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March 26, 2020



Marc’s also has TP.


Prety bad narciso. We are over 2,000 confirmed cases here as of noon with about 65 deaths. Just found out yesterday by bro was interacting with my mom on a daily basis as he drove all over ATL and only stopped because 2 of his wife's coworkers had tested positive.

The assisted living part of my dad's memorycare facility is being put on quarantine later this afternoon. Residents confined to their apartments and meals brought to them. People apparently were not being careful even last week as I had to tell my 84 y o mom to quit going out for takeout meals.


Pope doing his pope thing, live right now:



If the virus comes back Trump will fight it again.
I don’t worry about hypotheticals or people like Ferguson who make unrealistic claims to rile everyone up.
Agree with OL and JIB that this was over-hyped from the start.
The pendulum has swung as far left as it will go.
Time to swing back to reality and the truth about this situation
Too many Chicken Littles and not enough Amelia Bedelias.
For those u nfamiliar a popular children’s book character with common sense and a unique way of solving problems.

John S

I agree with you that the virus may have been around for awhile. My wife went to NYC for a conference in mid-Feb. two weeks later she complained of a low fever and felt awful for two days or so. Now we are realizing she may have had the virus


Donald J. Trump
Thousand of Federal Government (delivered) Ventilators found in New York storage. N.Y. must distribute NOW!

Reminds me of the storage scandal in Puerto Rico.


Because we had so much fun with the FW Institute yesterday, here is today's push--

Topic #3: Widening the circle of "we"
To come through this crisis, we need policies and practices that respond to varying - and inequitable - health, social, or economic situations. To do this, it's important that we carefully frame the needs of marginalized and high-risk social groups.

A sole focus on how the virus affects "vulnerable" groups creates distance and difference. People don't see themselves in the issue. They disengage and ignore guidance, assuming it doesn't apply to them. They blame "those people" for the situation. They become less likely support the kind of all-in, equity-focused approaches we need.

We can overcome this by placing people and places with particular risks in a broader frame before homing in on specific needs. Here are three strategies that can help.

1. Emphasize the connections that exist between each and every one of us
Emphasize how all of us are connected and dependent on each other when talking about people who are segregated from society by the justice, child welfare, or immigration systems. Include everyone in universal plans and procedures.

People tend to dismiss issues they see as niche, or an expression of a pre-existing agenda. Show that your issue is central to the overall conversation. This helps bring into view the places or people being overlooked, and that we urgently need to include.



She is outside of Philly.


A doctor friend of mine in Atlanta sent me a video taken at 8:00 last night of everyone in the tall tall apt buildings on their decks applauding the medical people going down the street. That's happening a lot and is very cool!


nstead of making it about "their" plight or worthiness
"As COVID-19 begins to hit jails and prisons around the country, we must uphold the civil liberties of the incarcerated and protect their lives as we would any other. Their health is no less important than our own - and their offenses certainly don't warrant a death sentence. We must immediately release elderly inmates, nonviolent offenders with underlying health conditions, those who are awaiting trial, and those who are near the end of their sentences."

Make it about "our" actions and our responsibilities to each other
"This moment makes it clear that each and every person's health is intertwined. To stop the spread of the virus, we can't afford to leave anyone out of our containment measures, no matter where they are. For everyone's safety, we must ensure that action extends into places where, right now, millions of people are confined in dangerously close quarters: jails, prisons, immigration centers, skilled nursing facilities, group care homes, homeless shelters, refugee camps. These spaces increase the risk for people - and action is needed to prevent unacceptable harm."

2. Avoid "saviors and victims" framing.
Watch out for suggestions that one group's sacrifices provide another group's benefits. This reinforces boundaries and differences between groups. It allows people to identify with one group and think less about others. It makes the issue about them not us.

Instead of "sacrifice for the people who really need it"
"Most of us will have a few unpleasant days of aches and fever - and then recover. Or we may not experience any symptoms at all. But for the elderly neighbor down the street or for our grandparents in nursing homes, it's a different story. Seniors, as well as the disabled, are vulnerable to severe disease. For their sakes, we need to make sacrifices, make them now, and - possibly - make them for the long term."


Explain how we can prepare for everyone's health situation
"This virus is highly contagious - and because people don't show symptoms for up to two weeks, anyone could be spreading it without realizing. When we all stay home today, we see fewer new cases tomorrow. By keeping our physical distance, we slow the spread. This protects those who are most at risk and the availability of the life-saving health care we all depend on."

