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February 09, 2020



Psych ward. How Soviet.


Algerian Strategy.

"Protect me, Oh Large Government!", cried the media maiden.


Charles Bronson was the 70s NYC answer to this.


They took out the Big Chans again last night.

Error 502.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Does anything define the difference between the sane and progs better than their desire to not trample the "rights" of people arrested for committing crimes and their indifference to occasional slight hiccups like avoidable murders that letting them loose to commit more crimes causes, but they can't wait to utterly destroy we non criminals' right to defend ourselves from both criminals and a tyrannical state based on what they claim are avoidable murders?


Put your beverages down for this special edition of Paul Krugman said WHAT?

He’s not wrong

Paul Krugman @paulkrugman
Replying to @paulkrugman
So again, if Trump is reelected, it will be because Rs (with help from the Very Serious People) sabotaged the economy under Obama, then went on a deficitpalooza under Trump 5/

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Pretty much sums it up, Ig.


Isn’t that the same Raul Milton Kreynesman who was chagrined that Zippy’s ‘09 “stimulus” was too parsimonious to work, Mel?

Or have I conflated?

If only I had received an Econ BA from BU...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Godfrey Daniel, why did I read that Krugman thread?

I called it Neo-Cainsianism at Wretchard's because Cain seemed to be the guy who got the progressive I-want-what-my-brother-has-even-if-I-have-to-kill-him-to-get-it ball rolling right off the bat.


Iggy--I dunno-I mean open borders and free medical care and college for illegals; gender bending, enormous tax hikes, "race conscious" legislation--kinda tie that in my mind.

matt - deplore me if you must

but! but! gun control!

This is how absurd they have become. Baltimore has a higher murder rate that either Mexico or Guatemala but hey, bail is racist!

They refuse to get that violent people are violent. San Francisco and NYC deserve what they get in a way, but the problem is that innocent people get killed.

Maybe politicians and judges should post a "life bond". If one of their decisions results in a murder they forfeit their own lives.

The crime rates in this country have plummeted over the past 30 years and yet these horrible laws are allowing them to rise again. All because of misguided liberal ideas.

Even the communists were hard on crime, except of course when done in the name of the state. Oh yeah, Clinton, Obama, Biden.....


‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory creeps into mainstream politics

.. as if there aren’t millions of Democrats who know Trump colluded with the Russians

Captain Hate

I've still seen no evidence that Kruggers knows anything about economics. Enron would surely agree.



Subhed: There’s a lesson in here somewhere.

I suppose there is but not the one she thinks it is. I link not to urge you to click but only sigh.

Willard Benedict Arnold...

Jim Eagle

The funny thing is Milton Keynes is not named after a person.

It is also a “New City” from the 1960’s much like Columbia in Maryland.

I went to many a conference there while working out of London. Very vibrant growth and attractive to businesses who set up their HQ’s there.

Comanche Voter

Ah fun times in San Francisco. Not all of the "stuff" that litters the streets just lays there. Some of it gets out of jail and walks around How do you justify killing a 70 year old man for a camera?


New Flynn filings

Techno Fog
New Flynn filings for a Sunday Morning -

Govt seeks a Court order for testimony from Flynn's prior counsel about his ineffective assistance of counsel claims.

Notable - Prosecutor Brandon Van Grack is not on the pleadings. 🤔 HT

Full doc: https://scribd.com/document/446278330/Flynn-Govt-Motion-for-an-Order-Confirming-Waiver

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My Mother Is the Silent Majority.

An article on the author's 91 year old mother having to bite her tongue as a Trump supporter to avoid losing all her friends and the help of her neighbors.
Neither the author nor the commenters seem to grasp two essential points;
1. It is as it is because the left controls the culture. They ARE the Establishment they still pretend to loathe and fight. THEY are the ones now vulnerable to Alinsky.
2. It only remains so because we choose to avoid confrontation in order to live peacefully. I have a friend who is a psychologist and makes a point about those with mental and behavioral problems thusly; "we only change when the pain becomes greater than the fear of change". This also applies to us. It won't be until the personal, professional and social pain of allowing progs to run roughshod over us exceeds our fear of rocking the boat and upsetting the prog nutters who live around us that we will seriously seek to change the present dilemma.
Perhaps Trump is a sign of that pain threshold having been reached.


