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March 17, 2020



As if THAT will be noticed......

Dave (in MA)
Who was it here who named hand sanitizer "Paper Cut Locator Lotion"?
I relayed my brother's idea that the eBay ban on hand sanitizer sales to prevent price gouging could be circumvented by calling it paper cut finder.

FYI... Florida people,Desantis is giving a presser. Check your local channels.




I was looking at some of the stuff Charlie talked about earlier today in a little more depth, and he's right. Reducing R₀ is the key.






DisneyNews Cecilia Vega was the rayciss questioner:


Jack Lillywhite

I am not a betting man. Made $1300 on the slots in PR with my buddy Ralph Stanley (rip) and never bet a nickel again. But today, I will bet that nickel that this long gone by the end of Lent.

In nombre patre.


Folks, we dont know if we will be let out of our homes on April 6. But the State Department just announced refugee resettlement and international travel to facilitate it will hopefully restart by then. Again, how do we take this seriously?



Donald J. Trump
Thank you @HerschelWalker!
Herschel Walker

Let's keep the faith! Just spoke with @realDonaldTrump @IvankaTrump and members of @FitnessGov Council. @POTUS keeps leading against this hidden threat. Follow @CDCgov
guidance and we can be Champions at defeating COVID-19. Let's get creative in ways to stay #TogetherApart

James D.

Ext @ ;:39

What it merits is a cruise missile to Xi’s private residence.

And if this was a deliberate bio warfare incident, 10 megatons on Beijing.


Donald J. Trump
Today I spoke with American physicians and nurses to thank them for their tireless work. Doctors and nurses are at the front lines of this war and are true American HEROES! With their help, America will WIN.


Thanks, Mel. I made my calls to all the local affiliates(ABC NBC CBS)and gave them a general blast about shitty coverage and my plans to wreck their advertising income. Now I will call back with specifics.


I will take that bet.


Ha,Desantis just said he can't believe that Tom Brady coming to Tampa is such a big deal news story. Priorities,people!

James D.

My 4:59 is why I think, even if we do have or discover iron-clad proof that China released this virus deliberately, we will never hear about it.

Because if we do acknowledge that it was deliberate biowarfare, we would pretty much have to go to war to remove Xi's regime, or destroy it with WMD. What other option would there be, besides unconditional surrender to the ChiComs?

Jim Eagle

You have it MR. The cell structure seems resistance to heat. By Lent most of the country is sunny and warming up.

But your odds are as good as mine:)

Right now the disruption to life is not only unexpected but also unprepared. Even WW2 domestically didn't have this effect on everyday life. People are getting a little nervous and uncertain of where it leads and how to adjust their lives.

A little vingnette. The Public Liquor store lady tells me that she has gone through 2 truck loads of booze and wine in two days. Why? Because the county pols have shut down restaurants and bars.

What Logistics Pros will tell you is that by shutting down rescouses we are weakening the full supply chain. not just booze, but TP, Fruit, meat and produce, et. al.

If this does not break soon even Trump will have a hard time containing the mobs at the stores. 7th day at Publix and not TP, no Clorox but I found a .75L of Hydrogen Peroxide.

Small victories count in these times.


Something to consider:

Jim Eagle


I wish I had a nickle for every math model that just didn't work out the way it should have in that particular case:) I would have not only my nickle but the one I had to give to maryrose:)



Panic Pandemic – Why Are People Who Should Know Better Buying The Covid19 Hype?

Maybe the writer is too flippant, but I thought it was interesting and I hadn't read anywhere else that Wikipedia has been accused of recently revising the Spanish Flu mortality rate downward, possibly to make it more comparable to COVID-19.

Wikipedia Slashes Spanish Flu Death Rate


New thread.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick [not literally] of thinking about this crap.
Everybody's got a different, useless opinion including me... and even the experts.
I'm gonna focus on stuff I can influence and control which is very little. But it still takes a lot of time and effort.

I can tell you one thing though, every young and/or attractive girl with sniffable hair that Joe Biden crosses paths with owes Emperor Xi a huge debt of gratitude.
As do we, since I'm assuming we won't have to see the freak sucking Doc Jill's fingers anytime soon either.


Maybe Barr has videos... NYT pulled the tweet he was responding to.


This brazen assault on the free press by the Chinese Communist Party is appalling.

That it occurred in the midst of a public health crisis, when the flow of unbiased information to the public is critical, is also dangerous.

China’s attempts to silence the truth must not stand. twitter.com/nytimes/status…




Do you have a spare thousand dollars sitting in soon to be insolvent Bank of America?

Why not put it in a Casper Mattress?


"Why do you keep calling this the CHINESE VIRUS"

Because FUCK YOU.



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