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May 04, 2020



“Starts with a “B”, Joe.”

Shades of Cheech & Chong.


Whose buried in grants tomb



What’d I win?


Kind of obvious what's going on here. Biden pretends to really want the release of those records, knowing full well (or arranging it so) that the request would be denied. He gets to look good without actually having anything released.


Ewww. NYTimes link.
What does it say?

All I know is: Joe was a public servant for X decades. Any documentation should be available to us. Unless, narrowly, it concerns some private citizen and there's no taxpayer money involved.

Tara Reade has said she welcomes sunlight.


Staffers looked at the file set in March and had it resealed.


Dave (in MA)

We still haven't seen Lurch's military records that he promised to release on Russert's show > 15 years ago.


A deep dive on Kerry's records and his insincerity.



Wow, Elizabeth Warren spent forty years living the lie that she was an Indian and her daughter swerved, over corrected and drove the car into the ditch. Incredible.

jim nj

Tonight I have had either no internet connection or an extremely slow one.

jim nj

I'm not going to try to post my usual look see.

Too much work for something I may not be able to post.

It dawned on me that they will never be able to ramp up the testing much further. Oh sure, they will get enough swabs, test kits, and labs, etc., up to a much higher capacity, but they will find themselves short of willing test subjects.

And it's going to change the narrative. The second wave story is dead. All the planned articles on why the re-opening isn't working are dead, or will die.

This whole thing is based on the idea that people will continue to want to be tested. This whole system was designed by epidemiologists who believe they have a near infinite amount of testees.

The OMG novelty has worn off. If you're seriously sick you will want to be tested. If you are a hypochondriac you will want to be tested. If you think you are affected, but don't feel badly, you won't test for the fear of the state gaining control over you for the next two weeks.

Contact tracers will be the "new" ventilators. We can't possibly have enough of them in time. When we finally do, they will sit around with nothing to do.

So the testing regime will have to change. With fewer volunteers, they will have to dragoon new testees.

Look for captive audience testing, like in nursing homes, finally, first responders and healthcare workers, and union organized testing.

jim nj

Yea, that posted.


Woke up just in time to hear Bill O'Reilly's news update for May 4 on YouTube, where he detailed Operation Neptune's Spear, commemorating the success in getting Osama bin Laden, and informing us that the only person in the Obama Administration who was vehemently opposed to it was.....Joe Biden.

jim nj

In the short term the news stories will focus on CCP deaths, even though many of them will have taken 3-4 weeks to occur. They will try to turn a lagging indicator into a leading one.

[Insert name of state or county] which tentatively re-opened today nonetheless had a record number of CCP deaths announced today.

"Danger, danger, Will Robinson."

I really think the story is going to collapse quickly.

Looking at the statistics I don't see a sustained increase in the number of new tests. May 1st was the peak at 320,628 new tests. Then:
5/2 264,537
5/3 237,019
5/4 231,812 new tests.

It's not a long trend, yet, but the number of new tests is going down at the same time that they are trying to increase capacity.

If that is a trend, then it's a major fail that testing capacity hasn't increased. The media should be jumping all over that. They're not.

What's the other possibility? Fewer people want to be tested.

I think jimmyk and others have mentioned this dilemma before. Take the Covid-19 test and suffer the consequences or take the antibody test and face none.

Could the rest of nation have arrived at the same conclusion? If so, Covid-19 testing will not increase appreciably.


Jim nj

That have spent weeks drilling into the public that if you have certain symptoms call your doctor.

The primary care doctors who schedule most of the tests are still doing the preliminary screening using the criteria.

Shrinking pool of victims.


They have spent


ZeroHedge: a sad trio of articles.
Public sector feels no pain, private sector being stomped.


Jack Lillywhite

Where is everyone. The last post was 5:59am. It is now 7:22am.

Unless JOM is down again.

Off to get one of my tires fixed - slow leak. Hope all it needs is a plug.


Busy AM coming...ECB having a bad day———CCP Journolisters getting outed in London...heads on a swivel, people.... more in a bit.




