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February 06, 2020


Robin, eff 'em all

Good morning. The video of the gallery guests in this article is worth watching.


Robin, eff 'em all

Gosh, I don't think I've even been first.


They had a satellite in Milwaukee at UWM. Funny thing, the Dems keep telling us those Iowa resident college students get to vote in Wisconsin elections too. Early organization of vote fraud for November?

Robin, eff 'em all

Yeah Henry, it sounds suspiciously like vote harvesting.


Carried over from old thread:

Interesting comparison of coronavirus and influenza.


In the last decade, annual deaths from influenza have ranged between 12,000 and 61,000 in the US.

Coronavirus appears more contagious and much more deadly.

Will it be contained? Will it mutate into something less threateniing?

Robin, eff 'em all

I am not alone.....from Ace. (Sorry, I know that's CH's patch):

I think we might have experienced a tipping point in the direction and life of the nation going forward."

I agree with you, it feels like a tipping point. And soon we're headed for a big Bernie win in New Hampshire. It's astounding that Romney chose *This* moment to launch his solitary jihad against Trump; but it can only be a sign of the incredible depth of the hatred he's holding inside himself for Trump.

Trump wasn't hurt by the insult of Romney's vote; Romney will be destroyed by it. Oh, he'll sit there ignored on the Senate bench for 4 more years, and the Washington Post and CNN will love to talk to him; but that's it. This is how his career ends.
Posted by: Tom Servo

Sea Change.



The mysterious disappearance of Google's click metric


Frank Scavo

I think it is simple dilution. The more ads Google crams onto a page, the worse performance each advertiser achieves and the less each of them is willing to pay (or, the more they have to pay to get clicks) as the ROI goes down.


Malcolm Fleschner @CultureShlock

BREAKING: To compensate for "mistakes" made in the #IowaCaucuses, the @DNC is saying it will announce the results of the New Hampshire primary three days BEFORE the voting.



The Buttigieg campaign is attracting big names in tech, with top corporate donors:
-Alphabet: $248,000
-Microsoft: $145,000
-Amazon: $98,000


I’ve had no use for Mutt since he got punked by Candy Crowley.

He talks tough when he thinks he has “cover”, but shrinks when he has to stand up by himself.

Quite a bit like Obama in that respect.

Trump on the other hand...:)


sure, nice try. This isn't what the law says to do. Vote fraud must be protected at all costs.

The Feb. 18 primary is a low-turnout election, so clerks may make only a little headway on the issue. But they may have another chance to take care of more voters on April 7, when a larger share of the electorate will turn out to pick a state Supreme Court justice and weigh in on who Democrats should pick as their presidential nominee.



Pouring down rain here in Georgia this morning and 70 degrees.

I'm reposting the video I posted late last night on previous thread of potential campaign commercial made by Kevin Jackson.



Robin, that story about your dental hygienist's family at the end of the last thread was super!

I do think the rallies help give people confidence. When my sister and I went to the one here during the campaign, we got a chance to talk to people in line and we had the same reaction as when we talked to people in the UK about Brexit. We knew Trump was going to draw a lot of votes and had a chance to win. We also were surprised at the variety of people who supported him.

James D.

henry @ 7:32

If that's the stuff that we know about, imagine how much more fraud is going on that we can't even guess at.


Donald J. Trump
Had failed presidential candidate @MittRomney
devoted the same energy and anger to defeating a faltering Barack Obama as he sanctimoniously does to me, he could have won the election. Read the Transcripts!

Jim Eagle

Yesterday driving home from Orlando, Frederick and we were discussing the Coronavirus and he told me that one of his Chinese classmates was from Wuhan. So far, his family is okay but if he goes back like the rest of the 30 other Chinese students for the big March break (if they can find a flight, of course) they may not be let back in to country and school.

School is shut down for 20 days. Now it may have find a way to take care of these kids who stay or other families volunteer to put them up.


DHS will no longer allow New York residents to participate in Trusted Traveler Programs-Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI and FAST because of the recently enacted Drivers License Access and Privacy Act.


Dan Scavino is feeling some relief from all of the impeachment stuff:

Robin, eff 'em all

DHS will no longer allow New York residents to participate in Trusted Traveler Programs-Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI and FAST because of the recently enacted Drivers License Access and Privacy Act.

