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April 07, 2020


jim nj


Internet getting spotty again.

Section 8 housing, if the automated payments are working, probably just became a lot more wondrous to landlords than before.


This little owl-faced Bloomberg morning host, Tom Keene...

...is apparently given free reign to say whatever nonsense comes into his pea-sized brain. He can't stand Trump, of course, which is a point the tries to tie in with whatever news he's "reporting". His big thing now is that COVID patients seem to recover, but then relapse. All of them. He's in love with this theory and probably doesn't realize that it's obvious to any viewer that he hopes that it's true.


Wow GUS, it’s a story as old as Colin whatshisname:

Looks like daughter whose black boyfriend murdered her white U Wisconsin parents was also black, presumably adopted


COVID deaths will be much, much less than "experts" predicted; the IHME guesstimate for the US is now down to 60,000, with further downward revisions bound to occur (the trend is your friend). Yet there's no question, even if the final count is lower still (it will be), that the majority of US deaths are still to come, and that will lead to dire shrieks of alarm from all the usual suspects. They can't relive their glory days of dropping that one-to-two million number on everyone's head, which was criminal.

Captain Hate

Throatslash, unfree press


All that propaganda money and such dogshit results. Everyone, welp everyone that doesnt hate the country, doesn't trust you. Good luck changing that.

Chester is 12 days older than Teddy.


Here's the status of ventilators in the ICU today, pretty much.
Upside of having Europe three weeks ahead of flyover country, NYC ten days. red states survive!

As my husband reminded me last night: "Doctors learn the most from their patients who die."


Another Bob

‘Box, someone out there is still pushing “millions”.

At it’s dumbest, one yo-yo (this one on talk radio) says ending the shutdowns will “exterminate 11 million people”. I don’t think this rocket scientist got that number on his own.

It’s inexplicable.

Another Bob

The other thing that is only just now being talked about is the destruction of hospitals these massively flawed predictions had.

Outside of a relative handful of hospitals in hotspots, hospitals are largely empty. They braced for that we were told was an onslaught, basically all elective procedures were cancelled, no new admissions unless emergent, patients sent home early etc. etc. The onslaught never came, and there’s no onslaught in sight.

Hospitals are laying off staff and cutting wages/benefits all over. Many hospitals may end up going under.


Berenson is looking into that, but listen to the eloi klaxon.


Rocco, there's a sighting in Plymouth and another in Mashpee.



I mentioned the other day that my RN grandmother worked in a TB hospital before WWII.

Maybe we need strictly Covid-19 hospitals and the majority get back to serving “regular” patients.

Another Bob

Hospital in Oklahoma City is temporarily closing except for ER and a few other services.


It’s behind a signup, but the reason is reported as “ ...a declining patient census at both the main INTEGRIS Baptist campus and the Portland Avenue campus, Cayot said, in explaining the reason for the temporary closure.”


You may remember Adam Housley, who used to report for Fox back in the Ailes days but left to start a winery in California.

He posted this last night.

Adam Housley
I'm just gonna say it. I don't think this started in the wet market. People are afraid to say it because they will be painted as conspiracy theorists...but it doesn't add up. The timelines don't match. It may have run through there, but it didn't start there.


Paul Sperry
· 12h

BREAKING: FEC records show the husband of State Dept Dr. Deborah Birx, coordinating COVID-19 response, is a Democrat who gave at least $8,100 to Hillary Victory Fund & Hillary for America in 2015 and 2016 and served as deputy assistant & director of advance for President Clinton





Birx and Fauci clearly don’t like Trump.

Probably mostly because he is making them work their asses off.

That suits me fine. Anytime elite bureaucrats have to earn their keep is a good day.

Captain Hate

Has Phoenix TV been kicked out of the country yet? If no, get on it chop chop.


Here's a free clip of Dennis Miller on Bill O'Reilly's site:


I miss Dennis Miller, who is actually FUNNY, unlike the rest of the lame comedians that seem to infest late night talk.


Just ten days ago, Birx said that the best case scenario, if we behave "almost perfectly", would be 100,000 to 200,000 American deaths. I guess now she must be so proud of us for being quite a bit more than perfect (or something).



A security guard told a man he couldn't enter Walmart over social distancing. The man then rammed his car into the guard.

