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February 21, 2020



politicians get elected by appealing to the voters’ opinions about how society should be organized.

Exactly. Which means that they closely resemble the “decent and moral and well meaning folks” on the left that voted for them, even if those voters were deceived by the dishonest politician. IOW, come election time, the political left has to appeal to the citizen left.

But you can’t name a single leftist politician that has, or fakes, the virtues that you ascribe to the people who vote them in.

Maybe you are making this a larger issue than you meant to. If you are saying that you know a couple of good lefties, then big deal. I understand you to be saying by and larger the lefties are mostly good and moral and etc.

If true, our government would look a whole lot different.

I think you may actually be saying that they are true to their own compass, which makes for a terrible moral comparison argument.

Either way, I will return to the conversation if I read something from you that resolves the discrepancy between how they vote and what they believe.


...by and large...


Gateway Pundit got the video clip. It's embedded at the link.


Another Bob

For the Grenell fans, The Rubin Report podcast has an hour-long interview.

IMO they spend too much time on his gayness (but Rubin is too, so...)



But if its already made it to italy uk, wellweve crossed the zero barrier.


And now, here's Senator Chris Murphy of Connecticut with Alex Soros at the Munich Security Conference.



Buckeye —

Which high school?


From the thread of the same name



"Aren’t politicians used to organize society?"

Excellent question. Let's take Obamacare. Elected representatives of one stripe used their party's power to pass the "law" which lacked the capacity to induce citizen compliance except by coercion.

What did it organize for the American Republic? the disagreement wasn't over should we have govt. healthcare or not.

HOW will we get there CONSTITUTIONALLY according to the LAWofcthe land( not Obamas).

the one side's usurpation of power to control an outcome that included the unprecedented coercion by the state over free citizens to buy a product they neither wanted nor needed because of the existence of a free (but heavily regulated) market....that is the heart of the disagreement.

btw, Theo- the Christia cake bakers have constitutional protection under the Bill of Rights not a Bill of "Sensibilities".


and to all a good night.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Theo is an infinitely dense singularity with an event horizon.
Once you cross it good luck getting back out.



Trotwood-Madison. Pretty much a redneck school.

We chased the Catholic girls from Julienne. They were a bit more “sophisticated”:)


KK @8:43 —

I agree with you this far: as a general proposition, todays liberals have an expansive view of the role of government in society. They generally favor more bureaucracy, more regulation and more taxation.

But it is simply not true that liberals favor power and coercion and conservatives do not. Both sides want the government to be coercive, just towards different ends. Conservatives tend to want government to have a muscular military, to enforce laws against abortion and those who who are in this country illegally. Liberals by and large do not want government power to be used towards those ends. It is too simplistic to say that liberals want power and control and conservatives do not.

Yes, in a democracy the way to achieve ones policy goals is through persuasion. Convince your friends, relatives, neighbors and countrymen to vote for candidates who favor the same policies that you do. There is no practical or even realistic alternative.



The Democrats really are in a state of panic.



The Florida legislature passed a bill Thursday requiring parental consent for minors to get abortions.

Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law.

“A child cannot simply tell their parents they are going on a field trip or even playing a school sport,” one state representative said. “So, why would we accept that a child can simply inform their parents they intend to have an abortion?”

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

China's Debts Are Coming Due At The Worst Possible Time

One of the more reckless examples of destructive stimulus over the last decade is China’s mass concrete binge. Pumping credit to stimulate construction in China has had the ill-effect of compelling the country to do something extraordinarily incredible. In short, they’ve mixed up massive amounts of concrete and splattered it across the landscape.

Specifically, China’s economy used 6.6 gigatons of cement between 2011 and 2014. What a gigaton is we don’t really know. But we assume it is something unfathomable heavy. To put this in perspective, the U.S. used 4.5 gigatons of cement over the last 100 years.

What in the world compelled an entire nation to behave like utter blockheads? Unsurprisingly, misguided stimulus policies pushed everyone beyond the absurd. This mass malinvestment and overbuilt capacity may never realign with the real economy.

Over the last decade, China has borrowed massive amounts of money to finance one of the biggest infrastructure binges in history. Roads, bridges, airports, and entire ghost cities were constructed. The boom was spectacular. It was also an epic disaster in the making. Because the debt’s coming due at the worst possible time:

“More than 2 trillion yuan ($283 billion) of local-government notes will mature in 2020, according to Bloomberg-compiled data — a record and 58 percent more than [2019] level.”

