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April 06, 2020


Buford Gooch

It was never as bad as they tried to make us believe.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Grain of salt time but;
It is likely that Boris Johnson will be put on a ventilator according to Professor Derek Hill at UCL

Boris Johnson believes it's pretty bad.


Let's get back to work sooner rather than later.

Captain Hate

Sidebar item


Julie Ioffe doesn't understand why Trump is "hung up" on hydroxycholoroquine
Do not discount the very real possibility that these people seem almost inhuman is that they are diagnosable sociopaths and lunatics.
As I think Comics Matter recalled, Philip K. Dick came up with idea for the Replicants in Blade Runner (yes, I know, they were not called replicants and it was not called Blade Runner) when he was reviewing Nazi testimony about their atrocities. He realized that some people were only "people" on a very superficial level, but were missing something fundamental about peoplehood. He thus began imaging armies of artificial, but organic, "human beings" who were not in fact human. They only looked that way. It seems to me that Replicants abound in the world. They could not pass the Voigt-Kampff empathy test. Any "emotion" they show -- such as their daily outrages -- is in fact simply simulated emotion for public display in order to "pass."

JM Hanes

Sounds bad enough for Boris Johnson though. That sucks, big time.


I did not know that? I knew the book as written was unfilmable why they chose a noir motif

Another Bob

That twitter account? “UK Citizens Pandemic Action Group”?

Yeah, pass the salt.


Brought over from the end of the last thread:

Margot Cleveland
Old & Out: Trump is peddling snake oil.
New & Hot:

Kenneth P. Vogel
· 53m
If hydroxychloroquine becomes an accepted coronavirus treatment, several companies stand to profit, some with shareholders & execs connected to TRUMP.

Trump himself has a small interest in @Sanofi, which makes a brand-name hydroxychloroquine version. https://nytimes.com/2020/04/06/us/

Here is the thread by Ken Vogel and based on his story in the New York Times:


Vogel will be sorry he posted that, as a whole bunch of people know all sorts of things about Rosie O'Donnell, Ken Vogel, the New York Times, etc. and quite a few posted their opinions on that thread.

This is a perfect example of virtue signaling by the left. No realization that a whole bunch of people sympathize with Trump rather than O'Donnell.
Can't you see all of those NYT reporters feverishly combing through records looking for ANY connection between Boris Johnson and any of Trump's investments? Disgusting.


Can we get back to importing our replacements?


Blimey (redacted)


Captain Hate

The Overnight Thread should have fun with this

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially stopped being senior members of the British royal family on Wednesday months after they announced their decision to step away and move to North America. Now, Meghan is reportedly planning to make her return to acting, but she’s determined to only do so on her terms.
An inside source told Daily Mail that Meghan, 38, only wants to work with A-list directors in the hopes that she will secure a breakout role that will finally get her taken seriously as an actress. She is reportedly worried that critics will be especially hard on her, so she wants to make sure that only the best of the best directors are attached to her projects.

The source said that Meghan has “been telling her agents that she wants Ava DuVernay involved, and that they need to find the right script.” While Meghan has already been flooded with offers, the insider said that “she thinks the majority of them are cheesy and beneath her.”

Here is the Horde's opportunity to cast Meghan and create the movie titles she could/should star in.


Oops, posted to the dead thread.

Lots of topics to catch up on.
My Bosch dryer is a PITA. Don't ever get one.

We have one. It's ok, but I'm glad for once we got the extended warranty, because it's needed a repair in each of the last two years. The washer is fine. We have to go with the eurotrash models to fit in the tiny space we have. Before that we had Asko, which was more repair-free at least the first 10 years, but we heard the newer models were junk.

22 hrs of back labor

Mrs K had about 30 hours of labor (it seems the baby's head was too big or her mom was too small), and at some point I think something not good happening to the baby's heart rate, so they decided for a C-section. In the meantime, I'd been sitting there all day and was starving, so I'd gone out to grab a bite to eat, so I almost missed it. Got back with my takeout just as they were getting ready to wheel her to the OR.


I just watched this. You should too. 30+ years in epidemiology and modeling, much of it for The Rockefeller University. He says Fauci plan is a joke, will get more people killed, and guarantees a second wave by preventing herd immunity & more.https://t.co/0bdAeeN6rH

— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) April 7, 2020

Video at the link.