The behavioral public policy community is diverse, and many individuals put forward useful ideas to promote handwashing, improve remote learning, and maintain social connection, among other challenges. But on the big questions, especially on the size and shape of requisite public health and economic policies, the field of behavioral public policy did not have much to say. When it did, we too often resorted to enumerating one of the (by now overexposed) list of cognitive biases that “explain” fear or inaction, or worse, proposed epidemiological approaches on the basis of limited evidence and historical precedent.

We can and should develop a behavioral playbook for crises. This pandemic is far from over. There will be another. Have you heard anyone say we aren’t ready for climate crises?

As I keep warning, the answer to these planners for the collective is getting at people at the level of their belief systems.


Just doing catch up over coffee. Waiting for rain. Also waiting for the WI Supreme Court to drop kick Evers and his “safer at home” despotism.


My son had what I thought was a great rejoinder when a member of his sw team said what a nice guy he thought Biden was. He simply asked "What is a lying dogged-faced pony soldier anyway?"

The response was to complain about Trump, which just goes to show there really aren't many Biden fans out there. Even the ones who think he's 'nice' won't defend him. They just hate Trump.


CCP, and there will be plenty more on this, later.

Raheem Kassam 😷
Wow, has the London School of Economics' @hannanhussain7 been on the CCP payroll since JANUARY?

Hmmm... what did the CCP know in JANUARY that they didn't tell the world?

But they hired a tonne of Western "writers" to run interference for them on CCP-owned websites! @LSEPress



ECB Woes:


[Yass, ZH for now, will get their original sourcing in a bit, but that poster's usually pretty reliable, even though he's pushing his order book.]

Old Lurker

Mel, first things first.

We have to get our economy back up to speed first.


Then we can go see who did what to whom and what price should be extracted, and what policies we should change to avoid problems next time.

But until then, this collateral noise is a distraction from placing all possible pressure on our own tyrants within.

Once our house is restored, we can look outside at the neighborhood.




Some big ass skirts getting lifted is what I'm seeing. Cut off the sponsorships, then you can have at the rats.


Speaking of... (and Hoft again, from yesterday):

Tony Shaffer
Yes - we all want to see Eric Holder's phone records...and next needs to be @AmbassadorRice!

Jim Hoft @gatewaypundit
Gen. Flynn's Initial Law Firm Covington and Burling Defies Court - Resists Turning Over Eric Holder Phone Records on Flynn Case @GenFlynn thegatewaypundit.com/2020/05/gen-fl… via @gatewaypundit





SS Bulwark as a modern day HMS Hood? I can see that....Just that DJT is NOT The Bismark.

Donald J. Trump
A group of RINO Republicans who failed badly 12 years ago, then again 8 years ago, and then got BADLY beaten by me, a political first timer, 4 years ago, have copied (no imagination) the concept of an ad from Ronald Reagan, “Morning in America”, doing everything possible to....

....get even for all of their many failures. You see, these loser types don’t care about 252 new Federal Judges, 2 great Supreme Court Justices, a rebuilt military, a protected 2nd Amendment, biggest EVER Tax & Regulation cuts, and much more. I didn’t use any of them....

....because they don’t know how to win, and their so-called Lincoln Project is a disgrace to Honest Abe. I don’t know what Kellyanne did to her deranged loser of a husband, Moonface, but it must have been really bad. John Weaver lost big for Kasich (to me). Crazed Rick Wilson....

....lost for Evan “McMuffin” McMullin (to me). Steve Schmidt & Reed Galvin lost for John McCain, Romney’s campaign manager (?) lost big to “O”, & Jennifer Horn got thrown out of the New Hampshire Republican Party. They’re all LOSERS, but Abe Lincoln, Republican, is all smiles!


[Because Anita will have that broken up in no time, when she gets up.]

Old Lurker

We're from the government and are here to help:



Did you know there is a CCP Hornet? And It dropped into Washington state just before the virus?

'Murder hornets' have arrived in the U.S.—here's what you should know The world's largest wasp has been spotted in Washington State, but don't panic—efforts are underway to stop it from spreading.

Yes... Don’t panic.

