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April 11, 2020


jim nj


"The number of nursing homes where residents have been diagnosed with COVID-19 more than doubled in a week — to 285, or more than three-quarters of the state’s facilities, on Friday. The number of residents to test positive for the virus Friday surpassed 4,100.

And 252 residents of long-term care facilities have died — 71 of them in nursing home outbreaks reported by the state on Friday. Those lost lives account for one in eight of the state’s total toll from the virus, likely a vast undercount because many long-term care residents have died without being tested."

jim nj



Just being hospitalized doesn't strike me as serious or critical.

Says the investment guy. ;-)

Where exactly do you think those patients who end up on ventilators start out their hospital stay??
Like Bo Jo, most are not direct admits to the ICU.
ANYBODY getting admitted to a hospital these days is some one to be concerned about. Every one of my hospitals' Wuhan patient were or are on a ventilator, despite using a more "down the road" endpoint for that.


Somehow I’ve managed to get my sleeping rhythm locked into 10:00pm to 5:00am.

Welcome to my world!
Well, if you shift that to 9 to 4...

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Amom, your hospital is mostly full of WuFlu patients? Or a mix of reasons?
A steady stream, overrun, or slowing now?


Just found out my aunt in Winthrop, MA, had the virus, was released to a rehab facility, and just had a stroke. So that's now one uncle and one aunt with blood clots after contracting CV.



Don’t know about amom’s hospital, but Jr. hasn’t been called in to OSU Wexner for weeks. Under normal circumstances he would be providing day-to-day care for people hospitalized for a variety of reasons. His usual schedule is a week on/week off.

Currently they are treating Covid and critical patients and little else. It is a very large 1100+ bed facility and is a ghost town at the moment.

If you are an ER doc or pulmonologist, you are busy. If you are internal medicine doc like Jr., twiddling your thumbs.


Guess if you are an anesthesiologist like amom you are busy too.

They know vents.


Catching up:

Do you have the bug? No.
Do we know of any JOMer who has the bug? No.
Do we know of any JOMer who lives with somebody who has the bug? No.
Do we know of any JOMer who knows somebody personally who has the bug? Yes.


I live within walking distance of 3 of the main ATL hospitals (called pill hill for a reason). Two of my walks within the past week took me past them and they are ghost towns with tents outside.

I have heard more sirens than usual these past few weeks but the light car traffic may simply make them resonate more. The doctors in my neighborhood seem to mostly be home, taking advantage of the opportunity to walk a lot. The only one I have not seen is a cv specialist and dept chair at another area hospital.


Good Easter morning, JOM!https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/04/its_a_wuhan_virus_easter.html


I think we covered this back when he gave the speech, but it's interesting in retrospect.

“The List” – Interesting and Quietly Overlooked Remarks by Secretary Pompeo…

Pompeo’s remarks were made to the National Governors Association (NGA) Feb 8, 2020; and there’s an interesting segment where Pompeo reveals his awareness of a list of U.S. governors compiled by China’s communist party; and their alignment with China’s interests. A transcript of the key excerpt from his speech is provided.

Gus, sorry for the complex emotional roller coaster you will be going through. Prayers for you and your family.

Remember that in even the most difficult times there is room for warmth, love, humor, music, and life.

Here is Crazy Uncle Frank's obituary that we ran yesterday.

A better link to his Spotify playlist.


Like Scott Adams I believe the daily presidential briefings are a great idea--brings the public along into sharing the information DJT has and in a sense sharing the decision making process with him. A very good persuasive technique.


HAPPY EASTER! pic.twitter.com/UX5Bhm82H2

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 12, 2020

Video at the link.


Janice Dean
Very large hail, damaging winds, flash flooding and strong tornadoes are likely today across the South.A complex system moving into the Plains will bring a variety of weather from heavy snow to potentially deadly large tornadoes. Please listen to your local forecasts & be safe.


Do we know of any JOMer who has the bug? No.



Not me.


Excellent, Clarice.

