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February 05, 2020



’Fuck you Mitt, you have righteously earned the anger of every Trump supporter forever. And unlike McCain you're likely gonna live a good long time after doing so. So enjoy the blowback.’

You’ve always been my favorite, Porchlight!! Don’t tell the others... 😎


Likewise, Beasts :)

matt - deplore me if you must

Mitt will end up on the fire hydrant safety subcommittee. He just lost huge mojo with most of his colleagues. I don't know if the Elders in SLC are too happy, either.

I think most of the Utah electorate will not be kind to him next time around. He did the unforgivable and turned on his own tribe.

Jones is roadkill.


Ig, she's Catholic, has four kids with him, and grew up without a father.
it's complicated.


Manchin should be in trouble as well.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

1 min ·
Brad Torgersen
44 mins

My Utah and LDS friends seem to be divided on Romney. Some are praising him for having a conscience and letting his convictions lead him against what's smart for the party. Others are disgusted with Romney and consider him to be a carpetbagging wishy-washy fraud who now delights in petty vindictiveness which only aids the Democrats.

I was a big Romney booster in 2012. And was deeply upset when he lost. Deeply.

But I do not understand what good it does the country for Romney to lance again and again at The Orange One, while the Democrats chortle. The Democrats *destroyed* Romney in 2012. He hated poor people. He hated black people. He hated gay people. He hated women. And so on and so forth. They made him up as the devil. There is NO WAY POSSIBLE to appease individuals who will claim you are pure evil so long as they see you as a threat to their way of doing business. THAT was story of 2012.

I suspect Mitt learned the absolutely WRONG lesson from his drubbing, and his activities are the result.

I still like Mitt, as a person. I think he tried very hard to be a certain kind of man, and I do not think he's bad. He took absurdly unfair s*** from the Left and also the Right in 2012. I feel a degree of sympathy for that, because I remember 2015. And how difficult it was to please all comers when everyone (and his dog) seemed to think (s)he could do a better job of things than I was already doing. Very few people were willing to hang their asses out there and draw fire. Armchair quarterbacks can be insufferable.

But I disagree with Mitt's approach to Trump. One does not need to love The Orange One and all he says or does to realize that aiding or abetting impeachment theater is both strategically and tactically foolish. It benefits no one, and does nothing but make Romney seem like the RINO his critics on the Right have always accused him of being. And in the end, Trump still wins.

So . . . color me deflated and disappointed.

And no, I do not expect Romney to win re-election. Utahns will show him the door. He has burned up his good will here.


You have made some very good points.
How is your sister doing?


Moar FAIL out of Iowa. They released some more results this afternoon, then had to pull them back after Deval Patrick suddenly earned 21 delegates after not showing his face in the state in months.


I'm actually beginning to believe this is all being done in order to thwart Bernie.


Thanks, maryrose.

The Infamous Ignatz

I can tell you this much; my plans to stalk Kirsten Sinema are completely off the table now.


Until we start shooting illegal aliens into space IDGAF about Trump’s’New Frontier’.

I care about the Old Frontier, like Iowa, looking like New Bhutan. I care about barefoot people who can’t speak a lick of English voting in a mosque for communists and degenerate Sodomites, but I repeat myself.


Maybe they are simply too stupid to be allowed to vote.

The Infamous Ignatz

--Ig, she's Catholic, has four kids with him, and grew up without a father.
it's complicated.--

That's why Soldier of Fortune has a classified section in the back.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Larry Correia
13 mins ·

All morning my feed has been filled with variations of "Mitt Romney sucks and all you Mormons are accountable for electing him just because he's Mormon."

I keep seeing stuff like this, but seriously, it's fucking stupid.

Mitt won because he's famous and had massive name recognition. The guys he went against in the primary were also Mormon (as are the vast majority of other elected republicans in this state). Name recognition is like the most valuable thing in politics, and y'all are shocked that the rich, famous, carpet bagger with nice hair who just ran for president against Obama got elected by the average voter in the most conservative state in the country?


I tried to warn people, he was electable in Massachusetts, which means he'll suck for Utah, but nobody ever listens to me. Mitt's FAMOUS.

