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April 24, 2020



"Several weeks ago there were reports, I think out of South Korea, that some people who survived COVID 19 got re-infected and sick again"

Back thread kk confirmed.
But also there was an interview or podcast on PL where Dr Geach said the Korea reports were considered dubious

Anyway, still an issue.




Clarice debunked TMs talking point back thread

Another Bob

Yeah JimSun, I just had to sigh when TM tweeted it.


"Too good to check", ABob :) :)

Another Bob

And there’s this...


Another Bob

So, fake?


I watch EVERY evening press briefing because the press will inevitably twist what he says. That is what they did with this, and I cannot understand why TM chose to use it.

Fake news.

Meanwhile, we still don't know about Kim although Adam Housely's contacts said Hong Kong TV is reporting him dead, there is a big earthquake in Papua, New Guinea, and a tape has surface of Biden's accuser's mother calling in to Larry King in 1993.


Another Bob,

Meanwhile, look at what else showed up:

Jack Posobiec, IWO
BREAKING: General Flynn reveals his original lawyers asked him for dirt on President Trump in order to aid Special Counsel Mueller's Russiagate investigation
This may be why that January filing hasn't resulted in any action yet.



Also, AB, Brian Cates points out that this stuff had to be held back until Durham was done. Look at that thread I linked above.


MissM's 11:31 fleshed out.
It's real.

Another Bob

Saw that in the filing MM. Why would that preclude action on Flynn’s request?

Another Bob

"Too good to check"

We know Trump isn’t a polished speaker. I just don’t get why some need to persist with grade-school argumentation to make something of it.


No way Miss M. The COUP ATTEMPT tried to get FLYNN to Aid their COUP???? No WAY,
We should ask WHITE HAT ROSENSTEIN about this.


"I cannot understand why TM chose to use it."

Maybe he's not reading widely enough. There was an interesting piece on TheNewNeo about Michael Moore gaining some baby-steps insights into Green Energy.

Commenter: " I know pretty much countless people who consider themselves well-informed, indeed EXTREMELY well-informed. They get their news from WaPo, NYT, BBC, NBC, The Atlantic, PBS, NPR, The Economist and so on.
...Things keep popping up that they didn’t expect and can’t explain. BrExit passes. Trump is nominated. Trump gets elected. The US economy doesn’t collapse, in fact it ignites. World War 3 doesn’t start. Red states don’t suffer from WuFlu more than Blue states."



Brian says the same people who were involved in the illegal spying on Carter Page were involved with Flynn.





Devin Nunes
Justice delayed is justice denied! Read General Flynn statement
Link to Flynn statement:

Since Devin Nunes is one of the few people with integrity in DC, I am going with eneral Flynn.

Also, Tom Fitton thinks President Trump should pardon him.


Well yes but:


Another Bob

I’ve lost interest in the Cates’ of the world, and their continued excuses for inaction, MM.

We’ve had three (four?) “investigations” into coup players. Each was supposed to bring the “bombshells”.


Durham will deliver precisely nothing of substance. Everybody did wrong. Nobody charged. Book it.

Another Bob

“Trump should pardon him”

No, Trump should order his DOJ to repudiate the plea and drop the case.


JimNorCal. The hard core FULL COMMIES, start and finish, with their goals of DESTROYING AMERICA.
Alynski style. The have NEVER considered any other position or any opposing thoughts. MOAR to the point, the LEFTIST IDEOLOGY, does not ALLOW CONTRARY THOUGHTS. That is the point. Much like all FULL COMMIE LIBTARD Thought, they have zero intention of even LISTENING to other opinion. They are interested in INSTALLING their FASCIST WORLD VIEW on YOU.


Other than that


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Just left Walgreens with my dog. A lady asked me what kind of dog he was. I said he is a bull mastiff service dog. Very rudely she says what type of service? I said he is a BLD. She asked, What's a BLD? As she has her face in my dog's face allowing him to lick her......

