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January 20, 2020



a multi-pronged approach

so it'll be pitchforks at 10 yards.

The Infamous Ignatz

My only comment on Harry and Meghan. Never heard of her before she got hitched to him. Can barely keep track of who he is.
But since I don't know either one of them, I think maybe I'll just take what he says at face value; he doesn't want his family going the way his father and mother's did. That mess happened at a time he was pretty vulnerable so I can see that effecting his views now. Maybe they're everything rotten everyone says, but I have no way of knowing so why assume it? Everything everyone says about pretty much everything else is usually wrong so why not this time?


McGinley says that adding those GOP reps to the team (Jordan, Meadows, etc.) they will be able to comment on different TV outlets since they won't be on the Senate floor.


This link also offers old episodes, so if you didn't get a chance to listen this morning, you can listen to the replay through this link.


James D.

The effort, according to Axios, is being spearheaded by House Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., alongside Reps. Garret Graves, R-La., and Bruce Westerman R-Ark."

It's one step forward, ten steps backwards with all these guys, isn't it?

Old Lurker

For the JOM DIY gadget nuts - lookin at MT, Henry, A-Bob and Buckeye - to enjoy:

I don't bother winterizing my pool in Potomac because it usually does not get cold enough long enough to hurt it much. But sometimes it does.

I used to do it myself manually when conditions threatened, but last year I decided to automate my defenses because it was a fun Man-Tran type project. I installed sensors and relays to monitor the temp of the water in the pool 24x7 as well as the temp of the outside air. Now, if the outside air is below freezing, and if the pool water is below 45F, then my pump turns on and circulates water through all inputs and all outputs. If the air temp stays below freezing and if the moving water temp falls to 40F, then the pool heater turns on until the water temp is back to 45F.

I can hear both units from my office above the Pool House. Yesterday morning I heard the pump running, and by last night I saw smoke/steam rising from the heater's chimney.


It is the small things that make us old guys happy.


nice approach OL. I let my pond freeze. Then if motivated shovel snow off of it and use it for skating.

Old Lurker

James. yes.


This is interesting. http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2020/01/obama-vs-bernie.html

Old Lurker

Henry the funniest part was trying to explain to Mrs. OL why I was building it rather than just having the pool winterized like everybody else in the 'hood...



Good morning! Thanks for responding to my late night comments. I've read all the articles that you've posted on narcissism, and appreciate the information.

I did see some photos of Meghan out walking with the baby on a nearby trail (followed by security guards), and she did look much better. Those 6 weeks during their Christmas break (or what the Brits like to call "The Festive Season") seem to have helped, and exercise out doors is a healthy way to get back in shape for many reasons.

She still zeros in on that camera whenever one is in the vicinity. Narcissism is what it is. Harry looked very happy to be home. I hope this works out for best for everyone.


brat vid at link.


Climate activist Greta Thunberg tells world leaders they are running out of time to tackle the climate crisis.



s/b ...works out for the best..


store on cloud at own risk.


Apple has reportedly dropped the plan for encrypting iPhone backups after the FBI complained.


This fits with how I feel on the topic.

The future of the United States lies in the hands of the Senate, and the fictions of the House Democrats must be held aloft and shown. Let the GOP be clear, this assault on the right of the American people to self-determination will not stand. The impeachment battle is not merely about Donald Trump; it is about the nation itself. It is about who and what we are.

Those who would take away our freedom must never win, and win they will not. When the dust settles, Donald Trump will still be president, and a humiliated Democratic Party will have to answer for why they ever took us down this road to begin with.



Oh, wow. Not a surprise, but still. Thanks sandra o'connor.




Was her father there holding up the dummy?


wires from above the stage, Melinda


Hence the "Climate Puppet" moniker.


East Troy on Saturday. Your afternoon schedule?


open on Saturday.


Hoft has a bit on how Schiff leaked to damage DJT.


Cool. Will order for "Will Call".


From the conclusion--

Achieving racial justice in higher education is not just about numerical outcomes for people of color. It’s about how well college education prepares students to advance racial justice in all facets of their lives after college. That starts with making sure students have a strong historical and contemporary understanding of race in this country. College graduates must be taught about systemic racism and how the work they do after college can disrupt these systems. Doing this requires a commitment from higher education leaders to infuse a racial equity agenda into their curricula, so that students can learn how to be, as author Ibram X. Kendi argues, “antiracist.”52 Being antiracist means supporting ideas and policies that lead to and promote practices that yield racial equity, not just declaring that one doesn’t have racist views.