Golly, I live in the stupid state.


Link goes to screen cap of how democrats voted in the first and second rounds.

So: With 97% of vote counted, Iowa caucus results are:
Sanders 44,753 26.5%
Buttigieg 42,235 25.0%
Warren 34,312 20.3%
Biden 23,051 13.7%
If no big changes in last 3 percent of vote, bottom line: Sanders won, Buttigieg did well, Warren OK, Biden bad, bad, bad. pic.twitter.com/lNNoj7KQ9T

— Byron York (@ByronYork) February 6, 2020

Looking to retweet a tweet in the pj article at the top here, I found this at the same account.
I hope they censure him:

The Utah Republican Party is pleased to see President Trump completely acquitted by the United States Senate. We appreciate the service rendered to our state by Utah’s two senators. As a party, we strongly disagree with the vote cast today by Senator Romney.


Democrats go after Trump with Impeachment, Biden gets his candidacy torn in half.

Great day in the neighborhood:)


Pelosi just opened the Prayer Breakfast with a prayer and slurred speech, according to a text from my local friend.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Well that was fun.

Tornado warning. Circulation right over our house. No touchdown. Lots of trees swaying and we lost one in the woods next to the house. I had just dropped Ariel off at daycare and was in the car in the driveway. Whee!!!

All clear has been called for now.


"That's an awfully clear Mimosa, Madame Speaker. And there's no fizz."



Attorney General Barr released a statement on the President's State of the Union speech.


witness against MS13 murdered before trial.

Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said at a news conference that he blames the new bail reform law for the 36-year-old’s death. He says under the law, prosecutors must turn over all evidence against a defendant within 15 days of arraignment – including the identities of all witnesses and victims.



Loved your dental hygienist story on the last thread, Robin. I know just how that feels. :)


Go for it. I'll hold your beer.

As establishment Democrats grow wary of a Sen. Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.) nomination, MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews raised the possibility of Rep. Adam Schiff (D., Calif.) emerging as the Democratic nominee during a contested convention.



Link goes to a screen cap of a chart:

Gallup: 59% of Americans say they are better off financially than they were a year ago, the highest level in the history of Gallup polling.

Gallup has never recorded this level in over 40 years - even the dot com boom was 58%.

This is how Trump wins reelection in November. pic.twitter.com/vPRvWTXU1E

— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) February 5, 2020

I think it was probably posted but Trump received more votes in Iowa than any incumbent in the caucus's history. By a lot.

GWB 2004: ~8K
Obama 2012: ~24K
Trump 2020: ~32K


Get a load of this.

Haspel's clapping for Trump rankles intel veterans

James D.

According to the article, it wasn't only identities, it was CONTACT INFORMATION that the prosecutors had to turn over to the defendants.

From where I sit, everyone who voted for that idiotic law is an accessory to that murder, and so is Governor Fredo for signing it, and ought to face both civil and criminal liability for it.


Judiciary Chairman Nadler Revisits FBI's Kavanaugh Investigation at Oversight Hearing

Still looking to impeach him.


Yikes Steph! Rain has lightened here, as once again we joke about how nice it is to be the top of the hill that the water flows away from.


The slope of the "better off" and "worse off" lines on the graph at MM's 8:56 is startling. Similar to '84.

I don't recommend reading the comments.



She is polling higher than ANY of the candidates included in CNN's town hall!


I think this means they want the rest of us to bail them out. Eat government cheese you fibs.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

IL begins openly talking about a federally supported (that's you and me) bankruptcy.



Woke up at 4;00 and it was already in the 70’s. Warmest morning of the year. Probably won’t get to the 80’s because it’s overcast, but lovely after such a cold winter.

Been thinking a lot about Daddy because he would have loved what’s going on. He’d have been texting from Sydney demanding updates. I sure hope he’s looking down and laughing. Miss him a lot.


Watching Pelosi pretending to clap for the President at the prayer breakfast.


Ceres Cafe Mimosas, the only ones you can see through and read the fine print.





I was thinking of Daddy, too, this morning. Maybe that means he's checking in on us.


Wow, he starts out by condemning the Dems as corrupt and making fun of Pelosi for saying she prays for him. Simply amazing!


