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April 29, 2020


Thomas Collins

I hope Trump doesn't need to pardon Flynn. I hope Judge Sullivan does the right thing and throws out this sham prosecution and persecution of Flynn and his family.

Comanche Voter

In a just world, Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Rosentien, Strozk, Paige, whatever et al would have their corpses hung by their heels on the Washington Mall.


Another scenario according to Dana Perino is that Sullivan can vacate the decision and send it back to the DOJ to decide if they want to prosecute it.
Any takers on my Flynn involved in a sting operation?
I voted no.

Buford Gooch

We all knew this years ago. Glad it's finally being proven publicly. I'll wait for the rest of the media to report it. Or maybe not.


TomR is convinced Flynn May have been involved in a sting operation against the Deep State. That he has deliberately allowed himself to be bankrupted by this whole thing as Henry states on the last thread.
I see him pleading guilty because they threatened to jail his son


Pardoning ain't good enough.

The entire thing should be throw out, Flynn made whole reputationally and financially, the perps brought to justice and then Flynn offered a new role in the White House.

I just offered the last one 'cause I wanna see prog heads explode.

Thomas Collins

I could see Judge Sullivan doing that, D. I hope, however, that he dismisses the case not only on Brady violation grounds, but on gross prosecutorial misconduct grounds.

I think Flynn was the stingee, not the stinger.

As to this whole sordid affair, there have been times on this blog that I have defended the legal profession when my friends here have attacked it. The actions of the lawyers involved here, such as Yates and Comey, are simply indefensible. That's not to say that I think they will answer to their actions in a criminal trial. However, the fact that I think they will skate in no way lessens the opprobrium that I think should be heaped on them.


Are we voting on whether he was willingly bankrupting himself and destroying his reputation? - if so, I vote no.


Buford Gooch :
Of course we knew this years ago.
Tonight I thought that Flynn could have gone to prison and they still held on to these notes which they knew made the FBI look crooked.
Initially Mueller said no jail time because I am convinced he knew of these notes and the underhanded operation run by Priestap, McCabe Strzok and Comey.


Grassley wants all the information out and free Flynn.


Grassley says Flynn was railroaded.


Don, Jr. just voted:

Donald Trump Jr


Not only should general Flynn’s charges be dropped immediately but the treasonous actors who set him up should be in jail!!!


Gen Flynn just posted this - after what he's been put through, it brought tears to my eyes!


Keep in mind, the Mueller special counsel knew this all along…

Keep in mind, former DAG Rod Rosenstein knew this all along…

Also keep in mind, current FBI Director Chris Wray and current FBI Legal Counsel Dana Boente knew this all along….

These documents have been inside the DOJ and FBI for more than three years; while they prosecuted him and drove his family into bankruptcy.



I’d say pull on my other leg but I’m afraid of the potential consequences :

"Frostbite" toes and other peculiar rashes may be signs of hidden coronavirus infection, especially in the young



Jarrett says if DOJ declines to prosecute, then Flynn has redress to sue in civil court those persons who targeted him.


Pin, pull both legs. The methane you release will have no global impact (local impact will not be good).


Let him be exonerated so he can sue the ass off the FBI.


Who is the Missouri DOJ guy they are talking about who has been looking at this?

Be my wiki 'cus my bro is asking this question of me right now and I can't find it.


There's a consent agreement to make these public. Think what this means? The govt is conceding, possums. And they want the miscreants names and conduct made public. I don't think the judge can ignore this. How clever of Sidney and Barr. She explicitly thanked those two and Durham.


Next 11 pp on FLynn to be released within the hour.


Next 11 pp on FLynn to be released within the hour.

All of this and it's not even Friday night!

Captain Hate

Andy McCarthy always seems to be in a perpetual state of astonishment that there are some very bad actors in the FBI and the DOJ whose actions are guided by politics, not justice.
Posted by: OregonMuse, AoSHQ Thought Leader, Pants Monitor & Social Distancing Professional at April 29, 2020 09:31 PM (3jeEE)


Greitens s is his name Bub.



