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January 15, 2020



About time for Trump to throw Tweet into the punch bowl:)

Captain Hate

The conviction got overturned because of really bad jury instructions. Whether those bad jury instructions were due to incompetence and/or corruption on Weissman's part is beyond my knowledge. It doesn't change the fact AA shredded a lot of documents which seems like a sign of guilt to me.

I think that's standard wiki crap. The paper shredding was in line with their standard record retention policies, common to the accounting firms's practices; you can't store mountains of paper forever. From what I recall from Powell the convictions were for not completely remembering what they voluntarily told the prosecutors while not under oath


Oh look! They get souvenirs of the impeachment process! So sober, dignified, thoughtful, prayerful and non-partisan. 🙄 https://t.co/VAALU2j2Uz

— Kelly (@KellySunshineT1) January 15, 2020

Link goes to tweet with photo of the MULTIPLE fancy souvenir pens.


Lord. Remember the 33 pens or however many they signed Obamacare with. Pukebox.


I’m hoping for a Gavel Walk down the Mall.


Maybe this article will shed a little light on the Flynn Fiasco.

The government knew that Flynn objected to that characterization of the FARA filing and prosecutors agreed to delete that language from the statement of offense. Yet they then demanded Flynn testify at his former business partner’s trial that he knew at the time the FARA filings were submitted that they were fraudulent. When Flynn refused, the government cast him as a co-conspirator and reneged on its promise to seek a reduction for substantial assistance.

While this evidence provides Powell a solid argument that the prosecution sought to push Flynn to lie, that might not be enough to carry the day with Judge Sullivan. But, as Powell’s memorandum made clear, she is not nearly close to done defending Flynn—she just needs more “time to brief many alternate reasons for the withdrawal of his plea.”


JM Hanes


"In that case how do you account for Barr discarding that coerced deal that Mueller made recommending no jail time to now trying to get a harsher sentence with jail time?"

I assume Barr has delegated the whole thing to someone else in the Department, because he's go more important things to tend to.

JM Hanes

Thanks, lurkersusie.

I don't understand why Nadler thinks a House "resolution" would hold any water in the Senate, once they've delivered the Bill of Impeachment.

JM Hanes

"BTW since some people here don't like it when I ask questions let me go ahead and rephrase my 4:28."

You can be such a dick.




Oh boy

Manu Raju
Susan Collins throws cold water on new Lev Parnas evidence. “I wonder why the House did not put that into the record and it’s only now being revealed.” Told it was just turned over, she says: “well doesn’t that suggest that the House did an incomplete job then?”




Quite the contrast ↴
On the same day that President Trump signs a historic trade agreement to strengthen America, Speaker Pelosi signs articles of impeachment to try to weaken our President. pic.twitter.com/xwwUduM0pZ

— Kevin McCarthy (@GOPLeader) January 15, 2020

Photos at the link.


On this Flynn business, it just does not add up to me. As I understand it, Jane and JMH believe (based on what I do not know) that Flynn pled guilty to something that he did not do in response to an illegal threat by prosecutors to go after his son unless he did so.

I repeat my question: Is Flynn an idiot? If the above is true (and I understand that Powell makes no such claim in her filing) what guarantee or even reasonable assurance did Flynn have that they would not prosecute his son anyway?

I think it appears that Flynn was badly treated and a whole lot of law enforcement fire power was directed at getting him on some pretty minor charges. But I remain skeptical of the contention that he pled guilty to a crime that he did not commit.



Update: Nothing happened today. The government is still telling the judge that the Awan case has to be secret for reasons that are, in themselves, secret -- making it impossible to argue against. Next date Feb. 10, likely to be similar. Some "mortgage matter," huh?

Tom R

JMH @ 5:52

Was my observation wrong?

James D.

Making things secure is very difficult (and perhaps impossible). The FBI is lying here. That doesn’t help.

The FBI is lying? So it’s a day ending in Y then?


Arthur Anderson was destroyed by Weissman because of a cockamamie theory tht when they told Enron to pitch certain records--something normally done in the course of business and at a time when they had no knowledge that the govt was seeking them, they were engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct. SCOTUS pitched that right out, but it was too late to save a fine company.

