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April 05, 2020



pretty sure the authorities look away at illegal markets.


and are we really surprised that bloomberg would be repeating communist propaganda.


If they were taught by tribe or ogletree abandon all hope.


Change my mind.

Tito's is only 40% alcohol and hand sanitizers recommend 70+%.

Of course, the alcohol may be there to boil off and toast the little buggers ...



Does that mean I can use DAWN to clean my hands?


Ok Ig, I'll cut Gates some slack for predicting the inevitable. Same for Fauci in that matter.

But I still find it suspect that Gates is pushing for medical mandates with vaccines which greatly benefits big pharma.


Jane's Tito is VERY VERY expensive. Make me an offer!

Manuel Transmission

Oh, and BTW, even though my idea is partly snark, I guarandamntee that I could go raise a few mil, develop a device that ends up costing $50k, take ten years to get through the FDA and it would eventually be considered golden by the grandees — and all just something you can do in your kitchen.


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Yes, Jane.

Dave (in MA)

Sorry, sbw.



Speaking of OH dem lunatics.


Dawn is a good substitute for Madge's Palmolive, and washing your hands with soap is a high-percentage positive thing to do.


I am mystified why some of the animal rights groups haven't made a fuss about the wet markets. My daughter was horrified by them, and SHE felt sorry for the BAT, let alone the dogs and cats and other critters!



I saw that tweet about a referral to The Hague early this morning. I figured it was some leftist who had found a reference to it in a guide book or something.


those activist groups know what side their bread is buttered on.

much easier to pester me about using disposable plastic bags and straws and getting softheaded city councils to "ban" disposable plastics than to do something dangerous or helpful.


Jane - a New York trauma doctor who is currently only treating the Chinese flu patients (yes, I said it!) stated that the virus itself is a "wimp" in that it is easily killed with almost any soap. He stressed if you have a choice, use soap rather than sanitizer. BUT when you are out and about - use the sanitizer until you can get home to use soap & water.

James D.

I am mystified why some of the animal rights groups haven't made a fuss about the wet markets.

Because they don't actually give a crap about animal rights. They're just leftist busybodies who want to make life worse for average Americans (by pestering us to go vegan, agitating against people having pets, shutting down circuses and zoos, etc etc etc) without regard to whether what they push would actually benefit animals.

And of course they are silent about hideous practices in other countries, especially communist countries, because they're communists themselves.


Oh, look:

Brian Stelter

Just announced: CBS, ABC, NBC networks are coming together to air "ONE WORLD: TOGETHER AT HOME" Saturday, April 18... Colbert, Kimmel and Fallon will co-host. It'll be on broadcast + more than a dozen cable channels, YouTube, radio, etc.


Global Citizen and WHO are also involved.

I think I would rather watch a Trump rally replay.


On that athleticism discussion from upthread, Althouse has a piece about a 44-year old “2-time NYC Marathon finisher” who was at death’s door. Of course it’s a Today Show story so it leaves out the name of the “experimental drug treatment” that may have saved him, and that he had “exercise-induced asthma.” Evidently it was more important for Samantha Guthrie to tell us about his loving husband.

James D.

MM @ 1:53

I'd rather watch just about anything else than that garbage.


FCC Rejects Petition By Far-Left Media Group To Censor Trump Press Briefings

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rejected a request by the far-left media group “Free Press” to censor President Donald Trump’s press conferences on Monday. Last week, the liberal media group had filed a petition with the FCC to constrain public access to updates on the federal response to the ongoing public health pandemic by mandating television disclaimers to the president and media figures who possess opposing political views from Free Press.

“At best,” the FCC wrote in a letter announcing its decision, “the Petition rests on a fundamental misunderstanding of the Commission’s limited role in regulating broadcast journalism. And at worst, the Petition is a brazen attempt to pressure broadcasters to squelch their coverage of a President that Free Press dislikes and silence other commentators with whom Free Press disagrees.”

