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March 21, 2020



I still don't watch the NFL, empty stadiums or full.

I predict the Chinese virus will not return in any force this fall. They always say the seasonal viruses will return, and they never do.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I do apologize.--

Very cool, amom.
Lot's of stress for everyone. I was being a pill myself.



A long and excellent thread on the Chinese in Northern Italy. Highly recommend reading.


Donald J. Trump
HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE & AZITHROMYCIN, taken together, have a real chance to be one of the biggest game changers in the history of medicine. The FDA has moved mountains - Thank You! Hopefully they will BOTH (H works better with A, International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents).....





Here's an example of going right around the Fed Machine:

U.S. Air Force
Total Force Airmen delivered approximately 500,000 testing swabs to the Memphis Air National Guard Base, Tennessee. Supplies were flown in from Aviano Air Base, Italy to the FedEx hub in Memphis, Tennessee, to be distributed to medical facilities across the U.S.


[Ordering the Air Force to deliver to some corporation that does things overnight, every day? Yeah, that's new.]


I think there is a good chance we are going to prove, if the FDA gets out of the way, that the malaria drugs will prevent contracting -19.

Most people could take the once a week dose with zero issues.

This will buy time until a vaccine is developed.


Yes i under atand that dr. Fauci didnt want to offer false hope, but the media is focused on giving no hope, or as littls as they can winnow out.


Still in the Fog Of War, IMO, but I like how this guy thinks....:

US testing is now among the best in the world after a slow start. We’ve now tested as much as all of Europe despite having half the population. Korea is still the best but we’ll be there soon. Currently about 90% of cases are negative & should peak soon.




Narciso linked this last night. A former Chinese defense chief's ruminations on the need for biological war with the USA, from almost 20 years ago.

Did China’s Plan to Destroy the United States Backfire?


We need to do everything the medical experts need us to do to tamp this down, and two weeks from now we'll be able to evaluate and tailor our approach to slow the spread without killing the economic patient. pic.twitter.com/kphPWAjPnX

— Senator Mike Braun (@SenatorBraun) March 21, 2020

Video at the link. This is my newest senator from Indiana who owned a business before he ran for the Senate.


More takes coming:

Julie Kelly
Stop and read this. So much good data, reporting. And would anyone be surprised that the government is doing the exact OPPOSITE of what should be done? “If you have a COVID-19 patient in your household, your risk of developing the infection is about 10%… medium.com/six-four-six-n…



I'm here to tell you that you can not listen or read a word from Dr. Fauci and still be okay (so far).

Heading out to the farmers' market for potatoes and salad greens to fix some fish, Tonto-style. :)


I saw it on the horde, rse noticed it another context, haotian is formwrly retired but that means little in russia or china.

Old Lurker

willowed dag nabbit.

Mel, have you processed the notion that the Fed will force mortgage lenders to provide up to twelve months of relief from making house payments for impacted borrowers? Imagine the person/fund that bought that certain cash flow stream as either the whole note or a derivative from it?


My partners are old geezers like me, so like the Farmer's commercial "we have seen that".

Back in the great crash of 87, the snowball was started down the hill by changes to Tax Law among other causes. Now that would have been painful by itself but was made exponentially worse when Federal Regulators blindly issued new rules for Bank Examiners to use regardless. Overnight, in addition to the deflation of values caused by the tax changes, they tightened up on the ratios required to be maintained by banks and changed the formulae used by certified appraisers in valuing real estate collateral. Poof. Banks failed in droves and previously "good loans" went into default which caused even more banks to fail, and the rest is history.

Had one office of the Feds simply coordinated with another office of the Feds and thought through the sequencing of the change they desired, 87 would have been just another correction.


But wasnt that because of the reduction of interest rate deductability in the 86 act, is it malice or incompetence.


