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April 28, 2020



Hello test.. Is this thing on?


Democrats need to become part of the solution.


Even though they seem to enjoy a bit to munch being part of the problem.


Democrats can go be part of Canada's solution. We don’t need them.


Joan, hope the tornados skip your area. I went to Walgreens yesterday, they had no zinc. TP, paper towels aplenty. Forgot to look for Pepcid. The grocery today had plenty of meats, the aisles were crowded with employees in masks stacking shelves. I now know when the truck gets in. ;)


by going to the kitchen, grabbing a brownie, and maybe drinking a Coke.

Have a beer too while you're at it, Joan.


I have not caught up. My home town just mandated masks when in an essential business in town. Thank the Lord my business is in next town over. The article in the local online paper quoted people calling people without masks “killers.” Apparently no one seemed to take issue with that opinion. Bunch of virtue signaling lemmings who will wreck everything in their power hungry quest to run a nanny state to the extreme. No one objected to it. One person said this is a “good place to start.” I would like to speak up but it’s as though there are no reasonable people out there anymore. I’m thinking I could be physically attacked by one of these loons. Oh, and today Gov Baker extended things until 5/18, but also commented that cases have been dropping on Cape Cod for five days straight. So a new order, five days late, and some hope to keep in in place for a year! 🤯


I usually avoid NR these days but I clicked and...skimmed. This is near the beginning:

The United States and the world have to make a series of difficult decisions, choosing from a menu of bad options that all involve considerable risk. I quipped that this is a time for the grown-ups to make a decision. The metaphorical children in our national debate, the folks who cannot handle nuance or grasp different degrees of risk and who instantly demonize any position that isn’t theirs, ought to be quiet.

Risk to whom? Politicians? As if. Experts? Uh huh. The aged and infirm? Yes, just like they are now. Not more, not less

As to the metaphorical children keeping quiet, good luck with that. The MFM is full of them.


Power just went off. Dark in here. Golf ball-size hail.
The weather says over 50, 60 mph winds, heavy rain. Cracking thunder.

Circulation just south of us. The weather coverage is something. They can give the county road numbers. Lights just came back on. Hope they stay.

Luckily, this thunderstorm warning is till six, this area till 11.

Two super cell areas way south. Hope they go east and not north.

I can't believe I wrote that long post about my shopping trip just when the thread changed.



What is this "Personal Responsibility" that no one speaks of any more?


St. Louis County hiring 'contact tracers' in fight against COVID-19



Joan, glad the lights are back on. I got to the new thread and the skies opened up. Just rain, but we don’t need that right now.


Beats me, Mel. 🤨


Melinda, they should rename it “Karen County.” I lived there1st grade thru high school, plenty of Karens even then.


From Mel’s 6:31:

The department said the job is for people with inquisitive and investigative personalities.

They further added, “and people who like to ask to speak to the manager.”


For example, after left, St Louis County produced Joe Buck and Michael Avenatti.


Scored Pepcid at the local Walgreens!
Between that, hydroxychloroquine, Zpack, zinc and invectrin or whatever it is, i figure I'll make it.





I can't believe I wrote that long post about my shopping trip just when the thread changed.

It's ok, everyone reads the end for a while when there's a new thread. (I don't know why anyone willows.)

At least your beer is still cold.



Do click.


One thing about the mask theatre -- it's been a cool spring here, and I've actually welcomed a nose warmer on a couple of chilly days that we've had. But as soon as we get into hot/sweaty territory, it's going to get ugly!

As I've said before, my husband the radiation safety officer has some expertise in the dangers of improperly used masks (as well as gloves, etc.) Or as he calls them "virus concentrators and spreaders." Once they get wet -- which is all about temperature and humidity -- the physical properties of a mask are very different. Our terrorist governor has ordered starting Friday that everyone must wear masks while off their property. It's hard to see how that can stand up to a legal challenge, especially since N95 masks are rationed, and a "mask" is any dang old thing that you throw together. If I'm sweaty in a mask I will be sure to use my hands to rub the moisture away and then immediately touch all sorts of surfaces wherever I am, and then rub my eyes because my glasses will be fogged up.