The guard is fighting for his life in the hospital



Carville: Wisconsin Primary Proved Republicans ‘Will Kill People to Stay in Power’

Carville said, “We’ve got to be careful about is mucking around with voting. They’re going to try it. Trump, all the Republicans admit it, we can’t win if everybody votes. So my kind of mission here in the short term is to sound the alarm to say Mitch McConnell and the supreme court, they’re going to do everything they can to hold on to power.”

He added, “Speaker Pelosi and Schumer, we’ve got to dig in and make sure states have funding to conduct these elections and to put pressure on them to make sure they’re done fairly. This thing in Wisconsin was one of the most awful things I’ve ever seen in my life. Just the extent they’ll go to hold on to power. It was all about one Supreme Court seat in Wisconsin. They will kill people to stay in power, literally.”

Captain Hate

Fuck Serpenthead and his RINO whore wife.


Only Milwaukee had lines. Milwaukee’s clerk closed all but 5 polling places, for comparison Madison had 66 polling places open. Pure conspiracy by Dems nationally carried out by Evers and Barrett. Who was putting voters at risk?


Brain dead Biden is no threat to anybody and the Democrats know it.

Pelosi on the other hand will use the current crisis to maximum effect. She has done a pretty good job of consolidating power. Don’t see the squad off the reservation much lately.

She will do a tremendous amount of damage between now and November. Count on it.




Trump on Why Obama Hasn’t Endorsed Biden: ‘He Knows Something That You Don’t Know, That I Think I Know’


Carville and the Dems are just strategizing for how to steal the election with mail-in voting. Trump is onto them, so it'll have to be a state by state battle.


Been waiting for this one:

Timothy Aeppel
A New York investment firm pitched wealthy investors in recent days on a way to make returns of 22% to 175% using U.S. government programs designed to help Americans keep their jobs. reut.rs/3cfIul5


And the Reuters story:


Another Bob

Maybe it’s confirmation bias, but I’m really starting to see the backlash building.

The predictions weren’t just wrong they were badly wrong. The “never let a crisis go to waste” attempts to tamper with elections, close gun shops. The packing of “relief” bills with the usual payoffs to the usual favored groups. The obvious attempts by unprepared blue state pols to use their unpreparedness as a lever to blame shift and hoard more cash for themselves. The feeling that we’ve not been told the truth about the origins of it.

And now people are realizing the price they’re being made to pay: retirement funds hammered, lost business, lost jobs - much of each never going to return for them. And all over something that seems a gross overestimate - and an overestimate that seems to have some political overtones.

James D.

Ext, he knows Biden is a moron who can't be let out unsupervised for more than two minutes at a stretch. But then again, we all know that.

I do think there's no good way for Biden to answer the question, though. When your boss for eight years refuses to endorse you as his replacement in the job, that's pretty telling.




If Joe wins, Jill will be the real president. Maybe Obama doesn't like Jill.


Why Does the President Keep Pushing a Malaria Drug?

This must be the most thinly sourced story on hydroxychloroquine to date.
I know more than the MD that wrote it.

James D.

The packing of “relief” bills with the usual payoffs to the usual favored groups.

It's always this way. They never go for the straightforward solution that would put money directly into the hands of people actually impacted, without middlemen.

How about this for a relief bill: any business that was shut down by order of a local or state government, or that lost more than, say, 50% of its customers/revenue due to the coronavirus, will get weekly direct federal payments for March through August (assuming the lockdowns start to let up in June, then another two months to allow for a slow repoening and rebuilding of public willingness to gather in groups and resume activities) equal to their gross revenues as reported on last year's tax returns.

In return for those payments businesses would have to agree to use the money to pay workers their usual salaries and benefits, pay utility bills and state/local taxes and fees, etc. with the money they're given.

No sketchy loans through favored banks. No permanent mandated changes to the way they run their companies to please Elizabeth Warren and her communist supporters. Just a simple direct payment to make up for exactly the money they're losing.


The theme that started to get pushed yesterday, and BBerg's Keene confirms it, was that the hydroxychloroquine+ protocol doesn't work and is now failing. MFM outlets pumping stories even this AM that question it's merit. And (D)NBC was trying to get Fauci to endorse the "Failure!" mode of the protocol.

Just what I'm glimpsing. Data time....