“Tellingly, the single concrete example provided by Free Press of alleged substantial public harm from broadcasters airing the President’s remarks highlights the weakness of its argument,” the FCC said, explaining the absurdity of the group’s claim. “It was not reasonably foreseeable that a broadcaster’s decision to air this statement would result in viewers or listeners ingesting cleaning products as a preventative measure to protect themselves from COVID-19.”

There have been lots of seamstresses who linked up from facebook as well as the Next Door Neighbor email groups. They've been sewing masks like crazy for the hospital, nursing homes, hospices, our cancer support center, as well as other church-run charity groups for the past two weeks.

Also, several women have advertised on Next Door and facebook that they're selling them. Two that I know of got so many orders, they had to close for awhile.

I'm on a group for two masks on facebook started by a hair stylist who is out of work right now because of the shelter order. She has a little girl to support. $10 each. Her masks have the pockets for a filter. Several of the women sewing the masks are using vacuum bag filters -- supposedly this makes them Hepa compliant. (?) Most vacuum bags contain Hepa filters. (This lady has 52 people on her list to make masks for right now -- probably each person wants more than one.)

A friend of mine has sewed over 100 masks this past week and coordinated supplies among seamstresses for local nursing homes, the hospital, doctor's offices, places that aid low income families, etc.

The woman making masks that I've ordered from told me her first order was for 20 masks going to Georgia. She said she was going to get those finished and mailed this past weekend.


Wyoming has a population of 577,000 spread out over 90,000 square miles and zero coronavirus deaths but the media is mad that they haven't gone into a full lockdown. Stupidity doesn't begin to describe this.



This is a perceptive comment left after Brian Stelter's tweet about that "comedy special" that is going to air April 18:

The Kate Awakening

#HollywoodJustFoundOut that an awakened public has no use for them.


I'm in a battle with my park to re-open the poopie park. I'm telling you, old people are the worst. They keep saying how they have to save the people who live here. I told her she can't, we have to save ourselves. My only advantage is I can say legal shit they don't understand, but it's up to the board and they are very narrow minded.


Great point:

Matt, the reason the public health establishment is so desperate to force every state into lockdown is to avoid the possibility of having a control group; if no free states exist, we can’t test their outcomes against those that quarantined.



The elections must be stolen... or cancelled until they can be.


Joint Statement with @SenFitzgerald: We are immediately challenging this executive order in the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.




On the eve of the election, with a critical race for WI Supreme Court--and with fed courts refusing to cancel the election, @GovEvers attempts to cancel by executive order. So #ThisIsWhatDemocracyLooksLIke? Looks more like a dictatorship to me. content.govdelivery.com/attachments/WI… @empowerwi


Dave (in MA)
Oh, some nitbrain from Akron. She might be gone after the census.
Ah, a State Rep, not part of the DC contingent.

JMH: Yes, we made lots of videos. :) Was fun.

Just remembered, we used Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik for some of the rides. Lots of different music because our showcase event was produced for over ten years. One year I created a ride that used the theme from the Battle of Midway movie. Movies always provided lots of great riding music that the crowds loved. :)

Mozart: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qb_jQBgzU-I

Midway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QXB5vbajFk

Of course we used Western movie themes, too, which are great fun, big and bold, just like the horses. :)

I had to splice, cut, combine different types of music (for the time, trots are two beats, canters three beats) -- it was so much fun to create the ride then find music to fit. Also, one year I called the riders The Redcoats, and had a seamstress make red military-style riding jackets (I took her a few pictures of Queen Elizabeth's troops for the style I wanted) and had her use gold braid and a bit of black styling on them for the girls to wear. Was so much fun (I repeat myself.) :) Should I denounce myself? :)


One year we had a ride that used part of The Magnificent Seven -- talk about a thrill to ride to:


Our president wanted us to use mostly classical, but the solo riders started out doing that, but then used various music styles like I did. (I used exactly what I wanted to.) :)

Captain Hate

Ah, a State Rep, not part of the DC contingent.

No, I think those dopes sent her to DC. I was just making a general comment about the usual post census drain.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I think I would rather watch a Trump rally replay.--

I think I would rather watch weasels rip my flesh.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Italy finally dipped below 4000 new cases today for the first time since Mar 19th.


