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March 07, 2020


Jim Eagle

Asymmetric warfare to the Zenith.

[Mrs. JiB and my IL's once met a guy on a QE2 cruise who was a Navy psychologist who was part of this program. Fascinating listening to his experiences.]



peter, I used to go to the movies every week. Now maybe 2 or 3 times a year to join friends or see something CH recommended.


No JIB, it wasn’t a contest. I’m the only idiot who enters those contests.


https://amgreatness.com/2020/03/07/joe-biden-i-am-as-sharp-as-a-tack-sharper-even/Satire but who can tell?


What the hell is she wearing?

Yes Amy, it does make your ass look big.


Good Morning! Jane the I-75 shooting is still a mystery. Evidence was found in the area of the shooting,but police aren't saying much. I'll go with the obvious answer...drug deal.

Hubby has been getting emails from Melania and Niki Haley recently,are they having a contest? :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Melania wins.

Old Lurker

"Yes Amy, it does make your ass look big."

Judging by what I see walking around in yoga pants these days, I think that is a feature not a bug, Buckeye.

I blame the Kardashians.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

John Roberts, Reggie Walton...
W; the gift that keeps on giving.


I’m getting those fund raising email too Marlene.

They must be operating under the mistaken assumption that I actually have some $$$:)


FLASHBACK 2009: Chuck Schumer Brags About Cutting Funding to Flu Epidemic (VIDEO)


New thread.


Text from a local friend:

Kevin McCarthy was on Maria Bartilomo this morning and said there was talk of MICHELLE OBAMA being on the ticket as VP.

No and no and NO!!


Last night, I googled "Best movies on Netflix" and came up with "Marriage Story," essentially a re-make of Kramer v Kramer with nothing new to add. Awful

Agree. We are not the demographic they are aiming for any more, peter. My kids loved it!
I personally, am not a fan of watching gut wretching emotional pain. (Especially what I saw as self inflicted.)

We are watching New Pope, which meant we decided to watch Young Pope this weekend. (Re-watch for spouse.) I dropped Young after second episode; am appreciating it this go around.

I shall also recommend Don't F with Cats---something I would NEVER had chosen if I'd read about it, so I am not going to say one word about it, were it not recommended by a young 30 something friend of the fam. Three hour documentary that we watched straight through.

Unlike McMillions, it pulled us right in.

Manuel Transmission

Speaking of Jane and Caro, last night we went to our annual Lincoln/Reagan Dinner like they attended a few years ago. Heard one GOP guv candidate and the nephew of another one on his behalf. Seems promising on both counts. Our pal, Glen Morgan was the guest of honor and told lots more of his adventures screwing up the state progs. He literally gets up every morning and over his coffee he files suit on another couple of them. He’s past 600 suits and wins nearly all of them. Has several pending in our county that should be revealed shortly. Might get our county atty thrown out on one of the new ones. One anecdote that gave everyone a boost was telling about his 14 yo son heading off to his first day in HS wearing his MAGA hat and papa worried that he might be immediately ostracized. Well, the kid was ecstatic when the day was over. Lots of high fives from the kids and the teachers, except for one substitute from Evergreen college. Ha!

Speaking of Evergreen, their enrollment is off 40% and after dumping a bunch of (our) money into upgrading dorms, these guv candidates are pushing to have it converted to a rehab center for the druggies living on the street.



I remember it well - and fondly!

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