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March 03, 2020



What hath the hippies of Vermont wrought?

Buford Gooch

He very likely will be stopped, if not during the primaries, then during the convention. It will be marvelous. All the Berners will be in high dudgeon and refuse to vote for whomever.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Maybe if we flood Milwaukee with lots of old muskets, nun-chucks and maybe a narwhal tusk or two the idiot Dems will stage their own civil war and kill off enough of each other we won't need a general civil war down the road to rid ourselves of both the Bolsheviks and the Mensheviks.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

We'd need to have Clarice's Musket and Tusk vendors located on all the universities to truly rid ourselves, Ig.

Dave (in MA)

In this thread, Brit has not resigned.


My basic rule is to assume any non protesting public figure is worried about the snowball of even worse allegations.

Probably correct on that, but don't tell me these are years-old allegations, that the women gained career advancement in return for whatever happened, that they never went to the cops, and that they took money to shut up besides. To me, that's whoring, and whores should keep their end of the bargain, and their mouths shut.

So far, the two allegations we know about are unserious and silly.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--We'd need to have Clarice's Musket and Tusk vendors located on all the universities to truly rid ourselves, Ig.--

I'm operating on the decapitate the monster theory, Steph. If we can squelch all those gigantic minds [🙄] in Milwaukee perhaps the drones will all droop over.
Or we can shoot them.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have listened to both sides of the Tingles controversy and think each has raised some valid points. After considerable thought and soul searching I have come to the conclusion that regarding any aspect of Chris Matthews...I don't give a shit.
He's a punk. Always was always will be. Whether he merely said something innocuous, sexually assaulted someone or got runover by an Acme steamroller with the Roadrunner at the wheel I don't care as long as he's gone.


See why I heart Iggy?

Carried over from bottom of last thread--
News you can use. My husband just saved a fortune on his meds by NOT using our insurance company pharm plan, but going online to GoodRX and using their voucher at a local business (in our case Harris Teeter) to buy them. It's a monstrous scam how much the insurance companies are ripping you off.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Claudia Rosett; Is China Aiming to Blame the US for the Coronavirus?


Kyle Smith:

The real reason Chris Matthews was fired from MSNBC


Insurers get a cut, pharmacies get a cut, pharmaceuticals get a cut, and political sponsors get a cut.

Who'd I miss?


In case you didn’t bother to click on Ext’s link you saved yourself from having to read this drivel:

Chris Matthews didn’t get fired for being a sex monster. He got fired for doing his job.

And what was that job? To represent the non-crazy, “No Kool-Aid for me, thanks” Left on television, while being entertaining and pointed and wacky.

When, exactly, did Tingles ever do that?


Insurers get a cut, pharmacies get a cut, pharmaceuticals get a cut, and political sponsors get a cut.

For crap made in India with Chinese feed stocks.

Trump understands why you have to slap tariffs on subsidized products if you don’t want to lose an industry.

Jack Lillywhite

Bloomberg as a member of Shinnecock Golf Club was put in charge by the members to lobby the Town of Southampton to allow them to shutdown Tuckahoe Road from Montauk highway to Sebonac road. They would allow residents with homes between the course and Sebonac access but not all the local traffic and the daily trade parade. The club would finance an extension of another road to compensate.

Now this the ex- mayor of America’s largest city whose millionaires and billionaires keep the Hamptons more viable tha potato farming and raising ducks. They gave him the Bronx cheer and told him to stick to golf and clipping coupons. An epic fail of negotiating.

Jack Lillywhite

Meant to add that Tuckahoe bifurcates the golf course between the 9th hole and the 13th hole.

Tom R


Matthews made it clear over the past few weeks that he was opposed to socialism and that he believed Bernie was destroying the Democrat party.


Brave deemed most private browser in terms of 'phoning home'

"In summary, based on our measurements we find that the browsers split into three distinct groups from this privacy perspective," Prof. Leith said.

"In the first (most private) group lies Brave, in the second Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and in the third (least private) group lie Edge and Yandex."


Prof. Leith says that in their "out of the box" states, Brave is by far the most private browser, sending back the fewest amount of information.

"We did not find any use of identifiers allowing tracking of IP address overtime, and no sharing of the details of web pages visited with backend servers," he said.


