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February 22, 2020



Melinda! The book deal play is getting spread around!

ALso the Netflix deal for the Obamas has been noticed. Found that graphic on this thread:




Those wavelengths are not particularly harmful as far as UV goes. But hemoglobin, for example, is a porphyrin Iwhich is what they claim they active), so they are not unique to bacteria and so forth.

Maybe they have an angle they are playing that is not obvious. Have you requested any of their technical articles?



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Suffice it to say I demur from Hinderaker's glowing assessment of Tyson Fury's skills.


You and I both know I’d turn on their death ray for the recommended time, but close the door until the cycle is over. I don’t like frequency “bleed”.



Heh, Clarice. I guess the point is...you never know.
Shooting was a new skill for me. Love a challenge!
We go for training twice a year at FrontSight. Near Las Vegas. I recommend it for you who don’t have a neighborhood range.


When you hear all of the crap the Left slings about President Trump, I direct you to this thread of videos lovingly assembled with background music added by a black guy who supports President Trump.


It's well worth taking 15 minutes or so to watch.

Good night everyone!

jim nj


Sites in Syria including a compound used a "hub" for the group's activity


i know the season of killing Soul Man has passed but i was glad to read this...



tx, mel!


caro and Mr. caro have their priorities straight. :)

JM Hanes

I wasn't sure whether to put this on the dead thread or the new one, but since this is where the gun talk started, I thought I might as well keep it here.

So much to think about (not to mention figuring out what's what). It's a bit confusing. I just thought I'd use my shotgun, since that's what I've got, and what I'm really comfortable with, although I guess only having two shots without reloading when you're nervous is probably not the best plan. Somehow it seems easier to contemplate shooting at an intruder with a shotgun than with a handgun, which is a bigger conceptual leap. I would really need some serious practice to get comfortable with that — if I can even really figure out what I need and what all the different terms mean.

I think I shot a 9 mm (?) Glock at an indoor shooting range which is really pretty close to where I live, but I had trouble getting the pressure right on the trigger. I don't know whether that was a matter of the gun or just me getting used to something different. Unfortunately, while the range has a number of different guns you can use (or buy) there, they don't give lessons or instructions, so you're on your own once you enter the range. Of course, I could set up a place to practice outside at home.

The pistol carbine sounds like a something that might be comfortable, or maybe the pump shotgun. I assume the first shoots bullets, and the later shot? The pistol would be easier to keep discretely near the bed however. I have people working in and about the house, so having loaded guns around seems a bit risky.

In any case, I've collected everybody's generous advice for further exploration, and I'm really grateful for the help.

jim nj


Just in case somebody has forgotten how to find the Johns Hopkins Covid-19 page.

South Korea has the most cases (691)outside of China. A large number of them are linked to that one church that one woman visited. 7 deaths.

Italy with 157 cases is next and that number grew quickly also. 3 deaths.

Because I was paying attention to Iran I was able to capture the progression since Wednesday 2 (revised to 8),then 18, 28, 38 and 43 total today. Iran with 8 deaths has the most deaths outside of China.

Well, so much for hoping for containment in China. We'll soon find out if these other countries can tamp down the spread, but the reports of asymptomatic patients with no known links to China or another infected person are troubling.

The recent report that the virus is spread by aerosolized particles may explain that.

The US doesn't seem to be doing too bad with 35 cases considering that we intentionally imported at least 14 of them.

JM Hanes


I didn't start shooting till I met my ex-husband who gave me a shot gun as an engagement present! Fortunately it was a little 20 ga. automatic that had approximately zero kick, so I learned to shoot without flinching and didn't have trouble transitioning to others guns later.

Sounds like maybe a dedicated shooting vacation is something I should really think about. Intensive instruction and perhaps the opportunity to try different makes and models of pistols would probably help a lot.

jim nj

I sold my Winchester .22 rifle a few years ago after not using it for two decades so I'm unarmed. And not worried enough to get a replacement firearm. I live in an apartment building in the suburbs so if the zombies come for me I'll just use kitchen utensils.

But I did enjoy the discussion. If I lived in a more rural area I would probably want to arm up.