Nahncee doesn't agree with the "No Prime Time" TV schedule from Cocaine Mitch:

Nancy Pelosi
Leader McConnell’s plan for a dark of night impeachment trial confirms what the American people have seen since Day One: the Senate GOP Leader has chosen a cover-up for the President, rather than honor his oath to the Constitution. speaker.gov/newsroom/12120



So a college degree is about racial justice? (quietly removing degree requirement from job postings).




Twit of the year alert:

John Harwood

some personal news: this is my first day at @CNN as White House Correspondent. honored and proud to join a team of journalists I’ve admired for so long


OL, I assume the heater is gas fired?

Sounds like a fun project, and particularly suited for our stage of life.

I can guarantee I would forget to turn everything on after happy hour on The Ledge:)


Gosh, OL,you may have a new business opportunity--I'd pay for that gizmo to be installed on our pool.



Molly Beck @MollyBeck

Non-U.S. citizens living in Illinois were able to vote in 2018 after the Secretary of State improperly registered 574 to vote while providing them with driver’s licenses.

Illinois law allows immigrants who are not citizens to get a license or state ID



I solved the problem by moving somewhere that,
1) has a pool, and 2) has "people" to worry about it:)

The community is mostly old farts. I could swim laps all day long and never have to dodge anyone in the pool.


Climate change is everywhere. Local government has gone wild with it and local media is all in. Reading that shit from McCarthy is believable enough to me. My money is on this Steyer clown doing way better than people are predicting. Dems are all in and Trump has accelerated their schedule.

Bloomberg is playing the global warming card but I don’t think he is as “authentic” as Steyer.

I have a whole Ledge full of things to say about what is going to happen over the next couple months, but I think I will take a break instead.

CH, you asked if I had any info on the reporter Patterico eulogized. I don’t. I stopped reading papers around here quite a while ago. My wife would cut the coupons and I would burn the rest.

I tune in here again after the impeachment follies.


So, you and Chelsea haven't launched a production company, as has been reported?

No. But we were talking to people who approached us. The Obamas are absolutely right that you've got to impact the culture and what people see and therefore what they believe if you're going to impact the politics and to preserve our democracy, not to be too dramatic about it. So, I think they made a very smart decision, and maybe someday we will, too.


Old Lurker

Buckeye, yes Natural Gas.

The "known" risks in my system are:

1. It doesn't work. I am in Florida. The pipes freeze and break (all under the deck). I don't know until I get home.

2. But then the pump comes on anyway and empties the pool through the broken pipes.


3. it works and the heater comes on but does not shut off at 45F. Then the heater will run until the water gets to "summer temps" and I will get a gas bill for $1,500+ extra.

And I would have to recover from all that without having Clarice tell Mrs. OL how much money I had "saved" by not letting the pool company do a proper shut down.


Tom R

From an AoS commenter that CH linked in a previous thread:
I was one of those people at the time, arguing online with everybody, that I didn't think Iraq was the right place to go, but that I trusted those people knew what they were doing better than I did.

I trusted them as well to include Tenet's "slam dunk Saddam has WMDs and is trying to restart his nuclear weapon program" assertion.

If you operate under the assumption the Brennan faction (pro-Communist) of the CIA was intentionally trying to weaken the US, wouldn't that indicate they intentionally mislead not only Bush Jr but the Pentagon as well? As an Army vet it would be very painful for me if it turned out senior Pentagon generals/admirals conspired with the CIA/Brennan to start a war on false pretenses that they knew were false from the very start. I choose to think the CIA lied to the Pentagon as well.


Great article

No Slam 'Debunk': Analyzing the Dems' Repetitive Impeach Text | RealClearInvestigations




A split 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals panel acknowledged the children made a compelling case about the dangers posed by climate change, but tossed the case because the solution kids sought — a court order requiring rapid, government-wide action to curb emissions from fossil fuel use — was beyond any judge's power to give.


Did the 9th Circus act on the "monsters under the bed" clauses?


Interesting angle of attack? This piece loads plenty:



True, OL and then I'd hand her my OL post files.



The racket where I live is irrigation systems. I have to pay a sprinkler company to shutdown and blow out the system in the fall and startup my system in the spring to get the County mandated tag that the system isn't back feeding the water service.


After my oldest graduated from Saint A's, he took a temporary teaching job of some sort at our local HS. A student started a conservative club and put posters around the school promoting their club. The posters contained a link to videos depicting beheadings and when discovered, my son witnessed a teacher who he described as rabid, tearing down the conservative club posters. Every time I meet a teacher, I wonder.


