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April 07, 2020



Did anyone link this Newsweek article on Invermectin?

I'm happy to see that Invermectin is getting more attention. I'm not ready to run out to Tractor Supply Co. to get some just in case; but I hope some doctors give it a try, and publicize the results. Maybe Trump ought to say it's terrible stuff, so everyone on MSNBC and CNN will start recommending it's use.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think it's interesting that after Obamacare was pretty much gutted and Zeke's geezer death panels never got empaneled, he has now taken up the cause of euthanizing 240 year old countries.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's Ivermectin, right? One "n"?


>>>I'm impressed that the Chinese government has decided to go on offense with op-eds claiming that US and European political systems weren't as capable to deal with the virus as China's more "people-oriented" and less racist system.

I think history will show that an abject apology would have been a much better move, and that by this decision they inadvertently disclosed that they're not as smart as they act. An apology could and would have been disingenuous but it still was their best possible option.

Posted by: Extraneus | April 07, 2020 at 06:42 PM<<<

looking at it, the US looks ready for dictatorship.


Funny you say that Iggy, is this a deep fake?

When people call you a birther because you believe Barack Obama was not born in the United States, kindly show them this video.

It's Barack Obama, in his own words, saying he wasn't born in the United States.



That's right, and I actually knew that; but being lazy, I cut-and-pasted the name from JMH's comment, without noticing the spelling.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"he probably wouldn’t wear one himself"

Dems wear a mask, but only across the mouth not covering the nose.
It's a style thing.


demoralization, destabilization, crisis (you are here), normalization


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

One good outcome of this is, if everybody starts choking down Ivermectin there'll be a lot fewer Americans with worms.


Up too late!



I could run out tomorrow and get a small tube of 1.87% Ivermectin for only $3.99! I don't want to end of like the aquarium-cleaner guy, though. (I expect not having wife who wants me dead may help in that department.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You have to wait until Trump touts it anyway MJW, so it's on him when you croak.


Tonight on Laura Ingraham's show, she played the clip I mentioned yesterday of the Harvard doctor calling HCQ snake oil. She cut off the "best" part, though: the part where he claimed his opinion of HCQ's minimal effectiveness was supported by the data. Which brings up the question, what data is that?


A man some have acclaimed – not without merit – as the world's best economist, says the U.S. coronavirus corporate bailout is a neoliberal rape and pillage mechanism planned a year ago; America to enter "something like" the Dark Age at end of summer.


Ralph L

beggars can't be choosers.

I hope the food supply chains can convert to retail easier than the commercial TP industry. I'll bet many tons have already gone to waste because of the wrong packaging.


a russia today programme with two leading lights of the dismal science ... i'm depressed enough. thanks.


I’d say that the last three weeks reminds me of a Neville Shute book but nobody’s allowed to read on the beach.


“Look, I know you’re just a reporter, but you used to be a person, right?”-James Cromwell, Deep Impact

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Schrödinger’s Virus: Is It Possible that Everybody is Right - and Wrong - About This Thing?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Democrats, not even as moral as the British Labor Party;
This Lefty Mayor's Attack on Boris Johnson Was So Disgusting It Got Her Booted From Her Own Party

jim nj

Worldometers look see

Total US cases 400,540, new cases 32,911, %change 8.9%, deaths 12,857, recovered 21,711.

date total new cases %change
4/4 311,635 34,160 +12.3%
4/5 336,830 25,195 +8%
4/6 367,629 30,799 +9.1%
4/7 400,540 32,911 +8.9%

NY % of all cases 35.5%, NJ 11%. Pretty much the same as yesterday. Bi-state area 46.5% of all cases - down .4%.


https://vimeo.com/403947972?ref=fb-v-share Is a video that a veterinarian friend posted on Facebook. It’s a doctor running a NYC ICU for the sickest CV patients, and he says that there’s something wrong with our understanding of the disease, especially as it relates to ventilators. He says that patients need ventilators when their muscles are too tired for them to breathe, but CV patients aren’t too tired, it’s something else that’s causing them to become hypoxic even though their muscles are working fine.


