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March 20, 2020



Numero Uno!


They banned reusable shopping bags in Madison. Get with the program, TM!


What a jackalope


Captain Hate

If people who don't normally follow politics, trapped at home and scared, are tuning in to watch these press conferences for the first time, I suspect they're getting the reddest of red-pilled upon watching in horror just how awful and aggressively stupid the media actually is.
Posted by: Biergood at March 20, 2020 01:25 PM (FQWHA)


Heh, TM--I'd run to the least traveled aisle. XO


Stupidity is not viral



Nice outfit, TM. I wouldn't go near you.


Maybe he wears that every day.


1978 Yankees roster--that's a good one! Let's see- there was Reggie in right, Lou Pinella, Chris Chambliss, Thurman behind the dish, Graig Nettles at third, Willie at second, Goose closing, I'm having trouble here-- all right, I don't want to steal your material, TM. Thanks so much for making this blog available to us JOMers.


And Happy Belated St. Patrick's Day to you, Maguire

Tom R

On a lighter note, proof I have raised my 19 year old son properly.

Fast Times at Ridgemont High is available on one of the streaming services I have. I suggested he watch it and this morning he told me had. I asked him if he caught the obvious error regarding Led Zeppelin.

In the movie Damone tells Rattner that to score with girls all he had to do was play Side 1 of Led Zeppelin 4 (Stairway to Heaven, Black Dog, Rock & Roll, Battle of Evermore). Later on when Rattner is on date with Stacy, Kashmir from Physical Graffiti was being played.

My son correctly pointed that out the error with no hesitation. :-)


Dittoes peter.


From a young friend whose specialty this sort of thing it.

Dave (in MA)
Numero Uno!
And enough TP for Numero Due! for a good while.
Tom R

Has anyone seen an official chart of the COVID 19 curve for the US only? This website from John Hopkins doesn't display the curve by country.



Is that THE TM?

He might be a TP hoarder.

Where do we report him?


From the last thread- narc's post

So the latest fusion substuture play from yesterday was a boessert closeup with understudy from lisa monaco a solon protege.

I think I know what fusion is and lisa monaco was one of Zero's National security advisers. Boessert? Sounds familiar but can't place it.

So no, can't quite make it out.



Makes more sense if you choose logarithmic

Dave (in MA)

Left out Bucky Bleepin' and Mickey Effin.


In October 2019, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security hosted a pandemic tabletop exercise called Event 201 with partners, the World Economic Forum and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Recently, the Center for Health Security has received questions about whether that pandemic exercise predicted the current novel coronavirus outbreak in China. To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction. Instead, the exercise served to highlight preparedness and response challenges that would likely arise in a very severe pandemic. We are not now predicting that the nCoV-2019 outbreak will kill 65 million people. Although our tabletop exercise included a mock novel coronavirus, the inputs we used for modeling the potential impact of that fictional virus are not similar to nCoV-2019.


The site our school uses for online work (Edmodo) is experiencing extreme growing pains! Crashing over and over as it's not equipped for so many students.

Our private school is still requiring and grading all assignments. We are posting our lectures online as well as study guides and quizzes.

CH - I wonder if the parents will agree to that policy you posted on the previous thread (online work won't count?)


Hes disneys new hire, trump dismissed him last year. The same bylines repeating dubious gossip, also as pointed out last night war games end mostly the same way.

Soylent Red


This is funny. That error in the movie was the source of discussion among my cronies and me in junior high, and then later in hisgh school. Over time we have concluded that it was not in fact an error in the production of the movie, but simply Rat screwing up Damon's instructions.

It's nice that you are turning your son on to a peek into a better, less stupid and fragile era.


About 3 or 4 years ago, I was Numero Uno on about three threads in a row.

It's been quite the drought on such an auspicious achievement until today.

Ran home to config and test Cisco AnyConnect access to the network for the looming 'remote worker' crush next week.

The bonus is I get to make the network changes in the garage while knocking down an Upland Daypack.

I've never felt so productive working remotely.

The gal at the little liquor store I picked it up at in Ellettsville said that they had just got a call from their Gosport store that they were shutting down due to a gov order.

I doubled my purchase of essential supplies.

Dave (in MA)


John S

Tom R
Corona.help has breakdown by country, as well as daily change by country. US page has breakdown by state.

Soylent Red

Still coronavirus-free in central Virginia. Since I am non-essentially languishing at home I am living my best life.

1. Gym workouts every morning. Gym is open but restricted to ten people in the building. Not a huge problem at 0600, and...no waiting on equipment.

