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January 20, 2020


Captain Hate


“It was a painful reminder that age catches up to all of us,” one unnamed House Democrat who questioned Mueller said at the time. “Here you have this Vietnam hero and this post-Sept. 11 FBI director. You could tell he was having a hard time hearing, and it was like, ‘Ugh! This is not how I want him to be remembered.'"

That's exactly how I wanted that bitch remembered, Junior, and you orchestrated every damn bit of it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Actual Drag Queen Slams "Woke" Parents For Allowing Their Kids To Be Around Drag Queens

Kitty Demure questioned why drag queens had attracted so much “respect” from the left given that they’ve done little more than “put on make-up, jump on the floor and writhe around and do sexual things on stage.”

“I have absolutely no idea why you would want that to influence your child, would you want a stripper or a porn star to influence your child?” he asked.

Demure went on to point out that drag queens perform in clubs for adults and that backstage “there’s a lot of sex, nudity and drugs, so I don’t think this is an avenue you would want your child to explore.”
“To get them involved in drag is extremely irresponsible on your part,” Demure told parents, adding that many went along with it to appear “cool” or “woke” to their leftist friends.

“You can raise your child to be just a normal regular everyday child without including them in gay, sexual things,” said Demure.

A drag queen is a better parent than a prog.



It will forever shock progs and socialists that money, wealth and people with same gravitate to places where they are not punished and leave places where they are.

Conversely, as Gentlejim and I were discussing today, providing people with free stuff,like free meals and free lodging, rewards people for taking that free bus ticket out of town, without any municipality having to contribute and the poor person running into a barrier, and does the poor person no favors.

Dave (in MA)

On topic for the thread, a cranky old man listens to KJOM on his apple device.

Captain Hate

This might be the Chardonnay talking



ALERT! Tell you friends and adult family members! Graphic images alert!

1/ NY pay attention! I DON'T CARE WHAT GENDER YOU ARE, this is f***ing porn & it does NOT belong in schools. YOUR CHILDREN ARE BEING GROOMED. @DarlaShine @ritamollerpalma @Melissa232220 @LeeMagna @CoreysDigs @Kevin_Tuttle76 @Tiff_FitzHenry @realDonaldTrump @HighWireTalk pic.twitter.com/EkHLHjSnCz

— Kay Kaye (@LadyKayeRising) January 18, 2020

Screen caps of text and images at link.


Mark Meadows
We all need to stop pretending these Democrat requests for more “firsthand witnesses” are in good faith. They are not.

How do we know this? Because we’ve already heard from two! Morrison and Volker! Both say nothing happened.

Democrats ignored both. They will always want more.



Looks to be an important thread. I am too tired to stay up.


jim nj


Icy with a chance of falling iguanas, Florida's odd forecast reads


Oh theyleft that detail out:



Posted by: jim nj | January 22, 2020 at 12:16 AM

no frogs?

a sign of the times.


Caught the end of alien covenant, its unrelated ti any oprevios knowledge

jim nj


Amazon boss Jeff Bezos's phone 'hacked by Saudi crown prince'

Exclusive: investigation suggests Washington Post owner was targeted five months before murder of Jamal Khashoggi

Sounds a little fishy to me. A named source would be more credible.


Its fti fusions alibi.

jim nj

I see Chuck Ross found the source.


Interesting review of the new Amity Shlaes book "Great Society":

The US is debating a fourth great wave of US government expansion. Theodore Roosevelt to Wilson the original progressive era and WWI; Frankin Roosevelt's new deal; and the Kennedy-Johnson-Nixon "great society" of this book came before us.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose, is in many ways the theme of the book. The Great Society offers lots of parallels to our time, and a cautionary tale that it will all end badly once again.


jim nj


I spotted your link after I posted. I thought it was little odd also that they passed the info to the UN.



jim nj
jim nj

Geologists Confirm a Staggering 2.2 Billion-Year-Old Impact Crater in Australia


I guess typhupad didn't like the original url.

jim nj

Looking at news articles on the impeachment and I'm not impressed. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised at the bias.

Wake me when it's done. I'm not interested in watching the whole thing to form my own opinion.