Cathy f, that's started making the rounds for a few days --maybe I saw it on my Twitter feed. Came out just before the information about the disruption the virus causes the hemoglobin.

That fits in with what they've found out about the virus affect the hgb 's carrying capacity for O2,and with the lung problem being secondary, likely.

It may be an exchange transfusion replacing the bad hgb might make more sense than popping somebody on a ventilator when their oxygen starts tanking.
Or--protecting the hemoglobin, as hydroxychloroquine may.

Smart people are looking and learning by the hour.

The band video you linked the other day had me in tears. I feel so very sorry for those poor seniors and their families---no graduation.

jim nj



jim nj


I get the sense that more doctors are considering this new line of thinking. It may turn out to be wrong, but I'm encouraged that doctors are willing to try out new ideas.

From what I have been reading, being put on a ventilator is a very poor solution to the problem.


Well, being put on a ventilator does keep them from dying in the next hour and all, so it's not wrong.
But in this situation, not many--only 15-30% of Covid positive patients come off the ventilator. And almost 0% over 75-80 year olds.
There had been discussion, in light of the massive exposure of virus that gets all over the medical personnel in doing an intubation, whether it was warranted.

What may well change is WHEN they get intubated---since people requiring a certain level of oxygen seemed to be inevitably getting intubated and ventilated, and administering the oxygen by nasal cannula also aerosolizes the virus in the patients room, the argument had been made when the supplementary O2 went to a certain level, do it then, under controlled situation, since the gowning was so time intensive.
Now it may be postponed, and more positioning tricks (proning---you can look it up for yourself if interested) used to stave off intubation and ventilation, and let the hydroxychloroquine and anti-virals do their thing.


Not sure if this has already been posted.

JK Rowling's husband had her doing this (proning is part of it) when she had (very likely) Covid recently.



Gory details of what's going on in those lungs, for anyone interested


jim nj

off-line for an hour - internet getting weird.


I was reading the back and forth on Capt. Crozier. Well, actually I wasn't, as I kill-filed TomR a long time ago.

It's been my thought for some time that the US Navy is broken. This is just one more indication of that.

What seals the deal for me on the removal of Capt. Crozier is that the man was given the Acting Secretary's personal cellphone number before he wrote that epistle. He had already bypassed his immediate superior and had been in contact with the Secretary's right-hand man.

Esper was intemperate in his speech on the TR, but I think the above explains why.

Esper realized, or was told, that he needed to resign to resolve the problem. Capt. Crozier should do the same.

Creating a situation that wound up with the Secretary resigning is roughly akin to mutiny.

Capt. Crozier had a chance at redemption. He lost it when the politicians jumped into the argument and Esper resigned.

jim nj

Proning sounds interesting. Let gravity work to expand the lungs by turning someone onto their stomach instead of their back.

Do you have to use a roto-bed or can you improvise something similar with pillows or something so the chest is free to expand?

I realized I'm even more sedentary that usual, often slightly hunched over reading a book. I read KK and some others urging exercise to increase lung capacity and I'm trying to move around more. Standing for awhile instead of just sitting. Moving my arms and legs, stretching to build up my back muscles so the chest muscles are looser, etc.

I found a really good exercise - washing down the walls in my apartment. 30-60 minutes at a time gets the heart rate up, increases breathing capacity and tightens all kinds of unused muscles in the back and loosens the ones in the chest.

Nothing quite like accomplishing two things at once.


honest to Betsy, when I don't see a lot of jimnj posts at this hour, I get worried. glad it's only the internet.

jim nj


The unique Navy helicopter unit that supported this particular exercise could be on the chopping block next year.

Justified? I don't know. My impression is that the Navy sheds expertise without adding any.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

As I recall, hoyden is MIA?
Public service announcement:


jim nj


Firefox, my PC, weird internet connectivity, whatever, I'm throttled.