The prepper stuff discussion was fun too and probably should be a default for any possible emergency. Slowly build up your food stocks, especially when things are on sale, and rotate your inventory so nothing goes beyond an expiration date. And remember many expiration dates are arbitrary, "best when used by..."

However if Covid-19 gains a foothold in the US and can't be contained most of the discussed methods of isolation won't work well.

It will be like a wildfire sweeping through an area and throwing embers up for miles around. Throw in planes, trains, cars, trucks and just the generalized movement of people and products that occur on a daily basis and will spread to elsewhere rather quickly.

And then it will bounce back again and again. People won't have to shelter in place for just 14 days once.

jim nj

JM Hanes,

That's a lottery winning fantasy for me. Enough money to get well trained in the use of firearms. Survival and prepper training, Secret Service level driver training, go to spy school, and similar James Bond type stuff.

jim nj

After watching enough Zombie shows it's not hard to figure out how the virus will spread in the US. Rural areas will be less impacted then high-density urban areas.

But city-dwellers will know this too and flock to more rural areas and inadvertently bring the virus with them.

You don't need to shoot the city-dwellers to protect yourself, but they're probably Democrats so if you're into sport shooting have fun. Nah. They're nowhere near as sophisticated as they think they are so all you need to do is post official looking "QUARANTINE" posters on your rural property.

The group-think will cut in and they will realize that some other quicker acting city-dweller has already been through there.

Please don't put up a "trespassers will be shot" poster as an invitation. That's like, "Yo, Ft. Knox awaits inside." Instead, besides the "Quarantine" sign, go to your local butcher and buy some blood and entrails and smear them in a prominent place.

jim nj

And I presume that there will be several dim-bulb types, politicians or entrepreneurial grifters, that will hold seminars in large meeting halls that will explain how to best protect yourself by avoiding large crowds and such.

jim nj

If I was a serious investor I would be paying a lot of attention to this so that I was well enough informed to profit from this or to mitigate any possible losses.

If I was a lazy schmuck I'd start rumors that would move the market to where I had already placed a bet. So I discount a lot of the reporting coming from Zerohedge and it's ilk.

This kind of goes back to the old "measles parties" before the vaccine.

Right now the message is that this is something that needs to be avoided at all costs. With more data and a better understanding of the virus that thinking may change.

I mean the last statistic I saw was that 85% of cases don't lead to serious complications. If they are still under-counting mild cases, which I think is the case, we might find that the 85% should be closer to 90-95%.

While I haven't read of any worries of the virus mutating I do wonder about the virus having lots of opportunities to do its own experiments with every body it infects.

We may get to the point where the fear of the virus is lower and getting exposed to it might create an immunity to a later mutated version.

jim nj


Judge blocks the transfer of coronavirus patients to a city in Southern California

Oh jeez, we're going to have judges involved in the healthcare treatment or quarantine of coronavirus patients?

If I was a wise ass I would suggest that these people need to appear in the judge's courtroom as he holds hearings.

jim nj


As I understand this it's a secondary isolation of people who are not infected.


jim nj



Dow set to drop more than 350 points at the open as coronavirus cases outside China surge

I think this was quoted before the Asian markets opened. So maybe not as bad as indicated.

jim nj


Report claims two-thirds of global coronavirus cases have gone undetected

I'm not familiar with this news source so here's the link to the underlying report:


"Here we analysed COVID-19 cases exported from mainland China to different regions and countries, comparing the country-specific rates of detected and confirmed cases per flight volume to estimate the relative sensitivity of surveillance in different countries. Although travel restrictions from Wuhan City and other cities across China may have reduced the absolute number of travelers to and from China, we estimated that about two thirds of COVID-19 cases exported from mainland China have remained undetected worldwide, potentially resulting in multiple chains of as yet undetected human-to-human transmission outside mainland China."

I'm probably biased in posting this, but it fits my thinking.

And it fits with the ChicagoBoyz air travel map showing the flights out of Wuhan and the inter-connecting flights.

jim nj


Trump’s fury over coronavirus patients being repatriated may be justified

"Credentialed experts" arguing with "credentialed experts" with sub-optimal results.

