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January 15, 2020



Happy China trade day. This is the actual line of press and guests waiting to get into the East room. Zero chance the room will hold them all. pic.twitter.com/H0H1qPIuOo

— David Martosko (@dmartosko) January 15, 2020

Photo at the link.

Jim Eagle


Jim Eagle

What do you do on Chrome if the JOM comments don't show? If anyone has a fix email me at jwlillywhite@mac.com




Why is the entire Russian government resigning?


LIVE: POTUS Signs the Phase One Trade Agreement! https://t.co/teqGqjdgeZ

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 15, 2020

Live stream at the link!


Miss M, nobody knows. Maybe Russian bots are so good Putin doesn't need a government anymore.

John S

I am puzzled about Trump's strategy going into the Senate trial. Early on, Trump said he wanted a trial, call Hunter, Joe, Schiff, etc. Now the Dems are crowing that they forced a trial when the Rs didn't want one. What is going on? What did I miss? Maybe this was all hashed out on the ledge and I missed it.


Its the russian version of musical chairs.


I can only get it to work with brave.

Tom R

Didn't realize there was a new thread. Bringing over several Flynn related posts. SOB if you don't care about the Flynn case.

The one sentence from the Flynn motion that stood out the most to me.

Michael T. Flynn is innocent

Why did he plead guilty then? Later in the same paragraph:

The same cannot be said for the prosecution which has operated in bad faith from the inception of the “investigation” and continues relentlessly through this specious prosecution (footnote 33).

If Flynn thought the government was operating in bad faith from the very start, that makes his guilty plea even more puzzling since he believed himself to be innocent. What does footnote 33 say?

Notably, the first interview of Mr. Flynn was conducted surreptitiously by the FBI by the unprecedented and never-to-be repeated maneuver of slipping an agent into a sample presidential daily briefing to nominee Trump, Mr. Flynn, and a third person on August 17, 2016—two days after Strzok and Page texted about “the insurance policy discussed in McCabe’s office and one day after they supposedly “opened” and investigation of Mr. Flynn.

That triggers my confirmation bias that Flynn is running a sting operation against the Deep State. He already knew the Obama administration had been spying on Trump long before his interview with Strzok and Pientka.

Tom R

But that does not excuse him lying to Pence or the FBI about them.

Theo @ 11:57 previous thread

I am in catch-up mode so someone may have addressed this already. The FBI didn't think Flynn was lying to them about his conversations with the Russian ambassador. The facts are we perceive them is that Flynn did nothing illegal on that issue. What is screwed up is that Flynn plead guilty of lying to the FBI for a crime that wasn't really a crime and for which FBI agents didn't think he was lying. How does anyone makes sense out of that?

As to whether Flynn lied to Pence who knows the real answer. I do know that if Pence screwed up and misspoke on the Sunday talk shows, from a damage control perspective its more convenient for Team Trump to have Flynn take the blame for Pence's screwup than Pence himself.

Tom R

General consensus here is that Flynn plead guilty because of threats of prosecution against his son.

You are correct about the consensus here who believed that to be the truth. AFAIK I was the only person who disagreed. If Mueller's team resorted to extortion (by threatening to indict Flynn Jr ) in order to force Flynn Sr to plead guilty to a crime Flynn believed himself to be innocent of, wouldn't that be an example of prosecutorial misconduct? Why would AG Barr allow such a miscarriage of justice to remain in place?


Bringing over several Flynn related posts. SOB if you don't care about the Flynn case.

Suck On Bananas?


Flynn got intimidated, pled guilty, saw what a bunch of weenies the Feds are and how they have nothing on him, so changed his mind. Or else 4D.


Been listening to Trump introduce people for an hour and I'm bored. But I'm very excited about the China deal. If you doubt me, look at the stock market.

Dave (in MA)
Why is the entire Russian government resigning?
They heard rumors that they were going to be impeachment managers.
Texas Liberty Gal

Jane- I feel the same way. I love Trump but come on get with it!!!


That triggers my confirmation bias that Flynn is running a sting operation against the Deep State.

Were the lawyers at Covington in on the sting or unaware?

Is Sidney Powell in on the sting of unaware?

Is the judge in on the sting or unaware?

I am hoping the simple answers are at the beginning of any explanation that validates the answers, Tom.

Texas Liberty Gal

I'll be excited too once everything is signed

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Maybe he is stalling cause the McDonald's, Chick fil A and other food for the luncheon haven't arrived yet. :)


DJT's after midnight trip to rally in Grand Rapids---genius.
And my email to my cousins and sibs to vote NeverHRC may well have played a part. ;-)

What can we do to widen your sphere of influence in "that state up North"?

