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January 15, 2020


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Maybe some of your other links provide some basis to substantiate the threat to prosecute the kid story but based on the first link you provide there is nothing there to go on.--

Read the NBC link. In it Ty Cobb, WH mouthpiece, seems to confirm the story.
Or read Powell's filings in which I believe she references it.


Yeah, when I had POTUS DJT and Mike Pence over for BREAKSTACE, they were quite polite.
Until the President started chanting.....LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP.

Good times.

JM Hanes


"I am not going to automatically buy into the notion that he plead guilty to something that he did not do."

So you've said. I'm not trying to persuade you otherwise. I've simply been telling you what I think. The bottom line remains not enough information. At this point, I can't even remember what lie he's supposed to have told!


Theo is becoming as tedious as Tom R. We’ve provided him half a dozen links on Flynn and the son, but evidently he doesn’t bother reading them, and then says that he hasn’t seen anything.


Supposedly about promising not to impose sanctions for the hacking nor png more diplomats its very murky like with lewis libbys communications with reporters.


Retweeted by the President.

Dan Scavino Jr.
Signs Phase One Trade Deal with China”






It's hardly unusual in plea deals to plea to a lesser offense than what the govt claims you did.



We basically agree. Not enough information to know one way or the other.


i dint know Mexico City was in Pelosi's district.



Congrats Dr J!


Her honor is a skydragon worshipping (2007 ipcc nobel price)member of lopez obradors party,

Tom R

Arthur Anderson was destroyed by Weissman because of a cockamamie theory tht when they told Enron to pitch certain records--something normally done in the course of business and at a time when they had no knowledge that the govt was seeking them, they were engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct.

Clarice @ 6:11

Do you (or anyone else) know how long corporations are required by federal law to maintain all of their financial records? I assume the IRS and Securities Exchange Commission require corporations to maintain financial records for several years in the event they decide those corporations need to be audited or investigated for whatever reason.

Wouldn’t accounting firms like Arthur Anderson be required to maintain financial records of their work for their clients for the same length of time the corporations are required to maintain the records?

If I understood you correctly you said AA shredded their documents at a point in time they were unaware that Enron was being formally investigated. That would point to them being innocent of breaking the law. Since Enron executives committed multiple white collar crimes that AA got paid to prevent from happening, does that indicate AA failed to adequately perform the accounting and auditing services they got paid over $50 million a year to perform? I’m just trying to figure out how the Enron scandal could even occur if AA was doing what they were supposed to be doing.


jimmyk —

I hate to bore you, but I understand that there are unconfirmed allegations that the prosecution threatened to go after his son unless he pled guilty. The fact that those allegations have been repeated multiple times does not make them true.

Moreover, as I have said repeatedly— and no one seems to argue otherwise — even if such a threat were made it does not automatically follow that he would or did plead guilty to something he did not do. You have to believe that he would give a false guilty plea, extorted from him by unscrupulous prosecutors on the assumption that said unscrupulous prosecutors would honor their oral off the record promise not to prosecute the son. If that story is convincing to you, so be it. It does not convince me.

I get it that the folks here are fans of Flynn and not fans of the prosecutors who went after DJT and his people. I share that general viewpoint. But we do not have to totally suspend critical judgment and simply accept a rather implausible story that Flynn pled guilty to something that he did not do.


Are you all teaming up to test my (redacted) patience. We know that arthur amderson was targeted instead of bp and goldman who were much bigger players, we know hsbc and accenture carved up what was left, just like the former acquired safras republic bank and the latter would employ miss ohr

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Rufous sided Towhees, MT! [though I think they have some new boring name]
Always wanted to do a carving of one. Unfortunately about a week ago as I was tooling along a country lane one flew out just a bit too late [or early] and came a cropper on the side of my truck.


MT's house does look spectacular and what a great place in which to live.


It does indeed.

As jib pointed out, general flynn is a the commanding heighrs of intel officers he had faced the enemy which included sulsmaini amd his lieutenants and aq operatives in iraq and afghanistan he had surveyed the tribes in the latter the riadmap to mccrystals counterinsurgency atrategy.


GUS @ 5:38 -

You are right that there is no excuse for Kennedy’s behavior that night. This is true whether he was driving or not. He left the scene and did not call any first responders. He should burn in hell, no question about it.

BUT there is some reason to doubt that he was the driver. Would not make him any less culpable than if he were.