That threshold has certainly been reached with me. I don't go looking for disputes, but I don't sit silently when confronted with such nonsense.


Great campaign ad on immigration!


JM Hanes

Willowed post:


"I, for one, don't need a vampire squid of a journalist like Taibbi to tell me how seriously messed up the Democrats are"

You're not his target audience. I'm encouraged every time someone sees a bit of light on the other side. It obviously doesn't turn them into instant Republicans, but think of all the people who never hear any of that in the news they absorb. I like a well-founded diatribe from like-minded folks as much as the next person, but I also find them dispiriting because I end up thinking that it's too bad that no liberal is ever going to read it. It may be good for keeping up our own morale, but it makes zero inroads elsewhere.

Far too many people just throw their hands up and say you'll never convince a liberal to switch sides, or they're all lost, or they're all evil (not accusing you of this). I think that's just an easy excuse for not making an effort to win people to the cause. I know I'm not going to turn my liberal in-law into a Trump supporter, but I can at least challenge conventional wisdom on the left. I think that's important for people to hear, and not just for the person you're talking to, but for any of the others who are quietly listening to that conversation. There are now several things that my in-law will have to stop and think about before saying automatically. Plus, the more you do it, the easier it gets.

From your post here, I don't think we necessarily disagree, but when people finally do feel the pain, it will help if they know there's somewhere else (where sanity reighns) to go.


So charged criminals are OK on the streets,
but NON-CRIMINALS shouldn't be FREE to defend themselves from this policy??



Rob O'Donnell on Twitter: "Suspect walking into the 41 pct and opens fire on the desk. The is the second assassination attempt in 12 hours. Possibly same suspect https://t.co/NyYRK9BZ21" / Twitter


My Son was required to buy a text book written by KRUGMAN in H.S.

This KRUGMAN. What a fu#$king buffoon.



Deep State roll up begins this week? Maybe:https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/02/breaking-word-on-the-street-is-there-may-be-major-deep-state-arrests-this-week-but-of-course-weve-heard-this-before/


Hoft desperate for clicks?


Ignatz —

I am not sure in what sense the progs “control the culture.” I think for the most part, “culture” comes from the grassroots.

One example — one of the most profound changes in society over the past 60 years has been the astounding rise in the percentage of out of wedlock births. They were extremely rare back when most of us were young and are now extremely common. This has enormous implications for society, because it leads to a lot more family instability and single parent households, with cascading effects. (A big increase in the divorce rate has always contributed.)

Did some malevolent force impose this huge cultural change on our society? No, we did it ourselves. Yes, to some extent there were voices who told us that the Ozzie & Harriet paradigm was not ideal and that illegitimatcy was no big deal, but the people listened to those voices rather than had cultural change imposed on them. It’s like the fact that people would rather listen to Springsteen than Beethoven. To many if our parents rock and roll was just noise, but we dug it. It was not imposed on us and if you want to listen to Mozart you still can.

I do think that part of Trumps appeal is a pushback against prog culture but politics is downstream from culture. Voting the right way can be effective in halting the imposition of unwanted cultural changes such as girls with penises in the girls locker rooms, but the important cultural issues are not forced on us — abortions, divorces, out of wedlock births etc are not mandatory.

Jim Eagle

41st Pct. is the famous Ft. Apache in the South Bronx.


Saunders, in Lyle’s AmSpec link above uses the phrase “dig up dirt on Bidens.” She accepts this as fact. I think that is rampant even on our side.

She is called out on this in the comments. Just shows that one phrase from Shiffty Schiff’s made up, phoney transcript permeated the news and became “common knowledge.”


abortions, divorces, out of wedlock births etc are not mandatory.