We should differentiate between politics and the crap that for so many years has passed for politics.


Anon, thanks for the correction and thanks for the good news.


BoJo discharged from the hospital. Great news.


Incidentally, just found out that the (estranged) brother of a friend died from the virus. Truth be told, he was a physical and psychological mess--obese, his wife had left him, had moved back to South America where he had grown up. A sad story, but not much to learn from it other than perhaps the fact that he died in a place where there had been fewer than 200 deaths in a population of over 30 million (roughly 1/10 the US per capita death rate).

Captain Hate

I don't know why I couldn't find that Spotify playlist yesterday.


Thanks to mike from houston and DrJ for the videos of "Christ the Lord is Risen Today."

GUS, Prayers for your MIL, your wife, and all of you.

Thanks to all for your well-wishes on behalf of Maggie. My son is going to call and handle some of the details on Monday, which will be a great help to me.

jim nj, Thanks for the interview with Dan Crenshaw and news of his book. That will be one I ask for, perhaps for Mother's Day.



We are doing cancer surgeries, sight-saving eye surgeries, and urgent endoscopies for symptoms (mainly bleeding, mainly cancers.)
Oh--and babies continue to be born.

Volume down 70%.

As more patients are being managed with aggressive respiratory therapy (proning, tolerating lower blood oxygen levels, delivering higher oxygen flows and using devices initially avoided because of the aerosolization they create--CPAP, BiPap) and the fact that NC is far more socially distanced than NYC at baseline (nd no Chinese New year or Mardi Gras parades here, and out St. patrick's Day one was cancelled), we are seeing more of a hill than a peak.

And we may be half way across the top of it.

Because of that, our two system's CEOs have cancelled their request for a 1200 bed field hospital at our local university, asking for 600 at a location closer to them in center city, and I am thinking they may even rescind that.


he was a physical and psychological mess--obese, his wife had left him, had moved back to South America where he had grown up.

Lots of obesity in those ICUs.
And of course, obesity so often means hypertension, diabetes, and coronary disease.
I suspect that is a huge factor in the disparity of blacks v white's deaths, esp in the Detroit sweep.


Via Insty:https://fee.org/articles/the-covid-19-crisis-is-the-result-of-decades-of-fda-misrule/


Tori Sachs
Per order from @GovWhitmer, people in Michigan are now banned from purchasing a new baby car seat in stores.

This is dangerous and this order needs clarification immediately. #migov #mileg


Old Lurker

Clarice, we should burn DC to the ground then start over. A cleansing forest fire is in order.

Truthfully, can anyone name a single Federal function that is not vastly bloated, inefficient, unworkable, frankly not required now if it ever was, or which does not grasp at authority not given it under the constitution?

Next week: States and Local governments.


I just had a flashback to a conversation I had with my father some 30 years ago, who was a liberal but, unlike most others in my family, could have an intelligent discussion about politics and agree to disagree. I was espousing a relatively libertarian view of free markets, and he said, "What about prescription drugs?" I think I told him I'd have to give it some thought. I felt there's a reasonable role for government to prevent fraud and quackery, and maybe even to keep idiots from harming themselves, so maybe the prescription system is ok.

But now, given the behavior of people like Cuomo and the crazy Michigan lady governor, not to mention the FDA and CDC, I'm starting to wonder. I guess it's the usual qui custodiet ipsos custodes problem.

Ralph L

Is it safe to say Whitmer has drowned herself in the VP pool?

Another Bob

It should be safe to say Whitmer has drowned herself in the polite company pool.


But wait, there's more!

Catturd ™
And There It Is... Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer Bans Buying US Flags During Lockdown thegatewaypundit.com/2020/04/michig…



She needs to impose bread lines for safety.



Who in the heck is advising Whitmer? Hillary?

That's the only explanation - to keep her out of the VP sweepstakes so that Hillary can be the successor to Biden.