JM Hanes

I can almost guarantee that the Duchess has never used that baby carrier before:

Megan style -- poor little Archie! She's got his arm and leg fed under the straps made to hold the carrier close to the mother's body. On a long walk, that would really hurt:
carrier crop

Correct way:
correct carrier crop

Walking the (two!) dogs means she doesn't have a hand free to fix anything.

carrier crop 2

I have some sympathy for a newlywed couple who have a baby almost immediately, trying to sort out a life for themselves inside the royal fish bowl, but she is such a poseur. I seem to recall that the house sits on a piece of property with water on three sides; she had to know where to find the papparazzi.

ABob: Single moms don't have two helpful guys following along behind who could lend a hand at any moment. Of course, Megan isn't single either.

Captain Hate

One thing I agree with OL 100% is not trusting Roberts at all. He should be hanged by his pencil neck. Just another Bush "mistake".


I understand everyone’s point that Buttigieg probably would not have gotten anywhere with the Democrats activist base and their media enablers if he were not gay. I have no real dispute about that. It made him at least worth a look to them as sort of a novelty act because otherwise they would not consider anyone for president who had not been a governor or senator or billionaire or TV game show host.

My only point was pretty much the opposite one — I don’t think being gay is (and certainly should not be) disqualifying. I think that if the right conservative political leader came along who otherwise fit my sense of being a good candidate, I would not oppose them for being gay.

Pete is not going anywhere this election, that seems to be clear. Young activists clearly despise him because.......well that is not so clear. I guess they think that he is some kind of phony with his experience in business, his service in the military and his talk about religion. In other words, he checks boxes that Middle America traditionally respects and that the left does not.


Don Surber has a great post on Trump’s GREAT remarks at Davis this morning. I can’t post them but someone should,


Posted by: Tom R | January 21, 2020 at 11:09 AM

iirc it was a grab bag of about 25 reasons in total, but Blair insisted, and we went along with not one but two rounds focusing on wmd at the un.

and with the north and south no fly zones, air embargo, sea embargo, and oil-for-food we were already at war with them.


DavOs, typepad sucks



Vid clip at the link:



Theo, don't look my way if you're looking for a gold star for your "wokeness".


>>>he checks boxes that Middle America traditionally respects<<<

in some sort of weird frankenstein way.


1/1024th of a problem? or 1/4 an Iranian one?


Tom R

Took me a while to catch up on all the weekend threads. A post from Extraneus with a URL caught my eye. Not one person responded to him.


How extremely odd that Rosenstein would do something like this to damage the reputation of fellow members of the Obama criminal cabal.

Old Lurker

Buckeye, Sprinklers are the same racket on Nantucket.

In Potomac, I do it all myself, and I use city water on a submeter to avoid the sewage half of the bill. Easy peasy.

Nantucket makes it painful to not use the locals (on everything). Figure about $2500 per year to maintain a perfectly working system. I drilled a well just for the sprinklers when I heard my neighbor paid not only the $2500 to the Irrigation Company, but then got water bills approaching $2,000 per month during the six month watering season. Irony is the town water is just untreated well water anyway so my well paid for itself halfway through my first summer.

Digressing on that point proving how nuts Libs are. The wives of a couple of my pals got really mad at me for drilling a well to bypass the town water system since the town "makes good use" of the $2,000 per month summer people pay for watering their gardens and my "cleverness" cheats the town out of my fair share of that money.

Not a joke. Not one bit.

Captain Hate

My only point was pretty much the opposite one — I don’t think being gay is (and certainly should not be) disqualifying. I think that if the right conservative political leader came along who otherwise fit my sense of being a good candidate, I would not oppose them for being gay.

Nobody here applauded Mutt Rombley when he gutlessly dumped Rick Grenell.



You will pay the Santi's, one way or another.



Senate Democrats will seek to subpoena White House records in Trump impeachment trial cnb.cx/2GcU0zC


Santos! Rats!

Old Lurker

Yep, Mel. Pay me now or pay me more later. You will have to wait in either case.


shouldn't that have been done prior to the articles going to the senate?

just thinkin' out loud.


Blooomberg's a real environmentalist, all right, that's why he dynamited a live coral reef in Tucker's Town, Bermuda because otherwise Castle Harbour wasn't deep enough for his yacht. What a phony. Somebody tell Greta about that one--her pigtails will stand up!


(on a different computer)

This is the part I loved:

President Donald John Trump's address at Davos this morning was a lesson on governance by a man who entered politics less than 5 years ago.

