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April 29, 2020



A reason for the lack of press conferences after last Thursday, gleaned from a reply on the Osweda thread:

"He stopped press briefings during May sweeps so that they couldn't benefit from ratings off his appearances. Bret Baier pulled in 5 million viewers when he appeared with Trump in April at 5pm during his show. Not any more!"

I find this particularly humorous, since Baier conspired with Megyn Kelly to ambush Trump at the first debate (and failed miserably). He never forgets.


Donald J. Trump
Concast (@NBCNews) and Fake News @CNN
are going out of their way to say GREAT things about China. They are Chinese puppets who want to do business there. They use USA airwaves to help China. The Enemy of the People!


"Yeah, this is all Coexist, anti-racism, "we're all brothers", kumbaya ....
Works fine when you're so rich that you can afford the noblesse oblige but not sustainable. And they'll laugh in amazement while fleecing. No wisdom just lefttard slogans."

You're generalizing about "anti-racism" by conflating it with "coexist...we're all brothers, kumbayah...."

And that is just flat in error.

Captain Hate

The office of my State Rep returned my phone call this morning and they seem to share my concern for DeWine and Actons over reach and claim they are working on legislation to reign in the powers that be so actions taken during this crisis cannot happen again.
Sounded sincere.

I politely threatened to sell my house and move out of state if the knee jerk reaction was to raise our taxes when this is over.
Posted by: Volkoff Industries at May 01, 2020 11:54 AM (DB16e)


but resentment over a “Covid recession” might make it much harder to get people to cooperate next time.



This one's for you, OL:



Larger version. I wish I knew how to do that "click to embiggen" thing.


Old Lurker

Porch "GOOD"

The little Montessori School in CT where my three G'kids go has just discovered that reality, Porch.

As a year ends, they always ask for a deposit to hold the spots for next year. As they have provided no schooling (OK some online) for about two+ months, the parents (and G'parents) seem unwilling to promise $166 per day per child next year if the second and third waves of Covid shut them down again. And since they are all a bunch of Karens, they deserve it.

My kids are seriously considering, since the CT Karens are so "sure" school will be out for many days next school year, placing their kids in public school then using the "unused tuition from OL" to hire a teacher directly to come to their house. I said that works for me.

Tom R

Iggy @ 11:11


The last paragraph I figured out a long time ago.


Okay, this is another classic: lol

Anderson Pooper just gave birth. How nice.

An old bathroom stall poem is in order.

Here I sit on the Pooper, just gave birth to ANDERSON COOPER.

Posted by: GUS | May 01, 2020


https://www.cbs46.com/news/blue-angels-thunderbirds-release-flight-path-for-saturday-flyover/article_340b56ee-8bae-11ea-bbea-6f4d37a787e4.html is the route over atlanta tomorrow.

steph-let me know if you are coming to park in front of my house.

Old Lurker

The difference is we would miss Iggy.


I see the enemedia is being offered its choice. I wonder how they will decide.....

Ig, if I’ve contributed in my own ham-handedness to make you feel as though I’ve not supported you in any manner, I apologize and promise to recommit.

My belief that the data we are being shown on this virus has been and continues to be deliberately corrupted remains unshaken. Any number that requires an “i” attached to it stays imaginary in any definition.


Going overhead for me twice, which is going to be very cool.

That swing out over Decatur is emory and cdc and then by grady and heading south.

I'm excited.


If I point out, without rancor and without meaning anyone in particular, that the numbers we're batting around really do represent somebody's grandpa or grandma, I get a guy screaming at me that I literally accused him of wanting his dear granny to die.

Wait, you mean that preposterous comparison you made, where those who opposed lockdowns are somehow on the same side of the ledger as those who supported death panels?
"Besides, aren't we the people who correctly worried about death panels and Barrycare and socialized medicine deciding old geezers weren't worth treating and weren't we just properly squawking about the ghoul Zeke Emmauel?
But now we write off a million or two old geezers cuz they were going to die of the flu or something else pretty soon anyway?"


Which is logic turned on its head, of course; those who don't like the government telling them what to do don't like the death panels or the excessive lockdowns. You don't understand that regardless of his intentions, Ferguson is an enormous villain - Trump listened to that 2 million number, and acted. The 2 million number was bs, just as his other numbers are indefensible bs, but it doesn't matter for our purposes here; you defended and still do defend that lame pointy-head, his pronouncements, his "science".

And you still think you got it right. You didn't. Not only have you been tone deaf, but you've been conned, and I knew it from day one, sorry about that.


