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February 06, 2020



Roll strong into NH, Mayor Jotito. Climb up on that tank! Do it.


My Iplaid is toast Dave, and I can't convince Apple to let my old one in, which apparently it cancelled when I got the new one.

It's 85 here. Come visit!


JMH- known war games starting in GA with EMF warnings about functionality with a WIDE perimeter


Keep em coming!!!

Rep. Gaetz Files Ethics Charges Against Pelosi, Saying She Broke the Law with Her SOTU Stunt

By Matt Margolis February 6, 2020

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., holds up a copy of President Donald Trump's State of the Union address to a joint session of Congress that she tore up on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2020. At left Rep. Billy Long, R-Mo. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

On Wednesday evening, Republican congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida announced that he is filing an ethics complaint against Nancy Pelosi for her disgraceful stunt after President Trump finished his State of the Union address.

“I’m filing an ethics complaint against @SpeakerPelosi for destroying @realDonaldTrump’s State of the Union speech,” he wrote on Twitter.

According to Gaetz, Nancy's behavior was a potential violation of 18 USC 2071.

Here's what the law states;

§2071. Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

(a) Whoever willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, or destroys, or attempts to do so, or, with intent to do so takes and carries away any record, proceeding, map, book, paper, document, or other thing, filed or deposited with any clerk or officer of any court of the United States, or in any public office, or with any judicial or public officer of the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(b) Whoever, having the custody of any such record, proceeding, map, book, document, paper, or other thing, willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys the same, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. As used in this subsection, the term "office" does not include the office held by any person as a retired officer of the Armed Forces of the United States.

"There is no question that Speaker Pelosi 'mutilated, obliterated, or destroyed' the copy of the President's address provided to her at the beginning of the evening," Gaetz wrote in his letter to the Ethics Committee. "Accordingly, after the House Committee on Ethics thoroughly investigates this matter and recommends Speaker Pelosi's censure, I urge you to make all appropriate referrals to the Department of Justice for further investigation and prosecution."

It goes without saying that it is highly unlikely the Democrat-controlled House will censure Pelosi, or refer a criminal case against her to the Justice Department. But, then again, Nancy has said repeatedly during the impeachment process that nobody is "above the law."



The FULL COMMIE will "negotiate" a TIE with Sodomy Boy and the Crazy Bernie. Just IMAGINE if the GOP paid shizzloads of cash to some insider and it RUINED one year of planning an election in state of 3 million.

Tom R

Buckeye @ 1:24

In the context of Trump's point I personally consider "scum" and "corrupt" to be synonymous terms. Overall both Trump and Wray were making the same exact point in regards to the integrity of the FBI. The scum/corrupt members who were involved with the FISA abuse scandal are no longer in positions of power and targets of Durham's investigation. That is how I interpreted it at least.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I firmly believe that DawsonSFields is an psych student conducting an persuasion game of his/her own to test the gullibility of the Twitter-sphere for a thesis.--

In my experience, most psych majors have gone into the field to discover and fix whatever is wrong with them. That statement at 1:33 would seem to be further evidence in support of that experience.


Why does the DOJ need a referral by the House in order to investigate whether Pelosi broke the law by destroying the document?

James D.

Buttplug is now citing "religion" as a reason for justifying late-term abortion of "disabled" children. (top story at The Federalist presently)

I've said before that I consider Bootygig's religious talk to be blasphemous. I think we need a stronger word now.

Dave (in MA)

Jane, it's not covered by any warranty?
Telling me it's 85 isn't any way to entice me. I hate the heat.

Dave (in MA)

https://twitter.com/CalebJHull/status/1225483137565810688 Trump's funny remarks about Scalise that Jane summarized on the previous page.


thread and Barr's statement at link. This is in respect to 5G.

Eamon Javers

Here’s what Barr said today. He’s clearly advocating the US government consider purchasing a controlling stake in these telecom companies. Not everyone inside the White House agrees with this.



If the gov owns the telcos... they can be like China and give themselves a backdoor. I don't trust Barr at all here.


Many of you have seen this already but some have not. This is the footage of Trump's speech at the Al Smith Dinner in New York City about ten days before election day in 2016. Remember, Trump was considered way down in the polls at this point. Bloomberg and Hillary are only a few feet away as Trump goes to town.
I posted this because Trump's presser today reminded me of this incredible moment.




70's tomorrow. No clue about the warranty - can't even remember where I bought it - probably Amazon.

Dave (in MA)

If Pelosi is somehow still Speaker next year, Trump should rig her copy of the speech with the old "rattlesnake eggs" prank.