These satellite caucuses are BS. But if the party wants to go that route, I guess there's nothing stopping them.

Sounds like Bernie may squeak out a win after all; meanwhile Booty gets to campaign for several days in NH as the "winner" of Iowa. Good job Dems.


President Trump entering the National Prayer Breakfast holding up a copy of USA Today with the headline "Acquitted:"



More of what he says! No live TV here.


Here, MM:



Mitt keeps talking about his oath and how devout he is. He states his impeachment decision was driven by conscience. You’d think a Harvard JD would know his decision should have been driven by the law. He can take his oath, roll it up with his conscience, and ram it up sideways with a lemon juice chaser. Asshat..


We are never going to get a good tick-tock on the Wuhan virus. The Chinese government is, and has been, cracking down on the free flow of information.

It is, was, or became a political issue, not just a medical one.


Maybe I'm an American jingoist, but if you consider the combined efforts of the CDC, FEMA, transportable US Army field hospitals and our existing medical system I think we would have come up with a better response.

I haven't commented much because there isn't much factual information to add to what is being posted, and jim nj is 100% correct--we have no way to know if anything coming out China is anywhere near accurate.

And yes, it's political--as was the handling of the AIDS problem here, which became the problem it was BECAUSE of the political decisions of our "betters," deciding for the first time ever to NOT track sexual contacts of a sexually transmitted disease, because "stigma" (feelings).

Control of coronavirus has already been blown here, IMO--political decisions, largely economic. A combo of costs, lost wages, and then the "not causing undue panic."
All these Chinese students coming back from Christmas break, Jimsunny's wife--any and all of them coming in from China, Hong Kong, should have been quarantined if you wanted to stop this.
(Think how many people jim's kids have had contact with while their mom "self-quarantined" since she came home.)

That person in Madison brought it in from Bejing---so it has begun. We'll see if his spouse or kids get it. Or other people on his flight. That will be information that I want to know.

In the meantime:it's here, good luck.

At least our supportive care is likely better than the Chinese, so you'll have a better shot at getting a ventilator if you need one to tide you over.


Gee, who could have guessed?

Alpha News MN @AlphaNewsMN

A multi-time felon who’s been working in Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey’s office as a policy fellow on criminal justice reform, has been charged with three felonies involving narcotics and illegal possession of a firearm.



getting ready for the DNC.

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Milwaukee gas station faces possible closure over man shooting PORN VIDEO in the snack aisle. Wait...WHAT?! via.fox6now.com/lVx95




Thanks! I will watch the replay later, since I came in on the last couple of minutes of his speech.


“The first caucus was held in Tbilisi, Georgia, of all places and reports are that Sanders led the delegates there. Another was held in St. Petersburg, Florida”

I really thought this was a Babylon Bee story until I saw “Florida” and even then wasn’t sure, given Bernie’s history with the Soviet Union. Still don’t get the concept though. Are these for college students from Iowa?




spin is predictable.


Trump lashes out at enemies during National Prayer Breakfast speech following acquittal


“I don’t like people who use their faith as justification for doing what they know is wrong. Nor do I like people who say ‘I pray for you’ when they know that that’s not so,” Trump said. “So many people have been hurt and we can’t let that go on. I’ll be discussing that a little bit later at the White House.”


BNO Newsroom @BNODesk

BREAKING: Chinese doctor Li Wenliang, who was accused of spreading rumors after trying to warn colleagues about coronavirus, has died of the illness - Sina/GT


Yeah he went there... 😎 pic.twitter.com/2mNsulIgKJ

— M3thods (@M2Madness) February 6, 2020

Video at the link.


I was figuring this was what you would say Amom.


From a comment on the last thread, here on the UWS I’m sure it’s not 3 in 10 who voted for Trump, more like 1 in 10, though probably higher in November. Still, I go to some NY Young Republican events (even though I’m not young) and the crowd is enthusiastically pro-Trump. If there’s a “name” speaker it can draw hundreds of paying attendees on a weeknight.


Roscoe B Davis

Watching the Nat'l Prayer Breakfast and @realDonaldTrump
just sent one across the bow of @SpeakerPelosi
sitting ten feet from him, about being Prayerful while committing the sham impeachment and harming the country. The look on her face was priceless.

Full thread with comments:


JM Hanes


"I wrote you a long response on the issue of firing up the base versus expanding the base."

