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March 17, 2020



are we allowed to have more than 10 comments on a thread?


Rosie's $1,000 Corona Cash
TRUMP: Looking at 100% write-offs, tax relief, & other incentives for companies who move their supply chains back to the US from China.

I am all for this. I have been concerned about medicines, foodstuffs, medical equipment, and parts for military gear for some time.


The link they were hiding



Scientists warn we may need to live with social distancing for a year or more.

"Scientists warn" is a good indicator of nonsense to follow. I want names, sources, and methods or it's BS. Ditto for "experts":

Gov. Cuomo says expert projections expect peak of coronavirus cases in NY in 45 days.


Since the number of cases depends as much on the amount of testing as how much there actually is, it's not meaningful, even if accurate. And it's not a function of the measures that have been taken, like shutting the entire economy down.

Just to add: Everything they are doing now--shutting down the restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. will have no impact on the numbers for at least 10 days, yet the rising numbers over that period will be used to justify further restrictions. You can bank on it.


I know its vox, which means they dont read their own material,


Yes its like bleeding a patient to get rid of he humourd

Old Lurker

"All the scientists" seem to start with one chart of unmitigated exponential growth until 2.2M Americans have died. Then they offer up solutions to have fewer people die.


Just ask Al Gore he got so rich playing that same trick.


Anyone got a link so I can watch the stock market? I no longer remember such trivia!


What does the term "willowed" mean? I see it a lot, but can't find a definition.


Up 945 jane, carried over from another thread.


I'll give Cuomo credit: He has genuinely positive things to say about Trump, and makes a sincere plea for shutting down all the partisan sniping. Agree or disagree with him, that was good to hear. It starts at about 20 minutes in the video at the twitter link in my 2:06.


Duggar Family Found In Violation Of Ban On Large Gatherings


"Willowed" kind of means "orphaned" as in a post at the end of a dead thread.


Thank you, jimmyk!

Old Lurker

EG. If JiB were to provide a list of every single bridge in the US that suffers from some deferred maintenance, then one could find a scientist who could opine how that deferred maintenance could result in that bridge failing. Now if a bridge were to fall during rush hour, then a lot of people will die. And think about the SCHOOL BUSES. Now if every such bridge were to fall on the same day and at rush hour, why shazam, look at all the bodies!

Now for $20Trillion wired to Jack's old company, they could hire some cement guys to get crackin.

Choose your own what-if-boogeyman and proceed accordingly.

We can use all the found money to buy Jane an island.

Captain Hate

What does the term "willowed" mean? I see it a lot, but can't find a definition.

There's a commenter at AoS named Willow, a nice person like you are, who had a tendency to comment on threads just as new ones happened, so much so that the Horde started using her name as a generic term for bringing a comment forward. Since she is a nice person, I thought I'd do my part to make her an internet legend.

Dave (in MA)

Jane, I just look at marketwatch.com but being a CBS site, the page has all kinds of news headlines and links you'd want to skip.


The states and local governments should use this time to fix every damn road. Zero traffic during the daytime.

I know, I know...


that's a lot of unemployment and a sales tax hit to all the states and locals.

Coronavirus Update: @pzf

BREAKING NEWS: Macy's, Bloomingdale's, JCPenney, Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack are shutting down stores nationwide.



That's a good idea. Would provide work for people as well.


Does anyone besides me think that this is a really weird crisis and that there is something else going on as well?

matt - deplore me if you must

Does anyone know of a site that publishes the satellite views of major Chinese cities on a regular basis?

I would really like to see if in fact they are back to polluting the earth's atmosphere at a pace similar to what they had been doing prior to the outbreak of Wuhan coronavirus.

That is probably as close as well will come to knowing whether they are full of shit or not.


I do, MM.

Captain Hate

HOF zombie

I will say - -they showed the very first person to get the vaccine test on the TV last night, and it was a (trim) lady with totally huge knockers. Seriously.

Otherwise, she looked just like an unremarkable "Marian the Librarian" type or a random housewife. But gazongas out to here.

