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April 07, 2020



Oh dear, dr. J. Hope something can be done.

Gus, I love Cody, Wy, too.

Tom R

90 days deferred? fine. on the 91st day homeowner/ noteholder owes the deferred amount PLUS the current month's mortgage.

If people who lost their jobs due to the government forced shutdown can’t afford to pay their mortgage/rent during the 90 deferred days, how are they going to be able to lump sum pay 4 months worth of their mortgage/rent? Tacking on the missed payments to the end of the loan is IMO a better solution.


Pentagon issues a statement on the ABC News report that the National Center for Medical Intelligence produced an assessment on coronavirus as early as November: “No such NCMI product exists.”


We dont write these stupid rules, like when greenspan said excessive exuberance and hiked rates in 99-01, popping the tech bubble (and triggering argentinas default) and 04-06.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I hope an alternative appears Doc.


RIP Linda Tripp, a courageous woman much vilified, and John Prine, a great songwriter and keen wit.

I thought Prince Charles's reading of "Tintern Abbey" was beautiful, but then the poem means a lot to me and I teach it all the time. I don't want him to be king ("Defender of the Faiths," indeed!--what nonsense and capitulation--and that's not even to mention all his climate foolishness).

Looks like things are turning better, though my school has decided I can't go into my office (the building is silent as the tomb, and my office is more quarantined than my house, but there you go). I went and got all relevant files for making the (now) online summer class today. Rock and roll!


Try other banks. Yes. We can. Not that they aren’t swamped as well. The PPP is a giant clusterfuck of epic proportions.


Other banks, in the past, have been a PITA. They do nothing. But we'll see.


I'm not going to go on a long riff, but I'd rather deal with a used car salesman or a politician than a bank.


Just a reminder to all of you. The bloated and "TENURED" workers and well paid FEDERAL GOVT WORKERS, will not feel the pain, that they dish out to the serfs. The "EXPERTISE" of the millllions of Federal govt workers, is expertise in shuffling papers and pissing all over our PRESIDENT. Entrenched and purposely assigned levels of bureaucracy are not interested in WHO PROVIDES, just so long as THEY RECEIVE. Even numb nuts such as FAUCI......absolutely reek of entitlement and elitism. The first time I saw and heard Fauci, it was clear to me, that he is just another EXPERT sucking the taxpayer dry. The FULL COMMIE MEDIA, generally knows no better than what they show on a daily basis. They are part of the CABAL and have been for 30 years.


Clarice, you have very very good taste.

Catsmeat, you need to send me a link, so I can see you teach, live and in color.


Someone actually asked about a pardon for joe exotic and a wormhole didnt open right there.

Another Bob

One of MM’s follows: “Is it just me or does it feel like the Coronavirus hysteric hoax kind of died today?”


Feels a little that way to me.

Still wondering why Trump was so somber about this going to be a very bad week.


A-BOB, a couple reasons. First, the death toll will still rise, and will be over blown like nothing since, RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, MUELLER MUELLER MUELLLER, UKRAINE UKRAINE UKRAINE ETC ETC ETC, this CANNOT GO AWAY, too much EGG, far too many faces, far too little success in the ongoing COUP ATTEMPTS. The ECONOMY has been damaged far more than most realize. Our FULL COMMIES, those in power in D.C., do not WANT the deaths to stop, and the LIES are BLASTED 24/7. We've also seen, (YOU and Me for sure) that even the CDC and Institutes of Health, are completely infiltrated by DOCTORS, who are dumber than grapefruits.
The WAR we have already been in, has just gotten more obvious, to those paying attention. Meanwhile, POTUS DJT, is shit on, in a time where he has shown leadership. IT'S ALL THEY DO. SHIT.


Because the lions share of the casualties are happening where he grew up im thr big apple, i heard from a neighbor that a nephew had contracted it and died, and another relative got it and is bearing up, sonny and major bane and his flunky like miss barbots negligence has serious evem fatal consequences


So sorry Narciso, that sucks.