3. Avoid labels that suggest weakness or separation from society.
Avoid using "vulnerable groups" as a blanket term. None of us like to think of ourselves as weak - so warnings to "the vulnerable" can be dismissed as intended for someone else. Pay special attention to the labels used to name specific groups. Generally, avoid labels that can be prefaced with "the". Use person-first phrasing.

the elderly
nursing home residents
the prison population
the vulnerable / vulnerable groups

older people
people aged 60 and up
people in institutional settings, from skilled nursing facilities to detention centers
people with particular risk factors / people more at risk


Does JOM have a summary of the Trump Masse feud? I am just now doing my daily internet thing and would appreciate the thoughts here before I dive in.


My SIL got really sick in January. We’re now thinking it might have been-19 but who knows.


All the people who screamed about the ventilators need to go on CNN and MessBC and say they were wrong to say the ventilators were not in New York.
Anyone who made a statement must be forced to help deliver the ventilators because their mouth got ahead of the facts.
Stop whining New York.
Your Ship Mercy is coming into Pier 99 tomorrow.
The next thing I want to hear from you are dozens of gratitude statements along with an apology for your ignorance.



Here is a link to President Trump's Twitter page:


If you scroll down to tweets beginning about 3 hours ago, you will ee where he blasted Massie. It was such a scorcher that Stuart Varney read it on Fox Business this morning.

Then you need to dead the tweets going up, as the newest are at the top of the page. Therre are a couple of other tweets in there, but they are interspersed with his blast at General Motors. HA!


I like it, Maryrose.


I read Trump’s blasts but I don’t understand the controversy MM.

What specifically has Masse done, or proposed, that derailed everything?


John Kerry

Breaking news: Congressman Massie has tested positive for being an asshole. He must be quarantined to prevent the spread of his massive stupidity. He's given new meaning to the term #Masshole. (Finally, something the president and I can agree on!)
Donald J. Trump
Never knew John Kerry had such a good sense of humor! Very impressed!
I figure Kerry's trying to avoid indictment, myself.


Epidemiological modeling run amok (by Dems). (Yeah, that model is behind this).


.@DHSWI predicts that Wisconsin could go from 6 to 440-1,500 #coronavirus deaths in the span of 14 days. That would outpace the death totals in China, Italy, and the USA. DHS says it used models based on Italy and China to make its predictions. #WIright @VickiMcKenna




They had agreed o a voice vote over the phone. Massie wanted a recorded vote and to make sure there was a quorum.

So almost all of the reps who had flown home yesterday are going to have to fly back, which means a ddelay until possibly Saturday plus increased exposure to the virus not only for them, but families and staffers like Capitol Hill police, janitors, etc.

John S

One Congressman can demand a recorded vote?


House just passed porkulusTrump.



House passes $2 trillion stimulus package by voice vote, sending the bill to President Trump for his signature



See what happens when I go put in a load of laundry? I miss everything!


They had agreed o a voice vote over the phone.

No such thing. Votes can’t be called in. Here is the scoop, as far as I can tell. Leadership planned a voice vote with the skeleton crew that remained in DC. Massie thought it was bullshit to spend over a trillion dollars without a proper quorum as spelled out in the constitution. This forced Pelosi to instruct people to fly back. Pelosi and McCarthy then had enough people to scream “aye” and get the vote done without a single name attached to the bloated bill.


I'm not seeing Massie as being the Masshole here.


One Congressman can demand a recorded vote?

Yes, fortunately.


Same here, Peter. Trump and John Kerry sitting in a tree...

Old Lurker

But seriously, on what planet do we want a Congress that could pass monumental legislation by a unrecorded voice vote over the telephone?

Shame on a POTUS who would agree beforehand to sign any such bill passed in that manner.

These people need to get a grip and learn the meanings of "dangerous precedent", "slippery slope", "potential disaster" and other such things. Not to mention "The Constitution of the United States of America".


The White House
Huge thanks to @Apple! Together with the White House, @CDCgov & @fema, Apple launched a COVID19 screening tool that guides users through questions about symptoms and exposure, using CDC guidance to help determine steps they should take, including testing.


Old Lurker

Shame on all of them.


Too much poison in this bill. The union “strengthening” will push remaining private manufacturers to the PE mills. No more kulaks. Commies win yuge.


Telephones aren’t allowed, OL. Votes have to take place on the floor.

Unless Bizarro World has gotten more bizarre in the last couple days.


This brings a close to my new found energy of getting off my couch and giving a shit about this country. Hail Hydra!


(10/11) This stimulus should go straight to the people rather than being funneled through banks and corporations like this bill is doing.


Old Lurker

This time, TK. But the push last night was to let them all go home and phone it in.