Missouri guy is either Garrison or Jensen. I don't know which.


Isn’t Flynn before Williams purely to withdraw his guilty plea? I would think that the judge would simply allow him to do so and throw the case back to the DOJ for any further action.


Thanks MM!

That was enough to run down Tim Garrison of the Western District of Missour.


Very happy for Flynn, a true American hero, and very interested in the next eleven pages. When dams break...gosh, it took forever...

Another Bob

Thought it was Jensen?


Flynn was not part of a sting. He would have said something by now. His life has been living hell, and he had to protect his family/son.

Schumer told us what the DEEP STATE could do.

6 ways from Sunday.


Could be ABob.

I gotta go google that now...

matt - deplore me if you must

Beyond a reasonable doubt is the bar in criminal cases. I would have to say that with all of the evidence at hand there are strong grounds to file criminal charges against Comey, McCabe, Strozk, and the whole bunch of them.

Then, as TK says, there was a massive coverup. This could gut the leadership of the FBI and DoJ and put real cops back in those jobs.

This was and is a mockery of justice. Now the dominos are going to begin falling. Who else was in on it? Who set up the Steele dossier and re-processed it through the intelligence community to polish the turd?

Which one is going to rat the others out? Sounds like we should set up a pool.


It's Jensen, no question. Two secs for the appointment cite....

Meanwhile, here's the defense of one of the architects, amuse yourself with this:

Cc: @petestrzok, @NatSecLisa, and @thejimbaker.

Benjamin Wittes @benjaminwittes
Replying to @benjaminwittes
If you’re outraged by the FBI’s tactics with Flynn, keep in mind that they do these things every day against drug dealers, gang members, and terrorists. Except those people are black, Hispanic, and Middle Eastern—not “lock ‘er up” lily white.


[Wittes, remember that name....]


Jensen is Eastern District of Missouri.

Garrison vs Jensen. Tomato vs Tomatoe...

I gotta do some more googling now...


O am wiped out. Heading to bed and will re-listen to the business roundtable.



St. Louis did seem something I read about though...



This is a straight cite, but will dig up the DoJ appointment..



Jensen it is:



Thanks Mel!

Another Bob

Jensen is one of the three Sidney Powell thanked.


Also,from Powerline:





Good grief.


See new Tweets

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Free for two weeks.


"according to five people with knowledge of the conversations."

Jill Colvin
“I am not f—-ing losing to Joe Biden,” he repeated in a series of heated conference calls with his top campaign officials, according to five people with knowledge of the conversations. apnews.com/a7b3bde0888fdd…


[Insert Dalek voice: "Distracting!...Distracting!...Distracting!]


Ben witless does prove to be more clueeless then i thought possible.


Jensen is like schulte in the stevens case.


When I see a Jill Colvin byline in an Associated Press article I know I am in for a heavy rewrite. She would not work for me. She has no conception of journalism, reporting, or news.


Looks like they've recircled the wagons and are going to go with...wait for it....

BUT HE STILL LIED! (Ignore what the notes actually SAY!) I give you one of their reliable mouthpieces, Kyle Cheney, who is still live tweeting "No, it doesn't." at this moment....

Kyle Cheney @kyledcheney
JUST IN: The notes filed believed to be Jim Baker's show him wondering whether FBI officials should inform Flynn that they caught him in a lie.

"What is our goal? Truth/admission or to get him to lie, so we can prosecute."

Notes say risk is WH could see this as game-playing.

Baker appears to be leaning against anything that could be viewed as hurting the institution of the FBI but it's not clear what subsequent deliberations occurred or how decision was reached.

In short, the new notes suggest at least one prominent voice in the FBI — at the time he wrote these notes — leaned toward telling Flynn they caught him in a lie to get him to be truthful, rather than sit on it to get him fired/prosecuted.

As a colleague points out to me: We don’t know if these notes are Baker’s personal thoughts/questions or he was taking notes that reflect someone else’s thoughts/questions.