Thomas Wictor predicted at the outset that Flynn pleaded guilty as part of a sting operation to reveal DOJ FBI corruption. Good friends of Flynn said that was ridiculous. If it was not, why not wait until the long delayed Mueller and Horowitz reports finally were made public? In any event, I think the prosecutors have more to fear from a full blown trial than Flynn does.

JM Hanes


I'm not *sure* that they threatened to trip up his son, but I do believe it's entirely possible that they pressured Flynn in ways that none of them really want to talk about. That's one significant possibility.

After following a number of trials, and seeing evidence of a lot of prosecutorial misconduct, I simply do not trust the FBI or Prosecutors generally not to abuse their power. I believe they have way too much unquestioned discretion, and I believe plea bargains are a way of circumventing jury trials which are as much of a wild card for prosecutors as they are for defendants. That's part of why I believe they are inherently corrupt. I also believe that the practice of using interrogators' notes written retrospectively, and accepting them as evidence in court is corrupt on its face. It is an institutional rejection of first hand evidence in the form of recorded interviews in favor of unreliable, biased, recollections, which as we have learned can be altered long ex post factp, and which have been conveniently eaten by dogs far too often.

So, I find it easy to believe that in a case so steeped in politics they were more likely than not to bend rules. They get no benefit of the doubt from me.


There's only 1 direction this (and each subsequent) poll will go.

What's the over/under on how long until she deletes the poll? pic.twitter.com/Pd8GHw9iNU

— Robert Patrick Lewis (@RobertPLewis) January 15, 2020

Link goes to a screen cap of a poll betweet Warren, Sanders, and Trump. Guess who wins!


I regard to Tom R's theory that Flynn pleaded guilty as part of a sting, it's my understanding that there's no it's-for-a-good-cause exception for making misrepresentations to a court.


Impeachment articles make their way through Statuary Hall en route to the Senate pic.twitter.com/UhITVp3RLf

— Rebecca Kaplan (@RebeccaRKaplan) January 15, 2020

Video at the link, from CBS News.


Mystery solved! The impeachment articles took 28 days to get to the Senate because they were waiting on the souvenir pens to be manufacturers and delivered!


I was headed there, MJW. I figure that is why my three questions were so troublesome.



Weissman was all over Enron. Read Sydney Powell’s book.


I gotta say, this impeachment ceremony is hilarious.

It's like watching a big dumb bird fly into a window in slow motion.pic.twitter.com/ZEoBsGpBnV

— Carpe Donktum🔹 (@CarpeDonktum) January 15, 2020

Another video at the link here.


Mark Meadows

They claim it's a somber, serious occasion they're heartbroken over... and then they pass out impeachment-signing pens with special cases. Folks. You can't make it up.



I posted on Ace before I came here. I was there when it started because I was on the same website he was before he started the blog. I forget the name. He and I were always on the same side politically, but I always thought he had a thing about women. No idea if that’s true.


Hail To The Chief
A group of criminals impeached the person that caught them .@realDonaldTrump

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Tried linking, vomited back.
CNN, Business Insider, International Business Times, NBC and others all reported on prosecutors interest in and investigation of Flynn Jr. Sara Carter and others mentioned prosecutors use of the threat against Pop Flynn.
I believe Powell did in one of her filings late last year. I'm not sure how it would be illegal.
Bing it.


Parnas is under indictment and a very close friend of Adam Schiff.

Jim Eagle

I am astounded at all this fairy dust of Flynn's guilty plea being thrown around. I have stayed out of it for one reason. He (Flynn) was the militaries top spook, He is no desk jockey with scrambled eggs on his visor. He is a pro at spook craft.

During my 10 years reserve duty at various bases in Air Intel I had numerous interefaces with DIA staff. There are no dummies or people out of their level of competence there. Whatever he is accused or or what he has copted to I am going with the "rope a dope" scenario but I have no idea why or what it is for. But I can understand it may be something a bublle off of level. He is too versed in spycraft, intelligence analysis, deception and truth camouflage to let this thing lead to a loss of family.