Fun with models. Analyzing the changes in the IMHE models.


Another Bob

6.6M unemployment claims.

The market appeared to like that number as futures flipped from -250 to +250. But oops, the fed announced another $2.3T stimulus, that’s probably what did it.

The Fed action looks like another eye-rolling sop to the banks and local governments.


Melinda, Trump did mention the need for zinc in that treatment protocol.

Another Bob

But that’s a first impression, and what do I know in the first place.

Another Bob

Fed balance sheet could go to $10T,


New study investigates California's possible herd immunity to COVID-19

MONTEREY, Calif. — Researchers at Stanford Medicine are working to find out what proportion of Californians have already had COVID-19. The new study could help policymakers make more informed decisions during the coronavirus pandemic.

The team tested 3,200 people at three Bay Area locations on Saturday using an antibody test for COVID-19 and expect to release results in the coming weeks.


Another Bob

“ flipped from -250 to +250L

Sorry, that was 250 *point* flip -125 to+125.


In the early hours of Monday morning, Joe Biden’s campaign sent an email to state leaders offering to connect them with desperately needed coronavirus resources.
In the email obtained by The Post, Biden’s political chief of staff Stacy Eichner told state officials that the former veep’s presidential campaign had received a “significant number of offers” from organizations and people eager to offer resources.


... connected ? ...

Ellwood City Medical Center in Pennsylvania, which is currently controlled by a court-appointed bankruptcy trustee, was one of a string of rural hospitals owned by and driven into financial ruin by Americore Health, a business venture linked to James Biden.



This guy's Facebook has a long rant by Bill O'Reilly, who doesn't think that the release of the virus was an accident, either.



Thanks for pointing that out, as I was using the "+" on the end as the implied inclusion of zinc and z-Pack as the total protocol. I assumed it was implied and should've been clearer.



My local CBS channel had the story of the hydroxychloroquine "faulty study" quoting one doctor and written by CNN!


And here's how you get kicked off of MFM, tout suite:

Sara Noble
Dr. Oz addresses politicization of Hydroxychloroquine, begs the media to stop independentsentinel.com/dr-oz-addresse…

(NBC dropped him after he touted the success of the hydroychloroquine++++ protocol.)


Trump Admin Expects To Roll Out ‘Millions’ Of These Tests Next Month To Help Reopen The Country

U.S. officials anticipate being able to conduct tens of millions of tests starting next month to determine how many Americans have been infected with coronavirus without knowing it, a step that experts say is crucial to reopening the economy.

So, the tests will only be starting next month. It will presumably take weeks to do the testing. Then, as we saw from the Stanford study I linked above, it will take further weeks before results will be reported. And then, we can begin reopening the economy.

I guess I'd be more hopeful that the Stanford data will be used instead.


And all over something that seems a gross overestimate - and an overestimate that seems to have some political overtones.

Another Bob, I was just thinking about how Trump surely realizes that there is a political agenda axis among WHO, China, Democrats, the media, etc., and he has to play it absolutely perfectly to dispel the smears from that group. He has to tread quite softly around someone like Fauci, a pedigreed servant of several administrations; the merest suggestion that he has disrespected "science" could form one of the only types of campaign issues a hapless candidate like Biden might use effectively.


This is what leverage exiting the system looks like, IMO:

Michael Santoli
Halfway between a stretched market peak and a thorough downside flush, with plenty of mean-reversion action within the index along the way (big losers leading this rally, etc.). Remarkable.


Bespoke @bespokeinvest
You don't see this often. As of yesterday, both the percentage of overbought and oversold stocks in the S&P 500 were below 10%. bespokepremium.com/interactive/po…



Barr also noting the "Media Jihad" against "The Protocol":

Sara A. Carter
Barr disappointed by partisan attacks leveled at President Trump, says media on a 'jihad' against #hydroxychloroquine



Old Lurker

Agree 1000% Hrts.

He is walking through a fireworks store with a lighted torch.

Plus he knows full well what I was arguing last night and has to be very careful for our "system" to come out of this at the other end.


Bloomberg pushing this story of IMF managing director predicting worst economic fallout since Great Depression:

Meanwhile, accepted principles of Cause and Effect challenged by announcement of 6.6 million new jobless claims, followed by 500 point Dow futures rally.