When they said the report was from november i thought how the (redacted) cam that be, its like the pinged towers in prague just rot garbage.


These (tedacted) bastarda who screwwd everythimg up, and then thry have the nerve not to stay under a rock.


First things first: Dr. J. - Sorry to hear your news, best wishes; Mike in H - Sorry about your loss of your dog Maggie; Miss M. - Hope your dog Maggie lives a long life; Ext. - great news about Uncle Butch; and to those I missed - distance socially safely.

I wonder: Now that Seaman Crozier is no longer IN THE NAVY (You can sail the seven seas); IN THE NAVY (You can instant message, as you please); IN THE NAVY (You can isolate for free); IN THE NAVY; IN THE NAVY, suppose he could find gainful employment with Kroger Supermarket (Captain Kroger Crozier – Double bagger); or Culvers (Captain Culver Crozier – Butterburger); or just may be with Kruger Industrial Smoothing (Captain Kruger Crozier – Orbital Sander), then again that ship/sitcom position has sailed.

On another note, yesterday tuning into the noon weather report, the meteorologist repeated an often heard cliche “when everything is all said and done”, regarding the upcoming weather fluctuations. Being a consistent viewer of the seasonal airing of the classic, The Ten Commandments, I tuned in this past weekend. Both Pharaohs, Seti and Ramses repeated the phrase, “So let it be written, so let it be done”. What I’d like to know, is how in ~ 3300 years did society go from considering something done based on the written record to taking someone’s word for it?

Here endeth my weekly, err bimonthly, err whenever post. As I have finally caught up, night all!


That would be sonny and mayor bane, anyways the twist to homeland was the most consequential incidemt this season was...mechanical error, like desert one.


You put your pants on one leg at a time and you go to work:

They are really pushing it...
White House Announces New Guidance For How Critical Employees Can Return To Work



1/2 boy. I hope you noticed a couple days ago, many of us were name dropping politely (smirk) about stars or famous peeps we had met.
I had a long evening with NICK LOWE. He played a gig in Milwaukee, and me and my drummer hung out with him after the club closed. HE WAS SHIT FACE,and I mean shit faced. But he was cool, and I love his music.


Ain’t that a heck of a note?

Crosier, also spelled crozier, also called pastoral staff, staff with a curved top that is a symbol of the Good Shepherd and is carried by bishops of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, and some European Lutheran churches and by abbots and abbesses as an insignia of their ecclesiastical office and, in former times, of temporal power. It is made of metal or carved wood and is often very ornate. Possibly derived from the ordinary walking stick, it was first mentioned as a sign of a bishop’s ruling power in 633 at the fourth Council of Toledo. French bishops adopted it in the late 8th century, and it was gradually adopted throughout Christendom. Originally a staff with a cross, sphere, or tau cross on top, it acquired its present form by the 13th century.


Pin, I believe Crozier is a Scottish derivative. As for the "staff", I was watching CARDINAL DOLAN of NY, both as he said MASS on camera across America, and when he was interviewed on FOX this evening.
If you recall the PUB, in the MILWAUKEE HILTON, where I took you, and we had a burger and a really good beer, that is the very room, in which the MILWAUKEE ST PATRICKS PARADE held court. I was the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR of the PARADE for many years, and when TIMOTHY DOLAN was our ARCHBISHOP, he would march along side my '68 Mustang (highland Green) with just such a STAFF. My beloved Mrs Gus, whom you know, was his escort, and GUS JR. rode along for good measure.



Jill Stein (Green Party) encourages Bernie supporters to leave Democrats and Democrats melt down on social media.


OL I don’t see that government blather about rent forbearance makes any difference to your situation at all. Your tenants are out of business. They might wait another week to see if Trump lets us out of lockdown, but the smart ones will take a truck and move everything out — they might be able to eBay or garage sale something. Any money they get from that they will use to buy food. You can sue them, but they’re bankrupt what’s the point?