Not to worry. My position is easier to sum up: Embrace the power of "and."

I would, however, be curious to know which polls you put your faith in. As for me, I'd put my money on Porchlight, who is the best reader I know. Anecdotally, Miss Marple was waaaay ahead of the crowd, and the polls, last time around. It's never been just wishful thinking.


Per Senate impeachment Rule XXIII, “[u]pon pronouncing judgement, a certified copy of such judgement shall be deposited in the office of the Secretary of State.” Tonight, it was my pleasure to sign President @realDonaldTrump’s full acquittal. pic.twitter.com/6Y44Mp0oJe

— Secretary Pompeo (@SecPompeo) February 6, 2020

Link goes to photos of Pompeo signing the acquittal and the paper itself.


Repeating MissM's short vid link, about 1 min. Alternates SOTU lines with Nancy ripping up the speech


No Dem cross over in Senate.
Never a break in the Dem ranks in SCOTUS.
Rarely any break in the HoRs.

Manuel Transmission

Got a call from our DIL last night. She’s spooked about the WuFlu. She got a missive from the VA about how to handle symptoms. So she tried to stock up on basic meds, etc. and found Amazon was pretty much out of everything. Found some at Walmart, but no masks. GDtr has several Chinese classmates who went home for Christmas, but so far no sickies. (Hopefully past the two weeks.) JR is sick in Vegas where he got whatever from his boss who got really sick in Mexico. I’m guessing that’s the regular crap going around this time of year.

Robin, eff 'em all

We have a Cornell student who returned from China with the symptoms. Currently under observation and isolated, but how many other students did he/she (not releasing any identification info) come into contact with? We have a huge number of Chinese nationals at the university.


Yanukovich is butt hurt. (hopefully facing indictment)

Vicki McKenna @VickiMcKenna

Get a load of the butt-hurt from this overpaid, arrogant politically-motivated drama queen. According to her we now live in a dictatorship where (someone) is threatened with punishment or death if we do not submit with blind obedience to the government.



After reading Robin's post on the other thread, about her hygienist who can't gather her family of four children because of her one lib daughter making up so many "rules for topics of discussion," (I hope she and the other three kids got together and had a great time!), I have to strongly support TRUMP's calling out Pelosi for what she allowed to happen.

It has caused enormous pain and suffering to many, many families this past holiday season.

She does not have what it takes to be Speaker.

I do think we will look back on this impeachment as we do Romney's loss in 2012--a hard hit when it happened, but ultimately, a gift.

I heard an audio clip featuring number of those D callers to CSPAN the other night, who declared they were "done" with the Ds. Nancy's behavior at SOTU was a real wake up moment for people who were already being alienated by this impeachment without a crime, baby killing til delivery, microaggression, socialist BS they were being pitched but doesn't set well.

There are going to be many new DJT voters this November. I won't be surprised if the black male vote is going to be close to 20%.


“Golly, I live in the stupid state.”

From what I have read, it’s only new enrollments in the Trusted Traveller programs that are suspended for NYers, not the programs themselves. Or at least I hope that’s the case, as I have three transatlantic trips planned in the next 5 months.

But between this and the godawful bail reform, yes, we live in a stupid state.


They outsmarted themselves?

Izabella Kaminska @izakaminska

This is fascinating. If I understand correctly, Tesla's convertibles were hedged with calls, funded via warrants, which when the stock hit $560 made them short their own stock. Forcing to possibly have to buy back as they delta hedged. ihsmarkit.com/research-analy…


Dave (in MA)


Combat pay for courtroom sketch artists?


I assume this is a false front thing.

Chad Pergram

USCP investigating suspicious substance in Schiff’s office in Rayburn


Chad Pergram

Senate Governmental Affairs Committee chair Johnson writes to Pompeo asking info on how State Dept handled classified information on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server.


Goggles they do nothing.


Bail reform is designed to get you to beg Cuomo for more protection, but in exchange for....




Listen to this, at the last tweet of series posted below.

Another (I am presuming) Leftist--he interned for National Review 19 years ago, for the other guy on the screen who he is saying is Wrong about whatever older white guy (who he fact checked for) just said, as he was wrong about 2016, and some ME war--he's calling him out on both----

and giving a warning to the Morning Joke viewers that SOMETHING IS GOING ON OUT THERE with voters.