I'll rely on the JOMers for more accurate reporting.

jim nj


ICE issues list of ‘fugitive’ illegal immigrants freed by New York City’s sanctuary city policies

"But Albence [of ICE] cited statistics saying that last year ICE lodged 7,526 detainers via its New York field office. Those individuals accounted for 17,873 criminal convictions and 6,500 criminal charges. He went on to say that those charges and convictions include over 200 homicides, over 500 robberies, over 1,000 sexual offenses, over 1,000 weapons offenses, and over 3,500 assaults.

However, only about 10 detainers were honored by the city, officials said."

ICE should be issuing reports like this for every sanctuary city. Over and over again. Turn the electorate against the politicians. Put those bastards on the spot any time something like this happens.


What am I doing up at this (jim-nj shift) hour? I so need sleep. Must be that we need to plan anothe New York meet-up. Not sure about where in Manhattan is best for you, jim; I assume the West side somewhere close to either PATH or the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Let's try to get this done in the next couple of months to celebrate the anniversary of our last fateful meet-up.


Earthquake here in So. Cal. about 10 minutes ago. Just one big, loud jolt. The quake measured about 3.6 and about 4 miles deep.

It seems to have been felt throughout the southland from the Valley over to the West Side. Ridgecrest has been experiencing a number of similar quakes this past week.

My older sister in Santa Monica experienced a very bad quake there many years ago, so I'm waiting to hear from her.


Hope everything is okay, Barbara

jim nj


Lebanon announces formation of new government

Protests continue despite breakthrough, as demonstrators call for early elections and technocrat-led cabinet.


Lebanon Forms New Government With Backing of Hezbollah and Allies

The cabinet is made up of 20 specialist ministers backed by parties and is led by Prime Minister Hassan Diab

"But analysts said Hezbollah's role in the government's formation meant it might have difficulty convincing other states to provide urgently needed financial support."

I think that is correct. And here's their first imminent hurdle: "One of the government's first tasks will be to decide its approach to looming sovereign bond repayments, including a $1.2 billion Eurobond maturing in March."

"Hariri and his Future Movement have stayed out of the government, along with the staunchly anti-Hezbollah Christian Lebanese Forces party and the Progressive Socialist Party of Druze leader Walid Jumblatt."

This is not a unity government pulled together to save the nation. It's a power-play government. Hezbollah rammed this through with the help of allied parties. I think it took this long to put the new government together because the above cited parties refused to participate and Hezbollah's allies sought more power and won it from Hezbollah.

I don't see this as solving the problem. I don't see the protestors folding their tents and going home happy.

That March debt repayment is going to loom large. I see no logical reason for the US or ME countries to help in the bailout. Just the opposite, the US should oppose any bailout as not being in the best interests of the Lebanese people fighting for their freedom from Hezbollah.

At least that's the way I'd frame the argument. Maybe I'd even argue that Hezbollah has the assets needed to save the country. Money for missiles. Yeah, I like that, it reminds me of the old Humphrey Bogaart movie and its re-make starring Jim Belushi.


"Sahara" wherein a small rag-tag band of allied forces hold off a larger parched German force at an oasis and offer "water for guns."


So far, so good. There have been a lot of reports of one or two big loud jolts. Everyone is fine as far as weve been able to .tell.

jim nj


I'm up for another NYC meet-up. Anywhere in Manhattan is good. I have 3 Metro-cards good until 6/30 this year, maybe $16.50 worth and two more that expired last year.

I used to get into the city on a regular basis doing genealogy research at the NYPL and other sites. Not so much recently.

I may as well use them. If I mail in the old cards they won't cut me a check - they just send me replacement cards with a new expiration date.

Warmer weather is better.

jim nj


GRANADA HILLS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A 3.6-magnitude earthquake struck the Granada Hills area Tuesday night, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

The quake hit shortly after 11:40 p.m. and hit nearly two miles north-northeast from Granada Hills, according to the USGS. The depth of the temblor was about four miles.

jim nj


John Roberts scolds legal teams after tense exchange: 'Those addressing the Senate should remember where they are'

"Chief Justice John Roberts, who is presiding over the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump, scolded both the Democratic House managers and the President's defense team early Wednesday morning after a contentious exchange on the Senate floor.

"I think it is appropriate for me to admonish both the House managers and the President's counsel in equal terms to remember that they are addressing the world's greatest deliberative body," Roberts said. "One reason it has earned that title is because its members avoid speaking in a manner and using language that is not conducive to civil discourse."

jim nj


New Quds Force deputy is Iran’s missile man in Lebanon
Mohammad Hejazi led IRGC forces in Lebanon and worked with Hezbollah to improve precision guidance.

jim nj

I think I mentioned this earlier, but this is the first print article I've seen on the subject.



