pantry.


· 13h
The commemorative Impeachment pens that were handed out had “United” spelled wrong on them.

It doesn’t surprise me that the Democrats couldn’t spell that word since it was a partisan, one sided, and divisive vote.

James D.

MM @ 8:34

Oh, my God.

I cannot express how angry that story makes me. That smug, lying little sack of human garbage should be living in a cardboard box on the street and eating out of your garbage cans.

But instead, he's given an ever-larger platform to lie and disinform, and paid ever more money for it.

It makes me physically ill just to think about it.


Yesterday people started forming militias and within hours thousands of LEO's and military vets from across the country had volunteered to help.

I wonder if the anti-rioting statutes will now be enforced? Remember when we thought they would be used against ANTIFA scum, but that never happened.


Another Bob... so software interface. I am not saying copyright should be meaningless (although software patents should be). Some bits have fewer degrees of freedom than others. Thus every interface to an IRS e-file software interface is going to look very similar under the covers -- or fail.

Is this what happened? I don't know. Apparently Goolag is on record with an actual cut & paste. However the same thing could happen naturally and look like a cut & paste in a source compare because of the other side of the interface. (aka software things that software does). $100 million and some lawyers will find similarities in any two pieces of software. Is lawyerball to be the determining factor in software industry success?

Note: I am definitely directly impacted however the judge decides this. All my firms code is copyright by us. We interface with many things, all software things with zero degrees of freedom in the interface.


Don't forget to pay your estimated taxes today if you are in that boat.


Yesterday I mentioned my version of what is also called epigenetics without the capitalization may start as a social science but aspires to be a hard science in its effects. https://fabbs.org/2020/01/qa-with-new-fabbs-board-president-roxane-cohen-silver/

All those links take me to the Federation of Associations in Behavioral & Brain Sciences which puts out some doozy aspirations if you read their monthly newsletter as I do. As I said this is mainstream in govt and foundation funding. Unfortunately.


Donald J. Trump
One of the greatest trade deals ever made! Also good for China and our long term relationship. 250 Billion Dollars will be coming back to our Country, and we are now in a great position for a Phase Two start. There has never been anything like this in U.S. history! USMCA NEXT!


The Washington Times
DOJ claps back at Lev Parnas: Claims about William Barr are '100 percent false'
I am not linking to the story because it's 100% behind their paywall.


Speaking of c-ville's point. https://www.educationdive.com/news/culturally-sensitive-approach-to-sel-acknowledges-external-obstacles-resea/570374/

Social-emotional learning is taking a new turn, with educators seeking ways to make it culturally sensitive and equitable, Edutopia reports.
While SEL stresses internal qualities needed for success, it should not be the sole focus, researchers say. External forces like racism, sexism and ableism should also be acknowledged for a complete picture and failure to do so could result in students blaming themselves when they encounter these obstacles.
Students should have “critical consciousness,” or the ability to recognize and resist oppressive systems holding them and their communities back. Research suggests that youth who embrace critical consciousness have better self-esteem and more resilience, academic success, professional aspirations and are more politically engaged.

Out yesterday. King's actual birthday I suppose.


Buckeye, wasn't yesterday the due date for estimated taxes?

Here's a story that ought to end with DeBlasio dying in a fire, as James D would say:

Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli
A 92y.o. woman was raped & murdered in New York after NYPD failed to honor an ICE detainer because NYPD refuses to cooperate with ICE. NYPD denied receiving the detainer (though they got one!), but doesn’t honor them anyway! Where’s the media coverage? Where’s the outrage?


Missed they key to it, like the Duke Brothers, Silicon Valley makes its money on the vig.

But what if, instead of focusing on Big Tech’s sins of commission, we paid equal attention to its sins of omission—the failures, the busts, the promises unfulfilled? The past year has offered several lurid examples.




I think I will retweet the link to this article a bunch of times because it will cause liberal heads to explode.


Please go to the pdf on the right, and read the 6 month projections, this report is more than nice. On top of a smoking Retail Sales data for Dec., that just came out.



as the tweet recommends, turn the volume up. Worth a smile this morning:



Good Morning! I'm back in Florida after five days with my mother. She has a long recovery ahead of her. The caregivers are wonderful. Mom can be a bit testy,I rolled my eyes at the nurse a couple of times when Mom was difficult. I'm sure the nurse has seen everything. :) Mom has an appointment with her surgical team the end of the month which will give an indiction of her progress going forward. For now,she needs to regain strength and keep a positive attitude.


Donald J. Trump
Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is saying privately that the new China Trade Deal is unbelievable, which it is, but publicly he knocks it whenever possible. That’s politics, but so bad for our great Country!


Right you are jimmyk!

I just adjusted the date on my watch.

Good thing I scheduled those payment days ago:)


Oh,half the people on my flights were coughing up a lung. Rude! Planes are a germ factory!



Watters says it would be a "roll of the dice" for the Democrats to call witnesses.


Good one henry!

Even Fox was trying to sell it as a "solemn event".

It was a clown show.


I'll never catch up. Did taxpayer money pay for Nancy's pens?!!?



Of course! And that infuriated even more people!



Glad to hear your momma is on the mend.


Conclusion: Saturated fats of any kind have no effect on cardiovascular or total mortality.



John O. Brennan

On MSNBC tonight, I mistakenly said Trump wrote note, released by House yesterday, saying “get Zelensky to announce Biden investigation.” It was written by Les Parnas, who told Rachel Maddow today in explosive interview everything he did was known & directed by Giuliani & Trump.
"Mistakenly" isn't the word I would use. "The liars can't keep their stories straight" is what I think the REAL explanation is.

How in the world did Brennan run the CIA with his level of duplicity AND stupidity?

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