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April 10, 2020


Jack Lillywhite

An anesthesiologist is a more important edict than you think. I have had two of them correct a back issue and a knee issue without ever going under, Anonamom can explain how that might happen but they are not ether sales men.

Jack Lillywhite

...edict s/b medico....


You know what I ABSOLUTELY LOVE here at JOM.

I can read the first ten words of a post, and realize it's STEPHANIE. I LOVE THAT. ALWAYS GOOD STUFF STEPH..



Not saying Pemce wouldn't back up opening things up again.

I am just saying that if the two docs came to him with tales of doom early on, he might have been swayed because of their professional reputations.

However, given how things have NOT followed the models, he is not going to go along with them forever, and a good group of people that President Trump will call in on Tuesday would probably convince him.


Ack! Should be "Pence"!


Just my 2 cents. Does anybody know anything about this guy.....

Credentialed libtard.


Jack, my ether salesman got caught and sent to prison. Can you recommend one???



Who are you talking about?


Happy Birthday Steph, thanks for the laughs!

nite all

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I thought Tambora caused the Year Without a Summer.


boatbuilder, the Joe Rogan show I heard him on was back on was on March 10 according to Google. So maybe he's had a change of heart?


Well, Gus, that would explain why my lovely bride is listening to his podcast. But Osterholm is apparently a credentialed libtard making the argument that perhaps shutting the country down might not be such a good thing. Trump needs political cover here.



I think GUS is referring to Michael Osterholm, the guy that boatbuilder was asking about. Same guy in my last couple of comments.

If Osterholm did get out and say we need to get back to work, it would be fun to watch the reaction of the gal on FB I argued about him with. A former good friend and current Trump hater/doom porn addict. She is really the worst. And a born virtue signaler to boot.


Hes worked with tommy thompsin at hhs and with dhs since 2003, iff and on.



— Dan Scavino (@DanScavino) April 11, 2020

Video at link, showing a business in Connecticut touring the state with large, patriotic "thank you" signs and flags.


Lots of people are saying different things now.
The MEDIA can't even say that WHO and FAUCI were utter FUCK UPS, but a lot of people are jumping on that bandwagon too. No offense to you nor your wife BOAT.



Thanks. I don't know if he would be influential enough to give Trump cover.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I love Steph's jokes too :) :)


One more before I go.



Pretty late, but many happy returns of the day, Steph, and keep those jokes coming. Hi, Beester, and welcome. I only know Donald Pleasance as the most benign figure imaginable as Mr. Harding in the BBC version of Barchester Towers--sorry to learn his career was full of evil figurations!

Jack, those pelicans--in the summer, when my family is in Daytona Shores, they come of course in droves to the south to the bird sanctuary. Our challenge is to name all of them with "P" names--Percy, Penelope, Paul--and if we totally fail in invention, names starting with "P" but unsounded are ok, like Ptolemy. Seagulls require names starting with "S," of course. You have to think quickly!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Heh. I binged "The Year Without a Summer" and the first several selections were The Year Without a Summer;
1815 [Tambora]
1883 {Krakatoa]

I think One of the Years Without a Summer is a better title.


OH, plus the year without a summer was Mount Tambora, in Indonesia. It was truly a world-scale disaster, however: vwry diminished crops and famine.




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I only know Donald Pleasance as the most benign figure imaginable as Mr. Harding in the BBC version of Barchester Towers--sorry to learn his career was full of evil figurations!--

He was spectacularly evil in a very underrated and underappreciated Chuck Heston flick, Will Penny.



From down in the comments on your last link, I found this one:


Another one I would like to see hauled in in cuffs.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

1783 was the Iceland one.
The 1881 was probaly just a North American one. It's the one Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about and just sounds like a hard winter.
Sounds similar to the 1904 one though the former was extremely snowy and the latter extremely cold.



Sounds like a guy who likes the sound of his own voice, and is looking forward to selling some more books.

But he also seems to have the chops, and to be willing to say that this is really bad for fat old people who smoke and that it's not bad at all for healthy people under 50, and that we can't shut down the economy, and that a whole lot of what we are doing is wrong and counterproductive.

If the MSM is willing to put him on as a Trump critic, he might get heard. Instead we get Fauci and Brix, who say we shouldn't do anything until we know everything and the coast is clear.

Of course the MSM would undoubtedly paint him as a quack, charlatan and hustler. But at this point, as Trump said when Fauci tried to stomp on the chloroquine hope--"What do you have to lose?"



No cause of death announced, yet.


Of course the MSM would undoubtedly paint him as a quack, charlatan and hustler.