Nobody knows how the insects arrived in the United States. But the discoveries set off alarms and the insects began trending on social media as "murder hornets.” These predators, native to East Asia and Japan, are infamous for decimating honeybee colonies. With the toxic venom that their large stingers deliver, the insects already are known for killing people in their native habitats: In Japan, an average of 30 to 50 people each year die from the hornets’ stings. In 2013, when populations of the hornets were unusually high, they killed 42 people in a single Chinese province. Most serious incidents occur when people come near or disturb the insects’ hives.

The first items I read last night after the 11pm bubble headed news broad alerted me to the giant aisian murder hornet was that it was a product of China. Now more and more articles are including Japan as a possible source. Commie Media at work.

I recommend DDT, but I am not in charge, so I assume we will first make sure the heroes have all the bee keeper PPE before there is a shortage. Then social distancing from hives. Then the remaining honey will get saved by the government and sent to the food banks.



James D.

DC is now a multi clown-car pile-up.

DC has been a multi clown-car pile-up for three decades now. This is why we currently have President Trump, because enough of us got sick of voting for whatever clown the GOP chose to vomit forth.






Stephen L. Miller
You want Biden to hand pick which journalists go review his records? Lol no.

Andrea Mitchell @mitchellreports
.@Elise_Jordan: "I think anything the Biden campaign can do, if they could agree on a certain number of reporters, a pool to go in & have access to the records & to write about it the way the other candidates have done with tax returns, that would be a step forward." #staff





Time for Kellyanne to rise to the Captain Hate challenge and finally pick between Moonface and Trump.


Andrea knows that worked for Obama.Remember?He hand picked who could see the birth certificate.


That DARPA AI piece was no joke, here's the CCP product this AM from BBerg:


[At this pace they'll turn his "policies" into caricature....]

Captain Hate

TK, I talked about those Yellow Horde Hornets possibly being a deliberate bioweapon because it would take a swarm coming over here on a ship or cargo plane to establish themselves.

Dear sweet Kellyanne is too look at me to ever leave Moonface. Prove me wrong or resign.


I recommend DDT

Hopefully we can find something better. DDT almost wiped out the Peregrine Falcon and other magnificent birds of prey such as the Bald Eagle in the 1960s.

Captain Hate

I thought the Silent Spring DDT thing had been revealed as a hoax.


Overdosing will do that to just about anything. We were still in the throes of "More is better!" when it came to the use of modern chemistry back then. That and destroying habitat with our waste.

Anything change since then, or was it just the cessation of DDT?


Noah’s Ark the animals that go in the keep pile and spray the hell out of the rest.


Good morning again. Went back to bed because I was still tired from yesterday.

I see things are hopping and its only Tuesday!

I cannot tell you how happy I am to see the odious Rick Wilson publicly attacked by President Trump.


Donald J. Trump
Oil prices moving up nicely as demand begins again!


Both the virus and the hornets gained access through Washington state, CH.

Quarantine the whole state. Then spray.

Captain Hate

Just nuke Seattle for starters and tell the rest of the state to shape up or they're next.


Random observations in my area--traffic is starting to get heavier, although still far lighter than pre-scare.
In my deep-blue suburban town, the believers still believe. Most people wear masks.
I hope that what jim-nj posted at 3:30am is true, but I am not seeing much evidence of it here. As far as testing, antibody tests are starting to be available in my area, but what good are they? If you have anti-bodies, does that mean you are immune if the virus morphs into a different strain?
Stock market going up tells me that Trump will ultimately prevail.

Oh, and the cockatiel video was great. Shared it with a friend of mine who loves kooky animal videos.


Donald J. Trump
Heading to Arizona!


How did DDT destruction of birds compare to windmill pates of them?


Gas Chamber at werk:

Brianne Pfannenstiel
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business lobbying group in the country, is endorsing state Sen. Randy Feenstra for the Republican congressional primary nomination against incumbent U.S. Rep. Steve King in IA-04. desmoinesregister.com/story/news/pol…



THE BROWN PELICAN AND the peregrine falcon did suffer declines in population, but not because of DDT, according to Professor Edwards’s article, “DDT Effects on Bird Abundance and Reproduction.”