Guy speaking actually left DC/NYC and talked to these Bernie supporters in Iowa--who look JUST LIKE YOUR PROTOTYPICAL TRUMP SUPPORTERS. Camo jackets and all!
Some with blood on them even. Like they just shot a deer.



So if (and its a big if) if the legacy media had not gone all squirrel with commisar jurek, they might have been able to build a firewall against sanders


My 10:11 should say Momto2's video link



JM Hanes


"You think theyve given up, no sirree bob."

I haven't heard that expression in ages. It always makes me laugh, no matter when or why it shows up. I did a search on its origins, and discovered that yes siree bob is apparently more common, even though I don't recall hearing it. While there seem to be two schools of thought on the addition of "bob," the derivation of "yes siree" seems pretty straightforward:

It comes from "Yes sir!" The "ee" added to the end of "sir" is an exclamation of informality, positivity, and excitement. During the mid-19th century, "Bob" was used as a euphemism for "God," as in "So help me, Bob!"

Then there is this:

There are many recorded 19th and 20th century examples of "yessiree" as an excited rustic (e.g., hillbilly or cowboy) exaggeration of "Yes sir!" But as far as I can tell the "Bob" ending doesn't show up until the mid-20th.

Unless there's a confirmed usage before ~1950, the best guess seems to be that "Bob" came from a catch phrase on a long-running American children's show called "Howdy Doody," where one or more characters frequently said that to the host, whose name was "Buffalo Bob." Google shows the first occurrence of the full phrase in print as 1956.

Have you ever heard of Google Ngrams? It lets you track the occurrence of phrases in a selected "corpus of books." Here are the chronological graphs for variants of "yessiree" (there's a larger version at the link).

Google Ngram

Good times!

PS I also meant to thank you for all the breadcrumbs and info on the Eradicateurs in Algeria. Very interesting, and a history I really knew nothing about. You can certainly see how Obama's intervention in Libya made no friends in Algeria. Libya is not quite as confusing as Syria, but I have the impression that the government we've ended up supporting is sort of a terrorist gang, while Russia/Turkey (or are they not a thing any more?) are supporting the potential good guy (in a relative sense)?




Boeing shares surge more than 3% after the FAA administrator is quoted as saying the software audit for the 737 Max has been completed and it looks like the certification flight could take place in the next few weeks.


Ann Coulter

Dave (in MA)
Digging up old Jen Rubin tweets that show she's a
hypocrite is like prospecting inside the Federal Reserve.

No Dem cross over in Senate.

Manchin, Jones and Sinema can thank Romney for giving them cover.


Happy Birthday JIB!

John S

Trump likes to set the narrative. He is speaking at noon. Any guesses as to what he will say to get the press butthurt? I don't think this will be a simple victory speech or rant at Pelosi. He must have a theme in mind. I am itching to see what it is.



Happy Birthday. JIB


Manchin, Jones and Sinema can thank Romney for giving them cover.

hunter orange cover is not as effective as a cammo pattern.


Happy birthday jib

Indeed jm were backing qatar and turkeys candidate, who is authentic as buttigeg

Captain Hate

Manchin, Jones and Sinema can thank Romney for giving them cover.

Sinema is a disappointment but LOL @ anyone expecting otherwise from those other bums. Time for a second look at the EpiPen scam on the taxpayers?


Tom R

"I wrote you a long response on the issue of firing up the base versus expanding the base."

In addition to winning a landslide in the electoral college IMO Trump wants to win the popular vote as well. To do that he has to expand the demographics of the MAGA base. He will do that by appealing to anyone who is a patriotic American who understands the threat of Marxism, Communism, Socialism, Progressivism or whatever label the enemies of the Constitution want to call themselves.

I expect to see a significant percentage of patriotic center/left liberals support Trump in 2020


Jimmy’s, you are correct re: trusted travelers. No new enrolllees nor re-enrollees from NY.



Liz Warren Finishes In 5th Place In Pocahontas County, Iowa

Brad Parscale comments:

Dave (in MA)
Any guesses as to what he will say to get the press butthurt?

Happy Birthday, JiB!

Dave (in MA)


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wretchard's latest.

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