How will local governments pay their debts when their economy’s on coronavirus lockdown? Alas, for borrowers and lenders alike, they won’t.


Trump Supporter whose parents escaped North Korea: I’m the "American Dream Come True’" pic.twitter.com/IUbzmmAjLV

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) February 22, 2020

Video at link. Worth watching.


Medical staff often had to improvise to treat the injured on the ground. In this case, a bayonet, a scabbard and an entrenching tool handle are used as a splint for the arm of a Canadian soldier injured by a piece of shrapnel. #WW1 pic.twitter.com/OwzS1koX9D

— Doug (@colour_history) February 21, 2020

Link goes to colorized WWI photo.


I join everyone in to CH for the advent of the wee small granddaughter--what a joy! Small people are the best.

And to sbw, so many congrats to mrs. sbw who has had so many years in pain--I'll see you both, I hope, next month!



CBS Los Angeles

#BREAKING: The city of Costa Mesa is seeking to block the transfer of up to 70 confirmed coronavirus patients from near Sacramento to the former Fairview Development Center https://cbsloc.al/2vXY2K0

Video embedded in the story. Passengers from the Diamond Princess cruise ship.

Thread and comments with more information. Scroll down.



Jane @8:44 —

I do not know if you spend any time at all reading comments on left leaning blogs. I spend very little time doing so but it does not take much time to realize that they see things pretty much the way you do (except in mirror image), to wit, they think (as you appear to) that OUR side too often plays by Marquis of Queensberry rules and our advocates are wimps and wussies who are afraid of getting their clean togas dirty while the OTHER side regularly uses groin kicks and eye gauges and gets away with it. As I recall, this very argument was used to justify some of Trump’s behavior on the theory that “he fights.”

I see MOSTLY sincere and well meaning people on both the right and the left but the more passionate people (on both sides) become the more willing they are to engage in rough and tumble tactics to obtain their ends.

You suggest that the left “gets away” with such tactics more than the right does. I am not sure how to measure that. But I really don’t think that there is any real difference in the tactics of the left and the right. Both sides by and large believe that their policy preferences are better than the others (however, as Ig has said, we are right and they are wrong about that). Both sides can be aggressive in attempting to prevail.


Nunes denies even going to the White House, says will sue WaPopic.twitter.com/iMlRn2RfvD

— Undercover Huber (@JohnWHuber) February 22, 2020

Video at the link.




Congrats CH!


I’m deeply concerned.




MM, that pic with Barron in it...

Trump is about 6'2" or 6'3"

Barron is a solid 6'6" or 6'7".

He's a bigun.


Thanks, catsmeat. Mrs. sbw is ready to book the Hyatt-Regency. Short distances to food/drink.


What’s really got The Swamp pissed is the fact that an outsider (that THEY THINK is a doofus) TOTALLY fixed almost every stinking problem we had in 3 years😳. Who else gets the feeling THEY DIDN’T WANT TO FIX 💩🙋‍♂️? Rat bastards😘 pic.twitter.com/T3gYNYVwn1

— Bobby D⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@up_weekly) February 21, 2020

Video at link.



Trey Gowdy Slams the NYT report claiming Russia is trying to help get President Trump reelected in November.

This was a closed door meeting that was leaked out & he calls out Schiff!

These leakers need to be Removed & Prosecuted!
Agree? pic.twitter.com/sBuGLvzrul

— JamieR {🎗} Army Girl ⭐️⭐️⭐️ TRUMP 88022 (@Jamierodr14) February 21, 2020

Video at link.



I thought he was ultra-tall. I am glad somebody agrees with me!


Ok now this is scary!
If they are disinfecting money, what about the goods that they are shipping over here to the US?
Can it be transmitted like that? pic.twitter.com/FO8h5MLxSn

— Squirrel Mama🐿 (@Squill_whispers) February 22, 2020

Video at link.

I want more concrete information before I buy anything from China.


As President ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ took the stage, this was the crowd OUTSIDE in Nevada (a BLUE state)‼️

UNREAL ⬇️ pic.twitter.com/wBYAzixZHT

— Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) February 22, 2020

Video at link.


