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April 03, 2020




Tom Wolfe
WFB, Jr.
Neil Young
Margaret Atwood
John Updike
Norman Mailer
Philip Roth
Howard Cosell
Beverly Sills
Harold Bloom

Pretty literary, I know...


Different candidate



Give it another few weeks Rocco and we will have National Guard troops with sandbags and .50 cal guarding stockpiles.


Good grief




Somebody should explain to that silly little girl that the $125 is the least of her problems.

JM Hanes


I can't believe I actually got one right! Even though it took more than one try.

As for everybody else, rather than getting a lot more random guessing wrong, I'd be interested in hearing how folks met some of these celebrities. Maybe everyone could pick a couple of their most interesting encounters to tell us about?

JM Hanes


That "confiscation" of Massachusetts masks by New York is just stunning. Stealing is the right word. Where the hell does New York get off doing such a thing. The arrogance of their political leadership is beyond reckoning.

Is there something more to that story? It's hard to believe that Mass. wouldn't be screaming bloody murder over such a theft rather than simply promoting creative alternatives.


Buckeye, first they stole the Babe, now this!


This is very fun - keep em coming. However no one guessed the one I didn't meet. Harrumph! Sadly it's about 4 pages back!


The good news is that those masks that Kraft flew in are being warehoused in the city where my wife works, according to the article.


Frank Zappa was in the Colgate Men's locker room waiting to go on stage for a concert. I was there with the college radio station.

Otto Preminger was at Colgate interviewing students active in theater to co-star in Sterile Cuckoo with Lisa Minelli. He cast someone from Hamilton College instead. BTW, Lisa's several minute long telephone monologue in the otherwise bland movie is extraordinary.

Never met Ken Kesey. Would have liked to.

Reba Mcintire was standing outside the Opry House in Nashville in an almost empty public square. Petite and easy to spot.

JM Hanes


The Mass/NY is something that the Federal government probably has an actual Commerce Clause interest in, for a change.



Never on Capt Kangeroo's show. Ran into him in a parking lot when I was about 5. It was very fun!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Interesting comment about audience expectations and the finale of The Prisoner. The thing is, if 90% of the audience doesn’t get what you were trying to say, that’s probably on you as the creator.--

I suppose, but the same could be said of The Creator, no? Perhaps not having things dropped down our gullet through a funnel like we're baby birds and instead having to examine a TV or ourselves or the universe around us is our responsibility and not doing so is on us not him or Him.

In everything, then, do to others as you would have them do to you. For this is the essence of the Law and the Prophets.
Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the way that leads to life, and only a few find it.

If you don't seek, ye aint gonna find.


Not only did I smoke a bone with this guy, I watched him roll it with one hand before we smoked it. (before I grew up)



TK, you never answered my questions when I asked:
I apologize. I didn’t see this concise list of questions,
Did you ask your doc for hydroxychloroquine?
I have not taken this extra step.
Did he turn you down?
See above.
Are you getting covered in aerosolized virus multiple times a day in your line of work?
I look at this question and see another version of #PublixBagboying. I will give you as much of an answer as I feel I want to reveal. My wife is most certainly in that category and we have converted my daughter’s bedroom(a second master bedroom with its own exterior entry into her room) into her isolation chamber. She no longer shares the rest of the house with us. But, she isn’t a doctor so she also would need to take an extra step. Nobody above her has set up an automatic protocol to dish out hydroxychloroquine. That is all I plan on saying about her.

I think I owe you an explanation on what set me off and I also would like to apologize to you for the “Two Americas” shot I took. You, of all people, deserve much more than a cheap shot like that from me. I am truly sorry for having acted so poorly towards you.

It was a Hannity radio episode earlier in the week,or maybe last week, where he had Dr Oz on. They were talking aboutNew York’s hydroxychloroquine restrictions where it would have been an extraordinary event for a Covid patient to get a prescription. Dr Oz boasted how he has the medication and that he made sure all his friends were blessed with prescriptions. Hannity accidentally asked a pertinent question. “I thought the prescriptions are to be preserved for Malaria, Lupis, Arthritis, etc, and the claim was to not gobble up a finite supply. Dr Oz immediately stated that everyone should respect the New York ultimatum and not go begging for a prescription.

It rubbed me so raw.