The difference is we would miss Iggy.




Thank you for your forthright statement re Reade. Males generally understand very little about the experience of females being assaulted.

Unrelated Second point: Conditioning of the college educated females of the 70s through the 201x's.

By 1993 the rule on major university and state- run campuses had been using "campus judicial boards" for almost 20 years to investigate and adjudicate female student sexual assault allegations.

these proceedings are geared to the assault target's version of events. the accused NEVER face the accuser nor is their attorney or advocate allowed access to the accuser- in 99% of cases.

the premise for that system is to prevent university policies to be tried in the interest of the defendant in open court.

the myth in play is " this University takes such allegations seriously." true. it's a PR nightmare. the allegator is protected. the alleged attacker is denied due process and the right to face the accuser.

at the faculty staff level there's the sexual harassment boondoggle: keeps it out of court and forces the process into the AA/EEOC maze. keeps it out of courts but, "we take these allegations seriously."

i've known 3 women during the period 1979 thru 1995 who sued the their university employers and won. none of the three have been paid the millions they were "awarded". stall. stall. stall. worn out by years of court proceedings and broke from fees due the attorneys who saw the case through ( not pro bono).

Final point: reticence of females re sexual assaults is NOTHING compared to the reticence of younger less powerful males being sodomized by older, more powerful males. THAT SHIT barely ever sees the light of day, especially among high schoolers and collegians.

Dave (in MA)
Larger version. I wish I knew how to do that "click to embiggen" thing.
<a href="LINKTOIMAGE"><img src="LINKTOIMAGE">click to embiggen</a>

This will just try to show the pic between the JOM margins and allow people to just click on it to bring up the full image when it won't fit. You can swap in a smaller thumbnail for the 2nd LINKTOIMAGE if you have one.


Ig: "With some people and a lot of the time, it's starting to feel like arguing with progs. Facts, reason and logical distinctions don't seem to matter too much and people can be told what positions they can hold without disapproval from the group and being told to shut up if they continue to discuss them.
F. T. S."

Ig, I copy so many of your posts and send them to my sister, read them to my husband, and often include my daughter.

I know that doesn't mean much. I would jump out and defend you, but I don't know how. I don't know how because I don't understand statistics, math, models, epidemiologists (and can't spell it -- though there's no bright red on the word) right now.

All I got, as I've said so many times, is an opinion and emotion. A year or so ago, I wrote a post about Swalwell, not gonna look up the correct spelling of his name. And, my description earned a post from you that indicated you thought what I wrote was repulsive. Since that time, you've never commented on anything that I wrote -- except my three episiotomies :) and, when I called someone a bastard. I take no exception to this -- I'm not exceptional. But I think you're incorrect about people not liking or agreeing with your posts. The people who argue with you, and I don't know who they are, might not realize how much research and thought you've invested.

I think you are brilliant. Besides that, you are witty as hell. You are a bright star here, please don't feel down or like you're not appreciated because you are, very much.

I feel like you're a friend, even though we aren't friends. It's just how I feel, after having read you from when Bush was elected.


Steph: "I've already dined out 2x this week. Neener neener."

Steph, that is SO cruel.
As Paul Ryan would say: "Come on, we're better than that!" :) :)

Dave (in MA)

Seen in an Insty thread, something I don't think I've read about until now:

Lisa Page’s mother was Iranian and Peter Strzok lived in Iran as a child.
...the one about Michael Flynn being set up. A quick bit of googling seems to confirm. Maybe they were Hyrax collaborators.


Rocco, so sad for the stress in your family as well as the death.
My NYC daughter agrees that the Big Apple has gone past the peak, a pity that MA is still suffering so hard.

Captain Hate


You surely have non Montessori non public options.


Thanks, clarice, for posting a big excerpt from the CityJournal article.

This has been expressed by many:
People living paycheck-to-paycheck, or without savings, are suffering most. As the economy sinks, it takes with it the livelihoods and aspirations of tens of millions of Californians. It is reasonable to argue that we cannot destroy the economy trying to stop every possible Covid-19 death. When people can’t eat, that’s a health problem, too.

This I haven't seen before though it's obvious:
Another public health reason to begin to lift restrictions is that if stay-at-home orders ruin the lives of millions, they will be much harder to implement in the future. A future disease could be worse than Covid-19—the fatality rate of SARS, in 2003, was 11 percent—but resentment over a “Covid recession” might make it much harder to get people to cooperate next time.


Patterico hopes Flynn burns in hell. He has used his big brain to figure out that Flynn’s son was never used against Flynn because prosecutors never lie.



