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March 17, 2020




Carry sterile replacement tears for just that reason, in a pocket, to keep them warm. Trust me. Huge save on eye itch.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I'm usually happy tinkering around the house, but is anyone else having the urge to go out just because the government said not to?


Well as long as there are no ed 209s about to enforce it:



Youre not the only ones


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--From what I can find, the general consensus is that by far the most common method of contracting the virus is through the nose and mouth, but that it's possible to get it through the eyes.--

And if it won't do it on its own, then by God we'll give it a hand.
How NOT to contain coronavirus;
South Korean Church Infects 46 Parishioners After Spraying Salt Water In Their Mouths To Prevent The Virus

River Grace Community church in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, told its parishioners that they could help stop the spread of the virus by spraying salt water into their mouths. But the church used a spray bottle that it didn't disinfect between people and instead wound up spreading the virus to 46 different people, according to the South China Morning Post.

Guess it never occurred to anyone "Gee I wonder if it's possible anyone here might already have it."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki



Yes were stocked up here


Dave (in MA)

To boldly go...
as they say.


IL illection “glitch” will not allow linkage! Hah!


There will be no reporting of results because of said “glitch”.


Please, if you use tags, use Preview.



Cause that’s how I roll.....


Cast iron for me, Mel.



Cool! Septic or Street?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Sorry bout that. I forgot to preview. Long day.


I will add that TypePad has had years to add the simple feature of scanning through the post, and closing any open tags at the end. I bet I could write code to do that in under a day.


Or alternately, and perhaps preferably, refusing to post comments with unclosed tags until they're corrected.


Making it an opt in extension would be very cool, MJW, but until then, I’m honoring hit by just rolling.

Captain Hate

Nuke Hawaii


This dicknose is very unspecific in which decisions he disagrees with and why so if anyone is wondering, after reading the first page, if his full turd finger painting is worth looking at, it isn't. Fuck Dannenberg in particular.

Captain Hate

I never understood why anybody found that statement even mildly amusing.


What? “Rolling”? BFD, embrace the imprecision.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

In the spirit of pushback against the CCP, feel free to add your own.

Wuhan Virus
Chinese Virus
Xi's Disease
The Pooh Flu
Kung Flu
Flu Manchu
The Manchurian Contaminate
Lung Pao Chicken
Egg Flu Lung
The China Syndrome
The Orient Distress

jim nj


West Virginia was the 50th state to report a coronavirus case. This may be the reason it took so long

Article blames it on the lack of testing citing a cranky nurse and Joe Manchin.

The nurse may be right or maybe just spooked.

Apparently she doesn't meet the testing criteria. Maybe the testing criteria is still a little too tight?

Dave (in MA)

Wu Flu, which Lileks used last week.

jim nj



I’m not kidding about launching the Kushners into deep space in a space ark:

I kid you not. Jared is pushing expanding EB-5 visas to bring in more Chinese nationals to further buy up America in the very package supposedly designed as #ChineseVirus response!


jim nj


Kansas closed the schools for the rest of the academic year and Newsome feels a need to jump on the bandwagon?

Some politician proposes a stupid idea and the rest feel compelled to outdo them.

Maybe it's time to re-think the whole school paradigm.


Too Wong Flu: Love Julie Newmar

jim nj


Defense chief Esper: Military focused on supporting 'whole-of-government approach to the coronavirus'

Parts of the National Guard activated 18 states and much more actions planned like the US Navy hospital ships and other stuff.


Like the talons of weng chiang the very unwoke dr who episode from the 70s involving a thinly veiled fu manchu is the 19th centurywho is an android for the 45th century.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

#BreakingNews >> Republicans just won 3 State House special elections in Pennsylvania. One of the districts went for Hillary by 9 points. Working-class voters were critical to President Trump's success in 2016, and the enthusiasm is a great sign for 2020! (H/T Ronna McDaniel)


Its also like when they shut down the power to the park in jurassic park; and then cant get it back inna reasonable period.

jim nj


One NJ woman used a fake name and address to get tested. She came back after a public appeal for her to do so.


It’s time to nationalize the Federal Reserve.

jim nj


Trump administration hits back after China kicks out US journalists amid coronavirus pandemic

How will the China apologists in the media treat this. Will they support their fellow journalists?

jim nj


Federal Reserve Sets Commercial Paper Backstop, Adds $500 Billion in Overnight Repos; Stocks Surge
The Fed will provide a $10 billion backstop to the commercial paper market, on top of the $1 trillion in overnight liquidity it's pumped into banks over the past two days.


The IRS has an acronym PDT:

Potentially Dangerous Taxpayer



What's the deal with "stay inside"? During Spanish Flu, everybody knew that the best thing for pneumonia patients was getting them outside into the sunshine.

