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April 27, 2020



Gardens and Guns has a wide readership, you know.


I have my copy setting right here on my kitchen island, as a matter of fact.


I love Gardens and Guns. When friends retired to Irvington, VA. I gave them a subscription to G & G. Recipes are good, too.


Carrying over:



Is that the vaccine that went to brights old company novamex with a grant from the gates foundation for 89 mill?


If DRUMPF would have shut down the entire country in February, these to evil white guys would have been SHELTERING in PLACE. I blame DRUMPF.


Andrew Cuomo Blames Nursing Homes as Questions Mount over Coronavirus Directive


Strip Clubs Could Ban Lap Dances, Will Likely Require Everybody To Wear Face Masks

TC hardest hit.


My friend's daughter wrote this!



Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like Illinois, as example) and cities, in all cases Democrat run and managed, when most of the other states are not looking for bailout help? I am open to discussing anything, but just asking?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 27, 2020

Fredo the Elder Cuomo: the buck stops over there.

This is the replacement for Biden?


Thank you, TM!


Ah, now it becomes clear, CNBC now reporting that the "returned PPP loans" will NOT be going to small businesses....

Old Lurker

OK, that's a better message, Ext.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I sent a DM to TM on twitter this am and it appears that he did something that fixed the issue. YaY me!

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Mel Fox Bus on Friday indicated that it was. ???


From amom's 1043a:

"If President Trump were able to step out of the White House and ask average citizens what they think about the mess we're in, I suspect he would find that the American people are much braver than the experts are giving them credit for.  They would tell him to reopen the country and assure him that he can fight the media, the virus, and the saboteurs of American prosperity all at the same time.  They would tell him with certainty to never surrender their jobs and their freedom. "

One surprise visit would steamroll these petty dicktaters. This is how his power IS absolute. Derail the STOP TRUMP VIRUS!

Jim Eagle

Southern Men? What are Northern Men, Black's on Black shootings?

God forbid, a Connecticut man would have to defend themselves. With what, the lawnmower?

OT: Got our first case of CoVid19 in our little community. Tracked down all those in contact and their contacts. We are not on the honor roll.

Jim Eagle

BTW, I google mapped Satilla Drive. Nice area, on the river and every home has a boat dock.

Old Lurker

Jack "Connecticut man would have to defend themselves. With what, the lawnmower?"

They would have to borrow one from their landscaper, Jack.

Old Lurker

...though not all CT men. YL & Hubby remain most pleased with the matching Sigs his Marine Corp buddies gave them for wedding presents ten years ago...


Reading posts re impending animal protein shortages. This is where powdered meal replacement products can reduce dependence on local grocery chains.

Whey or soy protein powders for shakes are available at Amazon online and GNC walk- ins.

Mix with water or non-fat milk cut with water. Atkins makes a delicious KETO product. i mix it with a phyto greens powder. It's great tasting stuff: my vanilla mix tastes like cake frosting- the chocolate does too.

Eating is important to our psyches. But the procurement process and supplies management can create low grade anxiety. KNOWING that your baseline nutritional needs are met for protein and key minerals will ease that pressure, boost your bodily functions that keep your immune system tuned, and transform your sleep patterns.

i chitchoo not, Ese. ✌😎✌ 🎯

Old Lurker

More voices, louder please:


James D.

Probable cause and self-defense let you chase a guy down, jump out of a truck and start waving a shotgun? That's a Grand Canyon between "legal" and "common-sensical".

Well, maybe if the police did their actual job of catching criminals like Arbey, rather than allowing them to go on endless burglary sprees, then individual citizens wouldn't have to protect themselves and their homes and property.

Just a thought.




Old Lurker,

The President must have been listening to you!


Donald J. Trump
Why should the people and taxpayers of America be bailing out poorly run states (like Illinois, as example) and cities, in all cases Democrat run and managed, when most of the other states are not looking for bailout help? I am open to discussing anything, but just asking?

Old Lurker

One of the few things one hopes to get from a Central Bank is predictability.

So this is one with "Don't need no stinkin Bill of Rights":

WSJ Headline "Fate and History’: The Fed Tosses the Rules to Fight Coronavirus Downturn"

Old Lurker

MM "The President must have been listening to you!"