Given Osterholm's impeccable lib credentials and MN provenance, this would be pretty hard to do. I think he could make a difference if he's willing.

Despite the Twittertards making the loudest fuss, there are a lot of liberals who own businesses who want to get back to work who might very well be quietly praying for a way out of this mess even if it gets Trump re-elected.


Tambora is the big'un.

Kratotoa is a piker in comparison.


I only know Donald Pleasance as the most benign figure imaginable as Mr. Harding in the BBC version of Barchester Towers--sorry to learn his career was full of evil figurations!

Oh wow, I need to watch that. Speaking of Trollope, Catsmeat, during the threads with the birth stories, I mentioned that I was reading Doctor Thorne while in the hospital in labor with my third. I was inspired by my mom doing the same thing with Hard Times by Dickens 40 years earlier.

I loved Donald Pleasance as "The Forger" in The Great Escape. But Mr Porch remembers him most as the doctor in the Halloween movies.



That is a good point.

Restaurant owners, bar owners, art galleries, interior designers, real estate agents, boutiques, hairdressers, nail salons, etc. etc.

I could probably think of a whole lot more, but those I listed would probably almost all fall under your description.


KraKotoa was the "year without summer" early 1800's???

Tambora was bad too.

Toba was the one that nearly wiped out early humans.


If anyone followed Imperator Rex on Twitter, he is back as @rexxurection .

He was as good as Wictor on digging out obscure clues and figuring out a motive.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Trump calls guy up says 'hey wanna have some input on coroney-coroney for the good of the country?'
Guy says; 'yes'.
Trump says; 'Hey press you seen this guy? Frickin hates my guts. Sad.'
Press makes him hero.
Next day he's on the stage with Trump.

How much would Rick Wilson charge for that advice?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Vice versa bub.
Tambora 1815. At least 4 times as big as Krakatoa. Plus it occurred when a few other significant eruptions had, during the Maunder minimum and at the end of the Little Ice Age. A perfect storm you might say.

Toba was the one even bigger than Yellowstone.


Given Osterholm's impeccable lib credentials and MN provenance, this would be pretty hard to do.

They have no shame and a huge audience. Porch. Far better men have been trashed for taking their mantra of "speaking truth to power" seriously.

I do agree that there are a lot of liberals who want the country to get back to work again even if it means Trump gets elected. My lovely bride for one, who doesn't own a small business but knows lots of people who do and are really getting screwed by this.

Off to bed. Good Night.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki



Aw, hell...

I though I turned this off. Help!


Thanks, Iggy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If you want to talk about big volcanic events look up the Deccan and Siberian traps.
MT, lyle and glasater had a smaller version up in their neck o the woods.

Where is glasater anyway?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My pleasure, BB.
Sounds like you have one of the last sane libs for a wife.


Rick ain't that smart, Iggy.


boatbuilder, I know they have no shame so they will certainly try. But it won't be very convincing. The tide is turning I think. Your lovely bride is an example of that.

Good night and it's been nice chatting.


A denebiam slime devil is smarter than wilson, breshears is another who seems to hum der kommisar.


Somebody posted this on Twitter and it's always been a favorite of mine: "I Got a Name" by Jim Croce.



The great novel The Twenty-One Balloons was based on the Krakatoa eruption of 1883.


Iggy, the Deccan Traps is a similar event and well worth a wikipedia excursion.

La Garita is worth the effort aalso.


While we were looking the other way a iranian back iraqi spy chief became prime minister designate


Thank you Beester....truly POWERFUL message!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That is one cute dog, Cindy.

Incidentally my best pal is from the Wheatland area. Played football for old WU or UW or whatever.
His brother still has the family ranch in the mountains there. He's the guy that had Antonin Scalia and Elena Kagan out for an elk and pronghorn hunt.


Heading to bed.



Kate is the new Karen:

If residents need to report large gatherings at city parks they can call the @PhoenixPolice non-emergency line: 602-262-6151. #StayHome  #SaveLives (END)



Wheatland? I looked at two separate places in Platte County. One off Fish Creek Road and one closer to town. I settled on Tennessee instead. Tennessee looks pretty good to me.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Daughter called to say her roommate told her that visits to family members will no longer be allowed in CA.
As noted this afternoon, nearby tennis and basketball courts are now chained shut.
While driving this evening my wife and I saw a mobile lighted sign "Stay Home!" near an intersection.
There was an empty police car parked next to it. I guess they're "sending a message"? That was weird.

Sure, a few anecdotes doesn't prove the state is transitioning to dictatorship without an election but ... let's all keep eyes open.

jim nj


Makes sense as, "Officials have reported that 262 of 375 of the state's long-term care facilities have had at least one case of coronavirus, with reports of multiple deaths at some homes."