ALSO NOTABLE: Within days of the Flynn interview, DOJ went straight to the White House. Acting AG Sally Yates talked to McGahn about the interview and indicated they had caught Flynn in a lie.

Flynn's subsequent explanation to the VP resulted in him getting fired.

NEW: The FBI notes, likely of former counterintelligence boss Bill Priestap, reflect deliberations at the upper levels of the FBI about how to respond if Flynn lied to agents — whether to confront him on the spot or not.

w/ @joshgerstein


The notes, however, have set off a furor among Trump allies who say it's smoking-gun evidence that Flynn was framed and that he must be pardoned or have charges dropped.



His replies are catching him out on his lies::

Replying to @kyledcheney @joshgerstein
I thought you said they were Baker’s?

QuizzicalRepub @QuizzicalRepub
Replying to @kyledcheney @joshgerstein
You’ve attributed these notes to more than one person in this very thread.

Since the writer admits to consideration of extrajudicial ends (i.e., meddling in the admin’s personnel decisions) that may be considered abuse of office, you should be a little more cautious.

jg @jgrier4567
Replying to @kyledcheney @joshgerstein
But defenders of the FBI’s handling of the investigation said...Is that Politico?

Deedee71⭐️⭐️⭐️ @orangecone21
Replying to @kyledcheney @joshgerstein
Hey Kyle, why were they interrogating Flynn in the first place?


Let me modify that, frequently a Jill Colvin article has no news and is not worth salvaging.


I have a friend who lives in Manhattan and had COVID-19. For him the symptoms were very mild, and nothing like a bad (or even mild) flu. Primarily he had/has shortness of breath, and nothing else.


"Reade claim must be having an impact"

https://freebeacon.com/politics/biden-harvey-weinstein/ — Biden hires damage control specialist.

Another Bob

“the new notes suggest at least one prominent voice in the FBI — at the time he wrote these notes — leaned toward telling Flynn they caught him in a lie to get him to be truthful”

What did I tell you... ;)


Compare and contrast the coverage
NYC subway workers 84 DEAD
Wisconsin 52 people infected. Maybe from voting.
Maybe not.


The anti-Republican bias of the Associated Press showed today when it ran a story, "52 who worked or voted in Wisconsin election have COVID-19," while ignoring the 84 subway workers in New York City who died.

The 52 people who got sick are out of 1,370,000 who voted. My pocket calculator gets an error message when I try to work out that percentage.

They just got sick. The link to voting is unclear. Maybe they already had it. Maybe they got it while shopping. Nevertheless AP blamed voting -- without evidence.


Thats interesting



Wyoming did a work around from the packer pipeline:

In March, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon signed HB0155 which allows ranchers to circumvent USDA procedures and sell meat directly to consumers.

The amendment to the state’s Food Freedom Act will go into effect in July and takes advantage of an exemption created under § 623(a) of the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA), which governs interstate and even mostintrastate livestock slaughter and meat sales in this country. The FMIA exemption allows custom slaughtering of livestock by and for an “owner” of the animal. [Source]


[Farm to table's going to get an entirely new look by this fall, I'll bet.]


Does anyone know what Biden is accused of doing to Reade? What are the details? These days "sexual misconduct" accusations are so vague that it is hard to tell really what happened.

Did he sniff her hair? Fondle her breasts? "Grab her by the pussy"? What?

Another Bob

Mueller’s been pretty quiet, no?


The last is closer to the point, dr j.



It's a criminal complaint in DC, on the delicate subject that has NO statute of limitations.

Starts with an "R".


DrJ, I read somewhere he stuck his hands down her pants and we she resisted said 'C'mon man!'


'and when she resisted...'


Thanks, narc! Do you have a link that you can trust that talks about this?


Ironic for the author of the violence against women act, then again he also authored the drug czar legislation



Farm to table's going to get an entirely new look by this fall, I'll bet.

In California the farmers are incentivized to skip the consumers that pay for their groceries:


He boasted about how his agriculture secretary has been working on this for years.