There isn’t anybody else to rent the stores because there’s no businesses allowed. You should be more worried about people breaking in and stealing the wiring.


It's hilarious Lovely Miss M. The FULL COMMIE out of control losers are so angry at Jill Stein, and they're telling her how useless and insignificant she is, AT THE SAME TIME, blaming her for being SO VERY SIGNIFICANT that she SCUTTLED the rancid RODHAM. The excoriation is HILARIOUS. If Stein is of no consequence, WHY ARE THEY PISSING their DIRTY GRUNDERWEAR????

Captain Hate

Jeez, there are couple whore writers who lost their shit over Jill Stein. I'm sure their sane reactions are kind of like their published work so I don't think I'll be spending even curiosity time on them.


These people would have to strive to be nobodies.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not a good day according to wikipedia.
New cases bumped back up into a double digit increase at 10%.
And deaths seem to have exceeded yesterdays by exceeding 2000 for the first time.


Cathyf, I absolutely LOVE, Old Lurker. He is wise, he is honest, and he's done a lot for those he has leases with, when they've approached him honorably. He's worked his entire life, to achieve what he has. He has taken risks. He has won and he has lost. But for the long term, and the ultimate balance of OL's life and career, he has been good decent and has done things right and morally. Even NOW, he's trying to do so, despite, the USURPATION of the CONSTITUTION by the GOVERNMENT. Cathy, your post was brutal, but very very honest and to the point. OL, will survive this, despite the FULL COMMIE LYING and FUELED MASS PANIC. OL, is well established, and I pray that he has most of his assets beyond mortgage, or at least has alot of valuable property that he merely owes GOVER-FUCKING-MENT taxes on. But the bottom line, is that a MAN like OL, didn't cause this, nor did he fuel or LOOT.
Great post Cathy, but if I was in OL's shoes, it would be very difficult, to have my lifes work, reduced through zero fault of his own.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

AB's 10:20 link has a video of Trump asking Dr Birx if there will ever be a time all those angry reporters can be squeezed back into the press room.
He and Barr exchange a priceless look and a laugh as he ends.


They are hanging on to slo jo like a wayward tug


Capn', did these whore LIBTARD FULL COMMIE writers of ill repute....make a stink, when BERNIE BRO'S were talking through their shit stained beards, about MILWAUKEE BURNING/BERNING if COMRADE SANDERS, didn't get what THEY wanted????


Goodnight, amigos.


I thought she might be the sister of christopher priest of thr prestige famebur shes just some green haired weirdo.


Until today:


Another Bob

“ He and Barr exchange a priceless look and a laugh as he ends.”

I think it was a virtual eyeroll that Birx didn’t even smile at the joke.



Here is the video of that interaction:

Donald Trump is the ultimate troll & I love him pic.twitter.com/3vIlNR6YRU

— Ashley StClair 🇺🇸 (@stclairashley) April 8, 2020

Video at the link.


Heading to bed.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So I laid out what I thought was the best way forward awhile back more than once;

Geezers and at risk people hunker even more so than now. They're essentially quarantined. Provision has to be made that they are provisioned.
The healthy and those under retirement age get their lives back. The six foot thing is fine and maybe even masks for now. But otherwise restaurants get to open. Businesses get to open. And where the bug goes it goes.

I'd like to hear what other people's ideas are. Keep it short and sweet but since we're all complaining shouldn't we all put something on the line as an alternative? A thoughtful considered alternative not a kill em all let God sort it out alternative.
Any takers?


A reasonable suggestion, this procrustean regime doesnt work.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The gal who had the video also had this;

"Ashley StClair
Flag of United States
Your child is not trans because he put on a dress or tried on makeup.

My little brother used to eat grass as a kid but my mom didn’t call him a cow and send him to the slaughterhouse.