Why was she selected as Patient Zero for the test? let the conspiracy theories begin!
Posted by: zombie at March 17, 2020 02:10 PM (N9G0H)



Thanks. I was afraid I was getting nutty as a fruitcake.

Captain Hate

Not sure, MM.


Leave it to JANE, in a time of immense crisis, JANE corners the BACON MARKET.


Posted by: GUS | March 17, 2020 at 02:30 PM

I called it KUNG FLU here at JOM, last week.

What do I win???? Cough sniff, shart,


Explained to someone at work today about the velocity of money:

One dollar bill exchanged through five people in a day versus five single dollar bills hoarded by five people afraid to spend them.

Explained that in our coronavirus artificial suppression of velocity, we need a way to fire it up again as infections drop.

Said that the 1929 depression was a velocity crisis as much as anything else and we didn't know how to restart things until the ramp up to World War II.

Expecting better this time.

Dave (in MA)

With San Franciscans being ordered to stay at home, how are members of the bum community expected to comply? And what is the appropriate sidewalk defecation etiquette in light of the social distancing that everyone is supposed to be practicing?


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

We applaud private-sector businesses for creating seniors-only shopping times! 🛒 pic.twitter.com/I7usQC0k5M

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 17, 2020
=================== I applaud it as well.

Good grief. There go the store shelves again.

Coronavirus Update: @pzf



Hey, Extraneous, I enjoyed the Headbanging Italian and his playing Slayer.

In other news. I just took part of Nolte's Breitbart article and posted it on facebook. I asked my sister if she thought it would go through, as well as 'will I be banned?' She replied 'post it.' So I did. I'll probably get complaints. :) Here is what I posted:

All the media’s coronavirus lies….

Keep in mind, these are not mistakes. Mistakes are random. Mistakes fall both ways. Our fake news media’s “mistakes” fall only one way — in the direction of ginning up panic in our streets and hatred of Trump and his supporters, who have already paid a very heavy price.

As you read this list, no matter what you do, do not call the media the enemy of the people … because that would be wrong.

Trump Told Governors to Get Their Own Goddamned Ventilators!
Now that the media can no longer attack Trump over the coronavirus testing (as you’ll see below), we’ve moved to ventilators. “Ventilators” is the new Katrina, the new metric with which to beat Trump senseless with… So naturally, the media are going to lie shamelessly, which is exactly what they are doing, even as I write these words:

At least eight New York Times authors shared a deceptively edited quote Monday from President Donald Trump’s recent call with state governors, creating the false impression that the president is denying federal support for ventilators that are needed in hospitals treating coronavirus patients.

In his message, the president recommended that states procure respirators and ventilators because it would be faster — but added that the federal government “will be backing you.”

The Times journalists omitted the bulk of the president’s statement as they shared the story on social media. The misleading, partial quote was also boosted by a CNN correspondent and became the lead headline at the left-wing Huffington Post.

Despite growing online backlash to this misinformation, the journalists have yet to delete or retract their comments.

Here’s the president’s full quote:

Respirators, ventilators, all of the equipment — try getting it yourselves. We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves. Point of sales, much better, much more direct if you can get it yourself.

He’s telling the governors, Do what you can while we do what we can do. This is excellent advice the liars at the far-left New York Times are deliberately twisting to cause panic, to tell the public the president doesn’t care.

Trump Seeks Monopoly on Coronavirus Vaccine
What better way to increase the world’s hatred of America, everyone’s hatred of Trump, and cause even more illegal aliens to crash into our country (seeking a vaccine) than to spread the fake news the American president is looking to monopolize any potential coronavirus vaccine?

But that is exactly what Reuters, The Guardian, Business Insider, and staffers at the New York Times and MSNBC did.

This lie doesn’t even make sense.

What good would it do America to corner the market on a vaccine? It costs us nothing to share the information so other countries can create their own vaccine. What good does it do the U.S. to sit around and watch everyone else die?