The karens are all accusing me of wanting to infect them. The more they harangue me, the more I want to do exactly that.

Old Lurker

Amom other thread.

I have a wife, two daughters, two female dogs. I am so used to being a total fail at communicating, even though I am always right, that I don't even notice anymore.






This is the Obama redux. If he did it, why can't Biden do it? Why are they both hiding their past? Do you care to know?

Ryan Fournier @RyanAFournier
Biden’s Senate records from 1973 to 2009 are inaccessible to the public.

Tara Reade is now calling for the release of these records.

Why are they under seal and what is Joe Biden hiding? 🤔



Lyle, excellent screed at that ace link.

Jack Lillywhite

Still, dark blue sea, cloudless sky and 80F

No virus except someone over on the ether side of the ICW.

Off to bed soon. I drank too much Vodka to nite But worth it.


I'm not quite sure what I've just watched...(Blago and a cow are heavily featured):



Saw the name of this thread and thought I was still on the last one.

matt - deplore me if you must

I think some of these cures may be being promoted by the marketing department.

"Pepcid cures Coronavirus" is a hell of a headline. Next it will be Pepsi. Or snorting Miracle Grow.

We were told several weeks ago that the cases would be peaking about now, so it would seem that is correct. Next they said would come the drop off.So we'll see.

If any of these antibody studies or all are correct, the mortality rate for this is going to go way down. Still bad, but not the Black Plague level we have been terrorized with.

If we do see a plateau at something under 100,000 it would seem to be roughly equal to a bad flu season.

At the cost of the economy?

There will be a lot of questions answered when this settles down.


I thought so too, henry.


What do you suppose Team Red China in Washington DC's back channel response to this was back in July 2019?


Investor media writers were calling this the beginning of a tectonic shift away from Red China in the area of rare earth minerals TO START.

Methinks the pain of this shutdown will work against the Dems and Los Chinos Rojos.

Overreach will produce the opposite of their desired effect. Ask Hillary how Crossfire Hurricane did the same for her grand plan.


Sign zeeeeez papuz St Louis, now known as Schumergrad. Vee have done zeeese, every year now.
It's all for the REICH.




Game over for Orange Man Bad. 😂


TP signing me in and out. Lovely.

Gus, go save my 6:55 for later.



bears fruit 75 years after Operation Paperclip brings its Third Reich "scientists" to the States.

Psyops that engrain into the consciousness of any population to behave in ways contrary to their deepest self-interests.


Here We Go Again

Whenever I see this as a title for a new thread I always hope it will be a Birther topic.


So Flynn's lawyers at Covington and Burling disclosed at least 670,000 documents related to his case, and now they're being directed to search for more after admitting they mistakenly failed to provide many others.

20 years ago I paid a divorce lawyer $400/hour to represent me. (After disclosing my net worth, which interested him greatly.) Every one-minute phone call was billed at the minimum 15 minutes: $100. Emails too. Court appearances or submissions were much more costly. The bills were quickly racked up until I and the ex-missus realized we were being bled and decided on our own settlement. So that's my frame of reference on this stuff.

Surely Flynn's "white shoe" leeches were more expensive than mine. $1,000/hour?

If each "document" (emails, attachments, phone call transcriptions, etc.) was only a simple $250 item, $250 x 670,000 = $165M!

Even if they gave him a 90% discount, these dirtbags should probably be hanging by their toenails.


Saw it Mel. The END IS NEAR...........



How much cash is it going to take to buy off Tara Reade and make her go away? Couple mil?


It's hysterical.


Thanks for the Massie link, Mel. His Twitter is on fire, IMO.

Todd McMurtry’s Twitter has all but dried up since Liz Cheney called him a racist.

Thomas Massie
“Stimulus Checks Sent to Dead Relatives Should Be Returned, Mnuchin Says”

Call me crazy, but wouldn’t it be easier to stop sending dead people checks...

instead of demanding dead people send back the checks?