No, they’re not but it hardly needs pointing out that one is not like the other two. Perhaps you might discern the difference...


It’s like the fact that people would rather listen to Springsteen than Beethoven.

I must not be a "people!"


GUS, are you sure it wasn't a Paul Samuelson textbook your son had to buy? It's a reliably leftish economics tract, and I think it's been the standard for quite a few decades.


Me, either!


I hate to point out typos, hrt, but you misspelled “trash.” 😉


There's definitely times I'd prefer listening to Springsteen than Beethoven (also times I'd rather drink a Corona light than a doppelbock).


Of course you are not, Dr J, you're a person.


DrJ —

I almost specifically referenced you and other classical music fans when I wrote that.

My point, obviously, is that Springsteen and his type are far more popular these days than Ludwig van, But this is not because some ideological group controls the culture or that somehow if we controlled the culture Beethoven would be heard more.

People listen to what they like to listen to.


He's creepy Henry.




Remarkable. Sen. Graham says he talked to AG Barr this morning and they have set up a "process" by which Rudy Giuliani will now send his Biden "dirt" directly to AG Barr.




I got your point. I was just pulling your leg. (Isn't that an odd expression!)

Still, in the old days there was a lot more classical music played. Many here got their first exposure through Bugs Bunny. I don't know if it is ideology, but public exposure through culture has changed.


Hrtshpd, It was Krugman. I had to explain the bearded asshole to my son.


Caro, most Americans that I know, somehow have accepted that RUSSIA HACKED....HACKED....our elections. None of them know how this happened, nor why Obama, Clapper and Brennan didn't stop it.


Mel, 12:15 I want some of THOSE drugs he's usin'
Holy cow. Unbelievable. Insane.


I am home!

We were asked to pray for rulers, elected officials, and JOURNALISTS that all might seek truth. My sister noticed it as well and said something to me about it as we were leaving.
I told her that news is totally unreliable on TV and cable, so I get mine from here and Twitter. If Rachel Maddow starts speaking truth, we will know the prayers worked.

We are getting really heavy snow here. I hope it stops as I am supposed to go out with the same sister for lunch tomorrow and we won't go if it's still snowing.


This Paul Krugman.

“It really does now look like President Donald J. Trump, and markets are plunging. When might we expect them to recover?” Krugman said in his post. “If the question is when markets will recover, a first-pass answer is never.”

“We are very probably looking at a global recession, with no end in sight,” he added. “I suppose we could get lucky somehow. But on economics, as on everything else, a terrible thing has just happened.”


Our Host: "Why Should New York City Suffer Alone?"

Along this topic, let me announce I've changed my mind on bailing out Illinois' financial woes. New position: the other 49 states, in the form of the federal govt, should bail out IL. However, in return IL must be returned to Territory status. It must give up its state gov, 2 Senators and all HoRs. It will be run by the Trump Admin until a changed state constitution contains safeguards against recidivism.


It’s all turning, and fast! MVP Heckler. https://t.co/PiA0ANmjYP

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2020

Link goes to a tweet with a video of Nadler getting heckled!


DrJ —

It is not always easy to figure out what is the cause and what is the effect, but I think popular music is popular because people genuinely like it, not because they do not know any better.

I assume that my musical education was pretty typical for the time. My father enjoyed classical music (but was not an affiacindo) and thought the Beatles and that ilk were trash. In school the teachers tried to instill appreciation of classical music, but even simple pieces like Peter and the Wolf struck us as incomprehensible— no words.

Some people outgrow that sort of thing more than others. But I think it is not really lack of exposure to the classics; it’s that people genuinely like popular music.


Miss Marple. The video says it's from GUS in ATLANTA.

Captain Hate

I don't know if that's an old clip but there are a few New Yorkers who like to heckle that fat clown.


It's current Capn' Nadler is slightly less than 400lbs in it.