Nationwide Curfew!
Good ol’ Jim Sciutto, one of the most infamous liars in the country, a former Obama official hired by the serial liars at CNN to serial lie.

“New: There are active discussions within the Trump administration to encourage a possible ‘curfew’ across the nation in which non-essential businesses would have to close by a certain time each night,” Sciutto wrote on social media, citing “CNN reporting.”

It’s not true.

And unless you’re looking to sow panic, it also makes no sense.

What good would a curfew do, most especially a nationwide curfew?

Does the virus only strike at night?

There are reports Patient Zero ate a bat.

Maybe it was a vampire bat!

Trump Lied About the Google Website
“Google says it’s not publishing a national-scale coronavirus site,” CNN anti-Trump activist Jake Tapper tweeted to his 2.3 million Twitter followers last week.

He linked to a CNN story with the headline, “Google says it’s not publishing a national-scale coronavirus site anytime soon.” This was a story that smeared Trump as a liar for announcing Google will be building a national-scale coronavirus website.

The original and very fake CNN story can be found here.

Here’s the opener:
Google will not be publishing a national-scale website for coronavirus testing anytime soon, contrary to claims made by President Donald Trump during a Friday news conference.

Instead, a health-focused subsidiary owned by Google’s parent company, Alphabet, intends to launch a small-scale website next week to begin to triage California-based patients. The website will aim to serve a broader population only “over time” — not “very quickly,” as Trump said.

“What we’re building is a triage tool that will live on ProjectBaseline.com, and we plan to pilot it in California next week,” said Carolyn Wang, a spokesperson for the Alphabet subsidiary, Verily.

Here’s the Google Search screencap which captured CNN’s lie:

But now, if you click on that Google link, the CNN story says the exact opposite of what the original story said. Here’s the new headline and opener:

Google will partner with US government to develop a nationwide coronavirus website, company says

Google now says it is working with the government on the creation of a national website containing information about coronavirus symptoms and testing information.

“Google is partnering with the US Government in developing a national website that includes information about COVID-19 symptoms, risk and testing information,” the company said in a series of tweets Saturday evening.

The company did not give a time frame of when such a website would be up and running.

On Friday after the President said Google was helping to develop a website and it would be available soon, the company declined to say it would be publishing a national-scale website for coronavirus testing anytime soon.

Naturally, there is no editor’s note informing readers the original story was a lie or has been retracted or updated, which is highly unethical.

CNN spread a bald-faced lie to undermine the president, got caught, and did everything in its malevolent power to cover that lie up.

Trump Shut Down the CDC’s Pandemic Department!
Do I even need to point out how virulent and widespread this talking point has been?


No, the White House didn’t ‘dissolve’ its pandemic response office. I was there.

It has been alleged by multiple officials of the Obama administration, including in The Post, that the president and his then-national security adviser, John Bolton, “dissolved the office” at the White House in charge of pandemic preparedness. Because I led the very directorate assigned that mission, the counterproliferation and biodefense office, for a year and then handed it off to another official who still holds the post, I know the charge is specious.

It is true that the Trump administration has seen fit to shrink the NSC staff. But the bloat that occurred under the previous administration clearly needed a correction. Defense Secretary Robert Gates, congressional oversight committees and members of the Obama administration itself all agreed the NSC was too large and too operationally focused (a departure from its traditional role coordinating executive branch activity). As The Post reported in 2015, from the Clinton administration to the Obama administration’s second term, the NSC’s staff “had quadrupled in size, to nearly 400 people.” That is why Trump began streamlining the NSC staff in 2017.

The reduction of force in the NSC has continued since I departed the White House. But it has left the biodefense staff unaffected[.]

It is this reorganization that critics have misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented. If anything, the combined directorate was stronger because related expertise could be commingled.

In other words, it wasn’t dissolved, it was streamlined.

Trump Declared the Coronavirus a Hoax!
This desperate lie, launched by the far-left Politico, was quickly debunked by fact-checkers, including the far-left Washington Post. That’s how big of a lie it is — the Washington Post conceded it was a lie.