WSJ News Exclusive | Stimulus Checks Sent to Dead Relatives Should Be Returned, Mnuchin Says Deceased people aren’t eligible for the $1,200 stimulus payments some of them have been getting, and their relatives and estates should pay the money back to the government, Treasury Secretary Steven...



When do you take the Pepcid?


Let us know you are okay!

Tom R

The Trump campaign weighs in on Tara Reade.




Dr Atlas was on Savage Nation yesterday. He needs to be on that stage with Trump.


The crisis needs to end.  Stop the junk science, the phony models the politicians that are using a health issue to end freedom, the Constitution and makes us all dependent on the State.  The Governor of Virginia is now saying the schools in his State might not open for two years—seriously, do you thin families will stay in a State run by a racist trying to make Virginia a communist State—all power to the government?

“Atlas’ column, titled “The Data Is In — Stop The Panic And End The Total Isolation” and published Wednesday at The Hill, lists “five key facts” that are “being ignored by those calling for continuing the near-total lockdown,” along with evidence to bolster each one.

Those “facts” include:

Fact 1: The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19.

Fact 2: Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding.

Fact 3: Vital population immunity is prevented by total isolation policies, prolonging the problem.

Fact 4: People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections.

Fact 5: We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures.”

And who are hurt first and the hardest by the shut down?  Minorities, the young, the poor—is that a version of “eugenics”, the Planned Parenthood model of killing off people of color?  In this instance Newsom, Cuomo and the others are using economics in place of an abortion.  Shame on us for not acting on the real data, not the words of WHO and other Chinese apologics.


Guv Newsom, actually like a frighten dictator is banning a May 1 protest in Sacramento.  His actions are similar to those of the Chinese dictator banning protests in Hong Kong.  Is there a difference.  Both “leaders” are afraid the people will revolt if they talk to one another.

“Following the Monday April 20th protest at the California State Capitol demanding the Governor re-open the state and end the lockdown, the Sacramento Bee reported, “demonstrators defied Gov. Gavin Newsom’s orders banning large gatherings.”

Almost immediately, the California Highway Patrol announced it would no longer issue permits for events at the Capitol.”

Guv Newsom paid $990 million to a firm owned by the Chinese Communist Party—and refuses to let anyone, even Democrats, see the contracts.  As a non doctor, he has closed down elective surgeries, needed surgeries and causing the closing, permanently, of rural hospitals.  Like the Guv of New Jersey, he does not consider the Constitution as a law, just history.  Oh, he has promoted the closing of churches and the harassment of people of Faith who wish to prayer at a church. 

Please tell me the difference between Newsom and your historic dictator?  Feel free in California?


SNIFFIN' Joe FINGERS Biden. He's a tough guy!!

I can take you behind the gym, sniff you and put my fingers up your .........WELL, you know the thing.


"California Gov. Gavin Newsom discusses what it will take to lift coronavirus restrictions during a news conference on April 14. Newsom has committed the state to a $990-million agreement with a China-based electric car company to produce 200 million protective masks."

(Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)

Recall this cocksucker:



Gruesome Newsome on the commie payroll? Get OUTTA heah.


Please tell me the difference between Newsom and your historic dictator?

He has better hair than Lenin? 🤔


The bills were quickly racked up until I and the ex-missus realized we were being bled and decided on our own settlement.

It is very common for divorces to continue until both parties run out of money. Then it gets done.

The ex-MrsJ handled our divorce from the start (she was an attorney, though not in family practice).. It was a very low-cost one.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Still taking a break but I did leave this comment at Powerline the other day, when they had a mini TWIP on Land O Lakes butter and someone linked the relocated knees gag of the Lady O the Lake.
Some guy wondered what an Indian had to do with butter anyway.

--What do Indians have to do with butter anyway?

--By the shores of Gitche Gumee
By the deep and shining sea
Knelt the squaw whose lovely knockers
Looked just like her lovely knees.--

That's what.--

Made no sense, but that's my contribution to society lately, besides selling my Boxster and a couple of guns and buying a couple of other guns.




Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I did make one other observation at Wretchards that might be worth considering.
Why do we just assume China's numbers are lies?
Two things make me wonder;
1. It now seems pretty certain they stopped domestic flights from Hubei but allowed international flights to continue.
2. They appear for now to have largely swallowed Hong Kong whole while the rest of the world is distracted.
Those two facts and their almost bizarre aggression and bluster combine to make me consider what I previously thought highly unlikely.
Perhaps their numbers are real because they knew very well a bug was going to get out and they were ready for it.
This bug is not an existential threat to anyone but especially not China.
The spirit of freedom in Hong Kong is, or perhaps was.
They wouldn't let the bug out on purpose just to harm us. But they might well let it out to harm us and then strangle Hong Kong in the mayhem. As an added bonus, being prepared, they look like heroic bug destroyers and we look weak and are devastated.
Likely? Probably not. But more likely than I previously thought.


Strangling the Hong Kong protest movement was convenient for Xi. No question.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

One last observation before break-time resumes; re that AT article.
After my pop retired one of his clients used to have him come over and work on his 1980s Peugeot diesel.
He almost had to move in. Seemed like once a week he was working on that hunk a junk, but the guy wouldn't sell it.



HK protests resumed last night, FYI. Not as "robust" as Lebanon's, but why rush these things.

(Nice to see you and I hope all is well.)


convenient for Xi

“Planned by” is more accurate.


Steyn noted how targeted the wuflu seven countries in the us and europe bore the bulk of casualaties

Ever ordered a part from ebay and discovered the return site was im tanger morocco?


Hope no one is watching Tucker. We are clearly toast!

matt - deplore me if you must

I would imagine the Hong Kongers are pretty ticked off at the CCP right now. They have been hit with the same economic disaster as other countries and I'm sure the CCP made sure to keep them in the dark for as long as possible.

One thing these tin pot dictators don't seem to learn is that there is a breaking point. In Hong Kong it was the extradition law.

I think here it will be the hundreds of thousands who need to get out of the house in the middle of a heat wave. At a.certain point many will say "screw you, Gavin" and jump in their cars.


Cathyf - which state? I feel the same way about this mask mania. Completely irrational and is it okay if I see the same guy wearing the same dirty mask everyday? Then people pull it off and ask me why I am not wearing a mask. They stand close and then say things can’t open up as it’s too dangerous. WHAT?!!! I guarantee no one in my town spoke with any business owner or their employees. They want to be the first town on Cape Cod to be “better than the rest” at “keeping people safe.”

I used to think there were a lot of useful idiots out there. Now I know I am wrong. Almost all are.

My motto is to use the women’s pro choice words when it comes to masks - “My life, my choice.” That should get me a good punch in the nose, but then I can just cover it up with a mask.


McConnell says infrastructure won't be included in the new coronavirus package.



Retweeted by the President:

National FOP
Thank you, President @realDonaldTrump
, for your steadfast, unapologetic support of law enforcement during #COVID19. From DAY ONE, you & your team (@WhiteHouse @TheJusticeDept @DHSgov @USDOL @NIH) have listened to our needs and have done your damndest to get us what we need!


Someone remind me please--how is it I have LONG known of the revealing a secret “lawyers’ understanding” not to prosecute Flynn’s son if the retired lieutenant general pleaded guilty.

in Margot Cleveland's article at 6:38 above???





We should call him GUNS N BUTTER IGNATZ.


I’ve known it too Amom.


OL from the last thread:
The criticism is that people who had an earlier sickness will volunteer in order to learn if they already had WuFlu. She laughed and said no one she knew would consider volunteering to be tested.

I'm not following this. The antibody test has no down side. I did hear of people who were sick and didn't want to be tested because they didn't want to be quarantined. I don't understand that, since being quarantined for two weeks (especially under general lockdowns) isn't a big deal unless you live alone. But for a healthy person getting the antibody test seems like a no-brainer, especially if, like me, you had a flu-like illness a few weeks earlier.

