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February 24, 2020


Another Bob

It’s become literally shameless. CH. Whatever Krugman’s ilk says, it’s the complete opposite that’s probably true.

What “authoritarian” behavior has Trump exhibited anyway?



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 25, 2020

Video at link.


The video of the President's press availability is now on his Twitter page. I again cannot link it because apparently Typepad doesn't like Periscope.


Captain Hate


I've still seen zero evidence that Kruggers understands supply and demand curves.


Oops. It IS posted. I think I need more coffee.



First Lady Melania Trump looks beautiful in India today wearing a floral embroidered shirt dress by Carolina Herrera.

@FLOTUS is wearing white Christian Louboutin’s with this look as well.

Another Bob

Futures up 125. Dead cat bounce?


Here’s a little Satch Boogie to get your day started:

Oh yeah.


Chad Pergram
Closed door, Senate-wide briefing underway now on coronavirus
I have no doubt as soon as the Democrats can figure out a way to blame President Trump, details will be leaked.


Obama in India (2010) vs. Trump in India (2020)

Who did it better? pic.twitter.com/zHlFvKcYPj

— Gags ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (@csevaluation) February 25, 2020

Video comparison at the link.


Cransley School in Northwich, Cheshire – which charges pupils almost £12,000-a-year – has closed over fears pupils returning from a skiing trip to Italy may have contracted coronavirus.

Some pupils and staff reportedly started showing flu-like symptoms days after returning home from a week-long skiing trip over half-term to Bormio in coronavirus-hit Lombardy.

The closure comes as Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, said this morning that people flying home from any areas quarantined by the Italian government should self-isolate – whether they show symptoms or not – and that he was "pretty worried".

Anyone returning from north of Pisa has been told to self-isolate if they show flu-like symptoms.


I am going to listen/watch a podcast so will be absent a bit.

Another Bob

Why would there be a need for “closed door” briefing?

What information should be kept in government heads only?

Old Lurker

Somebody last night referenced 1984 as the master guide for the left. Step 1 is getting us to not protest "facts" we know to be wrong. That leads to Step 2 which is "their facts" become accepted as "our facts too". Most but not all have passed Step 1 and are working on Step 2.


Also last night Iggy stated precisely the state of our "Constitution" being accepted as-written or in-spirit by only about half of the residents of the country, and that "half" is shrinking not increasing. Where Iggy and I differ is, since I know how to boil frogs, in the guess about who and how many will spill blood to nurture the Tree of Liberty (h/t Jefferson).

James D.

how the US press looks like a bunch of dumbasses compared to their Indian counterparts.

True. But the US press looks like a bunch of dumbasses compared to a troop of monkeys throwing feces at one another.

Captain Hate

Futures up 125. Dead cat bounce?

This is why you don't go all cash on some temporary bad news.

James D.

Narc @ midnight

Reminds me of the opening of a DS9 episode:

"I thought the Bajorans would be grateful to hear someone provide them with an opposing philosophical view."
"Opposing view? Garak, you were trying to defend the military occupation of their world. How grateful did you think they would be?"

James D.

AB @ 8:25

That's an excellent question. Which everyone in that briefing ought to be asked, repeatedly.

And would, if we had a press corps that had the slightest interest in actually doing the job the claim they're doing.

Tom R

Things don’t look good for Iran when stuff like this happens.



Some graphs on China

Tracy Alloway @tracyalloway

Some of the charts showing movement of people and economic activity in China (or lack thereof) during the coronavirus outbreak are just stunning.

These via Nomura:


Robin, eff 'em all

From that Obama/Trump video comparison link, this tweet:


Say hello to a typical Bernie supporter!

$226,000 in college debt from a useless degree.

Now she is looking for someone to pay for it.

That someone is YOU!

Her degree is in speech pathology, which should land her a good job. But everyone is asking how high on the hog did she have to live to rack up that kind of debt?

Captain Hate

Message from South Carolina

I noticed something yesterday on my way home from work.

There are almost no campaign signs out.

I took notice again this morning. I saw about 10 Tulsi signs, one Buttigieg sign, one Bernie sign, and...that was it.