2. CGSC coursework online. Plugging through class segments like #CCPVirus through Italy. Papers a little slower going.

3. Planting flowers. Nearly 100 new plantings, plus some landscaping work. This weekend I will clear a new forest trail.

4. Playing with dog.

5. Photography of previously planted flowers, and dog.

6. Painting basement stairwell.

Well stocked supplies of meat, propane, and alcohol. I hope this goes on for another three weeks.




NEW: @MikeBloomberg is scrapping his plan to fund an independent expenditure campaign to support the Democratic nominee (he's endorsed @JoeBiden).

Instead, he's laying off his staff & transferring $18mil to the DNC.

Story tk, w/ @aseitzwald @JoshNBCNews


Good afternoon! We took a Jeep ride earlier to observe the local situation. The parking lots at Publix and Walmart were full. Many of the local business owners are still open,but in the "touristy" section of town,there was plenty of street parking. Then we drove down the beach road. The parking lots at the beach parks were full. The Florida beaches are supposed to be closed. The local beaches here will be closed as of six o'clock tomorrow morning. We noticed police barricades already in place. There are still people on spring break and they're taking advantage of the last day. The Gulf water looks beautiful today.


I don't like Senator Burr at all, but I agree with Iggy on his stock sale unless we learn more. Without any special info we, too, shifted to bond and sold off equities about the same time.


Smooches, soylent.



Correction: UK PM Boris Johnson announces nationwide lockdown measures, telling cafes, pubs and restaurants to close


Just saw on my UK Mail app that Trump "exploded in anger after being asked if he is giving false hope to scared Americans". Take a look at this video and tell me where it is that Trump explodes in anger.




Shutting down liquor stores in Indiana?



I had plenty of other reasons to hate barr.


Clearly, the Chinese have figured by now that the next wave will start by dumping the virus at the FDA administration building in Silver Spring, MD so nothing can be "FDA approved"


Burr damned autocucumber.


I ditched a bunch (roughly 50%, the dreg of my holdings) of my 401k on 3/2/20.

I'm less than half as smart as Burr.

Tom R

PSA from the NSA:

NSA assessed that there are more than 5600 COVID 19 related sites and most are fake. Users should stay vigilant of opportunist hackers exploiting coronavirus fears thru the use of COVID 19 phishing emails, fake websites and weaponized graphics (i.e. infection maps with hidden malware).


Amen, MM!

Since Kroger sells beer and wine, you might need to modify your online orders.

We all have to adapt!

Captain Hate

I wonder if the parents will agree to that policy you posted on the previous thread (online work won't count?)

It's been my experience that what parents want is a low priority item in the public propaganda centers.


I didn't see any exploding either, peter. A little frustration, yes, but no explosion. I understand Dr. Fauci threw cold water on the drug hopes, is that correct?


I get a text last night from my cuz who lives in Duxbury, MA saying their little burg has just gotten their first confirmed case of CV and—this is an exact quote—“there’s palpable fear.”

I text back: of what, exactly? This isn’t the Black Plague.

Haven’t heard back from him...


Review of biochemistry behind the “cures.”



My kinda TP, TM. But they have bigger packages ar Sam’s!

Tom R

I understand Dr. Fauci threw cold water on the drug hopes, is that correct?

IMO not really. He made a point to say Trump's optimism that hydroxychloroquine would work was justified. He then said as a doctor and a scientist that there are rules and processes to follow when conducting drug studies and that he wasn't going to make an official statement about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine until that process was followed.

matt - deplore me if you must

Checking in. Are we missing anyone we haven't heard from lately?

Heading down to the Korean market shortly for some fish and cephalopods for Lenten dinner. A bit frustrating as I now have a large pot of last night's boeuf bourgiugnon in the fridge and freezer, but it will keep.

Been heavy on the stews and ragouts as they can last a few days each.

Some advice for maintaining resiliency.
Get some exercise
keep your mind busy with games, puzzles, learning, reading
duct tape the kids
Don't watch the news - it's all bullshit scare tactics
Connect with others

They say don't do alcohol or drugs, but giving up a 2009 Pride Mountain merlot will be difficult so I'll nix that one right now.

I hope you are all doing well. God bless.


Tom R,

That was exactly my takeaway from the Good Doctor's comments.


Guy replacing a broken spring on one of the garage doors this morning went on a sterling rant about...the media. I just smiled and nodded in agreement.

Oh, and BTW: I’m really disappointed in the movie buffs around here on the lack of more huzzahs on my Wuhan Luke riff a coupla threads back. I mean, c’mon! “What we got here is a failure to communicate.” That’s gold! 😉



I made $16,000 in the last 3 days with Zoom (zm). If you are holding cash look at it.