Donald J. Trump
MSDNC (Comcast Slime), @CNN
and others of the Fake Media, have now added Crazy Bernie to the list of Russian Sympathizers, along with @TulsiGabbard
& Jill Stein (of the Green Party), both agents of Russia, they say. But now they report President Putin wants Bernie (or me) to win.

....The reason for this is that the Do Nothing Democrats, using disinformation Hoax number 7, don’t want Bernie Sanders to get the Democrat Nomination, and they figure this would be very bad for his chances. It’s all rigged, again, against Crazy Bernie Sanders!


Retweeted by the President. Photo-meme at the link.

Here's a "Bernie is Putin's puppet" meme for no particular reason pic.twitter.com/UM2iDYfaPy

— 🇺🇸 Rebuilding Trumpmore ⚒️ (@k_ovfefe2) February 21, 2020

"It is too simplistic to say that liberals want power and control and conservatives do not."

Theo- Yes it is. Now cite fr where i "said" exactly that.

you are fogging things up again by presenting an absurdity to contrast with your own view.

and further, this "persuasion" of which you speak, where in your experience have you seen this modeled- let's say for example accepting the outcome of an election, any election.

or if that's too vague, using counterfeit intelligence to instigate constitutional crises? persuasion or exerting leverage using illegal coercion?


This made our local TV news. Yikes! (Pasadena, California)


jim nj


Good discussion of why people are wondering about the numbers. Changes in methodology, lack of trust, etc.

I found this part very interesting in resolving possible under-counting and getting a better fatality rate.

"In the midst of a crisis like the one that has struck Wuhan, finding mild infections requires health authorities to look beyond the people who show up at hospitals for care and do what is called a serological survey.

That involves drawing blood from a representative sample of people — making sure you draw from the full range of age groups — to test for antibodies to the virus. Baric, who has collaborations with scientists in Wuhan and has seen the sophistication of the research facilities there, feels certain that work would already have been done.

A serological survey would fill a critical information gap, said Malik Peiris, a virologist at Hong Kong University who is one of the leaders in the response to the 2003 SARS outbreak. (SARS is closely related to the virus that causes Covid-19.)

“I think the one single most important thing China can do now … to reassure the population in China, the population in the world about this outbreak, is to do exactly this type of sero-epidemiological study in Wuhan or somewhere in Hubei,” Peiris told STAT.

If, as experts expect, that kind of study showed that many mild cases are escaping detection, the world would have a better grasp of how severe this outbreak is and what it would need to expect should the virus sweep the globe."

Dave (in MA)

Penis von Lesbian endorses that nice young fellow from VT. https://www.google.com/search?q=dick+van+dyke+bernie&oq=dick+van+dyke+bernie


Byron York

From NYT: 'How Bloomberg Bungled a Debate That He Had Been Prepped For; Michael Bloomberg’s campaign advisers had anticipated tough debate questions on stop-and-frisk and nondisclosure agreements. The former mayor’s performance left his team rattled.'
Donald J. Trump
Simply put, he choked!


Retweeted by the President.

Byron York
Amusing: First Bloomberg called for Biden, Buttigieg, Klobuchar to quit race. Hey, all you losers, leave it to Mike! Now, Team Buttigieg calls for Bloomberg to quit. If he doesn't, will mean Sanders builds 'seemingly insurmountable delegate lead.'


PJ O'Rourke nails it IMO

How to Explain Conservatism to Your Squishy Liberal Friends: Individualism 'R' Us

If government is supposed to make things good, what kind of good is it supposed to make them? And how good is good enough? And who's going to decide? What person is so arrogant as to believe he knows what every other person in America deserves to get? (Well, actually, all of Washington, press and pundits included, is that arrogant. But never mind.)

We don't know what people want. By the same token, we don't know what people need. The government is going to wind up giving midnight basketball to people who don't have shoes to play in. Then there will be a block grant to provide shoes, which people will boil because what they really lack is something to eat. And that brings us to expanding the school lunch program. Pretty soon, it's not government, it's shopping. It's not Congress and the White House, it's Mall of America-and a bunch of politicians have your charge cards.


Good Nite


Good luck Angela! https://t.co/M4KVeGZsqo

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 22, 2020

Video at link.


Retweeted by the President:

Buck Sexton
There is no more obvious and pathetic sign of Democrats’ panic about the upcoming 2020 election than the convenient return of the “Russia is meddling in our elections!” hysteria

As crazy as it is predictable


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to tweet and article.

