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February 26, 2020


Jim Eagle

geebez. Not Louse but Louise......

John S

Any points for guessing Pershing? Reading Wikipedia, I see that Louise was Pershing's girlfriend before she married McArthur.


Isn't Patricia Arquette an actress?

Jim Eagle

Anyone else getting side bar ads for black mouth masks?


Weinstein approvedatthat.

Jim Eagle

John S,

You get a half-a-point:)

But without all the photo technology of today to make anyone more handsome or beautiful than reality, it is interesting to see women of an era that striking without effects.


re Vera Cruz and MacArthur:

"Following the effective beginning of the Second Mexican War, Pershing and Wilson began to worry about the Army of Morelos, lead by Zapata. After Pershing's victory at Puerto Justo, Pershing simply dismissed Zapata as a thorn in his side, now that Villa and Carranza/Obregon had been thoughroughly defeated. Pershing's report to Funston stated that there was 'no possibility of Zapatista damage to the expedition'. However, Pershing believed the port city of Veracruz, occupied in 1914, was not part of the Expedition to capture Villa. However, Funston believed that any American soldiers in Mexico were part of the expedition, and so relayed to MacArthur that his position was secure.

Battle of Veracruz

Even the name 'Battle of Veracruz' is controversial. American newspapers attempted to call it the 'Veracruz Massacre', while Zapata dubbed it the 'Recapture of Veracruz'. Whatever the name, it was an unmitigated American humiliation. Douglas MacArthur, leader of the expedition, was himself gunned down by Zapatista forces in their suprise attack. The entire 200-men strong garrison were all killed, in a battle lasting only a few minutes. Zapatista forces marched into Veracruz, in an ostensible declaration of war against the U.S forces. By April 19th, all three Revolutionary factions were joined together in the United Mexican Opposition."


New thread


I can see the VENUE from my office window.
If it needs to be NUKED.....so be it. Just give me 3 steps, give me 3 steps Mister.

I live 30 miles due west. My beloved Henry lives 30 or so miles SW.


Mac fought Zapata so it's why i chose Pershing.


GUS... invoke the ghost of Matuzak to wreak havoc in MLWKEE!!!!


Paul Joseph Watson
The Milwaukee man who killed five co-workers at a beer company’s corporate office is a black Elizabeth Warren supporter, providing a clue as to why the mass shooting disappeared from the discussion so quickly.


Jim Eagle

We have friends from SH coming over for dinner tonight and Mrs. JiB has decided on a poached salmon and an interesting take on ratatouille. Okay, she is Belgian and I have yet to meet any Belgian who doesn't know how to cook fabulous food. I am only in charge of drinks.

Going with a Billecart-Salmon champagne and a 1992 Cantermerle. Does Lyle approve:)

Old Lurker

Gus "Who funds HEZBOLLAH?
WHO funded those who fund HEZBOLLAH???"

Everybody knows that silly.

Barak Obama and John Kerry.

John S

I was also struck with how beautiful Louise was. Most pictures of women from that era are unattractive.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I would have guessed Pershing too.--

Jeez, how honorable can you get?
Since it's after the fact, I would certainly have said it was McArthur's chiquita.


Lyle he's supposed to be investigating all the corruption in the DOJ and does nothing.

Another Bob

henry | February 27, 2020 at 12:46 PM

I think that means JPM had some selling to do.

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