As it happened I did go and get the antibody test this morning. I went 5 minutes before opening and there were already 5 people ahead of me. By opening there were 10 people behind in line. I suspect they were almost all there for the antibody test, as it was the first day it was being offered. I'm hoping to be one of the lucky 25%.


Jane, thank you for asking. I'm okay. The cell went off to the east, northeast. The big one down near OKC tracked eastward, south of Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and then into Arkansas. Sometimes the storm contains cells that come out of Texas around Amarillo and stretch north, northeast across Oklahoma into Kansas and Arkansas. Most of the bad hail stayed slightly west of where we live and went north to the small town where my sister lives. That hail, though, wasn't much bigger than a quarter, which can still damage cars or roofs. When the weather guy said golfball size, made me slightly ill. We had hail last week with one storm. One of the guys who works with our daughter in Tulsa had over $4,000 hail damage to his truck, Parked at work in a parking lot.

It's interesting now how the NWS, probably out of Norman, or OKC, sends those loud warnings, sharp horn sounds, to everyone's cell phones. Last year at one choir rehearsal everyone's cells start blaring. It's not a ring, it's a harsh sound to get your attention. Our daughter said, you ought to be at a meeting at work when that happens. They also break in on the television with a claxon-like sound and warning, even when a weather guy has the satellite pictures up, tracking a line that's going thru a neighbothood, block of homes, or a small town.

What the warnings are telling you is, take cover. Anywhere you can. Get in a closet or bathroom, bathtub, cover yourself with pillows.

My dad's father was killed in a tornado. Daddy was in it. Destroyed my parent's home on the family farm. Mother had taken my sister and me to Wichita for a week. It blew away and destroyed everything my parents owned. Blew away the granparent's home. Daddy had younger brothers and sisters and a cousin living in the the larger farmhouse. They didn't have time to get to their cellar. Several were injured. Cousin had a fractured skull. The farmhouse had a big, screened-in, wraparound porch, so they got underneath it. They'd been sitting on the porch singing, play guitars, etc. The tornado was rain-wrapped, hidden.

There are so many kind of thunderstorms that come thru, but some of them have a particular heavy essence, there's something malevolent about them that just warn you, this one is different. Also, if daylight the color of the clouds tells you a lot.

Use to be, you just watched the clouds.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Joan as they say... Going green.

A truly green sky is very ominous. I was driving I-285 back from the community college when I was still in high school (early admit) and there was a tornado coming up behind us on the interstate. Just before that, the sky went green, and the winds went bezerk. The popo came by with his car loud speaker to park immediately and jump in the ditch. The tornado went about a mile to our east. You feel nekkid as hell with your ass in the air in a ditch/culvert on the side of the interstate.




Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Why isn't the federal government sending the STATES a bill for all their costs to the feds? Whose responsibility is it to be prepared? The states.

These ass hoes demanding the feds cover THEIR costs really chap my ass.


jimmy k, my comment about not being tested wasn't referring to the antibody test, but the test to see if you have the virus.


RG gets another quote by Don Surber in today’s highlights of the news!



SURE IS UNDERSTADABLE WHY you hate that stuff. I’ve only experienced 1 tornado and it was scary as hell!


RG gets another quote by Don Surber in today’s highlights of the news!

I guess that beats owning up to the trip down #StealthJeff 4D memory lane Rocco dumped on him.


Is TM trolling us? :)
National Teview, forsooth!



What does forsooth mean, anyway?


You tell me




You Need To Wear A Mask But Also Tip It When You Enter A Store So You Prove You’re Not A Criminal And Everything Is Just Getting Completely Stupid


Local radio gals are fed up and point out what Old Lurker calls LUNACY.


Health care stats.
Scary. After destroying health care they'll blame Repubs and install socialized medicine.
After destroying the econ they'll blame capitalism and install socialism


You were clear, Clarice, and my answer would be definitely. But I didn't follow OL's response because his daughter seemed to be suggesting that people wouldn't get the antibody test.