There is something here everyone including me is missing and it wouldn't suprise me it is to catch someone or some effort that isn't working in our best interests since way before Trump was elected.

Interesting that his very close military and G2 friend Adm. Rogers briefs Trump at the same time Flynn is NSC designee and for a flippant reason is accused of lying to Pence, an amatuer in intel. In other words the picked the highest ranking guy outside Trump to do the firing thus setting in motion, what?

To catch a thief?


Hey, has the House named Avenatti yet as an additional witness?

Captain Hate

I had a soft spot for Arthur Anderson from when I spent 19.5 years of my work life at a third rate electric utility which no longer exists. Part of the reason they no longer exist is they merged, excuse me, affiliated with an even worse run utility from Toledo. Before the affiliation, Price Waterhouse used to do the auditing. For a number of years they'd tell the CFO "you've got way too much non cash earnings, like Allowance for Funds Used During Construction and Construction Work In Progress, to even offer a dividend to fluff the codgers owning your stock, much less increase it as you like to brag about". And the CFO just said "STFU and sign off on our books" with which they meekly complied.

One of the terms of the affiliation was that Arthur replaced Price Wimperhouse. The first time the fiscal year ended, and the company was in worse financial shape, the above back and forth happened, Arthur said "no", knowing full well they had them bent over. The bean counters partied like it was another New Years Eve. I exchanged a lot of high fives that day. I don't think the work environment was ever more pleasant.


Flynn was so clever as to sting people who wouldn't say ouch until after the Mueller investigation, impeachment, and election, if ever.

Manuel Transmission

Rhetorical question: let’s say that weasel Weismann managed to destroy 500 families’ fortunes and/or actual lives via ill health from stress and perhaps even suicide. How is this not worthy of something approaching a drone strike? I’m still stuck on the VERY WIDE GAP between stern letter in the employee file and a $0.30 high speed brain implant. :(


Hey @SpeakerPelosi you know you screwed up with the fancy pens and giggles, when even @CNN blasts your fake,
hyper partisan impeachment hoax.
So much for a solemn occasion, Madame Speaker. #ImpeachPelosi


— Carrie ❤️ America 🇺🇸 Text EMPOWER to 88022 (@carrieksada) January 15, 2020

Video at the link.

Captain Hate

I always thought he had a thing about women. No idea if that’s true.

There used to be a commenter there, I think her nic was Kathleen but it might have been something else, that whenever ace would say something disparaging about Sarah Palin, COD or any other woman pol on "our side", like clockwork she'd call him out on it. It always made me smile. I don't think he'd ever directly respond to it but at other times on the blog he'd defensively complain about the general topic which let me know the barb hit home.

James D.

JMH @ 6:19

I agree 10,000%

James D.

ManTran @ 6:59

He absolutely deserves a drone strike, considering the harm he’s done to countless people via his abuse of office. And he is far from alone.


This morning someone asked about whether ABC News was reliable.

Take a look at this and you will see why I don't trust them:



Might as well add this little tidbit to the Weissmann legacy. He also ran Rosenstein's cover-up of the Mikerin prosecution.

Yet, that is exactly what Rosenstein’s office did, in a plea agreement his prosecutors co-signed with attorneys from the Justice Department’s Fraud Section. (See in the Hill’s report, the third document embedded at the bottom, titled “Mikerin Plea Deal.”) No RICO, no extortion, no fraud — and the plea agreement is careful not to mention any of the extortions in 2009 and 2010, before CFIUS approved Rosatom’s acquisition of U.S. uranium stock. Mikerin just had to plead guilty to a nominal “money laundering” conspiracy charge. This insulated him from a real money-laundering sentence. Thus, he got a term of just four years’ incarceration for a major national-security crime — which, of course, is why he took the plea deal and waived his right to appeal, sparing the Obama administration a full public airing of the facts.

Interestingly, as the plea agreement shows, the Obama DOJ’s Fraud Section was then run by Andrew Weissmann, who is now one of the top prosecutors in Robert Mueller’s ongoing special-counsel investigation of suspected Trump collusion with Russia.