On the other hand, the professor found evidence that Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all tagged telemetry data with identifiers that were linked to each browser instance. These identifiers allowed Google, Mozilla, and Apple to track users across browser restarts, but also across browser reinstalls.

In addition, Prof. Leith also found that all three browsers also shared details with their respective backends about the web pages a user visited.

"This happens via the search autocomplete feature, which sends web addresses to backend servers in realtime as they are typed," the professor said. "This functionality can be disabled by users, but in all three browsers is silently enabled by default."


But the most intrusive phoning-home features were found in the new version of Microsoft Edge and the official Yandex Browser.

According to Prof. Leith, both used unique identifiers that were linked to the device's hardware, rather than the browser installation.

Tracking users by hardware allows Microsoft and Yandex to follow users across installations and potentially link browser installs with other apps and online identities.

The professor said that Edge collected the hardware UUID of the user's computer, an identifier that cannot be easily changed or deleted without altering a computer's hardware.

Similarly, Prof. Leith also found that Yandex transmitted a hash of the hardware serial number and MAC address to its backend servers.

"As far as we can tell this behaviour [in Edge and Yandex] cannot be disabled by users," the professor said.

Furthermore, just like the three browsers before, Edge and Yandex also collected and sent back information on a users' visited web pages via the search autocomplete functionality.

Coupled with a VPN, Brave seems like the way to go.


Actually, lyle, before Clinton was proven to be a true sexual predator, Matthews sort of was like that. It's why I used to watch his show.

I think he saw himself as Spencer Tracy in "Front Page." Alas, none of his female employees were ever going to be played by Katherine Hepburn; more likely Shirley Jones or Doris Day.


Happy birthday, Jane.

Jack Lillywhite

Spencer Tracy never had a “tingle” down his leg seeing FDR as a candidate.


Happy birthday Jane! I can never figure out which Facebook account you use most. :)

Jack Lillywhite

I agree, Clarice😅



Tracy probably didn't have a "tingle." What Chris was doing was casting himself in the role of the character he thought Tracy was.

Lots of lefties live in Fantasyland.


Donald J. Trump
I am calling on Congress to send me a Bill that fully and permanently funds the LWCF and restores our National Parks. When I sign it into law, it will be HISTORIC for our beautiful public lands. ALL thanks to @SenCoryGardner
and @SteveDaines, two GREAT Conservative Leaders!

Old Lurker

"Coupled with a VPN, Brave seems like the way to go."

Thanks for posting that, Ext.


I thought we learned recently, that CONSERVATIVES and REPUBLICANS are "afraid of sex".

Maybe that's what happened to TINGLES von PANTLEG.
He just ran into some "Republican PRUDES" who were AFRAID of SEX with this GERIATRIC RETARD.

Did TATER BOY STELTER ever consider why LIBTARD WOMEN are not attractive???


Happy Birthday, Jane!


Did you guys see Caro's post. SHE gets to mrrt the Trumps. /m insanely jealous!


"Help, Sheriff! Deadeye Dan and his boys are selling 48 ounce sodas out in Silverango Canyon!"



I am jealous, too. We'd better get a detailed report!


Iowahawk again:
Reporter: You've spent a lot of time in Texas?
El Bloombito: Tejas, we'd say here
Reporter: What'd you say?
Bloombito: Tejas
Reporter: Tejas?
Bloombito: That's Spanish for 'Texas'
Reporter: Okay
David Burge
Congratulations to the 138 members of the Bloombito advance team for this quality briefing work

Tom R

Iggy @ 3:44 from the last thread

Not only do I have no idea what is either lame or dishonest about what I said I don't really have much of an idea what your objection is.

You lumping me in with Obama and other leftwingers and accusing me of helping them destroy the Constitution was what was lame and dishonest on your part.

You circled back to the original discussion on the merits of Roberts decision but our more recent discussions were concerned with the underlying issue of whether or not Congress has the Constitutional authority to pass entitlement legislation. You adamantly claim Congress does not possess that Constitutional authority. You are entitled to your opinion but 240+ years of legislative history indicates that is a 100% debatable subject and a matter of opinion. The Constitution clearly authorizes Congress to pass legislation to provide for the general welfare of the American public. It says so in black in white in Article 1 Section 8.