What a coincidence, right before Nevada!

Starting to think the reason Bernie bros are so angry is they realize the Democratic Party and mainstream media are wholeheartedly trying to screw over their candidate https://t.co/jKGXH0VWlD

— Buck Sexton (@BuckSexton) February 21, 2020
Captain Hate

Thanks all.


Retweeted by the President:

Buck Sexton
Then again, let’s be honest: if you’re Putin, you probably do want to sit across the negotiating table from a guy who honeymooned in the Soviet Union, saw the breadlines- and came back saying only the nicest things about them.


Retweeted by the President. HA!

Kimberley Strassel
Feb 14
Donald Trump, Mastermind: Liberals detect a devious cover-up plot with Bill Barr. https://wsj.com/articles/donald-trump-mastermind-11581723630 via @WSJ

Captain Hate

Amazing they're trying to link Bernie to the Rooskis. People will look back on those dumbasses and wonder how anyone could give them an iota of respect or credibility.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to tweet with short video of a guy removing an American flag from the Democrat debate stage.

Cleaning the garlic from the pantry before the vampire party starts... #DemocratsHateAmerica https://t.co/99srOkTwRX

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) February 21, 2020

Retweeted by the President.

Praying Medic
San Diego Sheriff's Department is the first to announce its cooperation with ICE.
They will share information about criminal illegal aliens with federal immigration officials, and ignore sanctuary laws.



Retweeted by the President. (Tweet links to WaPo article behind their pay wall.)

Sean Davis
What a coincidence that Russia always happens to support whoever the Democrat party elites are trying to destroy at any given point in time. The seditious morons behind these idiotic leaks aren’t even trying anymore. It’s embarrassing.


Retweeted by the President:

Charlie Kirk
Did you know:

Russia donated over $145,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation

Hillary Clinton sold 20% America’s Uranium to Vladimir Putin

Yet she's calling President Trump "Putin's Puppet," despite the fact that a 3 year, 40 million dollar investigation found no collusion


Retweeted by the President.

John Cardillo
Friend of mine, a JAG lawyer, just made an interesting point about Russia/Sanders,

“Wait, I thought the protocol was to not brief the campaign and get an illegal warrant to surveil staffers?”


That lathe refurb video was neat. Quite the undertaking.


Retweeted by the President:

ICE Arrests 2 Illegal Aliens in CA Courthouse, Flouting New State Law

“Our officers will not have their hands tied by sanctuary rules when enforcing Federal immigration laws”

It’s about dang time! Thank you #ICE
Folded hands



Incredible people, great Rally! https://t.co/3i6tgfqrRl

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 22, 2020

Video at link.


Folks, I have hit the wall.


jim nj

I hope I'm not scaring anyone. That's not my intention. I'm just trying to stay up to date. I think given the current trends that the US is sill in good shape in finding virus carriers and treating them.

We have a public health service in the US that is experienced in tracking down people that may have been exposed to carriers. I think we may have better medical isolation than most countries which will cut down the transmissions to medical personnel. Lastly, the fatality rate outside of China seems to be lower than the rate in China. That may be a result of unfound cases in China that the above mentioned seriological tests might confirm.

My concern with Iran is that it is another closed society like China. I don't trust the regime and I think they are behind the curve in dealing with this. Either they were late catching this or late alerting their people and the world. So I think Iran can't contain this easily now without going draconian.

Given the situation in the ME this may have knock on effects beyond just the medical aspect.

The problem now seems to be that as China seems to be reporting fewer [take that with a grain of salt] cases, hot spots are popping up outside of China, in particular South Korea and now Iran.

jim nj


Reads more like an opinion piece than straight reporting.

Another Bob

For CH...

The Paterno family has agreed to drop all outstanding claims against Penn State and the university has agreed to cover some of the family’s expenses. Included a statement where the university seemed to repudiate the Freeh report.

(I’m no Penn State fan so don’t yell at me... ;) )

(Congrats to the daughter and hub on the newest Hater, BTW.)

jim nj


What the New York Times didn't tell readers about its Taliban op-ed is shocking

CNN with a beat-down of the NYT? Pigs fly.

jim nj


Wells Fargo agrees to $3B settlement in fake accounts case
Wells Fargo investors to get $500M civil settlement



Lots of people believe the Democrats will have a contested convention. I wouldn't bet on it. Though right now it seems like no one's likely to get a majority of the delegates, I think of what Hemingway wrote: “How did you go bankrupt?" Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.”