I am a lousy judge of popular culture, particularly for how kids are raised. I joke that I'm in a mixed relationship: on Sundays, I got non-stop Italian Opera, and MrsJ got non-stop Grand Ole Opry. And I've played classical music starting at about age 7, as much as one can when getting started.

I'm always amused by the discussions that happen here from time to time about childhoods: food, music, activities, and the like. It is a view into a different world.

Also, I think demographics have changed. When I was a kid, there was a huge contingent of European immigrants that came here after WW2. My junior symphony was full of kids who were born to Eastern European, German or Dutch parents. There was a disproportionate Asian representation for our community, and of course there was a large portion who were Jewish.

These days the Asians and Russians carry that on, but by and large the European influx has subsided. And with that, musical tastes have changed.


.@LarrySabato is much better at giving you the answer after everything is finished and the final result is in, than he is at telling you what is going to happen because, in fact, he doesn’t have a clue! https://t.co/MDqczWxl8C

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 9, 2020

Link goes to tweet from Larry Sabato.


Oh my, amazing video

Tom Elliott
After a New Hampshire voter asks
why they should trust he can turn his campaign around, he asks if she’s ever been to a caucus before; when she says yes, Biden snaps: "No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier."



DrJ, of course we ALL know that you are lying.
Why would people from all over the WORLD come here after WWII, when everyone knows this country was built on RACISM since 1619.

I'm sending Sandy O-Cortezzzzzzzzzz over to speak to you.




First thing Pete Buttigieg did as Mayor of South Bend was to DEMOTE the black Police Chief...


"Lying dog-faced pony soldier" is what good ol' Joe calls everyone he likes, that's just ol' Joe ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Deep State roll up begins this week?

Wittes seems concerned.

First he came for @comey, and I said nothing because I was mad at @comey because of the Clinton email investigation and I blamed him for Trump’s election.

— Benjamin Wittes (@benjaminwittes) February 9, 2020


Then he came for Andy McCabe and I said nothing because there was this inspector general report that said McCabe lacked candor.

— Benjamin Wittes (@benjaminwittes) February 9, 2020


Important to point out that Wittes gets away with this garbage because none of his stupid followers know the truth. They still think Steele is a former British spy, the dossier is legit, Russian election collusion really happened and Bob Mueller is a hero: https://t.co/zzuWD69Ibh

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) February 9, 2020


He's also bracing his clueless followers that there may be bigger arrests to come 🤞

— Ombudsman4Truth (@ombudsman4truth) February 9, 2020


This is an excellent point. By portraying themselves as victims of a vengeful president, the perpetrators will insist any prosecution is political payback rather than long-delayed justice for what they’ve done to the president and to the country. https://t.co/eQfIBwhp1u

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) February 9, 2020



Of course the influx mostly was white European, at least where I grew up. I'm sure AOC could paint that as racist somehow, but I'm not smart enough to do so.



FBI Director Christopher Wray just admitted that the FISA Warrants and Survailence of my campaign were illegal. So was the Fake Dossier. THEREFORE, THE WHOLE SCAM INVESTIGATION, THE MUELLER REPORT AND EVERYTHING ELSE FOR THREE YEARS, WAS A FIXED HOAX. WHO PAYS THE PRICE?....



Trump just went full Gus, to eleven.


Donald J. Trump


Donald J. Trump

Old Lurker

Julie Kelley "By portraying themselves as victims of a vengeful president, the perpetrators will insist any prosecution is political payback rather than long-delayed justice for what they’ve done to the president and to the country."

Hmmm. Wonder where and in which dimension that was predicted 3 years ago?


He's drunk on DIET COKE Henry.


“Lying dog-faced pony soldier"

Senile Joe calls a woman this and the outrage from the MFM is...


OL, it would have been predicted by anyone at all who was asked, "What will those who try to take down Trump say when they fail and they're brought to task for their treachery?".



The government's coronavirus task force had a press conference. Unseen1 has a thread with the You Tube video of the press conference at the top, along with his transcription following. If you want information, this is a good place to start.

