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April 28, 2020



Thanks MM! Some days I am fine. Today is very challenging. My son is writing letters to the governor and locals. One selectman was very active in his Scouting, and he’s so disappointed that that man thinks we should wear masks for one year. Anyway, my family near and far is in great shape. My husband is making his minimum pay now with health insurance. Kids home from college are pitching in around the house. My business is good. It will always be steady.

I feel for all who are at risk of this virus. But when I read the MA details it’s seriously sobering. Almost all are nursing home aged with pre-existing conditions. We should be protecting this group, letting others go mask free, and end this FEAR. The fear in my town is ridiculous. I’m sorry to say that I do not see an upside. I’m a huge “orange man” fan. But I do think he needs to move away from these “experts.” No matter what he does he will be condemned in the press and all the useful idiots. He is a very strong man, and he is threading a political needle, but I’m afraid the time for threading the needle is running short.

My wholesaler gives updates on product. Virtually everything that is not already in their warehouses is in supply. Pretty much all else - well let’s hope the boosted up production lines will make up for the shortages. In my opinion we are headed towards lots of shortages due to the supply chain from China as well as what has been bought up from the state and fed govt first. The regular people are at the bottom of the necessities list.

Am I sounding pessimistic? Yes I am. When I shake paint on my old unreliable paint shaker, instead of counting how long to shake I pray.

I hate to post this, but I truly worry about the state of these amazing United States of America. Are we united? No. Are we independent? No.



This discusses the success of the Trump campaign's digital outreach.


Ext: "Ok, so obviously a lot of suspicion over the U.S. lockdowns, but why have so many other countries done it? " ( And so on)

OK. I will tentatively move from "Socialism without an election" to "complete lack of wisdom"

But I'm hanging by my fingernails ....

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

CNN Report On Tara Reade; A Respectful Minute Of Silence

“There’s nothing more respectful than a minute of silence,” said Bob CNN, CNN’s CEO and founder. “I can’t think of a better way to handle such a serious allegation, and I think nothing more can be said -- beyond the nothing already said.”

Ralph L

What a great pile of carp appeared after the Blue Angel tweet.

Another Bob

Apparently Sidney Powell has been shadowbanned.




I am not alone here, as there are others on this site my age. I have lived through the Cold War, the Parition of Berlin, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and no doubt a lot of other crises I have forgotten. We will make it through this, too.

We have the best president we could have for this time. He's pretty smart and isn't easily fooled. We will make it through. Hang in there.

jim nj


The Greene County, NY, Historical Society has a bunch of those old "obituary" scrapbooks. Volunteers indexed them all on to 3x5 cards for genealogical research.

Many years ago it was a common pastime for people to collect birth, death, marriage and significant event news from the local papers and paste them into scrapbooks.


Argh. I had an epic post which was mostly deleted by Typepad. Anyway I know I and my family are blessed as we are not too affected (may have the wrong one there but forgive me), but all these govt peeps should take a loss in pay for at least one week. Then it would end. My previous post started with “Thanks MM!”


So annoying that it all posted and I could not proofread it. Now I get the grapes about T pad. Anyway signing out. Take care all!


but why have so many other countries done it?

We could make a long list of ill-advised or even downright evil things that "so many countries [have] done."

Just in the economic sphere: Progressive taxes, minimum wages, activist central banks with paper money, rent controls.

The argument would be that human nature, and the problem of letting a small number of people govern, hoping to maintain rule of law, qui custodiet ipsos custodes--these are universal. The US has done better than most, but we're still subject to the same laws of human and political behavior.



there are others on this site my age.

I'd guess that a preponderance of the posters here are your age, give or take, or older. That is true particularly for those who post frequently.

FWIW, the delightful and charming MrsJ will turn 70 in a about two months months. I am younger.


Grapes! You know I meant gripes. TY MM. Just a bad day and too much pessimism. Thanks and now, Good Night! 😴


Ig, if that wasn’t so sad to read, it’d be frickin’ hysterical.


Another Bob,

Thanks for letting me know about Sidney Powell being shadowbanned.

Here is the link to her page:




Someone on facebook took this picture of the storm that went thru our little community.


Seven minutes of Scalia on American exceptionalism

Dave (in MA)
I have lived through the Cold War, the Parition of Berlin, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War, and no doubt a lot of other crises I have forgotten.
The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

I raise you the star wars christmas special, were they all on drugs probably.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

You forgot Sharknado 1 - 5, Babs Streisand, Yoko Ono, Menudo and Tiny Tim.


Dave, Narciso,

You guys gave me a good laugh before I went to bed. HA!