:-) Well if anybody listens to me, I hope it is him!


Your 1120a rocks, OL.

The principal strength of our economy at every level or strata is in THE PEOPLE.

The petty dicktaters understand this NOT.

I believe this is the Second American Revolution in the making. The taters see this as the opp they've been waiting for.

But their ideas and scams are no match for our economic power and political will. They believe WE are cowering. I've been talking with business associates around the country: WE are regrouping.

Jim Eagle

Ever since I installed Ad Blocker for Safari, it's much faster logging onto JOM. I had it for Chrome but they just made it for Safari.


Let’s run Comey’s comments through the I’m an Asshoe Translator:
“I’m the traitorous scum who helped setup General Flynn for a perfectly legal phone call instead of investigating why he was unmasked & his phone call illegally leaked & I’m smirking like it was genius” https://t.co/biVDmWenSX

— Joe Friday (@InsurancePlanX) April 27, 2020

Video of James Comey acting smug for about 1 minute.


Boy, I don't know what adjustments were made, but this thing is sure running fast now!


The guys with the fake movie preview memes are getting good! Video at the link.

Timely https://t.co/MltxDYIsDD

— Svetlana (@RealSLokhova) April 27, 2020


In the off chance this hasn’t been linked.


Letter at link


Looks like @GovEvers thinks he can keep the state's economy and society locked down all SUMMER. Meanwhile, other states are reopening. legis.wisconsin.gov/senate/21/wang…




This is insulting. @washingtonpost thinks you're children. Maybe next they'll tell us how to build a pillow fort in the living room

Journalism! Best and Brightest!


Evers will become a workaround as state reps, county armadillo, and mayors find ways to shine him on so they can get re-elected by the increasingly angered mobs.

Captain Hate

Well guys and gals, I opened up one of my businesses today against the "edict" of the Pennsylvania governor. Wednesday I have a full page ad in the local paper announcing it formally along with a list of precautions being taken. So, I either get arrested, or force my competitors to join the fun (which is actually my goal).
Posted by: Orson at April 27, 2020 11:37 AM (v1rlu)

Manuel Transmission


The video of the nurse was chilling. I posted it to my homies with this comment:

Test run for our very own NHS in our very own Socialist system.

BTW this loaded promptly.


Evers is not deciding a focking thing. He's got about 5th grade intellect. NOT KIDDING.

Jim Eagle

Sorry, but I couldn't resist:

Old Lurker

MT & Mel...I eagerly await A-mom's take on that video.


From that WAPO "boredom" thread:

"Just got this email from Purina:

How to Prevent Pet Boredom

One suggestion is to get them involved in "problem solving."

I don't know what planet this is anymore."

Jim Eagle

What video?


Early political humor from CNN:

David Edward 💤
And by invisible campaign, you mean the media propping him up and ignoring all of his faults. One debate could change all that.

CNN Politics @CNNPolitics
Joe Biden's invisible campaign is winning | Analysis cnn.it/2W4D4T8


[Is he using Charlie Sheen's Road Trip Campaign managers?]



Me Too! Um, wait a minute, let me rephrase that...I would like her valuable input as well.

Fitton focusing:

Tom Fitton
.@GenFlynn was ambushed by corrupt Comey FBI and Obama holdover Sally Yates.

Catherine Herridge @CBS_Herridge
Read: Flynn attorney @SidneyPowell1 filing on “stunning Brady evidence,” “defeats any argument..(FBI) interview..Flynn on January 24, 2017 was material to any investigation.” Timing: Just days into Trump admin, same month IG found Steele dossier sub-source fell apart @RobLegare



Devin Nunes-“Why is General Flynn Important? Because He Was Framed By His Own Government!!” #HumanScum @DevinNunes @GenFlynn ⭐️⭐️⭐️ @realDonaldTrump @SidneyPowell1 @KerriKupecDOJ @JosephJFlynn1 @TomFitton https://t.co/TUR7CYfa4j

— Barbara(Flynn)⭐️⭐️⭐️Redgate #WhoLeakedGenFlynn (@BarbaraRedgate) April 26, 2020

Small video from Barbara Flynn Redgate.


Trump won't debate That Scumbag; he'll debase him.