Same with spiking rates when bank portfolios were full of subprime (redacted) which would burn at the point of reset arms.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In late December some Chinese doctors in Wuhan noticed a new type of pneumonia since another outbreak of SARS had always been feared. They notified local officials who if they wished to live notified higher ups.
In early January there was considerable talk and chatter about a new bug in China around the world thanks to some of those brave doctors but no thanks to the commies. They Chinese downplayed it. Said it wasn't transmitted person to person. Said they had it contained. Blah, blah, blah. As things expanded there concern worldwide grew.
On June 21st our first case was found in WA. within 10 days 6 more had popped up in CA and Chicago. Trump instituted a travel ban and mandatory testing for anyone who had been to Wuhan in the last two weeks.
A whole lot of people got pretty nervous about where things were going. Quite a few took their money off the table.
At some point in January some congress critters got a classified briefing, the contents of which we don't know.
Loughler sold some stock in January, like many other people did. Did she do so because the spooks told her this bug was bad news? IDK. Maybe. So what? It was already at that point literally in the news that this bug was bad news.
Then in February, a month later, Burr and a couple of others sold some stock too, like a lot of other people. Because some spook told him a month before this bug was bad news? IDK. Maybe. Who cares?
1. It is not insider trading to hear a spook say there's a bad bug going around and to then sell your stock, especially when that very same news is all over the internet.
2. Anyone who invests based on what our incompetent spook community tells them is guilty of imbecility not insider trading.

Now a day or two later we hear that, oh my, Trump ignores the spook community's brilliant assessments of the Wuflu. Oh, my.

Tomorrow is Sunday and there are six ways to get there.
Loughler and Burr are squishes but they are useful to Trump and to us in keeping our political power.
The main enemy is not Schumer or Pelosi or Biden. It's not a coincidence these stories popped up together and now. And they didn't originate with the Slimes or the WaPoo. They originated with our renegade spooks who appraently have decided they rule this country and they make the kings.
Focus, people. THEY are our enemy. Loughler and Burr are annoying cousins. The spooks are Norman Bates. Grenell and Trump better gut that goddamned termite nest before it guts us.


Yeah, I'm still stuck on MERS from that earlier one.

I know it's all tied to how its treated GAAP (don't get me started on the non-GAAP carp = Windmill Battle #8 or #9, I've lost count). The smoke is too thick right now for me to see anything but shapes in the mist. And I'm certainly not smart enough to rearrange enough "rules" where things are "fair", but I think balance can be achieved in the end, when the dust and smoke stops moving.

I know Mnuchin's real talent is complex debt workouts. So he's the guy with the rolodex that thankfully excludes people like me. There is A Lot in motion that I don't have a clue about, just yet, but I believe the right people are in the room already.

The biggest problem derivatives are the private interbank gems that the Fed and ECB recognize as something they are most definitely not, as in cash on hand. The problem is massive, and pulling two of the bottom most Jenga pieces out without changing the center of gravity of the top 95% will wreck everyone even worse. I think some of it is being addressed, but my view is occluded.

And yes, it's a coincidence, of course.


From my podcast guy (the young one who swears a lot) commenting on the President's last tweet about the medicines:

Flag of United States
Brenden Sir Hublife Dilley
Flag of United States
This right here is EXACTLY why you "Trust Trump"

He's going to resolve this as fast as it has disrupted our world.

We aren't on a traditional time clock. We're operating in a Trump paradigm.

In a Trump paradigm, nothing is impossible and traditional rules don't apply.



Although wouldnt that be the sec swamp rats



We don't need to re-arm that bomb. Totally agree with your perspective and I'm not seeking perfection out of a politician. Unpossible.

Trusting ANYTHING out of MSM, now that the paymasters have been Toto-ed, will prove very quickly, to be a Fool's Errand, until they re-earn any of my trust.

I think I'll watch for more hair on fire twitter accounts, both ways, and try to steer through the middle.


Gus, per TMJ4’s Coronavirus tracker... UWM will refund student housing fees.