Oooops. Face masks defeat facial recognition, Xi hardest hit.



Why does the DOJ need a referral by the House in order to investigate whether Pelosi broke the law by destroying the document?

DoJ doesn't need a referral in order to pursue it, but as I understand it, a referral from Congress is a formal request to which DoJ must respond, one way or another.


That's funny, peter, I commented on T_D that it reminded me of the Red Dinner as well.

I'll never forget watching it live and trying to keep my jaw from dropping on the floor. I think I commented here to try to get everyone to tune in. Still probably the most incredible political event I've ever witnessed.

And that's not even taking into account Maria B's um, assets.

Tom R

Iggy @ 2:36

How do you think a psychologist would interpret TK's obsession with trying to discredit DawsonSFields?

BTW I don't know what profession Fields is now but I do know he is an Army veteran. Since he is one of the top Twitter Sleuths covering the global money laundering scandal my guess is he works in the financial industry.


Jane, your commentary is like the old days. Thanks.

I think Mark Meadows said, “We’ve got your back!”


Do you have a Simply MAC store nearby? They are helpful.

Texas Liberty Gal

Happy Birthday Jack!!!

Captain Hate

And that's not even taking into account Maria B's um, assets.

Was there anything else?


BTW I don't know what profession Fields is now but I do know he is an Army veteran.

You know that? You actually know his true identity??

Be careful, Tom, a lot of anonymous Interneters claim Army experience to try and pump up their blog creds. No way to validate it.

Captain Hate

This sounds like a winning message



FWIW, you seem obsessed with my “obsessions.”


Was there anything else?

Well, yeah. ;)


I guess that makes sense, Porch, but I guess they don't always respond.

Here are a few from last year:



Didn't Rodham serve in the ARMY after the MARINE CORPSE (heh) refused to take her because her drinking???

Tom R

Of all of Trump's attorneys who defended him during the impeachment trial, the one who impressed me the most was Patrick Philbin. He was mentioned last in this article but IMO he had the most impact.


Philbin handled cases relating to counterterrorism and espionage during the height of the war on terror. One of his tasks was handling applications for electronic surveillance under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).

He is most widely known for working with then-Deputy Attorney General James Comey in preventing Attorney General John Ashcroft from signing off on a controversial warrantless wiretap program.

I wonder if Trump selected Philbin to be part of his defense team because Philbin allied with Comey and Mueller in opposition to extension of the warrantless wiretap program? More specific details of Philbin's involvement documented here. Philbin was physically present in Ashcroft's hospital room during the infamous event.



Yes, Ext, I guess they don't always. But a referral would be the most public way of bringing attention to issue X with whatever pressure Congress can muster.


Hackwood*'s "Distress":


*John J. Harwood

Tom R

I agree with her on Widespread Panic but that's it. She is obviously watching a different movie than I am.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy @ 2:36

How do you think a psychologist would interpret TK's obsession with trying to discredit DawsonSFields?--

If he had any sense he'd interpret it as a public service.
The guy says many objectively stupid things and BTW needs little assistance in discrediting himself.

--my guess is he works in the financial industry--

Perhaps he was WeWork's CIO.



Captain Hate

It's incredible this has never been reported by our unfree press


Biden family values.



I loved DJT's acquittal fest today--reminds me of the end of Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and it was pure class to thank everyone who helped him.


Here's Pelosi from after the prayer breakfast:

“So, yesterday, the Senate acted – first time in history that a senator has voted against his own president in a decision regarding impeachment. God bless him for his courage.

“This morning, the president said that, when people use faith as an excuse to do – I don’t if he said, ‘bad things’ – but, whatever he said was just so completely inappropriate, especially at a prayer breakfast.”

“I don't know if the president understands prayer or people who do pray.

“But, we do pray for the United States of America. I pray for him, I pray for President Bush, President Obama - because, it is a heavy responsibility.

“And, I pray hard for him - because he’s so off the track of our Constitution, our values, our country, the air our children breathe, the water they drink and the rest. He really needs our prayers. So, he can say whatever he wants, he can say whatever he wants, but I do pray for him and I do so sincerely and without anguish, you know, gently – that’s the way I pray for everybody else.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Iggy, once again you have a major fan club on FB--

Now whadIdo?

--You MUST write for a bigger audience than JOM.--

I already do. I left a comment at Wretchard's place and Powerline too.

Jim Eagle

Thank you all for the gracious salutations.

Frederick and I have been to Stetson University for his visit and walk around. Its a Men's Rowing school but not in his academic wheelhouse. Only Pre-Engineering.