Pendejo Biden.


WH Presser cancelled:

ICYMI it appears there’s no #coronavirus Task Force briefing again today. If you see a comparable event open to the public (like Saturday’s NASA presentation), plz tag me on the notice & I’ll RT. TY.

Zeke Miller @ZekeJMiller
WH schedule update: The 5PM press briefing has been canceled.


Jim Eagle

If you thought Adam Schiff couldn't get more partisan and escalate his idiocy then you need to read this Breitbart article. Just go to the Chris Hayes interview section. Whoever here once posted that all these CoVid19 deaths would be blamed on Trump were spot on.

What a despicable human being.



Less "exposure" for Fotchy and Bricks.

What's the Re-Opening Task Force up to?

Start shaking the Governors' trees.


Not a FBer, so someone will please go check this?


"Hospital administrators might well want to see COVID-19 attached to a discharge summary or a death certificate. Why? Because if it's a straight-forward, garden-variety pneumonia that a person is admitted to the hospital for — if they're Medicare — typically the diagnosis-related group lump sum payment would be $5,000. But if it's COVID-19 pneumonia, then it's $13,000 and if that COVID-19 pneumonia patient ends up on a ventilator it goes up to $39,000."


I knew the CARES Act put a 20% Medicare payout premium for Covid-19 diagnosis, I'm just questioning that these numbers are being discussed, because there's a beeeg difference between 20% and 300%.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

It has been 'fact checked' as true by both USA Today and FB fact checkers, Mel.

Google USA Today using some key words and you will find their article on it.

Really pisses a lot of people off... and tis why PA redid their numbers after their CORONERS raised hell.


For Adam Schiff:

In My Own Dream


I have been taking prescription strength Famatodine for years. Heard about this today.


Maybe I can swap my neighbor a “dime bag” of famatodine for a couple “hits” of hydroxychloroquine:)


I don't have to check it Mel, I already know it's true. That's why everyone who dies these days die of coronavirus.

If you don't believe me, check the numbers of deaths from other things. They are pretty much gone. So I guess coronavirus kills all other causes.

Thomas Collins

I'll deal with it, Extraneus. Destiny and Tatiana will still look good in masks!


Nothing wrong with Adam Schiff that broken limbs and smash mouth wouldn’t fix.

I’m OK with him being pushed around Congress in a wheelchair with his jaw wired shut.


Univision taking major pipe due to ad revenues collapse.

Layoffs, furloughs.

Welcome to Punyvision.

Ya. Be safe. Lock it down. London Breed-o and Gov. Gruesome still be gettin paid.


Thumb squash Schiff's eyeballs. Pendejo cabron.

Comanche Voter

The jug eared bug eyed pencil necked Congressional geek is what you scrape off your shoe after dog walkers haven't picked up after Fido's Schiff.

And he aspires to be--and most probably will be--California's next Senator. He makes Tailgunner Joe McCarthy look like an amateur when it comes to abusing power.

Old Lurker

WSJ Paywall but you get the gist here:


Tom R


I get the impression the resurfacing of the Tara Reade sexual assault allegations are an inside hit job by the DNC. I wouldn’t be surprised if their plan all along has been to replace Biden on the ticket once he had the nomination locked up.


Who said it:

3. Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards.

Actually, it doesn’t even matter but it’s from a progtard. As if a) they even give a shit about “moral standards” and b) they apply them equally to everyone. It is to laugh. And, yes, this is in regard to Joementia.



In case your curiosity was getting the best of you.



it must be remembered a major part of this problem which has come back to bite us was created by the Obama/Biden administration and the medical device tax that was included in ObamaCare that was supposed to defray the costs of this doomed-to-failure new entitlement program. . . . Apart from forcing companies to cancel expansion plans and/or move overseas, one immediate effect of the medical device tax was to destroy jobs in an industry belatedly considered as part of our national security in an age of China-spawned pandemics.”

Best and Brightest, folks.


There she goes again.

Nancy Pelosi: ‘We Expect a Return on This Money. When We Invest in Food Stamps, That’s Stimulus.’

Tom R

A good observation on that Ace thread:

If it is being allowed to "trend" on Twitter, then it is an inside op at this point. The DNC has made their decision.