So, people, go outside and work in your yard. Go for a walk in the sunshine, just stay 10 feet away from any neighbors if you stop to chat...

jim nj


Iraq PM-designate appointed to break deadlock

Yeah, that will work. The parties that wouldn't compromise before will suddenly do so now.


Iraq's latest prime minister-designate faces opposition from Iran-backed militias


Iraq Rocked by New Violence as Tensions Escalate Among Soldiers, Militias and Militants

Some previously unknown group is responsible for the new rocket attacks, yeah, right.
Iraq has 154 cases of Wu Flu and the number is expanding.
ISIS is getting bolder in Iraq.

If the parties can't come together thre'll be fighting over control of a carcass of a nation.

jim nj


Power Struggle Hampers Iran’s Coronavirus Response

President Hassan Rouhani has been severely criticized for not acting forcefully against the epidemic. Now he and the military, newly empowered to intervene, are fighting over control.

Pretty much straight reporting.


'People Are Dying Left and Right.' Inside Iran's Struggle to Contain Its Coronavirus Outbreak

Not bad reporting until the editors got a hold of it and inserted the obligatory shots at Trump and Johnson.


Is CHINA-MANGINA taken yet????




What if the Chinese pharmaceutical crisis is just a pretext to get us into Eastern Medicine?

Rhino horns BTFO.

jim nj

My WHO and Johns Hopkins look see

Some good arguments and questions about the data on today's thread. I'm hoping that the US can build a better data-set going forward.

China had 39 more cases, Korea 84, Japan 15, so the trend seems to be continuing. Malaysia which reported more than a doubling of cases the prior day reports no new ones. I think that was a catching-up glitch.

Iran reported no new cases - another glitch, as Johns Hopkins shows the increase in cases there. Maybe a report filed too late for the WHO report deadline?

The Bahamas joins the list with 1 case attributed to local transmission. I think that's another glitch. How can you have 1 case due to local transmission on an island?

US total cases up to 6,496, an increase of 1,835 and a percent change of 39%. That's a jump of a size I didn't expect.

Is that an anomaly? Probably not. I'm going to suggest that more test capacity has come on-line. And also suggest that, if so, it is being directed at hot spots.

That might account for that cranky West Virginia nurse.

Worldometer still shows only 12 serious/critical patients.

It's added a state by state breakdown of US cases. The NYC tri-state area has taken the lead from the west coast. I am so definitely not rooting for the home team to win this contest.

jim nj


Evil Governor won't conform. Probably not a bad place to be if you you believe in the heat or sunshine theories.

jim nj


deBlasio mini-me.

jim nj


Begins? That's my default mode. Cheaper, safer and no DUI stops. And I recycle.

jim nj


" In announcing the new warning, the Iranian state TV journalist, Dr. Afruz Eslami, cited a study by Tehran’s prestigious Sharif University of Technology, which offered three scenarios: If people cooperate fully now, Iran will see 120,000 infections and 12,000 deaths before the outbreak is over; if they offer medium cooperation, there will be 300,000 cases and 110,000 deaths.

But if people fail to follow any guidance, it could collapse Iran’s already-strained medical system, Eslami said. If the “medical facilities are not sufficient, there will be 4 million cases, and 3.5 million people will die,” she said.

Eslami did not elaborate on what metrics the study used, but even reporting it on Iran’s tightly controlled state media represented a major change for a country whose officials had for days denied the severity of the crisis."

Also quotes the Time and NYT articles I posted earlier.


Retweeted by the President:


Stable for hours on surfaces, including in aerosols for up to three hours, up to four hours on copper, up to 24 hours on cardboard and up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel.

More information in the article.

jim nj


Shelter in place in Manhattan? Lots of teeny kitchens with tiny refrigerators and no closet space in some apartments. It's not unusual for 2, 3 or 4 people to combine incomes and rent larger apartments.




The reality of this crisis from an economic point of view hit home last night when a good buddy of mine who is a musician who scrapes by by giving guitar lessons emailed me and told me that he and his wife are running out of money. The economic side effects of this for so many people are devastating. Prayers!


One of the few upsides of a crisis is that it tells you exactly what side people are on.

Our own mainstream media has rushed to defend China when people suggested that they should be held accountable for their role in the spread of the Coronavirus

China MUST be held accountable pic.twitter.com/zYulvQi1MU

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) March 18, 2020

Tucker Carlson video at the link. 6 minutes.



That is why the President got so exasperated with the press yesterday, because they acted like there was no big deal to delaying a payroll tax cut. There are people like your friend, plus people who do housework, babysitting, people who live on tips, etc.

I will keep your friend on my prayer list.

jim nj


The tradition of the census is that it is conducted as a point in time survey. This thing is going to get all screwed up if they have to drag it out over time. And it's going to be very difficult to survey non-respondents if the field workers are afraid to go out for the person to person interviews.