Excellent choices joan


I know I'm not contributing to the research on the virus and I'm off topic, but I find that I can only stand so much. I did almost vomit after watching a bit of John Berman's interrogation and attempted shaming of Navarro on CNN. I stupidly thought since Navarro seems so well spoken and intelligent that some truth would get out, but Berman ended up arguing and asking Navarro why he thought he knew more than the premier expert Dr. Fauci.

Gagging material, watched by accident.


I never say never--I hate these kinds of running commentary things, but sometimes, ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

AB--There’s a lot of groupthink - and risk aversion - in medicine, Cathyf.
Truer words have never been written.

cathy f how did we come to the conclusion that what we are seeing in the patients is ARDS and that a ventilator is the right treatment? Is the ventilator really helping?

Yes, it helps, initially anyway, because you can deliver a much higher FIO2--100%,if need be, as well as remove the work of breathing, and open closed areas of the lungs with continuous positive pressure, so when somebody is about to die breathing on their own, they get better.
But all those things can--and do--damage lungs too.

If it's mainly the hemoglobin poisoning, what is needed is exchange transfusions--pulling off the patient's blood then replacing it with donors blood, while doing something to kill the virus--or giving hydroxychloroquine, to protect the transfused hemoglobin from the virus.

jimmy k
Economists aren't good for much, but they understand that you don't need controlled experiments in order to have "evidence."
(don't dis economists--my oldest's bachelor degree is in economics)

You do when there is placebo effect to account for. Change my mind.

james d
I feel like the constant lunatic rants against the President and her proud "resistance" membership is more a cry for help than anything else, because if she were actually happy and healthy, she wouldn't be posting profane rants on social media multiple times a day or regularly attending protests.

But I can't see any way to say that and be heard, so when I talk to her I keep only to safe topics to keep a relationship going

I did it like this with my cousin:
"You seem to be look for someone to take care of you, to make everything all better, and screaming when that isn't happening.
Most people learns sometime during their adolescence that won't be happening in life."
Wonder why I haven't heard back??

sbw--send your sister my 11:24 That will show her--it's SCIENCE!

Cathy f
If the health authorities wanted to do something useful for us, they should be carefully examining exercise videos so that they can recommend the best ones for building aerobic capacity safely.

You're about a light year ahead of many of them. Be your own health authority.
The sooner people figure this out, the better. Once again---buy and read Undoctored

Captain Hate

I know I'm not contributing to the research on the virus

Nobody else is.


Guaranteed to raise your heart rate.
Less than five minutes. Do it three times a day


(not so sure about that nitric acid dump thing he's talking about)


I think I would rather watch weasels rip my flesh.


Brian Stelter would ALSO rather watch weasels rip your flesh. MY consolation is knowing that watching me watch a Trump rally would get him more upset!


"Nobody else is."

Posted by: Captain Hate | April 06, 2020 at 02:38 PM

FTW LMFAO-again! 🍻🏴‍☠️


Surely, the models weren't wrong, so it must be Trump.
Donald Trump has saved us.


Gates must be psychic?

or he saw Contagion, which came out in 2012.


Extraneous, this is for you since you made that nice post to me about not giving in to despair over my grandchildren, I worked on several videos singing to my grandchildren this weekend. Was. So. Much. Fun.

For the 15-year-old girl: A Million Dreams. Used instrumental video on youtube that provides the lyrics, like karaoke does. The backing tapes on most of the music are really good, sound professional

The 13-year old girl: Paul McCartney's This Never Happened Before. Changed the lyrics where it says 'lovers' to her name AJ. Her name is Adrienne James (James is for my husband. The older girl is named Reagan (named for President Reagan. Her middle name is my maiden name, Nichols.)

I looked and looked for a song for our 10-year old grandson. Tried Louis Armstrong's A Wonderful Word. The instrumental backing key is so low, and my voice was tired, so tried several more. Just couldn't find one to fit a football, basketball, soccer playing 10-year old, so I tried country. lol. I changed lyrics as I sang along to the backing tape but hadn't really thought ahead (cause I was tired and wanted to get him a song since I sent the girls to them immediately). Didn't work. I used football once, then ended up singing about beer and whiskey. Sent it just for fun to our daughter, and she texted back this morning that it is perfect. (I doubt he'll ever hear it.) The girls liked their's. :) I asked them to make me one.