They sure aren't going to listen to an Ahia boy:)



I am sort of fascinated, because he seems to KNOW everybody!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ilhan Omar doesn't know the difference between a copper mine and an oil well.

Tom R

TK @ 12:30

Based off the recent responses of other JOMers I think it is safe to conclude most of us realize there is something going on with the Flynn case that we can't explain. For Flynn's sake the possibility that he has been running a sting operation is significantly much better than the most logical alternative that he is guilty as charged.


Flynn was told if he didn't plead guilty they would indict his son. So despite the fact that the investigators all agreed he did nothing wrong, he plead.


So they are going full 'wild in the street'?


Tom R

Flynn was told if he didn't plead guilty they would indict his son.

Jane @ 12:39

Can you back that up with documented proof? I am well aware that is the talking point spread by Hannity and other conservative pundits but AFAIK I have never seen any documented proof that it actually happened.


I was hoping for three separate yes/no responses to my three specific questions, Tom.

I also would enjoy reading the lengthy validations for the answers. I certainly do not wish to stifle conversation.

Do you believe that any of the three mentioned are in on the sting? Or is Flynn deceiving the judge and both his previous and his current counsel?


On Flynn, I did hear something about how he supposedly plead guilty in order to help out his son in some way. That frankly does not make a lot of sense to me, but does his new filing lay this out? If his claim is that he agreed to a guilty plea because threats of prosecution were being made against his son (and presumably he no longer feels intimidated by those threats) he should lay that out in detail.

But AFAIK there is nothing in the record about that. The facts seem clear: he made untrue statements to the FBI (and Pence) about his conversation with the Russian ambassador and when confronted with that fact he plead guilty to lying to the FBI.


A little extortion scheme



I don’t make the demands you make on Jane, Tom. I am simply curious as to your sting theory. I guess I could ask if you have documented proof of Flynn’s deep state sting, but that takes the fun out of a friendly political blog comment section.


I think its clear the opposite was true, but since the 302s were t available at the time...

Tom R

Theo @ 12:46

If you read the court filing for the withdrawal of the guilty plea you can tell that Flynn's case primarily revolves around his actions as a lobbyist for Turkey while serving as Trump's National Security Advisor and very little to do with his conversation with the Russian ambassador.


Jane —

I think it is a bit of a distortion to say that “the investigators determined that he did nothing wrong.” Instead I think what happened is that th FBI people who were present when he misstated the content of the conversation with the ambassador were using their experience and judgment (and maybe a Ouijia board) to try to discern whether he APPEARED to be lying (as opposed to misremembering or something). Their assessment was that it did not appear to them from his demeanor that he was deliberately lying. This is not terribly significant.

The point remains he pled guilty. He did so with advice of extremely competent counsel and he is a very intelligent man himself. It takes a lot of mental contortions to overcome that in my opinion.



What changed is Sydney Powell. The prior lawyers were okay with it.


I have demands? Gee, I can't see them. Bummer.


I said Tom made the demand, Jane.


I am still wanting 302's to be replaced by, or at least augmented by, recordings. Those 302's by themselves leave too much room for mischief.


"The ubiquitous Fauxcahontas outfit is probably easy to clean when she spills beer on it."

I'm pretty sure it's never been cleaned. She wore the same thing at the convention when she was nominated to run as Senator.



I thought you said he made the demand of me.

JM Hanes

I was looking over the QAnon list of resignations (which was interesting), and was surprised to learn that Medvedev has been kicked to the curb this very day, where he will be Deputy Chairman of Russia's Security Council. He is to be replaced as Premier by Mikhail Mishustin, a credentialed technocratic bagman from the Federal Tax Service. Major constitutional "reforms" to follow. Apparently Putin doesn't want to have to pretend he's not running the country when he hits the presidential term limits again in 2024.



Ever notice people don't stand to close to her for very long?


Toooooo close.


TomR —

I did not know that. I thought it was about the conversation with the Ambassador. He was National Security advisor for what, a week? How much lobbying could he have done?

In any event, I think that I am clear that he was not charged with a conflict of interest but with lying to the FBI and, most significantly, he pled guilty to that charge.

Obviously there is more to the story than I am aware of. It may be that there is more to the story than has come out yet


I am impressed that the Chinese representative recognized the Christian missionaries and thanked them for their contributions.


I did. And I did again at 12:55.

I am deducing that you have him killfiled and you were responding to another comment about Flynn.

Dave (in MA)

Speaking of Warren, this was hilarious last night.

Tom R

TK @ 12:47

I'll just copy/paste something CH posted last night to answer your question. I will also add the ADM Rogers and LTG Flynn are close friends.