I thought for a second and with a straight face I said, "He is my Butt Licking Dog. I can't find any toilet paper anywhere because of all you hoarding ass people, so he licks my ass clean...... The cashier lost it and walked away from the register.



Fitton said that the President should order the DOJ to withdraw the case AND should pardon him.

I was just tired and left it out.

Sorry you have lost patience. I have not.

jim nj

James D,

I don't read the sports pages much lately, but I did see the speculation about whether Gettleman might trade down.

Maybe he didn't get a decent offer that still would have fit in with the NY Giants needs.

Thomas looks good to me. The main thing I was focused on was the Giants desperately need help on the offensive line.

I notice the Giants and Jets swapped positions in the 3rd round.

Another Bob

Yeah MM, on this subject, I bow to no one - OL included - in my disdain for the “Justice” department and federal judges.


Simple question. Why does the DEMOTARD, FULL COMMIE PARTY....desprerately want HYDROXY CHLOROQUINE, z-pack, and zinc,,,,to FAIL???

I think most of us understand why,


This probably isn’t a novel thought but I was watching one of those lame Covid commercials. Americans don’t really have any shared experiences anymore. The only common experiences are negative. War, terrorism and this Plandemic. Am I wrong?


America is a 20 mule team but every mule is hitched up in a different direction.



That is something for me to think about and maybe write about this weekend, byt it;s too late for me.




A-Bob, we've seen how power hungry, and/or entitled, that BUREAUCRATS have become.
We've learned about DEEP STATE entitlement, and SHIT, like NSA FUX and the likes of THE PRETEND WHISTLE BLOWER, whose name "cannot be mentioned" on FACE BOOK. It's ASS BACKWARD. Yet the UNHINGED LEFT and the USEFUL IDIOTS of Lenin's writings, are full of themselves, and the MEDIA AIDS the Psychosis. I coined the TERM.....FULL COMMIE MOAR than 15 years ago. They are unhinged and do not fear Any CONSEQUENCES.
So here we are. RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, RODHAM, LORETTA LYNCH, COMEY, BRENNAN, CLAPPER, STRZOK, MCCABE, PAGE, PRIESTAFF, et al, have set a new template. LOIS LERNER, is living high on the HOG, ....NO CONSEQUENCES. Where does this lead?

jim nj

That airplane boneyard reminded me of a story that may, or may not be true.

Something along the lines of a Russian or Chinese defense official was on an official tour in the US and they showed him a couple of airbases.

Besotted with the propaganda from back home that we were weak he told his hosts that he was on to their game. They were flying the same planes to the next airbases before he got to the next one.

So they put him back on the plane and flew him over the boneyard and told him to look out the window. Hundreds and hundreds of planes as far as the eye can see. Now he's impressed. "What is this place?", he says. "This where we keep the spare planes.", he was told.

Ralph L

It annoys the hell out of me that prominent Dems must know their chances of conviction in DC are almost nil--and only slightly more in Alexandria's Federal court.


ABob: "on this subject, I bow to no one - OL included - in my disdain for the “Justice” department and federal judges"

OL is all very fine, but how do you compare with JamesD? Come on, bring it to the majors or stay home. :) :)


GUS, would you agree with me that Steph brings the BAD to bad-ass? How can you get to the grandparent stage and remain so effervescent?


Pin, it's all horseshit virtual signalling, and posturing. We're all in this together, see, we have a black lady and a white guy, and we LOVE all races and cultures, ESPECIALLY BLACK LIVES MATTER.
Utter VOMIT. It's done and on TEEEEVEEEE, because the average idiot, WANTS TO BUY INTO IT.
It's called DUMBING DOWN. Nurses and Doctors are now HEROES!!! And this is only possible by making the CHINESE VIRUS, the greatest threat to HUMANITY since TROPICAL STORM SANDY, which had to be called HURRICANE SANDY, in order to creat a CRISIS, that was FAR LESS, than reality.
PAVLOVS DOGS. Scared and reacting to the MEDIA, and most fucking stupid politicians in mankind,

Another Bob

“ OL is all very fine, but how do you compare with JamesD?”