The three children and their dad (who is a teacher) started their online 'schooling' this morning. School provides chromebooks. Our daughter said they were actually 'excited.' They were on spring break the middle of March and have been home since then.

Which is good. :)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Re the idiotic calls we won't get back to normal til we have a vaccine, as amom has pointed out several times we still don't have a vaccine for HIV. And there is no vaccine for SARS 1 and it's been 17 years since it appeared.
What did the world do prior to measles, smallpox and polio vaccines? Huddle around smudge pots in caves?

Bill Gates; the perfect hero for our time. Forget the Georges; Washington and Patton. Now we have to listen to a mousy little nerdnik who only got rich because IBM didn't want to buy back the crap software he and Paul Allen had conjured and he ended up with a virtual monopoly selling stuff so prone to break ins, catastrophic failures and bugs in any other industry they would have been immediately belly-up and sunk to the seafloor where the bottom feeders would attempt to extract something of value from his carcass.
Instead the bespectacled little pimple sits there in his little sweater lecturing us about how we're going to have to live with no income for a year or two because...eff him.

Manuel Transmission

If daddy was still with us, he could have written this:

FedEx still operating close to peak internationally, but we’ve slowed severely domestically.

Balances out financially, as we’re still “above the line” (reference our last quarterly earnings statement).

We’ve pulled 4 “semi-retired” FedEx MD-11s out of the desert and sent them to the Pacific (where I’ve been operating for the past 2 ½ months).

Every run we’re flying there (between Honolulu, Sydney, Guangzhou, Osaka, Narita, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, etc…) are maxed out.

No one else flying, so all that residual cargo is being directed our way. That being said, every route is nearly empty, and every airport is completely full of parked jets. A couple of examples:
Flew from Osaka to Beijing during 1 segment of a trip, and saw only 2 additional aircraft airborne the entire flight.
During the time we fly that route (one of the busiest in the world), nearly 100+ additional aircraft are normally airborne.
Silence on the radio, from the controllers, etc… most pacific airports have 1 controller that now covers regional approach, tower, and ground… ALL 3 of them.
We landed in Beijing and were the only moving aircraft the entire time we taxied in, dropped our cargo, reloaded, and taxied out.
Saw 2 other aircraft moving on the ground as we took off. But that was it.
Literally 600+ aircraft parked in every square inch of concrete on that airport.
Beijing (and most airports like it) are down to 1 runway, with all additional being used as parking lots for aircraft. Very eerie to see it like that.

Was lucky enough to have a United deadhead back from Osaka to SFO at the conclusion of one of my runs.
Osaka is one of the busiest international “jump-off points” in Japan, and FedEx has a great facility there.
From the time I made my way from the FedEx aircraft we landed there, checked in through one of the largest customs facilities I’ve ever seen (at Osaka International), took an inter-airport train to the international terminal, and finally made my way to the only 1 of 6 lounges open to await my flight’s departure (United), I only saw 2 people in the entire airport terminal. TWO.
That United flight was on a 787, and Polaris Business Class (which normally holds about 36 people) had 4 of us in it. The entire aircraft had about 40 people total… most were United employees (aircrew and attendants) repositioning back to the United States after their routes had been cancelled.
This was United’s last flight between Osaka and SFO for a long while (apparently), and there were many hugs and tears with United personnel, Japan airport folks they knew, etc…
And the entire United ground crew lined up in a formation to solute the aircraft as we departed… reminded me of Navy cruises when we were launching aircraft to head back to the beach after 6+ months.
Global devastation and economic impacts are very apparent as one travels as much as we do internationally.

This is going to take YEARS to recover, and return any semblance of “normalcy” (if that term is even relevant any longer) to many areas all over the globe.

Incredible to see the lengths FedEx goes to, to keep us all healthy and protected through this mess.