Did some people vote for him just because he's Mormon? Yeah, I know a few people that dumb. However I've now seen 100x as many people whining about Mormons electing him because he's Mormon, than I have seen actual Mormons saying they voted for him because he was also Mormon (like almost every other elected republican in this state) AND I FUCKING LIVE HERE.

So holy shit, get off our back. Most people trying to get him recalled are also Mormons. I'd love to see him get primaried out, but the biggest thing he's got going for him is he's rich, famous, everybody knows his name, and for the time being he will be a darling of the news media (for being such a RINO squish).

And I just had somebody tell me that Mormons are accountable if we don't get rid of Romney now, except newsflash, there's 16 million Mormons in the world, but only 3 million people in Utah with only 60% of them being Mormon, and since the person who told me that over on Kratman's page is represented by Amy Klobuchar and Ilhan Omar, muck out your own stalls first before you whine about how mine stink.

If I'm somehow accountable for the Great White Rino, then all the Catholics get Nancy Pelosi, and the Jews own Bernie. Oh wait, you don't want them? That's different? Well no shit, sherlock. :D

On the bright side, Romney's approval numbers are taking a nose dive, because the average Utah voter is now starting to understand what it means to be a republican who is electable in Massachusetts.

James D.

Amon @ 5:46

I don’t think it’s complicated. When someone who supposedly loves you, and swore before God and all to honor you, regularly and publicly humiliated you in order to boost his own personal brand in the media, he is a sack of garbage who needs to go into the trash.


Totally agree.
Also impeachment has literally impales Biden
With Grassley and Johnson investigating Hunter it will soon be game over.

Dave (in MA)

In case it wasn't already mentioned (I just did a quick ctrl-f),

🅵🅰🆄🆇🅲🅰🅷🅾🅽🆃🅰🆂 managed to only come in fifth...

...in 🅿🅾🅲🅰🅷🅾🅽🆃🅰🆂 County, Iowa.



I will be making a public statement tomorrow at 12:00pm from the @WhiteHouse to discuss our Country’s VICTORY on the Impeachment Hoax!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma


MAGA Baby!



Ben Domenech @bdomenech

A situation where Trump goes into 2020 with every Republican in the House and Senate united with him *except for Mitt Romney* is like a glee-filled Trumpian dream.

1:20 PM · Feb 5, 2020


Dave, considering you invented "Fauxcahontas," I congratulate you. That's a fine result.


Should be impaled.


I don't think Mormons have to take responsibility for Romney. But Utahns do, if they don't get rid of him at the first opportunity.

Anyway as much as I'm angry at Romney, I don't want to give him any more oxygen. It's the President's day today, just as it was his night last night and not Nancy the Ripper's.


Romney needs to be harassed and vilified everywhere and always by every thinking Republican, starting now.


Reminder, Mutt is another Dynastic politician. for those looking within the Trump family, don’t.


I'm not arguing facts here James D--these things are not a matter of sense or logic.

At some point, she'll decide her kids are getting harmed from what he is doing, and toss him out.

I would not be surprised if at this moment, she's also factoring in the perceived harm her drama would add to what she does in the WH for POTUS. I think he finds her of great value.

My bet is that they live in a big house with plenty of bedrooms, she's made some rules that he follows to T to be there with the kids, and they don't spend too much time there together.


Romney shouldn't be allowed to eat a peaceful meal at a public restaurant. He might be the only person in the country who, if I saw him dining, I'd unscrew the top of the salt shaker and dump it on his veal chop while telling him why he's such a disgrace. Let him walk away thinking he's so honorable and righteous - his veal chop is ruined!

JM Hanes

McConnell is not going to punish Romney because there may yet come a day when he needs Mitt's vote. It's up to the public to replace Romney with someone more reliable. I suspect there will be sufficient cold shoulders among his Senatorial colleagues.

Personally, if Mitt voted his conscience then I can only conclude that he's a constitutional moron.


- his veal chop is ruined!


JM Hanes

Mollie Hemigway is terrific!

The Infamous Ignatz

Has Evan McMullin thrown his moral support and vast egg shaped head behind the Provo Meat Puppet yet?