Despite $90 Million In Assets, The Anti-Defamation League #ADL Seeks Federal COVID-19 Bailout Money

(@realDonaldTrump could call out someone like these profiteers. Instead he criticizes a real representative of the American people, @RepThomasMassie )



John McCain’s bullshit eligibility non-binding resolution(SR611) was created by Democrats and approved by Unanimous Consent in 2008, while the real topic was anchor baby Obama. That obfuscation gave us an immediately broken Constitution and 8 years of destruction.

DC knows what they are doing and they are pleased.



A place where huge leftist megacorporations try to destroy the native population and conservatives fight tooth and nail to defend their right to do so


Old Lurker

And Donald Trump does not recognize what he just did to his brand.

Best eyes in the Land of the Blind perhaps, but that does not mean he does not need glasses.


He doesn’t have any. His boss at the teachers union sent his marching orders as usual.


MacIver asks .@GovEvers to show WI the data and models behind his Safer at Home order "We are asking you to show Wisconsinites at your press conference this afternoon the science you are using to make these decisions" thewheelerreport.com/wheeler_docs/f… #RightWI


Amazing how both wings of the political establishment come together when one goofy ideologue holds up the biggest and most shameless transfer of wealth from the working/middle class to the corporate class in history.

The pettiness and entitlement here.



How is the situation in the atlanta area, momto 2

I am in the suburbs and we are sort of locked down. Fayette County has closed all "non-essential" businesses. I think Robin has a better sense of how Atlanta proper is doing - not that well I've heard.

My RN friend from Albany, Ga. (where there is a hot spot for the virus) says it is due to the high number of poor residents with multiple health issues and obesity. She said when she worked there she regularly treated A.A. patients who were anemic due to eating clay (pica.) She was so discouraged several years ago that she left her nursing career and returned to work at Delta.

I ventured into Publix yesterday to replenish a few things. As I was checking out they took away some of my frozen vegetables. It said "limit 2" but I thought it meant only 2 broccoli, only 2 green beans, etc. but it meant only 2 frozen vegetables of any kind. Glad I'm not trying to feed a large family!

anonamom - if you have time to watch the first 15 min. of the N.Y. doctor I'd like to hear your thoughts. Here it is again:https://vimeo.com/399733860
He's obviously having a chat with his extended family & friends. There are several technical issues. It made it feel better but don't want it to be unfounded.


This time, TK. But the push last night was to let them all go home and phone it in.

There is no doubt in my mind that this legislation is coming. Let the dying dickheads vote yes to spending by “eye blink” from their deathbeds.

I think I will head out and find a bread line to stand in. Time to start practicing.


(8/11) This bill creates even more secrecy around a Federal Reserve that still refuses to be audited. It allows the Federal Reserve to make decisions about who gets what, how much money we’ll print. With no transparency.



Don’t forget your papers.



And Donald Trump does not recognize what he just did to his brand.

I think the real brand erosion of from his lambasting of Massie than from voting for the porkpile. This would have at least built itself into a “we need more Republicans so I don’t have to vote for this crap” campaign riff. But he chumps someone who understands the Constitution?

Tom McClintock was in DC and explained his yes vote on the floor prior to the voice vote. Everyone is a hostage at the moment and I can live with some of these votes under duress. But attacking someone who wants the vote at least done properly? That is bullshit.


Thanks, Gentlejim! I will sew my Gadsen Flag to my wool jacket in case a cattle car gets between me and my bread crumbs.


Enough of me being cheerful!

Later, comrades.

mike in houston

OK, so Harris County, TX (Houston) has over 4 million people but only 203 active cases and 2 deaths, but last year the county government was taken over by democrats and now we have this silly party spooking every one. Most people I've talked to are ready to get back to work.


I think the real brand erosion of comes more from his lambasting of Massie than from voting for the porkpile....


Old Lurker

Agree, TK.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Agree Jimmy.

Plus, solid data about flu is abundant and (presumably) trustworthy. Neither of those things are true for COVID-19 today.--

The vast majority of flu victims are neither hospitalized nor tested. Almost certainly many people who die from the flu do not have it stated as their cause of death and many people that have it stated as their cause of death did not die from it. The different flu strains mutate so often it requires a different shot every year, based, I might add on the guesses of epidemiologists which strain is going to poke up and how potent it will be.
So the numbers we have from the flu are almost entirely epidemiological extrapolations or, what are called concerning Covid-19, wild ass guesses. And considering how widespread the flu is, are based on far fewer data per case and therefore a much wilder ass guess than the data we have for this bug. I mean, I don't even know what to say to an argument this illogical when one of the objections to Covid numbers is they're based on extrapolations and cover such a wide range they're useless. But flu numbers are reliable and trustworthy even though they're extrapolations based on much less data per case and cover at least as wide a range of possible deaths and cases and are very often products of the very same experts we're told are untrustworthy idiots producing the Covid numbers.

