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February 13, 2020


jim nj


Something to think about.


Pat Metheny drowns in the kool-aid.

Dave (in MA)

Apparently so. I wouldn't mind, but in this case he took the unusual step of putting a song with lyrics on his record, and it's anti DJT, so he can GFH. It's not as though my to-buy list isn't yards long already.

Captain Hate

I lost interest in Metheney a while back, after 80/81 and the Ornette album. I never heard the recording he did with Derek Bailey, but fans of the latter never talk about it.

Dave (in MA)

That one's a hard listen from my perspective.
A bunch of random plinking and banging.

Dave (in MA)

This is pretty funny:


80/81 was tight. i dug charlie haden. Metheny's overall sound took a hit when he lost contact with Nana Vasconcellos.

Captain Hate

Speaking of weird guitarists every time Squidco runs a massive overstock sale, it is overwhelmingly populated by crap from Eugene Chadbourne. He's not untalented but is such an incomprehensible goof that I tired of his schtick quickly. As did Zorn apparently. He must work cheap because the guys putting on shows have him frequently despite my buds and I making it clear we ain't coming to any of 'em.

Captain Hate

80/81 also had good Michael Brecker playing, one of the handful out of many I could stand listening to.

Not that I'm opinionated...

Dave (in MA)

Something I've been using to taunt some fellow massholes...

New Hampshire Primary 2016
Fourth Place, zero delegates:

New Hampshire Primary 2020
Fourth Place, zero delegates:

Captain Hate

Time for radio silence.



jim nj


Bloomberg's meme spree prompts changes in Facebook, Instagram rules

Facebook won't treat the sponsored content in exactly the same way it treats political ads.


Henry @ 9:12

I am not sure that your premise — that Hillary got “a pass” from Comey is quite correct. A number of observers, including Rodham herself have stated their view that Comey cost her the election. Some “pass.”

But it is true that Rodham was not criminally prosecuted. I can easily accept that that decision may have been influenced by partisan politics.

My point was simply that the two tiered business is simply looking at the world through a partisan lens. By and large the people here think that Flynn should not have been prosecuted and that McCabe should have been. Now, the two cases are not identical, but in general each man was a government official strongly suspected of lying to the FBI. Why should one be prosecuted and the other not ?

There are two possible answers. One is to draw some kind of distinction between the two — someone suggested that maybe Flynn was guilty of only a faulty recollection while McCabe most assuredly knew that he was lying — but I think that is a strained bit of special pleading.

The other, more honest answer would be that Flynn as a Trump supporter is given more benefit of the doubt here than McCabe, a vociferous Trump detractor. In other words, many here WANT a two tiered system, one that favors people whose politics they agree with and disfavors people whose politics they disagree with.

For the record, I think that Flynn got treated very badly by the FBI. They went to enormous lengths to get him to lie to them on a subject — the contents of his conversation with the Russian ambassador that they already had on tape — that they had no purpose in asking him about except to be able to prosecute him for the lie.

But this does not make Flynn innocent and it most certainly does not make McCabe’s inaccurate recollection of his role in leaking a story that he was legally authorized to leak into a crime.

Someone, maybe Ig but I am not sure, suggested that lying to the FBI should not be a crime. That works for me. In any event, at the end of the day I think from a principled point of view it seems that either both Flynn and McCabe should be prosecuted for these lies or neither of them should be.

Once again, I respect that a distinction can be made between the two cases. They are not absolutely identical. But I think that the most likely reason that someone would favor prosecution of one and not the other is partisanship — in other words the desire for a two tiered justice system.


Barbara @ 9:49 -

I appreciate the kind words.

jim nj


Crackdown on militants as US and Afghan Taliban seek deal

"In the past two weeks, three influential Pakistani militants based in Afghanistan have been assassinated, whilst another Pakistani militant group has been targeted in a deadly raid by Afghan special forces.

The apparent crackdown comes as negotiations between US and Afghan Taliban officials, aimed at bringing an end to the 18-year-long conflict, appear to be leading towards an agreement.

One militant source told the BBC he believed the deaths were the result of a secret pact between American and Pakistani forces. Pakistan is believed to have played an important role in facilitating the discussions."

Maybe the US and Pakistan on are on the same page?


Ignatz @ 10:31 —

You are being all semantical about whether you were talking about “abortion.” You are certainly entitled to feel morally superior to people who disagree with you about the rare situation where a fetus survives an abortion attempt. But in my view it’s really about abortion. In any event, I personally do not feel morally superior to the run of the mill prog. I think that I have better policy ideas for how society should be organized than they do. But that is politics and not morality.