I drive one of the busiest roads in Charleston, SC for about five miles as well as a stretch of interstate and some of the busiest intersections, and I saw about a dozen signs total.

This is absurdly low compared to my experiences in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018. Hell, even Mark Sanford's special election had more sign presence from this, and we are four days out from the primary.

Four days.

So, to get signs out for a campaign you need three things. Signs, volunteers, and organization to get those signs into the hands of the volunteers. Signs are usually line item number 2 for campaigns, right after ad buys. It's just one of the earliest things you do. So, assuming they all have signs, what's happening?

I think it's volunteers. They don't have any. No one's willing to go out and deal with putting up signs. There's no enthusiasm.

Yeah, this is SC, but it's one of the bluest parts of SC. We have a Democratic representative in the House for God's sake, and there's no sign presence.

I think Democrats are fucked. Like, really fucked.
Posted by: TheJamesMadison, 003 with a License to Kill at February 25, 2020 08:31 AM (q80AH)

Tom R

Winning the hearts and minds...


Army FM 3-24 applied to politics

Another Bob

(rolls eyes)


The Horde is talking about how the US press looks like a bunch of dumbasses compared to their Indian counterparts.

During the Vietnam draft deferment era, journalism was the preferred major for those dumbasses most likely to flunk out.

Don’t think anything has changed


worth a click through to the post

Jay Weber @JayWeber3

Greatest college student's response from a Bernie supporter's text message



Melania's Herrera dress is really spectacular up close.


MiniMike not quite there on internet.

Dan Merica

Mike Bloomberg's campaign has deleted a series of satirical tweets where they invented quotes from Bernie Sanders about a host of dictators.


I did ol, the press through shadowbans and other tactics have been enploying the little tale.


He doesnt pick the best staff.


They are going to save us from having savings.



Would it be more effective to find a suitable antiviral to be given to the (far smaller number of) people who actually contract the illness?

If there was an arsenal of effective antivirals, we'd never have colds, nor would the flu kill people.




The Port of Los Angeles is the busiest container port in North America. 40 sailings have been cancelled from Feb. 11 through Apr. 1, about 25% of typical ship calls during this time, Port of LA Executive Director Gene Seroka says. cnb.cx/3c71cvP


Her degree is in speech pathology, which should land her a good job. But everyone is asking how high on the hog did she have to live to rack up that kind of debt?

A very substantial portion of our youth spend their whole childhood getting chauffeured around in a Mercedes or BMW. Hell, mine did.

They are not expected to have any employment while still at home, and as a consequence never learn ANYTHING about the value of money.

On vacation, my BIL was lamenting about his daughter, a freshman in college starting everyday at Starbucks @ $7/visit.

He grew up in a very blue collar family that lived paycheck to paycheck, but he now make $750K/ year, so he doesn’t really care, and has forgotten what he learned as a kid.

I suggested maybe Hannah needs to get a job next summer.

We’ll see.

Captain Hate

One thing Trump did this morning after remarking about what a yuuuuge welcome he got, that he was told by people that they had never seen such a welcome for any other leader, was he credited to the great love and respect India has for *America* - he was just the recipient of this as America's representative.

Can you imagine Obama, Hilary saying that? For all his hyperbole and self-promotion*, he loves to credit America for all her accomplishments, values, and opportunities.
*Think a lot of his self-promotion/repetitive stories about his various political wins is to counter the fake news. He is overriding the fast news cycle by bringing up stories/wins from months past so that their narrative will not be the last word.
Posted by: Lizzy at February 25, 2020 09:29 AM (bDqIh)

James D.

Her degree is in speech pathology, which should land her a good job. But everyone is asking how high on the hog did she have to live to rack up that kind of debt?

She was encouraged by the media, by popular culture, by officials at her school(s) and by the federal and her state government to do so.

Obviously she (and her parents) could have fought against all that and made far better choices, as folks here did.

But the 226K debt for a degree that won't lead to a job that can ever repay it IS THE WHOLE GOAL OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM.

It's all on purpose. University educrats and Department of Education employees and way too many elected officials in both parties WANT a generation that's saddled with unpayable debt and poor career choices but which also has utterly unrealistic expectations of what life should be like, both on a daily basis and long-term.