It was said 15-20% of people were found to have it but be asymptomatic. When I asked for a cite the cruise ship was pointed out. The cruise ship experienced a 20% infection rate not a 20% asymptomatic rate. Then the goalposts moved to a certain number were asympytomatic OR had mild symptoms. That's not apples and oranges. That's apples and wombats.

But fortunately we now can safely know to a certainty that this is all much ado about nothing and that the real incidence is many millions of times what the tests say because my cousin Janey's kid had a sniffle in January and, hey, maybe it wasn't the flu...so like it had to be the coronavirus, yeah, sure, that's it. That's the ticket! It HAD to be the Chinese flu. I knew it! I knew I was right all along! I can't trust the experts [which is a sensible attitude] but I can trust my remote clinical diagnosis of some slight fever somebody I may or may not even know had two months ago [which is the attitude of the herd].

All I am suggesting is people not dismiss numbers and theories that don't support their point of view, simply because they don't support their point of view and they don't either support numbers or theories simply because they do. But everybody seems to JUST KNOW that when it's all over that thing they said back in January will absolutely turn out to be exactly right and if only everybody had listened to them then and they're idiots for not listening now.
It's like everybody is priming the pump for a planetary wide I TOLD YOU SO against all the other hopeless dopes and blockheads who can't see the obvious black and white facts right in front of their faces when in actuality the experts don't know a whole lot and everybody else knows not much of anything but they all know just what oughta be done.
I gotta turn off the internet.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And before I hit the off button I agree with TK and OL that it is preposterous that those shits can't haul their asses back here to vote on 2 TRILLION dollars.
And it is even more ridiculous that the Federal government has now decided it is its job to prevent recessions. Nothing good will come of that and many many very bad awful things will.
Now...where's my check. :)

Jim Eagle

Some aviation metrics on the effect of CoVid-19:

Total flights per day now below 100,000

At this point in the year, we would expect to see an average of over 175,000 flights per day. This week the total number of flights tracked dropped below 100,000 and total commercial traffic is below 50,000 flights per day.

Nearly 100 airlines have halted all of their services.


Now...where's my check. :)

It’s in the mail Iggy:)

Trust me:)

Old Lurker

Your check, Ig?

Listen to Pin and you might expect $2T divided by 330M...



momto2 --liveblog that vimeo you sent 2:02

That ICU doc looks like SHIT. If he wants to avoid getting CIVID 19, he needs to sleep and eat better.

"I work at a premier hospital in NY." "Thank you fora ll the masks."

WTF! No frickin masks! We've known this was coming for months. This is what these idiotic CEOs--who pay themselves millions of dollars--do with YOUR health care dollars,people.

HSAs and catrastrophic insurance. Take back your health!

How to protect yourself:
Statement of fact: Covid is in your community.
Become a hand Nazi. Know where they are, and where they are at all times.
Most people get it from SUSTAINED contact with someone with it.
Start becoming aware of contact with your face.
Start wearing a mask--so you won't touch your face
Stay 3-6 feet away from people

Accurate information.


Retweeted by the President, video at the link.

Today #USNSMercy arrived @PortofLA to serve as a referral hospital for patients not infected with #COVID19 - handling overflow of acute trauma cases & other urgent needs allowing shore-based hospitals to focus medical care resources on the treatment of #coronavirus patients. pic.twitter.com/14WkftEEZp

— Acting Secretary of the Navy Thomas B. Modly (@SECNAV) March 27, 2020

I'll never stop loving Iggy if he keeps posting stuff like his penultimate one.


Now try the sound... pic.twitter.com/SoQbzbGer7

— James Woods (@RealJamesWoods) March 27, 2020

Video at the link. In case you don't recognize it, music is from "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory."


Yesterday, a launch that JiB heard. Today? Venezuela's only, Chinese made, telecom satellite went off line by tumbling away from it's orbit.


Coincidence? Of course!


Here’s an explanation for why @JoeBiden, Democrats & the media are in full-scale attack mode against @realDonaldTrump.

His RealClearPolitics average approval rating today is 47.3.

On Election Day 2016 it was 37.5.

And he won.

He’s almost 10 points higher now. pic.twitter.com/v04CumMRRN

— Brad Parscale - Text TRUMP to 88022 (@parscale) March 27, 2020

Chart at link.