Absolutely Insane

"Foreign workers brought to the U.S. on the H-2A & H-2B visa programs, through a fast-tracked process by the State Department, will ONLY undergo additional medical screening if they have symptoms of the Chinese coronavirus" -@JxhnBinder



If hydroxychloroquine becomes an accepted coronavirus treatment, several companies stand to profit, some with shareholders & execs connected to TRUMP.

Idiots. It's a generic drug, the companies make little on it, and a bunch of them (Bayer and Teva to name two) have donated millions of doses.

Captain Hate

Too many good entries to list



Teva in particular has supplied a sizable consignment through david frieddman as middle man.

They have really revealed their strigoi souls in this instance.


Ah ava duvernay the one who tupoleved wrinkle in time, and but that fatuous piece of slander about the central park yoots.



Mojo Nixon-Don’t Ask Me Why I Drink


The Daily Wire
Trump Administration First In History To Label A White Supremacist Group Terrorists http://dlvr.it/RTJSNH

Imagine that.



The White House released statistics on the Ammerican response to the virus.



Dave (in MA)

Captain Hate | April 06, 2020 at 11:26 PM

I left a couple of comments over there.


Donald J. Trump
Great job being done by Dr. Nicole Saphier on @FoxNews!
Since I don't have cable, I have no idea who this is or what she said. If you do, please let us know!


Robert Forbes
Cross mark
I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but more than half the reason I tune in to the Presidential briefings is to watch Trump mess with the MSM press.

Watch his eyes. He's like a Lion playing with a mouse.
Ya think?

Captain Hate

Good catch on Roy Estrada, Dave; what a worthless perv.


Shoot, I was going for bragging rights and I posted it on the dead thread!

Gee I bet everybody has gone to bed so I’m too late for the sympathy play— I had 53 hours of back labor with WonderGirl. After 48 hours of the non-progressing back labor I went backwards from 6 to 5 cm. WonderGirl kept having decelerations during contractions because no matter how hard I concentrated on breathing I couldn’t keep from holding my breath. They convinced me to do the epidural, and I then went to 10 cm in about 2-3 contractions once it kicked in. It was the perfect epidural, too, as it went from under my ribs to halfway down my thighs. When the nurse said “I don’t know how to break it to you, but you are going to have to flip to the other side” I replied “like this?” and picked my butt up and flopped right over. It was kind of funny that after being there from midnight to 8am the doc popped over to the office and almost didn’t make it back before she was born, LOL


Fifty three hours omg, cathy f

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Emperor Xi still doing his part.
3.5 million useless test kits.
Hail Xisar!
How do you say Brutus in Mandarin?

JM Hanes




I just got done reading the chapter of Trump's book that Rocco linked titled "Revenge."

I don't think a guy who writes that type of chapter is going to let this crap go without retribution.


This is more like game of thrones level villainy.


Congratulations to State Representative Karen Whitsett of Michigan. So glad you are getting better! https://t.co/v6z46rUDtg

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) April 6, 2020

Article at the link.

jim nj

I use the evil Google News to find articles of interest. They'll give you a selection of headline links from the usual suspects and offer a little click "view full coverage" button to see more.

I use that button a lot to find alternate views that their algorithm suppresses.

So I did that for the Hydroxycloroquine stories. Damn if about 85% of them are stuck on stupid in one variation or another.

Trump won't let Fauci answer a question.
Navarro is unqualified to suggest that a second opinion would be useful.
Lupus patients might not get access to the unsafe drug they have been using for years.
Trump as used-drug salesman.

Really bizarre. TDS in full bloom.


Heading to bed.



And I also should point out that I only missed one meal. I started in labor before 7am Monday, and WonderGirl was born at 11:43 on Wednesday. The only meal I missed was breakfast on Wednesday! Tuesday about 5pm we went into the hospital to be checked and I wasn’t at 4cm yet, so we left. We stopped at our favorite Italian restaurant to get takeout. A couple of weeks later the owners saw me at mass and said “you were in labor when you came in that night, weren’t you!” They figured it out because I was pacing back and forth while we waited for the food. And I told them not only was I in labor, but had been for like 36 hours and the contractions were 3 minutes apart LOL



Beat me to it. Though I was going to say Bluto.


I loved the comment about this being the female version of sports talk, BTW. I have to say that DrF was far more traumatized by it than I was!

