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April 06, 2020


Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

That was the article I posted in full on Sunday, MM. Really good info.



The New York Times published an op-ed from China’s ambassador to the U.S. on Sunday, allowing him to push propaganda about the novel coronavirus in the process.

China’s ambassador to the U.S. Cui Tiankai’s op-ed urged America and China to “cooperate against coronavirus.” In one part of his article, Cui claimed that “China has been providing updates about the disease in a responsible manner.”


Remember how the resistance forced out the first trump fda chief fitzgerald.



UK PM Johnson is not on a ventilator but had oxygen support, minister says

Another Bob

Also, someone other than the doc reviews death certificates before they’re filed, and can question the doc?

I’ve no idea how that process works.


Patsy murray was who pushed fitzgerald out, enabled by the press,


Not that redfield isnt a talented epideemiologist but still he was probably set back a while by the deadenders in the bureaucracy.


Total Pollen Count for 04/07/2020: 4354

ed was upset and worried I was coughing yesterday with me insisting it was the pollen and not a dry cough. Think of the people in atl not following the pollen counts.

Mel-karl has a new book out as I caught the tail ende of a fawning interview by martha pentagon hyping it as he went on and on about the damage trump has done to the media with his insistence on tarnishing its reputation.


Remember when there was a brief flicker of sanity, pepperidge farm remembers



The models seem to me to be the opposite of what critics say.
The numbers that have gotten the most grief are probably the most accurate ones; the unmitigated ones. As I've said before, if you know the approximate R0 and the approximate mortality rate and the R0 gives you an approximate "attack rate" you get some approximate numbers. Covers a lot of range because there are a lot of approximates there but the real number is probably somewhere in that big range....

I hate to get back into this with you, but this is just plain wrong in every dimension. First, "if...if...if". If we don't know who has it, then we don't know the R0 and we don't know the fatality rate. "Somewhere in that big range..." But he doesn't give a big range, as you point out:
That's why Ferguson's unmitigated numbers only ranged from 480,000 to 510,000 for the UK, about a 7% difference from low to high.

But the bigger issue is the obvious one: The cornerstone of science is refutability. Please explain how you would test and potentially reject this number. You can't, because zero mitigation has never been observed. And even if it had been, every epidemic is different. So these "scientists" can say whatever they want. What may be testable, as I said the other day, is the relative impact of different types of mitigation efforts. But even that is hard because there seem to be so many variables that go into spread and fatality, and again, the data are problematic.

And, as we are seeing, when the models try to actually predict what will happen in reality, they fail, or at least it looks that way now.

It's a cliche, but the models are more like climate science, giving scary numbers that can never be refuted (at least not for decades if not centuries), and then making a bunch of assumptions about what happen if we "mitigate." GIGO, as they say.


Yes the pollen is out of sight, rse.


Henry, I was the first voter at my polling location in Verona,WI. When doors opened about 5 in line. Usually many more people. Pretty good setup. Sanitizer as you entered, plexiglass shields for ID verification station. Nice little magnification device so they look at your drivers license without touching. Sign your name on a flat screen with stylus. Stylus wiped down after every use. Paper slip spits out and only you touch it. Go to get ballot, plex shields again, they write down sequence number from slip and give you ballot and marker. After voting ballot is scanned and you hand the markers to a worker who clean with alcohol swab. You can sanitize on way out exit door. Biggest flaw is they have everyone touch sanitizier pump on way in.



I take Karl to be of the Fournier School of Journalism, where personal opinion is the most important guide for good journalism, all knowledge aside.

Another Bob

Agree completely jimmy.

I’ve been shouting the “the data is crap” thing for a while, to no avail. People call you a “math denier”, you try to tell them the equations might be perfect, but matters not, if the inputs are wrong. “Math denier”.



Speaking of Kissinger, fresh Bannon:

War Room: Pandemic ☣️
Bannon: Henry Kissinger has been the mouthpiece and the prop for the #CCP from the beginning

Kissinger and the Davos Men have blood on their hands; it's all going to come out

#WarRoomPandemic #CCPVirus #30DaysToSaveAmerica


Old Lurker

Jimmy "...It's a cliche, but the models are more like climate science..."

...that can be used to make political progress toward objectives some have but others do not, and to make vast amounts of money in the process.


The variability in the target group has changef skewing younger, or maybe our populace is dumber than china or italy, floor wax dessert topping.


Pelosi: House will Shift to Electronic Floor Documents to Combat the Spread of Virus

Pelosi appointed House Rules Committee Chairman Rep. Jim McGovern (D-Mass.) to research the legal issues around voting remotely. In his report McGovern offered the option of voting by proxy, something that would require a change in the House’s rules and a vote of approval.