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Never mind. Narc wins hands down.


Love it when ccgirl stops by.
A unique environment different from most of us and she writes from the heart


And runner up, kiss goes to the haunted roller coaster of something


I cannot post pictures correctly. Hopefully, this is a pic of downtown Tulsa as the storm went south of city center.


jim nj

Gov. Murphy is a freaking wuss. He just appointed a 21 member Restart and Recovery Commission.


Asked if he had any plans to re-open parks and golf courses he said "maybe."



They wont on what to order for lunch.


You tell me there was anyone sober on set


Dave (in MA)

Well, there you have it:

Dan Rather@DanRather·
No person should be above the law, or wearing a mask.
No person should be above the law.
No person should be wearing a mask.


a 21 member Restart and Recovery Commission.

Built-in delay machine. Probably can't even find a time when they can all meet for at least a week. Then they spend two meetings deciding on how to make decisions. Or maybe deciding how to decide how to make decisions.

Captain Hate

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special

The Chevy Chase Show


Well that was an extended trip on the hell mouth, whereas the previous version well take a gander


Chevy chase was funny once upon a time, fletch and may be seems like old times


Time magazine aka luces regret had napoleon dewine in the questions no one really wanted an answer to.


Which is sad because after what he did with the chicken (as the horde might put it) the least they could have done was a self indulgent feature


Al Capone’s Vault Special


Well that sound and fury aignifying nothing told by geraldo.


Though jimmyk already mentioned the CV-19 death count for today, I'll add a few details. The Covid Tracking Project has 2198; way up from yesterday's 1163. However, as everyone should know by now, Tuesday's count includes many deaths not reported over the weekend (and not included in the Monday count).

Probably a more meaningful value is the weekly death count. Today it's 12054, which is substantially lower than yesterday's 12414. For the last week, the counts have been: 13944, 13663, 13466, 13512, 12940, 12414, and 12054. If tomorrow's daily count is less than 1982, the weekly count will drop below 12000 for the first time since April 10th.


Speaking of celebrities locked down at home feeling it's like being in prison Mrs Kid received this from a very disgusted friend via Instagram:

"Right now in prison someone's anus is being traded for a Little Debbie snack cake- so, no, being locked down at home is not like being in prison."

jim nj



Yez certain metaphors should not be attempted.


Who knew that Politico was the new Hard R Superstar?



Marc caputo came from my mclatchy fishwrap


Home Repo getting some high impact "brand exposure.


Im glad i blocked it out, my first info about starwars was the no 1 issue that leads up to the ambush of luke by sand people





Like beto in attack squirrek mode.


jim nj

A feel good story


UK 99 year-old WWII veteran

jim nj


Andrew McCarthy

jim nj

worldometer look see

Total US cases 1,035,765, new cases 25,258, %change +2.4%, new tests 202,233, %positive 12.4%, deaths 59,266, recovered 142,238.

NY still mildly trending down, NJ stuck in a rut. After weeks of NJ testing at a 50% positive rate, we've finally gotten ahead of the curve and are testing at a 48.5% positive rate.

Forgive my sarcasm, but part of Gov. Murphy's re-opening criteria is to double testing capacity and hire tracers. We should have ramped up testing here much earlier.

date all cases new cases %change tests
4/25 960,896 35,000 +3.7% 5,184,635
4/26 987,322 26,426 +2.7% 5,441,079
4/27 1,010,507 23,185 +2.3% 5,593,495
4/28 1,035,765 25,258 +2.4% 5,795,728

So the Monday (reflecting Sunday) testing numbers did show a dip with 152,416 tests. We bumped up to 202,233 tests Monday over Tuesday. Roughly 50,000 more tests and only roughly 2,000 more positives.

jim nj

I'm getting really frustrated with the official response of NJ. I think Gov. Murphy is working at a sub-optimal level. I don't know whether it's him or his advisors, but I long for the fat man to be back in office. You know who I mean. As in, "miss me yet."

For a very long time NJ was the pharmaceutical capital of the US. Not so much anymore, but to see six states doing more testing than us when we have the second most cases in the US is humbling. And a sign of incompetence.

I'm curious to hear about the results of jimmyk's antibody test. Logic leads me to believe that, if we were doing antibody tests in NJ, that the northern counties, closest to NYC, would show similar rates to the ones published in NY.


Unfortunate name but sums up nicely:

Maybe finally society can now have an honest debate about what’s going on with Covid-19, instead of deferring to the technocrats and discarding our civil rights.

I am *done* deferring and discarding.