Mollie just nailed it on the panel--
Mitt Romney today reminded people of why he lost the winnable 2012 election, and why Trump got the nomination and election 2016--people were tired of people like Romney's kowtowing to the media and Ds.


Are Romney and Comey related. Both bloviating shit stains are in love with themselves.


My problem with Romney is that he voted against the evidence. In doing so he made it look like a partisan battle on the right, when the opposite was true. Why, I can't even imagine. Apparently in Utah there is a movement to recall him.

Why the hell isn't there a movement to do that to Schiff and Pelosi?


Or, what JMH just said.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"He might be the only person in the country who, if I saw him dining, I'd unscrew the top of the salt shaker and dump it on his veal chop"

box, box, we don't want to turn into Dems ourselves ... on second thought I'll pin his arms while you jimmy the salt shaker

The Infamous Ignatz

Let's not forget Mittens Romney is why I left the Republican party and look what an electoral disaster that has proven. :)


Mmm, veal chops.

My oldest and youngest kids have decided they're pescatarian. Whatever.


My oldest and youngest kids have decided they're pescatarian. Whatever.

All the more bacon, brats and burgers for you, porch!

JM Hanes

Similar hair too, GUS.


I've tried five times to post a link from Federalist, and typepad won't let it through.
Have they censored it for a while, or is this new?

JM Hanes

Stephanie: You go girl!


"Dems will be all “bipartisan majority” at eleventy."

Well, it's not like Republicans didn't go all bi-partison minority in the House.

The Infamous Ignatz

But Porch is correct.
Who cares about the button-down, brilliantined, pin-striped ponce?
Trump was acquitted by a majority today after dropping the House on the Wicked Witch last night.
Just win, baby.


JMH, ironically (Paul Ryan), Mutt Rumknee is starting to look like Grandpa Munster.


Here it is. From fall, Romney's aide's tie to Burisma:


JM Hanes


Which Federalist story are you trying to post? I'll try to link it for you and see if it's terra non grata.


So, what is that all about???


Of course this was in the can for the Acquittal:


All coordinated like. Totally coincidental and grassrootsy, honest!


"He attempts to portray himself as a moral bulwark, but as the above shifts in opinion indicate, many of his political leanings seem to be more a product of self-interest than of genuine moral clarity. In the coming days, he will be paraded around by the media as the model Republican for all the reasons GOP voters increasingly dislike him. Contrary to the media’s deification of Romney as the only principled figure within the GOP, it’s ironically all politics to him. No principles."


JM Hanes


Just RYI, I tried the Federalist story as both a hotlink and a naked URL. Both posts were disappeared.


JMH, it's in the link I posted at 6:35 that I shortened at one of those sites where you can do that, and I am able to post this other Federalist one at 6:39, so I guess typepad is not blocking the Federalist.

Looks like it shall forever remain a mystery.

LOTS of Romney unlove on my Twitter feed, at Althouse, all over the red and purple world today.


Sean Misko was MIA for the votes? Imagine that!

matt - deplore me if you must

Listening to Trump counting off all of the wins for the country over the past 3 years has to have had some effect, even on the idiocracy.

More people than ever working, fewer people on public welfare, dead terrorists, factories coming back, These are all huge positives.

you can go with the flow or get sucked under. I think we have a clear answer for the never-Trumpers and Dems.

This is all becoming very Dante 6th circle stuff. They sold their souls and now the bill has come due.

If Trump can somehow neuter the federal workers unions and start weeding out the zampolits and block captains, maybe there is real hope for the Republic.

Putting the Interior Department in the interior; Agriculture in an agricultural state, Energy in the oil patch etc makes a lot more sense from a practical standpoint.

Not sure how Mayor Booster-Seat will counter Trump's stories of murderous illegal immigrants.


RIP Kirk Douglas, 103


1. What do you suppose those torn copies of the SOTU would fetch on ebay?

2. Whatever Romney's reasoning was for what he did today, we can be fairly certain that it was not based on the law or his conscience.

3. McConnell did a good job, IMO, and he's focused on reforming the judiciary through the appointment of sound judges. Romney's situation will sort itself out. He made a foolish mistake today.