My hats off to our dispatchers, ground managers, and everyone on the team who’s making it happen safely for us all… as regulations and customs requirements literally change day to day… flight by flight.


You do when there is placebo effect to account for.

Why bother? There are many people who have taken the drugs, and many who haven't. Just break down the statistics by dosage, age, sex, country, race, pre-existing condition, at what stage they were given the medication(s), and anything else that might be relevant. There has to be more existing data than any clinical trial could possibly have.

I'm obviously missing something, but why care if someone thinks they've improved? Either they test negative or they don't. If there's a psychological effect that can cure people, great!


Nice, Joan. You sure are a vibrant 79-year-old!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--This is going to take YEARS to recover--

To the extent the government gets in the way, that's true.


Hey! Look at this!!!


"The Committee shall be composed of the following members (Committee Members):

(i) the Secretary of Defense;

(ii) the Attorney General;

(iii) the Secretary of Homeland Security; and

(iv) the head of any other executive department or agency, or any Assistant to the President, as the President determines appropriate."

Do you think he might decide Rudy Guiliani is appropriate? General Flynn?
Anyone who thinks President Trump hasn't been paying attention is wrong.

This was signed on Saturday. I would like to know if this means that certain persons could be removed from stock ownership, boards, employment, etc. I bet that press pool will be hot when this finally comes to their pea-brained attention! HA!


Madonna wants everyone to give money to Bill Gates in a carefully crafted message espousing unity, while wearing a shirt with Satan on the cross, just before Easter.
I'm starting to think we've been taken hostage, like for realz. WTH?? What is happening?



Guilty pleasure: Watching a man lie like a rug to stay relevant before doom:

Adam Schiff
Trump's conduct at his coronavirus “briefings”—spreading misinformation, contradicting medical experts, and attacking reporters—demonstrates both a lack of leadership and why we need real oversight.

His decisions now are a matter of life and death. Accountability matters.


[Reporter's "Deer-in-the-headlights" stare is worth it.]


Can't someone superglue that maniac's blowhole shut?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I looked and looked for a song for our 10-year old grandson. Tried Louis Armstrong's A Wonderful Word. The instrumental backing key is so low, and my voice was tired, so tried several more.--

Shoulda used Joey Ramone's version. :)


You guys whose background is in computing are so fortunate that you went that way. I try and use programs I know nothing about, and instructions are never there or understandable.

To video and record those songs for my grandchildren, I used the camera on my laptop (because I wanted them to see me singing) and held my phone with youtube on the song so I could see the lyrics. (Camera didn't show, and it made it nicer visually because I wasn't staring into the camera all of the time.) However jerry rigged my efforts were, I ended up with a nice video with me singing. Then I tried to send the Mp3 several times, but for some reason, the videos wouldn't go. Was so aggravated. I finally took my phone and recorded the video as it played on my laptop instead. I WhatsApped each one to our daughter.

I still can't figure out why the MP3 wouldn't transmit by email or sharing function. I did discover something called 'casting' to another device. Tried it and all of a sudden there I was singing on our big TV. :) Was sort of startling. I also tried Bluetooth, but didn't know what I was doing.

By the way, this was fun. Really fun. Just aggravating because I patched things together. I should have used 'baling wire' -- when we lived in the country for a few years (because of horses) my husband never tossed baling wire, lumber, or fence posts. "You always can use these', he'd tell me. Actually, baling wire is really handy -- just not for recording videos. :)



That's a screaming underhand softball pitch at an as currently unawares Mike Bloomberg.


Tony Evil, apparition/WI is having a question and answer session via phone, at his desk.

This is brutally painful to watch. I mean it's like watching someone get de-pants-ed. It's clownish, and this piece of shit, can't answer the most simple question.
Governor Evil, what is your shoe size?
Can't answer. Grandpa, needs to be put in a home, or worse.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Can't someone superglue that maniac's blowhole shut?--

Looking back over the maniac's mentioned on this page alone means either you're gonna have to really narrow it down or buy superglue by the 55 gallon drum.


Wasn’t Navarro the gal who stood on the coast of Africa looking out to sea and said she didn’t see any problems?