Now volckers castor oil did probably provoke the 82 recession, but the cure was worse south of the border, toppling causimg bank runs from mexico to argentina


Perspective people!!! This is horrible! DOOM!!11!!

lil cough
This quarantine is affecting everyone in the work force, but it especially sucks for men

We're losing $1 for every $.79 women are losing



Also they have a Coronavirus hotspot at a nursing home in Grafton. Plus another death in Milwaukee (age 69).

Jim Eagle

Back from a run to Publix in The Hammock (smaller than the ones in Palm Coast and Flagler Beach). Only Publix brand milk available. Horizon brands, nada! No TP. no bleach, etc. But full produce unlike the other day when it was bare. Iffy meat selections and dwindling bread supplies

Plenty of wine though.


If anyone is interested, my latest to AP is, as is typical of my posting, at the end of the last thread.


Charles V Payne @cvpayne:
Excuse me, I want to interrupt the onslaught of negativity tonight and remind everyone there is no such thing as "false hope."

America is the result of so-called false hope. Let's get it together and stay strong.


Plenty of bread and other things in our backwater. No TP, but we have enough. No need to use both sides of each sheet.



We know it's been a tough week, and because of #COVID19 we've released a lot of guidance telling you where not to go. But this weekend, go outside. It's okay. Stay at least 6' away from other people, but get some fresh air and do something you enjoy.



It is 29 and windy outside.


might not be work appropriate


Wait! I thought that pix would be permanent!


Oh, wow. AnotherBob, I was catching up and saw that Miss Marple mistake. So sorry, everyone.

:) ??? Don't know how to make a sheepish grin.

Jim Eagle

A compedium of Florida Man stories by Stephen Green. Scroll down to the one about guy impersonating a LEO at our toll bridge here in The Hammock. The same bridge our beagles walked across at night when they were on the loose for 30 hours, last year:)



Good one Neo. Catchy tune. :)


Dana loesch does her florida man update about 2:45, she does find some beauts.



Don't worry! After puzzleent for a minute, I realized what you meant. (I have years of deciphering others here, including myself. LOL!)

Jim Eagle

Thank God for Trump and the little things that have changed under his watch, like the 2020 Census: Took me all of 3 minutes to take on-line.

In 2010 under Zippy's administration they asked about 20 pages of questions, most were highly personal and irrelevant to a census. I refused under penalty of law and incarceration (remember that?). The man is a Godsend in so many ways.

Thank you Mr. President for bringing sanity to the WH.


Andrew Cuomo makes me VOMIT. What a blowhard douche bag. How the fuck this clown got elected is a mystery for the ages.

J.h.Cripes he makes me sick.


Well you ended up with the half dead william hickey standin evers gus, you tell me.


For those who didn't catch it yesterday, here's a close up of Dr. Fauci when President Trump said "Deep State Department." Video at the link.

Had to do it: pic.twitter.com/5FOp4kIa21

— Dan Crenshaw's Eyepatch (@DansEyepatch) March 20, 2020

I have hopes that President Trump has gotten Dr. Fauci to reconsider his support of Hillary Clinton and that Dr. Fauci has, Like Kevin McCarthy, turned a new page.

mike in houston

Wife's Prayer For Her Husband To Stop Watching Sports All The Time Results In Global Pandemic


MUSKETVILLE, MA—Authorities have been trying to figure out what party is responsible for the coronavirus, and they've finally found the culprit: local woman Sarah Hutchins, who prayed a few months ago that her husband, Bill, would stop watching sports all the time.

According to experts, the woman's prayer went up to the Lord, who granted it by causing a global pandemic that canceled all sporting events for the near future.

Another Bob

A sample of the MSM crap. These people really need to be horsewhipped or something...



Like the monkeys paw, what no points for 'bat out of wuhan' remake by meatloaf.

Jim Eagle

Buckeye, amom, OL and others who are medico's or kid's are medicos:

As an iFixit practitioner, they are turning to fixing biomedical equipment. This is a website out of Tanzania or all places that provides turtorials on fixing just about every piece of medical equipment. With the increase of usage due to CoVid19, you may find this useful.