She told him to cut the shit & stop eating grass.

Be better parents!"


"If people who lost their jobs due to the government forced shutdown can’t afford to pay their mortgage/rent during the 90 deferred days, how are they going to be able to lump sum pay 4 months worth of their mortgage/rent? Tacking on the missed payments to the end of the loan is IMO a better solution."

Doesn't involve renters.

Welcome to American banking,Tommy. Tacking 3 mortgage payments on the end of the loan might be a better solution in your opinion BUT deferring those payments for YEARS is reserved for customers with top shelf credit, high levels of equity in the property, excellent payment history, no leverage against the property etc etc etc.

IF the bank is going to defer it isn't a standard practice in favor of any and all customers.

Remember the number one tradition in banking- there to help when YOU don't need it.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Two alligators were sitting at the side of the swamp near the lake.

The smaller one turned to the bigger one and said, "I can't understand how you can be so much bigger than me.

We're the same age; we were the same size as kids. I just don't get it."

"Well," said the big gator, "what have you been eating?"

"Politicians, same as you," replied the small gator.

"Hmm.....Well, where do you catch them?"

"Down the other side of the swamp near the parking lot by the Capitol."

"Same here. Hmm.... How do you catch them?"

"Well, I crawl up under one of their Lexus cars and wait for one to unlock the car door.

Then I jump out, grab them by the leg, shake the shit out of them and eat 'em!"

"Same here." says the big gator. "Do you eat Democrats or Republicans?"

"I eat the Democrats" says the little guy.

"Ah!" says the big gator. "I think I see your problem. You're not getting any real nourishment.”

“You see, by the time you finish shaking the shit out of a Democrat, there's nothing left but an asshole and a briefcase.”

Tom R

IF the bank is going to defer it isn't a standard practice in favor of any and all customers.

A legislative solution that establishes the mortgage forbearance policy would entail requiring the banks to extend the favor to all eligible customers.


Id run out of demerits for the verbal morality statute.



They are also riffing off 12 monkeys when bruce willis unwittingly gives the idea of the bug to brad pitt.


The healthy and those under retirement age get their lives back. The six foot thing is fine and maybe even masks for now. But otherwise restaurants get to open. Businesses get to open. And where the bug goes it goes.

That's pretty much where I've been. I'd even go along with some (voluntary) guidelines on bars and restaurants in terms of seating, checking staff for signs of illness, etc. I would think they would want to do this so their customers feel comfortable. Sort of a "pledge" they can post on their front door, along with a random inspection. At this point people are so spooked they hesitate to start going out again without something like this.


Mad zeke is 62-63, so he doesnr qualify for his own proscription yet.


My guess is in about 10 years Zeke might revise his preferred expiration date by 5 years or so.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Land o Goshen, narc.
I have not the slightest clue what your last three are all about.


Anyone else take note that the revisions to the epidemiology models are always in the same direction (fewer deaths, earlier peak)? You might think if they were trying to be unbiased the revisions would go either way.

It's a bit like the "mistakes" journalists make always seem to damage Trump and Republicans. Just by coincidence.

And DrJ, sorry for your plight, hope you find a way.


Jimmyk, God bless you my friend. The 2 PLUS generations, that have been controlled and propagandized by a COMMIE PLAN, do not have the ability to recognized that they have been BRAIN WASHED for COMMIE purposes. It's not as if, the last 30 or so years of PURPOSEFUL, propagandizing and dis/mis/information was something the children of AMERICA, had any CHOICE in. Furthermore, PUBLIC SCHOOLS throughout the U.S.A. and their rank and file PLUS their former rank and file....LEADERSHIP, are not WILLFULLY MARXIST.
How does a kid know that MARXISM/COMMUNISM equals death and economic destruction???
Why would the destruction of AMERICA'S ECONOMY and the AIDING and ABETTING of COMMUNIST CHINA, along with payments and the MFM control of most of the narrative, ever seem ODD or DISHONEST to kids who have never known different. This is not an accident. This CHINESE VIRUS, may have...may have been accidental...MAY HAVE.....but what it became is completely enabled by W.H.O. and the AMERICAN Disgusting UNIVERSITY ENVIRONMENT and those cashing in. WHY DOES THE MEDIA NOT BLAME CHINA FOR THIS???? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ and a bizarre ideology.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

OK, I got the last one now.