“We would have to change our rules to do that. If one person objected, we would be forced to have a vote and everyone would have to come back and cast a vote,” he said.

Rep. Massie to the white courtesy phone.


So this strategery is straining the supply chain, forcing americams to consume more and more of dewindling cash cui bono.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) rejected any possibility of distance voting but did emphasize reducing numbers of legislators that gather at one time during sessions.

“We’ll not be doing that. There are a number of different ways to avoid getting too many people together,” McConnell told members of the press. “We can deal with the social distancing issue without fundamentally changing Senate rules.”

Pelosi said that establishing an efficient system for remote voting during a crisis is not realistic.


Adding an "x" to any data set will make your charts all scattery, even more so if you add that pesky "lazy eight" or an "i" where things get all sorts of "theoretical" a k a "fuzzy".

Oh, and even simple arithmetic can blow up a political meme "real good":

Mo Mo
A drug that would not be used for a chronic condition, but instead would likely be a one time use, made by eleven competing manufacturers is probably not going to be a very profitable drug.

Mo Mo @molratty
Replying to @molratty
You can look it up. For real. From FDA's website.



Also the source material is anyway from central america to java. Good grief.


JohnH, interesting about the vote in Verona. We did the absentee ballot this time but I can imagine just what you describe.

The construction on the street by the fire station and bike path has been annoying for a while.


Recovered still advancing at what looks like a constant of around 2,000 a day now. The 4/5 dip wasn't the start of a trend, but as I expected we also didn't see a resumption of the prior trend. If the numbers bounce up and down without a new trend I'll take that for now.

Jim, I mentioned this yesterday but you may not have seen it. Lots of the data other than cases and deaths are woefully incomplete and inconsistent. If they're anything like the numbers at covidtracking.com (and the totals are similar), lots of states don't report data, or start and stop reporting it, so the day-to-day US totals are likely way off and not even in a consistent way.

I'm playing with the numbers to "fix" them. I came up with a (cumulative) hospitalizations "index" that gives more accurate percentage changes. Fixing the level takes more work. Will try to do the same for recoveries. NY State does report consistently (at least for the last two weeks).


The same bastard would be debating the right amount of fall out before mutation set in



Chanel Rion OAN
At the White House, I asked about Chinese Propaganda peddled by press in the White House...

WHCA members had a meltdown.

So they removed OAN from their little chair club.

China Propagandists Pheonix TV has a seat in WHCA's little chair club.




AB, as I note just above, some of the data are crappier than others. And some are easier to un-crap than others. I think there's information out there, but it takes work to untangle it. And that's just to see the facts (or a reasonable estimate). Trying to model the future is a whole 'nother ballgame, and that's where the climate science tricks come in.


If you have any doubt the HHS IG report was a political hit job just watch this video of 4 star Admiral Harvard grad Dr. Giroir who’s in charge of testing. They never even reached out to him. They went to media. Totally irresponsible during a crisis. pic.twitter.com/oZnhP8Pre8

— Robby Starbuck (@robbystarbuck) April 7, 2020

Video at the link.


I noticed tbat, and that punk karls machinations in this.

James D.

Henry Kissinger has been the mouthpiece and the prop for the #CCP from the beginning

Kissinger and the Davos Men have blood on their hands; it's all going to come out

Speaking of models and reality, pretty much ALL the "experts" and "professionals" and Top Men have been telling us nonstop since the early 1970s that engaging China and raising their economy up and intertwining our economy with theirs would cause them to liberalize and become responsible international citizens and good neighbors, and would be a massive benefit to us.

Can we now, finally, recognize that they have been, individually and collectively, full of shit for a full half century, and stop listening to them once and for all?


Look at this tatty crap the EU has bought from China!

Neiljetel @neiljetel
france medical protective gowns made in china bought by the EU !

Replying to @secretnstrange9 @KidukSong
A medical mask manufacturer in Dallas could be working 24/7, but due to undercut pricing by the #Chinese, can't afford to add shifts. He did that during SARS and MERS but then US suppliers shifted back to China after. That has to stop.



Ah pornhub, im never going to stop calling him that.

Captain Hate

Anybody else think that Pandemic mania is just another way for the unfree press to keep the volume of OrangeManBad rhetoric up and distract from the blithering codger sacrificial goat of the donks? The sheer volume of hair on fire fake news precludes any ability to reflect on what's really important.


A response to Mel's 9:07.