My State Farm auto insurance agent just called me to see if I was ok. They are calling all of their senior clients to check on them.

I was really touched.


Melinda -

Just a coincidence, I am sure.


Way behind:

On the organic milk lasting longer, Extraneous, I discovered regular milk (I'm talking about fat percentages, 2%, 1%) lasts much longer than reduced fat milk. This was when I started making yogurt quite a few years ago.

Delicious. When I strain it, add a little vanilla, and honey, it's as good (really better) than purchased Greek yogurt.


But seriously, on what planet do we want a Congress that could pass monumental legislation by a unrecorded voice vote over the telephone?

If the Senate hadn't passed it unanimously and the President wasn't clamoring for it as an emergency with no time to lose, I'd agree with this. But once Pelosi got on board, everyone knew it was going to pass. It was a done deal.
What's the point of recorded votes if that's the case, especially if it'll take days to have? Isn't that what unanimous consent is all about?

If this were a Declaration of War resolution immediately following a devastating surprise attack by China, I would agree with its passage under the same conditions. A handful of House members who weren't in DC and would have forced a delay can write op-eds and tell us all about their objections.


Will be signing the CARE Act in the Oval Office today at 4:00 P.M. Eastern! https://t.co/0WnTNFZPZD

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 27, 2020

Link goes to tweet by Senate GOP.


If this were a Declaration of War resolution immediately following a devastating surprise attack by China, I would agree with its passage under the same conditions.


But in this instance weeks of monkey-style football fucking led us to this EMERGENCY vote.


The TrumpCARE act..


And btw, what the hell were they doing back home instead of being in DC during an emergency? The President is working every day and night, as are the Senators who aren't sick. Everyone knew the Senate was trying to pass this bill. Which House members were absent when duty called, and who gives a shit what they think?


But once Pelosi got on board,...

The nation, in order to heal early on, needed Trump to stand on the burning rubble, megaphone in hand, and exclaim “this wretched old cunt is pushing old people off a cliff!”


Ok, then I take back "immediately." It takes as long as it takes to make the sausage.


That's essentially what he did to get her on board, TK.


No Ext, he gave her something like $600 billion over 650 pages of the bill.


Massie wanted some semblance of the Constitution to work the handle of the sausage grinder. I think Trump could have had a better conversation with his than a Twitter Tantrum.

IMO Pelosi purposely sent her insane clown posse home so she had even more power over the outcome. And she got away with it. The only bad guy in this whole mess is a Constitutional Conservative who drove back to DC to vote properly.


...with him...


New thread


More nonsense.
Real people need the money. Waiting for the perfect doesn’t help everyone survive this.
Dems will always get their pork.
Get over it, it is a given. I am surprised by the great number of dunces we have representing us in Congress.
Disgraceful behavior.
They didn’t want to stay over tomorrow, that is why they passed it today.
Sorry TK
Agree to disagree with you and Iggy today.
I don’t care how they do it , I want my nephew to continue to save a Hilton hotel in North Carolina and this bill will accomplish that.
I want my other nephew to continue to employ people in his engineering firm in Cleveland and Austin.
This bill does that.
Do spare me the outrage. People need food on the table and OL needs his rents to be paid.
Without this bill we got bupkis,


Iggy: Where do they think X and Y come from? They come from epidemiologists making estimates every year based on the closest values they can come up with for R0 and mortalities caused by influenza.

I'll bite. How much more accurate are the pre-influenza-season fatality predictions based of the factors you list versus naive forecasts based only on recent years' fatality rates and population changes?


They didn’t want to stay over tomorrow, that is why they passed it today.

They weren’t even there, maryrose.


Do spare me the outrage.

Do try to not misrepresent to outrage.


...the outrage.


anonamom - Thanks so much! I agree he does look pretty exhausted! One thing he said that really stuck out to me was something like, "this virus is a wimp" meaning that it is easily destroyed using a variety of soaps, hand sanitizer, etc. It's not like some super-bug that gets on you and can not be easily killed.

Someone posted the array of regular household products that they (maybe the CDC?) claimed could be used against the virus. I was surprised at the variety and had expected them to say we needed to use some type of hospital-grade disinfectant. This was encouraging to me and to my daughter who is quickly becoming a germ-a-phobe and the hand police.

Your expertise is invaluable to many of us! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Whole milk definitely lasts longer than the lesser fat varieties. One big reason why I buy it.

joan, if you have a recipe for yogurt, please share it! I unfortunately have nothing to use as starter for the moment, since I can't get to the store, but I have plenty of milk and the equipment I need, I'm pretty sure.



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