Unless they have changed it, you cannot order alcohol on line!! I may have to run to the liquor store and lay in some supplies!


Cool Hank Luke.

I caught it the first time lyle.


but giving up a 2009 Pride Mountain merlot will be difficult


(I just had that same vintage recently. Delish!)


Thanks, bub.


Dang Jane...

I don't think I can bury individual stocks in my 401k. There is a list of

I'm gonna go check but I think I'll just have to remain jealous...

Thanks for the tip though!


Fidelitys up now that im out.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Making the email and FB rounds:

Well, I finally lost it...Was just in CVS.. Saw a man whose cart was FULL to the brim with hand sanitizers, baby wipes, soaps, everything that people need!! I called him a selfish @$$hole, and gave him a low down about the elderly, moms, and people who need these types of things. Told him he should be freaking ashamed of himself! He said: “Are you done? Cause I really need to get back to restocking the shelves now...”


Make a supply run MM.


Buy Oliver Winery or Butler Winery if possible to support our local (Bloomington) wineries.


I understand Dr. Fauci threw cold water on the drug hopes, is that correct?


The way the "reporters" asked the question was disingenuous, as was CNN's vulgar intro Kaitlin Collins. Trash.

Ably responded to by Trump and then amply backed up by Fauci and Pence.

Elsewhere, Pompeo laid every single pushy pedantic pseudojournalist out with a smile.

Fauci supported Trump's hope and nevertheless waits for the reality of scientific results.


The first confirmed CV case in WA was Jan. 21; the guy (from Wuhan) had been in the country for over a week. Nobody quarantined at that time. A bunch of people in a nursing home got very sick and a bunch of them died. They got sick because the people who worked there had the virus, didn't know, and brought it to the nursing home--after going home and spreading it amongst families and friends.

That was two months ago. If it were going to run rampant, why didn't that happen in WA?

The corona infection and illness has run for two months in Washington, with somewhere less than 1500 people getting it (out of 7.5 million) and 75 deaths. (per the Worldometer site linked above.

While other states are catching up and numbers are growing, one would think that WA would be pretty accurate at this point.

Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I see no reason why this is not the rough scenario as a model for what will happen across the country--including NYC.

If we are still panicking two weeks from now we are doomed as a country.


Mommy's alright, Daddy's alright.



don't think I can bury individual stocks in my 401k.

I know it’s autocuccumber but that seems somewhat appropriate these past few weeks...


Nice look, TM!

Good job Tom R. Kashmir is better for the situation anyway IMO. :)


Agree wholeheartedly, boatbuilder. Nice to see you around these parts btw.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

They just seem a little weird.


Also--Based on that TM picture, we are pretty much doomed as a country anyway.


Dang Jane...

I only have mutual funds to pick from...

Jane says, "I'm done with Mutual Funds"



Lyle, that was autocuccumber but, the good ones I kept are now buried so almost prophetic...


She does, indeed!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--So when does the looting begin in CA and NY?--

I'm not sure compliance is exactly what Commissar Newsome was hoping for.
Went over to a friend's house to help with a balky shower faucet [which by itself is presumably verboten] and traffic didn't look too different than normal.
The cute gal that runs the local nursery had a sign out that said Gardening is NOT Cancelled.
And we were joking about social distancing in the line at Lowes.
My daughter's employer who builds circuitry for flight simulators and elevators is open and doing business.
Not sure I saw anyone who wasn't open other than restaurants.


Here's the liveblog I did on the presser, FWIW:


Long phone call with new best buddy, Chuck Schumer. Ds want to get soemthing done re: re;lief. So does Mitch. We'll see how they do. (Ball in your court, you two)

IRS--Don't have to file now til July15. (change from just no payment)

Ed--no federal standardized testing students

Great phone call with the governors

Working on mass uncontrolled movement at southern border with Mexico. Problem for decades. Now the importance of border control is evident to many more people. Secure borders are a public health issue.

Enacted some reg that allows all kinds of things to be done on both physical borders.
Non-essential travel suspended.

People working together!!

Defense response raised to Level One.

Paid sick leave at NO COST to employers.

WalMart, Target, et al all doing great. Lifting regs on transit. (Watch out for tired truck drivers!)

Sec State Pompeo:
Staying focused on all risks: Isis, ME. Thank you to SD employees taking care of getting people home.

Two big steps--Canada and Mexico joint decision to control borders for thirty days.
Mexico to restrict non-essentail crossings.

Level Four travel advisory. ALL international travel should be curtailed. Come back if you want to get in. If you leave, be prepared to be gone for long time.
Virus did NOT come from USArmy.
Chose news sites carefully; avoid Fake News.