I will drop this topic now. Again, amom, I am sorry and I hope you stay safe.


OK, listened to NPR while I did my Sunday Route.

BTW--A Blessed Palm Sunday to all.
(Even those who don't celebrate Palm Sunday--just take the wish for a blessing.)

Warning: rant w strong language to follow.

Guess what---CDC is going to START tracking tomorrow!!!!

WT FUCK has the CDC been doing since it was started, if it doesn't have a tracking program READY TO DROP in its arsenal???
What have they been doing since H1N1? Ebola???
How did they intend to address "the next pandemic" that they all go around lecturing on?????

How is this ANY different from tracking flu????? Use that one as a template.

Nobody better EVER tell me we need "more government" for anything.


https://pjmedia.com/richardfernandez/survival-of-the-fittest/ is quite good.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Some excellent thoughts on and details about The Prisoner, especially the final episode.


Ronald Reagan was at a CWA (Concerned Women for America) conference in the midst of the Bork hearings. I was on their board and we were privileged to meet him before he spoke to the whole convention. I'll never forget his first words from the podium, "Well, it looks like the reinforcements have arrived!"

Dr. Tim LaHaye was a personal friend and had to check out my husband before he would "let" me marry him.

Most of my others were passengers I met while I was a flight attendant. Somehow I missed meeting Tammy Faye, though. They probably had their own plane!

Sammy Small

Not too many, but short list that I remember:

Heather Locklear
Mick Fleetwood
Pete Wilson



A friend of mine was the senior non-political appointee at the cdc for years and I think when he took his retirement at 20 years and went into the private sector much practical knowledge was lost. Boy we had some interesting conversations over the years, including discovering the ebola doc who died in africa had been a close friend and colleague.

Last time I saw him I had taken my parents in 2017 (their last trip as it turned out) to san diego and we had gone to la jolla to see the sea lions. We were walking up the hill and he and his wife were coming down, thereby confirming my family's long amazement that I somehow run into someone I know almost where ever I go.


OK, I will share a story.

I have mentioned that Mrs. Buckeye is related to John Bricker, former governor and senator from Ahia.

John Galbreath and John Bricker were best friends growing up and that friendship lasted their lifetimes.

Mrs. Buckeye’s “Grandma K” was Bricker’s cousin and ran around with him and Galbreath growing up. They all went to school together, same age.

One morning before we were married we had to run an errand to “Grandma K’s” house. Sitting at her kitchen table were John Bricker and John Galbreath. The were drinking coffee and eating Strudel that just came out of the oven.

Her Strudel was to die for:)

We joined them and listened to reminiscing about their childhood.

JM Hanes


Excellent rundown of the timeline of COVID perfidy. Cuomo just iced that cake with the Chinese ventilators. It seems like every time I turn around I hear about someone else, somewhere else, sending ventilators to New York. In addition to the ones they found (?), I'm not clear on whether or not they even still need more? Iit's truly bizarre, assuming it's not just a rumor, that Cuomo didn't actually know what a ventilator does, when he first started complaining about the dearth thereof.

Does anyone remember the first/last time Trump supposedly made light of the COVID threat? I'm not talking about the "hoax" hoax. I do remember him saying early on that there wasn't much to worry about, that we had everything under control etc. That's the one complaint you always hear from the resistance, and I've been trying to place it in relation to WHO's assurances that there was no evidence of human to human transmission in mid-January.




Anon, love it when you when go expressive.


Senator Cotton was right https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/363823/


That's the one complaint you always hear from the resistance, and I've been trying to place it in relation to WHO's assurances that there was no evidence of human to human transmission in mid-January.

I believe it was during his surprise visit to the CDC headquarters. I can’t remember where his actual destination was, but he decided to stop there and , IMO, ask them WTF is going on. I thinking they misled him into downplaying it because they honestly had no clue WTF was going on.


I see that I have about 30 tabs open. Almost all are links from here that I need to catch up on.

Captain Hate

Biden: Firing of USS Theodore Roosevelt Captain Was Close to Criminal


Here is the CDC visit. I will play it in the background and listen for the hoax like comment, JMH.


The notes say it was published March 7.