What has been debated for 240+ years is what exactly is the scope of "general welfare". Since that clause in the Constitution is completely generic in nature in practical terms that means whoever is in control of Congress gets to decide what the current scope is. When liberals are in control of Congress they tend to take the Hamilton approach. When conservatives are in control of Congress they tend to take the Madison/Jefferson approach. That is why in a Constitutional Republic elections have consequences. If you disagree then we will just have to agree to disagree.



I think he should have invited me for dinner simce day one, (and I'm not the least bit shocked that he didn'T) BUT boy am I jealous!

Tom R

A Clintonista with a bold prediction.



Pastor Rebukes ‘SNL’ Comic for Calling Trump’s White House Guests ‘House Negroes’

Comanche Voter

Ah Ignatz You Da Man as all those white privileged guys out on the golf links say.

Chris Matthews will not be missed by me; I actually tuned him in maybe twice a year as an antidote to Rachel Maddow. Just for curiosity's sake (like a fellow who watches train wrecks) I'll turn to Ms Maddow twice a year; after 15 seconds I have to cut to Tingles.

Now if Larry O'Donnell would just walk off his show and resign, my day would be just a little bit brighter.

Dave (in MA)


Dave (in MA)

You know the thing dammit.


Canadian boy, 8, wins $200 worth of cannabis products at youth hockey tournament


Tingles was still all in on Russia and the Ukraine hoaxes. Just because he started banging on Bernie’s Bolshevik bullshit only means that he, like damn near all dems, really don’t disagree with Teh Bern, they only disapprove of his candor about it.

Prove me wrong.

Soylent Red

Disappointment! Frustration! Despair! CHAOS!

Central Virginia feeling the Bern muthafcukas!

Milwaukee gonna party like it's Nineteen Sixty-Eight (do do, doo do do).

(I secretly am nervous that the great karmic wheel is going to roll over my foot in November, but whatever...)

Soylent Red

Disappointment! Frustration! Despair! CHAOS!

Central Virginia feeling the Bern muthafcukas!

Milwaukee gonna party like it's Nineteen Sixty-Eight (do do, doo do do).

(I secretly am nervous that the great karmic wheel is going to roll over my foot in November, but whatever...)


Manufacturing in America....I remember...
Here's an example. https://t.co/MRp6zJcxMq

— monique desjardin (@MDesjardin) March 2, 2020

Video at the link. Half an hour. Maybe from a show like "Industry on Parade." I watched a lot of those in the late 50's and early 60's.

By the way, if you have original Tupperware in good condition it's highly collectible and could be worth more than you think.


Soylent Red

Oh and happy birthday Jane.

Tom R


People eligible for the payments are US residents who used affected versions of iOS before December 21, 2017, on the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, or SE


Dr. Fauci: 80 Percent of Coronavirus Patients ‘Spontaneously Recover’

Dave (in MA)
Dan Bongino Retweeted

Peter J. Hasson@peterjhasson ·

Iran: nearly triples its stockpile of enriched uranium
Ben Rhodes: the Jews did this

Ben Rhodes@brhodes ·

I hope everyone at AIPAC can do a victory lap for tripling Iran’s stockpile https://twitter.com/mdubowitz/status/1234848874478686209


I have no love for Chris Matthews, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, or any of the rest of them.


“First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out..."

Ailes, for example, was an old man, and no Tom Brady at any age. And I still don't know what terrible crimes he committed. Did he accidentally have sex with budding hotties against their will?

When young beautiful women are given the power to destroy successful older men with phony accusations of having been "devestated," "shaking," "unable to function," and all the rest of these years-later bullshit claims over innocuous flirt lines, long after they've reaped the rewards of cooperating with said men to further their careers, my fairness detector gets pinned in the red.

I'll fight for Chris Matthews' right to ask a woman if she thought Joan's proportions were real. (How absurd.)


Hi, Jane. Mrs. sbw and I wish you a happy happy birthday!

On another subject. In Tampa, [in my John Sterling voice] "The Yankees win!"

Over Boston in a three hour game. Boston had no pitching.


Order at link.


BREAKING - New Rochelle synagogue ordered to halt services and approx 600 people told ordered to quarantine due to potential #COVID19 #NovelCoronavirus exposure.