Lately, when I sign off I shutdown my PC and re-boot the next day.

I mean I open a lot of Firefox tabs during the day to keep up and wonder if when I close them they're still sucking up space in the memory stack.

But it really seems to be a hinky internet lately. Over-stressed maybe.

The little icon indicates I'm on-line, but when I click on links it doesn't fully process the request.

It's like the old POTS system, you're connected to the system, but you get the old, "Your call can not be completed at this time, please try again."

The new paradigm is Twitter's, "something went wrong", or whatever the damn message is. Over and over again. Click. Click. Click.

Nothing. Delete tab. Wonder who suggested it was important in the first place.

jim nj



Hi Jim, I’m social distancing and not feeling inspired to post. Before partaking of your midweek TWiP I have a bidet update. A roll of Scott 1000 sheet lasted 3 weeks and 1 day. I do read daily. JOM is a life line to real news and entertainment while I’m hunkered down in Blue Hell.


We can always count on ZH to put a cloud in front of any ray of hope.


James D.

Of course Ezekiel Emanuel (Rahm's idiot brother and the architect of Obamacare) suggest that the US should go into total lockdown for another 18 months. That's the ticket. You may as well nuke the US economy--it wouldn't hurt it any worse than that.

Zeke is part of the Biden campaign, isn't he?

James D.

So, is this entire virus thing a plot to crash the economy? What do you think?

It's certainly being used that way by a lot of people in positions of power.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Glad to see you post, hoyden!


ig, found this: "I'm not certain, but it's possible that the phrase 'my neck' could derive from the German 'meine ecke' which would translate to 'my corner'. — Ian Flude, Vienna, Austria"

Old Lurker

Thanks for checking in Hoyden.


Donald J. Trump
“The number of New Yorkers admitted to hospitals has dropped.” @ainsleyearhardt
Good news!


Anyone else doing more long cooking things since someone is always home?

Family has discovered they prefer Irish steel cut oats and I might as well make collagen rich stocks that then turn into black bean soup (beef on sunday with dark rum added at the end of cooking) and a whole chicken poaching now (backbone already removed). Will let cool and then throw bones and skin back in and let it all simmer at a low heat in oven until mid afternoon or so. Strain and then make white bean chili later.

I always put it into ice cube trays to supplement flavors, but this is adding all sorts of flavors all while using an age old virus fighting folk remedy. Started when hubby noticed the low sodium chicken broth in carton was still more than 500 MG per cup.

Old Lurker

Brix's comment about counting any death with Covid as a death from Covid blows me away. So the old guy with stage 4 lung cancer that has failed at all treatments counts as a flu death? Wonder how they score a car wreck victim?

Historical statisticians are gonna have to asterisk this one when the books are written. If we are still allowed books, that is.

As was so well stated last night: "I don't trust anybody".



NEW: Oversight members request info on the Kennedy Center layoffs despite the $25 million they got from Congress.

"If the Kennedy Center is required to furlough its employees, it should return a portion of money Democrats fought so hard to secure."

MORE: bit.ly/2VdPyYr

Replying to @GOPoversight


Cartoon of Precision at link.


Donald J. Trump
Republicans should fight very hard when it comes to state wide mail-in voting. Democrats are clamoring for it. Tremendous potential for voter fraud, and for whatever reason, doesn’t work out well for Republicans. @foxandfriends


Mostly sensible piece by Preston that iggy linked at 2:33am. I disagree with this, though:

Back in January, Dr. Anthony Fauci declared the virus was “not a major threat” to Americans. That’s obviously wrong now. Dr. Fauci leads the coronavirus task force and now says we never get back to a pre-virus normal.

But was he wrong when he said that back in January? This is how science works. You operate on the best information you have until better information is available. Then you adjust your thinking. Rinse. Repeat.