Brown pelicans suffered, not from fish they ate but from their catastrophic reproductive failure caused by the great Santa Barbara oil spill surrounding their nesting colonies on the island of Anacapa. Federal and California officials ignored the oil spill and attributed pelican difficulties “solely to DDT in the environment.”

In Texas, peregrine falcons declined from 5,000 in 1918 to 200 in 1941, three years before DDT. Around the Gulf of Mexico, they declined from 1918 to 1934 by 82 percent, but the 1935 survey was done 15 years before any DDT appeared.

Likewise, in the East, peregrine falcons declined long before there was any DDT present there, because of egg-collectors and falconers. Falconers “raided every nest they could find” and shot falcons on sight.



I got some hornet stings once. Man they hurt-like a punch-- but the pain goes away very quickly--very different from a wasp or bee or jellyfish sting.


More Primary Games:

Brian Fallon
NEW: A top federal judge has asked Chief Justice Roberts to assign a formal investigation into whether McConnell unethically pressured a sitting judge to retire so McConnell could install his protege Justin Walker in his place.



I thought the Silent Spring DDT thing had been revealed as a hoax.

I don't know why that myth persists, but as soon as DDT was banned in 1972 the birds started coming back from the brink. The DDT was in the seeds and insects the prey animals were eating and it became concentrated in the high-order predators that were eating them. It built up a byproduct called DDE in their systems to the point that the females couldn't manufacture enough calcium to produce strong eggs. Their eggs were so weak that they often broke when the parents tried to incubate them. Once DDT was banned, the egg shell thicknesses, and consequently the bird populations, almost immediately recovered.

Captain Hate

Even my green daughter thought it was ridiculous that Brown Pelicans were still on the endangered list, saying they were as plentiful as rats.


If there were trye cosmic justice, Adam Schiff would be attacked by a swarm of killer hornets.


Heading to Arizona!



@molodyko is on so big a roll this AM, I can't begin to list all the conspiracies he's trying to follow.


The charge is that DDT thinned the shells of eggs. When nesting parent birds sat on the eggs, the shells cracked and no babies hatched. Carson charged that DDT was bringing bald eagles and robins to the “verge of extinction” — while noted ornithologist Roger Tory Peterson was reporting that the robin was the most abundant bird in North America.

Bald eagles between 1941 and 1960 migrating over Hawk Mountain, Pennsylvania, doubled during the first six years of DDT-use. Their numbers increased from 9,291 in 1946 — before much DDT was used — to 16,163 in 1963 and 19,765 in 1968.

Professor Edwards reviews how bald eagles died of non-DDT causes. In Alaska, 128,000 were shot for bounty payments between 1917 and 1956. Between 1960 and 1965, 76 bald eagles found dead were autopsied: 46 had been shot or trapped; 7 had died of impact injuries from flying into buildings or towers. Between 1965 and 1980, shootings, trappings, electrocutions, and impact injuries chiefly accounted for their deaths.

Although some birds declined before DDT, they became much more abundant during the years of greatest DDT-use. But facts have not impeded the endless repetition of Carson’s bird myth.

Scientists tested the popular shell-thinning hypothesis. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologists fed birds for 112 days on a diet with 100 times as much DDT as they were getting from the environment. No thinning of egg shells was found. The DDT had no effect on the birds.

One experimenter, to demonstrate eggshell-thinning, fed quail a diet with DDT but containing only one-fifth of the normal amount of calcium. His experiment succeeded in producing thinner eggshells, but his deception was exposed.


I think maybe Professor Edwards is the fraud. Back in the 1800s and early 1900s it was a thing to collect clutches of bird eggs. That was outlawed at some point, but the conservatories had kept the collections that were donated to them, which is how ornithologists determined that the cause of the Peregrine population declines were related to egg shell thinning, which was blamed on DDT. It might have been a theory at the time, but after DDT was banned, the shell thicknesses and subsequently the birds recovered.


Make America Work Again 🇺🇲
LOL they're not even trying to pretend that @JoeBiden is mentally capable of tweeting for himself 😂 this is just embarrassing

Joe Biden @JoeBiden
Over 1 million cases of COVID-19. Almost 70,000 dead. What is upsetting President Trump? Tough questions from the press.

