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May 04, 2020


Art in Newport

Jim: thanks! finally a topic I can speak on with some knowledge.

And I should issue a correction, Kevin's 4th district is next to and above the Newport Center area. But it is the same kind of territory. (what I get for trusting my memory)


Govt lawyers don’t even know what is in the Constitution.


.@GovEvers Admin argues that DHS' power is limited by the same constitutional standards as the legislature, but validates DHS' ability to put restrictions on church gatherings, rallies, concerts.

That would be infringing rights to assemble, rights to freely practice religion.


Researcher Behind Model Predicting 3,000 Daily Deaths Claims It Was Not ‘Intended to Be a Forecast’

“I had no role in the process by which that was presented and shown,” Lessler told the Washington Post. “It was not in any way intended to be a forecast.”

Lessler added that the projections depended largely on the government’s ability to reopen the country safely. “There are reopening scenarios where it could get out of control very quickly,” he admitted.

While he didn’t address the specific figures, Former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb appeared to endorse the model’s prediction of an increase in deaths and cases as state economies begin to reopen.

“While the model’s assumptions are unclear, and therefore its estimates uncertain, we should expect cases to rise as we re-open aspects of economy,” Gottlieb wrote.

Captain Hate


I'd think when the Ferret has her sporadic bitchfests luncheons with Big Mike and Stedman's dominatrix they'd declare the country doesn't deserve their wisdom.

Old Lurker

Draw the names of 40 states out of a hat and make them remove every single Covid restiction they put in place.

Use the other 17 states as the control group.

Wait 60 days.

Count the bodies and report.



Karen, There may be an increase in sickness, and possible hospitalizations, but there is the headroom to accommodate that now and the therapeutics to deal with it.

Not to attempt reopen the economy would set up worse disasters.


Retweeted by the President:

Doug Ducey
Arizona is proud to welcome @realDonaldTrump
to our state today! We are very thankful for his leadership in addressing #COVID19, and his continued support for our tribal communities. 1/2

I look forward to greeting the President on his arrival and seeing the great work being done by our manufacturers to make sure we have the necessary equipment during this crisis. Thank you, Mr. President! 2/2


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

President @realDonaldTrump: The Democrats want us to fail so they can win an election which they’re not going to win pic.twitter.com/5b5aUbM8Rx

— Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) May 5, 2020
The Infamous Ignatz

--The Chinese government says Mike Pompeo is lying about 'enormous evidence'--

They know he is, because they're sure they destroyed it all.


Retweeted by the President. Video at the link.

President @realDonaldTrump: We are going to build the greatest economy in the world AGAIN! pic.twitter.com/QzGf0kk137

— Team Trump (Text TRUMP to 88022) (@TeamTrump) May 5, 2020

Retweeted by the President. Link goes to tweet and article.

Excited to join @realDonaldTrump today on Air Force One for his visit to a @honeywell facility in Arizona! https://t.co/4wuOUpzfJj

— Congresswoman Debbie Lesko (@RepDLesko) May 5, 2020

Retweeted by the President.

Rep. Paul Gosar, DDS
Honored to join President @realDonaldTrump
on board Air Force One today!


Apple and Google Promise to Ban Location Tracking in Apps Using ‘Contact Tracing’ Tech

Reuters reports that tech giants Apple and Google have promised to ban location tracking features in apps that take advantage of the new Wuhan coronavirus contact tracing system being developed together by the two Silicon Valley giants.

Apple and Google allege that unlike other systems, theirs will not collect location information or identifying information about those that test positive for the coronavirus. They also require that a person consent to the data that the companies do collect on them. The companies claim that health authorities will be able to include a way to verify that someone tested positive such as a QR code from a hospital, addressing concerns that people could falsely claim that they tested positive.

Google and Apple have both reportedly made changes to their mobile operating systems to allow the devices to exchange a private key with nearby smartphones via Bluetooth, logging when users come into close proximity. If an individual tests positive for the Wuhan coronavirus and enters that information into an app, 14 days’ worth of their contact with other users is sent to a server.

The phones regularly check if any recently encountered individuals have been reported as infected and alerts users with a notification. The notification states that someone they have been in contact with has tested positive and provides them with more information.

The Infamous Ignatz

CA and Silicon Valley coffers are being artificially replenished by the Fed.
If the Fed didn't think its job is to prevent the stock market from ever going down the geeks of SV and the freaks of Sac would be bleeding much larger pools of red ink.


Donald J. Trump
The Do Nothing Democrats and their leader, the Fake News Lamestream Media, are doing everything possible to hurt and disparage our Country. No matter what we do or say, no matter how big a win, they report that it was a loss, or not good enough. The Enemy of the People!



I had to clear my browser history to get by the paywall. If you can’t get this, I’ll c&p some of it.