“You were in labor for 30 hours? Hold my beer! 🤣”


Since he is has beem on point since the iran deal


But i have to add berenson the only decent number cruncher at the times, is tierney still around?


I know its too easy



I don't think Berenson is still at the Times, is he? And I think Tierney left for City Journal. It's like survival of the most unfit there.


I think hes freelance as well, plus he has the incone stream from thr novels at least include engineered outbreaks. Although thr last was kind of meh.


Speaking of too easy, apparently CBS was fooled again.

CBS News @CBSNews · Apr 5 In tears, a nurse says she quit her job after she was asked to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask: “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected”

Turns out she was lying. Not sure if Dan Rather was on the story.



There was something that seemed off but its the land of mayor bame and sonny so i didnt dismiss it altogether.


MissM, I don't know who she is, either. But you can check on YouTube.


Looks like she is a go-to expert for anything medical related.


I'm probably missing something, but hasn't the illlustrious Dr Murray's model gone completely off track? He's got deaths going up 1700, 1900, 2100 over these three days, yet actual deaths are stalled at around 1200 for 4 days in a row. Maybe the models aren't all they're cracked up to be?



Its bloody bad enough, what it does to your innards, why do they have to make it worse?


He doeent have a good track record on modeling outbreaks he is better on estimating levels of chemical countermeasures ferguson has some cred here.

jim nj


This should be interesting. Teams can't use their usual office. Can't congregate, so the player personnel will have to link from their homes with each other and then to the NFL.

It might be fun if they can capture some of that background stuff while the clock is ticking.


So everyone will be potentially subject to video monitoring their place in the queue, i dont think that will work.


Report: 40K Land in U.S. from China Since Coronavirus Travel Ban bit.ly/3dW2PNX via @BreitbartNews @JxhnBinder



So the same ah press corps eho kicked out chanel rion is the one that allows a chinese regime mouthpiece in their peanut gallery


A proper question:


jim nj


I've hated those models since they were first posted. Much of economics is intuitive for me. These models never "felt" right to me and there was no way to explore what assumptions they were using.

Right now I'm feeling validated.

Pursuing economics and finance at the same time I also took 6 credits in statistics from an adjunct professor who worked as a statistician full-time at a major NJ drug company.

She didn't just teach statistics, she also taught real-life experience in dealing with brilliant scientists who didn't understand how to use statistics.

Big Pharma doesn't spend million or billions on the say-so of researchers until a statistician looks at the whole body of the study, including whether it was set up correctly in the first place.

She also recommended, for those with an interest, a book that showed just how statistics could be misused accidentally or intentionally. That was a real eye-opener.


The intervals were ridiculous for one, youd think python had cooked them up, for a brief interval they seemed to align, but then its heisenberg, obseevation changes behavior.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'm probably missing something, but hasn't the illlustrious Dr Murray's model gone completely off track?--

I don't think you're missing anything. Thank goodness it seems to be going off track.
Yesterday's actual number was right on the lower bound of his projection and today was actually below it.
If you go to his graph and you extend his red line to the bottom of his range the last three days have gone increasingly off course.
But, three days isn't a very long trend. We had a somewhat similar looking step down in late March, though not as significant. But Italy had a similar drop when they hit what looked to be their peak but have somewhat plateaued since then or at least bounced back up again a couple of times though their overall trend of new cases is trending down.
Having said that, even over three days, if you extend his graph where the rel numbers are we'd have to go bonkers to get back up on his trend line.
I just pray that ours drops off a cliff like SK's did. In the space of 10 days their new cases dropped by 90%. But they really only had one hot spot. Our hottest spot is cooling off but others are still climbing.
Japan only has a third the cases of SK and a hundredth the cases of us, but the trends of their graphs don't look very good. Hopefully they can put a lid on it.

CCP delenda est.


Something different



What’s Chuck Norris up to these days?



Good question:


jim nj


Coroners worry Covid-19 test shortages could lead to uncounted deaths

This seems a perfect example of "with" or "from."

Seems to me that coroners should be able to ascertain the cause of death for most unattended deaths with out a Covid-19 test in the normal course of events. Which now leads back to "with" or "from."

I'm a little flummoxed here, in NJ if you have been under the care of a licensed doctor, inpatient or outpatient, they prepare the death certificate and the coroner never sees the body.

Or is this just one more argument for the sake of an argument for other reasons.