The medical examiner ruled that the girl drowned. Some question this ruling and since there was no autopsy, we can never know for sure. The asphyxiation diagnosis is only speculation- it may be correct but it is not an established fact.

Kennedy did go to his hotel and sleep whike she was (alive or dead) still in the car. However, an unimportant detail, he did not return to the accident scene in the morning. After hearing that the car and body had been found he hung around for a bit and then went to the police station.

JM Hanes

Man Tran:

Loved the pix & commentary! I'll have to look around for hummingbirds here. Would love to have a little snow.


Roadmap, he saw this bunkum that al queda was dead was thus, and he saw where it was flaring up from syria to subsaharan africa.


Jane —

You are correct, I have never been to Chappaquidick.

Could you explain to me how, if I had been there last week, I would have any greater knowledge than I do about who was driving when a car went off the a bridge 50 years ago?


Part of the plan

The Hill on Twitter: "Harris calls for judicial nominee freeze during impeachment trial https://t.co/1OV6gPuJQR https://t.co/dhJXRDRYiw" / Twitter


It was vindman who arranged flynns visit to khodinka gru headquarters isnt that curious. At the time the russians did everything but scream at obama to pay attention to the rise of sunni islamism encouraged by the arab spring.


Theo. Kennedy left her to die. To live or to die.
He left her. SHE DIED. He swam across the bay, and went to bed at his Hotel. She died.
If I had done as such, I could never be elected to alderman. WHAT IS WRONG WITH "US" AND OUR JUDGEMENT???


Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation


I’m with you Jimmy.



I don’t disagree with anything in your 9:29 post.

I am not sure who the “us” is in your final question. I assume the voters of Massachusetts. I am certainly not going to be able to explain their voting for the man.

JM Hanes


What super news! You must be over the moon. Congratulations.


Why not Impeachment?

Hunter Walker on Twitter: "Nancy Pelosi has souvenir pens emblazoned with her signature that she’s using to sign the articles of impeachment https://t.co/Xte3yH45vj" / Twitter


Dr. J,



GORKA INTERVIEWS POWELL ON FLYNN:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HX-8f6JlD-Q&feature=youtu.be


I think the story about Mary Jo asleep in the back seat was dreamed up to soften Kennedy's culpability. As in, he didn't know she was there, so that's why it didn't occur to him that there was anything much wrong with him leaving the scene and failing to ask for help.

The problem is that he said at the time that he dove in the water to look for her. And then he went back to the cottage to get help from his buddies, who also dove to look for her. If he didn't know she was in the car, none of that makes sense. The buddies later told everyone at the cottage that Mary Jo was at her hotel.


Congrats dr. J


Oops, meant to hit preview.

Mueller Has Enough Evidence to Bring Charges in Flynn Investigation

Nov. 5, 2017, 10:09 AM EST / Updated Nov. 5, 2017, 8:41 PM EST By Julia Ainsley, Carol E. Lee and Ken Dilanian

WASHINGTON — Federal investigators have gathered enough evidence to bring charges in their investigation of President Donald Trump's former national security adviser and his son as part of the probe into Russia's intervention in the 2016 election, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation.

Mueller is applying renewed pressure on Flynn following his indictment of Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, three sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News.


Unless I'm mistaken, it was Rosenstein scope memo that allowed Mueller to target Flynn Jr

The second scope memo was issued by Rod Rosenstein to Robert Mueller on October 20th, 2017. The transparent intent of the second scope memo was to provide Weissmann and Mueller with ammunition and authority to investigate specific targets, for specific purposes. One of those targets was General Michael Flynn’s son, Michael Flynn Jr.



Wonderful news DrJ

nite all


How did MUELLER get involved in ANY of THIS???

How on EARTH would MUELLER be so HONEST and HONORABLE to pick over a DOZEN LEFT WING FULL COMMIE LAWYERS to examine this HOAX??
How is that possible??
Who wanted and/or suggested MUELLER to be the ARBITOR regards the RIDICULOUS FAKE DOSSIER?????
Why has this DOSSIER, paid for by RODHAM and her cash grab from the DNC, NOT BEEN INVESTIGATED or rather SHITCANNED for the TOILET PAPER RAG that is is??

Tom R

The most important good news of the day.



SCOTUS overturned the Arthur Anderson conviction 9-0.



Way to go, DrJ!