TK, I have 86 tabs open. I do bookmark the links. If I don't get back to them within two weeks, I move the front half dozen to a new page and bulk delete the others. [Doing that now]

But I also keep MSWord documents JOMnotesYYMM where I copy pithy thread comments, with author and date. I figures that some descendant, bored and interested in the turn of the 21st century, can mine them for insight into the times.

JM Hanes


I'm so sorry to hear about your wife's exposure and the difficult arrangements you've had to make!


Turns out I can’t(or don’t know how) listen to YouTube in the background.

Here is Snopes on the subject, JMH


It was at a rally and he didn’t all the virus a hoax, he called it the media’s next hoax.


Thank you JMH.


During The Birther Wars, SBW, I maintained a similar record keeping system. :-)


TK-he always intended to visit the cdc, but added the trip to nashville on the same flight from dc after the tornadoes.

Here's my list. Had to think for a bit.

Nelson Rockefeller
Barry Goldwater
Julia Childs
Jimmy Carter
Lester Maddox
Ted Turner
Cyrus Vance
John Connally
Gerald Ford


I'm posting this again because I think this guy is spot on. It's all about vaccinating everyone to control the masses. About 21 mins in Shiva talks about the non profits that support this BS, the Gates Foundation, Clinton and Zuckerberg. But mostly he rips on Fauci for being Big Pharma's front man. Makes a lot of sense to me.



I once did a shot of tequila with Joe Piscopo and my bud who lives in Boise.

Jim Eagle

My meeting Teddy Kennedy was very interesting. Actually, we had lunch together at the Mass Trade Center. It was during the Iraqi retreat from Kuwait and the resultant oil field fires. My company was in charge of Kuwait reconstruction including the oil well fires. I was in our Washington office at the time. Kennedy asked that we conduct a meeting with Mass contractors, suppliers, etc. on how they could qualify for contracts. [We tried to explain to Teddy that they would be few and far between but that did not move him].

The Town Hall kind of meeting was held in the Trade Center in Boston and was attened by Kennedy as well as the press. Not report on contractor sessions but to hound Kennedy about his nephews little kerfuffle at the Kennedy compound in Palm Beach.

To get away from the press gaggle, he asked me to join him for lunch at the Trade Center dining room. I spent an hour with him. Mostly to discuss Kuwait, our progress on putting out the fires, etc.

I met Menem in Buenos Aires when we presented our plan to modernize Ezeiza International Airport. He had the final say. 2 hour presentation, discussion and Q&A. No lunch:)


TK-he always intended to visit the cdc

That’s right. Thank you. I think I confused it with being a surprise visit because the CDC had a Covid scare when the President was due and had positioned themselves for delaying his visit.

I wonder how many time sub contractors tried similar delay tactics when Trump was building skyscrapers?

“Please don’t go up there, sir, the scaffolding is too dangerous.”

Trump” What don’t you want me to see?”


Rocco gets my last tab open. On to catchup.

Back in a while.

Jim Eagle

Pretty literary, I know...


Then that means your loser is Howard Cossell?


NORMAN MAILER???? Is that John Kasich's Father??


We need everyone to give us a name of someone that they wish they could have met or would still like to meet.

DONALD TRUMP goes without saying.

Old Lurker

Buckeye "OK, I will share a story."

You have the same problem I have, Buckeye. We have been here so long we already knew that story!

I repeat mine so often I have to preface them with "I think I told this story before, but...)


Catsmeat, I came very close to meeting Philip Roth, as he lived down the block from me, and a biographer of his, Claudia Roth Pierpont (no relation to him) lives in my building. So I would always see him walking in the neighborhood, and sometimes in front of our building chatting with Claudia. Never had the gumption to introduce myself.

Can't think of any major literary, showbiz, or sports figures I've met, though I see them around in NYC.

Old Lurker

Or "I repeat mine so often..."

That I have to worry that a Narc or an Iggy will say "that's not how you told it the LAST time..."

JM Hanes

Thanks for the sleuthery, TK. I've added your video to my talking points file. Now I just need to find the initial remarks he made minimizing the danger, which the resistance keeps harping on.


This doc says vent protocol must change because pressure is damaging the lungs and CV patients should receive oxygen instead.


stolen from thedonald.win


So I have been skimming; assuming these lists are of celebrities various JOMers have met; my list is pretty short
Jack Paar
Edwin Newman
Art Garfunkel


Jane, no, JMH also guessed Loretta Lynch, but I met her at the NY Fed. Singularly overhyped and uninteresting experience.