Manuel Transmission

A story about 'cult-cha' up here on our rock. In spite of this place being about 70 pct commie-blue, there is a decent self perpetuating social sense of community. One of our early benefactors was Paul Whittier of early CA oil fame. He wrote a check to build our community theater. More recently, Dodie Gann, the widow of Ernie Gann bequeathed the purchase of the fairly elaborate system to receive theater quality broadcasts from the Met. We have attended several performances offered from that system.

Yesterday, several of us, including some who are hardcore opera aficionados, went over to see the live performance of Porgy and Bess. Well, I'm here to tell you that I am a wuss. Four of us lasted through three acts and then quietly left at intermission. I sorta knew the storyline and certainly knew all the pop songs that came from the opera, but I was not prepared to suffer through some sort of physical agony that the operatic version imposed on me (with the other three reacting similarly). We were in the back row due to the way the projected images are displayed on the screen so my head was level and I could see the subtitles at the bottom of the screen, so that was nominally OK, but there was some kind of psychic pressure that caused my neck muscles to lock up so that two hours of focused attention left me in shreds. Still not sure what combination of elements made it not work. Gershwin apparently spent a lot of time in SC to get the feel of the people and circumstances, but in today's context, it seemed sort of a 'Stepun Fetchit' throwback that I would think would not be acceptable to the Met crowd. Then multiply that with dozens of operatic voices that were not recognized as singing in English (I really needed the subtitles) and you have several orthogonal conflicting elements that caused brain fry.

My neck is still stiff and sore. Yuk!


Swallow before reading:https://humanevents.com/2020/02/08/never-trump-or-bernie/

matt - deplore me if you must

The Left are really setting themselves up for a self inflicted Kristalnacht.

Dowd goes ballistic blaming Trump for the Iowa caucus fiasco and using his SOTU as a political platform to honor racisss Rush.

there is literally zero self-awareness among these tools. Not a single thought of "this is really crazy shit" among the media and the deep blue crowd. Carville and a very few others are realizing that the bus over the cliff is accelerating.

And yet they still can't figure out that if maybe, just maybe if they were a little less dismissive and stopped calling anyone who voted for Trump names they could snare a few votes.

With the radical abortion agenda how can any Christian or reasoning human being vote for such barbarism? Even a number of liberal economists are warning about the economic disaster the Dems would cause if elected.

Trump doesn't have to use fear tactics. All he has to do is put a microphone in front of any of them and let them speak.

And now we're even seeing Nancy and Nadir and Schiff being taunted on their home turf.

I almost wish for a Napoleonic Code for the sake of the turncoats and turds. Make sure Durham has overwhelming evidence of their mendacity and treachery and then frog march them and lock 'em up.

It warms the cockles of my heart to see the Iranian Rat turn on Snoop Dogg, who's been calling women ho's and worse for 30 years now and never got called on it until he dissed Gayle King.

Cobra vs Mongoose and they all losing! The rats are turning on each other.


MT, still sounds more tolerable than trying to stay awake at the ballet!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--You're not his target audience. I'm encouraged every time someone sees a bit of light on the other side. --

I am too, JM.
But I am not encouraged when a Taibbi or a Maher or a Greenwald or a Van Jones notes a bit of truth in the world but then has a sad not because they've seen the light but because there isn't enough darkness.
That little bit of truth has not set them free. It's had the same effect opening Dracula's front door does at 11:00AM. They screech and seek a darker place.

This is the biggest political crime in American History, by far.

Actually it is a close second to the scheme that placed an illegal alien in the Oval Office for 8 years.

Captain Hate

I think it was this video blaming idiot thinking she can take on Snoop. LOLGF.


Captain Hate

Put Vindman, Tater and Ana Navarro in a locked room with two donuts. Who doesn't make it out?

Posted by: Northernlurker at February 09, 2020 03:45 PM (eAMlh)

Tater doesn't.
Vindman barely does. Navarro clear winner.
Posted by: Jukin the Deplorable and Totally Unserious at February 09, 2020 03:47 PM (pw+jk)


Who is Gayle King?