Campaigns collapse the same way. I heard plenty of talk of a contested Republican convention in 2016. And I remember how in the end Trump's opposition crumbled into nothing. Rove says Sanders would need to win 60% of the delegates following Super-Tuesday. That sounds like it a formidable task. But it won't be if he has no real opposition.

jim nj


The Bloomberg Myth Explodes on Live TV

The Nevada debate offered voters vital information — including the exposure of Michael Bloomberg’s reputation for “electability”


Roger Stone has filed a motion to disqualify judge Amy Bermann-Jackson from hearing the argument for a new trial. In sentencing Stone, the judge said the jury served with integrity. Stone's attorneys assert that this indicates that she has prejudged the issue of juror misconduct.

I have no inkling of whether the motion stands a chance.

jim nj


People like Justice Amy Berman Jackson, who claim to hold the greatest devotion to our institutions, who purport to cherish the rule of law above all else, are the ones responsible for systematically demolishing it all.

Julie Kelly

jim nj


It might not work, but I think an appeals court would be willing to consider the argument later.

See my above post.


TK @ 8:46 —

I THINK that I understand your argument, but I want to make sure. Let me see if I have this correct. I think your argument boils down to these three points:

1 Progressive politicians are as a general proposition lacking in virtue, morality and decency (apparently the evidence for this is that poor little old me cannot definitely point out a particularly moral or virtuous lefty politician);

2 progressive politicians are elected by left leaning voters; therefore

3 progressive voters must in general lack qualities of virtue, morality, etc.

If I misunderstood you, I apologize.

On point 1, as I said I am reluctant to point to ANY politician as being a paragon of virtue. I don’t think that left leaning politicians are inherently more or less honest than right leaning politicians. YMMV. If you look at politicians who have been caught with their hands in the cookie jar, I don’t think there is one party or ideology that is significantly more likely to be corrupt than another.

Point 2 is obviously true. I don’t think it advances your point.

Point 3 does not follow. As you suggest, maybe the voters are unaware of the moral failings of the politicians that they elect.

My real point is not that progs are all or even mostly all really good and decent people. I agree with Mark Twain that humans are somewhere below the angels and above the French. My point is that in my opinion, morality, decency, virtue etc are unrelated to political beliefs. There are fine people and there are scoundrels (or worse) on both the left and the right.

I believe that conservatives have better IDEAS that progs on issues of public policy. I do not think that conservatives by and large are any more (or any less) moral, honest or virtuous than progressives.

Just my opinion.


I think the recusal motion highlights a problem with the judge's apparently somewhat unusual decision to sentence Stone before hearing the motion for a new trial. (A decision which may, itself, suggest the judge has already decided to deny the new trial.)

jim nj


"The Navy’s research and development portfolio will devote $30 million to a “next-generation medium amphibious ship design” that will likely be based on an Australian designer’s stern landing vessel.

Shortly after Commandant of the Marine Corps Gen. David Berger took command of the service in July 2019, he began speaking of a new vision for the amphibious force – one that did not rely on a fleet of 38 traditional amphibious warships that the service had fought for for years, but instead would continue to leverage the aircraft-delivery power of the amphibious assault ship (LHA/LHD) and the command and control prowess of the amphibious transport dock (LPD) but also invest in new alternate amphibs to help the Marine Corps disperse its people and gear around the littorals."


KK @ 9:06 —

I think that Obamacare was a terrible law and disagreed with the court ruling upholding it as constitutional.

But there is simply no way to rationally describe Obamacare as a “usurpation of power.” The law was passed by the duly elected representatives of the people and signed into law by the duly elected president. A majority of the duly constituted Supreme Court held that it was constitutional.

As terrible as the law and the ruling may have been, it was not a usurpation of power. It was an exercise of power provided for in the Constitution as determined by the Supreme Court.

As you will recall, some progs complained about the elimination of the state and local tax deduction in the Trump tax bill passed by Congress. I think some of them even challenged the constitutionality of that law. I assume that they lost. If a prog referred to this as a “usurpation of power” you would rightly think the argument ridiculous.