Nevertheless, CNN continues to spread this lie.

Calling the Wuhan Virus the ‘Wuhan Virus’ Is Racist
As has already been exhaustively pointed out, the naming of a virus or disease after a location — including a lily-white location like Lyme, Connecticut — is just how it’s done and has been done forever.

But now it’s racist, even though the very same media declaring it racist is the very same media that first called it the “Chinese Virus” or the “Wuhan Virus,” or some variation thereof.

Here’s a pretty comprehensive list that’s been floating around. There are probably more examples, but this more than makes the point:

“Japan and Thailand Confirm New Cases of Chinese Coronavirus,” The New York Times, 1/15/20
“The CDC and Homeland Security begin screening for Chinese Coronavirus at three major US airports as outbreak spreads in Asia,” CNBC, 1/17/20
“Vaccine for new Chinese coronavirus in the works,” CNN, 1/20/20
“First U.S. case of potentially deadly Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state,” Washington Post, 1/21/20
“Chinese coronavirus outbreak has reached U.S. shores, CDC says,” Los Angeles Times, 1/21/20
“The First Case Of The Chinese Coronavirus Has Hit The US, CDC Reports,” Buzzfeed, 1/21/20
“First case of Chinese coronavirus confirmed in Washington state,” NBC’s Today Show, 1/24/20
“Chinese coronavirus infections, death toll soar as fifth case is confirmed in U.S.,” Washington Post, 1/26/20
“Japan confirms case of new Chinese virus, spread is ‘concerning,'” Reuters, 1/15/20
“How the Chinese virus outbreak impacts Lunar New Year travel,” National Geographic, 1/24/20
“China coronavirus ‘spreads before symptoms show,'” BBC, 1/26/20
“Over a thousand ‘likely’ infected by Wuhan virus in China: Study,” Al Jazeera, 1/18/20
“Stop the Wuhan virus,” Nature Magazine editorial, 1/21/20)
“China confirms Wuhan virus can be spread by humans,” CNN, 1/22/20
“First U.S. Case Reported of Deadly Wuhan Virus,” Wall Street Journal, 1/22/20
“Here are the symptoms of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus and when you should be worried,” Business Insider, 1/22/20
“Something Far Deadlier Than The Wuhan Virus Lurks Near You,” Kaiser Health News, 1/24/20
“With Wuhan virus genetic code in hand, scientists begin work on a vaccine,” Reuters, 1/24/20
“The Wuhan Virus: How to Stay Safe,” Foreign Policy, 1/25/20
“Something Far Deadlier Than The Wuhan Virus Lurks Near You,” USA Today, 1/29/20
“10-Year-Old Boy Raises Fears Wuhan Virus Could Spread Undetected,” Bloomberg, 1/29/20
“Your Questions About Wuhan Coronavirus, Answered, National Public Radio, 1/30/20
“Will the Wuhan virus become a pandemic?” The Economist, 1/30/20
NOTE: The photo in this article was on their COVER for this issue.
Additionally, the video below is nothing less than a devastating compilation of just how dishonest and unserious the media are:


Liberal media pundits want you to think referring to the coronavirus as the "Wuhan" or "Chinese" virus is racist.

Here's just a few of the times the liberal media did just that.

Embedded video
2:34 PM - Mar 12, 2020
Twitter Ads info and privacy
12K people are talking about this
To sum this up, the fake news media floods these words and terms into the American lexicon, and then sanctimoniously turns around and attacks those who repeat them as racist.

Trump Rejected WHO Coronavirus Test Kits
Everyone from Grandpa Joe Biden to CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta to Esquire to NBC News to, to, to… This is such a lie, the far-left PolitiFact debunked it.

Trump Blocked Testing Because Lower Numbers are Good for His Reelection
This lie arrives courtesy of the welfare queens at NPR and a Newsweek staffer’s hysterical amplification that has been retweeted almost a quarter-million times.

And once again, I ask, how does this makes any sense?