Our president said, "America’s newfound prosperity is undeniable, unprecedented and unmatched anywhere in the world. America achieved this stunning turnaround not by making minor changes to a handful of policies, but by adopting a whole new approach centered entirely on the well-being of the American worker."

That is incredible. A billionaire spoke to fellow billionaires, fellow world leaders, and academics not about the swell digs they were staying at or the lush cuisine they enjoyed.

President Trump talked about actually serving the people who entrusted them with power.

He said, "Every decision we make on taxes, trade, regulation, energy, immigration, education and more is focused on improving the lives of everyday Americans. Only when governments put their own citizens first will people be fully invested in their national futures."



And I loved this too:

He said, "Today I urge other nations to follow our example and liberate your citizens from the crushing weight of bureaucracy."

Putting the people first is straight out of Sun Tzu, who said, "Regard your soldiers as your children, and they will follow you into the deepest valleys; look upon them as your own beloved sons, and they will stand by you even unto death."

Talk about blowing up the room!

James D.

Tom R @ 11:09

I honestly don't think the reasons for going into Iraq are the problem. And I don't think the CIA lied us into it.

The problem was (1) all the foulups during the initial occupation, (2) the MSM and Dems going 100% treasonous, and (3) Bush turning into an utter contemptible coward by refusing to defend himself or - infinitely worse - the troops whom he ordered into battle against the vicious lies of the MSM and Dems.



Ted Cruz @tedcruz

The Sixth Amendment provides the accused the right "to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defense." Note that the Sixth Amendment does not apply to the prosecution; it protects only the accused.


James D.

Only when governments put their own citizens first will people be fully invested in their national futures."

What is thoroughly depressing is that such a blindingly obvious and incredible straightforward and simple statement is so newsworthy.

James D.

peter @ 12:02

Didn't he also order his limo to be running at all times with the air set to precisely 72 degrees so he'd be in perfect comfort whenever he decided it was time to leave wherever he was, when he was mayor?


please do.

Ted Cruz @tedcruz

So, maybe we should disqualify Schiff as a lawyer, and schedule him instead as a witness to explain his role in creating the "evidence" in this proceeding?

James D.

I guess they think that (Buttegig) is some kind of phony with his experience in business, his service in the military and his talk about religion. In other words, he checks boxes that Middle America traditionally respects and that the left does not.

He IS a phony.

His military service was clearly only to check a box for future career advancement, not because he cared one whit for what he was serving.

His religious talk is for the ears of mushy persuadables who don't like any religious doctrine or rules or, you know, morality and stuff but want to think of themselves as "Christian" anyway. If you actually listen to what he says, it's pretty much flat-out blasphemous by the standards of any mainstream denomination.

His business experience is probably the one genuine thing, because it put money in his pocket, and if there's one thing in this world that Mayor Pete truly believes in, it's Mayor Pete's bank account.

Old Lurker

James: "Only when governments put their own citizens first will people be fully invested in their national futures."

What is thoroughly depressing is that such a blindingly obvious and incredible straightforward and simple statement is so newsworthy."

Nope. What is thoroughly depressing is that the Founders hardwired exactly that into our system right up at the top and then arranged all the words and clauses to protect that hierarchy so there would be no uncertainty whatsoever. But I'd bet less than half the population evens knows that or why it was so.



Smelling a strategic fold


Everyone thought he had wmd and after the embarrassing defeat he suffered in Desert Shield, is it reasonable to assume he might seek revenge and give those wmd to those who wish us harm? I still think Bush did the right thing, initially.

JM Hanes


Thanks for pointing us to the Davos speech (with great excerpts)!

James D:

"What is thoroughly depressing is that such a blindingly obvious and incredible straightforward and simple statement is so newsworthy."

Well, apparently it's not all that newsworthy either. By this time you'd have been able to find the full text of any speech Obama ever made, but so far all I could google up were reactions to the speech, and the text of his Davos speech in 2018. I expect eventually some one will post the entire text, which I much prefer to video for copy/pasting purposes. The White House, where I'll check next, may have it up, but so far nobody else seems to.

I suspect that one day, however, historians will find it very interesting.


Lomborg with climate sanity (as ever).

We are being bombarded with instructions from climate campaigners, environmentalists and the media about the everyday steps we all must take to tackle climate change.

Unfortunately, these appeals trivialize the challenge of global warming, and divert our attention from the huge technological and policy changes that are needed to combat it.




The best response I've seen to all of that malarkey, yes, I said it, was the study that showed reduced consumption due to technological advances. I think it was a UK study only. I'd love to see something similar here. We know the gasoline story, but everything else like water and food.