Just because you ( and I) don’t like a law or a court decision does not make it an illegitimate use of power.

jim nj


"Believe it or not, being in special operations can be a part-time endeavor. The Army, Navy, and Air Force all have reserve and/or national guard special operations units at their disposal. These “part-time” units give people the unique opportunity to serve in America’s elite forces while still being able to maintain their civilian careers and lifestyles."

I had never thought of this, but it makes sense. Active-duty operators retiring yet remaining in the reserves and National Guard types who go through the full training program and then wait for a call up.

I can imagine how some of these skill sets might be useful in comparable civilian jobs in law enforcement. One could retire with more than one pension going this route.


KK —

To be clear, you are entitled to your own view of what the Constitution does and does not permit Congress to do. Just because the Supreme Court disagrees with you does not mean that you have to surrender your opinion.

But at the end of the day it is up to the Supreme Court to decide whether or not a law passed by Congress is constitutional. You and I are free to express our opinions on the issue, but the only authoritative opinion is that of the majority of the Supreme Court.

jim nj


John Schroeder

Calif. Gov. Newsom Proposes Doctors Prescribing Housing Like Other Medications to Combat Homelessness Problem

"For the Cleveland Browns fans out there, Medi-Cal is the system in the state to pay for health care for the indigent. But more importantly a significant portion of the funding for Medi-Cal comes from the federal government. So what we are looking at here is an attempt by the State of California to get money from the federal government for its self-inflicted homelessness epidemic."


Ignatz @ 9:10 —

I am not entirely sure what you mean by your comment but I assume that you did not mean it as a compliment.

I really do enjoy your commentary even when I disagree with you. I am sorry if you do not feel the same way. Oh well..........


Not sure what I'm doing up at this hour, but I haven't seen this posted here, and it seems like a big f-ing deal, as Biden would say (h/t New Neo):

Longtime Republican politico K.T. McFarland said in a radio interview Wednesday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team pressured her for “20, 30, 40 hours of hell” to either cop a plea or implicate other Trump associates in crimes, even though she didn’t think she or they did anything wrong.

McFarland, who served a four-month stint under Trump’s short-lived national security adviser Michael Flynn, was ensnared in Mueller’s dragnet after leaving the administration in May 2017.

She described the “trauma” she experienced at the hands of Mueller’s interrogators in November of 2017, during an interview on WMAL radio in Washington DC....

McFarland told the hosts that she just wanted the ordeal—which cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees—to be over with.

“My husband, God bless him, said ‘you can’t do that. Even if we go bankrupt,” she continued. So McFarland decided to stand her ground.

“I finally said, no, you’re going to have to charge me with a crime,” she said. “At that point, they went away because I couldn’t give them what they needed to spin their web. And then they moved on to the porn star queen,” she added, referring to porn star Stephanie Clifford, also known as Stormy Daniels.


I think we can put the final nail in the coffin of certain "theories" seen here regarding Mueller.


jimmyk and I are both up and jimnj is asleep. What's with that?


I am awake too.

Must be the effect of kids in college far away coupled to the weekend. Actually got up for some water as all the rain in atl has kicked off the blooming of trees.

jim nj


That's a scary story. And, what's worse, is that you only get put in a situation like that by trying to cooperate.

You go into something like this thinking that it's an honest inquiry and you just need to explain a few things and you're done.

BOOM. You're sitting in a perjury trap where there is no "right" answer. Any answer potentially leads to an indictment. Any lapse in memory becomes a lie.

As Miss Marple is want to say without an audio recording of the interview you're screwed when the note-taking further corrupts your response.

jim nj

peter, you and jimmyk are up way early. I still have beer left. What's your excuse? Anxiety?


One of the commenters at New Neo reminded us of this (49 minute video, but well worth a watch):

Howard Root: Five Heart Stopping Years as a CEO on the Feds' Hit List.

Among other things, Root does not have good things to say about Amy Klobuchar (whom he asked for help). "60 percent of Minnesotans like Amy Klobuchar; the other 40 percent have worked with her."


too much caffeine yesterday, followed by alcohol rebound effect. I am heading up to Boston College to spend a weekend with my son and my mind was running with what I should pack. So I am up.