Tomorrow we are off to Florida Tech in Melbourne which is NASA centric but still a good engineering school. Then over to Rollins in Winter Park, another Liberal Arts school with a Rowing program. So, does Florida Tech.

During the big March break we will visit Miami, Florida Atlantic and maybe UCF. FSU and UF don't have Div 1 Rowing only Club rowing. But we will deal with them later. Right now, I am betting on Florida Tech. He doesn't want to go up north anymore. He's now a Florida boy.

Jim Eagle



We are at 83F on the beach. Warmer in Deland today. Shorts and flip flops for the kids on campus.


Happy Birthday, JiB!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't think "God, I thank You that I am not like the other men—swindlers, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector" counts as praying for someone Nancy.

Tom R

The guy says many objectively stupid things...

Iggy @ 4:11

Using "objectively" was a poor choice of terms IMO. AFAIK Fields is one of the few people out there making the assertion McCabe and Baker were allied together and in direct opposition to Comey long before election day 2016. McCabe and Baker's animus toward Comey traces back to the Hillary email server investigation. Fields makes an extremely compelling argument and uses evidence to back up that assertion.

If Fields assertion is correct and Comey and McCabe were essentially at war with one another then that has a major impact on how Spygate played out.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jeez, the Bidens are like Pennsylvania/Delaware's Kennedy clan; no crime or swindle shall be left uncommitted.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Making what may be a correct assertion on one subject doesn't obviate the many objectively stupid things he says on others.


But they do hold each other's beers.


Chuck Todd: "He didn't thank Lamar Alexander. " And an earlier dude "He didn't thank Susan Collins"

He did kinda sorta give them a pass though--said something about understanding its vital to hold Senate,and some people had to do things to make that happen.

(Obviously, not applicable to Lamar).
Chuck Todd is a clueless tool.

Jim Eagle

Our visit to Stetson was conducted by the assistant director of Admissions. After her presentation, before the tour I asked her has she seen an uptick in applications, full pay admissions, etc. She told me that they have never seen anything like it. More and more families are willing to commit to the financial burden (over $65K with boarding).

I asked since when and the light bulb went on and she admitted since Trump was elected.

A different paradigm but another example. BTW, they have over 2K on the waiting list. Average enrollee 3.86 GPA, 1200 SAT. They are a 3K max enrollment. No Grad school in Deltona.

I will check out the others as I visit but wouldn't this be a great metric. More kids and families willing to take the risk of a college education and its financial outcome?


Again, it'll be a TIE in Iowa. Tom Perez will be swearing up a storm, as he gets SHITCANNED.


JiB, maybe they think theDems will win and college loans will become grants (non taxable) by some free shit magic.


I guess she watched it after all.

Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Rush Limbaugh of Faking Reaction to Medal

Tom R

Making what may be a correct assertion on one subject doesn't obviate the many objectively stupid things he says on others.

Most of Fields tweets focus on the global money laundering scandal. I'm guessing you aren't referring to those. Are you referring to Fields tweets that document Trump's past history back in the 80s and 90s working with Barr, Mueller, Guiliani, Comey and Rosenstein in helping to combat organized crime?



I wouldn't overlook Stanford and CalTech. Both have rowing teams, though you should check details. I needn't plug their academics.


I visited rollins back in high school, it looked ok but not as clean as the brochure maybe because it happened in march.

Tom R

What does Trump mean here?

Then they said, well, maybe the transcription is not correct. But Lieutenant Colonel [Alexander] Vindman and his twin brother, we had some people that were really amazing, but we did everything. I said, what was wrong with it? They said, they didn’t add this word. I said, add it. They’re probably wrong, but add it. So not everybody believes they’re completely accurate.

Is he saying LTC Vindman and his brother modified the transcript of his phone call with Zelensky?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm not one to revel in pointless violence but as a boxer I do appreciate good form, espcially from a beloved Disney character;
Minnie Mouse beats the tar out of female security guard.
She did seem to tag Mickey on the ol' rodent nose once but otherwise her punches were short, accurate and came in beautiful flurries.
A true artist.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The man is a semantic magician!

Allowing people to draw false conclusions of what he said, by leading them to connect 2 dots that he wants them to connect while he never actually connects them himself.

It is the art of persuasion...--

Objectively. Stupid.


They certainly tried to, hence all thr kerfluffle about the white hoise data base


SANDY CORRRTEZZZZZZZZZ. See you next Tuesday bitch.


Tk wasnt wrong


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Is he saying LTC Vindman and his brother modified the transcript of his phone call with Zelensky?--

Yeah, remember there was some scrap over one word that was garbled or not in Trump's initial transcript and the progs tried to make a big deal out of it, though the "correction" was probably not even correct.