Any statement based on little information should accompanied by much bigger disclaimers, like "At this point our best forecast is that it's not a major threat, but there is a distinct chance that it could come here and spread like wildfire." His only real disclaimer was "Obviously you need to take it seriously, and do the kinds of things the CDC and Department of Homeland Security are doing," whatever that was at the time. But that was Jan 21, 9 days before Trump banned travel from China, and Fauci seemed unconcerned about the fact that 75,000/year travel between Wuhan and the US.


So I'd say he was wrong not to explain the wide range of possibilities and risks.



There were 10 flights between Wuhan and JFK in January.



Retweeted by the President. Link goes to an AP story.

The last restrictions on movement have been lifted in the central Chinese city where the coronavirus pandemic began. People are going outdoors and by the thousands boarded the first trains and planes leaving Wuhan. https://t.co/TgQN0h36CI

— The Associated Press (@AP) April 8, 2020

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to 4 pictures and an AFP story.

Voicing joy and excitement from behind face masks, tens of thousands of people flee Wuhan after a 76-day travel ban is lifted on the Chinese city where the #coronavirus pandemic first emerged https://t.co/1rN2f5vsVr pic.twitter.com/uoPZ10UEp8

— AFP news agency (@AFP) April 8, 2020
Another Bob

Agree OL. There are a lot of games being played. Why, I’ve no idea.

The ventilator thing too. Seems now that ventilators were a Maguffin in attempts to duck responsibility and extract resources from other people’s pots.


What is the status of the emergency hospitals (Javits, Navy ship, etc.) in NYC area?

Are they full?

Are they even being used?

Old Lurker

We are all being played, A-bob.


Old Lurker

I said historians "Historical statisticians are gonna have to asterisk this one when the books are written."

Should have said "Political Scientists".






Apparently Bill Whittle has been getting some flack from "perfect conservatives" so Carlos did a thread supporting him.

I learned a lot of things in this thread, including what Obama had been doing and the fact that Trump kept the records of 550 businesses in his head.

Another Bob

“ There were 10 flights between Wuhan and JFK in January.”

It’s worse than that. There are dozens of flights a DAY from Wuhan to gateways in China that had nonstop flights to many places in the US.

EWR, JFK, ORD, SFO, LAX, ATL, IAD, HNL, HOU, BOS, SJC, LAS, SEA, DFW, DTW all had nonstops to/from China.


I'd say the lower hospitalization rate is more significant than the increase in deaths, at least for New York.



Cory Gardner

has approved National Guard assistance in Colorado in response to #COVID19, following the request of members of the Colorado congressional delegation. The @CONG1860
will now able to be used by the @GovofCO
for state COVID-19 response efforts.
Donald J. Trump
Will be immediately sending 100 Ventilators to Colorado at the request of Senator Gardner!

Another Bob

Just FYI, Oregon demanded and got 140 vents that went unused. They’ve supposedly shipped them to New York.


Fredo called out, live:

.@ChrisCuomo is a cheerleader for fake news

Ryan Saavedra @RealSaavedra
CNN's Chris Cuomo deceptively edited this clip to make it look like Trump said that he didn't take action on the coronavirus because he didn't want to upset people

After the CNN clip, Trump's full remarks play which show Trump talking about the action he took

Cuomo cut that out




I tend to be skeptical of "big pharma" conspiracy theories, but this is at least a useful counter to the ridiculous claim that Trump has a financial interest in pushing the generic HCQ. The pushback against HCQ in the MSM/DNC machine is an outrage. I'm still trying to figure out whether I'll be able to get it in NYC in the event I get the virus.


Just a thought. #WednesdayWisdom #BuyAmerican #COVIDー19 pic.twitter.com/jjsCvoX1ro

— The Norm (@truckinwithnorm) April 8, 2020

Two-minute video at the link. I think this is a good idea.

JM Hanes


"It's Ivermectin, right? One "n"?"

What? Did you buy the wrong one?