Nothing has ever made sense. Flynn is a career spook. He spent 30 years at the heart of our intelligence agencies learning their tactics and practices. It's also impossible to believe he didn't know the FBI was spying on the Trump campaign after Mike Rogers made it clear.

It makes no sense at all that he was fooled by McCabe and Comey. He's either an idiot, which he isn't, or something else has been going on all along.
Posted by: JackStraw at January 15, 2020 08:28 AM (ZLI7S)

Posted by: Captain Hate | January 15, 2020 at 08:33 AM

Are you trying to discredit the possibility Flynn might be running a sting operation against the Deep State because if it turns out to be true that would mean I have been right all along? That is the vibe I'm getting from you.


The behavioral science version is not "out there," but involves mainstream research and is frequently also tied to med schools.

Please, please, please--tell me you don't still blindly believe things coming out of "med schools" are automatically correct, after all I've posted all these years here.

I am teasing a bit--there is certainly much very reputable research in neuroscience and epigenetics being done and published.

I am more skeptical about the applications being valid.
Not saying that learning can't be studied, and even enhanced by things they are learning about epigenetics--or that people won't use that info to brainwash youngsters into becoming Leftist sheep.

Just that claims for applications of basic research are often much inflated, and ultimately prove unfounded, but will lead to lots more money for research until then.

But I know not whit about it.
And I'm happy rse is interested in watching what is going on there! Because if it CAN be applied to learning--danger, danger Will Robinson, for sure.



Most of the "Constitution" changes Putin proposes appear, at first glance, to be very anti-oligarchic. I'm intrigued as to why these changes are offered now, and by him in particular, when they've been the demands of so many dead nyeters for so long.


The country term doesnt wamt to be challenged:


Texas Liberty Gal

Having lived in Shreveport for 4 years I became a big LSU fan. This is a great song on YouTube about Joe Burrow -

You can go to Youtube to find it.
Garth Brooks - 'Callin' Baton Rouge' Joe Burrow Tribute Edit by VJ Brendan


Are you trying to discredit the possibility Flynn might be running a sting operation against the Deep State because if it turns out to be true that would mean I have been right all along? That is the vibe I'm getting from you.

A strange vibe from three simple, and yet unanswered, questions. Do those three easy questions have the potential to discredit your theory? I honestly would have never assumed that.

As far as you being “right all along,” my position has been that you will be right no matter what actually happens.

But for giggles, try out your right/wrong etched in stone position staking.

Either some or all of the three that I queried about are in or are out on the sting. Who do you believe has involvement in the sting?


Like shooting womprats



Jane —

The one thing that even a quick review is that the new lawyer is extremely critical of Flynn’s prior lawyer and blames the guilty plea on them.

But I remain skeptical of that. First of all, as you know, new counsel pretty much always trashes the strategy of prior counsel. Second, Powell has to blame SOMEONE for the guilty plea. But in the end, Flynn, a bright and experienced man with super prestigious counsel — not an uneducated foreigner unfamiliar with the language or the legal system without a lawyer - pled guilty. It is very difficult to see him doing that if he believed he was innocent.

Sure, maybe a more aggressive lawyer such as he has now would have urged him to fight the charge and not cop a plea. But he made the choice to higher the lawyers that he did and to follow their advice. I suppose he regrets that now but I think we are owed a better explanation as to why he pled guilty in the first place if he was not, you know, guilty



Fed judge blocks DJT regs on allowing state officials to block "refugee" resettlement.


Remember arthur andersen the jewel of the top 8 accounting firms, weissman blew it to amithering because a few employees worked for enron powell dug up his ridiculous theory and she challenged him at the supremes 9-0, the justices cant decide what to order for lunch with equanimity.


Very cool signing!


>>>his conversation with the Russian ambassador<<<

this was during the transition and the call was recorded. when the fbi stuck their foot in the door of his office he didn't deny the call or a summary of the contents. it was an administration transition-nothing he stated about rises to the level of lying-the administration was well within their power to review the relationships and policies and go a different direction. he got stitched up on a FARA beef over his work with Turkey (which did include his son iirc).


Oh really


Robin, eff 'em all

I'd be pleased as punch if the Shenandoah Valley switched teams and became a part of WVa. I love that area and would love to move there when we are no longer tied to NY because of work.



Court Documents filed on Avenatti he's cooked.

Probation violations

"1. There is probable cause to believe that defendant has

committed federal offenses while on pretrial release, namely,

(a) mail fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section

1341; (b) wire fraud, in violation of Title 18, United States Code,

Section 1343, and (c) structuring of currency transactions to evade

reporting requirements, in violation of 31 U.S.C. § 5324(a)(3).