We had “our county’s” first case on Friday. Described as a male between 20-40 in the dept of health letter. Interestingly, the county to the south and the county to the east of them ALSO now report one case each, and both of those are also a male between 20-40. And the 4th county directly east of us (so all four counties make a rough square) had their first case a few weeks ago got a second case about the same time. (I haven’t seen any description of that case though, and I’m not sure when it appeared.) I’m puzzled about whether this is an odd coincidence, or is this the same person who travels between all the counties and they are doing contact tracing in all of them?

I can also report that the nurse who is one of my GS co-leaders was furloughed on Friday. I’m thinking that the current plan is to destroy the health care system out here in flyover country before the virus arrives so that the pandemic will be much worse here.


After Outcry, Wisconsin Governor Reverses Ban On Outdoor Church Services

MADISON — Following an outcry from furious communities of faith, Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers issued a press release Thursday clarifying his administration’s earlier “clarifications” banning outdoor church services.

Evers press release, according to the governor’s office was sent to “reiterate” that “churches and religious entities are considered essential” and that they can conduct outdoor services in “parking lots with congregants staying in cars, avoiding person-to-person contact.”

Federal judge punches back at Dem mayor who 'criminalized' Easter drive-in church services

"On Holy Thursday, an American mayor criminalized the communal celebration of Easter. That sentence is one that this Court never expected to see outside the pages of a dystopian novel, or perhaps the pages of The Onion," Walker wrote. "But two days ago, citing the need for social distancing during the current pandemic, Louisville's Mayor Greg Fischer ordered Christians not to attend Sunday services, even if they remained in their cars to worship — and even though it's Easter."

"The Mayor's decision is stunning. And it is, 'beyond all reason,' unconstitutional," Walker ruled.

The hall-monitors are getting smacked down.

Jack Lillywhite

Happy Easter, all. Or as the Flemish say, Zalig Pasen.

Mrs. JiB and yours truly watched “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy” last night with Gary Oldman as Smiley. A damn difficult book to make into movie. But it turned better than I would have suspected.

“Why?” You ask not something like “The Passion of Christ”. Because we watched that the night before, Good Frida😇


Four siblings expressing the joy of the Resurrection on Easter morning, at their apartment complex outside London. Happy Easter! He is Risen! pic.twitter.com/2YEJslkxVB

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) April 12, 2020

Video at link, and those 4 English kids have beautiful voices.

James D.

Happy Easter, everyone!


I'm so sorry, GUS, about your mother-in-law--that it's been a long time coming probably doesn't make it any easier. God's blessings to you and your family on this very odd Easter (though there was never an Easter odder than the first one!)

CH, oh to have those notebooks from Cornell! What a treasure-house! Probably really valuable now too--they should be digitized and put up for the world.

I haven't read Manzoni's The Betrothed either, jimmyk; this may be the time (though I'm re-reading Barchester Towers at the moment).

Happy Easter to everyone.


I suspect that is a huge factor in the disparity of blacks v white's deaths, esp in the Detroit sweep.

Though we're not allowed to say so, I wonder whether there's a cultural/educational aspect to that too. When I see videos of young blacks in poor neighborhoods in Brooklyn acting like hooligans, crowds tussling and carousing in the streets, I suspect there's a lot of irresponsible behavior that helps to spread it. I'm sure low income matters too, in terms of adjusting to the lockdowns, though I'm less clear on why. But it's very clear in NYC that there's a strong inverse correlation between income and cases, looking across zip codes.


Happy Easter to all!

Old Lurker

Jimmy "I guess it's the usual qui custodiet ipsos custodes problem."

Indeed. But since people will always be people, eventually the wrong people will fill all those slots. The guards and the guard watchers.

James D.


My NYC daughter is not riding the subway anymore so she doesn't have first hand knowledge. But when asked about crowded subways she said they've reduced the schedules a lot.
Maybe in anticipation of lower ridership or sickness among train crews. She said occasional crowded subways are explained by that. If you have to get somewhere you don't have choices so people bunch up.