Jim Eagle


After reading Boys in the Boat, he thought about UW but again, the weather and being 2500miles away. He is a Florida boy, caught the heat and the waves, as we say. I think being in Canterbury for the last 2 years soured him on anything that isn't warm and sunny. I'll ask him about Stanford and CalTech.

But I think he is inclined toward somewhere in the SE and he does like the NASA connection since I was on the VAB construction back in the day.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Theo: "competently conducted polls are useful data in discerning public opinion"

From polls you feel are likely to be accurate, what conclusions are you drawing?
For example, is the Pres race still pretty close, or lopsided (which way)?
But any other insights are welcome unrelated to Presidential politics too.


Good afternoon.Happy Birthday,Jack!
I've been lurking because real life intruded. My mother is improving every day,but she's being obstinate about a few issues. We're not surprised. :) Thank goodness all six of us are on the same page. *sigh*


About the acquittal fest today:Howie Carr has been p[l]aying cut after cut - this is pure gold. He said he called his publisher to say his column for tomorrow will be a little late and they asked if he was going to quote the b.s. part. Howie said yes, edited. The editor told him - don't have to edit it we are considering running it as our headline tomorrow.

Tom R

Iggy @ 4:50

OK then. Who is the "he" Trump is referring to?

I love the FBI and the FBI loves me, 99 percent. It was the top scum. At the FBI, people don’t like the top scum. So think of that, 100 million to 1 and he’s investigating me.

Trump's extemporaneous style of speaking is not always easy to understand. In the past at a helicopter press briefing when referring to the FBI "scum" involved in the FISA abuse scandal Trump said "we caught'em all". He made the same point today but some people are interpreting what he said to "we caught him" in apparent reference to Comey. It wasn't Comey who opened investigations into Trump. It was McCabe.

JM Hanes

Thanks for the Flex Seal tip, Stephanie. Won't be getting to Lowes anytime soon though, but I'l pick some up when I do.


"Nancy Pelosi is a horrible person." - POTUS

Her comments today remove all doubt.

JM Hanes


Your reporting skilz are awesome! So much on the domestic docket here today, so thanks for keeping me current.


New post up today. Actually this morning, but sometimes my visits to memorycare make me want to take a nap when I get home. invisibleserfscollar.com/driving-behavioral-change-by-building-a-different-kind-of-brain-circuit-in-students-unity-for-our-strife-driven-world/

Anyone with experience with a nuclear stress test after a high cardiac calcium score? That would be next week's adventure.

Dad has taken up resting his head on table while he naps. That at least was after I wheeled him to look at rain and then took him outside to covered porch so he could see puddles. Not sure what he was saying but he clearly recognized I had taken him to watch the rain and was talking to him about it.

Must look at him at his eye level when talking. Unfortunately others don't do that and then wonder about the differences in responses.


JMH---- our CVS in Bkly carries FLEX SEAL products. ;)

JM Hanes


"known war games starting in GA...."

Oh man, they must be having fun with all this hellacious weather, flooding, trees down all over the place. Something of a challenge I should think. Guess I'll have to stop whining about the radar.


If the TRUMP/ZELENSKY conversation wasn't normal.

It should be the norm.


Sometimes you have to be fully descriptive? Frankly this (redacted) show requires a cognate in another language.


Explains our crazy world



Donald J. Trump
· 7m
Nevada, I hear you on Yucca Mountain and my Administration will RESPECT you! Congress and previous Administrations have long failed to find lasting solutions – my Administration is committed to exploring innovative approaches – I’m confident we can get it done!

Dave (in MA)

At first I thought this was about the halftime show.

Tom R

Feldman would know.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Strippers stiffed... the jokes will write themselves.


Great article from Dov Fischer on Trump's amazing week - and it's dated yesterday, so he doesn't even have today's winning included.




Trump’s White House Acquittal Press Conference Was More Ominous Than Triumphant

My impressions:

Payback is coming. He called Comey a ‘sleazebag’ (FACT CHECK: True) and said he might not be president today had he not fired Comey. He did a dramatic reading of the Strzok-Page texts. He said people tried to ‘overthrow the government’ which is pretty much the dictionary definition of sedition. He stated the FBI knew within two days of beginning their inquiry that the Russia Hoax was just exactly that but they continued. I don’t think that was idle chatter, it struck me as where the hammer is going to fall first.