Marx had a word for that:

U.S. companies are finding out they don't own their own factories in China. When they tried to export THEIR medical equipment, the Chinese government stopped them: nypost.com/2020/04/05/tru… @nypost



I've stopped listening/reading ANONAMOM and my 2 new go-to's are Dr Bill (Gates) and Dr Jill (DEMENTIA). They are soooooooper Doctors and Medical pro's. Also another Bill leads the way.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--U.S. companies are finding out they don't own their own factories in China. When they tried to export THEIR medical equipment, the Chinese government stopped them...--

When you lie down with bats...


SC may not have a shelter in place order, but they make up for it! No burning of any kind starting tomorrow because it could cause issues for someone with Wuhan virus...in a state with 2k cases and 44 deaths...sheesh...


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Bill Gates is rapidly climbing the totem pole of target practice atop which Emperor Xi squats.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Boris taken to intensive care. :(



I am not very good with legal language, so maybe Jane can take a look at it. I agree Bloomberg is one such target, but I bet there are others. Did Bezos ever become a citizen?

That Bloomberg reporter that is such a pain is surely going to be hot and bothered over that EO. Ha!


it may not require a 55 gal drum, Ig :)



Boris Johnson in ICU

Captain Hate

I erred, Dave; that stupid Hague loving bint is in the Ohio House, like you said.


COVID 19 deaths in Chicago follows FBI Table 43: https://twitter.com/maosparrow/status/1247225151634190337?s=21


(don't dis economists--my oldest's bachelor degree is in economics)

That was an attempt at self-deprecation.

You do when there is placebo effect to account for. Change my mind.

As ext pointed out, it's not clear that it matters in these circumstances. I'd let those who are worried for some reason about a placebo effect do their experiments to test that. In the meantime, look at the nonexperimental data thus far.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I've seen many questions about the government grabbing rights under emergency orders and telling us what to do and how we the people need to do this and that. And people saying the government shouldn't be doing this or that.

But the fundamental issue I haven't heard discussed much is how these emergency declarations function to begin with. In a still quasi-self-governing country just exactly who gets to decide what constitutes an emergency and how long it lasts? What if the government says a disease is an emergency but a substantial, perhaps even a majority of the people say it isn't?
Puny checks of rapidly devaluing dollars written by an overdrawn Fed to millions of people who have very little chance of being harmed even if they do get sick is not going to hold people off very long. The economic pain has barely even begun to be felt.
They had better listen to the sensible middle way rather than the Fauci and Gates absolutists [whether well meaning or not is irrelevant] or that spark for an insurrection I supposed was some distance down the road may be a lot closer than anyone thought.
I believe Trump has the good sense to see that but he can't control the governors and even a slight uptick in cases would be pounced on if the great hunkering is relaxed.
Things are going to get pretty dicey as the tension between economic destruction and total lockdown increases.


Catching up , far behind. Thanks for answerign MJW (?Pacific time dweller?)

MJW, you wrote that "ethics boards " monitor clinical studies.

My terminology -- referring to them as "ethics panels" -- was incorrect, for which I apologize. However, my main point -- that there's sometimes a non-blinded group monitoring the results -- was correct, as my link to the abstract shows.

Though calling the group an "ethics panel" was wrong, being naturally defensive, I'll defend it to some extent. The primary reason for having such a group is to avoid the unethical situation of significantly harming the treatment group, or denying a clearly effective treatment to the control group. The decision to terminate a trial early for either of those reasons is clearly an ethical determination.

I'm actually a Mountain Time night owl.

Jim Eagle

Don't matter CH, we don't recognize the International Court of Promoting Full Socialism in the Hague.


Boris taken to intensive care.

Yikes. The story does say "as a precaution, in case he needs a ventilator." But still not good. He's only 55, haven't seen anything about health issues.

James D.

What if the government says a disease is an emergency but a substantial, perhaps even a majority of the people say it isn't?

Then it depends on how willing the police (or the National Guard) are to shoot their neighbors, doesn't it?


Speaking of WET MARKETS, this whole situation is a FASCIST ....read DEMOCATS' WET DREAM.