You probably got me on that one Jim.

James, please don’t hurt me...


JimNorCal, Stephanie, is a breath of fresh air,
I get one sentence into one of Steph's jokes, and I realize.,,,,,THAT'S STEPHANIE,''

Awesome lady,



Trust me when I tell you there’s at least two more gears to go in the “No, Fuck You!’ Transmission. No fucking question.


Jim nj, the GIANTS picked up Zeitler on offensive line. Great player....GREAT,

Oh, and he's Milwaukee boy, Wisconsin Badger, and I know him!!!


Mel, I can tell that you are getting MOAR and MOAR, certain of what is coming. We need to do lunch soon.


Ever hear of the prisoner's dilemma? That's the only strategy that will result in convictions of these guys in DC IMO. And given that they all are skunks...



Certain? Yes, certain.



It’s a very, very big lifeboat. Very big.


Stronberg line, you might say.

Ralph L

Little incentive to take a plea, if no amount of evidence ends in conviction. Starr didn't even bother to indict.


I’m done. It happens or it doesn’t.

Of course someone who writes, in depth, of precise layers of revenge will leave things alone.


A request for jim nj:
I've noticed that our wonderful hoyden seems to be sleeping in on Saturdays. When you decide to hang it up tonight, could you please check PL to see if TWIC is posted yet?

The fact that Dr Hayward posted both a mid-week TWIP _and_ a special extra mid-week mini-TWIP this week suggests to me that he has Lots. Of Material. for this week's edition.

Mr Pin, it's been nice to see you active lately!
Being a friend of Narciso's is a strong recommendation and I'm impressed that you've met and charmed Catsmeat.



It figures, as soon as I say Nytol, I cycle through a couple of blogs and found this. I haven't watched it yet, in fact I didn't click the link to insure viability. But the summary is so fascinating I couldn't help but come back and plaster it against the comment-wall.

“Researchers used to say that no government could survive if five percent of its population mobilized against it.

But our data reveal that the threshold is probably lower. In fact, no campaigns failed once they’d achieved the active and sustained participation of just 3.5% of the population—and lots of them succeeded with far less than that. Now, 3.5% is nothing to sneeze at. In the U.S. today, this means almost 11 million people.

But get this: Every single campaign that did surpass that 3.5% threshold was a nonviolent one.”



Oh, Miss Marple and others, I wasn't upset about my posts on the nursing home corona cases -- I had to leave abruptly because my husband was calling me for help from the garage. Our dog can't manage to get into my SUV anymore -- he puts his paws on the floorboard and my husband lifts him up into the back seat. His hips are getting bad. They'd both were in trouble -- the dog got nervous and upset, tried to jump in, fell, and half-knocked my husband down. So, I didn't get back on jom until late this evening.

On the comment about the nursing homes, I was going to go ahead and tell you some of the details -- when the residents at the one home were tested almost two weeks ago, none were showing symptoms -- they discovered almost forty patients were asymptomatic, but all were positive for the virus, plus about eight or so of the staff. The management called in one of those restoration companies, Burggraf, who disinfected walls, floors, ceilings, etc. They established a wing for the corona patients. Also, set up a system where all staff showered before they went home -- to protect their families. A few days ago, the cases at the one home had ticked up to 56m, with six deaths. Another of the nicer rehab/nursing homes reported seven cases yesterday and it was up to 24 cases today.

On the zip code, the state department of health gives cases, recoveries, deaths, etc., several different ways, by county, city, and zip codes. The zip code where this is going on has the highest number of virus cases in the entire state. I thought that was really interesting for such a small, small area.

Anyway, I apologize for the abrupt end of my post. I was really sad about the virus hitting the nursing homes, especially since we've entertained them at Christmas and sometimes spring shows.