For the constant criticism from the Do Nothing Democrats and their Fake News partners, here is the newest chart on our great testing “miracle" compared to other countries. Dems and LameStream Media should be proud of the USA, instead of always ripping us down! pic.twitter.com/8AwnPCNchF

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2020

Link goes to graph.

The Infamous Ignatz

Michelle Obama might be considered more attractive than Melania Trump on Kashyyk but I'm pretty sure that's the only spot in the known universe, although RuPaul's show might be the one other place.


Here’s the gist:

So when Bushes talk up how awesome China is — did you even know there was a Bush China Foundation? — and then talk up how we shouldn’t be having a big political fight over how state and local governments are increasingly clamping down on individual liberties in the name of “social distancing” and other forms of house arrest, very reasonable people will take W’s statement in a negative light.

It was Bush père, after all, who stupidly gave China Most Favored Nation trade status in concert with Democrat Sen. Dianne Feinstein, and thus set in motion the chain of events that has resulted in a Chinese virology lab releasing COVID-19 into the world. While most of the giveaway of the American manufacturing base can probably be laid at the feet of Bill Clinton, who served as president between Bush 41 and Bush 43, that family undoubtedly bears the bulk of the responsibility for creating this problem through atrocious trade and foreign policy.

And if anybody should shut up about partisan politics it’s the Bushes, whose utter failure to understand how they can and will be used to destroy a presidency caused both to leave office in defeat, 41 through losing reelection, and 43 through suffering microscopic approval ratings thanks to the Democrats’ use of “Bush Lied, People Died” anti-Iraq War propaganda that was never answered.

Trump’s style might have its own blemishes, but one thing he will consistently do is defend himself from all comers. That’s a form of Republican politics that was long overdue, even if it sows discord the legacy media doesn’t like. At least he’ll go down fighting — the Bushes, who’ll break bread with all kinds of nefarious types in pursuit of whatever it is they’re trying to achieve, just go down.

Trump’s approach is more effective. Let’s hear fewer “play nice” admonitions from the Bush China Foundation and its pals.

Amen, brutha.

The Infamous Ignatz

Admittedly Sunday and Monday numbers but wiki has Monday's deaths below a thousand for the first time since April 1st.
The graphs of new cases and new deaths are both in significant decline regardless of whatever typical Tuesday spike we get today.


This is the guy whose podcast cheers me up almost daily. He has made his own answer-back commercial, video at the link.

Caution: F word used. LOL!

🇺🇸🇺🇸Good morning America!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸 pic.twitter.com/y0Ph37Xtre

— 🇺🇸Brenden Sir Hublife Dilley🇺🇸 (@DilleyShow) April 23, 2020

People are sitting down and eating at Waffle House like civilized rational human beings. I hope I don’t start crying.



The second significant point is the partisan divide: 67% of Republicans, but only 24% of Democrats, say it is time to get back to work. This is rather stunning. One wonders what the Democrats are thinking. Perhaps a disproportionate number of them are government employees who continue to draw a paycheck, likely for not working. Perhaps some of them didn’t much like working in the first place (not that we would want to stereotype Democrats). In any event, it seems that a lot of Democrats are under the delusion that wealth comes from the government, which can just keep mailing out checks indefinitely.



Here is the link for today's podcast, The Dilley Show:



Star wars christmas special again?

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

People are sitting down and eating at Waffle House like civilized rational human beings. I hope I don’t start crying. - Pin

Ate there for breakfast again this morning. They are still closing at 3 pm for now, though, they said that will be changing shortly.


Shem Horne
In his closing remarks, Senator Burr slips up and says "When you're confirmed." to Rep. Ratcliffe. They don't want him to be the DNI but they know the only other option is having Grenell continue in the role for another year and they want that even less. Congrats Ratcliffe!



rose mcgowan
Andy Lack is out! Jeff Shell ⁦@NBCUniversal⁩ please keep taking out the trash. Did you know Weinstein sent him a bottle of Grey Goose vodka for shutting the exposé down? It took that & a call from Hillary’s spokesman to kill it. #cleanhouse cnn.com/2020/05/04/med…


You know who used to work with Lack in managing Lauer? Zucker.


A word about the Dilley Show:

He broadcasts from his home. He's a young guy, probably 38-40. Liberal cussing, which doesn't bother me but you should get fair warning.

Today's show has a lot of memes, praise for President Trump calling Conway "Moonface," snark about Sean Hannity (well-deserved). Don't put this on in an office setting, unless you have earbuds.

He also has sponsors, small businesses who pretty much rotate through the week. I just can't tell you how much he cheers me up, and he loves President Trump as much as I do. HA!


Apparently, using IHME data may be bad for your decision tree:



A whistleblower from HSBC came forward. He found a cartel doing exactly that to avoid the OFAC sanctions...