Yet again, we see they our “betters”, our highly educated decision making elites, have no critical thinking skills or understanding of basic logic at all.

You have a densely populated city where you’ve done everything possible to discourage car ownership, so most everyone has to take public transportation.

Then you have hundreds of thousands of essential workers, including hospital workers, police, firefighters, and lots of regular people who need to keep grocery stores and pharmacies open, keep utilities running, deliver stuff, etc etc etc.

Then you reduce the number of buses and trains, while the number of essential workers stays the same.

What the eff did they think would happen then?


OL, easy for you to say--you live in Md. ;)
Yes, in the blink of an eye every bureaucracy grows beyond its stated mission and becomes sclerotic on the things that matter and overreaching on peripherals.



Andrew Cuomo on Replacing Joe Biden on the Ballot: ‘I’m Not Going to Washington’

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has now made it clear that he will not seek the Democratic nomination for president, saying he will be “staying right here” in New York.

So what? The whole idea of being drafted is to not "seek" the position but to reluctantly accept the call of duty. Let's see what he really said.

“Democrats would like to see me replace Joe Biden on the ticket,” Cuomo asked before saying the idea is “flattering” and somewhat “irrelevant.”

Cuomo went on to discuss why many would not be fond of his consideration of running for president and how it correlates with his handling of the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

“Everyone has been very suspicious of government, and government officials, politicians—it’s always about their politics, they’re always trying to take the next step on the ladder … they are very deceptive creatures,” Cuomo claimed. “I never felt that, I never believed it.”

This is a joke statement.

“I have no political agenda, period,” Cuomo continued. “I’m not running for president, I’m not running for vice-president, I’m not running anywhere. I’m not going to Washington. I’m staying right here.”

Of course he's not "running." That's the whole idea. Did he ever say he wouldn't accept being drafted? Of course not.


True, jimmyk--but it's a conundrum--which came first, irresponsible behaviors and poverty or the other way around?


it's the usual qui custodiet ipsos custodes problem

Democrats co-opted the guardians, the guardians of the guardians, and their guardians, too.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Advice to President Trump if the HoRs and media question the speed of his response to the WuFlu ... seen online:
"Trump should just tell the liberals he didn't know about it until he read it in the newspapers. Worked well for the idiot before him."


Ext, it must be age and faltering memory, but I am sure I remember Elizabeth Warren promising that she wouldn't run for president.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Thanks Amom.


Prayers for your family, GUS. May You MIL rest in peace and may God hold your wife in His loving arms and comfort her

Regarding the subways, I haven't ridden them since mid-March, however, my associate informs me that service has been cut by two-thirds from the Upper East Side to Queens but the cars are still not crowded.


You're right, Clarice.

Warren: 'I'm not running for president'

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D) on Saturday said she is not running for president, but refused to pledge to serve out a full six-year term in the Senate if reelected in 2018.

"So look, I am not running for president of the United States. I am running for the United States Senate," Warren said.

"But let me actually make a — underline a point on this one, and that is we can't just be a party that says, 'Oh, we're paying attention about what happens every four years.' And I know there's a lot of anxiety, particularly on the Democratic side, about how we are going to deal with Donald Trump in 2020," she added.

"I take it as a no you're not pledging to serve your full six-year term if you win reelection?" Todd asked in response.

"I already told you. I have no intention of running for the United States, for president," she responded.

They all think we're too stupid to know that "I'm not running," during a time that they aren't actually running, doesn't' mean they won't be running at a later time. I guess a lot of people still fall for Clintonian parsing.


Happy Easter!



Old Lurker

Clarice, we should let the fire burn outside the beltway in all directions too. Otherwise it is just cutting down the bamboo on your side of the fence.

You and I can give each other 72 hours notice.


OK-if you promise to give us all shelter in Nantucket.


You can watch church with President Trump here:





I've been doing Walmart pickups for several months. During the pandemic they have had to cut pickup times, I think they were missing some staff and also staff were spending more time inside the store restocking nightly and disinfecting.