Thanks again for those who reassured me, especially you, Miss Marple, you have a kind and generous heart. :)


Never mind my 1:52, just an excitable activist for "non violence".

I got all excited about the thought that 3.5% of us could march on Washington and drain the swamp. That's not the vibe of this thing at all.

Really, really nytol.

Joan, your account of singing to the elders, and being choked up about how fragile some of them were--it was moving.


“Ever hear of the prisoner's dilemma? That's the only strategy that will result in convictions of these guys in DC IMO.”

Clarice, unfortunately prisoner’s dilemma only works if they think there’s a chance they’ll get convicted of something if they keep silent. If they know that won’t happen, there’s no reason to rat out the other guy.


If they could change the venue to DC for a case about Ted Stevens house in Alaska, why can’t we get the venue changed on a coup plotter’s case? I mean the NSA’s servers where they keep the FISA data are in Utah, right? I wonder if they tapped phones at Mar-a-lago? Another place to hold the trial...

jim nj

worldometer look see

Total US cases 925,232, new cases 38,232, %change 4.3%, deaths 52,193, recovered 110,432.

date all cases new cases %change
4/21 819,175 26,237 +3.3%
4/22 849,092 29,917 +3.6%
4/23 886,709 37,617 +4.4%
4/24 935,232 38,523 +4.3%

OK, so Pence mentioned that we are now testing at an increased rate during the press conference and that we will see a bump in numbers because of that.

So a little whoo-hoo dance. I was correct that this was not an uptick in cases, just more testing catching, well, more positives faster.

The mix of tests being used will make the number of new positives a little more uncertain for a while. Some tests will still take 2 or more days to process, some will be near instant.


The tests are also becoming less intrusive and easier to administer, though I note that the new Rutgers saliva test still needs about 48 hours to process it.

As I understand it, Rutgers is working with other labs across the country to duplicate the new test and roll it out elsewhere.

These newer less invasive tests won't tax the collection system as badly as the older tests did. The testing lines will run faster.

jim nj

I worry that some will use the more extensive testing numbers incorrectly against the re-opening states.

OUTBREAK. OUTBREAK. No, more better testing.

You know they are going to do it. They can't help themselves. Somebody is spending millions a day to find anything to attack Trump with. They'll go after the re-opening governors next.

jim nj


These Georgia companies will keep their workers at home as state begins reopening

Bravo. Freedom of choice. If you don't want to go back to normal, you don't have to.

These are all larger businesses. Smaller businesses will have to make their own choices. Customers will have to make their own choices about patronizing newly re-opened businesses.

People are claiming that Georgia is on a radical course, but that's not true. People can choose not to participate in the re-opening.

jim nj


As others cave, several public companies that took small business loans are not giving back the cash

O Lord, let them see the light. Or suffer the slings that destroy their reputations.

jim nj


John Schroeder

"Honest to Pete, as I sit down to write this morning the most frequent headline of the 500 or so I have perused has been about disinfectant. Seriously. Seriously?! What in the name of all that is holy do you people that call yourself “the press” think you are doing? The president spitballed an idea in a briefing, maybe not the best communication strategy, but it falls far short of recommending people inject or consume a disinfectant in some fashion – FAR SHORT!"


Bernard Kock Colonized Cow Island With Freed Slaves

History has been brutally unkind to Bernard Kock, my third great grandfather. Historians use all sorts of pejoratives to describe him — swindler, scoundrel, opportunist — and perhaps with good reason. But it’s pretty clear that at least some of the enmity toward Kock is rooted in the fact that he made Abraham Lincoln look like a hypocrite.



Jim in Sunnyvale

I was trying to figure out the logistics of how many FP-45’s a drone could hold in the service of liberating California.

The chair is against the door. The chair is against the door.

John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache.

jim nj

My girlfriend is very apolitical. Isn't much interested in Trump at all.

Furloughed from her job, she is suffering from boredom. She usually doesn't watch much TV, but has been watching the Cuomo, Murphy and Trump press conferences lately trying to stay abreast of what is going on.