(Just kidding. Sorry for the misspelling.)


Brandon Finnigan
Absentees returned: 1,003,422
Outstanding: 271,692

Requested but not sent in time to be counted -12,710


JeffBlueWave @JeffBlueWave1
Replying to @B_M_Finnigan @emptywheel
wow - 1 million absentee ballots returned. Good job Wisconsin.


[That's a bigger number than I expected, but should be bookmarked and saved....]


Fauci is on Fox. When Ed Henry ask about WHO he deferred.

You can draw your on conclusion, but in my book he is mostly a political animal and a pussy.



This is Dr. Fauci "predicting" your future in 2017. They were planning this for @realDonaldTrump?

Did we Boomerang the virus?



A million absentee ballots returned? Looks like a million and a quarter will get counted (judges suck).


A roundup of all the ways this election will be decided by judges.


Another Bob

Why are there no public discussions of targets for lifting the lockdowns?


Last year’s Supreme Court race had 1.2 million votes cast (as a comparison)


Old Lurker

Jimmy "I'm still trying to figure out whether I'll be able to get it in NYC in the event I get the virus."

I already decided that at the first sniffle, I am moving in with A-mom.


Can ICE deport the squad?


Rep. Pressley: Next Coronavirus Stimulus Should Give Money to Illegal Immigrants, Homeless & Prisoners.


Old Lurker

Buckeye "but in my book he is mostly a political animal and a pussy."

The image that will not leave my head is of the nerdy little wimpy guy in high school, having watched all the jocks and other big kids fail at defeating a bully, says "hold my Dr. Pepper, I got this".

He is of the DC establishment and cocktail circuit (ask me how I know) and has watched with awe as player after player has tried to take out Trump, and now it is his turn.

Old Lurker

A-bob "Why are there no public discussions of targets for lifting the lockdowns?"

Like all the public discussions before those lockdowns were imposed, right?

Silly boy.


She cut off the "best" part, though: the part where he claimed his opinion of HCQ's minimal effectiveness was supported by the data. Which brings up the question, what data is that?

Great question!


This is actually the thread MM was trying to link to, IMO:


Long, but worth it, IMO.


Remember that parody of the NYT, something like "Nuclear Bomb Destroys NYC, poor and blacks hurt the most"?

Today's NYT dead tree edition headline: "Black Americans Bear the Brunt as Deaths Climb"

Interestingly they tone it down a bit on the online edition: "Black Americans Face Alarming Rates of Coronavirus Infection in Some States"

In the article was this:

“This is a call-to-action moment for all of us,” said Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, who announced statistics of the outbreak in her city this week. African-Americans account for more than half of those who have tested positive and 72 percent of virus-related fatalities in Chicago, even though they make up a little less than a third of the population.

“Those numbers take your breath away, they really do,” said Ms. Lightfoot, who is the city’s first black woman elected as mayor. She added in an interview that the statistics were “among the most shocking things I think I’ve seen as mayor.”

Now do crime.


Another thread summarizing news not seen:

1) 4.7.20 News Roundup! Leadership At the Top Matters, Thousands Of New York Patients Are Being Treated With Hydroxycloroquine, MSM Are the Enemy Of The People, PDJT’s Approval Rating Remains At 51% According To the Zolby Poll, Wall Update, The Assassin’s Interview, Chamber Of



I already decided that at the first sniffle, I am moving in with A-mom.

Get in line, bub.


Speaking of internet--


Here it is cell phone service, multiple carriers, that seems poor quality.


Dash Riprock 🇺🇸 @PhilMcCrackin44

Are the Democratic leaders really stupid, or do they simply know they’ve just overhyped the severity of the pandemic ? 🤔

#ChineseWuhanVirus 🇨🇳

Replying to @PhilMcCrackin44 @SenSchumer
Really, Really Stupid.



Thousands Of New York Patients Are Being Treated With Hydroxycloroquine

Is the number actually public? If we knew that and the percentage of people getting the placebo we might be able to learn something from the death numbers that they do make public. Since they won't simply show us the f'n data....