All the college kids dispersed back home.

States and special interest groups will be litigating this for years.


Drudge hints at cell phone tracking of the infected. As in all movements the prior two weeks plus identification of all cell phones they get near to. S Korea used this type of tracking. Once that genie is out of the bottle, the turds at DOJ won’t ever stop.


CV Update Wed 3/18

6,524 confirmed cases
116 deaths
106 recovered
1.8% mortality

Breakdown of active cases
6,302 currently infected
- 6,290 Mild Condition
- 12 Serious or Critical

All 50 states have at least 1 case.

NY, WA, Ca with most cases

jim nj



Loved this article first thing this morning:


It includes this via ACE:

Via Twitchy, Harmeet K. Dhillon uncorks a rant for the ages.

1/As a San Francisco resident and business owner, I’m wondering–can I trust the health judgments of leaders who let thousands live on the streets in their filth? And if we are now getting homeless into shelter, why couldn’t that have happened earlier? Doesn’t their health count?

2/ All of a sudden we are supposed to accept 24-hour curfews “for your own safety” from people who order the police to stand down when Antifa & friends beat the hell out of taxpayers; people who refuse to enforce laws they don’t like (death penalty, bail, property crimes) …/

3/ City leaders who literally give wanted alien criminals a public heads up when ICE is about to conduct raids are now telling me what’s best, declaring a death penalty for businesses, no hearings or due process?! Forgive me if I don’t fall right into line with the fascism …/

4/ which seems awfully situational. The Governor’s suggestions yesterday that older and vulnerable people take extra care and stay inside seemed reasonable. Liberal city leaders decided to seize the opportunity and throw the whole economy into a tailspin as collateral damage …/

5/ but don’t worry — we’ll soon have a government sponsored bailout for favored groups soon, funded with a tax increase crammed down the throats of the dwindling number of taxpayers. Homeless go back to the streets, illegal alien criminals get sanctuary, car break-one continue…


Video interview: UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin on incomplete leagues due to #coronavirus, the men's Euros taking FIFA's planned Club World Cup slot in June 2021 and the prospect of the women's Euros moving to 2022.
Read the transcript here: https://t.co/D6esTupEnv pic.twitter.com/CIprMTeFdW

— AP Sports (@AP_Sports) March 17, 2020

Video at the link. A little over 6 minutes.


“We can’t do this without the young people cooperating...please cooperate.” -Dr. Fauci pic.twitter.com/TOwFd2wIgh

— Dan Scavino Jr.🇺🇸 (@Scavino45) March 17, 2020

Video at link. About 50 seconds.


"A crowd is not merely impulsive and mobile. Like a savage, it is not prepared to admit that anything can come between its desire and the realisation of its desire."
-Gustave LeBon


TV news is saying this morning that the $1k checks might go out within two weeks. There are going to be people who really can't feed their kids because of this, so I hope it happens and that it's helpful to those people. I'd expect, as well, that there will be some mechanism for the well-off to contribute their checks to the needy.


Tampa Bay wants to pay 30 million a year for a washed-up quarterback.


Malaysia will be close most of its palm oil operations, as the country shutters non-essential business



French researcher posts successful #Covid19 drug trial https://connexionfrance.com/French-news/French-researcher-in-Marseille-posts-successful-Covid-19-coronavirus-drug-trial-results

‘A renowned research professor in France has reported successful results from a new treatment for Covid-19, with early tests suggesting it can stop the virus from being contagious in just six days.’



Scarborough tells viewers that we have to do everything to ensure that this president succeeds.


Med "expert" on FOX, discussing retrieving your mail out of your mailbox, says, "you have to assume that everything you touch has coronavirus on it". She also wants you to wash your fruits and vegetables with soap and water before, and she implies that we all do that anyway. I'm living on some other planet than these germ freaks, and I could never become one even with extensive training.



MUMBAI (Reuters) - Tennis players around the world have hit out at the lack of communication from the game’s governing bodies in the wake of the French Open’s shock switch to September from May because of the coronavirus pandemic.


Gold getting killed again this morning, which I love because I've pretty much always have been a gold bear (so there's some decades where I've been gosh-darned wrong). The fall, imo (and that's all anyone has, an opinion, people can be right about any market's direction and still not be able to prove they know why it happened), has nothing to do with margin calls - gold has been down recently even on up market days. Here's my post here from four days and a hundred fifty dollars ago:




I have been thinking about that this morning.

Mail. Groceries. Wine bottles.

Now my hands are in dishwater 2-3 times per day, because we don't have a dishwasher. But what about my computer keyboard. which I have no doubt touched after touching something that might have the virus on it?

And what about the gas hose at the station?

Also, what type of soap? Is the dish detergent good enough? Or do I need Ivory soap?