I think that you are factually wrong about the IG’s referral on McCabe. As I recall his report (and maybe I am the one who is mistaken) what the IG found was that McCabe had arranged for the leak of a story (I think it was about Hillary emails). The IG was quite explicit that he found no wrongdoing in McCabe facilitating such a leak and that in fact McCabe had the authority to leak such information. There was nothing classified about the leak.

However, what the IG referred to DOJ for potential prosecution was that when higher ups in the FBI inquired as to the source of this leak, McCabe lied to them and falsely said that he was not responsible. At one point DOJ told McCabe that he could expect an indictment in this matter. But today apparently they decided to close the file and not indict him in connection with this incident.

As I see it, while not exactly identical to the Flynn situation, the matter that was dropped today was purely and simply about lying to the FBI. It had NOTHING to do with either the leak of classified information or unauthorized surveillance.

From your other remarks it sounds like if we agree on those facts, we generally agree that either both or neither McCabe and Flynn should be prosecuted.


Should be Ig @ 10:33.


clarice @ 11:50 —

I agree with you about Barr. I think he is a smart guy and is doing a good job. Some here were dismayed when he criticized DJT s tweets, but he was right to do so and clearly DJT understands and accepts what Barr did.

I am afraid however that there is not much mystery in the dropping of the charges against McCabe related to the IG referral. DOJ simply folded, almost certainly because the odds of getting a conviction did not justify the effort.

In particular I will reiterate that it is very unlikely that the dropping of these charges is part of some deal by which McCabe will rat out others on serious charges. McCabes public statements today are wholly inconsistent with those of a cooperating witness and wholly consistent with those of a guy who stared down the prosecution and won — for now.

But the wheel is still spinning. Durham May yet charge McCabe. We will have to wAit and see.


Jim, Sunnyvale @ 11:10 —

Heavens no, I am not suggesting that McCabe and Flynn have been treated anything like the same.

My point was that it sure seems like the Democrats want Flynn to be prosecuted and McCabe not and the people here seemed to want the opposite.

As I have mentioned several times already, I think the main reason for this is that each side sees the world through a partisan lens. Whike it is POSSIBLE to come up with some kind of nonpartisan argument why one should be prosecuted and the other not, realistically that is just rationalization. Their behaviors, while not identical, are pretty similar. My contention is that but for partisanship they would likely be treated the same.

And I will again say that I think Lt Gen Flynn was treated disgracefully by the FBI.

jim nj


"Irked by Iraq's close ties to neighbouring Iran, Washington has begun following through on threats to squeeze Baghdad's fragile economy with delays to crucial cash deliveries and slashed sanctions waivers.

This week, the US granted Iraq last-minute leave to import Iranian gas for its crippled power grids, despite American sanctions on Tehran.

But Washington's patience seems to be running out: the latest waiver was hacked from the usual 90 or 120 days to just 45."


jim nj


jim nj


Conrad Black

jim nj


Nigel in the gallery at the SOTU.

jim nj

Got a new Safelink phone via UPS to replace my old one that isn't working well. And I'm an instant Luddite. The new phone runs on Android and so far nothing is intuitive and the dinky getting started booklet is anemic.

I've given up for the moment and will try to figure it out later.


DOJ simply folded, almost certainly because the odds of getting a conviction did not justify the effort.

That's an interesting justification. Suppose a liberal politician and a conservative politician committed the same offense in Washington DC. Conventional wisdom says a DC jury is considerably more likely to convict the conservative -- and I think conventional wisdom is correct. Does that mean the conservative should be charged, but not the liberal?

jim nj


Ha. Vladimir can build an airbase in Syria, but US planes can't land in a NATO country?

Kind of hard to dominate in the Arctic when you're busy in the desert.

jim nj


The author is a bit of a cheerleader here and admits that his think tank gets funding from the builder, but I've seen other reports hyping this trainer.

jim nj


John Schroeder

Locusts in Africa. I remember hearing about this last week and then no further coverage.

jim nj


"The world is literally a greener place than it was 20 years ago, and data from NASA satellites has revealed a counterintuitive source for much of this new foliage: China and India. A new study shows that the two emerging countries with the world’s biggest populations are leading the increase in greening on land. The effect stems mainly from ambitious tree planting programs in China and intensive agriculture in both countries."

Maybe it's not counterintuitive, maybe the two biggest recent polluters have more carbon dioxide to be absorbed locally.




Enjoying TWIP with crustless pizza for breakfast. Life is good. Moar coffee too.


It's not all lying dog faced pony soldiers but when it is it is excellent.

jim nj




Just in case TWIP doesn't give you enough to smile about - I woke up to these from my funny friend.



JM Hanes


"This is pretty funny:"

Needs more cowbell.

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