— Julian Cox (@JulianCox_F_Hot) April 7, 2020



— Julian Cox (@JulianCox_F_Hot) April 7, 2020


I am still wondering about that Executive Order signed on Saturday and how much the Chinese are bankrolling some of the media.

Chanel's tweet only increases my suspicion.


Ownership of CoNCast shares may require further due diligence:

NBC News learns “reporting” from China

NBC News @NBCNews
U.S. reports 1,264 coronavirus deaths in over 24 hours.

Meanwhile in China, where the pandemic broke out, not a single new coronavirus death was reported. nbcnews.to/3aRarPK


Captain Hate

Some member of the Horde pointed out that the Chinese characters on Phoenix TV's building might have been a clue of what type of outfit they are.


The folks who havent got anything right in four years on it now.


Boris, the people developing that housing have never heard the phrase “time equals money”. Question: did your family just get a dog?



The Independent
Men are more likely to die of coronavirus, even when women catch it more often. This might be why bit.ly/2yzm67q


[A good reminder of how immune systems differ with gender, although some may forget just how that happens.]

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

CH 9:13am
Yeah, that's noticeable


Tentacle afficionado is on it like a squid,



Omg like who he is following, its full of rizzotto


"Question: did your family just get a dog?"

Our dog is 6 yrs old.



How much of US corporate decision making has been beholden to the CCP, first, everyone else, second?

Two tier pricing, supply chain redirect for middlemen benefit? I can see a lot of that fairly clearly, now. Here's an example of going around that:


DHS and Walgreens teaming up to bring the Abbott Labs test right to the front.


I am pretty mild-mannered, but I am afraid I go along with the shotgun on this one. Video at the link.

If New York were civilized, a pedestrian would have shot that out of the sky with a 12-gauge. https://t.co/hWHpG1KNjo

— Michael Knowles (@michaeljknowles) April 6, 2020
James D.

Narc, I notice former McCain advisor Steve Schmidt prominently in Eichenwald's twitter feed.

What's that phrase? "Like a dog goeth back to his vomit..."


It was never as bad as they tried to make us believe.

Amen, Buford Gooch. We tried to tell them.

Look at that dumbass dotted line on the graph. This is what the doom porn addicts actually believed was going to happen. Until THE WHOLE WORLD was infected.


Some top men are pushing for smart quarantine im sure they are waiting for the sentinels to enforce it.

Captain Hate

When Eichenwald starts weighing in on epidemiology matters, the Hentai porn supply must be getting interrupted. What a sick perv.



This is the SKool founder:

Ron Fournier
As a former White House reporter, I don’t say this lightly: Media should ignore the Trump follies, abandon the WH briefing room, and interview governors, doctors, nurses, victims and anybody else approaching the truth.

Stop being props.

Just stop.


Next you're going to tell me he's pals with Laufer and Wittes.


Ron Fournier

I'd wondered where he disappeared to. I vaguely recall he was less crazy than many, not saying much, but maybe he's off his meds.



If you don't have time to read the entire story, do scroll down to where one Twitter user did the research and calculations. How much is President Trump's stake in Hydroychloroquine?



Were chirtling but these (redacted) have enabled the shut dowm of most of the plamet


The real uncertainty comes with mitigation efforts. They don't really know how stringent they'll be or how well they'll be complied with or even how quickly or how much they'll drop the R0 when they do work.

No kidding.

Maybe we shouldn't have tanked the worldwide economy for a "maybe."


My complaint is with the recovery numbers.
Over 350,000 cases, 11,000 deaths and 21,000 recoveries.
How about positive cases sent home to recover.
Keep track of those as well.
It is over 300,000 people.


Ya think, someone made out like goldfinger.


MR, as I said, pretty sure recoveries are much higher, lots of states don't report, so they count as zero.


New York doctors and nurses are tired and overworked.
That is why the Comfort ship and Javits Center have become Corona Virus centers. One military guy has tested positive.
I guess they think better the military than New Yorkers.

Captain Hate

Oh Porch, the loon prosecutor is very much against you eeeeevil Republicans prioritizing profits over human lives! Meanwhile that public sector dolt hasn't suffered one iota of deprivation except whining that he and his dumbass siblings didn't get to take their mother to Italy, which in retrospect would have worked out well for mankind.


I know the recoveries are higher but that fact doesn’t please the hair on fire
Porch , Jimmyk, Iggy , and Clarice have the straight scoop.
It is not too late to get economy back with the help of the small business loans and help for necessary industries.
End result: A tighter more efficient economy, some major changes in how companies do business and a survival of the fittest.