Just for the record, I’m not taking anything from Bill Gates that can’t be uninstalled.

jim nj


U.S. Marines Launch Mock Amphibious And Air Assaults On Saudi Islands In The Persian Gulf
The training exercises come amid a new spike in hostility with Iran, which uses its own nearby islands to stage various naval operations.


If you believe in the vaccine for the Coronavirus and you take the vaccine and I don’t believe in it and I don’t take it then what risk am I to you?

This is in reference to statements from Bill Gates and others about COVID-19 “passports”. Not to mention if I get COVID-19 and survive. That’s why I think people are floating the idea that if you get COVID-19 you gain no immunity from getting it again, which is kind of a ludicrous notion in light of other Coronaviruses that cause colds. Why would a vaccine even be possible if this were so? It’s about getting people in lockstep and taking, at best an unnecessary vaccine, and at worst a transhuman alchemical spirit cooking potion.

jim nj

The weather in the NYC area has been depressing for some weeks now. Below average temperatures for over two weeks, lot's of rain and cloudy days.

We're about to break the record for the most consecutive days below normal temperature for April. In two more days, without a day over 70 degrees, we will have had the first April in over 80 years without a day over 70 degrees.

If we get some warm, sunny days soon, the quarantine is going to fail.

jim nj


With that attitude you'll never be able to visit New Zealand.



My attitude isn’t what you call a passport to many places.


Why would known carcinogens, heavy metals, animal cells, & aborted fetal parts be in vaccines?

Because Satan hates God & knows we are made in God’s image.

These Deep State DEMONS are literally trying to destroy our DNA.



I just sort of randomly discovered that the Bush Twins started what I guess you call an NGO health organization. The current CEO has an interesting CV:

Prior to joining GHC, Heather was Vice President at Global Health Strategies, an international advocacy and communications consulting firm. She managed a portfolio of public and private sector clients, including The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Women Deliver and GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines. Heather previously served as a Senior Program Officer at Planned Parenthood Global in Washington D.C. Additionally, she spent time in Ethiopia establishing a youth program for EngenderHealth.


Who would win? Italians vs Jews:

My message to the Jewish community, and all communities, is this simple: the time for warnings has passed. I have instructed the NYPD to proceed immediately to summons or even arrest those who gather in large groups. This is about stopping this disease and saving lives. Period.



I think you go to Hebron

I know a boat you can get on:

He's Mayor Ge Stapo



Donald J. Trump
The only reason the U.S. has reported one million cases of CoronaVirus is that our Testing is sooo much better than any other country in the World. Other countries are way behind us in Testing, and therefore show far fewer cases!


On a lighter note. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2020/04/29/boris-johnsons-partner-carrie-symonds-gives-birth-baby-boy/

It's grocery store day. Will report back later on supplies.







This rings a bell--

On the CNN website this weekend, in one of the most frightening and fanatical articles in an era of fanaticism, Bill Weir, CNN chief climate correspondent, wrote an open letter to his newborn son.

In it, he wrote of his idealized future for America: “completely new forms of power, food, construction, transportation, economics, and politics.”

You cannot get there without a police state.


Oh Hail No:



Pin--please explain the significance of your 3:35.


rse, as enabling a police stare goes... nothing quite like antibody testing / passport to work “chip” implants to make the ad tracking tech mandatory.


Police state.


Politicians and bureaucrats are “managing” the spread of the virus for the “benefit” of society.

Like nursing homes.


Sadly, the Illinois Supreme Court is as corrupt as anything else in Illinois so this will go nowhere.



Buckeye, almost like they have death committees.



With an eye on the state budget.

Old Lurker

Jimmy was confused by my response to testing last night and I think I can clear that up.

But first here are three keepers from overnight publications:






Those 2 doctors have made it into the regular networks.

James D.

Why do we just assume China's numbers are lies?

Because the CCP lies about pretty much everything, all the time.


Sad state of affairs

Enough to make Patrick Henry puke on his shoes.



Pretty sure thr police state is here.


Surveillance or panoptocon state for now.


Claiming tyranny works:



Something is up with meat packing plants. They are becoming a bigger hotspot than retirement homes. (Although how many have symptoms is never disclosed)



I guess social distancing isnt a thing there.


Peasants are revolting



Eloi must remain


Another Bob

Henry, are the meat packing plant workers “out of towners” being put up cheek by jowl in company towns?



I cannot see how this thing doesn't blow sky-high pretty soon.

Another Bob

Click to embiggen?

Italian Trulli .