4. We've got a long way to go to clean up the swamp. I'm pleased to see that Grassley, Johnson, and even Graham are planning to take matters further.


anonamom's link works for me, and it (Romney adviser and Hunter working together for Burisma) is exactly the sort of thing Trump will start talking about if he's angry enough. Which he conceivably is.



Coronavirus live updates: China's Hubei province reports 70 additional deaths


Letter to Director Secret Service requesting records “whether Hunter Biden used government-sponsored travel to help conduct private business…related entities in China and Ukraine…reportedly flew aboard Air Force Two”



We'll know at high Noon, tomorrow, hrt.


JMH @ 3:32 —

I agree that Trumps base is rock solid. I think that is largely because he keeps it stoked up.

There are two strategies in winning elections: one is to maximize the turnout of your supporters and the other is to persuade undecided voters. These two are a bit in tension with each other but most campaigns try to do a little of both. Trump seems more focused on stoking up his base. He did not have to give a medal to Rush; none of his supporters would have abandoned him if he had not. But it thrilled them that he did. For people who are not dittoheads it did nothing to endear them to Trump.

Trump won in 2016 being Trump. Unlike Schwarzenegger, who got re elected by becoming essentially a Democrat, Trump seems determined to fire up his supporters and offer little in the way of compromise with the Democrats. This may be his best strategy, but it clearly is his strategy.

Re : polling. Polls ARE evidence and are much more useful than anecdotes, particularly anecdotes that confirm what one wants to believe. But polling is certainly imperfect and needs to be taken with a grain of salt.


On President Trump's Twitter page, just popped up while I was doing dishes. Whew! Video at link.


— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 5, 2020
President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Google is admonished to delete any climate video on YouTube that the Dems don't like.

"Dems threatening again. Select committee tells google to clear all truthful climate video off their list and only put up humans are causing globull warming."


Melinda, I think cowpoke Mitt's going to regret crossing Sheriff Trump, by and by.


The polling train derailed three years ago. They've abandoned the line instead. Pay attention to the announcements over the loudspeakers by the nice man.


Picture at the link.

Actual picture from archived Burisima webpage showing that Mitt Romney's national security advisor Joseph Cofer Black sat on Burisima's board at the same time as Hunter Biden did. pic.twitter.com/lMyV3xfnXN

— Rising serpent (@rising_serpent) February 5, 2020

after dropping the House on the Wicked Witch last night.

Can I just say between Trump being "Toto" and this, Darby and I are *loving* all of the Wizard of Oz comparisons?

At rehearsal today with you know who...


So Nacy didn’t wipe with the SOTU, so is back to wiping with the Constitution

Dave (in MA)
Should be impaled.
Works for me.
Captain Hate

Kellyanne, you could do so much better. It's hard to conceive of how you could do worse.

Not sure why anyone doesn't realize that irritating rodent is just as look-at-me as her fat slob husband. Perfect match imo. Terminate her.

Outstanding meetup with KK.


“I can tell you this much; my plans to stalk Kirsten Sinema are completely off the table now.”

Probably for the best since I think she plays for the other team.

JM Hanes

I've been following the Johns Hopkins continually updated coronavirus map. It's worth noting that all but 15 of the 564 reported deaths have occurred in Hubei Province (Wuhan). That may partly be because people went untreated and/or unisolated longer there than elsewhere, but it suggests that Chinese containment efforts may be proving pretty effective. All but two deaths have occurred in Mainland China (the other two were in Hong Kong and the Philippines).

On the other hand the dots outside China continue to proliferate, albeit pretty slowly.


Spontaneous cover up protest in Philly:


With Spontaneous printed signs.



Found on Twitter. Nobody knows who made it.

Captain Hate

Kirk Douglas RIP


Grassley/Johnson letter to SecService on China travel:



Kirk Douglas dies at age 103.


“Whatever Romney's reasoning was for what he did today, we can be fairly certain that it was not based on the law or his conscience.”

The same goes for every D vote. Which makes Mitt essentially indistinguishable from a Democrat.