Just this week they have started offering more slots again. It's a terrific service. You can choose to allow substitutions or not. I have never had a mistaken item on my order or a missing item unless out of stock. You get an email if an item is not available or if they substituted. Highly recommend!



Wonderful Pieces!



My prayers are with you and your whole family! Hang tough for them.



Black smoke has been seen billowing from China’s first assault carrier in Shanghai. The new Type-075 carrier, which is similar to the U.S. Navy’s America Class assault carriers, is designed to carry helicopters and hovercraft to support amphibious landings.



Franklin Graham is giving a sermon on Fox. Who would have thunk it?


Gus, prayers for your family.


Happy Easter

Prayers to your family Gus.

My daughter, a nurse in the Coronavirus ICU in Westchester NY reports that all of the patients are 55 and older. All are obese, diabetics,
heat disease, hypertension and have asthma.. Every day 2 die, 2 are
moved to the floor and 4 more are added.


My prayers for you and your family at this time, GUS.


That Easter service in Dallas seems awfully densely packed ... or the portion I saw was from a previous year's service and they will go live for other portions.


"Black smoke has been seen billowing from China’s first assault carrier in Shanghai"


managing Communist Chinese sailors in times of Whuan Virus- leading the world in best practices like the Sun they are.

hoist your cup-o-bat soup high. (maybe we should send them 3 million buckets.)

obviously i am yolking. 😎


I’m puzzled about whether this is an odd coincidence, or is this the same person who travels between all the counties and they are doing contact tracing in all of them?

The first death reported in my county was a 70 year old who went to Hawaii and returned to another county far to the north of us. He was hospitalized there and he passed away there. This death was recorded as a local death and no matter who I called there was no interest in changing it. I imagine the other county recorded that death as well.

Your mention of the “coincidence” in you adjacent counties coupled with an earlier story about a doctor revealing that the CDC wants every death listed as a Covid death strikes me as a numbers padding scheme gone wild.


And to top it off, a bit of blue on blue action, NY style:



Praying the Divine Mercy for your M-i-L Gus.

Jesus wept when his friend died, not because he died, he knew his fiend would be with His Father, he wept for those who were mourning with him. May Jesus comfort your wife and family.

Happy Easter all

Old Lurker

Wouldn't it be nice for the entire country, once this is over, to have a Nuremberg investigation into every single overreach by political leaders everywhere so we can clear the decks once and for all about which of our Constitutional Rights apply and which ones are gone for good?

I know. Asking for a friend.

Won't happen because the Coup Plotters live free.


I am diving into the accounting for the “first death in San Diego”. It was recorded on March 22 as a San Diego death even though the person passed away in Santa Clara. Santa Clara declared that same death in their county records on March 17, as near as I can tell.

When I talked to the county press office the week of that first reported death the lady told me that the County is using CDC guidance in recoding the deaths and that is why an out of area death was recorded here. I asked her if they would do the same thing if a San Diego resident died in Oklahoma. She said she did not know.

I am fairly certain that there is now one provable case of double counting a Covid death, but I won’t go crazy looking into it until tomorrow.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Jim Eagle

46 cases in my small seaboard county. 44 residents, 2 non-residents, 1 death. Over 19K in Florida, Dale (Miami) leads the way with over 6K.

So far, our Advent Hospital system is able to handle it. But we have a lot of pharmacies, like CVS, Walgreens and some Publix. No PPE available. You see more and more people wearing obviously home made masks. Some are pretty clever prints.


lurkersusie, how is she staying hydrated in the PPE?
Is she wearing a PAPR all day??
Are they prophylaxing with hydroxychloroquine??



Pastor Jeffress said those choral performances were recorded before the quarantine.

Now finishing with the Hallelujah Chorus!



Correction: Santa Clara county, on the 20th, announced two deaths. One was a person who died on the 17th, and the other, a man in his 70s, they didn’t offer any details, so I can’t tell you when he actually passed away.I suspect that man is also the “first death in San Diego.”