I guess I’d assumed he recalibrated it in response to new data coming out. Otherwise once it goes off track it’s not very useful.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The models seem to me to be the opposite of what critics say.
The numbers that have gotten the most grief are probably the most accurate ones; the unmitigated ones. As I've said before, if you know the approximate R0 and the approximate mortality rate and the R0 gives you an approximate "attack rate" you get some approximate numbers. Covers a lot of range because there are a lot of approximates there but the real number is probably somewhere in that big range.
The real uncertainty comes with mitigation efforts. They don't really know how stringent they'll be or how well they'll be complied with or even how quickly or how much they'll drop the R0 when they do work. Nor do they know how quickly and what type of testing will be available nor whether effective therapies will be found in the meantime.
That's why Ferguson's unmitigated numbers only ranged from 480,000 to 510,000 for the UK, about a 7% difference from low to high. But on his most stringent mitigation projection it ranged from 5,700 to 48,000, about a 700% [I think] increase from low to high.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

He does recalibrate it but seemingly not too often.
Even if you do and you have to keep making major adjustments then it has become pretty much useless in either case.

jim nj


"As many as 4,000 seriously ill coronavirus patients in New York are being treated with the antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine, state health officials say."

"A state Health Department official said the DOH has shipped doses of hydroxychloroquine to 56 hospitals across New York, distributing enough “to treat 4,000 patients to date.”

Patients have received doses as part of four- or 10-day regimens, officials said.

The University of Albany’s School of Public Health is observing the drug’s impact on the patients, and its preliminary study could come back in weeks instead of the usual months, officials said.

There are also clinical trials being conducted to see whether the drug can help block transmission."

"In terms of the NYU clinical trial regarding prevention, researchers are enrolling 2,000 adult volunteers at six sites.

They are recruiting people who lack any COVID-19 symptoms but have been in close contact with others who have a confirmed or pending diagnosis.

On a random basis, the trial participants will receive either hydroxychloroquine or a placebo pill — vitamin C — every day for two weeks.

Each day during the 14-day period and then again on Day 28, the participants will swab their nasal passages and send the samples to researchers to detect potential COVID-19 infection."


The Wall like you’ve never heard it before:

At a wedding reception. On a 12 string. In portrait mode. Do two songs count as a medley?


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Our hottest spot is cooling off but others are still climbing.--

Actually when I looked at CA, PA, IL, MI, LA and FL they are all trending down steadily in new cases with the possible exception of the exceptionally dysfunctional LA which has numbers bouncing all over.

Dave (in MA)

What was it about Homeland this week that earned it your Flying Fonzie designation, narciso?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I see Bo Jo's office has denied Russian reports that he's on a ventilator.

jim nj


If you know anyone suffering from a lack, or loss, in income remind them to file for food stamps.

Even if they only barely qualify for a minimal amount of aid the stimulus bill will add extra money for a few months if they're not already at the maximum benefit.

jim nj


Coronavirus: Boris Johnson spends night in intensive care after symptoms worsen

"BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said the prime minister was given oxygen late on Monday afternoon, before being taken to intensive care.

He was moved as a precaution so he could be close to a ventilator - which takes over the body's breathing process, our correspondent said."

Seems prudent.


Who has seen Cleveland Municipal Court’s Judge Pinkie? They say this is the worst case of affirmative action they’ve ever seen. This judge’s bench looks like a table at a flea market:



How can anybody appearing in her courtroom take it seriously?

jim nj

Worldometers look see

Total US cases 367,629, new cases 30,799, %change 9.1%, total deaths 10,941, total recovered 19,810.

date total cases new cases %change
4/3 277,475 32,102 +13%
4/4 311,635 34,160 +12.3
4/5 336,830 25,195 +8%
4/6 367,629 30,799 +9.1%

Recovered still advancing at what looks like a constant of around 2,000 a day now. The 4/5 dip wasn't the start of a trend, but as I expected we also didn't see a resumption of the prior trend. If the numbers bounce up and down without a new trend I'll take that for now.

The press conference indicated that we are adding a constant amount of new tests each day - 175,000, I think was the number.

With the Abbott Labs tests coming into wider use, with what I think is a reduced backlog in test results, maybe we can get to the point soon where we are testing earlier in the cycle and intervene sooner in the treatment cycle.