Dave (in MA)

I hope the Petries are OK.


‘Weird Al’ Yankovic won’t make coronavirus parody of ‘My Sharona’

(Click to open.)


“I was 9 years old. I had to be in line — just like this — to get 10 pieces of bread”

Having fled socialism, now Milka stands in line at the @realDonaldTrump rally for FREEDOM.

“President Trump thank you so much, in the name of Jesus, for what you’re doing. You give us freedom” pic.twitter.com/HJiXh0aHmh

— Kayleigh McEnany (@kayleighmcenany) March 3, 2020

WONDERFUL video at the link, explaining how socialism worked (actually, it didn't) in South America. If you have youngsters in your family who are flirting with Sanders, try to get them to watch it.


Mike Pence Wiped His Nose With His Hand Before Shaking Doctors Hands At Coronavirus Press Conference


HHS Secretary Alex Azar Announces FDA Authorized Coronavirus Vaccine to Enter Phase One Testing



The Federal Reserve is cutting but must further ease and, most importantly, come into line with other countries/competitors. We are not playing on a level field. Not fair to USA. It is finally time for the Federal Reserve to LEAD. More easing and cutting!

Or you know what we could do? We could go back to issuing our own currency that’s not based on debt. We could do that. We could heed Jefferson who said that central banks are more dangerous than standing armies. We could heed Jackson, who you admire and who abolished the Second National Bank.

OTOH you probably don’t want to rely on two pistols randomly misfiring to save your life. Because we all know who really runs things.


Ohhhhhh Rob!!!

Hey, did any of you see what BRIT HUME was picking out for JANE'S Birffday gift??? Like he can't afford REAL CORINTHIAN LAYTHER!!!

Happy Birthday Jane.


Vintage Ace:

The Soyciety Pages: Politico Claims That "Movement Conservatives" -- Rather than Ex-Republicans Who Declared They Were Democrats a Year Ago -- Are Considering Voting for the Socialist Bernie Sanders


The National Institutes of Health is home to some of the greatest doctors, scientists, and researchers in the world. Thank you for all your doing @NIH, keep up the great work! https://t.co/lzgha7jRw1 pic.twitter.com/oLi8HbSzlY

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 3, 2020

Video at the link.



John Myers
UPDATED story — While all eyes are on L.A. County, a new #CAPrimary wrinkle: 15 counties have had trouble connecting with state voter database. In many cases, that means a provisional ballot until eligibility is determined.




That's what is being reported. Not holding my breath.


Happy Birthday to a favorite poster!
Hope you had a wonderful day.
I worked today so I am behind in posting.
So far the Dem race is going the way I thought it would.
Biden won one primary.
Media treats him like he is the second coming.
If they go with Bidrn they are all idiots.
I am counting on that.
Caro and hubby:
Enjoy your visit at Mar a Lago!



I don't think TK is surprised at Jindal:)

I read Anchor Baby Big-Tent Bobby Jindal’s screed. It is more of the middle of the the road reach-around tripe that help Jindal cost Louisiana conservative leadership.

He really doesn’t endorse Biden as much as he calls for civility.

What a loser.


Happy Birthday Jane!

jim nj


That seems only fair.


Imagine having a popular TV show for 20 years.

Almost every night, you interact with different guests about the news of the day, live, in as entertaining and incisive a way as you can manage. You make millions doing this.

Then imagine the banter you have with your guests in the makeup room right before camera time, surely often trying to loosen them up for the gig.

Let's the see the serious allegations, if any.


Dave,favorite post Evan!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--You lumping me in with Obama and other leftwingers and accusing me of helping them destroy the Constitution was what was lame and dishonest on your part.--

The expansive view of Federal government power the people that you agree with hold leads to the eventual death of the constitution unless they are stopped by people who disagree with them and whose narrow and proper view of Federal power leads to the healthy continuance of the constitution.
If you don't want to be lumped in with them, then don't agree with them on something so fundamental.