2. There is probable cause to believe that defendant committed

multiple state offenses while on pretrial release, namely, (a)

defendant or judgment debtor fraudulently removing, concealing, or

disposing of personal property sought to be recovered, in violation

of California Penal Code § 155(a); (b) money laundering, in violation

of California Penal Code § 186.10; and (c) fraudulent removal of

property, in violation of Revised Code of Washington § 9.45.080.

Avenattii will not be released on bail…He's done Court documents:




Okay, but I completely disagree.



I explained why he plead guilty. If you don't believe me, that's your choice.

JM Hanes


Appearances can be deceiving, of course. I've only just skimmed through the issue, but my presumption is that every new explicit grant of power in the reforms will ultimately lie within Putin's grasp. It's the details that will matter, so I think we'll have to wait for the answers.

The article I posted suggested that Putin is trying to disarm his ostensible successor, which is certainly a possibility. Perhaps he's just decided to rule as the gangster boss he is. Perhaps he'll appoint himself head of the secret police, or some other position not subject to term limits. Who knows? The only thing I'm certain of is that Putin will not retire quietly to the country, with nothing but hunting and fishing and women to amuse him.

Tom R

Theo @ 1:00

The key fact that keeps getting overlooked is that one of the charges (the main one IMO) against Flynn was that he violated the FARA Act and was getting paid by Turkey to lobby on their behalf while at the same time serving as Trump's National Security Advisor. If that is true it is a major ethical lapse on Flynn's part.

Until Trump came along the FARA Act was not enforced by the DOJ IMO because foreign lobbying was a major source of quid pro quo income for both Swamp residents and politicians. That all changed under Trump and prosecuting FARA has been a priority for both the DOJ and Mueller, which IMO indicates Mueller cracked down on FARA violations because Rosenstein directed him too.



IMO the reason Team Trump is starting to enforce FARA is because it is helping him drain the Swamp. Now Swamp lobbyists have to report the source of their income and how that money is being used to influence policy.


He needs to be thrown with the rancor or possibly the sarlaac pit, just to make sure.

Robin, eff 'em all

I'm actually not bothered by Warren's campaign uniform - she's on the road and it simplifies things. It's no nonsense. But, on the debate stage I would expect something more formal and serious for the occasion. That's her misstep. She needs to signal that she understands different occasions require a different wardrobe. Can you imagine her wearing one of those sweaters to meet with world leaders? For heaven's sake.


the Constitution lays out the qualifications to run for president, and it doesn't say "must not be impeached,"

If it said anything, it would use the word "convicted," not "impeached."

Theo, it's not unusual for innocent people to plead guilty if they are threatened with other dire consequences, whether it's conviction of a more serious crime, or in this case indictment of a relative. It's not the deal-breaker that you make it out to be.



Just an odd separation from the past, that's all. And very little to read about it. May have to ask "The Cousins".....

JM Hanes


Why are you throwing out chaff (with apologies to the Captain) instead of just answering TK's three simple yes or no questions?


Win or lose, Trump has begun a Herculean effort to drain Washington’s Augean Stables that will not end with impeachment.

Great editorial, sbw. I only fear that the more accurate adjective is "Sisyphean" rather than "Herculean."


Heres a little aboutthe new guy:



Jane —

If you disagree with me there is a very good chance that I am wrong.

But I would like to understand your reasoning on this. Why did he plead guilty? Threats against his son? Has that been documented in court, even by his new lawyer? Bad advice from Covington & Burling? That seems a real stretch — again perhaps another lawyer would not have recommended this plea deal, but it is VERY hard to understand him taking his lawyers advice to plead guilty to something he knew he was not guilty of. Powell seems to be arguing a lot about prosecutorial misconduct but I don’t see how that caused some Flynn to plead guilty to something he did not do.

Can you flesh out your view of what happened here?




I'm pretty sure it's never been cleaned. She wore the same thing at the convention when she was nominated to run as Senator.

Probably starting to smell like Paltrow's candle.


This is an idea that's long overdue. Have the FBI's "Investigative" chores picked up by the US Marshals.


Right on the way the Bureau's disbanding.


Um yes but how do recognize a legit software patch, see the problem?


Um not really:


Jim Eagle


Another spectacular day here on the First Coast.

Sunny, a petit surf, a slight breeze. Forecast says we are in for normal to above normal temps from Feb to Apr.

I don’t think it won’t last long since they are calling for a big dip next week.

Moar winning with the trade deal. People will be voting with their 401K’s if this keeps up.