Tom R

Iggy @ 4:50

An addendum to my 5:03. Current headline on Drudge reads "Caught Comey in the Act". Since Trump was almost certainly really referring to McCabe, that headline reinforces the point Fields was making about Trump's ability to get people to make false conclusions.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"Robby Starbuck @robbystarbuck
I’m hearing a very strong rumor that Barack Obama is going to be endorsing Elizabeth Warren really soon"

Too late. 4th or 5th in IA, same NH. She's crumbling and no politician connects with a loser.



I think the polls clearly demonstrate that today more people disapprove of the job Trump is doing as president than approve. Some here may not wish to believe it, but that is what the data shows.

However, Trumps approval numbers are not significantly below those of Obama at this point in his presidency; approval rating is not everything.

Polls are rear view mirror snapshots. In and of themselves they do not predict the future but they can be useful in such a predictive analysis.

In terms of the presidential race, all I have are some obvious points. It’s too soon to tell and a wide range of outcomes are possible. Trump’s re election chances appear to hinge on a) the identity of his opponent and b) the state of the nation (particularly the economy) and the world on Election Day. I would advise Trump fans against either despair or cockiness.

Polls taken this far out in hypothetical matchups against, say, Biden or Warren or Bloomberg are pretty close to worthless.

My own belief is that Trump would clobber Bernie in November but that is based on my faith in the American people and not on polls.



Understood. I think most of the West Coast schools have rowing clubs (Berkeley and Davis do, so the rest must too), but I understand the desire to be close to home when starting college.

If you wish to visit UFl, I have a friend in the biochemistry department who probably would be happy to meet with you. I can arrange it if it would help.

Old Lurker

Jim... Zero + Zero = Zero, right?


NBC: Trump ‘Diatribe’ Was ‘Exceedingly Difficult for Democrats to Watch’

Leading the broadcast network’s special coverage, Nightly News anchor Lester Holt proclaimed: “President Trump savoring the triumph, his acquittal in the Senate trial of his impeachment....He spoke for more than an hour, a lengthy diatribe revisiting long held grievances and responding directly to his acquittal, but also other grievances that he holds against Democrats, media, and even members of the FBI.”

Moments later, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd channeled how the left would view the speech: “Well, look, I mean, for half of America it’s gonna feel like a dystopian speech of some sort, a Bizarro World speech...” He then conceded: ...but for half of America, they have been celebrating all along.”

Todd warned that the President was “not over this” and “clearly is gonna be looking for some sort of revenge or vengeance.”

Continuing to rant about the presentation, the Sunday show host declared that Trump “was really flexing his cult of personality muscle.” Todd then blasted the GOP: “This is a Republican Party that is no longer organized around ideas, it is organized around a person. Pure and simple.”

Reporting from the East Room of the White House, correspondent Hallie Jackson bemoaned how the President “aired a series of grievances, almost a greatest hits of grievances at this point, of everybody from his fired FBI Director James Comey to servants, public servants who he has had longstanding issues with.”

Turning back to Todd a few minutes later, Holt sympathetically remarked: “Chuck, this had to be exceedingly difficult for Democrats to watch as the President really celebrated this sense of triumph.”


Jim @5:33 —

I agree. I don’t think Obama would tie his prestige to a sinking ship.


Ext, Rosenstein signed a false FISA application, then let Mueller run past two days (into two years) after appointing him. Seems a good place to start indictments.

Trump: We've been going through this now for over three years. It was evil. It was corrupt. It was dirty cops. It was leakers and liars. And this should never, ever happen to another President ever. I don't know that other Presidents would have been able to take it. Some people said, no, they wouldn’t have. But I can tell you, at a minimum, you have to focus on this because it can get away very quickly. No matter who you have with you, it can get away very quickly. It was a disgrace.

Had I not fired James Comey -- who was a disaster, by the way -- it's possible I wouldn’t even be standing here right now. We caught him in the act. Dirty cops. Bad people.

“him” refers to Comey.

Dave (in MA)
... Lester Holt Chuck Todd ... Hallie Jackson
And if I didn't fire James Comey, we would have never found this stuff. Because when I fired that sleazebag, all hell broke out. They were ratting on each other. They were running for the hills.

I agree, henry. I can almost forgive him for the FISA app, but he should be hanging by his toenails for the Mueller attempted hit.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

TomR: "agree with her on Widespread Panic but that's it"

Her list of "facts" doesn't match what's happened in my world.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Ig: "I left a comment at Wretchard's place and Powerline too."

I saw your PL comment and laughed!
The one about Sinema.


Ext, SarBox eliminated that “not the affiant” scam for corporate officers. I give no mercy to FBI jackholes on that ground.



My Uber driver in LA is loving this speech. I have never listened to a Trump speech with a Trump supporter - and I do not like it.


Now THAT is funny. Clintonistas might recall him.

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