See how they spelled Tajco as Tajc.o.

This is exactly the types of things we have to look for...




Weird that CORNey worked at HSBC 🤷🏽‍♂️

Obarna with a rn instead of a m 👇🏽




Plans for re-opening.

Jack Lillywhite

Did a food and booze run to Publix in Flagler Beach. Beach is open but not the boardwalk and pier. Lots of people out surfing, fishing and just laying out. Restaurants starting to open insitu dining, slowly, one or two at a time.

De Santis presser on radio and he was very upbeat about the opening up the state and get the economy going again. Big testing program including a portable using a bespoke RV. More domestic traffic on the roads including 95. I still say the sun, heat and fresh air versus being stuck inside all day is the big help.

Go outside not inside.


Remember this? Happy #CincoDeMayo! https://t.co/1jDZHNTHHj

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 5, 2020

Link goes to a photo and tweet from the 2016 campaign.

Tom R

They know he is, because they're sure they destroyed it all and killed the doctors/scientists who tried to expose the evidence.

Slight correction


67% of Republicans, but only 24% of Democrats, say it is time to get back to work.

Amazing but not surprising.


This is the article I referenced earlier about the media's ties to china. Just so you know what the democrats support!




No wonder then that many conservatives are now watching with quiet glee as the more ossified parts of the college industry look set to go under because the coronavirus has shuttered campuses and scared off international students. In late March, Fox News host Tucker Carlson remarked that the coming shakeup of the higher education establishment will be “one of the few bright spots in an otherwise dark moment.” And a shakeup is indeed coming: the Wall Street Journal reported this week that the higher education system as a whole can anticipate a $45 billion decline in revenue from students for the coming fall semester and that up to a fifth of the nation’s 1,000 liberal arts colleges could close within the next year.

Count me in as one of those “gleeful conservatives.” If there’s one bloated business that’s way past it’s usefulness it’s higher ed.


A Clear and Present Danger to the First and Second Amendments is starting to beg for a Thomas Jefferson Arbor Day solution:

A SWAT team with GUNS DRAWN raided a peaceful protest at Big Daddy Zane’s in West Odessa, Texas.

The bar owner reopened because he says “all businesses are essential.”

Gov. @GregAbbott_TX, is this acceptable in Texas???


Tom R

Weird that CORNey worked at HSBC

Comey became a member of the HSBC board after they had already gotten caught money laundering for the cartels. Since then HSBC has created a tool used to detect money laundering.


Nice tool to have in light of the Panama Papers leak.


The big close:

Colleges will have to either adapt or sink as their industry collapses over the next few months and years. Remote learning courses will have to be offered, salaries will have to be cut, useless degree programs will have to be phased out, and the swollen ranks of administrators and diversity officers will have to be trimmed. Those schools that are unwilling or unable to change will disappear. They are — to borrow a prominent term from this trying time — very non-essential.

Emphasis mine.


Who else joiner the board in 2013 frances townsend as well as the former director of mi 6 sawers.


Another dubai outfit, you would think the wash was a little farther away no?


Correction that was hannigans predecessor lobban, sawers went to bp like the one who was mark of tripoli.


If my soup was the same temperature as the IQ of a cop who wades into a peaceful protest waving a gun in people’s faces I’d send it back.

Presuming I’m living in a rational country where one may sit and eat in public.


Peter King Suggests Alcohol Sales Could Be Banned At NFL Games In 2020

I could see the NFL, if and when fans are allowed to come to games, advising anyone over 70 to not come. I could see alcohol being banned at games for the year. (Meaning, theoretically, fewer trips to crowded rest rooms through crowded concourses by patrons.)


You have GOT to be kidding me! What, is someone choking their golden goose?

AFP news agency
The Red Cross on Tuesday launched what it said was the first global network of social media influencers to battle misinformation about the new coronavirus and spread lifesaving content about the pandemic u.afp.com/3YTK


Hey, did they sign up on that DARPA AI gizmo....


Did you all see the video of the lady in Wisconsin getting braced by the local SD for letting her daughter play over at the neighbor’s? The woman refused to ID so the lady deputy said she’s going in the system as an “uncooperative person”.

If you aren’t already on a list of “Uncooperative People” then what the hell are you doing with your life?


Time for Kellyanne to rise to the Captain Hate challenge and finally pick between Moonface and Trump.

She already has, quite some time ago.
I think some of you guys just don't get it.
You don't have to go to court to end a marriage.


This is in Wisconsin. Aspirus medical Group


Captain Hate

Maybe it's you that don't get that the enemedia will still refer to their legal status.

The Infamous Ignatz

Thanks for the valuable correction at 1:43, Tom.
Not sure how I forgot to add that.

Old Lurker

A-mom "You don't have to go to court to end a marriage."