Trump will do a briefing today- 5:00 as currently scheduled.


OK, I am up for a little bit until I get fussed at.

1. Adam Schiff has GOT to be guilty of some horrible crime. I mean REALLY horrible, not something like embezzlement. That's the kind of low rent, piker crime that won't turn heads.

He acts like he's in such a depraved, hate-filled grudge at President Trump that he's afraid he's going to be executed or something.

2. I don't think Joe will make it to the convention. Besides being incoherent and blank-looking, he's looks older than he is, he's a crook and a bully, and a dirty old man.

3. I do not think Michelle will get the nomination because she is not interested in finance, foreign policy, or anything serious. When she was first lady all she ever cared about was fashion (and it was BAD fashion) and having parties. (ANYONE SEEN THE GIRLS?)

4. Boy, is the DC Rumor mill going strong! I am not putting anything down in black and white, but all sorts of things are swirling around the capital!

Old Lurker

MM "but all sorts of things are swirling around the capital!"

Except anything that might, you know, help the country?



Thanks for the briefing news. I hope it's as enjoyable as Thursday's!


Old Lurker,

OK, here's one: not only will General Flynn be exonerated but the President will make him the new head of the FBI!


Ah snorfle kev.

Old Lurker

Now that would make my day for sure, MM.

Heads would explode in the Senate Confirmation Rooms.

Another Bob

"Definitely murkier than Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown, since those were only murky to folks who were relying on emotion and pre-disposition."

I'll respectfully remind TM that, with very few exceptions, reporting on Martin and Brown started decidedly non-murky, but in precisely the opposite direction of what the facts later demonstrated.

Let's give it time.


Re TM’s post... vigilantism was popular among northern deplorables pre Reagan. See Charles Bronson.


Here in New York, the trial lawyers are getting shafted, despite their being one of the most powerful lobbies in Albany. The New York Courts are essentially shut down indefinitely which means the ambulance chasers are not making any money. I have to think that there must be some hot blue on blue action going on behind the scenes right now as these guys depend on a steady stream of settlements to fund their racket.


New York Cancels Democrat Presidential Primary over Coronavirus

(AP) — In an unprecedented move, New York has canceled its Democratic presidential primary originally scheduled for June 23 amid the coronavirus epidemic.

The Democratic members of the State’s Board of Elections voted Monday to nix the primary. New York will still hold its congressional and state-level primaries on June 23.

New York Democratic Party chair Jay Jacobs has said that the cancellation of the state’s presidential primary would mean a lower expected turnout and a reduced need for polling places.

“It just makes so much sense given the extraordinary nature of the challenge,” Jacobs said last week.

Wouldn't fewer polling places mean higher densities of people, just like what they did with the subways by running fewer trains?


Old Lurker,

I don't know if General Flynn would take it, but it would do my heart to see gumshoes scattering left and right, as well as RECORDINGS of interviews. If they need a typewritten transcript then have someone type it up afterwards.

One thing I know is that President Trump prizes loyalty, and other than family, Flynn is about as loyal as he can get.


People are soon going to be reminded that Malthus was absolutely right— without all of the accoutrements of 21st century life this planet cannot support 7.7 billion humans.

2017: A meat cutter goes to work at the Smithfield plant with the flu, infects his co-workers, and one of the coworkers goes home and infects his wife. His wife infects the kids in her home daycare. One of those kids has a mom who is a nurses aide at the nursing home. She gets infected and passes it to a patient. Who passes it to staff members, and from there other patients.

Two patients die.

2020: The meat cutter gets the CCPV from his coworker and goes home and infects his wife. His wife infects the kid (singular) in her home daycare. Because of the shutdown, the only kid coming to the daycare is the one who has a mom who is a nurses aide at the nursing home. (“Essential worker” you know.) She gets infected and passes it to a patient. Who passes it to staff members, and from there other patients.

Two patients die.

As soon as the nursing home patients show up with CCPV, the Health Department realizes that they have an outbreak and start contact tracing which leads them to testing pork plant workers, who are mostly young and don’t know they are infected, and now know because of the tests. So the pork plant shuts down, too. Lather rinse repeat all over the world.

7 billion people die of starvation, violence, exposure, etc.