JM Hanes


If you google Sidney Powell's filings with the Court, I think she lays out a lot of the prosecutorial abuses. I'm not sure she has tackled the plea bargain itself, directly, as yet. Since I gather part of the plea change is predicated on prosecutorial breach of the agreement, we may be on the cusp of finally learning what happened.

I, personally, suspect Flynn didn't want to change his plea because the Damocles sword was still a-dangling, perhaps over his son, perhaps not. It has become clear however, that there is no way to get his verdict thrown out, without changing his plea. If he is seeking to clear his name in any way, that was the only route left. For now, I think the questions you are asking cannot be definitively resolved with the information we have in hand.


Avenatti for money laundering! Hah!


James D.

but I think we are owed a better explanation as to why he pled guilty in the first place if he was not, you know, guilty

I think we are owed a better explanation as to why the DoJ has gone to such lengths and showed such vindictiveness in his case when there are countless other cases of similar (and often far worse) misdeeds which are never prosecuted at all. Especially since it is being done in OUR name and WE are paying for it all.


Can someone explain to me what kicks off the enzyme version of epigenetics? What is or believed to be the possible trigger(s)?

I was thinking about it when I wet to feed my dad and it is experience (virtual or physical has no bearing on the neural effects but virtual is easy to contrive for desired physiological effects) and action that has the known neural effects that education is manipulating and then calling epigenetics. Also called self-regulation.

On med schools, the Foreword to the 2nd edition of The Embodied Mind that I linked to yesterday created the mindfulness training that med schools are using now. It has a name but my brain is tired after its memorycare immersion for the day.

JM Hanes


Copper is fossil fuel in Omarland! Yikes. Just put her name down next to Hank Johnson and Guam.


"If you disagree with me there is a very good chance that I am wrong."


Don't go overboard.

Supposedly Mueller indicated he would destroy his son, if Flynn didn't plead guilty and he was pretty much broke given all the attorney's fees.

Strzok was involved. Before that all the FBI agents involved said he did nothing wrong. But he could no longer afford those lawyers, who I doubt offered to represent him for free.

Look to Obama who hated the guy because he disapproved of his foreign policy and wanted revenge - because - well because that was Obama.


Her tweet has her thinking the responses are all bots. Too funny, and shielded.

Padma Lakshmi
Who are you thinking of voting for:


(Two part poll, part one's all you need to see. SloJo at 4.2%)

Old Lurker

James "showed such vindictiveness in his case when there are countless other cases of similar (and often far worse) misdeeds which are never prosecuted at all."

This of course is the key feature of totalitarian states that keep different sets of laws for different classes of people.

Live with it.


'Thats not how any of that works'

Captain Hate

Don Coryell screwed again by the Goodell Football League Hall of Trash. Even Alex Karras, who was suspended for a year (but always claimed innocence) got in before the mentor of John Madden and Joseph Jackson Gibbs.

At least the ultimate carpetbagger, Arthur B. Modell, was excluded. Riots in Dundalk? I'll go troll the Ravens fans; it's been a bad 2020 for those mutts.


The problem that 1917 suggests after that day, then what you return to the trenches.



I certainly agree with the last sentence of your 1:50 post. Something does not add up here.

Yes, Powell does argue strenuously about how the prosecution misbehaved here. But my sense is that she dances around the question of how this would cause him to plead guilty to something he did not do. Maybe he should not have been charged in the first place, but that does not change the fact that he pled guilty.

It sure looks like the prosecution was out to get Flynn. But he chose to give himself up rather than fight the charges. As a general rule, you are stuck with that choice once you make it. You certainly need something more than “ I hired a new lawyer who thinks that I can beat the rap after all.” They offered him a plea deal and he took it.

But as you suggest, maybe more will come out.

The business with the son also seems baffling. I think that this has not been formally documented so it is very hard to evaluate. It sounds more like part of a PR campaign than anything that has to do with his ability to withdraw his guilty plea.



I believe it was Weissman who engineered the threat on his son.


Old Lirker,

Who was the Alaska senator who got caught in some sort of trap and then was killed in a plane crash? Was that Murkowski's father?

Captain Hate

Ted Stevens.


as of late nov 2017, there was speculation Flynn's son was at risk of Russia prosecution.


Buford Gooch

OK, I read the first page and a half of comments. Thanks to all of you, this is a very good blog to read (comments on) again.
I find that I'm now neglecting other things in order to try to keep up.



Weissman, Mueller - what's the difference?


Here comes more DNI warnings on "Muh Russia":


(Hint: Appointed in 2014.)


that link dint copy well (Forbes) and a redo was a Bad Request.


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