I can kind of understand this, but the infected Americans should not have been placed in "isolation" with other Americans on the same plane knowing what we know now.

jim nj


Abundance of caution thing.

jim nj


Eastern Libya forces say 16 Turkish soldiers killed in fighting

"Forces loyal to Libyan eastern-based commander Khalifa Haftar said on Sunday they had killed 16 Turkish soldiers in recent weeks, a day after Turkey acknowledged it had lost several “martyrs” in combat in the north African country.

Khalid al-Mahjoub, a spokesman for Haftar’s self-styled Libya National Army (LNA), said the Turks were killed in the port city of Misrata, in battles in Tripoli and in the town of al-Falah south of the capital."

jim nj


If correct, this story shows that Soulman was truly evil.

jim nj



A flight tracking website, Flightradar24 shows Mahan airlines, with links to the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) and sanctioned by U.S., flew from Beijing to Tehran (Flight W578) three days ago and landed at 4:40 in the morning in the Imam Khomeini Airport in Tehran.

Conjecture on my part, but maybe the reason they can't make a coronavirus connection between China and Iran is because of the IRGC. They're doing their revolutionary mafia thing and aren't accountable to the national government.

jim nj

According to Realclearpolitics Nevada is still counting democratic caucus votes. 87% of results are in.

Not as bad as Iowa, but apparently Democrats still have problems with math. That might account for their budget-busting proposals.

jim nj
jim nj

Hmm. Need tinyurl.


Reviewing six decades of data, three Chicago researchers found persistent evidence that, when a person abruptly stops taking their antidepressant medication, they can experience symptoms like headaches, insomnia, agitation, diarrhea, anxiety, fatigue, and flu-like symptoms.

The condition — known as antidepressant continuation syndrome — isn't the same thing as drug addiction, because users don't take the drugs to get a "high."

Which means I lost the rest of my post on why I suspect this is true even if you come off the meds slowly.

jim nj

And it just did it again. Wiped out another post.

Let me simplify this and see if it works.

If you come off a psych drug, even doing it slowly, don't be surprised if you suffer from a rebound effect that ostensibly calls for a new prescribed drug.

When they prescribe the new drug - take your time deciding whether to take it or not.

Read the literature. My anxiety levels have been very high, but lessened over the last month.


jim, nj--people taking psychotropes as you did--and millions are-- is the biggest uncontrolled human experiment ever done--without bothering to gather data until very recently. They were evaluated under terms of short term use, with much of the information that didn't suit manufacturers never submitted to FDA or journals.
Nobody has ANY idea what long term use of them does.

Not neccessarly nefarious here; just takes a long time for any one prescriber to start putting together that (to use statins as an example), hmmm, this muscle pain may be a real thing, and caused by this drug.

And you have to have a motivated patient to tolerate the anxiety, and find different ways to deal with it. Pill is far easier than half an hour of meditation, and an hour of outdoor exercise. Some people simply don't have the luxury of that kind of time.

As you note, stopping them is no picnic for most. GI track is full of the same receptors as the brain, interestingly, so no surprise to see those symptoms noted.

I have read accounts of patients, on their own, doing years long weans, as they can only tolerate say 1/100th of their dose being decreased at a time. Dissolving the 100mg tab, then measuring out 99 mg and taking that for a week or two, then 98, etc.

Internet support groups have made a difference, as they have in management of autoimmune diseases with diet.


Anecdotal report from the trenches here--FAR FEWER people I see for surgery are on SSRIs than say a decade ago. It had been close to half; now more 30%, I'd guess.

My guess is that the primary care folks who used to prescribe them basically on request have seen enough to learn they are a band aid, not a cure, and come with their own pile of side issues.


Caro and JMH, since I don't have a Frontsight nearby, I bought a MantisX attachment. They can be attached to a handgun by a rail or on the bottom of a magazine.

Linked to an iPhone, it tracks movement for the milliseconds before pulling the trigger and after. That self-help allows you to coach yourself into better technique.



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