From the same article I've posted a million times

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Amom said: "Trump won by less than 11,000 votes.
Five times as many people voted third party in 2016 as 2012--250K. Way less people voting D (they didn't vote at all) than in 2012. (They didn't come out to vote HRC as they did BO.)
75 K left the presidential choice EMPTY--did not vote for president, but DID VOTE! Stood in line that day, but voted NEITHER OF ABOVE. ...
They voted in a D governor to replace eight years of R, and two Congressional districts flipped after being long-time R."

Also Amom: "I'm not calling that state for anybody in 2020."

This is perfectly stated!
On the one hand, Dems visibly insane, Trump policies working, no Trump voters are defecting, some number of non-Trump voters have come into the fold.
On the other hand: 2016 was razor close, 2018 showed big Dem strength, several Govs and other local offices lost.

Dang. Should we be confident or worried?

JM Hanes


So those were leading questions?



I agree that the whole thing is steeped in politics and it sure looks to me that someone in law enforcement was out to get General Flynn. I agree that plea bargains are not always a search for the truth but a way to reduce risk for both the prosecutor and the defendant.

It is of course possible that the prosecution engaged in illegal conduct here. Maybe they did threaten to go after his kid. I would not automatically assume good faith on the government’s part.

It is also possible that Flynn pled guilty to a crime that he did not commit. But I would be skeptical of such a claim. It does not make a lot of sense based on what we know.

As several people here have said — perhaps including you — there is something missing in our understanding of the facts and events here. Let’s hope everything comes to light. In the meantime, as much as I think Flynn got a raw deal and the government acted badly, I am not going to automatically buy into the notion that he plead guilty to something that he did not do. It’s possible, as you say, but unproven in my book.

To open another can of worms, do you know who in fact may have pled guilty to a crime that he did not commit? Ted Kennedy. There is a reasonable basis to believe that he was not driving the car when it went off the bridge. He may have said he was because the truth was even more damaging to him politically.



You know, if the impeachment goes like the rest @realDonaldTrump’s life:

• Schiff will be exposed as a pervert
• Nadler will lose his re-election
• Pelsoi’s kid will face federal corruption charges
• Biden will drop out
• Mexico will pay for the wall

So Much Winning.

6:34 PM · Jan 15, 2020


Theo, swimmer Kennedy left the girl to die. Doesn’t matter who was driving.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Regarding Flynn pleading guilty to protect his son: I'm another person who's seen this repeated over and over but never saw the original proof that it's a true statement.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Can anyone answer TKs 3 questions?
Or only TomR?

Were the lawyers at Covington in on the sting or unaware?
I don't know but I would bet cash money "NO" and I would expect to win.

Is Sidney Powell in on the sting of unaware?
I don't know but I would guess "NO" seeing as how she's coming into the situation months and months later.

Is the judge in on the sting or unaware?
I don't know but I would bet "NO" and expect to win. He's a judge ferhevvins sake. Probably appointed by a Dem or UniParty Repub.


Henry —

I was not remotely exonerating him Henry. If he was not the driver he lied repeatedly and under oath. He clearly put politics above the truth and perhaps even the girls life. But his story of that evening does not make a lot of sense. It is possible that he was not driving the car, which would clear up some of the discrepancies.

But as you say, that does not excuse his conduct. His conduct was indefens Even if he was not the driver, we agree.


History in the Making. @RepJimBanks says @realDonaldTrump is putting working class Americans first with his landmark trade deal with China. #AmericaFirst #MAGA #Dobbs pic.twitter.com/6nrDJlLxmM

— Lou Dobbs (@LouDobbs) January 16, 2020

Video at link with Indiana @RepJimBanks talking to @LouDobbs/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Maybe they did threaten to go after his kid.

I'm another person who's seen this repeated over and over but never saw the original proof that it's a true statement.--

I'll try it one at a time since no one wanted to chase my leads up thread;
Sara Carter.


Austin Ghoulsbee was on with Martha along with Tammy Bruce. He’s Pajama Boy reaching middle age...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Washington Sentinel

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Big League Politics

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

NBC News

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

International Business Times
which has internal links to CNN and Business Insider stories on the Flynn's kid too.