Thanks again, all. The chemistry and physics theory said it had to work. Getting the experiments to go along with it is much, much more difficult.

I give the credit to my new UNR kid. There is a lot said about this generation of slackers, but my experience with them has been very good.


Just got caught up and noticed a post by Robin on a previous thread on volleyball.

My oldest daughter was a player in high school. She may not have been a 'beast' per se, but she was a really, really good high school middle. Good enough to get articles in the local paperand a few looks at D3 before she opted for the 'full college experience' at IU instead.

I never asked and don't wanna know what the 'full college experience' is.

One of the colleges that invited us over was, of all places, Oberlin. They had just had a middle transfer to a D2 or D1 program and were looking for someone about 5'11" and was a straight 'A' student to take up the slot. My daughter ticked both boxes.

It's all about academic vs athletic scholarships at that level.

I probably dodged a bullet there and was better off going the 'full college experience'!

Somebody else responded to that post by Robin by saying something along the lines of 'enjoy it while it lasts'.

That'd be my recommendation too.

I miss those long gone days awful. Especially those long drives to a tourney where it is just you and your daughter on a long two or three hour drive.

Doesn't matter if they ever play after high school. They will learn more in those high school years playing school and club ball, especially how to compete and be ready for the real world, then any other thing you can have them involved.

Those club ball fees are heck though.


“Tomorrow, one hundred United States Senators will be sworn in to serve in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Four of those Senators must recuse themselves for their unparalleled political interest in seeing this President removed from office. These four Democrats, Senators Bennet, Klobuchar, Sanders, and Warren, cannot sit in judgment of the very President they seek to replace. To participate in this trial would be a failure of the oath they took to be an ‘impartial justice according to the Constitution and laws’. Their presidential ambitions prohibit their ability to view this trial through an objective lens.” – Senator Marsha Blackburn

Manuel Transmission

Clarice, your room still awaits you and the Mr. whenever you guys swing through this way out or back from visiting the kids. I’m sure Jane will negotiate a fair price on ‘her’ room. :) (Obviously during the summer when the whales are playing.)

JMH, we never knew we had any hummers that wintered over until a few yrs ago. Not sure why they don’t go south like the main bunch.

Congrats DrJ! I hope your solution gets more than blank stares like some of my breakthroughs. Never figured out what was the distinction on some of them. :-/


Porchlight @ 9:38 —

I agree. The notion that she was asleep in the backseat is contradicted by too many known facts.

It probably started because when the car was recovered the purse of another girl (Rosemary Keough) was found in the car. People started speculating like crazy but Keough herself explained that she had been driven back to Edgartown earlier in the evening to pick up a portable radio so that they could dance. Keough’s whereabouts for the entire evening were attested to by 8 or 9 people at the party.

Nothing is impossible but it seems real unlikely Mary Jo would have kept sleeping once the car was moving. More importantly, it is very difficult for anyone to escape a submerged automobile. The notion that both Kennedy and Keough did so is very hard to credit.


nice one, Neo!


NOT TO BE MISSED:https://twitter.com/loudobbs/status/1217613899421356038?s=12






A perspective rare to the beeb



Thank you for you kind words THEO. To answer your question, as to who "US" is......
It's the COLLECTIVE "US". How does SOCIETY, or maybe the ELECTORATE, or the fawning, media believers, allow, and for 36 years or more following this DEATH, IGNORE what happened. Or more HONESTLY.....give TACIT APPROVAL, and ZERO CRITICISM nor RIGHTEOUS indignation to the perpetrator of this TRAVESTY


MY GRAND DAUGHTER loves volleyball. My husband travels every year to Orlando for her tournaments and will also be going in March for one in Colorado. (Her mom loves it, too--was co-captain of the Harvard girls volleyball team.) I watch it live from Hi when they broadcast it or her mom sends us live videos.

JM Hanes


"I get it that the folks here are fans of Flynn and not fans of the prosecutors who went after DJT and his people. I share that general viewpoint. But we do not have to totally suspend critical judgment and simply accept a rather implausible story that Flynn pled guilty to something that he did not do."

Oh please. I thought you were asking questions not practicing your Socratic method. Sheesh.



We should discuss this off line, but I face a problem where the "collective wisdom" is wrong. I need to counter this.

Let's talk.


Well collective wisdom is like consensus in science there is no suvh animal.