Since Cuomo is their only hope to beat Trump, I hope the lack of sympathy for NY is widespread.


Watching your election today. Justice is still alive at least for this primary election
Would love it if the youth vote came out for Bernie and he beat Biden
He beat Hillary here .


Worth a listen. He gets even with Rosie O

From Donald Trumps book "Think Big and Kick Ass in Business and Life."



Why don't you want Biden to secure the nomination? I hope he wins all WI delegates.


Ext :
Cuomo can’t beat Trump.
Too much baggage and he is an unappealing person to people outside of New York .Biden will not have a woman as his running mate.
Some excuse about needing a strong governor because of the virus will be used.
Whitmer is flawed and weak


I don’t like how the media pulled Biden over the finish line.
Biden asssulted a staffer and that story has disappeared.
He has dementia which the media is hiding.
At least Sanders has principles.
Biden is a phony incapable dunce.
Doesn’t deserve the nomination because it is all based on dumb voters who have a false impression of who he really is.
He and his son profited illegally from the Ukraine snd China.
Crickets from the media.

Captain Hate

This is odd


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

A young Trump says things that he still says today.
Hold back money to NATO, fix America

About 1 min, going around email lately


Sports for women:
19 hours back labor.
Daughter had a big head , delivered naturally.
Son in the space of two hours.
Biggest contraction in hospital parking lot.
Husband barely had time to get the gear on as the doctor caught my son.
Had to stay two days and couldn’t wait to get out of there.
Have not been hospitalized since and that was 1986.


Listened to the beginning Rocco. I’ll go back! Or maybe get thr book.



That's certainly the perfect foil to the 1619 Project.


This will get them the riots they fear:

China in Focus - NTD
“If food imports are shut down, there will be a food shortage in China for sure.”

People in multiple cities in #China are #panicbuying. They're emptying store shelves and stocking up on staples as some countries are limiting their food exports amid the #CCPVirus pandemic.


Captain Hate

RIP Bobby Mitchell



The problem with small business loans as a solution maryrose is that if you bank with someone like wells fargo you are screwed as they went from saying that they weren't doing PPP loans to stating it had maxed out. So sorry.

Others are saying must have been an existing customer back in February. Others that if you had not borrowed money previously you are out of luck.

Apparently the numbers of who is originating PPP loans in ATL per sba are factually incorrect and in some instances are not even to banks. Imagine being that wrong number as apparently happened with the PNC number.

Beginning to appear unicorns are more likely to be sighted than PPP loans for small businesses.

Am guessing some hotels in DT areas are being shuttered as we were just contacted offering a refund on daughter's graduation hotel rooms. I figured we'd at least get a credit. but am thinking they are being more generous because it's a pricey hotel to keep open unless occupancy gets to a certain %.

Now waiting for airlines to fess up that the flights booked have been cancelled.


Had back labor as well, which is truly the definition of excruciating. A family joke was hubby commenting after it was all over about how his feet hurt because "do you know how long I've been standing here?"

We were also sent home from hospital, which had the magical effect of accelerating the labor but we stopped at mickey d's on the way home as we'd been at hospital all night. We are in drive thru getting breakfast and I grab the hand restraint with a contraction and woman at window asks hubby what's wrong with her. He says "she's in labor". She said "hurry on then."

She thought we had stopped at drive thru on our way to the hospital.



Ann Coulter
Hey, @jack! Who's running "Twitter Moments"?




Just for you!

Roger Federer
Here’s a helpful solo drill. Let’s see what you got! Reply back with a video and I’ll provide some tips. Choose your hat wisely 🎩😉👊 #tennisathome



This quote alone is worth citing it:

"A racist is someone winning an argument with a liberal," was a quote from @peterbrimelow. This op-ed takes things to a whole different level. #ChinaVirus

Brett MacDonald @TweetBrettMac
China plays the race card, the last ditch effort of all failed debates.


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



Nice link to Trump's Revenge chapter, Rocco. Quite a bit of repetition and petty stuff, but I liked the part about the list, too. Heh. I wonder how long it is now.


I think we can be confident that Xi made the list.

Captain Hate

Strictly anecdotal and guess work but there seem to be a lot more cars on the road today.

Tom R

Bad day for somebody.
Posted by: GUS | April 06, 2020 at 04:37 PM

Yea it was a bad day for the SecNavy. Spewing out ad hominems about the captain was a collosally stupid thing for him to do for which he later apologized. Trump's followup comment appears to be setting the stage for reinstating the captain to command of the ship. I won't be surprised if the SecNavy ends up falling on his sword and admitting he mishandled he firing.