Steve Deace
I just watched this. You should too. 30+ years in epidemiology and modeling, much of it for The Rockefeller University. He says Fauci plan is a joke, will get more people killed, and guarantees a second wave by preventing herd immunity & more.



Ralph L

Fauci makes me think of ADM Rickover and O. Cromwell: Gentlemen, you have sat too long. In the name of God, go!



This spring, even residents of the most stable societies are reminded that we’re at times little different from our medieval ancestors, trapped in an unpredictable world. And yet, over the past two decades, the field of genomics has emerged in biology, astonishingly powerful computing has grown ubiquitous throughout developed and developing societies, and a demographic transition in the Middle East—along with Western counterattacks—has diminished the threat of Islamic terrorism. Humanity has racked up epochal successes. But generally, the American system hasn’t been forward-looking; it has remained reactive.

For decades, scientists and thinkers have warned that our twentieth-century victories against infectious disease could be merely a pause. Covid-19 has brought this prophecy to life. Rather than attend to internecine arguments about the ideal marginal tax rate or the gendered nature of the English language, we need to face outward and confront a real foe. The American elite must stop treating science like inscrutable magic that provides its bounty automatically. Science and engineering are instruments that grant us insight and mastery only through massive investments of time, energy, and will.

We must acknowledge the importance of mastering reality if we are to survive and flourish as a civilization. Otherwise, governing and media elites’ lack of basic scientific and statistical literacy will doom us to fly blind in the face of future natural disasters. Our only hope is to turn our backs on an era where our only leaders are business executives and lawyers. Data journalism cannot remain a niche; it deserves to occupy a prominent spot on any editorial board. Scientists and engineers must step outside of their laboratories and make their voices heard in the halls of power. They must become part of the establishment that they once had the luxury of viewing chiefly as a source of funding and institutional support.

Interesting analysis that fits with my view that we are merely to accept being aspects of a politically organized society with all-encompassing aspirations. City Journal shares common funding with Education Next put out by the Kennedy School of Govt.


America has been responding to the Covid-19 pandemic like it’s a hurricane — stay inside until it passes. A more constructive and realistic approach would be to treat it like driving a car — find rules that reduce the risk.

Ordinary life during a pandemic shares a significant characteristic with highway driving. In both cases, the behavior of an individual can have a life or death impact not only on that individual but on many others. A reckless driver may injure innocent pedestrians or get into a head-on collision with another car that is obeying all the rules. Likewise, a careless virus carrier may infect others, spreading Covid-19 to persons who had been healthy.



Buck Sexton
This is nuts.

That said, the American people would actually get better information if the President responded to questions he picked off of twitter/facebook from normal people instead of giving certain lib journos an opportunity to clownishly grandstand, Acosta style

Ron Fournier @ron_fournier
As a former White House reporter, I don’t say this lightly: Media should ignore the Trump follies, abandon the WH briefing room, and interview governors, doctors, nurses, victims and anybody else approaching the truth.

Stop being props.

Just stop.


[Looks like the rubes are starting to look past the bars of their cages....]


How much of the “stick every gravely-ill CV patient on a ventilator” is being driven by the fact that it’s the correct treatment for SARS-1 and this is SARS-2? And that the first doctors who faced this were veterans of SARS-1?

I asked this days ago— what data do we REALLY have that intubation is the most effective treatment, or even that it’s effective at all?


McKinsey priorities.