So she's got no income now. Nothing. She applied for the stimulus payment, NJ unemployment and food stamps. And she's like where's my money! And these processes are taking forever.

So I turn on the TV early to catch the Trump press conference, which she now looks forward to, and the news runs a story on Lysol issuing a statement about not ingesting their product and she went ballistic.

"That's not what he said!" "He was thinking out loud, spit-balling."

I can't get a word in edgewise in the ensuing stream of invectives. I realize I'm watching a real-time religious conversion and just keep saying "Yup, yup, yup."

The power of the press is truly amazing. I've been telling her for years that Trump isn't such a bad guy. In one day's time she has finally agreed.

jim nj

No TWIP yet.


with a link to:


Logic seems to be lacking in most governor's decisions.


Good morning!


This is a thread discussing how Dr. Birx has 9000 followers on Instagram due to her scarves, which are Hermes and have an average price point of $425.

jim nj

In NJ we have a month and a week to the traditional Memorial Day opening of the Jersey Shore vacation economy.

Were I the governor, I would make it clear that we intend to open that season as usual with precautions.

If he isn't smart enough to pivot toward that goal he's an idiot.

That economy is worth billions each year. We're the most densely populated state with lots of urban areas, but the shore is a different animal. It's low density in the winter. It goes into hibernation. Businesses there only survive year to year with a summer peak.

Cuomo and Murphy can do the dire shit routine as much as they want, but they will kill both states economies forever if they can't shift to hopeful.

jim nj





One more before I go work on my train and spend some quality time with Athena.

James D.

We know Trump isn’t a polished speaker. I just don’t get why some need to persist with grade-school argumentation to make something of it.

Because they don’t have anything else.

And because in most cases grade-school argumentation is all they’re really capable of anyway.

James D.

JimNJ @ 12:14

I have to believe that if Bill Belichek managed to convince Tampa Bay to give him a 4th round draft pick in exchange for a guy with serious brain damage who’s been retired for a year, a competent GM could have managed a decent trade for the 4th pick in the first round if he really wanted to.


I hope these nursing home directors are devising a plan to move their elders into vacamt armories, schools or wherever they can spread them out and still care for them, for the fall run. Perhaps the National Guard could assist. Joan's right, Nursing homes are a death sentence for those areas in the thick of it.


Retweeted by the President.

If you have diabetes, you are at higher risk for getting seriously ill from #coronavirus. Learn how you can take steps to protect yourself and slow the spread at http://coronavirus.gov. #COVID19


Retweeted by the President. Graph at the link.

The latest CDC #COVIDView report with new hospitalization data on race/ethnicity by age is now available https://t.co/zP4VYlo0Pb pic.twitter.com/HgstCJ7tO9

— CDC (@CDCgov) April 24, 2020

Donald J. Trump
Thank you to William Perry Pendley of the Bureau of Land Management. Great job on @TuckerCarlson describing some of the most beautiful land in the world! @FoxNews


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to a Vince McMahon tweet and picture.

.@TripleH is a total winner! https://t.co/KsTHMEKeqx

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 25, 2020


Tony Heller
On this date in 1962, it was 95 degrees at Montevideo, Minnesota, which was thirty degrees warmer than today's forecast. The entire state was over 75 degrees.


Secretary Pompeo
#Iran continues to lie that its space program is peaceful, civilian, and transparent. Deeply troubling that the #IRGC, a Foreign Terrorist Organization, launched a military satellite. Their secret space program advances technologies used in nuclear weapons delivery systems.


“There is no finer law enforcement agency in the world than the FBI. I am very grateful to the leadership being provided by Chris Wray.”

Attorney General William Barr, December 2019.

Who else did he praise?



BELICHEK knows something you don’t James.

(Why does my iPad force me to cap his name?)


Ipad Respect Jane, for the greatest!