How's that stew?


Brought it up once, was waved off, as I recall.


Missed it!

TheJusticeDept's avatar
Justice Department

AG Barr will be participating in the nationwide #AskTheAG Q&A session on May 1 at 12pm ET

Send us your Qs on how DOJ is protecting public safety & combatting fraud, price gouging, hoarding, & more during the #COVID19 pandemic.

Reply below or tweet your question with #AskAGBarr

Justice Department @TheJusticeDept
Q: #AskAGBarr If you've been the victim of a vile multi-state pandemic scam who do you file complaints with? The FTC? The F…
- @PJMcIlvaine

A: Report fraud to the Department of Justice’s National Center for Disaster Fraud at 866-720-5721 or justice.gov/DisasterCompla…

Justice Department @TheJusticeDept
Q: Why does DOJ/BOP refuse to release prisoners who pose ZERO threat to society despite the increasing number of deaths happening in federal prisons due to COVID-19? #AskAGBarr
- @RepBobbyRush


Justice Department @TheJusticeDept
Q: #AskAGBarr How do you plan to ensure that the Constitutional Rights of Citizens that are currently being impeded by state and city elected officials in regards to personal liberty, religion, and speech during the lockdown orders of the COVID-19 Pandem…
- @CatherineDarsey


Justice Department @TheJusticeDept
Q: What are US-based domains doing to shut down repeat, pervasive offenders of illegal/illicit activity related to #COVID19 #scams (I.e. PPE, fake prescription drugs, healthcare fraud & fake cures, etc)? #AskAGBarr
- @beenapatel


Justice Department
Thanks to everyone for your great #AskAGBarr questions! Learn more about how DOJ is protecting public safety, combatting fraud and price gouging, and more during the #COVID19 pandemic at justice.gov/coronavirus #AskAGBarr

11:47am · 1 May 2020 · Twitter VIT App for iOS


RE: A group vulnerable to the virus

We dont refer to wheelchair bound individuals as cripples.

We dont have to refer to the individual with diabetes as A DIABETIC.

The individual is diabetic. The group is diabetic.

Not everything needs to be PC overreach. Some things just make common sense.

Manuel Transmission


On a much better note, Mrs MT beamed a big smile when I read yur comment about our fave Caramel Toffee Crunch from Tillamook. But more importantly, if you are taking Gundry’s snake oil while you’re eating CTC, YOU DON’T GAIN WEIGHT!! :-)

Tom R

OL @ 12:27

No doubt you are correct for the people Iggy was referring to in the last paragraph.


Kyle Bass, from earlier this AM, since he's being shadowbanned again. Gee I wonder why.....::

😷Kyle Bass😷
This is happening all over the globe. China threatened to withhold medicine to the US for the Wuhan Virus naming convention. They threatened Europe with the same for demanding an investigation into origins and actions of the virus. Now, they threaten on changing office name 🇹🇼?

Taiwan News @TaiwanNews886
China threatens to halt medical supplies after Netherlands changes Taiwan rep office name taiwannews.com.tw/en/news/3925556


Captain Hate

Patterico and his dimwit friend Popehat are Exhibits A & B of why prosecutors are the weak links in our Constitutional Republic.


We should all be sensitive and cut Ig a bit of slack, IMHO, in case the fierceness of his outcry in this case is layer of emotion caused by a romantic situation in his life.

If I am stupidly 100% off base, I apologize in advance.


So sorry to hear about your uncle rocco.



Not by me.


It is reasonable to argue that we cannot destroy the economy trying to stop every possible Covid-19 death. When people can’t eat, that’s a health problem, too.

On Wednesday Newsome introduced a government takeover of the manufacturers of food:


He notes that the California Secretary of Agriculture has been trying to do this since Gavin was Lt. Governor.

Yesterday he gleefully announced a that California is really sinking it’s claws into childcare with an emphasis on “essential workers” and the “vulnerable.”
His child czar said “we have been working on this for a long time.
(I don’t have a link to it yet, but I heard it in his daily briefing)

As the State government starves the “non-essential” middle class taxpayers, their freeshit army will have full bellies and be ready to fight for more Covid regulations.


Dave (in MA): "Lisa Page’s mother was Iranian and Peter Strzok lived in Iran as a child."

I read that a couple of weeks ago. Probably didn't post it. As I've said before, so much of what I post, probably 90% never gets remarked upon. And, I know people are busy, I know there are dozens of people posting, and I know not to take offense or things like that personally.