Bergen County, NJ, has 7,180 Covid-19 cases, Teaneck, the original hot-spot, still leads with 540 cases, Hackensack, my city, is 2nd with 509.

I'm sorry to hear that somebody got their first case in their county, but some of us have been living with this for weeks.

The Governor, at today's news conference, showed a heat-map that showed Bergen was 1 of 2 counties turning the lightest pink, whereas earlier in the week we were the flamingest red in the state.

I go out every other day for beer and cigarettes. The last two times, helicopters were landing atop the Hackensack Medical Center. I've heard a few others go overhead while at home. It's the largest hospital in the county so I assume the patients are inbound.


All you need to know about The Passion of the Christ is that the last round of California wildfires that cleaned out Alyssa Milano completely went around Mel Gibson’s house.

jim nj


Verrrry long, but interesting.


I lurk a lot. Have. Barely posted before and that was ages ago.. I am very worried about the economic state of the country. Personally this damn virus has two kids home from college and husband home on furlough. I own a small hardware store with one of my brothers It is very weird out there! I am now the primary bread earner and person who shops out of the house. My customers are pretty normal but working a full day gives you run ins with many strange rangers and nervous people. Also totally clueless people. I thank God every day I have this business. We are busy now as most people stuck at home are working on home improvement. In Mass our crazy gov has stated he will begin tracing people soon - scary. No talk about an end time. I am not wearing a mask,but started sewing a bunch as I fear that will be the next rule - No going anywhere without wearing a mask. I ordered take out fish and chips tonight. Thought I was in The Hunger Games picking up food. All people in masks waiting in parking lot until called. No one smiling or making eye contact. We are a seasonal town. My guess is we have 40,000 people here as some have come to stay in second houses out of the city. I think the total cases in town are 88? WTF. People are losing it. Since it’s Good Friday, and way back when I taught ccd (and I am a lapsed Catholic) I think I recall that Pentecost is 40 days after Easter? Perhaps that’s the end of this nonsense nationwide. I like to be positive but it hard. And as I am posting at 2am you can see that I can’t sleep. Thanks for reading this and for always having interesting chats on jom. (God I hope I don’t sound like a crazy lady!).

jim nj

Worldometers look see

Total US cases 502,876, new cases 33,981, %change 6.7%, deaths 18,747, recovered 27,314.

NY % of all cases 34.2%, NJ 10.8%. NY down .2%.

Anecdotal reports suggest to me that the people we thought might die are dying. Protecting the most vulnerable has been a greater challenge than anticipated. We locked down long term care facilities quickly once the risk was clear.

Some of those facilities may have had lax controls, but with sneaky asymptomatic cases, even a well-guarded facility could be compromised.

If you can't tighten the perimeter, maybe some prophylactics should be dispensed to the patients regularly. Some vitamins perhaps, maybe even the deadly Hyroxycloroquine weekly.

In any event, I don't think we have been surprised with a new class of previously unknown susceptibles.

date total cases mew cases %change
4/7 400,540 32,911 +8,9%
4/8 435,160 34,620 +8.6%
4/9 468,895 33,735 +7.7%
4/10 502,876 33,981 +6.7%

I'm not going to say that's a plateau, but it looks like one. If it is a plateau, it's still a high one. Then the question becomes is it qualitatively different from the earlier testing.

I think it is, or soon will be, and then the hospitalization rates, ICU rates and ventilator rates will go down as presumably milder cases, caught earlier, move through the system.

Maybe I'm being optimistic.

jim nj


Hi. Welcome. Thanks for posting. You sound more than sane to me.

My sister lives in Peabody.

You'll probably see the NJ-style regulations imposed soon. I think they're stupid, but manageable.

A mask or face-covering is required to enter an open business. Some people don't comply fully. I just wear a scarf. Most businesses have put up plexiglass screens in between the clerks and the shoppers and put social distancing lines at the check-out registers.

Just use common sense. If Lowe's and Home Depot haven't killed you you will survive this. Wear a mask and gloves in the store. And the other stuff they urge you to do.

jim nj


"Expert: "One of the reasons why the 1917-1918 Spanish flu struck down so many in the prime of life was that it tore through military barracks. If the Revolutionary Guards are at the forefront of the Iranian fight against COVID-19, it is unlikely they will retain pre-COVID-19 readiness."

This makes sense. I suspect that many holes are being torn in the Iranian hierarchy.

jim nj


Another report says we have placed a 10 million bounty on the head of Iraqi Katib Hezbollah.

There's an SOF team hunting him. A drone or warplane on the ready line waiting to take off to attack him.