I should hasten to add, he’s learned nothing and forgotten everything. FPOS

Another Bob

Theo, what is this alternate story re. Teddy?


This entire CLOWN/CIRCUS full commie, libtard sham, is ridiculous and an historical JOKE.

What is so hard to understand about this.


JiB @6:47

Sure would hate to see that pawn at the back line get swapped on the board as something a tad more flexible.


Ig —

I read the Sara Carter piece. Near the end, in an oh by the way fashion, there is a totally unsourced and undocumented claim that the prosecution threatened to go after Flynn’s kid. Maybe they did but (a) the evidence on this is (at least in this article) very underwhelming and (b) it still does not really explain why Flynn would plead guilty to a crime that he did not commit.

Maybe some of your other links provide some basis to substantiate the threat to prosecute the kid story but based on the first link you provide there is nothing there to go on.


Good news! We have just shown that an unconventional idea I had (and got funded) for cancer diagnosis works. And it is reproducible.

It is a long way from a product, but the chemistry and physics work.


Captain Hate

Wow. Congrats, DrJ!

lyle, did Tammy scorch him?


Oh, congratulations Dr. J!

That's wonderful!


Ignatz seems loyal to that one particular Fibonacci series. No one knows why.


Austin Goolagsbee, is an complete and abject clown fella. To not notice the smarmy pile of shit for what he is, is MALPRACTICE for any Conservative, with an i.q. of 80 or higher.


DrJ: an unconventional idea ... for cancer diagnosis works

Made my day ... and probably yours. :-)



Press conference at the Hudson Institute with the son of the late Shah of Iran.


Another Bob —

The alternative story re Teddy is that he was seen driving in a suspicious manner with a passenger by a deputy sheriff about an hour after EMK said the accident happen. The cop thought maybe the driver (who he did not then know to be Kennedy) might be lost or near help. The cop started to walk up to the vehicle when it suddenly backed up and headed quickly down the road towards .the famous bridge. The cop did not pursue, figuring that he had observed no law violations.

The theory is that EMK saw the cop approaching and absolutely did not want to be found with the girl in his car alone after the ferry stopped running for fear of scandal. He thus took off down the road but feared the cop would chase him and it would be even worse. So, the theory goes, once out of sight of the cop, he pulls over and tells Mary Jo to drive. He tells her if the cop comes and pulls her over just say she is out for some fresh air or something. If the cop does not come, just hang out at the end of the road until the coast is clear and pick him back up.

And..........she drives off, but a bit under the influence on a dark and unfamiliar road she does not navigate the curve but drives straight off the bridge.

It should be obvious why Teddy would not want to tell THAT story even if true. Instead he tells the story — full of holes — that he was sober and driving her to the ferry and made a wrong turn and ended up driving off the bridge.


I knew you could do it. So happy for you and Mrs.J!


https://t.co/RcUcLBl9tT pic.twitter.com/1OIXKTv0hp

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 16, 2020

Video at the link about the China trade deal.


Congrats DrJ!

How does that saying go....darkest hour is just before the dawn.


Can you explain your plus 1 comment from yesterday?


Thanks all. Yes, it made my day, and it potentially is important.

I'll give a lot of credit to the new kid from University of Nevada, Reno. He is very, very good. As an aside, he is restoring a Cosworth Vega, of all things.


What wonderful news, Dr J--our own unconventional researcher!!

Another Bob

Thanks Theo.

At first glance that doesn’t sound like an appreciably less-scandalous story.


Sounds like a possible alternative story wrt Teddy Kennedy.


Agree with your analysis of that Kennedy scenario,


The story I heard is that TedK was with another girl, Mary Jo was (unknown to them) asleep in the backseat and both Ted and girl 1 got out. I don't think MJ was driving--she was found in the back gasping on a small pocket of air.One item of "proof" in that theory was she left her purse back at the cottage and women never leave without theirs.

In any event, he went to the hotel , showered, and called his fixers before they notified the cops about an accident on the bridge.