In the face of the facts, Trump is doing back-flips to start testing. What’s more, how does not testing benefit his re-election chances? It’s not as if people who test positive won’t eventually become symptomatic.

This is not just a lie (no other media outlet has confirmed it, which means even CNN couldn’t find a lying source that has lied to them so many times before to lie about this one), it’s by far the stupidest lie on this list.

It’s Trump Fault Coronavirus Testing Was Delayed
Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said Tuesday that the blame for the slow pace of testing for coronavirus in the U.S. does not lie with either President Trump or the CDC.

Fauci told Hugh Hewitt on “The Hugh Hewitt” show that a “technical glitch” resulted in the delay in production of usable tests in the U.S., something Fauci prescribed to random error.

“This has nothing to do with anybody’s fault, certainly not the president’s fault.”

11. Trump Silenced Dr. Fauci
This lie spread like wildfire before Fauci himself was given a chance to tell the truth.

We are plagued with a dishonest, unreliable, unserious, dangerous media, driven only by political calculation and naked greed.

The media are so evil and indecent, even a pandemic can’t cure them.



New Yorkers should be prepared for a ‘shelter in place order,’ Mayor Bill de Blasio says; decision set to come within 48 hours



Yeah, I don't know about that, Captain. Here she is.

(Click to open.)


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

NEW: Medicare will dramatically expand telehealth services in response to the Coronavirus.

Medicare patients can now visit any doctor by phone or video conference at no additional cost. pic.twitter.com/wSTJy9qjtC

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) March 17, 2020
Old Lurker

"that's a lot of unemployment and a sales tax hit to all the states and locals."

And if the lawyers some of us real state developers hired Monday are successful, we intend to force the counties which ordered businesses in our shopping centers to close, almost all of whom will be unable to pay rent starting April 1, to respond to the fact that our real estate taxes are "Ad Valorem" which for commercial properties is a function of rents, and by the counties' own actions they have with the stroke of a pen decimated those rents and thus the values...and it is grossly obscene to demand an owner pay ad valorem tax on values predicated on phantom income that they took away.

Serious bucks involved.


OL, lawyers always get rich. They are the Duke Brothers of the legal syst3em.

Dave (in MA)

Big buildup:
    Posted by: Captain Hate | March 17, 2020 at 02:35 PM

Reality check:
    Posted by: Extraneus | March 17, 2020 at 02:40 PM

Old Lurker

Exactly, Dave.

Expectations must be lower in Ohio.

Captain Hate

Welp she looks plain.

Dave (in MA)

CH is OH, Zombie is SF(?).

Captain Hate

I was only quoting zombie.

Old Lurker

CH has to accept that he who posts last, owns it.

Old Lurker



Don’t guys in SF have bigger hooters?


Thanks Dave.

I think what is going on is a huge over-reaction, in response to the dems acting as assholes as always - ready to blame Trump for the end of the world. Hopefully he can use this opportunity to get rid of a bunch of stupid rules and regulations. He just has to be careful the whole movement to Bernieville land doesn't take hold.


Interesting things I got from the press conference:

1. He called major construction companies and got them to donate their masks and forego ordering new ones for a while (which I doubt most politicians would have thought about but President Trump, having worked with construction companies, did).

2. When the press started griping about why not doing the payroll tax cut bill(letting the dems hold it up and/or add extra stuff) and cutting a check to people instead President Trump looked at them in astonishment and said, "You have to realize a lot of these people work on tips only! Millions of them, in fact."

3. He seriously said that China had "every incentive to not interrupt the supply chain." Said in a very pointed manner, not casually.
These 3 points you might have heard or read when I posted some on the earlier thread, but I wanted to repeat them because I thought they were important.

Dave (in MA)

I think it's worth putting out this reminder in light of all the Brady jersey-burning ceremonies that we're likely to be seeing.


3/16/20 UPDATE: During the next 15 days, all U.S.
events of 10+ people should be cancelled or held



De Blahsio was ticked off that there was so much traffic on his way to the gym.

Captain Hate

Some good rants




No comment.