Cursing at the way abc spread thr ncmi hoax, the only way would be time travel and how emmanuel qualifies for exile on an deserted greek isle

jim nj


I could go along with that with a caveat - we're doing a lousy job of protecting the vulnerable NOW.


Add in all the other nursing homes across the country that have been hit and I'll bet they make up a goodly portion of the death total.


You used goshen for its biblical significance, not inppropriate until today i didnt know anyone who knew anyone who caughr this scourge.

I cant figure why there were so mamy cases in miami, south american travel, chinese national cohort ceuise ship ingress.


Those who are driving this most recent OVER BLOWN LIE, are those who can gain and consolidate power, by our acquiescence to the large or even incremental power grabs of the COMMIE LEFT.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Anyone else take note that the revisions to the epidemiology models are always in the same direction (fewer deaths, earlier peak)?--

I don't know about any of the others but Dr Murrays when I first saw it figured 80 something thousand deaths and had hospitals and deaths peak at Apr 15th. After a week or so he adjusted total deaths up to 91000 ans the peak of deaths to Apr 16th along with a peak just over 3000 per day.
He then lowered twice to 80k+ and now 60K+ after a few more days data.
Since the last two days have been at or above his median daily deaths I suspect he might push things out again especially if tomorrow is high too.


JimmyK. Did you see the goof that DJT slapped down yesterday regarding OIL?? These fucking NETWORK GOOFS, are NOT EDUCATED. They are NOT INTELLIGENT.
Much like our mulatto bi-sexual former President, they know NOTHING about the real world. But they have TROPHIES and CREDENTIALS.....and beards.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--we're doing a lousy job of protecting the vulnerable NOW--

Yeah and I suspect that is at least partly because our effort is spread across everyone. Were we to concentrate our efforts on them and making sure they are better protected and leave the rest of us alone you'd have the best of both worlds rather than the worst.


Good catch Ig. These clowns, are both SCIENCY DOCTOR DUDES, and MATH WIZARDS.
The entire "expert class", Doctor or NOT, knows NOTHING ABOUT THIS VIRUS. They know NOTHING ABOUT where and how it started, BUT THEY ARE DAMNED SURE, that if they throw enough bullshit at the wall, SOME WILL STICK. And for the most part, they are UNIVERSITY, GOVERNMENT, or SOME FORM OF WORLD GOVERNMENT GLOBALIST employed. NEVER TO BE FIRED.
NEVER TO PROVIDE JACK SHIT to the WORLD and HEALTH ISSUES. They have been educated to suck the GUBMINT TEAT....for 30 plus years.



Its like they worst examples of the paros hear wave katrins and puerto rico ams saud hold my beer.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Had a nice fried chicken breast with steamed red bell pepper, red onion, a little broccoli and some yellow squash and zucchini. Got sick of the veggies before I finished them. Gave the plate to Chet figuring he'd lick up the tiny bit of chicken drizzle. The little goof ate every veggie on the plate and there was one chunk of broccoli that was not exactly tender.
Never had such an omnivorous dog before.


From the second to last link berenson proferred, all sorts of medical facilities are going under due to the imbalance that the bug accelerated.


Ig most problems....nearly all problems... are in need a someone with common sense, and a High level of intelligence, to MAKE DECISIONS.
If your arm has been severed by your CHAIN SAW, you do not need some wimp-assed newly minted DOCTOR RESEARCHER telling you or the emergency crew, that HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE, has not passed MUSTER with them. BUT THEY KNOW NOTHING ELSE. If "anecdotally" it's save people, why is it NOT WORTH A TRY???? Because they went to HARVARD ETC ETC.