How else do you get whole new generations of voters who will elect socialist politicians and keep them in office and never question the ever-growing army of bureaucrats?


How do I post a pix?


Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

BRAIN DAMAGE: Joe Biden Says He Worked with Deng Xiaoping on Paris Climate Deal — Xiaoping Died in ‘97 news.grabien.com/story-joe-bide…



It’s dementia Henry - I bet.


Slo Joe has lied so often he has no way to stop.


Speaking of liars.


Old Lurker

Henry "...lied so often he has no way to stop..."

Feature not a bug for ALL Progs.

And no, they are not "good people who just see things differently". They (with a few exceptions) are indeed evil and want to enslave all of mankind. Some are more active and thus more evil, but others are passive and unwilling to use the brains God gave them and that is evil too.

So there.



This is why you don't go all cash on some temporary bad news.

or why you "NEVER sell" if you follow my FIL's investment advice.
Worked for him.

This Biden thing is just so awful--abuse by the Ds for sure, putting him out there when he is so obviously cognitively impaired, but also his family. Looking to cash in one more time, I am guessing.


Breaking News Feed @pzf

JUST IN: Switzerland reports first case of coronavirus.

Old Lurker

"Looking to cash in one more time, I am guessing."

Nope. Looking to forestall criminal prosecution for himself and his family.


It's Mardi Gras! Anyone have a good recipe for a po'boy sandwich?


Morning OL.

Couldn’t agree more.


"Army FM 3-24 applied to politics"

see Wounded Knee I.

what could possibly go wrong with this second coming of the same old cavalry?

"I'm in charge here." General Al Haig (US Army ret.)

hearts and minds indeed.

Jim Eagle


My go-to recipe site is The Spruce Eats. We love this Po Boy Sandwich.



Po' Boy? If you can't get to Nawlin's, go here:


James D.

hey (with a few exceptions) are indeed evil and want to enslave all of mankind.

Exactly. And the message that leads to enslavement is very seductive:

You deserve to have anything you want, when you want it, without having to work hard or wait for it, and it'll be paid for by somebody else - somebody who doesn't deserve the wealth and privilege they currently enjoy.

That's an awfully easy message to sell. And the Dems/MSM/bureaucrats have had a lot of success with it (hence the girl with 226K in loan debt she doesn't expect to ever have to pay).

It's also why the Dems start with 45-48% of the electorate regardless of how ridiculous their candidates are:

We're telling people, "eat your vegetables" and they're telling people "eat ice cream three meals a day, and we promise you'll never get fat."


Also. a do-it-yourself kit:






calm down snowflakes...

David Rosenberg @EconguyRosie

The market is, God forbid, down 4% from the peak, and we have this raging debate over whether to buy the dip. I remember the days when a dip was 10% to 20%. Today's manic investor can't even seem to handle a mild hiccup without hyperventilating.


Look at that.

The court also ordered Lorenzana-Lima to forfeit $50,949,000



Mrs. Buckeye looked over my shoulder and saw the picture you posted of Melania.

She immediately knew who the designer was and said “you know, he is the guy that designed the high heels with the red soles”

No, I didn’t know:)

Old Lurker

"That's an awfully easy message to sell..."

... to masses of people untaught in human history and the evolution of values and limits, untrained in thinking logically, or too stupid or too lazy to think it through.

Old Lurker

I know, I know. I forgot the power of "AND".

James D.

Absolutely, OL.

And they've been doing their best via near-total control of the educational system and mass media for the past 50+ years to ensure that as many people as possible are untaught history and values, and untrained in thinking logically.



Here's an interesting data set on the 1917-18 pandemic, UVB and Vitamin D:




Old Lurker

Henry "The market is, God forbid, down 4% from the peak"

It is up round numbers 100% since Trump came down the escalator and talked up MAGA. If he is run out of town in November, 'splain to me why the markets won't return to Status Quo Ante?

Tom R


Did either of you watch the video of LTG Flynn in the link I provided? Based on your comments it doesn't appear that you have. KK your comments don't even make sense for the topic at hand.