The UK government’s new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from China are fit for widespread use.


I saw an uptick in traffic this past Friday, but Monday and today have been light traffic.
Yesterday, more than half the traffic I saw in the PA Turnpike were trucks.


How we’re responding to the Coronavirus at Acme Greeting Cards
(a poem)

Here at Acme, we’re responding quite well
To coronavirus, by telling it to go straight to hell
Get thee to a nunnery, no one lives there any more
Except maybe Sister Mary Esther, she’s a hundred and four

We’re setting up thermometers at all of our in boxes
And meticulously wiping down all of our clockses
Not gesture here is too excessive
We fight diseases in a manner most festive

Just the other day one of our administrators
Called the virus a silly sack of potaters
We spray Lysol in the air until we want to puke
And if that doesn’t work, we are loading the nuke

We’ve made all of our envelopes optionally lickable
In case you’ve a mask
Or are otherwise sickable.
(The glue is self-stickable.)
Developed by our R&D department
In one short week at home in their apartment

We wear gloves and slippers and robes quite ridic
We’re letting you know we’re opposed to getting sick
Here at Acme, you’ll know we’re prepared
For every pandemic in case you are scared.

We’re made of stern stuff; we’re not wimps like the others
Wash your hands we tell you, just like your mothers

And so in conclusion I would like to add
At coronavirus and the Chinese we remain quite mad.



You've asked about "Alternative Investments" and wanting an example. Here's one, where stupid people get together to "take advantage" of "commodity exposure" by trying to use the Crude Oil Contango Curve (where the monthly delivery contracts are more expensive every month going out, because of storage costs) as their interest bearing ATM accessible account:


Because it's a "hedge", regulators don't question the contents of that part of the portfolio very much.


I see more Wymyn get the virus but more men die from it.

What about the other 56 genders??


Captain Hate

You've completely lost me on this crusade over a latter day Lurch Kerry, Tom. The Navy vets at Ace of Spades are united that he was a self righteous glory hound who fucked up badly and should be court martialed.


Ted Cruz: Russia’s Oil War Is Designed To Bankrupt Small Independent American Energy Companies

Experts believe U.S. drillers could default on $32 billion of debt throughout 2020 if the virus and Russia continue walloping the industry. The default rate is projected to come in at 17%, according to credit-ratings firm Fitch Ratings. Fitch forecasted a 7% default rate before the pandemic.

Dishonest little guy.


Retweeted by the President. Link goes to Washington Times article.

Amber Smith
President Trump 'to get involved' in Thomas Modly-Capt. Brett Crozier dispute



You always bring the great memes, JiminSunnyvale!


Stephanie Griffith out as WH Press Director, going to be Melania's COS. Steph cites new "Directors" will be coming to replace her.


Oh, and there is much Hopium for her replacements.


Comedic trolling of MFM, Tracy Morgan, Pro:

philip lewis
Tracy Morgan just gave Hoda Kotb the most uncomfortable interview ever, omg pic.twitter.com/J40vTOklSI


Tom R

CH @ 10:50

If the DailyMail article someone linked the other day is correct, all four admirals in the chain command between the captain and the SecNavy believed the captain did the right thing and did not deserve to be fired. It is clear based on the SecNavy's comments that the captain initially followed the chain of command when he reported the outbreak a few days prior to the letter getting sent. Trump, the SecNavy and others keep saying the captain violated the chain of command. How so? The captain reported the outbreak to the Pentagon before he emailed the letter and according to the SAecNavy the Pentagon was working on a solution to get the sailors off the ship. Why would the captain send the letter if a solution was getting worked?

Disobeying a direct order would classify as violating the chain of command which explains Trump and the SecNavy's comment. There are not enough facts to determine the truth but it is sounding more and more like the captain received an order to remain at sea which is what prompted him to send the letter to 20+ people.

BTW here is a link to Trump's quote.


“You have two good people and they’re arguing… I’m good at settling these arguments. So I may look into it in great detail, in detail and I’ll be able to figure it out very fast,” he said.
Crozier should not have sent his letter, but he did not “want to destroy somebody for having a bad day,” Trump said.

That is a signal Trump realized this is extremely bad optics and that either he or the SecNavy overreacted in firing the captain and now they are trying to walk it back.

Tom R

Dishonest little guy.
Posted by: GUS | April 07, 2020 at 10:52 AM


What prompts you to keep personally attacking me? Have you not figured out yet that your attacks do nothing but make you look bad and have zero impact on me except confirming my perception of your character is correct?

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