Texas Liberty Gal

Hubby and I attended out Republican meeting last night. I was thrilled to hear next months speaker is going to be Lee Zeldin!! That was until my husband pointed out we would be on our first cruise on that date. I'm so disappointed!!


better use of energy drives evolution

Dave (in MA)

JM Hanes | January 21, 2020 at 11:34 AM

Mrs. Harry could probably get some advice on proper papoose carrying from Fauxcahontas.


Who ever is an artist here needs to manufacture and sell a sign that says:


and after that a shirt that says:

I SURVIVED WW3 1/3/20-1/3/20.

(NOT positive about the date)

I get mine for free in exchange for the idea!

Dave (in MA)

I concur w/ Rocco 12:19.

JM Hanes


I'm not particularly religious, and even I thought Biuttigieg's comments about religion didn't tick any known religious box, except for the church of Nancy Pelosi, who at one point even redefined God as the right to choose. Buttigieg came across as arrogant, hypocritical and shameless to me. If he had a lot of big successes to show for being mayor, it might tick off an actual box.

What his candidacy, and reactions to it, and the boxes you're trying to tick should be telling you loud and clear is that demographics ain't what they used to be. Indeed, they've steadily lost their predictive power. It also seems clear that Democrats can sally forth with all the stats they can collect and still utterly fail to understand who Trump voters really are.

There are certainly folks who won't vote for Buttigieg because he's gay, but I'd suggest that they are hardly exclusive to the right. I think a terrific candidate who was also gay could succeed in the Republican party, but trying to sell folks Buttigieg as today's object lesson ain't gonna fly.

Dave (in MA)

Happy third anniversary...


lutz ... i get misty-eyed whenever i see those breakdowns.


As an Army vet it would be very painful for me if it turned out senior Pentagon generals/admirals conspired with the CIA/Brennan to start a war on false pretenses that they knew were false from the very start. I choose to think the CIA lied to the Pentagon as well.

Posted by: Tom R | January 21, 2020 at 11:09 AM

Yeah. Looks that way from here, too.


I never heard anyone of either side bring up that Buttigeg was gay, and I was pretty thrilled with that. IMO it shouldn't matter.


I currently have Rush, Trump and Schumer on - simultaneously.

Clearly I'm a lunatic.


Meghan is going to geld that baby if she's not careful.

Dave (in MA)

https://www.universalhub.com/comment/764343#comment-764343 "It's fun to see the pro-"sanctuary" bunch complaining about government officials not following the law."


so just whining about rules this afternoon? If Schumer is slimier than usual, McTurtle did well.


James O'Keefe @JamesOKeefeIII

BREAKING: @BernieSanders Campaign Staffer Martin Weissgerber tells @PVeritas_Action journalist that his mom, an Executive Producer for @WBUR(Boston's @NPR station) is so far left, she has to hide her ideology with her own network.

"She can't make her views known"



Roberts now in control


https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/russia-trump-collusion-investigation/Comey, Brennan, Clapper collusion to bring down Trump


IIRC, and starting with Desert Shield, Saddam was upset with a decision OPEC (i think) made on the price of oil. He also considered Kuwait part of Iraq before it was carved up after WWI. When he invaded Kuwait in 1990, he controlled 20% of the worlds oil. Iraq held 10% and Kuwait another 10%. Then he started massing troops along the Saudi border in a threatening posture to invade Saudi Arabia, who held another 20%. Imagine what this madman could do with control of 40% of the worlds oil.

It was over quickly but we should have ended it there and gone right into Baghdad. The UN asked us to stop, he cried uncle and played games for the next 10 years. That's how I remember it.


Perjury in St. Louis by a Soros planted team? Unpossible!


Manuel Transmission

OL, I’m careful as to how much I automate. My boiler backup rarely gets cut over even once a year, so I keep it manual. That’s partly insurance in case Mrs MT offs me. When I’m on the road, I usually get a call from her that the very elaborate entertainment system is down and I have to walk her through the startup sequence. :) she notices.


Ben Garrison having fun with 2020-D Chess


I don't see Mueller though.

Old Lurker

MT you might recall my story years back about how I finally installed some dummy thermostats she could adjust when she was too hot or too cold.

One might laugh, but it worked.



“ Lomborg with climate sanity (as ever).”

The one-eyed king in the land of the blind. He still argues for “huge technological and policy changes that are needed to combat it.” Not what I’d call “sanity.”



BREAKING: A traveler from China has been diagnosed in Seattle with the coronavirus, a CDC spokesman tells Reuters.

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