Cry me a river, Mr. President.



Trust the scientists.



Yes, funny how it may not repeat, but it sure can keep rhythm.


NYT Business
Pfizer and the German pharmaceutical company BioNTech announced that their potential coronavirus vaccine began human trials in the U.S. on Monday nyti.ms/35CjeDd


Trust me.-sez the NYTimes...

Manuel Transmission

I think it was in the original article on the hornets I posted the other day that they had been spotted 30 miles north of us on both sides of the border and on Vancouver island 30 miles to the west. So it may be a Canuck conspiracy. They are setting multiple smart traps to try and capture queens. The queens can apparently fly at 20 miles an hour so could presumably cover a lot of territory in a short time. Mrs MT has a knack for being bitten by every bug that wanders by, so she is being ever vigilant.


Nigel Farage
I witnessed first hand our Border Force acting as a taxi service for illegal migrants in Dover this morning. This scandal continues and people have got every right to be angry about it.


Anti-Brexiteers are hard at work.

Captain Hate

Like clarice said, proven bird deaths from those fucking windmills haven't bothered those really really concerned sciency people so until they tear those tinkertoy jokes down, their credibility on bird safety is nil.


It is possible that both Edwards and Rachel Carson were both wrong.

For JIB--Frederick's old school was sold:



Data unzipping from the WHO seems to be next on the schedule:

Reid Wilson
French scientists have identified a 42-year old fish monger as the earliest known #COVID19 case in Europe. He went to the ER on Dec 27, four days before WHO id’d cluster of atypical pneumonia in Wuhan. Virus has been circulating longer than we think — thehill.com/policy/interna…




Trump is getting roasted on Chinese Twitter for his virus response, highlighting a broad verdict there: America disastrously faltered while China outperformed

From Senator Ted Cruz's National Security Advisor:

Omri Ceren

Seriously though this article is a disgrace. "Chinese Twitter" is what the CCP wants it to be. Twitter is blocked in China. Users can circumvent with a VPN but then CCP officials show up to their door. Meanwhile the CCP runs disinfo bot farms & has diplos tweeting propaganda.


Smart Traps...

Good freaking luck. Napalm everything.

And with that, I am off to the races.


Ok I’m trying to get a handle on this whole vaccination question... How do you justify vaccinating kids for a “disease” that isn’t bad for kids? Vaccinations always have a certain number of adverse events (give a kid a shot and discover that the kid is deathly allergic to some chemical used in the synthesis of the vaccine, for example.) If the risks of coronavirus to kids is really infinitesimal enough, then they will be smaller than the risks of even a pretty safe vaccine.


Hassan hussain i thought he was qatars date. Twotimer


Good Morning! Blind as a bat but I’m carrying no virus! Yippee!


Forbes has a piece claiming some kind of surge in "exposure" since GA opened up. I don't see how they could know that with any confidence, as it's only been a week, and in any case I don't see any sign of it in the state-level Covid tracking data.

Scaremongering? I'd expect that from the NYT or WaPo more than Forbes.



How do you type then, jane, dtsgon?


Why vaccinate kids? We don't vaccinate them for influenza.



Mel pointed out within the last few weeks that the chinese had bought forbes.


Jane— is this a problem with both eyes? I thought it was just one eye doing this...

James D.

jimmyk @ 9:38

forbes has gone to the dogs for a while now; I'd expect no better from them than from the NYT or WaPo or the rest of the dishonest MSM.


We certainly vaccinate kids for influenza. It’s pretty dangerous for newborns, and kills a bunch of kids every year.

Now Fifth Disease doesn’t have a vaccine, but if it did we wouldn’t be vaccinating kids I don’t think.


I didn't know that. I don't think either of my kids were ever given flu vaccines. Is it optional?


cathyf, vaccinating kids makes no sense unless they figure out it's more effective later if given earlier. They claim that about the HPV vaccine, which I had concerns over (when the pediatrician was pushing it for our then 13-year-old daughter) from rumored adverse side effects.