It's a little hard to tell from the angle of that photo. Need a profile shot.

Does anyone besides me think that this is a really weird crisis and that there is something else going on as well?

I think the hyperanxiety of the MSM and social media have helped push it into crisis mode, but it's not unique to the US. It's not an issue of denying or accepting the facts, it's a sense of perspective. According to Gateway Pundit (yes, I know) 22,000 Americans have died from the flu this season. About 100 have died from the Wuhan Flu, mainly elderly and others with pre-existing health problems. Yes, doing nothing at all might have resulted in that number going into the 10s of thousands or higher. But going to the extremes that are being discussed (I see Mayor Bane has just announced that he's considering following SF's lead) seems like collective insanity. There ought to be some kind of marginal cost-benefit analysis, not to mention an understanding of time lags and cause and effect. I feel like it's the ultimate expression of the era of "safe spaces."

James D.

MM @ 2:32

I agree completely.

At a minimum, I think that the leftists and msm had ideas and plans for how to act out and sabotage the country in the event of any crisis, and this is the one that happened.


Here is one from the front, Jimmy:


Huge? Maybe not. But they are large for her waist size.


G-jim, you're supposed to be a LAW MAN. If you see ANY HOOTERS open, tell the manager he's in violation of the CLOSE ALL HOOTERS DECREE.



You mean like not needing a permit to SHIT on the sidewalk????


Welcome to prog heaven.

Kasie Hunt @kasie

MCCONNELL TO REPUBLICANS WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE HOUSE BILL: “My counsel is to gag and vote for it anyway.”


Lyle Waggoner, Actor on 'The Carol Burnett Show' and 'Wonder Woman,' Dies at 84



Again, taking away more freedoms, with zero evidence that the restrictions already in place are not sufficient.

James D.

MCCONNELL TO REPUBLICANS WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH THE HOUSE BILL: “My counsel is to gag and vote for it anyway.”

Why doesn’t HE write a bill and send it to the House and let Lelosi and her Dems gag on it?

Jim Eagle

This chaos is tailor made for Progs, the Media, Democrat pols (like Deblasio) to institute draconian measures and take authoritarian control. It is like Christmas, Easter and a 4th of July parade for showing off dictatorial skills.

Who is going to enforce the shelter in place doctrines? The local police or a posse commits? Because what I am seeing is less medically warranted as more crowd (eg Citizens) control. You don't want some crazed person to step outside breath in fresh air and announce to the community, "Its safe to come out side, the air is fresh."

Tailor made for control freak politicians.


How is that going to work anyway, Jimmy? Does he think that the same people who throw water on cops would obey?


Donald J. Trump
The world is at war with a hidden enemy. WE WILL WIN!


Patterico update. They are a bunch of ignorant dickheads. Nothing new.


Why doesn’t HE write a bill and send it to the House and let Lelosi and her Dems gag on it?

Bills must originate in the House.

In Obama's day, the Senate b*stards would take and unrelated bill, strip the guts, and replace it with whatever they wanted.


Seated social distancing style in the Cabinet Room as Pres Trump met with hotel and tourism execs. Heard their reports of shutdowns and layoffs due to the Coronavirus. Companies taking part included Hilton, MGM, Disney, Marriott, Hyatt, Universal Resorts, Best Western et al. pic.twitter.com/JlWnrh9xxf

— Mark Knoller (@markknoller) March 17, 2020

Photo at the link.


Not all bills.

All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.



Flag of United States
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is trying to get cash in the hands of every American. Even if the employer goes out of business the president wants every American to continue to receive paychecks until the emergency is lifted. That's the plan. But Nancy has The House majority.


Dammit, Ext! I'm supposed to know it all. ;-)


Treasury and IRS to delay tax season deadline by 90 days, to July 15

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: MissMarple2 | March 17, 2020 at 03:43 PM
With the MSM packed in like sardines.

Old Lurker

"Bills must originate in the House."

Only Money related ones.

Unless Obama is president and John Robert is CJ.

Old Lurker

OK you guys are fast.