The Infamous Ignatz

--Probably for the best since I think she plays for the other team.--

Claims to be a switch hitter.


Melinda —

So what is the alternative to polling? Getting a sense of the public mood/opinion by blog comments or social media posts or talking to your IRL friends? The confirmation bias there is huge.

Polling is difficult and had some tough times over the past few years. The 2016 election, the Brexit vote and the Australian election for example. But you know what? In each of these cases the polling was not THAT far off. They had the basic outlines of the public sentiment right, but missed at the margins.

As I have said here before — I am sure that Porch will remember — polls are NOT precision instruments. No engineer would build a bridge or rocket ship using tools with such a margin for error. But they are still useful and about the best tool we have to measure things like presidential approval. So yeah, understand that they are more approximations that anything else but I think it is unwise to throw them out completely.

The Infamous Ignatz

Fredo like SOTU.


“Claims to be a switch hitter.”

In more ways than one, apparently.

The Infamous Ignatz

Has the Commander of the Sea Cuck weighed in?



We’ve known that for a long time and I suspect it influenced his vote, although it was meaningless. He’s in that boat with Kerry and Pelosi.



As Republicans, we have a unique responsibility to prevent an administration that bears our name from trampling on the rule of law. The Senate has failed to act. We have our chance on November 3. We’re starting to organize right now. Join us here:



Sea Cuck have switched flags to elephant. Was donkey yesterday.


Trump tweeted a Mutt video




How does Darby like show business?


My oh my

Mike Lee
@realDonaldTrump I’m looking forward to your next five years in office. Those who voted to remove you were wrong. Very wrong.


First they lose the pork. Now the chicken? Xi is in deep doodoo


Millions of chickens at risk of being wiped out with much of China locked down due to virus

JM Hanes


"This may be his best strategy, but it clearly is his strategy."

He certainly keeps his base revved up but he's been doing that all along. I think you simply ignore any/all of the outreach he does, and discount the Democrat issues he's co-opted, like parental leave, criminal justice reform, assistance to historically black colleges, which are not exactly Republican base issues, to mention a few. School choice is further right, but he's aimed it at African Americans, ditto for opportunity zones. He's done personal outreach in black churches as well. This is not compromising, it's part of persuading minority communities that they should be taking another look at the Republican party. He got the Dem approval he needed for the USMCA, along with other legislation. The kind of money he's talking about spending is definitely not aimed at his conservative base.

Compromise with Democrats is simply not the only way to court new constituencies, and, in fact, when the Dems have gone off the rails to the left, something like refusing to compromise with socialists may be precisely what attracts independents and worried Dems to Team Trump.

I have no idea what a "dittohead" is.

JM Hanes

The 2016 polling was not a "marginal" miss, Theo.


Darby is super cute--what a fine Toto. The witch is a young creature, but green makes anyone scary!

The Infamous Ignatz

Dittohead = Rush fan.


Rand Paul goes after John Brennan:

Senator Rand Paul

You want to know what’s a mockery of public service, John? Killing 500 people outside of any judicial system. Drone strikes on American citizens. Approving British spies to present a dossier of lies paid for by Hillary. Lying to Congress. Your shame alone should shut you up.

6:29 PM · Feb 5, 2020

The Infamous Ignatz

And by that I mean the Rush from Missouri not Canada.


Oh. We are all lock step mesmerized by Rush to ditto Trump. You were right to be concerned. /idiot


These are the committees that Romney serves on in the Senate.
Committee on Foreign Relations
Committee on Homeland Security & Government Affairs (HSGAC)
Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions (HELP)
Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship

I hope Mitch moves him to something like the Senate Committee to oversee lawn maintenance.


Momto2, he should chair the special committee on laundry and morale, with office space at the Congressional Gym towel return.



I posted the Mutt video at 7:05, but I didn't label it.


Jane - I'm not sure she understands she's in "show business" but she sure eats up all of the attention she is getting. She literally runs to my car every morning knowing we're heading to school.

Thanks, Catsmeat, we are pretty fond of her. The young wicked witch is the sweetest girl and we were astounded to hear her authentic cackling laugh! We have an amazing team of costume designers and make-up artists.

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