Texas Liberty Gal

So my hubby & I have been busy watching our 3 grandkids while their parents have been on a cruise. As you might suspect we are not current on the news. Did catch part of NBC News tonight while getting my nails done. Comment from another lady getting her nails done about Nancy Pelosi "I can't stand to listen to her" I took that as a good sign.


If the prosecutors were threatening Gen. Flynn concerning his son, it's my belief that this would be something done off the record and in secret. Why would there be "proof" of this?

Even a written record (depending on the son's problem) would seem to violate any agreement. As it seems the whole point would be to keep whatever it is from becoming public. Is this not the case?


What wonderful news, Dr.J Congratulations!


Rep. Jim Jordan
Doesn’t matter what the Dems write. 4 facts will never change:

-The call transcript shows no linkage
-President Trump and President Zelensky both say no pressure
-Ukraine didn’t know aid was held up at the time of the call
-Ukraine never took any action to get aid released


Clarice —

The story about Mary Jo not having her purse with her is true. Kennedy’s behavior that night was in his own words “indefensible.” But the nation that Teddy and another girl were out for a late night drive, crashed and got out of the sinking car without realizing MJ was sleeping in the back seat is pure nonsense. There were a lot of rumors and speculations at the time. Most of them were junk. Like that one.


Jeremy Art
· 36m
Just a reminder we live in a bubble.

@RepAdamSchiff was the answer on @Jeopardy question tonight, with his picture, and no one knew who he was.
I take this as another good sign. Heheheh.

Tom R

JiB @ 6:47

For once you and I are in perfect agreement. The two key facts that causes me to agree with Thomas Wictor is 1) ADM Rogers knows everything about the FISA abuse scandal and 2) ADM Rogers and LTG Flynn are close friends who knew the extent of corruption within the Obama administration.

I’m inclined to believe two patriotic military officers would be inclined to try and do something to make sure those who committed those crimes faced justice.

Tom R

MJW @ 6:26

You may be right. If the judge allows Flynn to withdraw his guilty plea it’s a moot point.


did Tammy scorch him?

Is this a trick question, Capt? 😬

Congrats, DrJ!


AB —

In the 1960s I think it was wiser politically to admit to bad driving — even if someone died — than admit to be out on a mission clearly inconsistent with his marital vows. (His wife was pregnant at the time to make it worse.) Besides if he gave his car to a borderline drunk woman (.09 blood alcohol level) to drive down a dark and unfamiliar road I am not sure how that is better for him than saying he was driving.


There is NO EXCUSE. Ted Kennedy crashed his car, Mary Jo Kopechne died of asphyxiation. Ted Kennedy left the scene. Kennedy slept, and in the morning came back to the scene.
What would happen to you?



Clearly you have never been to Chappaquidic. Sheesh!

Manuel Transmission

OK, time for something a little more fun.

This is the most recent weather system we are being hit with. This is a one week a year type event for us. The low is to our SW so it draws cold air in from BC and that chills the moisture off to Pacific.

So, that leaves us with some snow and below freezing temps. (Lots more on other parts of the island.)

The birds are ravenous at the feeder. They can empty it in one day. The larger black/orange/white ones are Towhees and are bullies at the feeder. We are up to two pairs and they take turns bossing the juncos and the other small birds out of the feeding spots.

As mentioned here, the few hummers are desperate for food. We are up to 4 so far. Have to take the feeder in at night to keep it from freezing up.

This male has been resting next to the feeder in a sheltered space on the porch for extended intervals given that is downwind from the current prevailing direction.


Congratulations on the unconventional, DrJ!


Is there any progtard dude that ISN’T a skeevy POS?

Name one.

I’ll be waiting...🤔


Wow, MT. Hummers this time of year?!? Great pix. Thanks.


Dr J,

How cool. I’ve got a new project for you to work on - but sadly no funding.



Donald Trump Jr.: Fake News Destroys Lives, but the Tide May Be Turning

It's a shame Don Jr. has to get his op eds published on sites like Newsmax.


Man Tran,

Your house is one of my favorite places on the planet - particularly my suite.


TuCa masturbating over the “opioid crisis.”

I trust he’s never had back surgery...

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