And speak of the devil twelve monkeys is on show time.


Its red pepper too spicy for chester?


Ig, what type of dog is Chester??? And how old is he?


Have these questions been raised?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wiki adjusted their numbers so they're a bit better and presumably final.
Growth rate of new cases was back below 9% to 8.1% which is the lowest since mid Feb when we only had 15 cases in the whole country.
Deaths were also adjusted down below 2000 to almost exactly the same as yesterday 1936 vs 1928.
Total new cases were a bit higher than yesterday but still below the peak on April 4th.
So maybe he won't be adjusting things higher.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Not so far narc.
I'll let you know for sure in the morning. :)

He's a Gordon Setter, GUS, and I forgot his birthday on March 31st now that you mention it. He just turned five.


Dr Murrays when I first saw it figured 80 something thousand deaths and had hospitals and deaths peak at Apr 15th. After a week or so he adjusted total deaths up to 91000

Ok, fair enough, I guess I started looking at it after that first adjustment.

Since the last two days have been at or above his median daily deaths I suspect he might push things out again especially if tomorrow is high too.

I hope he looks at more than just deaths, because they're a lagging indicator and most of the other data like hospitalizations are showing improvement.


Yeah and I suspect that is at least partly because our effort is spread across everyone.

Yes, exactly. Focus the resources where they're most needed.

Also, I'm not sure we're doing so badly. Maybe, but there are an awful lot of nursing homes, retirement communities, etc. We hear about the ones that have problems, but those are, as they say, anecdotes, not data. I'd guess for every outbreak in one there are a hundred that have been well protected.

The problem may be more the elderly and sick who live on their own. They have to get food somehow, go to doctors appointments, the pharmacy, etc.


Cursing at the way abc spread thr ncmi hoax

Curse at your local ABC, Narciso. I called the breaking news line and told them they should not run an incomplete story.


We will see what happens at 11:00.



They are a nasty vector themselves



Hey i have a question or two?



Im guessing halper or downer



This again:



Ahhhh, a Gordon Setter, another of the fantastic SCOTTISH herding breeds.
Good work Ig, and Happy Birthday to the young laddie.


Why do you all HATE SCIENCE!!!!!????

That's the utter HORSE SHIT, we are facing.

ANSWER: We don't hate SCIENCE, YOU PATHETIC COMMIE CLOWNS. NO MOAR MONEY FOR YOU. The U.S. is out of the business of funding you CLOWNS.

jim nj


WHO Says Coronavirus Cases in Iran Are 'Flattening Off,' Despite Iranian Health Official Claiming Half a Million Infected

I don't trust WHO or Iran. It wouldn't surprise me though if each of the two headline claims is accurate.

I presume that Iran is both deliberately under-reporting and really has no idea of how many cases they have. Especially asymptomatic ones. And the curve may be "flattening" as the infected infect only the already infected. R0 would diminish rapidly if that was the case.


Snake oil salesmen making a killing?


Three Stooges BTFO:

JUST IN: Fauci: I don't think we should shake hands "ever again" hill.cm/z4KDLVE


I think we should stuff Fauci and the Emanuel Brothers in a Wicker Man and see if it appeases the old gods.


JimNj, the clowns....the FULL COMMIE are clearly to deluded and mis-educated to understand WHO IRAN IS, and WHO CHINA IS.
It's a scary future for our country, when several generations of FOOLS, have never been given the TRUTH and INFORMATION about those who would DESTROY US. It's seriously SCARY. My son is finishing his first year at UNIVERSITY, and although he see's the WORLD differently than I do, he recognizes and realizes, that most of his fellow UNIVERSITY KIDS, believe NONSENSE, It gives them some sense of POWER. They are going to change the WORLD, by helping the most vile filth on the planet. My son, is in the minority of college students. He is also smart enough, not to engage these ZOBO/CLOWNS.
My problem, is the PARENTS of these WANNABEE'S are far to stupid, to funnel their kids, to truth and PATRIOTISM.