Jim Eagle

Anyone got their check yet?



Wouldn't it be nice for the entire country, once this is over, to have a Nuremberg investigation into every single overreach by political leaders everywhere

We can dream. But history is written by the victors Democrats.


Happy Easter everyone! He is risen!
Short film 1:50 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?list=PLp7QeLyJOLBlqef3FylUKtcEoLTBMKedU&time_continue=59&v=aQk-8cmdBfw&feature=emb_logo

Lots of obesity in those ICUs.
And of course, obesity so often means hypertension, diabetes, and coronary disease.
I suspect that is a huge factor in the disparity of blacks v white's deaths, esp in the Detroit sweep.

anonamom - That's also the case in Albany, Georgia which is a hot spot down in the middle of south Georgia with very few cases in surrounding areas.


Donald J. Trump
A very good sign is that empty hospital beds are becoming more and more prevalent. We deployed 418 Doctors, Nurses and Respiratory Therapists from the hospital ship Comfort and the Javits Convention Center to hospitals in NYC & State. Have more bed capacity than was needed. Good!


Donald J. Trump

10:21 AM · Apr 12, 2020

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--crowds tussling and carousing in the streets--

Sounds like something Dickens would have written.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--OK-if you promise to give us all shelter in Nantucket.--

Unless he makes a midnight amphibious landing and keeps the draperies closed he can't even shelter himself in Nantucket.


Yes its like vichy country


Old Lurker

Right you are, again, Iggy.


Mike Pompeo
He is Risen!


Reporting on the oddest Easter service I've ever attended--a livestream with the priest, the camera guy (on the vestry) and six singers, including my husband and me. The church was arrayed with all the clerical vestments--not for show but to help deaden the sound which, empty as it was, is very live (and thus too echo-y for a broadcast); the tablecloths for all the parish meals were draped around too. The senior warden had left us all some hot cross buns. The service is still there on the St. Matthew's Episcopal (Lincoln NE) facebook site, I think--I can be heard but not seen. It was pretty beautiful, all told.


Got mentioned in Iggy's quote in Clarice's Pieces, misspelled my username! lol

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How did that dunderhead get herself elected in Michigan?
Her response to Trump's SOTU was roundly panned and her political instincts seem less developed than Pat Paulson's.
The Rep must have been one flaccid souffle.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Sorry Barry. :)


OH and we sang Mike's favorite hymn, as one would expect, among other Easter standards.


Iggy, too funny...

Old Lurker

Also, Nantucket had relaxed it's "thou shalt do no work on any (summer)person's house or local person's house of any kind" to "OK, so long as the house in unoccupied and no more than one worker is at that address" (the one worker rule even applied to husband and wife teams like my gardeners)...but two days later they took that back so again only emergency work is happening anywhere on the island. Man o man.

They have had nine cases since the beginning, one death, one medivac to Mass Gen. Population this time of year 12-15,000 or so. New $80M hospital essentially empty I suppose.

Jim Eagle



Great pieces, Clarice!

I meant to wish all my Jewish JOM friends a Happy Passover and never got a Round Tuit.


Why can't we do an amphibious landing? We could use my Klepper kayak but it's in Oahu now.


Fauci: If Trump Had Listened to Our Recommendations, We Could Have Saved Lives

I thought they weren't going on CNN anymore?


As of Friday, my wife's hospital has had a total of 880 tent tests with 133 positives. They're coming from Worcester, Framingham, and quite a few smaller towns and cities.

They have to produce a drivers license and insurance. She tells me a lot of them don't have drivers licenses and use passports, (even though they drive up alone in their cars). Some haven't changed their names on their ID's with name changes due to marriage and such.

Tent nurses wear bonnets, N95's, and two gowns, front and back. One pair of gloves stays on for their whole shift, while a second pair is worn over them. While changing gloves, the first pair is heavily foamed.

Things are heating up a bit here.

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