WHO are Grack and the Bureau covering for?


GUS: "How did MUELLER get involved in ANY of THIS???"

And that "well, he's a Republican" talking point, when he's doing the Dems' dirty work.

Reminds me of that "straight arrow", "Republican" they selected to gloss over the Dan Rather situation. (Dick Thornburgh?)


Very stable lot



Ohhhh... Clarice. Orlando. Gotta be AAU Nationals.

I really miss that!

It's amazing to walk down the steps into the Orlando Convention Center and then see 10K girls hitting the ball.

The first thing I noticed the first time I went was that most the Mommy's and all the Daddy's were taller than me.

I'm 6'1" so I'm not short but, I immediately recognized the all the tall Mommy's and all the tall Daddy's were marrying to raise giant daughters and monopolize athletic scholarships!


JHM, I've always loved your logic and reason, and I don't know if Gen.Flynn did something NAUGHTY.
But JHM, the possibility that FLYNN was a CRIMINAL, vs. the OBVIOUS POSSIBILITY, that the FBI peeps, acted as CRIMINALS ....is an easy comparison.
Is it more plausible to you JHM, that the FBI et al, under Obama is/was criminal, or that General Flynn is/was criminal???


First christiamity today now this publication




That rant by the British guy was pretty funny!


Probably warranted:



In fairness THEO, what Saint Teddy did, is ANCIENT HISTORY to the YOUTH of America. My Son, is a very very bright and moral Freshman in Electrical Engineering in College. His "REALITY", is seeing PRO-LIFE ACTIVISTS, shouted down and COLD COCKED, by FULL COMMIE NUT JOBS. His reality is that putting a MAGA HAT on his head, is ASKING FOR VIOLENCE. I've pointed out, that the ANTIFA TYPES make "his choices and decide "his" rights, by virtue of "their" threatening behaviors.

JM Hanes

Gosh GUS,

Everybody's asking leading questions today! :-)


SMOKING GUN: Adam Schiff Directly Connected to $7.4 Billion Burisma Corruption Scandal… Details Developing | State Department Watch https://statedepartmentwatch.org/2019/11/22/smo
I don't have enough time to look into this tonight. I will check on it tomorrow.


JHM...you are UP to the TASK. Smart as a whip, and not willing to take any nonsense.

Give it all you've got Capt Kirk!!!


Gus —

I appreciate your son’s courage in these very troubled times.



Check your phone


This just popped up on my Twitter feed:


Dr. J--that's very nice news--many, many congratulations!

Another Bob

As we probably expected, Kamala calls for a judicial nominee freeze.

Ted Cruz has a one-word answer: No.


Thank you Theo, but even Gus 2.0, has decisions that are difficult. On campus, a MAGA hat, is a target for the FULL COMMIE LIBS.
My Son, will NOT make himself a target, or even more so, he believes that HIS 1ST AMENDMENT RIGHTS, are not worth, HIS SAFETY or day to day existence being an ISSUE.

Tom R

Never saw this theory until tonight. It’s the polar opposite to Wictor’s theory. I don’t think it is anywhere close to being correct but the one thing it has going for it is that it fully answers the question of why AG Barr is seeking jail time for Flynn.



So about 1917, they make these massive network of trenches, but them perilously close to big bertha top cannon then what.


I am heading to bed.

If you need something to listen to tonight, let me suggest this Steve Bannon interview, which I suggested on the first page.


It's really wonderful. I will probably listen to it again tonight.

Captain Hate

I think teachers like this inspired Van Halen



Kamala is not President. Trump still is.

Kamala never will be. Trump likely will be.


Passchaendale which seems to have inspired the big set piece battle involved 50 divisions or 40,000 men if i read that right.

Robin, eff 'em all

I miss those long gone days awful. Especially those long drives to a tourney where it is just you and your daughter on a long two or three hour drive.

Doesn't matter if they ever play after high school. They will learn more in those high school years playing school and club ball, especially how to compete and be ready for the real world, then any other thing you can have them involved.

Those club ball fees are heck though.

Posted by: bubarooni | January 15, 2020 at 09:50 PM

She is 13, on the short side (5'4"), and started a year behind the other girls so she'll be lucky if she gets to play high school ball. Those club fees for the less competitive team might be our reality, which is absolutely fine. She loves the sport and being part of a team, so we'll be going to tournaments until that changes.