The Imperial College group reported that if nothing was done by governments and individuals and the pandemic remained uncontrolled, then 510,000 would die in Britain and 2.2 million in the United States over the course of the outbreak.


This is not the end of the world, according to Christians who study the end of the world


Defense Secretary Esper (#SecDef @EsperDoD
): "The Department of Defense will make available up to 5 million N95 respirator masks...we are prepared to distribute to HHS up to 2000 deployable ventilators for use as needed."

Full video here: https://cs.pn/33nSh5e


Hilton's CEO tells Trump that the chain plans to close most of its hotels in major U.S. cities

Old Lurker

Neo, that was the paper I was making fun of way above.

Buried deep deep in it (yes, I read it because I suspected what I would find) is the statement that they start with the baseline assumption of unmitigated exponential growth until 2.2M Americans are dead from it. From there, they propose that the "Medical Community" be given a "switch" by which THEY can dial up or down economic activity and human interactions so that THEY can moderate the demand for THEIR services. And yes, they buried those two nuggets under enough Excel Spreadsheets and Excel Charts to prove that they are truly very very smart.

I kid you not.

Al Gore with more credentials.


Clay Travis
Philip Rivers to the Colts. What a day of news.


I wish the CV would kill all the stupid people in the MFM. Does that make me a bad person? I’m fine with that. 🤔


“How is that going to work anyway, Jimmy? Does he think that the same people who throw water on cops would obey?”

How does it work in SF, with even more wackos?

I’m just wondering if he is going to shut down the NYSE. What exactly does shelter in place mean?


From the looks of that social distancing pic in MM's 3:43, lyle, you might get your wish.


Also, Cuomo had said in his presser that only the state can do that, and it was a bad idea to do it in a city, since people would flee in anticipation.


DOW close up 1049 @21237


I’ m in favor of accelerating the pace lyle.


The threshold for shredding the Constitution must be indexed to the DOW.


David Burge
In conclusion, epidemiologists are an excellent source of information about how to stop spreading infectious diseases; how to stop people from killing each other in toilet paper stampedes, not so much
1:48 PM · Mar 17, 2020·Twitter Web App


A smattering of the stuff on Twitter:

Chuck Callesto
Do you support giving Americans a MONTHLY PAYMENT during the Coronavirus Crisis?
David Rothschild

President Trump seems to be saying he wants to murder all of the people in New York as some partisan gotcha against NY's Democratic government. As a person in New York, I am really against this plan from our President.

Steve Herman
#DJIA closing up more than 5%, just off the highs for the day.


There’s a virus that targets a narrow band of the population, that’s why you can’t buy guns, ammo or have a wedding on private property, peasant.


I wanted them avoxed and lobotonized but that might be redundant.


Cuomo is such a nothing that I think his father did a better job; in fact, New York would do better with a team of Cuomo Sr. and Ed Koch (or even John Lindsey - De Blahsio is in a class by himself).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


I didn't read it.
How exactly does he link voting for Hillary with Covid-19?



Retweeted by the President. Published yesterday.


From the looks of that social distancing pic in MM's 3:43, lyle, you might get your wish.

::fist pump YES!!::


Sometimes a virus is just a virus.
Cancelling election in Ohio was a smart move.
McConnell said in his presser the following will happen:
Will vote on House Bill.
Then 2 more bills are coming out started by the WH and the Republicans in the Senate.
Then they will conference with the Dems in the Senate and later confer with the House.
My sense is McConnell doesn’t trust Pelosi not to muck it up with extras and poison pills.
There is no underlying conspiracy.
It amazes me how difficult it is for people to relax, put their life on hold for awhile and enjoy a good book or movie.
Just be Amish for a bit with the perks of electricity.


There is no underlying conspiracy.

Buzzkill! 😬


Still nutz



So each ‘Merican gets a cool thou? But it’s still taxable, yes? Even after tax that’d still buy me a couple bottles of wine...😉


lyle, you're drinking very good wine or you're in a prohibitive tax brackek.


um, bracket.

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