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February 29, 2020



So the FULL COMMIES rape and murder, then light the house on fire to cover their crimes. Then they tell YOU that YOU did it.

Purell doesn't kill the virus. UNPOSSIBLE. LIBTARDS are all SCIENCY and SUCH.


OT -- I'm way behind, but this is a good article:


"One thing I am sure of: this is a battle between darkness and the light.

"No one dares speak in the UK. There is no freedom of speech -- that is an illusion.

"And it is not about being thrown off Twitter. Or banned from Facebook. Those are private companies that, arguably, can be as partisan as they wish.

"There is no freedom of speech because the ordinary man and woman can no longer say how they feel. They cannot question what they are being forced to accept. They cannot express a different view if they want to keep their jobs or their homes.

"When the truth is classified as hate speech, everything is an arrestable offense. America has had a taste of this. But it is nothing compared to the UK... yet.

"Here no one speaks. Speaking outside approved thought results in a police officer at your door. Just as West Yorkshire Police came to my door late at night to intimidate my children and threaten me with prison time if I did not hold my tongue on majority Pakistani grooming gangs.

"The New Puritans are coming for America too. You may think you already have them, but what you have in America is just the warmup act.

"The only reason America maintains some semblance of your First Amendment is because of your Second.

"Your right to bear arms is what separates you from us; it will maintain your right to speech when the time comes. And it explains why the future Socialist party (the former Democrats) are working so hard to take your guns away. Compliant acceptance is the power base of the Puritanical mob

"When the mob comes, they are not coming for your voice. They are coming for everything you have."

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