Ralph L

"Defender of the Faiths," indeed!--what nonsense and capitulation

I believe he said "Defender of Faith," which is somewhat better. Still a climate hypocrite like his son.

Old Lurker

GUS. Thanks BTW.

One advantage of being a "dark" realist is that I got myself and both my longtime partners 100% out of all debt on all properties in the era of Obama and have never looked back. Sold one, paid the taxes, so we could use the cash to make all the others debt free.

Then we use a service through our bank that moves all of our cash every Wednesday around the country into CDs of no more that $250,000 per bank so that all the cash is fully insured at all times.

Cathy, when we did that, my comment to my partners was "We have no idea what is coming, but if the economy comes down to selling apples off a cart, we want those carts to be on our properties. We can live on Apple Pie for a long time."



Then more backups.


A-Bob, you beat me to the rally comment, I should have caught up first.

Ralph L

A rainless storm at dusk knocked over a yuge tree down the street and took out our power until an hour ago. When I was walking back from gawking, something hit me hard in the back of the head. After some choice words and confusion, I looked up, and an owl was mocking me from the telephone wire. I've never seen one in the wild before.


That was a good interview with Barr at the 9:10 link.

Old Lurker

Barr gives good interviews.

Words are his thing...


Maybe the owl was living in that tree.


Just reading that same sentiment on another site....


That's why government cannot monkey with private contracts. They want to be nice with the Landlord's money, then take the property by eminent domain for the good of the public and pay the owner the fair market value of the asset.

OL, that's what happens in the end, but I think it's also just lazy congressional malpractice - a landlord has one vote, his tenants have many. For statists, that landlord is a little too big for his britches anyway, he's just being a pest by thinking he owns something.

Every time the government tries to assume power that exceeds its compact with citizens, it's a responsibility of those citizens to push back. When, as you say, they start invalidating legal contracts, they need to be challenged in court. If that doesn't work, out come the pitchforks.


Black Box Electioneering.

(He will soon never be seen in public again.):

Tony Shaffer
And...sometimes even with a teleprompter he can't make it...this is your Quid Pro Quo @JoeBiden

Ian Miles Cheong @stillgray
Joe Biden makes no sense. pic.twitter.com/oTcw8zE3Sj


A true figurehead election coming. Wow.

Old Lurker

BTW, zooming with the kids last night (2 MDs and one Bio PhD) confirms what A-mom and Buckeye said about the non covid impact on hospitals and other medical practices.

They also noted that one thing that makes interpreting the data more art than science is that the Covid swab tests have a 30% false negative rate. They, like A-mom, await widespread use of the antibody tests. But for now they are all dodging the incoming shells.

Old Lurker

Agree again, Hrts.

We are playing fire here.



There was a Pharma exec on Fox either this AM or last night that said the FDA tape was tying up the antibody test. Will try and dig up again....


Looking back, politicians will likely argue that the measures Trump took to save lives did too much damage to the economy.

I don't buy it. I consider COVID-19 to have been an opportunity to paint Trump as an ineffective leader unworthy of reelection in November.

Instead, he bypassed the media and showed many to be the fools they are, he exposed the base political nature of a number of politicians, he showcased the excellence of many on his team, and he stood up for ordinary people in hard times.

The cost to the economy may be enormous, but the cost to individuals, the country, and the world, if the grifters had retaken power would have been much worse.


The Epoch Times
The #CDC removed several paragraphs of information about #Hydroxychloroquine from its website, including recommended dosing information.

The @CDCgov didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. theepochtimes.com/cdc-removes-so…

Captain Hate

A true figurehead election coming. Wow.

Bernie steps aside for a flatliner. That's a bigger tank job than McCain and Romney combined.


Amom from early this morning:
No problem with this--but pick a few people you know who AREN'T from any of those groups who need protection who are going to die. More than a few.

There will also be people who will die as a result of a more prolonged lockdown. We won't be able to identify them, but they will be there. The 19th century French economist Bastiat wrote about "Things known and unkown," noting the bias toward direct and visible effects but neglect of the indirect and less identifiable. The latter are every bit as real, but we won't get daily body counts or heartbreaking news stories.

This would include, as has been discussed here, people who are unable to see doctors for other reasons now, including cancer screenings and other diagnostic tests, some of whom would discover they need treatment immediately. But also the effects of becoming unemployed, impoverished, etc.