CV deaths did their usual Tuesday jump to just under 2200. But that's nearly 500 below last Tuesday so it seems pretty clear we're on a downward trajectory.

When I said NY's numbers were plummeting, NY had 335 deaths, similar to recent days. In mid-April the numbers were in the high 700s.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Billy was having trouble in school. His teacher constantly yelled at him;
"You're driving me crazy, Billy! Can't you learn anything"

Billy's mother met with his teacher at fall conferences.
The teacher told her Billy was a disaster, getting the lowest marks of any
of her students and that she had never had such an unmotivated and ignorant little boy in all of her teaching career.

Billy's mom, shocked at this feedback, withdrew her son immediately and
moved from Detroit to Cleveland.

25 years later, the teacher was diagnosed with severe cardiac disease.
Her doctors advised open heart surgery and that only one surgeon in the
Cleveland Clinic could perform the procedure.

The teacher decided to have the procedure, which was remarkably successful.
In the recovery room, she saw the young doctor who headed her surgical team, smiling down at her.

She wanted to thank him. Instead, her face suddenly turned blue as she tried to speak, and then she quickly died.

The doctor was shocked, wondering what went suddenly wrong.

When the doctor turned to leave the room, he saw that Billy, the janitor at the Clinic, had unplugged the life-support equipment in order to plug in his vacuum cleaner.

If you thought that Billy had become a heart-surgeon, there is a good chance you'll vote for Joe Biden


@DeptofDefense just released this cockpit-cam footage of the @BlueAngels honor flight over NYC today. pic.twitter.com/O0oS12fx7H

— Steven Lundgren 🇺🇸 (@love4thegameAK) April 29, 2020

Video at the link.




I don’t get the testing. As an “essential business” I refuse to be tested for the virus, but if testing is offered for antibodies I would - after I make my husband and kids go first. Ha! I’m very afraid of the busy bodies who want to run everything. I try to stay ahead of it. So testing - I refuse to do anything that may close my store. So kids and husband test first, and if they have antibodies then fine I will test because I most likely do as well.

If I did not have an “essential business” I would protest now. I’m just trying to keep it all going. I do not want to be shut down due to vindictiveness. And I own the building so very few issues for me and my co-owner brother (love my parents for putting this business in the world) I am blessed to have it.

I read all your posts, so as a general send out to all - I love all your posts, and respect that you are all worried about this great country. Just remember that if George Washington could somehow win the Revolutionary War with small pox we can do this. We may have to resort to awful unforeseen issues - I’ll leave that to all to fill in, but if it comes to a civil war II, who thinks the people who love this country won’t go there? Am I crazy? Maybe, but I am just preparing for the worst.

I ordered all kinds of small backyard pools in the last order to the store. My brother wondered what I was doing. I said we have to be ready for people being stuck in their yards and filling pools with Bud Light. He then thought I was thinking straight.



This is behind the paywall but you get the gist.



Thanks for your post. Yes, we are worried, but I have confidence in the people of this country and the President. Chin up!


Jim, 9:43, yes. Nytol

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Smart move CCgirl... plus I saw today that many blue states may not allow public/subdivision/communal pools to open this summer. How many will be looking for a pool for their yards? I'd suggest some larger pools as well.


ccgirl--those pools will get bought even if we are "freed" by June--people won't forget this, and will want to be ready for the "next surge". (That was topic of the day on NPR's scare porn shows today.)


The President delivers remarks at the White House supporting small businesses:


Video at the link.


Lemme go back thread to catch up.
See ya in a bit.


So, it’s time to start passing out Beecher’s Bibles:

California Governor to Allow Childcare and Schools to Open in 'Weeks, Not Months,' But Says He Will Keep Churches Closed Longer


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Michigan Governor: 'Revolting Against A Tyrannical Government Is Simply Un-American'


Now what is true, and what are the consequences



I heard the American economy got quadecimated.

jim nj



MLB season could start in July with Yankees, Mets in same division

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