I try and share things that are informative, but, again, aren't noticed. I'd write that "I feel like a wallflower" :), but my sense of humor often doesn't get commented on either. :)

I wish I could post pictures. Daddy typed it up for me one time, I copied it; but, somehow it never worked for me. In fact, I have two of those 'how to post pictures' saved in my documents. Both are different. I tried to post a picture of a scissortail flycatcher for Extraneous a day or so ago -- it's a beautiful picture captured while the bird was in flight. I struggled over that post and never got the picture up.

Here are the directions I copied from jom. They didn't work.


Use the dropdown menu to select size 320x240.
Click "Choose Images" and upload from your computer/device.
Click "Upload."
Then copy the "Direct Link." (second one in the list)
Then place the URL that you've just copied into this:
img src="your URL here"
only put one of these: <
just before the img
Stick it in a JOM comment with some text first. Use the > at the end.
Then preview and post.

One thing I couldn't figure out was 'do you use the " quote marks? I tried both, using the quote marks before the < and after >. I tried using them inside. I tried not using them.

I finally cried 'uncle' -- who wants to see a scissortail, probably nobody.


After a while tk pointing out how dreyfus the good prosecutor isnt aporting anymore.



Common blood-pressure medicines don’t raise patients’ risk of becoming infected or severely ill with Covid-19, two large studies published Friday found





Lisa Page’s mother was Iranian and Peter Strzok lived in Iran as a child.

I do not understand that. My first husband was a linguist in the Air Force Security Service back in the late 60's. When we got married, I had to prove I had NO connections to anyone in a Communist country. Proof of birth and schooling, proof of relatives' ancestry, work history, campus activities, and probably lots more I forgot since it was a long time ago. Scared the heck out of me, but since our duty station was in West Berlin, understandable.

How can those two have been in those positions, given their connections to Iran?

This seems like a pretty bad security breech, leaving them open to blackmail and extortion.

Captain Hate

That food banks horseshit is another torpedo at the private sector.


Joan, quote marks around the image link (your URL here), no space after the equal sign. Start with a < end with > . Computers are very picky on this stuff.


It is, CH. people are wondering why supermarket shelves are empty while farmers and ranchers are complaining they have an overage. The argument that the ranch to restaurant distribution isn’t set up to go straight to the consumer turn out to be bunk if they can send the shit straight to food bank consumers.

Right now the state is positioning themselves to be the only purchaser. Who else can offer tax credits? Nobody can compete.


New thread



I imagine a lot of doctors are getting inquiries because of all of the meds being made in China, a fact I was unaware of until about 2 1/2 years ago, when one of my BP meds was recalled because it had been discovered to be carcinogenic, and it was made in (of course) CHINA.

Probably a lot of people are concerned and are asking where their meds are made and if in China, near what city.

Old Lurker

"Congressman warns national debt could reach $30 trillion by end of September"

It is like tracking Covid's Rate of Change:

Bush started with $5T and ended at $10T after 8 years.

Obama started at $10T and ended at $20T in 8 years.

Trump started at $20T and gets to $30T in 4 years.

Dave (in MA)

I'm partway through a book in which the Mitch Rapp-type protagonist is unknowingly partnered up in 2007 with an Iranian asset as they work with PMCs in Anbar. This would be several years prior to Operation Pallets Of Cash.


"With some people and a lot of the time, it's starting to feel like arguing with progs. Facts, reason and logical distinctions don't seem to matter too much and people can be told what positions they can hold without disapproval from the group and being told to shut up if they continue to discuss them."


my questions came to mind as i read you and, to me anyway, seem to be most useful things to offer here.

are you accepting this kind of domineering attitude from others?

by "accepting" i mean holding it to understand what it is--NOT condoning it or acquiescing to it, a common misuse of "acceptance" when it comes to conflicts.

"...and people can be told what positions they can hold without disapproval from the group...."

are you expecting your entire 11:11a post to have a resolving effect with individuals who've slighted your approach to discussions?

and in another light, is your intention here to constructively raise an issue with those people?

i appreciate knowing what their impact has been on you to the degree that you shared about it.

there's no " yeah but" or " however" to extend my comments.

my hope is that people can own their own experience of tangling with you, and why they made the choice to do so.

i decided it was important to respond to you in order to account for myself as one member of the group.




It's a business:

Brian Cates //Flynn & Breitbart's Army!

#IBelieveBiden is the #1 trend on US twitter.

The same people that launched #MeToo just killed it.

Same people.

#MeTooUnlessItsBiden yeah, you dumbasses go with that.




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