And this is a report of an action from 7 days ago taking out an ISIS oil emir.

jim nj


Will Iraq's Sunnis form semi-autonomous region if US troops leave?

"Of note, most US bases are located in Sunni and Kurdish areas, where the political forces reject making any decision on the future of Iraq's security situation without the participation of the United States."

A little push-back from the Sunnis on removing US troops from Iraq.

A look at the possible economic sanctions the US can apply against Iraq reveals an Iraqi bank that makes the payments for Iranian gas that is used at electrical generating plants in Iraq.

Reportedly, the bank would comply with a sanction order. I think those generating plants are located in Iraqi Shia territory.

That's an interesting dynamic, if I'm correct. We just need to spin a story about why the power has been shut off by order of the Iran-backed Shia militias.


Oh, such a surprise! Schiff may have "mischaracterized"
docs from Lev Parnas! Imagine that!


peter--how is your associate faring?


Just like JOM!!!!

"I think it is appropriate for me to admonish both the House managers and the President's counsel in equal terms to remember that they are addressing the world's greatest deliberative body," Roberts said. "One reason it has earned that title is because its members avoid speaking in a manner and using language that is not conducive to civil discourse."

jim nj


I have no idea on how this will play out. I'm not sure if the Taliban is of one mind. Or under a united control. A 7-10 day truce might, if it works, be something to build on.

Are these people too stupid to accept our negotiated withdrawal? You know if this doesn't work out we need to administer a coup de grace against all the Taliban leaders hiding in Pakistan.

I'm tired of playing by the "rules."

jim nj




This woman SO needs to get a life:


(This does remind me to retire before I am asked to.)


Yes, it's winter, even in FL!
26 here right now. Found a DMV that opens at 7. I'm thinking the hour plus temp is in my favor for getting my Real ID by 8.

Jim Cantore
Latest WIND CHILLS and GUSTS for Florida! Even Marathon Key is 42F. Coldest I could find this hour was Hurlburt Field at 19F. Sure the temperature might be colder if you didn't have the wind but its the wind chills that bite.

jim nj


An interesting take on the meltdown in the repo market last year and an implication that the FED should have left the market alone.


Sounds like a whole lot of folks have had just about enough of Greta. NEXT!


What a choice for Davos attendees---her doom and gloom, or Trump's happy, happy, happy from freeing up markets and generating ELECTRICITY from RELIABLE fossil fuel!

Your choice, people.


John Solomon refutes Biden conspiracy theory memo:


jim nj


"I passed a checkpoint manned by a group of young men armed with assault rifles. But they weren’t like the Iraqi soldiers at other checkpoints. They didn’t really wear uniforms, their bearing was distinctly un-military, and they looked mean. These guys are shady, I thought. One of them—the leader—sat at plastic table in front of a small coffee shop working to open pistachio nuts, slowly and methodically, almost like a grazing cow, yet still exuding extreme power. On the table lay a brand-new black Glock 9-millimeter pistol and a pile of saliva-soaked shells. He was dressed in a purple Adidas jumpsuit, which he probably chose because it was the standard apparel militia members and criminals in Baghdad, but also perhaps because it covered his large belly comfortably. Between the sinister-looking checkpoint guards and their leader, I couldn’t have imagined a scene more reminiscent of a gangster movie if I had tried. But this wasn’t a movie, and he wasn’t Tony Soprano. His name was Ahmed, and he and others like him were in many ways the hope of the US military in Iraq."

That's the opening, read the rest of it.


Have been up for a while after hubby was hospitalized last night with AF. He got a flu shot in early December and has literally been coughing ever since. He went to doc who kept saying it was a virus that was taking a month to 6 weeks to clear and to just be patient. (also fond of statin scripts at high doses).

He has EKGs annually and had been trying to get back into doc whose PA sent him immediately to er yesterday. Today is ct of chest and echo so prayers would be appreciated. Only my children know as the sight of my siblings or mom after their ugly behavior and magical thinking while I hold my tongue has left me wanting to vomit any time I ahve been in their presence as at holidays I am turning here for community at the moment.