Complete with manuals.

Another Bob

Joan, Joan... Wasn't your mistake, it was your device's mistake.



Heh! Going to get a bit rough in the corners....

Mike Bloomberg Lied About Everything thefederalist.com/2020/03/20/mik…


Skipping to the chase:



Lots of good stuff there today:



Well, now I’m feeling much, MUCH better. I just got an email assuring me that the most important aspect of my life is operating just fine and I needn’t worry so much in this time of coronavirus. Of course, it’s from...my cell phone company, Verizon.

What a relief!


Its like the tps reports round robin in offoce space.


Juanita Broaddrick
He has left for the state of Dementia, Peter.

Peter Daou @peterdaou
People, I mean this sincerely: #whereisjoe?

Trump is in front of the cameras every day, reassuring people, putting on the appearance of "leadership."

Where is #Biden? Why isn't he dominating the airwaves???

Show this thread


[Days old and still racking up the mock.]


Another good piece of data:

Thanks to #opendata sharing by @NathanGrubaugh @VogelsChantal @JosephFauver @AndersonBrito_ @Yale & @GISAID, we've updated nextstrain.org/ncov with the first 9 #COVID19 #SARSCoV2 seqs from Connecticut (USA)!


[Never seen this one before....]


I'm going to go with two things. One, I'm posting way too many things in a row. Second, when you make it this glaring that the wrong things are "being fixed", it seems to me that it makes it very easy to undo it from "pressure" and let things finally fail:

Stalingrad & Poorski
As millions of Americans are losing their jobs, and running out of money, the Fed has been bailing out banks and hedge funds to the tune of trillions with a flip of the switch. Remember when Bernanke, Yellen & Powell all told us the Fed actions are for main street and not wall st

There should be no bailouts. The system needs a full reset, a reset which should have been done in 2008. Let the banks, airlines, theaters, hedge funds etc fail. It's not until we have a full reset will things ever get better. Instead we are kicking the can until the next crisis.



Walking away for a while....play nice.


Was out with red this am a little after 10 so we could easily sty put for the next 2 weeks and first data went down from the demand from credit card purchases.



Don't stay away too Long!

I have been re-organizing the kitchen in order to put away all of the food that my daughter bought yesterday.

Then, when I came in to sit down and have a sandwich, the dog got in the trash, so I had to take stuff away from her and clean up the mess!


Donald J. Trump
White House News Conference at 12:30 P.M. Thank you!

Another Bob

"Where is #Biden?"

Hopefully in hiding. There was a report yesterday that he'd be delivering daily COV-19 briefings.

I think that would be a disaster.


That was from fmr?? Mclatchy writer marc caputo.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I topped of the gas tank at $1.74 a gallon today. I started doing that at 1/2 tank kinda like dollar cost averaging stocks.

I ran by the nursery and picked up some hanging baskets and plants to plant. I didn't get any veggies yet as the temp is too stockmarket-ish and it's been raining so much without enough sun. Maybe in 2 weeks. Everyone keeping a good distance from each other, and they are spraying down the carts and pin pads, too.


What self serving chimp would write this:



A ford motor company drone apparently.


Tonto, jimmyk, from the last thread, regarding some of the denizens of Manhattan sidewalks and Southampton markets: are the jerk stores out of Manhattanites and Hamptonites?



Singer Kenny Rogers has passed away.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Guess he knew when to fold em.


Watching a great basketball game on Fox from 1982 with Patrick Ewing and James Worthy as college players.
Georgetown vs. North Carolina.

Captain Hate

Am I the only person who thought Rogers was already dead?


That was Mister Rogers.


Just went to the liquor store. They only had small bottles of Tito's. NOW we are in a crisis!!!


WH daily briefing is getting ready to start.

I hope Bikers for Trump are appropriately positioned around the perimeter to administer “discipline” should that be needed.


My God ,
Michael Jordan is in this game as well.


So Trump retweeted someone named Michael Coudrey, who has been talking up the malaria drugs.