If, if, the HCL and Z-pack works best earlier in the cycle this could prevent some hospitalizations.

Then we can move to even wider, faster testing. I understand that a random anti-body test has already rolled out in the Miami area today.

jim nj

I thought at some point the best data available to us would be what we have collected in the US. I think we have hit the point where foreign statistics, while useful, should no longer drive our modelling.

Oh, I forgot the NY/NJ thing.

NY has 35.8% of all cases down from 36.5%. NJ has 11.1% of of all cases, unchanged.

Not much jumps out looking at Johns Hopkins and WHO other than that Spain took the lead from Italy for the #2 spot behind the US and will maintain it given their respective new case numbers.

NYC has 3,485 deaths out of NYS's 4,758. 73.2%. 381 in Nassau county on LI. 200 in Bergen County, NJ, my county.

I believe, but am not sure that an older woman in my building was removed to the hospital today for Covid-19.

It was 65 out. I had my balcony door open for fresh air when I heard a beeping sound. I went to look out and an ambulance had pulled up to the rear door below my apartment and they picked up an ambulatory woman. The little snatches of conversation I heard were an ambiguous, but...

jim nj


Turkish source, maybe a grain of salt, but this is consistent with my prior readings.

"Renewed fighting in Libya, where both sides rely on drone support from foreign backers, has fueled a battle for air supremacy that augurs further escalation despite the coronavirus outbreak in the country. It also raises the prospect of Turkey sending more military aid to its allies."

The Turkish drone forces seem to be using the same tactics they employed in Syria.

jim nj

I must compliment MT.

That did sound like a report from Daddy and made me feel a little nostalgic for the real thing.

jim nj


Unemployed Syrian refugee in Lebanon sets himself on fire

Given enough time, since Covid-19 takes so much lately, I still try to stay current on Libya, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Lebanon is going down the tubes. The article above is duplicated by other reports and just kind of gives an idea of the level of despair currently existing in Lebanon.

An economic crisis with months of warning. The debt default this year. Before a rescue package could be negotiated came the Covid-19 onslaught. Money that might have arrived from Europe is being spent in Europe to fight Covid-19. Medical aid from Europe is also needed within Europe. The large number of despairing Syrian refugees in the country. Who need government ID to access healthcare.

Hezbollah apparently pulling some forces out of Syria, perhaps spreading Covid-19, spending what little funds it has to roll-out medical clinics as the "savior" of the nation.

Lebanon is going down the tubes.

jim nj


Coronavirus threatens lives of thousands of refugees in Lebanon
Lebanese authorities estimate that 1.5 million Syrian refugees live in Lebanon

I'm sure that many countries will want to help the Lebanese, but we're all distracted with our own needs.

jim nj


UN: 'Highly probable' Syria gov't and allies attacked hospitals

UN board of inquiry finds high probability government and allies targeted health facilities.

Hmm. Yeah. Only one "ally" has planes that can bomb hospitals. UN drops part of the investigation because there is no proof that all of the hospitals were properly identified to the aggressors.

Iraq has 1,031 Covid-19 cases. Lebanon, on the other side of Syria, has 541.

Iran running around in Syria. Hezbollah, and others doing the same, large flows of refugees being displaced, how can Syria not, also, be going down the tubes?

jim nj

Since the local library closed I've been working my way through my bookcase worth of book stash to read.

15 of various genres so far, I just put them out by the apartment mail boxes, from past experience they'll be gone before I wake up.

I've got several Catherine Coulter up next. Never read her before. I'm pleasantly breezing through the first one. 112 pages so far and only put it down because I needed to do some other things.


It was never as bad as they tried to make us believe.

True, and I don't think it matters much if they were just wrong or if they were trying to scare us "for our own good", it's indefensible and irresponsible that such horrendously wrong numbers were set loose upon a fearful public, and that governments used those numbers to violate civil rights.

In case it's a surprise to anyone, be aware that when it's announced that the "experts" see deaths in the United States of over a million, many people don't hear the "if we do nothing" part, they just get scared. If people had the time, or spent the time, to take a look at how epidemiologists alter their numbers radically and get to say "but I've still been right all along", they wouldn't bother paying attention to them. We can only hope they ignore them in the future.