DHS Acting Secretary
Reviewing why controlling border matters; magnitude of problem.
Had CDC order to return all undocumented aliens.
Number of border patrol agents positive; many more in quarantine

Some guy giving the timeline; still peddling a vaccine. (Dream on! I'm still waiting the one Tony Fuaci promised me for HIV in 1982)
21,000 undocumented aliens at northern border last year
151,000 undocumented aliens at southern border last year

Dr. Brix
She loves DATA!
But no new data.
Elders dying at twice the rate of young.
Follow guidelines.

And POTUS's buddy Tony (Fauci)
One: keep outside infections from coming in
Two: What happened in NY--lockdown. Needed there, because of stress to the system.
Please cooperate wiht your governor , your mayor

Full resources being brought to fight virus: feds, states, people, businesses.

Inspiring how people are coming together.
Follow 15 Days guidelines. Everyone--even without significant outbreaks.
Plants being retrofitted to meet healthcare needs.

FEMA in the lead. Locally executed; state managed, federally supported.

Everyone--do your part

Congress-get er done re economic package.
Commercial labs doing great. PRIVATE -Public partnership, getting 'er done.

Medical supplies. HUGE effort to get PPE manufactured and distributed.
Industrial masks fully available.
Major procurement by Feds.

Many more ventilators besides the 20,000 on stand by that the Feds have stockpiled.
ANESTHESIOLOGISTS "reveal" there are 10s of thousands of ventilators available in ORS !!!



But don't give yourself away
Hey, hey

(loud drun and guitar crecscedno)


and--the Q and A:

Flyover country still safe.

Happy w progress on 15 day guidelines. Will evaluate at 14th day.

Fauci trying to downplay the hydroxychlorquine. "All anecdotal."
POTUS all in on it though!

Tony steps to podium and says "No controlled studies!"

POTUS ain't giving ground. "I feel like it will work."

(You come get covered with Covid19, and wait for your controlled study, Tony.
I'll take it and take my chances with Torsades!)

"May work, may not work. I feel good about it."
"Let's see what happens. What the hell do you have to lose??" (yes, POTUS said those words)
To reporter who is trying to foment a fissure here:
"Get back to reporting, and stop sensationalizing... You should be ashamed of yourself!"

Fauci does a great job explaining to the morons of the press what a controlled study is for.
"It's the difference between hoping that it will work, versus proving it will work. "

(I'm not signing up to chance being in the control group of that study. I already did my part with Hep B vaccine. I'm lucky I didn't get HIV! I've got hydroxychloroquine on my kitchen counter and I'm taking it if I get exposed and start feeling sick.)

Manages to get out Diane Feinstein's name with the stock sell off when asked about it.
(This is not POTUS's first rodeo.)
NPR is only reporting about Burr.

"Coming together is much harder when we have dishonest reporters."

No stock buy backs by corps or owners w federal $.

Pompeo-- getting people out of Morrocco and Peru.
You got their on your own--try to get out on your own.
We'll get you all out.

Border restrictions will last as long as we need it to.

Was Iran responsible for missile attack? "I'll get back to on it to you. Iran is funding the militias in Iraq."

Pompeo reinforces that reporters have done a horrendous job of covering this.

POTUS defends tanking the economy. Will evaluate in two weeks. Talking about saving 100,000s of lives.
"We can bring our finances back; we can't bring people back."

Fauci: false equivalency to use traffic accidents and Covid deaths.
Can't defend the moral equivalency. (Really? I bet that Singer guy from Princeton could.)

Supplies--explained to this guy why he let states go at it first til Feds stepped in. (States can't compete with price Feds can pay)

Companies stepping up in a big way to produce what is needed--ventilators, etc.

"We inherited an obsolete, broken system that now is now getting addressed to become functional."

Boy, are these "journalists" stupid and ill informed.

I'm guessing average IQ doesn't hit 94.
Listening to this whole thing has not been easy!


the DREAM POLICE, they live inside of my head...


Flio the numbee around.


Dave @ 2:20 heh. We'll always have 1978.

Jane@ 3:11--you sound like those spam commercials--"I made $30,000 at home on my computer last month--learn to code"

Loving the Cheap Trick reference--GUS, have you ever seen them perform live in person?


"The general scratches his belly and thinks..."





bombs away, kev!


Thanks for the live blog, amom.


but we're okay, bubs!


Peter, from the last thread:
the New York courts system has made it extremely difficult to foreclose on a mortgage for years--it takes many months from filing of the papers to completion.

Yes, that's true in a lot of places, but my guess is with this order they can't even file for 90 days, so the whole thing gets pushed back. Lots of ripple effects from that, especially when other blue states follow suit.


heck yeah we are Kev!