NEW DATA: A French study has demonstrated evidence that the combination of Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin are highly effective in treating Covid-19.

The patients enrolled in the study showed complete viral eradication around the 5th day of treatment. https://t.co/WnGs5PKOpn pic.twitter.com/JZzZ66w4rL

— Michael Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) March 21, 2020

(Click to open.)

IF you go to Coudrey's page, he seems to have learned about this from ... Elon Musk.

BREAKING: There is an anti-malaria drug called Hydroxychloroquine that looks to be highly effective at treating Coronavirus.

Initial tests show that on a dose of 600mg, 90% of infected COVID-19 patients tested negative in just 6 days. pic.twitter.com/XXDamhYmvn

— Michael Coudrey (@MichaelCoudrey) March 18, 2020

(Click to open.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Back from shopping. Lots of some stuff; very little of others.
I've always likened people to sheep in that if a line of sheep is tooling along and one of them gets excited and jumps even though there is nothing there, every single numbskull sheep after that will jump in the same place because, they don't trust their own perceptions of hazards but they saw the one in front of it do the same.
And then today I was thinking that is truer than I considered while looking at the empty shelves.
It also brought to mind a freeway. One guy hits the brakes to look at an accident across the divider and instantly the whole freeway is a slinky, jamming to a stop at that point and then springing back on the other side of it.
The veneer of civilization is as thin as a sheepskin chamois.

And presumably this will be something of a wakeup call. Civilization has come to a halt and people are stocking up on everything in sight because...well nobody really knows why. Nowhere on planet earth has shopping for groceries and necessities been prevented and there is no reason why those things should be in short supply except for the idiot sheep jumping to the conclusion they might be.
The wakeup call comes from looking at the disruption and lunacy of middle aged moms dukin it out over toilet paper because there's a bug going around.
Imagine what they'd be doing to each other after an EMP.
If Gwyneth Paltrow replaces va-jay-jay scented candles and anal bleaching with Mini 14s and MREs you know prepping has gone mainstream.

Robin, eff 'em all

I'm going out on a limb right now and saying that Andrew Cuomo will be the 2020 Democratic nominee.

He is absolutely winning over the suburban mom set in NY with his folksy daily press conferences.

Hi all.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

This was probably already posted but if so I missed it;
TWIP; Martial Law Edition.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

"Rumors are China's 5G may be engineered to inhibit our ability to bind to oxygen & cause suffocation. Can any experts weigh in?"

So teh crazy appears to be running rampant today...


Fauci was knob slathering a trailer hitch on SEE.B.S. news last night saying that he wasnt contradicting POTUS with his 'quine comments per se. He claims he was unwilling to make claims of prophylactic effectiveness and direct treatment of infection.

Does anyone recall that distinction?

I dont.

A second issue re Trump's enthusiasm on the 'quine issue: can you imagine the fallout from the Harpies like the Miserable "Nasty Question" Alcindor if "Trump knew but kept it a secret?"

As it is those snakes are alleging Trump is denying "Americans" (wetbacks) ventilators and tests.

Out of control. Fauci needs to be pushed out. Let him "consult". Promote one of his lieutenants who is doing Fauci's job anyway.

"Thanks to Dr. Fauci for his service. He's moving up to render greater service that the limitations of the CDC, as currently organized, would hinder during this time of crisis."


Has the12:30 started yet, or did I miss it?


Schumer: ‘Fair Question’ Whether Trump Used Coronavirus Info to Make Investment Decisions


Coronavirus in Catalonia — Boars descend from the mountains to the very center of Barcelona, after several days of people being locked at homepic.twitter.com/6IRFzl2cKz

— Alfons López Tena (@alfonslopeztena) March 19, 2020

Video at link. Just 20 seconds.


Me: Fair question whether Schumer shared pedo pics with his ex aid Weiner.



No. I thought I had as I had dozed off, but they are re-running yesterday's.


It's going on Henry.