Me too. Have been for nearly an hour. Must be the high pressure zone. I assume that's why it's 24in my carport.


so, it turns out that Lawrence Tesler, the scientist who invented cut and paste, was an alum of my alma mater. When I went there ten years later, the school was mainly about leftist indoctrination and anti-Vietnam war protests instead of actually helping bright kids find something to useful to do. Seems some thoughtful teacher helped Tesler find his first computer.


jim nj

Lee Child's Jack Reacher character has a virtual clock in his head. He always gets up on the dot.

Me, if I have to get up early, compared to my usual just waking up when I'm ready to, I manage to get up before the alarm goes off.

I think I'm trying to avoid the sheer terror that always engulfs me waking to some beeping inanimate object.

I think alarm clocks shorten lifespans.


I think alarm clocks shorten lifespans.

So does my spouse. Whenever the obit of some long-lived academician is in the paper, he cites that as proof of your jointly-held theory:

"He never had to wake up to an alarm."

You know, first class at ten, office hours later, afternoon meetings...
correct him if he's wrong, jimmy k. ;-)


If there is an unwritten policy as to how long we wait for hoyden to post that I am breaking here, please let me know. If it's 24 here, it's likely sub zero there. She may have frozen during the night.


jim nj

Wow. Lost a long post. It wouldn't post without refreshing the page first.

That's happened before so I copied it to the clipboard first.

I was able to recover it. I think Typhuspad did me a favor. Too autobiographical, but the gist of it was I can't imagine what it's like to be subjected to a full on government investigation when you have done nothing wrong and they won't accept that.


I bought KT's book. She deserves my money.

Note: She and her (patriot)* spouse spent "a couple of hundred of thousands of dollars" in legal fees.

*She was ready to throw in the towel; he said "Let them bankrupt us."

jim nj


If I won the lottery and moved to Florida into a luxury building I would take the apartment on the west side of the building.

I'm more interested in sunsets than sunrises.

Corporal punishment is being a young man down at the Jersey shore with an ocean view room hanging out at the bars until 2 AM and having the rising sun shine through the window at 5:30 AM.

Never again. And the rooms on the other side were cheaper.

jim nj


Jim Eagle


I know K.T. And hubby Alan. They live in Southampton most of the time now. He is involved in a number clubs as well as our local Episcopal church, St. John’s, where my G-Father was Senior Warden. Two wonderful down to earth people.

Wilbur Ross is a neighbor as is Mnuchin.

Jim Eagle

Let's start the day with strange but true:

US Border Patrol find a brain stuffed into a package.


Captain Hate

Welp this is disappointing


Jim Eagle


This guy is all in for a Delecto-Bloombefg ticket:)



"Believe it or not, being in special operations can be a part-time endeavor.

Saaaay! Now that I'm retired . . .


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have posted an extraordinary statement on their website claiming that the Queen does not own the word royal across the world after they were forced to drop their 'Sussex Royal' brand.Harry and Meghan put a new statement on their own website hours after announcing they would stop using the word royal in their branding after the Spring. In a statement on their website, the Duke and Duchess said that while neither the government nor the Queen herself own the word 'royal' internationally, they would stop using the title. The statement read: 'While there is not any jurisdiction by The Monarchy or Cabinet Office over the use of the word "Royal" overseas, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex do not intend to use "Sussex Royal" or any iteration of the word "Royal" in any territory (either within the UK or otherwise) when the transition occurs Spring 2020.' They also appeared to complain about their treatment by the palace claiming it is different to other family members. The statement continued: 'While there is precedent for other titled members of the Royal Family to seek employment outside of the institution, for The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, a 12-month review period has been put in place. Per the agreement The Duke and Duchess of Sussex understand that they are required to step back from Royal duties and not undertake representative duties on behalf of Her Majesty The Queen.' They also confirmed that their office - based in Buckingham Palace - would be closed, a move they said was 'saddening for The Duke and Duchess and their loyal staff'.






The much-longer statement included the reference to the treatment of other royals, the fact that Harry is still sixth in line for the throne and that they are still entitled to public protection.

They said they 'require effective security to protect them and their son' amid controversy surrounding the estimated £3million - £6million protection bill that would be split between taxpayers in Canada and the UK.

Many sections of the later statement released on their website appear hostile in tone, especially when compared to the earlier statement which was released through a spokesman for the couple.

Many royal experts believe the episode is another PR disaster for the couple.

Q: How do you pretend you are 'royalty' while simultaneously dissing the queen?

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