I will tell friends when we have more news, but hopefully the coughing set it off and it will calm down now. The first iv did not do it but the beta=-blocker seems to have. He was quietly reading the Battle of the Ardennes book I gave him for Christmas when I left last night and said his heart rate had finally come down to normal last night.

He did have low mag levels so it will be unflavored seltzer water with the approved dose each am like I do that a'mom has written about.


Yikes rse!


Hope things improve promptly, rse.

jim nj

Prayers rse, and nytol.



That JPM repo story reads like a JPM PR piece, and nowhere close to the truth on what carp Dimon’s Team pulled last August.

Too much minutiae for here but has been well covered elsewhere.


I'm tired of playing by the "rules."

I've lost patience and interest a decade ago.

After the drone strikes on the Taliban leaders, Agent Orange the poppy fields and get the hell outta that shithole.


Prayers for your husband RSE, and for you and the kids too.


Prayers for all of you, rse. How frightening!


rse: of course, i'll spark the prayer fire for you and your dear mate.

i'll offer this intention so you will know specificity and clarity even in this trying time.

finding peace in the ocean of uncertainties wrought by ill health conditions... it's within our control when we look for deeper approaches to conscious contact with the God of our own understanding, a simple practice useful at any time and in any circumstance.

my wife and i have finally come ashore after a prolonged storm at sea. years. when you have a moment to read take it to absorb or review this simple approach. it's made us and a legion of our loved ones whole after hell.

peace be with you.



Wow! https://t.co/drmhQQ6CL3

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 22, 2020

This was retweeted by the President. The link goes to a video by the Senate Majority.


The President has a press conference at Davos this morning and was also interviewed by Maria Bartiromo of Fox Business and Joe Kernan of CNBC (Not at the same time).


I should say he HAD a press conference this morning. It's already over.


hmmm. thread.

𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥 @chiIIum

‘Masked gunmen’ have killed Abdolhossein Mojaddami, the local commander of a paramilitary security force (Basij) in southwestern Iran, an associate of Iran's top general recently killed in an American drone strike in Baghdad.



Foot soldiers for the DNC. NBC trying to increase Dem turnout in Milwaukee County. (reality, voter ID kept Chicago bus voters from voting for the month prior to the election).




Schiff may have mischaracterized Parnas evidence, documents show
In my neck of the woods, we call this LYING.
This was retweeted by a young woman who is an attorney on his staff. The President retweeted it.


The government (deep state) makes it very hard to sign up for e-verify. Or for a vendor to build in an automated link to it. (e-verify runs in two modes, an annual audit of all employees / SSNs, and an instant check at point of hiring).

Rasmussen Reports

67% believe the government should mandate that all employers use the federal electronic #Everify system to help ensure that they hire only legal workers for U.S. jobs. Only 21% disagree, but 12% are are not sure... bit.ly/36dBVvG




Jordan Schachtel @JordanSchachtel

I debunked this entire story like a year ago. Bezos was not hacked. His personal indiscretions were not leaked by the Saudis, but rather, the brother of his mistress. If you’re a reporter in US media, please dont let foreign propaganda disseminators play you like fools once more.


Sorry, rse--you've certainly had your hands full in recent months.


Nice! Fauxchahauntus wants everyone to play nice and forgive executed spies:



stirring the pot.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

They are taking the nomination away from Bernie for a second time. Rigged!


Doesn't everyone love to go to Davos? Even plumbers! Russian ones at that!



Barr presser at 9:30 AM: https://www.justice.gov/live

Might have to watch that one.


His suffering is over.

RIP Terry Jones.


In Wuhan, the epicenter of the epidemic, government authorities have canceled large public events and urged visitors to stay away, telling residents not to leave the central Chinese city of 11 million people. On Wednesday, the death toll from the flu-like virus climbed to nine with 440 confirmed cases.



Frank Scavo @fscavo

Incredible: Microsoft Security Shocker As 250 Million Customer Records Exposed Online



Starting to resemble "By design = Ooops!"


Terry Jones (Monty Python fame) passed.


Retweeted by the President:

Dan Bongino

I know it’s wrong but I’m thoroughly enjoying Adam Schiff panic on the Senate floor and descend into total madness. I’m not sure the Democrats understand how bad this really is for them.

3:25 PM · Jan 21, 2020


i missed Schiff's panic yesterday. what happened to the boy and why? anyone? thanks in advance.


Schiff did his normal standup routine



Sorry about your hubby - hope he gets better soon.