We won't know how much better or worse off we'd be if it was urgently announced that there was a nasty virus around and that we needed to take sensible steps to avoid infecting one another. Boris Johnson probably still would've gotten it, lots of people would have endured much less psychic and financial pain, but we'll just never know. There would have been much less of that horses ass Neil Ferguson in the news, though (and he's still spouting off nonsense that the UK, and probably Fauci, is still listening to).


She’s the face of Chicago!

Oh Lawdy!



Here, an article says that a Czech epidemiologist makes a "surprising U-turn". I can't imagine anyone being surprised by anything epidemiologists might say, going forward.


jim nj


The mass deception involved directives to issue fake death certificates. “The cover up by the mullahs is not only a health risk for the Iranians, but also for other countries."


Iran coronavirus bombshell: Bizarre reason Tehran has ignored lockdown measures
IRAN did not introduce strict travel measures until COVID-19 had already secured a tight grip on the nation - and an expert has told Express.co.uk why Tehran was slow to react.

It's rumored that the Ayatollah has a large bank account somewhere. I wonder if he's had to draw down any funds lately?

At the rate they are going it's a wonder what they will run out of first. People or stashes of money?

I mean we really suck at propaganda. The Ayatollah is said to have 20 billion hidden away. And the IMF is pondering a loan to Iran. We should be loudly suggesting that the Ayatollah has a huge bankroll he could be spending on his people, but...., hmmm, China told him not to, because...., hmmm, China won't send him any more missiles.

Does the CIA no longer do this? Do we need to hire Fushion GPS to get anything done? Maybe the latter is too busy directing the current Covid-19 coverage to take on another assignment.

jim nj


Captain Hate

Maybe the models aren't all they're cracked up to be?

You mean like some of us were saying on Day 1?


If Wisconsin has a statewide spike of cases next weekend, we will know how contagious KungFlu is. Voting lines/ shared marker pens for ballots will be interesting.

Captain Hate

Who has seen Cleveland Municipal Court’s Judge Pinkie? They say this is the worst case of affirmative action they’ve ever seen. This judge’s bench looks like a table at a flea market

The first rule of living a good life is avoiding appearing in Cleveland Municipal Court. I got caught in a speed trap once going so fast I had to show up there to plead guilty. I don't think I was the only white person there but the few others might have been Legal Aid lawyers. I might have been the only male there not wearing a hat, all of which had to be ordered to remove it before appearing in front of the judge. I'm sure Judge Pinkie wasn't holding court but it was someone like her in terms of having a pleasant demeanor. I didn't pay much attention to the other cases, mainly because the deputies in the room were interested in keeping things running smoothly (there were a *lot* of people there) and I didn't want to piss them off by missing a queue, but it was kind of like a daytime version of night court where people just pled guilty or innocent.

Captain Hate

I don't know if this was mentioned before but good riddance to this creep:



Donald J. Trump
Vote today, Tuesday, for highly respected Republican, Justice Daniel Kelly. Tough on Crime, loves your Military, Vets, Farmers, & will save your 2nd Amendment. A BIG VOTE!


Looks like Fauci is a pal of Jonathon Karl, which explains more than enough things for me:

Punisher4Q 🇺🇸(P4Q)💀🐸
Fauci gives the finger point to the reporter Trump blasted.
He's a weasel. Tick Tock. He's on the clock.




Trump: "I’ve known you for many years, but I never knew how bad a Senator you are for the state of New York until I became President.”


Its like bonfire with a night court chaser, then.


Cnn had one decent political reporter rick allen. He retired and wrote a history of the coca cola company, this nebbish jonathan karl took the reins, fauci is the kissinger of the medical set.


Just because an epidemiologist may understand how a virus behaves, doesn’t mean they know anything about how humans will behave.

Trying to accurately predict human behavior is a fools errand.


My mother didnt wait 53 hours, but a decent interval to make sure i would try to get on thr plane and give. Birth in the states it wasnt to be, the flight was postponed which was a tricky prospect. And we were able to get out on the date i have referred not that natural born citizen seems to mean much.



Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.

(Also, why Hydroxychloroquine works and President Trump was eight.)


*Why President Trump was Right...


Fusion works to keep anti iranian princes of the the throne in the enirates, well glen simpsons earlier outfit.

Another Bob

There were a couple references to docs recording the causes of death that their bosses want.

Sorry if I missed it, but other than cases where the COD might imply misconduct or negligence in care, why does anyone care? What’s the edge gained by that?

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