Not for meat, TK, I'll bet you....

"We want to address that mismatch," Newsom said, "to work with the ranchers, to work with the farmers, to connect them to the food banks and do so in a way that jumpstarts our capacity to deliver nutritious food; high quality, locally produced produce, poultry, dairy and the like to those most in need."

Zero chicken at Costco today. I wonder how the food banks made out.


Huh, wasn't expecting this one, will review later:



Gruesome Newsom responds to evil beach goings:

Bill Melugin
BREAKING: A source has provided me with this bulletin that will be sent out to all California police chiefs notifying them that tomorrow, Governor Newsom will announce the closure of ALL beaches and state parks effective May 1st in response to recent beach crowds in OC . @FOXLA


"All fun has been cancelled."


I heard Fingers Von Dementia, challenged her to a push up contest, then he PUSHED UP HER SKIRT, then he sniffed his FINGERS.


"Former President Obama personally had warned the Trump administration against hiring Flynn"

This seems to be the original starting point: Obama animus for Flynn.
And, indeed, the Trump Admin did fire Flynn at the request of VP Pence iirc.

So do we know why Obama hates Flynn? I think there are rumors recounted in back threads but has it ever been stated authoritatively?


Obama hearts islamiats flynn does not he thought perhaps foolishly the russians are resolutely anti islamist mostly against sunnis not shia.


I think Flynn went against Obama’s Iranian love fest.


The list of CRIMINALS, who worked for OBAMA, and set out to FRAME FLYNN, in order to GET TRUMP,,,,


Iranian love fest??? Lock up your goats peeeeple.

Tom R

DrJ @ 10:37

Tara Reade has accused Biden of raping her.


The handwritten notes -- written by the FBI's former head of counterintelligence Bill Priestap after a meeting with then-FBI Director James Comey and then-FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Fox News is told -- further suggested that agents planned in the alternative to get Flynn "to admit to breaking the Logan Act."

The Logan Act is an obscure statute that has never been used in a criminal prosecution; enacted in 1799 in an era before telephones, it was intended to prevent individuals from falsely claiming to represent the United States government abroad.

John Kohn Kerry Heinz is in trouble then,


"I am not f—-ing losing to Joe Biden,” he repeated in a series of heated conference calls with his top campaign officials, according to five people with knowledge of the conversations."

I read this and thought "Bernie is berating his top campaign officials?"


Was away all day, had to skim. To answer stuff directed at me in the last thread:

OL: Thanks for your clarification. Re the antibody test, I don't have the impression (maybe I'm wrong) that the state has access to my records. But I think it is useful for the public to know the statistics, e.g. the 25% supposedly testing positive for the antibodies in NYC. I wish I thought it would lead to better decision-making by our masters, but at least if the public is informed there's some hope.

No tennis yet in NYC.

I do usually take the subway to work, though I haven't set foot in one since mid-March. From what I hear they are not crowded, but the homeless have been allowed to camp out. Often they stretch out over a whole length of a bench seat, and the smell will push people to one end of the car, or to other cars (if there's one without someone similarly camped out), generating more crowding than necessary.

And a comment on DiBlasio and the Jews: As Ext noted, he has not exactly been evenhanded in his attacks. I still remember when he threatened to close churches and synagogues. No mention of mosques. He himself has been photographed taking walks with his spouse in places many miles from his home. Not exactly "sheltering in place."

Another Bob

Two doses of 50,000 units of D a week apart and a baby aspirin a day for two weeks?

What the hell cheap everyday drugs DON’T help with WuFlu?


DrJ. <<>>>cky

That Wacky Joe Biden, has NEVER EVER been known to touch NOR SNIFF wymyn in all the years before he became, mentally compromised. In fact Joe Biden is just a fun and crazy guy, who hooks up his CRIMINAL OFF SPRING with HOT DEALS in UKRAINE and CHINA.

Tom R

Sundance forgot to include “Keep in mind AG Barr has known...”

My guess is Horowitz is who acquired those written FBI notes and the DOJ has been keeping them private while Durham’s criminal investigation was in progress.