-- ...the underlying issue of whether or not Congress has the Constitutional authority to pass entitlement legislation. You adamantly claim Congress does not possess that Constitutional authority.You are entitled to your opinion but 240+ years of legislative history indicates that is a 100% debatable subject and a matter of opinion.--

To my knowledge the first actual "entitlement" as a "benefit" to the nation's general populace was Social Security which as we already resolved only passed constitutional muster because FDR threatened to pack the court and suddenly and inexplicably found a couple of new allies on the bench.
Prior to that the "general welfare" was generally seen as National Forests or Parks or the US Geological Survey. Not welfare as in "welfare state".

-- The Constitution clearly authorizes Congress to pass legislation to provide for the general welfare of the American public. It says so in black in white in Article 1 Section 8. --

No it clearly and in black and white gives the congress power to lay taxes duties, excises etc to provide for the general welfare. That is why Madison, the author, after all of most of the Constitution, explains that article 1 Section 8 properly understood is a limit on congress's taxing power not a grant of unlimited legislative power which would make a mockery of even having a constitution.

There has been a long and tedious debate about all these issues, but it has never been a serious one. It has been between those who wish to preserve the constitution and those who wish to read its provisions in such a way to vitiate any practical encumbrance on the Federal government's scope or reach.

You are close to employing the same tired mantra of Theo that the great debate in America is between two equally well intentioned and honorable philosophies engaged in a great and tidy debate about the best course for self rule.
That's bunk.
Get on the right side of that debate and you won't be lumped in with people whose intentions are antithetical to our form of government.


Not only is Valerie Plame running for Congress but she’s Ukrainian! Just like all the intelligence community turncoats that piled on the Trump Impeachment.


Owing to the hundreds of previous errors on the subject, don't ever believe JOM reports of Jane's birthday unless she confirms the news. Has she today?


Soylent!! Smooches.


Are there any expectations tonite we aren’t expecting? Has Biden made a dent?

JM Hanes


If it's not still your birthday, let's just pretend it is anyway! Smooches!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If you didn't go to Ext's link at 6:27 you should since Ace skewers a Rick Wilsonkabob and he leaves it over the flame until it's nice and Cajun style.


Virginia called for Biden..
Butof course the delegate splits matter and they don’t mention those.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Has Biden made a dent?--

Only if he tripped and his head hit something relatively soft like concrete.


John Roberts
⁩ donates this quarter’s Presidential salary to fight coronavirus


Ignatz, Extraneus,

Heading over there now. I was doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.

Captain Hate

I can't believe that network prime time has been hijacked for a bunch of primaries that used to be non front page fare in newspapers. Like watching a bunch of dumbass news reader propagandists as entertainment? No thanks.

Dave (in MA)

Hopefully a lot of the sanctimonious 'get out early and vote for the change we need' bunch in MA who wouldn't shut up voted for Steybuchargieg.

jim nj


Trump and Taliban speak by phone as violence resumes in Afghanistan


I hate to break it to you all but America IS a socialist country. As far as I know Sam Donaldson is still getting Mohair Subsidy checks.

Socialism and racism are both terms that have lost their savor in overuse.


Agree with you wrt Chris Matthews
Fox held off calling Vermont for Bernie just like Bevada.
Finally called.
Warren is having an awful night.
Time for her to stop persisting.


Should be Nevada.
Great to hear from you!


Politico call NC for Biden.

Tracking page: https://www.politico.com/2020-election/results/super-tuesday/


🎉Happy Birthday, Jane!!!🎉


Don’t you all remember the Socialism commercial?

A lady says she hates Socialism, and Madge says,”Really? You’re soaking in it.”


Looks like Bloomberg won American Samoa.

Another Bob

Man is Rick Wilson an arrogant idiot.


Another Bob,

He's been on my "despise" list since 2015.


If Tingles was "just Flirting", why'd NBC cut the complainer a check in 2017?


Donald J. Trump


"Elections have consequences."

Barack Obama to Eric Cantor
in Congress, 2009


Donald J. Trump

Captain Hate


What was proven to have happened before Ailes was fired?


Another Drug company coincidence.



Senator Rand Paul
Just got back from the White House. @realDonaldTrump
made it abundantly clear that he will NOT accept a clean reauthorization of the Patriot Act without significant FISA reform! I agree with him!


Bret Baier
The Fox News Decision Desk can now project that former Vice President Joe Biden will win the state of Alabama, racking up his third victory of the night – the other two being Virginia and North Carolina. #FoxNews #Democracy2020

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So how many states are voting today?

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