The game is a bit pretentious, since it's like name-dropping, but in any case my lie was Milton Friedman. I should have had the opportunity to meet him, but he was semi-retired by time I finished grad school.

George H.W. Bush (met at a function given by my wife's then employer--in fact have a picture of him with the two of us)
Condoleeza Rice (met when I spent a year at Stanford-Hoover)
Edwin Meese (same as Condi)
Thomas Sowell (same as Condi--actually played tennis with him)
Milton Friedman (lie)
Paul Samuelson (took a class with him--terrible teacher)
Archbishop Sean O'Malley (close friend of a devout Catholic friend of ours)
Ben Bernanke (met at conferences)
Caroline Kennedy (met in college)
Loretta Lynch (NY Fed meeting)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I do remember him saying early on that there wasn't much to worry about, that we had everything under control etc. That's the one complaint you always hear from the resistance, and I've been trying to place it in relation to WHO's assurances that there was no evidence of human to human transmission in mid-January.--

The best counter to that is to look up Fauci's quote from Jan 21st on the occasion of the first US diagnosis that said we had nothing to worry about and Cuomo's from March 1st saying the same thing on the occasion of NY's first diagnosed case.
The second best counter is the resistance's resistance to Trump banning flights from China on Jan 31st and DiBlasio and Cuomo's insistence on allowing flights from Italy and letting NYC get completely infected before acting.
Had Trump not acted we would have had thousands of more carriers spreading it.

But perhaps the most effective is really to put them on the defensive and ask why they don't seem to care what the CCP did? Democratic socialists claim to hate communism but when do they ever criticize it as they do their own countrymen? Never, because they share a lot more ideological RNA with the CCP than us.

JM Hanes


I would have liked being part of John Singer Sargent's circle. I adore his work, and he was connected to an incredible assortment of interesting characters on both sides of the Atlantic. I'd have settled for being his studio assistant. Beethoven fascinates me, but I'm not sure he would be easy to know. I recently read that he fancied himself Luigi (in a novel recommended by Narciso), which shed a slightly different light on my vision of the composer.

Aristotle and Ovid would be on my list. Speaking of whom, has anybody heard anything from Beasts lately?


Or "I repeat mine so often..."

You know what they say OL.

Memory is the second thing to go:)


I should have introduced myself to Peter Yarrow. The mrs and I were taking a train back at midnight from Baltimore to NYC, and he was waiting on the platform with us. We'd been at a charity event not that long before where he sang. He seemed a bit pathetic on the platform by himself with his guitar, looking very elderly. He asked us if he was on the right platform for the NYC train. I'm always reluctant to 'bother' celebrities, but in this case he probably would have appreciated us saying, "We enjoy your singing, saw you at such-and-such event," whether sincere or not.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--That I have to worry that a Narc or an Iggy will say "that's not how you told it the LAST time..."--

That's a damnable lie.
I can't even remember what I wrote yesterday. :)


Forecast says nearly continuous rain all day.
Good luck, kk and other northern Californians

This item, seen on another blog, brought a ray of (virtual) sunshine!

"How bad are CNN’s ratings?
For Q1 they are below ESPN’s even ESPN didn’t have anything to broadcast in the last three weeks of March while CNN ‘s rating should have peaked with impeachment and coronavirus"



Beethoven fascinates me, but I'm not sure he would be easy to know.

I find Mozart more interesting. Despite being this astonishing genius and prodigy who could churn out a fully scored three-hour opera masterpiece in a few weeks, he was just a regular guy with a wife and kids. He wasn't the buffoon depicted in 'Amadeus,' but he did like to go out and play billiards after working from 6am to 6pm. Beethoven never married, seemed a bit of a stiff and a prude. Plus it would have been hard to talk to him once he went deaf. :)


My son was working the cash register/checkout at the local Wal-Mart a couple years ago, and Scott Walker came thru his line. He asked Scott if he knew me, and he told my son who I was.

Great feeling.

Manuel Transmission

Here is a snarky hit on the IHME modeling that appears justified.


Birx on Gates board? Hmmm


I'll tell a (true) story too.