Who's gonna want to take a meeting with this guy now?


And as I am posting at 2am you can see that I can’t sleep.

Join the club! And welcome. Reports from the real world contribute enormously to the value of the JOM reading experience. Hardwares are my very favorite stores--always have been. My Uncle Steve owned one, and my dad worked for him as a teen. Many a Saturday's errands with my dad involved a stop there.

The problem here is that the job has you exposed to aerosolized pharyngeal secretions up the wazoo (all these years! who knew?? who cared??) and it's pollen season too---you wake up at 3 am with a stuffy nose, and can't help but think "Damn!" and then not be able to fall back asleep, even after running htrough the prayer list. ;-)
Because you saw the risk stratification article for ICU docs, and you get THREE points just for being over 60!

It's not that much sooner than when I get up on work days--so here I am.

One of neo's commenters posted a decent clinical account of wha this illness was like for her and her husband, if you are needing an impetus to keep washing those hands:

jim nj


Salena Zito


This is what we like to call “Big Think”:

USA to its own soldiers: Make your own mask.

USA to Israeli soldiers: Here's 1 million masks; please let us know if we can get you anything else during this pandemic.


jim nj


This Man Owns The World's Most Advanced Private Air Force After Buying 46 F/A-18 Hornets
We talked to the owner of Air USA about probably the most incredible private aircraft purchase of all time and the future of his adversary business.

Fascinating story.


quarantine is just drinking coffee until it’s a reasonable time for alcohol


jim nj



Curious if people in the rushed COVID19 vaccine trials were informed that this may be the most dangerous vaccine ever attempted. Previous animal studies revealed “Antibody Immune Enhancement”, meaning they could potentially die once exposed to the virus.



Previous animal studies revealed “Antibody Immune Enhancement”

Documentation for that statement, please.
Not finding any in my search.

Being in a Tweet from an antivaxxer doesn't hold much weight.


PS pin--I have long had some major concerns re: vaccines, btw.

Found one about the POSSIBILTY---nothing supporting that it HAS happened.



This sign was held by deathscorts at the Huntsville abortion mill today: “empty tomb, empty womb, happy Easter”. They think killing babies is funny. #NotAVictim #ProLife #ProChoice


Captain Hate

Some but not all - it is so dense. We had a good prof for that class. But still I had to wade through it at age 20 with significantly less knowledge about everything in the world than I have now. It's a wonder I understood anything at all.

You should pick up the 50th anniversary edition and reread it. First of all it explains everything; well almost everything because Bulgakov was pretty nutty at times and educated guesswork was needed to figure out what he was getting at. Plus even though this was an off the record book he still had to express things in ways that wouldn't lead to the Georgian gimp sending him on a permanent Siberian vacation if ever discovered. Second, as Nabokov says you don't really read a book until you reread it and I've found that to be perhaps the most valid statement as a guide to appreciating literature.

I usually spend each day with very little sleep but every now and then it catches up with me and I crash much earlier than normal. That was last night and now I'm fully recharged.

Teddy is five years old today.

Captain Hate

Composer Krzysztof Penderecki died on March, 29th at the age of 86 in Krakow. He wrote this "Actions for a Free Jazz Orchestra" in 1971 and it was recently redone with almost identical instrumentation


Captain Hate

One of Ohio's "essential business" is that of printing, packaging and distributing scratch off lotto tickets while small business, restaurants close and the box stores limit the number of people inside. This is insane.
Posted by: Horus Hearsay at April 11, 2020 06:16 AM (DB16e)

Anyone who plays the lottery supports the derp state.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Best wishes to ccgirl, her family and business.

Robin, eff 'em all

ccgirl, the behavior of folks at the take out is what we're seeing here in Ithaca (where we are apparently importing COVID patients from the NYC area, despite the empty ICU's in Javits). I walked into Wegmans yesterday with my mask around my neck, and a woman my age with a mask on got this terrified look, pulled her collar up around her mask and turned away as she passed me. Part of opening the economy back up is going to be turning the fear factor down by a magnitude.

But then, Neo's commenter's story of her husband's battle certainly demonstrates that it's a roulette wheel as to which healthy body develops the cytokine storm. It sounds like they didn't start him with the hydroxychloroquine cocktail, but tried that later when the zinc/z-pak wasn't working. Does she live in one of the states where the governors have stepped on doctors' freedom to proscribe hydroxychloroquine?

I don't know. I'm washing hands, mostly staying home, and wearing a mask when shopping. I desperately want/need the economy to open up. My husband's company has mandated that all salary employees currently working from home use one personal day a week. We don't quite understand how that saves the company money (we still have the same income), but clearly they are conserving resources.