Notice that the two nursing home patients die either way, because shutting down “non-essential” activity while “essential” activity continues doesn’t stop viruses from spreading. And doesn’t really even slow them down.

To prevent an infectious agent from reaching a vulnerable person you have to prevent the virus from reaching the people that the vulnerable person comes in contact with. As long as you allow contact between “essential” and “non-essential” people, it’s irrelevant whether you allow the “non-essential” people to work, go to school, etc.

matt - deplore me if you must

I am afraid that the cure is worse than the illness, now. When the major supply chain participants warn of disruption, one should heed those warnings.

A combination of reduced supply and a near before seen flood of dollars chasing it will lead to major inflation.Supply chains across product types are in disarray.

Just got a very nice order from one of the major semiconductor manufacturers and sure enough some components are long lead time because of the shutdowns. Instead of 8 weeks we are looking at 12-16 weeks. this will, I think, be standard.

Apple seems to be delaying their latest iPhone and others will be doing the same. A few trillion in keeping the doors open money will do little to spark market demand for a very wide swathe of goods. We need to get people back to work ASAP.

Airlines, hotels, entertainment, etc. will probably be the last to recover as people focus on basic needs.

Then again, if re-shoring does become a reality we could see a real economic boomlet. Prices will go up, but it is probably worth it to ensure we don't have to rely on a bunch of corrupt, lying, thieving bastards again.

Old Lurker

Matt "A combination of reduced supply and a near before seen flood of dollars chasing it will lead to major inflation.Supply chains across product types are in disarray."

Last week the online asking price for a single packet of yeast was $27.50. Who knows if it sold.


Hey, where's our PAL THEO? He should weigh in on the FULL COMMIE DEMOTARDS being "just like us'.


Matt, we will never have a shortage of corrupt, lying, thieving bastards. On or off shore.


Ext, AOC is being primaried on June 23 by Michelle Caruso-Cabrera, a CNBC personality. Not sure if the New York Dem Party Chair Jay Jacobs is an AOC supporter. (hopefully her fifteen minutes is up, but who knows.)


Trump administration discloses how much NJ has gotten so far
to fight Coronavirus.



Maria B. with rep. Collins:



hopefully her fifteen minutes is up, but who knows

Seems longer than that...😉

Tom R

During the trial of Flynn's business partners, one of Flynn's Covington lawyers testified Flynn has never paid them for the criminal defense legal services. The only thing Flynn paid them for was their services in filing his FARA paperwork.

In light of the info we have now that Covington themselves may be corrupt and did not provide Flynn with legal representation in his best interest, does Flynn have any kind of legal recourse to avoid paying Covington the several million dollars they billed him?


Take ten minutes and watch this video:


It made my day. What a freaking scam.



Hartford, WI mayor to allow businesses to reopen next week under new guidelines



MT & Mel...I eagerly await A-mom's take on that video.

Please repost the video if you are able. Thanks.

Captain Hate

I wouldn’t be surprised if their plan all along has been to replace Biden on the ticket once he had the nomination locked up.

They don't have any good choices. To trash the selection process for some random shmoe would be really dumb.


Just in time:



So if Biden drops out, do they start again? Does it go to Bernie? Or maybe Dr. Biden?

The finally opened the poopy park! Made kiwi’s day!

Captain Hate

I think this is the video (I wish people would relink things from prior threads when talking about them)


Manuel Transmission

I’ve been mulling kev’s MOAB from the previous thread and I’d like to restate the basic idea. Are we actually destroying something like a couple $Trillion per month primarily on the unsubstantiated concept that asymptomatic people can spread the virus? And, if kev’s comment is correct, it was initiated by some 3rd hand comment in the NEJM and then removed? Dear Whatever!

(BTW after a couple months, my brain still reads asymptomatic as asymptotic.)



These geniuses in the mainstream media and their pals in the Democrat party sure are big on telling everybody to stay under self-imposed house arrest, but perhaps your author is the only one noticing they trash every single suggestion for how to treat this thing.

Maybe none of these methods work. Or maybe the media and the Left actually LIKE the shutdown. And what would it say about them if that was the case?

Note to Mr. McKay: there is no “maybe” about what the MFM wants.

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