33 here when I woke up. I don't have the proper clothes for that. Kiwi and I actually drove to the poopy park. Brrrrrr

TK my dishwasher is fixed (I think). It was the pipe that goes into the ground - the clatch was broken so it couldn't fully drain. (I know that is all the wrong words) RotoRooter saved the day.

watched the impeachment hearings - which also put me to sleep. I can't believe how corrupt Schiff, Nadler and the rest of the crew is.


Good Morning! Thinking of you,rse.

Schiff got creepier as the day progressed. I think his weird eye movements are an affectation. I was waiting for his eyeballs to roll out of his head. Hubby kept shaking his and asking me how I could watch. :)



I think it might be that Politico story about him "mischaracterizing' something about that Ukrainian groupie guy.

You would need to ask someone else to be sure, however, since I don't have cable.


Mollie @MZHemingway

Whistleblower Was Overheard in '17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump | RealClearInvestigations



Conrad Black


tx, henry. he's sort of a wind up toy.

Schiff Makes Fool of Himself on Day One


Jane,I had to order some clothes from LL Bean before I went up north,so I'm prepared. I don't think I'll wear flip flops today. :)

James D.

Eek, rse! Prayers for your hubby (and for you!)


but letting the alpha predator (aka us) do its thing is not natural.

“The classic view in ecology has always been that a habitat will attract herbivores, and then predators will come and eat the herbivores. What we’re seeing now is that predators are actually the ones building the habitat. They’re regulating what herbivores do and, in a sense, promoting habitat sustainability.”



Prayers rse.


rse, prayers for both you and your husband



I'm pretty sure I won't be going to the pool. I wonder if there was any snow down here.


Jane, wanna borrow my ice skates?


Can you spot CBlack's Word of the Day?

"When Donald Trump was contemplating seeking the presidential nomination of the improvised Progressive Party in 2000, he referred to the four main contenders of the Democrats and Republicans, Vice President Al Gore, Senator Bill Bradley (D-N.J.), Governor George W. Bush (R-Texas), and Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.), as “a bunch of stiffs.” That was a fairly apt description, as his pejorative comments about people often are (and it was the beginning of his prolonged altercation with John McCain, which continued through to McCain’s funeral). But that foursome was a Brobdingnagian cluster of potential candidates for elevation to Mount Rushmore compared to Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren."


Leader McConnell
It will be telling if the House managers try to get the Senate to pre-commit ourselves to supplementing the investigation they themselves oversaw and decided to shut down. Just last week, they said their case as it already exists is “overwhelming” and “beyond a reasonable doubt.”


My take about all these rules they have in the Senate for their civil discourse--TORTURE in the internet era, if no access to the internet, and in light of the compulsory butt in your seat, no talking attendance rules for the entire thing to vote.

After yesterday afternoon and evening, I predict "bipartisan support" for a very speedy trial.
And maybe no witnesses too. Who wants another second of that?







anonamom, can we lock them in while they are asleep in their seats?

Jim Eagle


We have had ice before on the First Coast. When I had the local paper delivered, I got out of the car to pick it up and slipped badly spraining both wrists as I hit the driveway. I will snow from time to time in the Panhandle.

Woke to 38F and now it is 46F and heavy cloud cover.

How cold is it?

In Miami, Iguanas are Falling From Trees!



“This woman SO needs to get a life”

She doesn’t even realize that she’s probably helping Sanders by going after him.

Best wishes for your hub, rse. I must be having a brain cramp: what’s AF?

Captain Hate

Best wishes for you and your husband, rse.

Is there one molecule of testosterone within the body of John Roberts?


The “icy with falling iguanas” reminds me of that children’s book “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.”


Good thing i'd finished ny coffee. Conrad Black on "Mike":

"Michael Bloomberg would pass as sensible in most policy areas, but he has gone cock-a-hoop over the environment and would festoon the country with solar panels if he could."


Anonamom, (@ 5:02) thanks for asking. My associate is having word retrieval problems but her doctors assure her that is normal. She is home. Thanks to all for their prayers.

Prayers to rse's family at this time.

John Roberts' reference to the Senate as the greatest deliberative body in the world is laughable after what they did to his associate justice Kavanaugh.


i gotta get up pretty early, Buckeye...:D


Iguanas Throwing in Their Towels. Film at 11.


CH, your question reminds me that Hordeite the other day who coined the term " necrotic soiboi

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