This is why Gilead was trending:

😷Kyle Bass😷
China’s communist government KNEW there was human-to-human transmission of the Wuhan Virus in early December. They arrested 7 doctors in Wuhan for spreading “malicious gossip” and forced them to recant.Health professionals were being infected in hospitals. #ChinaKNEW

Then...The Wuhan Institute Of Virology applied for a patent on Gilead’s Remdesivir on Jan 21st. A literal attempt to STEAL Gilead’s IP for the world to see. The CCP’s actions in and around the Wuhan Virus 🦠 outbreak have been nothing short of CRIMINAL. #CoronavirusOutbreak



And how to end Brexit?

British Airways jobs cull sends EU bailout Mayday bit.ly/35dKzvg @edwardcropley



A Bob, out of owners? Good question. That is not the case for the ones in my customer base, and they aren’t closed by Kung Flu.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, you know my personal point of view is that this bug like all bugs will expand through the entire herd until it runs out of new hosts; one might change the rate at which that occurs, but once loose in the wild it will spread until it is done. This one was already out and about before we knew it was loose and, blame who one might, that is a fact of life.

Along the way it will inflict a range of damage on the herd. Eventually some in the herd will have been culled, some will have gotten quite sick but recovered, some will have been infected with no noticeable effect, and some will never have been infected at all. Eventually enough of the herd will have been exposed and after that the herd is mostly safe from it.

That as I understand it is the normal course for infections. Each bug puts different percentages of the herd into the buckets defined above.

This one is quite serious for old people, fat people, and people with other serious illnesses - the low hanging fruit that all such bugs go after first. This one goes after them with a vengeance, and doctors have been confused on what treatments work best for the really sick.

But the vast majority of the herd is impacted little or not at all from being infected this time by this particular bug.

Political leaders have four duties:

1. Catch it before it is loose of course. Impossible if it started elsewhere.

2. Protect the vulnerable within reason.

3. Inform the herd of facts and things as it moves through the herd.

4. Keep an eye on the back door so that bad guys do not sneak in to rob the place while the inhabitants are peeking through the front windows.

We have failed in all four of those duties.

I tend to pay the most attention to the last one since I know we are surrounded by a population that yearns for global collectivism and with a nanny to fix everything that hurts. While that has historically been slow to take hold in the US, we have been approaching escape velocity at an accelerating pace, such that the Dennis Prager piece above describes a reality that is upon us right now.

So through that lens, I look at testing thusly:

Swab Tests find live bugs right now.

Antibody tests find tracks of where is has been.

Individuals have an interest in both; and the state has in interest in both.

As an individual, if I am sick I would want my doctor to know why I am sick so he can make me well. Hence the swab test value to me.

To me as an individual, the antibody test is a matter of personal curiosity; if I had it in the past, I can be less careful as I go about life. If I never had it, I might elect to be more careful.

The state has a statistical scientific interest in loosely knowing where the live bug is but only so they can write their papers in the future about how it spread; local leaders might be able to be especially protective of their old and sick if they know they are in an active pocket at that time.

The only thing the state needs to know from the antibody tests is where has it been and how close to herd immunity are we. Since the country is vast, knowing that by region might be useful but not vital.


The state has no legitimate reason to know the exact chemical makeup of my personal body chemistry. They SAY they do, but that is so they can better implement the police state they desire.

That is true for the swab test for my current infection, and it is triply true of knowing whether I, myself, personally had it in the past. That is statistically of interest to scientists studying the herd, but it is of no value tracking ME. But to a Police State, having a permanent record of the complete DNA of every citizen is a wet dream.

One need only look at abuses from recording all phone, text, and emails of the entire population in the last decade.

One need only have to look at the incredible detail the Financial Control Board allowed to be warehoused for each individual citizen and what the state then does with THAT.

And on and on and on.

The State is our enemy right now and in two short months we have opened the gates to all the bad guys.

And that's what I think.

Old Lurker

Jane (and henry): "Pretty sure the police state is here."

Me too. And that is the one thing more than any other that I had hoped Trump would prevent.

Captain Hate

Dictatorship of the experts, OL. Fall in line, it's for the betterment of everyone, comrade.

Old Lurker

Thanks for slogging through my post Cap'n.

You summarize it perfectly.

Captain Hate

Reading The Captive Mind now has been very serendipitous.

Old Lurker

You should write the sequel to it Cap'n. He did Stalin, you can bring it up to date. It still applies.

Another Bob

“Dictatorship of the experts”

And Corruption of the Experts.

Haven’t we had enough examples of “experts” busted just flat lying to not fall in this trap?

Old Lurker

piggedity parently not, A-bob.

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