Sundance also appears to be unaware of the fact Flynn hasn’t been technically bankrupted. For reasons we do not know Flynn has not paid Covington what he owes the for criminal defense legal fees. I can come up with a good guess why he hasn’t paid them yet.


DrJ. Reade has accused Biden of pushing her against a wall, kissing her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent.

Apparently Joe Biden, the former QB at DELAWARE, warned young Tara Reade, whom Fingers Joe mistook for Esther Williams, just wouldn't get off of that diving board. He made a COMMAND decision.


GUS: "DrJ. Reade has accused Biden of pushing her against a wall, kissing her and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent."

That's what I read too, but I don't have a link.


Edwin wilson who i referenced before was the real life raymond remington, he provided men and material all over the world for the company early in the 70s he set up his own shop and did the same for qaddafi. Including plastic explosives that ended up with the ira and the plo, trigermwn to get rid of qadaffis domestic opponents


Hi JimNorCal, I don't have a link "handy", I'll find one. I have seen this claim, and verbiage in a lot of places, for the last couple weeks.
To me the TRUE STORY, is the NEWS BLACKOUT on most of the FULL COMMIE MFM sites. The MOUNTAINS of evidence of LEFTIST ignorance, and willing complicity is astounding, and as you know, I'm not a naive wishy washy guy. To even attempt to compare this with Brett Kavanaughs slandering is clownish. I feel for anyone who isn't merely LOW INFORMATION or CORRUPT, the tide is turning.


In 1977, carters director of intelligence heard about this alacarte service and fired 800 operatives many of them were secomd generation immigrants fluent in the language and customs why you would do that instead of just goinf after the few freelancers unclear.


JIM, I hope this helps.

Reade filed a police report in Washington, D.C., on April 9, after publicly stating on March 25 that Biden had penetrated her with his fingers while she worked for him in the Senate in 1993. The document stated: “Subject-1 disclosed that she was the victim of a sexual assault which was committed by Subject-2 in 1993.”

jim nj


Apparently, without telling Flynn of the offers.


narc had a link earlier.


An ambitious young prosecutor larey barcella decided to go after this real life blofeld and after an interval prosecuted and convicted him he got a lot of ink from times reporter peter maas.

Then things got interesting just a few years later many of these officials popped up in the supply effort to the contras young selfless larry barcella was caughr lobbying for bcci a bigtime money laundry.





So what gives if wilson was ao evil why were his henchmen floting around well we discover that the compamt counsel sporkin ended up a federal judge othet officials noved up as well.

Sone 20 year pass, and another young lawyer discovers that wilson did not do this on his own, but on the direct authorization of the top ataff at langley. Should he have done thats a question for another day. You ask how long they can bury the truth about 20 years.


So was edwin wilson trying some elaborate sting operation hardly, he was telling the truth all along.

Tom R

A refresher on Bill Priestap from Jeff Carlson. It was speculated a couple years back that he was a cooperating witness. If the hand written notes are his then they reinforce that speculation.



In one ear, apparently there is evidence thst something happened 26 years ago,


And the bad news is my antibody test came back negative. Oh well. Back to stocking up on horse worm killers and such.

And I'm not sure how it got there, but there was a new-looking bottle of Pepcid sitting out on our dining room table tonight. Maybe Mrs K heard about it and grabbed some on a shopping trip, forgot to ask her about it.


I seem to recall Sundance claiming Priestap was a white hat.


Wel penicillin was mold right, of a soecialized type sulfa drugs used to treat other conditions whuch didnt work pergectly the first time around.


TomR, Priestap has gone silent for a long time. He is the least known about member of the RANCID 7TH floor of the FBI. He seems to have been singing like a canary. Retiring at 50, this former FBI second in command, and LAWYER, has never become a face that the PUBLIC might recognize. Both you and I will cheer together, if Priestap ends up, demolishing what's left of the FBI.


He had some objection to some parts of this pantomine horse but not enough to call a halt to it.

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