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February 24, 2020



Who's gonna watch the "debate" and tell me the funny stuff. I'm downloading Northanger Abbey and may start reading it instead.


Not me, Clarice. Again.

Wifey is at a university scholarship dinner (that I got to beg off) so I’m doing blackened sea scallops (that she doesn’t like). Yay, me!


New thread


Townhall is running a debate comment thread.



Jane,come over to our house. I've got bleach,Lysol spray and gallons of hand soap. Hubby has been building a kayak,so he has face masks because he's been sanding and applying epoxy. :)


jane, no offense taken--and I know what you might be getting at---our investment strategy has been "if the docs are doing it, run the other way."


This IS like watching your classroom devolve with a bad substitute teacher.
Norah and Gayle have FAILED


Use “naff” in a sentence:

This bloke’s vagina is a bit naff


I share this not to alarm anyone,* but so you make your plans--especially travel plans --accordingly. Maybe buy that trip insurance. Things may look very different in another month.
WonderGirl is extremely bummed... She decided a year and a half ago that the ND Liturgical Choir should go to Slovenia, and set about to make it happen. She got herself elected tour director, convinced the director and the rest of the choir that they should go there, and then spent countless hours planning a fantastic tour of Northern Italy and Slovenia. They are supposed to sing at the cathedrals in Venice and Padua, and then go by bus to Slovenia and sing at multiple churches there, as well as doing lots of cool touring.

But it's hard to imagine that they will be allowed to go...

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