Pin, how did the EMANUEL BROTHERS, get to be MFM CELEBRETARDS???


What more do we need. China has claimed no new cases in the last week or so. And zero deaths.

who the FUCK is that stupid. Why wouldn't the W.H.O. then fly a flag of ALL CLEAR.

Seriously, what kind of MORON believes the CHINESE.
W.H.O. knows the truth, and WE....WE...THE U.S.A. has been funding these COMMIE BASTARDS.

jim nj


What I have been reading indicates that a lot of long term care facilities have been affected. In NJ 50% of 375 such facilities have had at least one case. Some have had several cases.

A California facility had to be evacuated because the staff stayed home for two consecutive days.

Minnesota had problems a couple a days ago. I think the problem is far more prevalent than you believe.

Do a Google News search on "nursing home" or similar terms.

My point is two-fold. We aren't doing a good job of protecting the most vulnerable now. We can improve on that. Second, it's skewing the death statistics. These supposedly "protected" people are, I think, a goodly amount of the recorded deaths.

Some people may think the statistics on deaths represent a random sample of the population. I don't think they do.

I'm guessing that 10-25% of all the deaths are coming from the "protected" community.

If I'm right it would calm the general population about the rising number of deaths if they were aware that the most vulnerable are well represented in the statistics. It would also mean that we need to re-think how we are protecting the vulnerable.

Initially, it made sense to lock-down these places and ban family visitors. Maybe a better approach is to take advantage of the smarter ones nearby who have a vested interest in protecting their loved ones. Maybe a "trusted" visitor program that can supplement the over-worked staffs.


From the death graph on Wikipedia, it appears to me that deaths that occurred on the 5th and 6th are perhaps being counted on the 7th and 8th.

There are 6253 deaths in the last four days. Suppose the deaths were:
1433, 1520, 1607, 1693
That would give the same number of deaths, but would increase quite smoothly at 86 or 87 deaths each day.

The Covid tracking Project has considerably fewer deaths on the 8th then on the 7th. It has 1941 on the 7th and 1874 on the 8th. The Covid Tracking Project updates at about 4 PM each day, so it doesn't include deaths that occur later in the day.

What's the source for Wikipedia's numbers?


The Covid Tracking Project updates at about 4 PM each day, so it doesn't include deaths that occur later in the day.

In case it isn't obvious what I meant, I should have said deaths that occur later in the day are counted on the next day.

jim nj


I don't trust WHO, China or Iran for various reasons to report correctly.

The Director of WHO must know he fucked up. I feel sure many of his subordinates realize that, but they probably won't speak up at this time.

I'm sure China and Iran know they fucked up, but to speak the truth now would take down those regimes.


The day to day numbers for The Corvid Tracking Project and Wikipedia are different, but I believe it's mostly due to the day to which the deaths are assigned, and to a lesser extent, the time of day the count is updated. For the last seven days, the CTP has 9795 deaths while Wikipedia has 9860 deaths. The higher Wikipedia number is quite possibly due to it being taken later in the day, so that it represents a later part of the curve.


The time at which the count is updated obviously affects the day to which deaths are assigned, but it's systematic change. There also seems to be a larger non-systematic difference.


Jim nj, the director of W.H.O. KNOWS he fucked up, because he doesn't consider is malfeasance as fucking up. HE and W.H.O. are 100% Chinese friends and accolytes. It's not what most MORONIC AMERICANS THINK.
WHO is part of the UN. The UN is "good" ergo the W.H.O. is good and decent. SO BEYOND RIDICULOUS, FOOLISH and UNIFORMED, THAT IT'S SCARY.

jim nj

Worldometers look see

Total US cases 435,160, new cases 34,620, %change 8.6%, deaths 14,797, recovered 22,891.