Fucking imagine, just fucking imagine DJT by executive order, cancelled or postponed an election.

Question for all of you. If I could beat the living shit out of someone, should it be SCHIFF or STELTER.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Or how willing their neighbors are willing to shoot police and guardsmen who side with the state against the people.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Personally I would grab butterball Stelter by the ankles and use him to beat the living shit out of Schiff.
Or vice versa.


They already ran drills based around an election. Computer attacks, biological attacks, war. They gamed all of these things out


People have really gone crazy -- look at these mask 'improvisations' -- it got so crazy half-way through, I couldn't finish.


Jim Eagle

Stelter not worth your effort, GUS. He is on a airport gate distration device. But Schiff? He is a seditionist of the highest order. In fact, if you really want to take him down a peg, follow some of his staff to a local bar in Captial Hill, then start a ruckus with them:)

Captain Hate

I know, Jack, but facts like that mean nothing to that clown.

Tater's beard's rheumatoid arthritis is only the second most painful thing in her life.


Bill Gates needs a one way trip in a rocket sent out into the galaxy. He wants to tag our ears like livestock. The things he is advocating for is NOT normal.

Gates wants a digital certificate tracking device put inside your body that says you were vaccinated. That isn't NORMAL. We are NOT computers!

Since this technology will allow anyone to embed medical information directly into a person’s skin that can be simply read with a cell phone and an app, privacy issues are certainly legitimate concerns, and the developers of this technology even acknowledge this:


Dave (in MA)

joan, I can sympathize with your tech difficulties.

My 80something aunt just got her first smartphone. Fortunately she's decided that my younger brother is the best one to help her figure it out, not me.

Dave (in MA)

I think Pencilneck would be a lot easier to swing than Tater.

Jim Eagle

Not my Publix. We are strickly Scuba Divers.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A great point in john Fund's NR article;
Has Sweden Found the Right Solution to the Coronavirus?

This is, in fact, the first time we have quarantined healthy people rather than quarantining the sick and vulnerable. As Fredrik Erixon, the director of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels, wrote in The Spectator (U.K.) last week: “The theory of lockdown, after all, is pretty niche, deeply illiberal — and, until now, untested. It’s not Sweden that’s conducting a mass experiment. It’s everyone else.”


Ig: --U.S. companies are finding out they don't own their own factories in China. When they tried to export THEIR medical equipment, the Chinese government stopped them...--

When you lie down with bats...

I'm still laughing!

Thank you.


Markets closed up over 7%.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I think Pencilneck would be a lot easier to swing than Tater.--

Possibly but Schiff is pretty tall whereas Stelter looks about as tall as a Yukon Gold.

Jim Eagle


Which means that the stats are falling, right?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

May have already been linked but;
VDH; Corona Meltdowns

Is the bad and self-negating behavior of so many of Trump’s enemies setting him up for an even more impressive victory in the fall?


This is, in fact, the first time we have quarantined healthy people rather than quarantining the sick and vulnerable.

Someone at wattsup was arguing (kind of loosely imo) that the lockdown policies make no difference. Outcomes have been so variable it's hard to know. As with the drugs it might be possible to figure it out without an experiment, but probably not convincingly, as hardly any countries are left that haven't gone the full Monty. Even Sweden has started to increase their restrictions.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Social Distancing During the Black Death

One of the comforts of studying history is that, no matter how bad things get, you can always find a moment in the past when things were much, much worse. Some commentators on our current crisis have been throwing around comparisons to earlier pandemics, and the Black Death of 1347 — 50 inevitably gets mentioned. Please. The Black Death wiped out half the population of Europe in the space of four years.


I have no idea what it means. Wish I did!


The Black Death wiped out half the population of Europe in the space of four years.

Bill Gates is just getting warmed up. Not everyone bought Windows or upgraded to Windows10.


Milwaukee...RUN BY FULL COMMIES and PEEPS O'COLOR, is infecting and killing black mens. Yes mens.
How do we blame WHITEY for this?


So the Plague came from rats. CV came from bats. And now it's starting to infect cats???

I don't even want to think about the 4th word most kids learn to spell.

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