Chuck Schumer’s bank bailout payday lending scheme:

Come to the crossroads at midnight

No police




Twitter Says Social-Distancing Will Likely Mean Giving AI Much More Control Over Regulating User Content





Good review of the presses Trump tweets.



Miss M, the TV docs certainly feel that the gas hose handle is a danger. I know that I can't possibly train myself to do everything they're saying.

James D.

Henry @ 5:47

At some point, this will go too far. And a lot people will start saying, “I don’t care if grandpa dies of the coronavirus, I am not obeying you scummy lying ratfuckers in government anymore.”

I’m close to that attitude now.


Of course we care about grandma, but even she probably doesn't want to see everyone suffer so much to make sure she stays with us a little longer. But Trump is down with it now, apparently, and directly says that minimizing deaths is worth....everything. I think it's worth lots of somethings, but not everything.




Somebody on FOX notes that Florida had a bigger Democrat primary turnout last night than four years ago.



At what age does grandma become disposable?

10 years older than you?

Your age?



YOU aren't the one who will feel responsible if more people die than is necessary. He is.


Donald J. Trump
For the people that are now out of work because of the important and necessary containment policies, for instance the shutting down of hotels, bars and restaurants, money will soon be coming to you. The onslaught of the Chinese Virus is not your fault! Will be stronger than ever!


Donald J. Trump
I will totally protect your Medicare & Social Security!


Kansas closes schools till end of the year.
CA mulls doing the same according to a guy on NextDoor.

Could it be that the TP hoarders were not mad, but instead had inside information?

Sarah Hoyt at Insty asks why Africans are not dropping like flies ... or homeless in big US cities ... or Brasilians after frolicking at Carnaval ...
But the heavy death count in Italy must be real.
Is coronavirus a mass killer and were not being told how bad? Or is it a pussycat that politicians are riding to get increased power? Or are we still in a "fog of war" stage?


Donald J. Trump
I will be having a news conference today to discuss very important news from the FDA concerning the Chinese Virus!
Oh,by the way, F U CHINA!



It wasn't just a democrat primary - I voted. And my guess is a lot of people went out just to vote against Bernie, because we have a lot of Cubans, and they aren't happy about his love for Castro.


Happy to see Trump isn’t backing off “Chinese Virus”.



Me, too!


President Trump in Florida received 1,157,759 votes with 98% of the precincts reporting.


How come Italy is just starting but has more than 50% deaths compared to China? Do we need to add a zero ... or two zeroes ... to the Chinese death count?


BTW, Trump got more votes than Biden.



I think China shut down and Italy didn't.


There is something to this, now iraq next door to iran has as many cases as florida, roughtly same population, saudi has some cases, but not too mamy.

I dont like this fugu test; russian roulette style.

James D.

Buckeye @ 7:16

But it's not just "overcautioun vs kill grandma"

People will die because of the restrictions and panic, too.

Grandma's life is worth more than me not being able to go to the movies.

Grandma's life is almost certainly worth more than the guy down the hall not losing his job at the movie theater.

Grandma's life is possibly worth more than the guy who plowed his life savings into a small business not losing everything he worked for for 40 years during the nationwide lockdown.

But is grandma's life worth more than the life of the person who had to miss their screening appointment and the cancer that would have been detected and treated now has 3-6 more months to grow and maybe kill them?

NOBODY in the media or in authority is asking that question, at least not in public.



I don't believe anything coming out of China, and I haven't for some time.

Like decades.

Their government is evil, ruthless, super-racist, anti-religious, and has no hesitation about lying for their own ends.

I also want to know how many people in Hollywood, the news media, academia, and government are getting money from them to spout the anti-Trump, anti-American line.


James D.,

That is why they don't want the hospitals to be overwhelmed, so why they are telling seniors to stay home.


There are lots of things worse than no power for a day and half.

Bad: Septic overflow.

Worse still: Overflow w/ electric toilet.

Worst: Overflow, electric toilet, and no TP.


How far back does this go,


James D.

MM, I get that.

But my point is that with everyone being encouraged (or ordered) to stay home, people ARE going to miss those appointments. Or the doctors won't be there to conduct them.

I'm just saying that there is a serious cost in health and lives to what we're doing, and that's being completely glossed over or ignored in all public discussions.

I still want to know, like I posted last night, if they issue the stay in place order in NYC, how will they make allowances for people to get to dialysis or other vital medical services? Out of 10 million people in the city, how many have some kind of medical issue that requires regular treatment or monitoring in the doctor's office? 50,000? 100,000? Is there some master list of that somewhere? Will the dialysis clinics and oncology centers be handing out ID cards or placards you can display in the car to prove you're allowed to be out on the streets?

If the authorities are thinking about this stuff, they sure as hell aren't talking about it, and nobody in the press is bothering to ask.

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