And KK, I remember it. Fauci's issue was that it hadn't been tested for the virus, not that it didn't work.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hope he doesn't try to sell them on Amazon or ebay;


Hey all,

Figured I’d fill you in on my Tucson trip. Arrived on the 13th and things are mostly normal except for no paper goods or bottled water on the shelves (tonto’s northside still had product). We had excellent weather and enjoyed ourselves for several days. We were scheduled to leave Friday, but decided on Wednesday to change our flight to Thursday morning. Here’s what happened:
New flight Thursday 0600 TSC to MDW rescheduled at about noon Wednesday. We get a cancel at 1800.
New flight Thursday 0600 TSC to LSV to MDW rescheduled at 1815. Plan to wake up at 0300 for travel. Wake up at 0300, screw you, flight cancelled.
Short talk with wife. We’re driving to Phoenix. Boss schedules flight. I talk to rental company.
New flight Thursday 1015 PHX to OKC to MDW rescheduled at 0330. At this point I plan on driving home from OKC. 0515 we get another screw you, flight cancelled. Continue to PHX to sort out another plan.
Arrive at customer service at PHX at 0715. Get a flight PHX to DAL to MKE that is leaving at 0800. Head to security. It takes those brainiacs 15 minutes to process the 6 people in front of us and my 5. Make it to gate in time. I reserve a rental from MKE to MDW so we can retrieve our car. Arrive in MKE, get rental, gnosh in the parking lot of a Kenosha Culver’s because no one has eaten, get cheap gas on Tri-State at I-55, return rental and make it home just prior to 2000. Rained on me all day Tucson to NW IN. I left out some detail for brevity. Haha
Sooper happy to be home.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Does anyone recall that distinction?--

I kind of thought that was exactly what he said;
There is evidence, but its anecdotal because the trial was small and there was no control group and until we have real clinical trials we don't know that it's effective.


Holy cow GentleJim!


So then Fauci would be in favor of dub-blinds for prophylaxis AND infection treatment?


Kev, NIH hands out money for those trials. Thus Fauci gets to play king on who receives funds. Convenient.


tx, henry. worst kind of bureaucrat in a crisis- the indispensable man.


JiB, because so many restaurants are down, I think, d'Artagnan has a big sale on--get all the meat you want from there.


The missus came home from the store with a weekend WSJ. Super dweeb Zachary Karabell has a long op-ed in the Review section with the title:

The End of Globalization? Don’t Count On It

Subhed: The Covid-19 pandemic might be closing borders and disrupting supply chains, but it can’t stop our long-term movement toward a more interconnected world.

I haven’t read the whole piece but it seems like he’s attempting to console his fellow globalists who might be seeing their investment regimes go Tango Uniform.


According to the chart I posted at 12:56 and the paper it came from, there was a control group, but it was small. (Sample size = 16.)

See here:



Wild boars in Euro cities has been a problem for a while.


Anyone up on the latest conjecture about why people recover fr the virus? as with most topics under discussion here i'll quote my favorite Ahian, from Lima, E Ghaster- "i have no fuckin idea." ;)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Any true double blind clinical trial is going to take months to do properly.
If you're not going to do them properly no point in doing them at all.
I have never heard Fauci try to prevent off label uses for those meds in the meantime while we await those trials.
Personally I'm not sure what else we want him to do. We get upset when climate scientists don't practice science. Now we get upset when doctors do?
Since all things are limited perhaps discouraging the wholesale dispensation to anyone who asks is a good idea anyway.


One can dream....

Hillary Clinton Did a ‘Shotski’ With Andy Cohen Two Weeks Ago, He Now Has Coronavirus



Does the virus affect the undead, Jane?

Jim Eagle

Thanks, Clarice. We're good. Just a sparse supply.

All the fitness faciliites are down and Frederick has had to resort to going to the beach and do squats and power lifts with a 100lb. slab of coquina he rescued from the surf:)

Very quiet here only the click of a club hitting a ball to be heard.

Even the Pelicans are practicing social distancing.

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