Mmmm. Trump budget request. (DOA in the House).

But the White House budget will also propose $4.4 trillion in spending reductions over the next decade, about half coming from sweeping changes to popular social safety net programs. Establishing tighter work requirements for food and housing assistance and Medicaid would reduce spending by $300 billion, the official said. Changes to the government’s student loan forgiveness program could lower costs by $170 billion.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting would be privatized, and the AmeriCorps volunteer program would be eliminated. The official said no cuts are proposed to Social Security or Medicare, though the administration has proposed tougher reviews of the Social Security disability insurance program as well as drug pricing reforms that could affect Medicare costs.


Jim Eagle


That Ian Samuel piece was "too much inside baseball" but also one of those "truth is funnier when its real." And the cast of characters are out of a P.J. O'Rourke book-to-be. A title of which is up for grabs. But certainly, one of our great satirists should be chomping at the bit to make those cartoon characters famous in a Tom Wolf way.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Ignatz —

I am not sure in what sense the progs “control the culture.”--

You card Theo. You scamp. Always with the jokes.
Ha ha. Thanks for the laugh.

--One example — one of the most profound changes in society over the past 60 years has been the astounding rise in the percentage of out of wedlock births. They were extremely rare back when most of us were young and are now extremely common. This has enormous implications for society, because it leads to a lot more family instability and single parent households, with cascading effects. (A big increase in the divorce rate has always contributed.)

Did some malevolent force impose this huge cultural change on our society? No, we did it ourselves. Yes, to some extent there were voices who told us that the Ozzie & Harriet paradigm was not ideal and that illegitimatcy was no big deal, but the people listened to those voices rather than had cultural change imposed on them.--

Are you for real? Are you Theo Van Winkle who hasn't been around for the last fifty-sixty years?
AFDC was invented by progs to pay single mothers not to have fathers in the home and become government dependents.
No-fault divorce was invented by progs to make family dissolutions easier.
Feminism was invented by progs to turn the traditional family on its head.
The sexual revolution was invented by progs to sexualize kids and decouple sex from marriage.
Roe v Wade was perpetrated by progs to dehumanize and devalue children and child bearing.

The left declared war on the traditional nuclear family [of which the lbgtq stuff is an integral part] because it is a, perhaps the, primary stumbling block to their transformation of society and culture.
Of course the people "choose" what type of culture we have. That's the whole point of culture wars; to persuade/coerce people into choosing various types of culture and the progs have largely won that war, for now.

--I do think that part of Trumps appeal is a pushback against prog culture but politics is downstream from culture. Voting the right way can be effective in halting the imposition of unwanted cultural changes such as girls with penises in the girls locker rooms, but the important cultural issues are not forced on us — abortions, divorces, out of wedlock births etc are not mandatory. --

This like the last quote is incoherent and fundamentally misunderstands how people act, how cultures evolve and how norms are established and enforced.
In a lot of ways it doesn't reveal any understanding of what culture even is.
Get back to me when you can at least present a coherent argument worth discussing.


Lyle, Gayle King was a local newsreader in Hartford in the eighties. Better known now as Oprah”s bff.

She still does network news somewhere, I think.

Jim Eagle

I am old enough to remember nuclear black families in the south when I was a bat boy for the Washington Senators during spring training in Orlando or was it Ft. Myers. [yes could have been either:]

Once the war on poverty and the (not so) Great Society became de riguer
it was all over, baby. Democrats care so much for the black community they strategically and tactically broke them up and then installed a drug culture. Don't believe me, look at the timeline of history.

When back in 1956 they decided to move my Dad's bomb wing down to Orlando (McCoy Field) because of a steam-fitters strike in the building of Plattsburg AFB, I saw a lot of poverty on US 1, 17 and 301 before the interstate. But everytime, there was a man, a woman and kids together.

I saw "colored only" toilets, water foutains and seating rows at the games.