Captain Hate

Going all in on vaccinations for something of still unknown lethality is a strange way for the sciency people to act.



Wendy’s begins to cut hamburgers from menu amid meat shortages: ‘Where’s the beef?’

According to a report from Time on Tuesday, Wendy's consumers have aired their frustrations over being unable to order hamburgers or cheeseburgers from the popular chain restaurant.

The outlet reported that the restaurant's online ordering app showed only chicken and side items available for purchase from some of its California stores.

COVID-19-related meat processing plant closures began to impact United States' fresh meat supply chain over the last several weeks.

According to a Daily Mail report, California isn't the only state to see locations removing burgers from their menus. Restaurants in both South Carolina and Kentucky have also reportedly cut burgers from their offerings.

In a statement to the Daily Mail, Wendy's said, "As you've likely heard, beef suppliers across North America are currently facing production challenges. Because of this, some of our menu items may be in short supply from time to time at some restaurants in this current environment. We expect this to be temporary, and we're working diligently to minimize the impact to our customers and restaurants."



AP NewsAlert: New York State Reports More Than 1,700 Previously Undisclosed Deaths At Nursing Homes And Adult Care Facilities



It’s just one eye Cathy, but makes seeing out of both difficult. Patch helps but sure feel like I need new glasses, plus no depth perception and stuff like that.


Ext, rat burgers are next per Demolition Man.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A swarm and nest was found and destroyed on Vancouver Island last year, I think I read.
I think these things were originally native to Japan and then spread into China and elsewhere, but that's going by memory too.

I think I've related before hitting a nest of bald faced hornets while building a road with a cat. Got about 8 stings on my face and head. Not allergic so I didn't do the anaphylactic can't breathe thing but I got so much toxin my body did have a general histamine reaction as hives raised up all over me an hour or two afterwards. Extremely painful. As Peter notes like being hit with hammers along the stinging burning part of bees and wasps.

There's an entertaining youtube channel called I think BraveWilderness where some doofus worked his way up the pain scale by intentionally getting stung by bullet ants, giant hornets, Executioner wasps, giant desert centipedes, etc. I suspect he overdramatizes a bit but I'm not willing to put my theory to the test.


Ext, flu shots are optional at all ages. They used to be recommended mainly for 50+ year-olds, but more recently for all ages, including kids. Kids do die from flu. I think the risk is low, but so is the risk from the vaccine. But I'd be more hesitant about newly developed vaccines until they've had a few years to see what the side effects are. (I guess technically the flu vaccine is new every year, but I've never heard of major problems with it.)

Captain Hate

That's an odd way to get attention, Iggy; moreso than JOM standards.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Reason magazine had a pretty reasonable discussion of DDT and bird's eggs.
The science is pretty persuasive regarding raptors but certainly not clear-cut.
Millions of excess malarial deaths because of the blanket ban is pretty clearcut.

Keep that in mind when proglodyte Karens start whining about you not wearing a mask around them; the American economy and the lives of others dependent on that economy are not worth theirs, but a million little brown kids' lives are worth one bald eagles'.


CathyF, 9:27 Good point!
(Well, good point again but I don't recall anyone reacting the first time)

Captain Hate

If Disney is ever officially designated an enemy of the state, can we throw them off cliffs into the ocean like those liars did to those cute lemmings.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Carlsbad caverns has a large supply of protein for bat burgers if beef should become unavailable.
Might want to put your shake on top to keep it from flying away though.



Like Andy Lack, just wait on DIS.


He's treating the inflammation--the autoimmune response--rather than ventilating patients.

Jack Lillywhite

- peter,

Yeah, well aware of the Diocesan duplicity.

Back when we formed our rescue committee, that was our number one issue that PBMC had already two years before approached the Bishop. In retrospect we should have seen it coming, we had clues.

1. Existing principal out of the blue quits for another s hool.

2. A Deacon from down island who had been a school superintendent in Huntington is appointed as a interim principal.

3. We ended up that year leasing part of the parking lot to PBMC.

4. School turned down Athletic’s department request for new sports uniforms

$13 million needed to pay off sex abuse claims, etc.

But Frederick is now in a much better place, Thank God.

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