We had the AT&T guy leaving yesterday, and this just popped up on my feed:



https://thefederalist.com/2020/04/25/with-26-million-unemployed-partially-opening-georgias-economy-is-a-good-start/ is very good.

I did a livestream yoga group class yesterday and as people speculated about how horrified they were with kemp, I asked if anyone had read the order since it said no group classes until at least may 13. News to the group and leverage for small business owner dealing with landlord since most revenue is from group classes and livestream has more limited capacity.


And looping back to rse's thoughts:

The crisis triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic is an opportunity for us to think again about Marx’s idea of human freedom. As David Harvey writes in Jacobin, emergency steps to get through the crisis also show us how we could build a different society. jacobinmag.com/2020/4/david-h…



Mrs. Buckeye received an email yesterday from her primary care physician. His practice is part of a large 400 physician group associated with a large private hospital in the area.

He described the plans to “reopen”, including an emphasis on telemedicine, but also coordination services for any in-person services required. Most are designed to avoid any reason to go to the hospital wherever possible.

They also announced a team of docs that will be “home visit” focused. Last time I remember that happening was 60 years ago:)

Another interesting item was a team focused on helping people who want keep elderly family members at home instead of a nursing home.

Captain Hate

Nobody commented that Belichick drafted a 24 year old Div 2 player who he probably could've invited to open tryouts?

Texas Liberty Gal

I'm sure Barr had no idea in 2019 what kind of person Wray was.


Even the NY Times is finally forced to cover this story. The governors of NY, NJ and California each made a decision that was so dumb, it ended up killing over 10,000 people: nytimes.com/2020/04/24/us/



Good Morning! We had thunderstorms all day and night yesterday. This morning I'm listening to a chorus of frogs out in the preserve. They are really noisy!


This is the perfect response:

ABC 7 Chicago
PPP loans: Westchester small business owner leads class action lawsuit against Chase Bank abc7chicago.com/6127972/?ex_ci…



Under penalty of perjury, Gen. Flynn dispels the sleuther notion that he masterminded a diabolically clever reverse sting, and furthermore informs the court that his legal defense fees approached $3M by August, 2017.



Another interesting item was a team focused on helping people who want to keep elderly family members at home instead of a nursing home.

So many things seem to be returning to the way it used to be...


The new element, Pelosium (PL), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88
deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass
of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are
surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.


Ralph L

Just what were Flynn's lawyers doing in 6 months?


Mel-that's a reference to the MH vision or what Uncle Karl called his human devt society that was premised on a certain lvel of technolgy produced by capitalism.

When I say it keeps coming up I am nit kidding, nor knocking myself out to reach a strained interpretation. It's ubiquitous and the pandemic is being used as the jumpstart.


Here's another legal opinion:


Who owns the press room? The White House, or the WHCA?

I'll be taking the low odds on this one, and Jonathon Karl ain't going to be happy with this outcome.



I really do think coming closer to winning what was a longshot has left her delusional. I have noticed it in the way she talks now vs the more measured tone I am familiar with. And she is not dumb.



It's going mainstream! Yay!

Seriously, the sell job will get so overbearing until even the most unaware will fully understand the plans for us by our betters.

The Gates Great Kill Off will be just the start.

Captain Hate

A blast from the past: even these guys were upset with the chinless wonder signing on with this bunch of lowlifes:



For anyone unfamiliar ICT--computers, the internet, ai, etc. is deemed the magic technology.

As daniel bell once wrote by the late 1950s because of transations into english "we now understand' Marx's true vision better than anything Lenin had access to at the time of the russian revolution.

Yes, he did write that and I was on a college tour with the diva in a hotel lobby when I read it. Almost fell out of my chair. The diva liked having the room to herself while "she gets ready." That was also the tour because I splurged just a bit for the business train seats making the diva the only teenager there, she kept encountering ivy league profs commuting from other cities who would answer her questions one on one. It was a good, unforeseen opportunity for her.

I just liked the ability to sit alone on a different row and have a bit of space while consuming an adult beverage.

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