I met Red Bond in 1989 at Canyon Ranch (it had just opened). I saved a long time to go for 3 (off days) $900, and she was there for a month. At that point, almost everyone there was famous. I had no idea who she was but we became close friends. If you don't know who she is, she is Australian, the owner of the boat that won the America's cup the year before, and at that time (no longer) the wealthiest family in Australia.

I left not knowing who she was either, but I saw her the next year at Canyon Ranch (same time, same place) and our friendship grew, and she invited me to her daughter's wedding that spring in England. She has a castle there.

It was a hell of a wedding!

Our friendship grew - she is a famous person who likes normal people - and the next year we took the chunnel to Paris, drove around in her Rolls Royce and stuff that a person like me could never ever imagine. We went all over England.

In '91 I went to Oz, stayed in her house a Sydney (which a cab driver said was impossible because they would never ever allow anyone to do that) went to her house in Perth and partied with the best of them.

The original list I posted was hers. And it was nothing compared to the people she knows. One time I was visiting she went to a party at Elton John's the day after I left. She knows everyone, but only likes some of them.

One of my favorite people ever!


My lie was Rob Lowe. I know Rob Long, - he's my boyfriend from the NR cruises (short story) but I misspelled it and decided it was the perfect foil.

JM Hanes


"The game is a bit pretentious, since it's like name-dropping, but in any case my lie was Milton Friedman."

You're certainly a clever liar! He'd have been my last guess.

As far as the name dropping aspect of the game, I can assure everyone that most of the people on my list are people I've just met, not people I claim to know.

I met Nelson Doubleday because I worked at Doubleday, where they encouraged everyone to think of ourselves as "family" so that they could pay us less. That's where I ran into Bruce Catton, who spent most of an editorial lunch trying to put his hand on my leg underneath the table. I later wondered if that's why I got invited along by my boss. I fetched Rose Kennedy a glass of water in the lady's retiring room at a grand hoopla over her book publication. Sir Georg Solti I met back stage at a concert in Spartanburg, SC where he was gracious enough to "receive" post concert admirers. I was more dazzled by his baton work than the music itself, which I can't remember, and said something stupid to that effect. I was seated next to Vernon Jordan at the dinner opening of a regional art institution's new digs, and the first or second question he asked me was what country club we belonged to. I'm not sure which particular demographic he was testing for, but my interest in knowing anything more about him quickly evaporated.

In any case, I wish I had more interesting stories to share, but I do enjoy hearing about the folks other people have met (and not met!). It makes for a somewhat refreshing change from all the dead and dying stats.


Agree about Mozart.
Usually in May the Cleveland Orchestra has an all Mozart program which my husband and I faithfully attend.
Sadly this year we will sadly miss it.
I thought Loretta Lynch was the lie in your list.
MLK is my guess onSteph’s list.
My list:
Ted Danson
Milton Berle
Timothy Busfield
Josh Gad
John Kasich
Meghan McCain
Sarah Palin
Mike DeWine
George Bush
George Voinovich


EXCLUSIVE: Despite China Coronavirus Crisis – Current Trump Economy Still Better that What He Inherited and Way Better than Obama At Same Respective Time Period



Jim SC @ 1132a

" Forecast says nearly continuous rain all day. Good luck, kk and other northern Californians"

We need it! I welcome it.

Today's Mrs. Kid's 56th bday and my Dad's 88th. the rainy day menu: chicken breast chimchurri marinade and pan-seared in siracha aoli; flaked and served over bed of quinoa fresh raw sauerkraut (not pickled); sweet kale mediterranean salad with balsamic glaze/ sesame dressing; death by chocolate cake baked and iced by our artisan gal pal; fizzy fresh lemonade; entertainment: "Boondock Saints" marathon.


Great news from Gateway Pundit.




"The game is a bit pretentious

Oh please! Anything to change the mood! And frankly I find it very interesting, not the least bit pretentious. We all have precious moments.

JM Hanes

Happy Birthdays to the KKid clan!

Mostly sunny here, so I'm off to do more yard work. I will try not to think about your chocolate cake.



Both Mrs. Buckeye and I have “family” that had lots of castles in Great Britain.