Manuel Transmission

How long before we find out that the CCP has had a vaccine deployed before they turned the bug loose in Wuhan as City Zero where it was subsequently dispersed throughout the world? All while Beijing and Shanghai are completely immune to it. Along with their stock market.


The Associated Press declared November election game on between Trump and Biden, with the Democratic Convention a mere formality.

Not me. I can't see Dems tolerating the high risk of Biden's propensities to screw up.

Expect him to get a hangnail too late in the process for Bernie Sanders to claim victory. The question is who will be the chosen one? I don't expect them to trust Andrew Cuomo, as much as he wants it.


Shanghai stock market isn't quite what it seems. More like a financial honey trap, driven by HFT leeches. IMO.


You are well aware that some people don't show measurable virus on testing for two weeks, while the entire time they are aerosolizing this virus?

Of course I'm aware of this. I'm comfortable with the fact that one cannot prevent every spread of this virus, and that there are tradeoffs. If I were 75 years old or diabetic or whatever I would not go into a restaurant even if they were opened up. I know there's a small risk of even younger and healthy people getting sick and dying from this. But as I said above, there are risks on both sides that have to be balanced. Trump has a tough time because of the optics of the first kind of risk, the identifiable deaths that would all be blamed on him, even though of course many would have occurred anyway, and he will be saving other lives by encouraging opening up sooner, even though really it's the state and local pols decisions.

Captain Hate

Hydroxychlorquine Civil Rights and the New Medical Jim Crow
Our Health Is Not Property Of The State

Of all the Civil Rights violations committed by governments in this sad chapter, perhaps the worst is politicians inserting themselves between patients and doctors to deny sick people legal and approved medication, especially for purely political motives. President Trump is not practicing medicine--by inserting themselves there, they are. Denying sick people legal medications is a huge Civil Rights violation--if not attempted murder.

Where is the DOJ's much-vaunted Civil Rights Division? Not being killed by your own local government is pretty much Civil Right #1. Black people need Hydroxychloroquine, too. We know that black people are disproportionally at risk.

Is that the "Disparate Impact" you folks need to get off your asses and start protecting ALL AMERICANS?

Where the hell is Bill Barr? Put down the bagpipes, Bill, and pretend its Roger Stone doing it. So far, you have flunked out when it comes to prosecuting rogue FBI/CIA Democrats to protect Americans' Electoral Civil Rights.

Will you fail to protect the Medical Civil Rights of Americans, too?

Gov. Cuomo's not the only one--although his brother Chris is using the federally-supplied pills without being hospitalized. "It's Different When We Do It(tm)!", they explained.

It was kind of funny when Chris Cuomo was drag-racing his shiny blue muscle car on the streets while preaching mandatory Global Warming restrictions for you. But now he is receiving life-or-death treatment at home that his brother the governor is denying to other citizens.

This denies Jefferson's "palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately, by the grace of God." There is nothing inside of me that wishes to deny Chris Cuomo the medicine he needs. Yet there is some thing inside Gov. Andrew Cuomo that wishes to deny that medicine to others.

What is that thing?

Governor Sisolak of Nevada has also banned doctors' offices from helping their patients. Only those sick enough for hospitalization deserve this treatment they decree. Nevermind that the drug might prevent the need for hospitalization in the first place.

Some Health Depts., Pharmacy Boards and Hospital officials have also chosen to insert themselves between a patient and his doctor. They are the ones who need treatment--for Trump Derangement Syndrome. President Trump is for it--so they're against it. Period. That's sick. And Power-Mad.

Can you imagine if they tried to stop AIDS patients from getting approved anti-viral drugs? We would strip them of their positions, put them in leg-irons and close their hospitals.

And what of Elderly Americans like Dr. Mark Siegel's 96 year-old father who could barely get off the couch and felt himself slipping away until his doctor prescribed Hydroxychloroquine? The three-drug cocktail is all pills, so the elderly can take them at home without hospitalization or needles, a huge advantage.

The last time local Democrat governments tried to neglect, harm and even kill their second-class citizens in order to cling to their own political power, it was called "Jim Crow".

Denying these patients their most basic Right is the New Medical Jim Crow Law.

This is wrong. It is illegal. It is deadly.