We need to get back to work.


Good Morning! Happy Birthday to Teddy! Scout was nine yesterday,he received a very cute e-card from the vet in Maine. He really needs to be groomed. At this point,I'm going to wait until I can bring him to the groomer in Maine.
I'm looking forward to Trump's plan to reopen the economy. it needs to happen soon.


“ I do agree that there are a lot of liberals who want the country to get back to work again even if it means Trump gets elected.”

I’m seeing this too, anecdotally. Some clear-thinking liberals (there are some) are starting to question the lockdown orthodoxy. A high school acquaintance asked the question on FB: “Why are Texans, Missourians, and Idahoans wandering around free while we are confined and wearing masks?” I assumed she was complaining about those states, but in fact she is skeptical of the orthodoxy. She’s in San Diego. Of course a bunch of people responded with comments like “Because they [sic] stupid.” But there were several who responded intelligently, though inserting the requisite derisive comment about Trump. One linked this piece from Forbes that is quite interesting:


It’s not just about Sweden. It’s about how fear of the virus appears unrelated geographically to the actual risk.


Captain Hate,

Maggie is eleven. I have the sad duty to have her put down in the next few days. Between her arthritis and a fatty tumor at the base of her tail she is unable to keep herself clean any more and I don't want to let her get to the point where she has to deal with summer heat, insects, etc.

The vet I always used won't take her because I haven't been there in a few years so I am going to call the place near us next week and see if they will do it.

Robin, eff 'em all

What is President Trump's leverage with states to reopen the economy. The carrots are fed bailouts, the sticks being tax incentives to businesses to move to less oppressive states?

Also, I've now had three conversations with parents of high school seniors who said they will not be paying for their college freshman to sit at home and do online classes. I hope they are relaying that to college administrators.

Art in Newport

ccgirl, jom is built on people of good sense and real-world experience. You fit right in.

Robin, eff 'em all

That Forbes article was very interesting. Think I'll share it on FB and see how the lefties respond.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Like The Beach Boys song: "I Get Around", the virus gets around.
Or the test had a false positive?

A 15-year-old male from a remote indigenous tribe in the Amazon rainforest has tested positive for the coronavirus, Brazilian health officials said.

As of Friday, the teen from the Yanomami tribe remains in the ICU at a hospital in Roraima state, Insider.com reported, citing the O Globo newspaper.

Health Minister Luiz Henrique Mandetta was quoted saying that the case is “worrying” considering the tribe’s isolation from the outside world

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

I'll assume hoyden is sleeping in ...




Well, I learned one thing from this article. The Bubonic Plague, aka the Black Death, originated in China and traveled along the Silk Road, arriving in Italy about 80 years after Marco Polo returned from the East.

Captain Hate

I'm sorry you have to do that, Miss Marple, but it's an act of kindness and love to have her leave her pain surrounded by her family.


Clip of Krakatoa going up:

#Indonesia: The #Krakatoa volcano erupted, spewing out plumes of ash that rose several kilometers in the sky as people heard the rumbles up to 150 km in Jakarta.



Happy Birthday Teddy!

Give him an extra treat for me CH:)


Hang in there MM.

Robin, eff 'em all

Oh MM, I'm so sorry.


Sorry to hear that miss marple.


Miss Marple, I share in your grief over Maggie. I didn't get a chance to state this earlier but there is a dog named Maggie in my family as well. My brother and his wife have a dog Maggie, who is a therapy dog trained to comfort the dying in hospitals and hospices.


Miss Marple, I would also like to state that I enjoyed that movie Krakatoa Katie that you posted last night around 9;35. However, I think that it was completely fake, and that parts of it may have been photoshopped. Mice do not fly and it seems unlikely that a flying mouse could take his own contrails and tie a knot around an erupting volcano and cause the eruption to stop. Fake news.


Sorry for your ordeal, MM.


Thanks guys. I know it is an act of kindness, but it's something I have to face.

I haven't posted as much lately, and that is why. I have been spending time with her and screwing up my courage to call the vet.

Then when I DID call the vet I had used, they wouldn't take her. I feel like putting a sign in front of their office.

James D.

Part of opening the economy back up is going to be turning the fear factor down by a magnitude.

God luck on that. We’ve had a month of being told by every media source, every political leader and every pop culture outlet that every single person we see is a lethal threat to us just by virtue of being less than six feet away from us.

That’s not going to just switch off easily, and it’s going to have a big impact on how people relate to one another, and how willing they are to go back into the world with other people around once things do begin to restart.



You brought a smile to my face with your review. LOL!

James D.

MM, I am so sorry about Maggie.

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