The new case numbers are increasing numerically again for 4 days after that one day dip, yet the %change is consistently decreasing over the last 14 days.

I'm thinking the test result backlog is gone. The new test results may still take a few days on our current testing, but we should see an increase in the rapid testing numbers. So we should see more tests based on the old method, with lagged results, and more rapid results based on the new testing regime.

Numerically, I expect the raw numbers to continue to increase. More available tests being done means that we should catch more positives from people who were previously denied tests.

At some point I expect a qualitative difference in the test results.

If expanded tasting catches more new cases are we going to be catching them earlier where an intervention might be more effective in preventing a progression of the disease?

NY % of all cases dipped from 35.5% to 34.7%, NJ dipped from 11.0% to 10.9%. The bi-state area still accounts for almost half of all new cases at 45.6%.


The healthy and those under retirement age get their lives back. The six foot thing is fine and maybe even masks for now. But otherwise restaurants get to open. Businesses get to open. And where the bug goes it goes.

No problem with this--but pick a few people you know who AREN'T from any of those groups who need protection who are going to die. More than a few.
The cashier at your grocer; that nice fellow who ushers at church. Your call here. Maybe the librarian.
Over forty NYMTA drivers are dead; 1200 NYPD employees, mainly officers infected: the nurse who volunteered to come from full time mothering to help with screening who is now o a bypass machine in a desperate attempt to bide time til her lungs recover.

Yes, it's much more likely it's going to be my mom and my aunts and uncles, after suffering from this isolation, but it isn't going to just be them.

Eyes wide open here, keyboard commandos. (CH taught me that. Love it! Yes, we are!)

Maybe even pick the mom from that family you see weekly at church, but don't really know. Imagine her kids growing up without her. Take a minute,and do that. Imagine you seeing them, week after week, knowing their loss and pain. Think about Mother's Day at their house.

Or maybe--imagine losing one of your adult children. It's your grandchildren who don't have a momma.

Because I think that's what POTUS is doing. That's the weight his shoulders bear.

As you are hearing, testing , testing, testing.
Fast testing everywhere, for the virus, to shutdown contacts as well the infected,and for certain antibody testing, to figure out if most of us have already had this sucker.
Game changer, when we get it. That's the ball to keep your eye on.

Can't wait-- and I'm not that to --go ahead do what Boris wanted the UK to do. But it will come with a cost.
Looks like he walked that talk.

Is he on a ventilator yet? If not, we need to find out what he's getting.

The Ds have decided to BLAME TRUMP for no testing, from the snippets of TV news I heard yesterday. Not using WHO's testing, not getting it out fast enough.


Is he on a ventilator yet? If not, we need to find out what he's getting.

No, and unlikely he will be, since he's stable and sitting up in bed without oxygen. So it's likely that what "he's getting" is better, and he probably was sent to the hospital because he's a VIP.


checking staff for signs of illness, etc.

You are well aware that some people don't show measurable virus on testing for two weeks, while the entire time they are aerosolizing this virus?
Right, right?
That maybe only 40% of Covid carriers EVER show fever? What "signs of illness" are you going to be monitoring?
(We still don't have a denominator.)

Remember the cruise ship 14--the ones who not only showed no signs of virus, but tested negative one day in Japan, positive the next.
(That' when the Shit's Creek aspect of this virus hit home for me. It's the transmission, stupid to paraphrase Mr. Carville)
(It's so NOT SARS one, where you were in bed wracked with fever and myalgias praying you'd live within hours of getting it yourself. That markedly limits spread. This is the antithesis of that.)

You are aware that you are advocating opening restaurants and and bars, letting people touch your plate and glass, whose hands --or gloves, if you go for glove theater (gloves do NOT protect the receiver, but the wearer)--are likely covered with virus.

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