A ferocious pandemic is sweeping the globe, threatening lives and livelihoods at an alarming rate. As infection and death rates continue to rise, resident movement is restricted, economic activity is curtailed, governments resort to extraordinary measures, and individuals and corporations scramble to adjust. In the blink of an eye, the coronavirus has upended the world’s operating assumptions. Now, all attention is focused on countering this new and extreme threat, and on blunting the force of the major recession that is likely to follow.
Most Popular Insights

COVID-19: Implications for business
Beyond coronavirus: The path to the next normal
Leadership in a crisis: Responding to the coronavirus outbreak and future challenges
Safeguarding our lives and our livelihoods: The imperative of our time
A blueprint for remote working: Lessons from China

Amid this dislocation, it is easy to forget that just a few short months ago, the debate about climate change, the socioeconomic impacts it gives rise to, and the collective response it calls for were gaining momentum. Sustainability, indeed, was rising on the agenda of many public- and private-sector leaders—before the unsustainable, suddenly, became impossible to avoid.

Given the scope and magnitude of this sudden crisis, and the long shadow it will cast, can the world afford to pay attention to climate change and the broader sustainability agenda at this time? Our firm belief is that we simply cannot afford to do otherwise. Not only does climate action remain critical over the next decade, but investments in climate-resilient infrastructure and the transition to a lower-carbon future can drive significant near-term job creation while increasing economic and environmental resiliency. And with near-zero interest rates for the foreseeable future, there is no better time than the present for such investments.


I had no idea the WHO was founded in 1948, April 7, to be exact, and was promoted by the Chinese at the start.

Who knew?


"Addressing climate change in a post-pandemic world" is the name of article.

Pandemics and climate risk are similar in that they both represent physical shocks, which then translate into an array of socioeconomics impacts. By contrast, financial shocks—whether bank runs, bubble bursts, market crashes, sovereign defaults, or currency devaluations—are largely driven by human sentiment, most often a fear of lost value or liquidity. Financial shocks originate from within the financial system and are frequently remedied by restoring confidence. Physical shocks, however, can only be remedied by understanding and addressing the underlying physical causes. Our recent collective experience, whether in the public or the private sector, has been more often shaped by financial shocks, not physical ones. The current pandemic provides us perhaps with a foretaste of what a full-fledged climate crisis could entail in terms of simultaneous exogenous shocks to supply and demand, disruption of supply chains, and global transmission and amplification mechanisms.


WEnt to the grocery store, with mask and gloves. Offered to do surgery on a guy doing the stocking. he declined, and as I walked away said : "Yeah you'll never know what I'll cut off". I Didn't realize the implication for a second but shocked the hell out of him!


Now things are getting clearer.

Furthermore, addressing pandemics and climate risk requires the same fundamental shift, from optimizing largely for the shorter-term performance of systems to ensuring equally their longer-term resiliency. Healthcare systems, physical assets, infrastructure services, supply chains, and cities have all been largely designed to function within a very narrow band of conditions. In many cases, they are already struggling to function within this band, let alone beyond it. The coronavirus pandemic and the responses that are being implemented (to the tune of several trillion dollars of government stimulus as of this writing) illustrate how expensive the failure to build resiliency can ultimately prove. In climate change as in pandemics, the costs of a global crisis are bound to vastly exceed those of its prevention.

Finally, both reflect “tragedy of the commons” problems, in that individual actions can run counter to the collective good and deplete a precious, common resource. Neither pandemics nor climate hazards can be confronted without true global coordination and cooperation. Indeed, despite current indications to the contrary, they may well prove, through their accumulated pressures, that boundaries between one nation and another are much less important than boundaries between problems and solutions.


“climate-resilient infrastructure” — by which they of course mean infrastructure like laws requiring reuse of plastic bags which then kill us!



I love Laura's "Medicine Cabinet". Simply great.



Captain Hate

Here's a corrective to the loon prosecutor's typically clownish way of looking at things

It is not save lives versus save the economy, it is lives versus freedom and lives.

Posted by: illiniwek at April 08, 2020 09:23 AM (Cus5s)


So we fund WHO to the tune of $900 million, more than twice next closest.

China $68 million.

We should demand to pick the leadership. Period. If that is too much to ask, eff them.

Guy running it now should be prosecuted or Mitch Rapped. Either one is fine by me.

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