Look up the governors and state legislatures of those states, Florida, NC, SC, GA. et. al. at the time. My Dad's squadron clerk was black. We would have him over for cookouts. He and I threw the ball around. It made a big impression on me that he was considered less than me but could thrown a fast ball I couldn't catch. This was the dawn of my enlightenment.

Going back to Plattsburgh was interesting since now when I passed those farm shacks on 301 or 1 I knew what was going on there. Too young to join the Freedom Riders since they cam way after my ephipheny.

When I got to UC in the early 60's, everything changed and I could go to Herbies and listen to Curtis Plegler and The Jazz Desciples without ut any reservation.

Civil Rights came at us hard but was it worth it the way LBJ brought it in?


"It’s like the fact that people would rather listen to Springsteen than Beethoven."

I would say there's a difference, in my mind a big difference, between someone who likes pop music but has heard bits of Beethoven and knows his music has been celebrated for centuries and is considered a high achievement in all of human history ... versus... someone who has never heard of Beethoven, has never heard any Beethoven and/or considers Beethoven part of white male patriarchy.


Thanks, Caro. Smooches.


Read More (with video):

In which Mitt is ripped up one side and down the other

“The truth is, Mitt, you simply despise Donald Trump,” she said. “Your jealousy of this man is a constant rage burning within you because you can never rise to the heights that he has because guys like you fold like wusses.”
Pirro called Romney an “embarrassment,” a “loser,” “arrogant,” and a “snake in the grass” who turned on Trump after he sought out and received Trump’s support during his political campaigns, and yet being subsequently quoted as saying “He [Trump] needs to be removed from office.”
“I have an idea,” she said. “YOU need to be removed from office. How about you get the hell out of the United States Senate? The people in Utah are furious with you.”


Will he get probation?
Driver caught and arrested


afternoon all.



The article has a photo of this deranged person


good read with Pieces clarice. but i think iowahawk is too quick to discount malice with the iowa app ... never attribute to stupidity and corruption that which can be explained by treachery and malice (especially with clinton toadies involved)


Perhaps I'm exaggerating its importance, but I think the "lying dog-faced pony soldier" remark may spell the end for Biden's candidacy. Just before the New Hampshire vote, he says something that almost everyone would see as loony.

I notice that all the left-leaning news sites put right upfront that he was "joking" or "kidding." I suppose in a way he may have been, but it still seemed rather nasty -- and more that that, really, really odd.

I read that Biden says it's a quote from a John Wayne western. If so (and it may well be), it's slightly less bizarre; but it still very bizarre, especially when directed toward a female Democratic voter.


antifa i'd suspect ...


Oops - Sorry Jim - I didn't see you had already posted the same article. Isn't he a prize?



Question: Is the country headed for a multiple party system down the road post-Trump?



she was engagin' in malarkey and sheriff joe says no ...

just ask corn pop.


Posted by: lyle | February 09, 2020 at 04:48 PM





Do the never-Trumpidiots really have that big of a constituency to pull this off? Post acquittal, I’m very skeptical.


Show your work, rich. 😎


I'm trying to imagine the coverage this would have received if it were a Democrat group registering voters and a Republican (nut job - but a Republican nut job) had driven a vehicle through barely missing a 60-something-year-old woman.

I expect it would be the lead story on every station all weekend. We'd know the name of the lady who was almost hit and her life story, complete with interviews from neighbors and people she had pulled out of poverty over her lifetime.

Likewise, the crazy driver's photo would be posted all over social media and his family and co-workers hassled to distraction.

And finally, we'd know just who to blame for this despicable act - President Donald J. Trump!



The GOP is undergoing a takeunder.


Duverger's law ... SMPD voting will evolve into 2 party systems [over time]. In the US case, 3rd party movements typically take a few elections to work themselves out. Examples would be the Reform Party or the Bull Moose Party-they were significant for one or two cycles then the factions sorted themselves into the 2 dominant parties; the driving principles of the 3rd party movement were co-opted or the issues resolved to the satisfaction of the most intense partisans.

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