Sucks that there were very few first borns:)

We will have to pay like everyone else when we visit them:)


Jane, most of us here know each other as friends. We know a good deal about each other and share similar values for the most part.
It is EXTREMELY interesting to hear things about each other that we never knew before. This has been fun. I WISH, I could have met JOHN PAUL II, and JAMES PAUL McCartney the first. McCartney signed a strum guard for a RICKENBACKER guitar and sent it back to me from England with the money I included for postage.

Jack Lillywhite

My loser is Clarence Thomas but I do know his wife.

I am replacing Justice Thomas with my old boss, George Schultz. Just at Sip ‘N Soda in Southampton I met Kurt Vonnegut, Sander Vanocer, and K. T. McFarland. All sitting at the counter having breakfast.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Not MLK Maryrose I revealed that it was Hal Needham.


Sorry. Jane, it’s just me. I’m a bit self-conscious about name-dropping.


I think this has been posted already but it reinforces Dr Shiva's contention that the progs want to quarantine everyone unless you've been vaccinated.

In a new interview, Bill Gates authoritatively states that mass public gatherings will not come back "at all" until we have mass vaccination. Who made him king of the world? https://cbsnews.com/video/extended



Kurt Vonnegut is a cool one. Hell so is Sander Vanocer and Ms McFarland. You've lived an interesting life Jack.


Thanks a million, JMH! Will save you a slice. >:0


Sorry. Jane, it’s just me. I’m a bit self-conscious about name-dropping.

Hell jimmyk. When I’m dropping names, I drop yours:)

But if I’m trying to charm a southern belle, I drop Beast’s:)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Forecast says nearly continuous rain all day.
Good luck, kk and other northern Californians--

Bring it on. Could use about ten more just like it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I worked at Doubleday, where they encouraged everyone to think of ourselves as "family" so that they could pay us less. --

OK, that is funny.

--I was seated next to Vernon Jordan at the dinner opening of a regional art institution's new digs, and the first or second question he asked me was what country club we belonged to. I'm not sure which particular demographic he was testing for, but my interest in knowing anything more about him quickly evaporated.--

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to resist saying "One that doesn't allow negroes" just to piss him off. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

New thread


I drop Jimmy's name too Buckeye. What a weirdo!

New thread/


I instinctively shun celebrities, including one night out with my brother when we realized we were sitting next to John McEnroe at the bar. I couldn't have cared less, but he and my bro struck up a conversation and ended up cracking jokes for the rest of the evening. In fact, I think they went out for dinner with their wives the next week.

Manuel Transmission

I’ll have to think a bit about the many folks we’ve met at elbow rubbing gatherings, but the two that stick out for their serendipity (and which I’ve prolly told before) are: 1) Elliott Gould who walked up to me and struck up a conversation at LAX. It was mid 90s and I was returning from one of my earlier trips to China. I had cleared customs and was waiting for my flight back to Cowlumbus. The attraction was a dragon walking stick I had hung over the handle of my luggage cart. He spotted that from the adjacent room and came over. After telling him how I acquired it (in a very remote part of southern China in a near aboriginal village), he brought up William Holden and waxed on for a bit on how Bill had a thing about China and spent a lot of time there. EG was at the airport waiting for his son who was arriving for some relatively nearby location as I recall.

2) Returning from another trip from China, this time by way of CYVR and a bus to Bellingham where I was waiting to be picked up in a helo by a friend, I’m waiting in the tiny FBO building about a block from the main terminal all by myself and in walks Bill and Melinda and their two younger kids. They take up a couple seats in the opposite corner of this tiny area about 8 ft away. I’m positioned to look out the window for my ride which is also looking directly at them. So this turns into me being at the zoo watching rare exotic animals, but without the intervening glass. It proved everything I already despised about them. Bill couldn’t give a shit about the kids. Kept his nose in a book. Mama exerted minimal effort keeping them busy. The kids maybe 8 and 5 had a blank fog like stare as though there was nothing humming inside. I think one might have had a coloring book, but the overall signal was these two little ones were doomed to be useless little rich drones. And of course, never any acknowledgement that I was sitting there during the 30-40 minutes they were there.

Ralph L

I won't say met, but I sat just in front or behind Newt, Rita Braver with the Totebag, and Connie from CSPAN at the Kennedy Center. Rode its elevator with Lloyd Cutler. My parents chatted with Michael Landon there but didn't know who he was, despite hints about acting and photography.



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