OL, aside from rationality and market movements not mixing... I agree. That tweet was for just this week.

Captain Hate

I guess the doom and gloomers decided to go directly to Lent

Bette Midler.@BetteMidler
They hate him in India too! He's hated WORLD WIDE!!!
Posted by: Anonosaurus Wrecks, Tyrannosaur Wrangler at February 25, 2020 09:53 AM (+y/Ru)

If you'd pull your head out of your producers crotch for 5 minutes, you'd see you're full of shit, dumbass.
Posted by: Sponge at February 25, 2020 09:55 AM (Zz0t1)


Because foreign cash stashes have already come home and have been invested, for one. No double taxation available, so the higher base rate of growth is baked in.


"That's an awfully easy message to sell..."

to any individual who's failed to learn about the uncompromising law of cause and effect.


Rosie's been a bear on the US Economy for at least three years, btw. Still my favorite fixed income economist, though...


Teachers certification appears to exclude cause and effect. "Linear thinking" is patriarchical and raysiss.


The notion of a coronavirus vaccine is sure getting hyped.


That is an interesting article. I am reading(skimming) too much though--read something in passing that supplementing w Vit D didn't effect outcome, but I can't remember outcome of what!
Cofid 19?

Tom R

From the Rogan article someone linked earlier.

Now, I get that Page suffered illegal treatment at the hands of the Justice Department, but there's scant evidence the guy is a hero of the republic.

One thing we know is a fact is that Page was a CIA asset and the FBI knew it before they submitted any of the FISA warrants. Since Page was a CIA asset, one thing I have never seen addressed is whether or not Page was allied with the Brennan faction of the CIA or not. I hope he wasn't but if Page was allied with Brennan then that is more proof of the corruption of the Obama administration.


Speaking of a coronavirus vaccine, doesn’t Elizabeth Holmes have some free time/expertise these days?


But in Seoul took on a more morbid tone Tuesday following reports in the local press that a civil servant from the Ministry of Justice's Emergency Safety Planning Office jumped off a bridge in Seoul at around 5 am local time Tuesday.


Old Lurker

Mel "Because foreign cash stashes have already come home and have been invested, for one. No double taxation available, so the higher base rate of growth is baked in."

Too narrow a telescope there Mel. If Trump is defeated, so is MAGA, and there will be no stopping the left including GOPe from reversing what Trump did and then extending where Obama was taking us. And that trajectory will remove that growth in earnings you imagine, and, depending on how fast, the whole notion of "earnings" and "private property" too.

Sounds like Cap'n Hate, as always, thinks otherwise and never can wait to say so. Makes no nevermind to me. I am hedged either direction.



Imagine there's no bread
It's easy if you try
No tacos or hot sauce,
Nothing cold or fried,
Imagine all the people living in the gulags

Imagine there's no money
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to eat or drink
And no bacon too
Imagine all the people living short life spans ooooh

You may say I'm a commie
But I'm not the only one
And someday you will join us
Or we'll shoot you in the face

Imagine no possessions
Because all your stuff was redistributed
Lots of greed and hunger
But seriously please can I have a potato
Imagine all the people sharing all your stuff, yeah

You may say I'm a commie
But I'm not the only one
Did you say you don't like that?
Then it's the gulag for you, son

::wipes away tears of admiration::


I'm personally curious of the impact of UVB on the virus' "Spike". Almost makes one think of a direct link to disruption.



i watched. i responded. you're still responding like a moron to hammer your point.
(i'm addressing you like Trump addresses Nancy. call it what you will. IGLTAF.)

so instead of running your fool mouth about your little clip, listen to how general Flynn opens his presentation. defend it.

like i replied to you on the last thread, which you likely dint read (boo hoo), you have no context to understand ANYTHING about the world in which i live.

in case you need a clue, i am not referring to football, vacations, and other "common interests".

It's no surprise to me that your only conclusion is that my replies "make no sense" to you.

I leave you to your higher purpose.



Not seeing things that way as too much "impediment" has already been removed by, as one example, the movement of production back to this country in a number of industries. Would take years to re-install overseas. Headline production is considerably at odds with corp #s I'm seeing, especially on the industrial side.