Oh.. didn't I, didn't I see you hoisting a cold one.

Oh... didn't I, I see you hoisting...


Call me a cockeyed optimist, but I see no reason why this is not the rough scenario as a model for what will happen across the country--including NYC.

If we are still panicking two weeks from now we are doomed as a country.

I'm inclined to agree, though the pessimists point to Italy as the other extreme. As I posted yesterday, it's really hard to square how different the experiences have been in different places. NYC area might have it worse than WA because of the population density and tourists, but with everything shut down we should see improvement.

I wouldn't be so negative about the shutdown if I thought they'd ease it as things improve (knowing that there's probably a 10-15 day lag between putting something in place and seeing the effects. I think we'll see signs of improvement in a week or so even from the first round of shutdowns a week ago if we know how to read the data.

But I'm sure Cuomo will leave it in place for longer than needed, and will be impervious to evidence and rational advice.


well... i might getting out there with lyrics at this point due to my Cheap Trick affection.


Great photo of TM!
(Yes, I'm late to the party)



Tom R

Had to turn off Fox. Neil Cavuto sounded like he was in ecstasy that the Dow Jones is now lower than when Trump took office.

Jack Lillywhite

Beaches here are open. Flagler Beach is roaring. All the biker pubs, bars and food joints booming. JAX reports 15 confirmed 1 dead and the beach communities shutting down their economy (I.e. beaches).

The croquet players not practicing social distancing like they should.

Club closed, take out only. Singles in the carts. Courses open.

Beautiful day herewith a dark blue sea.


Qiagen on its RNA extractionkit production:

Qiagen said this week that it is drastically ramping up global production capacity for its RNA extraction kits used in the development of molecular diagnostic tests for SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing the global COVID-19 pandemic. Previously, there were widespread reports about shortages in the extraction kits causing delays in test development, one of several pain points labs have encountered in their efforts to ramp up COVID-19 testing. Qiagen said that it has historically allocated global production capacity to manufacture RNA extraction reagents to supply about 1.5 million patient tests per month. Now, the firm said it is ramping up production capacity to support more than 6.5 million tests per month by the end of April, and more than 10 million tests per month by the end of June. Qiagen said that a significant capacity expansion project is underway at sites in Europe and the US to reach more than 20 million patient tests on a monthly basis by the end of 2020.

Insty says IL going to Shelter in place starting tomorrow.

James D.

Lots of ripple effects from that, especially when other blue states follow suit.

Which our politicians either (1) are incapable of understanding, (2) understand but don’t care about because by the time the ripples are visible they’ll already be onto the next crisis,, or (3) actively want to happen because they profit from mass misery and disaster.



Thanks for the live blog. I listened but I often miss things due to laundry, dogs, etc.

News from my sister the nurse:

Pretty busy today. Community Hospital East (of which her hospital is a satellite), one of the largest in the state, is starting to fill up, so she admonished us to follow what the government says, because there is a reason they are doing it.

Daughter made a wine/beer run and is also going through the drive-through of a local restaurant the brother of one of our friends owns, because we are trying to help small businesses out.


I am just hoping that my liquor store is open.


ANESTHESIOLOGISTS "reveal" there are 10s of thousands of ventilators available in ORS !!!

So just how many vents do you have squirreled away anonamom? :)


Things just got uglier.


Evers just ordered shut down of all salons, barber shops, nail salons, tattoo parlors, etc as of 5 p.m. His legal counsel, Nilsestuen said personal care businesses “will not be able to be open, period.”


Qiagen said that a significant capacity expansion project is underway at sites in Europe and the US to reach more than 20 million patient tests on a monthly basis by the end of 2020.

They obviously think this virus will cause problems for sometime on a large scale.



We already have that in Ahia.

Been trying to convince Mrs. Buckeye to cut my hair.

So far, pretty much pound salt:)


I am just hoping that my liquor store is open.

I just stocked up on liquor and wine. Here there seems to be mass confusion regarding what Cuomo's order means. I asked the liquor store cash register guy if they were going to have to close, and he said yes, and then I heard one of his co-workers or boss say no, liquor stores don't have to close. The wine store guy said he didn't know.

I don't see how they enforce any of it.



So many posts from people crying... they can’t find milk or bread..shelves are bare... theyre bored, etc.

And then you have these nursing home residents... ALL THEY WANT IN THE WORLD IS TO SEE & FEEL THE LOVE OF FAMILY pic.twitter.com/m2EF50lg07

— cindyseestruth (@cindyseestruth) March 20, 2020

Video at the link. Oh, how blessed I am to be in a home with my daughter and dogs!

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