Posted by: The Gipper Lives at April 09, 2020 09:49 AM (Ndje9)


I agree that this entire corona virus has from the start concentrated too heavily on worst case scenarios.
It serves the Dems agenda and their blame game.
They know Bidrn is awful and so this last ditch effort to blame our President is their only game plan.
You are on the front lines and your point of view about caution wrt reopening is understandable.
What you are t seeing is everyday living.
Each day I go out and see employees at Target wiping down carts , they do it at night after the store closes, it part of everyone’s job now and they have cameras checking to make sure it is done.
People are wearing masks and gloves. There are many suburbs with no cases but plenty of activity with cars out, people social distancing and great care taken.
Agree with Jimmyk and Iggy.
Time for a gradual reopening with careful attention to cleanliness.
The virus will do what it is going to do.
Bring your own plastic utensils and use plastic plates if need to.
I see Starbucks drive thru line that last all day .
Are the cups the coffee comes in all tainted?
So far in Rocky River they don’t seem to be.



Fredo screwed up by posting a supposed personal chest x-ray image of his "damaged" lungs, which turned out to be a perfect image of "normal" lungs, a k a a total lie. So, once again, I'm wondering just where his lie starts and ends...

So I'll go with "ALL.", again.


I don't expect them to trust Andrew Cuomo, as much as he wants it.

Then why have they decided to broadcast his daily briefings to the whole country? And who else is waiting in the wings to be drafted? They'd better start talking that person up if it isn't Cuomo.

Manuel Transmission

Roger that, Mel. Kinda like those millions of empty high rise flats that were safe stashes for middle class Chinese savings.


Thank you, TM, for the ...

New thread!

Ralph L

OL, my grandfather used to insure every property & vehicle with a different company. Do yours pressure you to "bundle?"

He also spread their cash around. Grandma had some in the one bank in town that didn't close in the Depression, so she'd write checks for a dollar or two.


Joe Biden: "we should be making it easier not harder to make sure...to make sense...let me put another way, it makes no sense, it makes no sense"
I defy anyone to dispute that.


"A legislative solution that establishes the mortgage forbearance policy would entail requiring the banks to extend the favor to all eligible customers."

Posted by: Tom R | April 08, 2020 at 11:56 PM

That's fantasy.

"Some homeowners say Wells Fargo, Bank of America and Chase have told them they have to repay those postponed payments – known as forbearance – in a lump sum once three months are up. It's an unexpected demand they fear could put them deeper in debt as millions are laid off and watching their retirement savings plunge with the stock market."


we have 3 different businesses with a grand total of 186 employees. 74 of those have mortgages at 31 different banks. our PPP loan apps are under review. mortgage deferral reviews are underway.

that's some real world hell. i'm in the mix with these banks moreso providing support to employees. each bank follows guidelines for granting mortgage deferrals as i cited, generally, in my previous post. CARES Act seems to "allow" banks latuitude on deferrals.

Loan payment deferral is not a " favor " if a legislative solution is "requiring" it.



Thanks, I'm boiling water now for the sugar. I'll have two feeders up before the day ends.



Unrelated, someone in Dallas is shipping me a nice desktop item made by Tektronix, as I have long craved, as you know. 2 channel, but 100 MHz wide. I'ze excited!


Because Pay Me!....

Chris Stamper
Democrats think the American people care more about showering the Kennedy Center with cash than they do keeping their jobs.

BREAKING: Democrats block McConnell’s effort to get unanimous support for $250 billion in additional small business aid




Many a day as a young “go fix it guy” I traveled with a 465:)


I just wanted to find one that was monochrome.


No Wonder the hospitals want all patients admitted as a corona patient! Robbery! And WTP get a pittance at $2400! Horrific!

Chris Berg @chrisbergPOVNOW
GREAT job @drscottjensen on @IngrahamAngle tonight!!

Laura, thanks for having him on to OPEN people's EYEz twitter.com/KamVTV/status/…




Manuel Transmission

I spent a lot of time staring at 502s. They had the highest input sensitivity for raw strain gage output. Needed a Polaroid camera to catch transients.

Tom R

KK @ 10:22

It's not a fantasy.


According to the article this covers more than half of all mortgage owners in the country. Combine that with the provision that does not require renters to pay rent thru the end of July

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