As always though, you are entitled to your own sources of information and concommitant opinions.

Mine just differ, that's all. Not here to sell it, either.

Tom R


If you don't mind would you give me your opinion on the Dynamic Asset Level Investing (DALI) method of investing? About 50% of my retirement portfolio is with a firm that uses this method. The firm sent out a newsletter yesterday saying that they were staying in the equity market for now despite the bad news on the coronavirus.

Dave (in MA)
Futures up 125. Dead cat bounce?
Didn't hold up. Bat soup bounce?
Old Lurker

I understand Mel. No problem.


Meet the moderators of the South Carolina Democratic debate:

• Norah O’Donnell
• Gayle King
• Margaret Brennan
• Major Garrett
• Bill Whitaker
Democrats are bitching about these moderators on Twitter because they are corporate employees, Norah O'Donnell was soft interviewing Ivanka (I guess that means polite). Major Garrett used to work for Fox, etc.


Morningstar's Ibbotsen covers a lot of that "Target" stuff. Some research has come about since the introduction of these types of funds, but that's in the last year or so.

Other than that, I don't touch those funds, nor waste my time studying them other than cursory study of the competition.


All of my grandchildren have worked as soon as they could. They also worked hard in academics and when they entered college (first 2 on full ride scholarships) did NOT waste their money on goofy classes.

This is why my grandson has already been not only hired but promoted, and my granddaughter has several interviews this spring before her graduation. My youngest granddaughter is working at the McDonald's near her house and I am very glad that their mother has installed both the value of hard work and the value of money in their heads.


Captain Hate,

This is why the President posted the entire news conference on his Twitter feed along with the welcoming ceremonies. Bette Midler made a fool of herself with that comment.

By the way, I would like to know who started the "Hate Trump" fad in Hollywood, since just a few short years ago they were vying to get him in cameo roles in their movies and TV shows. I am still wondering why the unusual degree of panic.


Illinois. Opposed to jobs.


matt - deplore me if you must

I can't wait until they start publishing Bernie's missives penned for Penthouse. .He's just a cheap, dirty basement dwelling Brooklyn sleaze bag who baffled all of the wastos in Burlington and somehow fell into the job.

His whole Stalinist life sooty is now on public display and I truly hope he scares the living shit out of every American left with a shred of common sense.


What's with media Bags being debate moderators anyway?

matt - deplore me if you must

sooty? story.


Donald J. Trump
Cryin’ Chuck Schumer is complaining, for publicity purposes only, that I should be asking for more money than $2.5 Billion to prepare for Coronavirus. If I asked for more he would say it is too much. He didn’t like my early travel closings. I was right. He is incompetent!



Here we go.


every American left with a shred of common sense.

A dwindling number, alas.


Coronavirus spreads to the SOUTH of Italy, with panic-buyers stripping supermarket shelves bare in Palermo and 59 new cases nationwide, bringing the total to 288

Woman from Bergamo, in Italy's north, went on holiday to Sicily before her home region was put on lockdown
She then developed flu symptoms and went to a Palermo hospital where she tested positive for coronavirus
Race is now on to find people she came into contact with as shoppers began panic-buying food and medicine
Italy confirmed 59 new coronavirus cases Tuesday, bringing the total to 288 with seven deaths from the virus
Austria and Croatia declared their first cases in travellers from Italy, while Switzerland also reported first case


Speaking of a coronavirus vaccine, doesn’t Elizabeth Holmes have some free time/expertise these days?

free time--yes.
Expertise---in what? Charming old guys to sit on her board and give her money?


OK then.

The Wall Street Journal @WSJ

A divided Supreme Court ruled that U.S. Border Patrol agents cannot be held liable for damages for shooting people on the Mexico side of the southern U.S. border


corporate employee status of moderators isnt the point. arent there literate Democrat personnel who could participate and talk a whole lot less in "framing" questions?


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to arrival at ceremony area with the horses.


— Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸 (@Scavino45) February 25, 2020


Speaking of data sets, this looks promising:




I would bet there will be no questions concerning money, trade, or the corona virus.

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