The funny thing is that a PE class introduced her to the sport and a movie convinced her that she should pursue it. You just never know what clicks.

Thanks for the reminder that it's fleeting. We're such homebodies that a weekend away in a gym complex was a little bit of torture. Thank goodness I can knit!


But the casualties of that battle was something between 200,000 and 450,000



Robby Starbuck on Twitter: "MSNBC: How are Democrats gonna beat @realDonaldTrump? Obama’s ex-campaign manager: "It’s gonna to be really hard (to beat Trump)" "He’s gonna run a great campaign,
"A Facebook exec said Donald Trump and his campaign are the best marketers in the world“.



If you need to end the night on a good, encouraging note - I recommend this compilation from Brad Parscale of sad broadcasters after last night's debate "performance."



Robin,5'4" at short at 13!

Go have fun.


one other thing I'll say Robin.

My Girl played at the 'small school' in our county. Got lots of playing time.

it's about 800 kids versus the other two schools which are about 1400 and 2100.

at the smaller school she got a chance to spread her wings.

she may have not made it in volleyball at the bigger schools, the competition is so incredibly fierece to make that team.

a slower kid at 13, she was able to carve out a niche at the smaller school as she grew into the big body because the competition was less.

Something to think about...

She was homecoming queen too!

If she hadn't graduated at mid term she also woulda been valedectorian!!

I think it might be that it's just not volleyball I miss...

Love every minute of everything they do Robin.

It's a moment in time...


So I have read all of the articles about Flynn’s son that Iggy posted.

I am not quite sure how anyone thinks they refute any point that I was attempting to make here.

Basically, these stories suggest that Mueller might go after the son, who was heavily involved with his father’s lobbying business. One article also says that Flynn Jr was the author of the “pizzagate” business.

And, so? None of these stories come anywhere close to establishing that (a) Flynn pled guilty in order to protect his son, (b) that the prosecution had ever indicated in any manner that If Flynn pled guilty his son would get a free pass or (c) that Flynn pled guilty to an offense that he knew he did not commit.

Indeed other facts make it pretty clear that the charge that Flynn pled guilty to — lying to the FBI about his conversation with the Russian Ambassador — was factually correct.

I am sorry that some find a recitation of facts “tedious.” But I think that it is better to know the facts than just blithely insist, based on very little supporting evidence — that Flynn agreed to plead guilty to something of which he was innocent in order to protect his son from prosecution.

It may be a convenient narrative to explain away why Flynn pled guilty, but it does not appear to be based on solid evidence.


Guilty of what, of a publicity film for the sultan, very near beer, not wanting to engage in a tit for tat exchange of diplomats over some nebulous claims

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

A low level Bernie staffer, over drinks, said they would burn down Milwaukee, open Gulags and force Trump supporters into re-education camps.

Since these are all crimes, threats of violence and admission of a desire to commit terrorism, it's totally appropriate for the Trump FBI to get FISA warrants and start wiretapping the entire Bernie campaign.

Right? - Leigh Scott on FB


It does seem their objectives and their atrategy is at odds,


OK, Robin one last thing on this.

My Girl graduated from IU about a year and half ago and moved to Chicago.

Fours hours away.

Volleyball might be a way to miss her.

Love every minute of it...

Captain Hate

Ol' Yeller: The Senate has a responsibility to dismiss the charges of the House ASAP and the RINOs need to understand what the Constitution demands of them which does not include calling additional witnesses.

jim nj


Dave (in MA)

One of the first things I did at my first programming job was to fix the 1980 Bug in a bunch of COBOL programs that used a single digit year field to save disk space.


Are we really back to this again.


That not this:


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Did the same thing for 3 months in 1999 leading up to 12/31/99, Dave. Only it was 2 digit fields that had to have code modified to 4 digit year fields. We still missed 2 in the inventory module. :(


Oh there was another cameo in crisisthe writer marv wolfman


jim nj


In the new study, published today (Jan. 15) in the journal Nature, astronomers describe six mysterious objects swirling around our galaxy's central black hole. According to the authors, these anomalous objects (dubbed G1 through G6) look like oblong blobs of gas several times more massive than Earth. However, they behave like small stars capable of passing perilously close to the black hole’s edge without being ripped to shreds.


That is fascinating but a 1,000 year orbit, thats farther than the kuiper belt distance.


He has to slather it for public consumption


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