I know! I know!

I have been watching all those real crime soaps like "The Evil Within Me" and that ilk etc.


Not to attempt reopen the economy would will set up worse disasters.

Fixed. Unfortunately for most states run by Ds or RINOs this is not even under consideration before at least the 15th.

This is just my gut more than any exact analysis, but I believe that every additional week of shutdown adds at least two weeks to the delay in recovery. Not to mention people being paid by us taxpayers more to stay home than to work.

The best thing Trump could do to force the governors' hands a bit is to tell them they are on their own. No fed bailouts.


Would you believe HLA gene alleles explain Wuhan Flu severity?



You don't have to go to court to end a marriage.

I would suggest Russian-style defenestration as an alternative, but she would need help for that fat oaf.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, before this started, our GDP was running about $425 Billion per week.

Old Lurker

Or, said the way it counts for Government Masters, they are used to sucking about $150 Billion out of the wallets of We The People each and every week all year long, before they murdered their goose.

Suck on THAT.

Captain Hate

Zbig's low IQ little girl


My husband has consistently held Trump accountable. Trump's sleazy, gutter tactics reveal his inability to focus on the pandemic and the growing number of people falling victim to this catastrophe - that many believe HE made worse. We will follow the facts and we are not afraid.

Captain Hate



Exclusive: Government scientist Neil Ferguson resigns after breaking lockdown rules to meet his married lover.

Prof Ferguson allowed the woman to visit him at home during the lockdown while lecturing the public on the need for strict social distancing.


I thought the Silent Spring DDT thing had been revealed as a hoax.

Progs will tell you that the claim that millions of people died needlessly because of the DDT ban is itself a hoax.

Naturally they do not want all that blood on their hands.


Good afternoon, if Jane thinks I'm as handsome as TC, she's been blind longer than she thinks!

Conway wanted the Solicitor Generals job and didn't get it. What kind of a man would want to work for guy he now describes as mentally ill?


James O'Keefe
Tomorrow @Project_Veritas will expose the mainstream media role in the #COVID19 pandemic.



See it first: ExposeCBS.com




Cyan Lana🎖🎖🎖
Jeffrey Epstein court doc lists names of 70 people with knowledge of his human trafficking scheme including
Tom Pritzker, Doug Band, Bill Richardson, Fmr Senator George Mitchell, Eva & Glen Dubin


[Yes, they're related.]


First fraud charges from the CARES Act:


Rhode Island and Masshole men.


Yes, CH. I've been off the internet for several hours and first thing I see??


What hypocrites!!


I keep hearing newsreaders (opinion spouters) keep saying Gen Flynn lied. My thought is this (if the Judge is considering actually invoking a sentence on Flynn:

Judge should demand a recording of Flynn’s Russian conversation and compare to the best FBI phrasing of Flynn’s interview statement that is considered a “lie”. I will lay odds that FBI never gave Flynn exact quote from recording and he had to accept whatever they said. I further assert that no thinking human would consider “I can’t talk about sanctions with you (Russia) now” as discussing sanctions with Russia. Flynn’s answer of “not really” was probably correct and definitely no lie. Probably the same with whatever he related to the VP. I will be shocked if that is not generally what happened and to this date Flynn has not heard the recording about which he supposedly lied.

Numerous conservative types allude to his caving to plead guilty just to protect his family renders him unacceptable for future work relating to the security of the country. I think he thought he did lie based on what the FBI told him he said on the phone call that he really didn’t explicitly recall since he simply deflected the Russian’s approach.

Captain Hate


@realDonaldTrump 2 minutes ago

Wow! Congratulations to Greg Gutfeld, a one time Trump Hater who has come all the way home. His Ratings easily beat no talent Stephen Colbert, nice guy Jimmy Fallon, and wacko "last placer" Jimmy Kimmel. Greg built his show from scratch, and did a great job in doing so. @FoxNews


Probably the same with whatever he related to the VP.

Has anyone ever explained what it was that he supposedly told the VP that led to his firing?


We will follow the facts

We will follow our facts...


Well, that's going to prove problematic:

BREAKING: Funeral Directors in COVID-19 Epicenter Doubt Legitimacy of Deaths Attributed to Pandemic, Fear Numbers are 'Padded'



Not only did Professor Lockdown meet with his married squeeze, who lives with her husband and children, but it was only 15 days after he tested positive.


Really, now?


Captain Hate

Has anyone ever explained what it was that he supposedly told the VP that led to his firing?

I've asked that before and I think the answer was he told Pence something misleading about where he was overseas and when. Frankly it sounded kind of stupid.

Tom R

Numerous conservative types allude to his caving to plead guilty just to protect his family renders him unacceptable for future work relating to the security of the country.

One thing you never see mentioned anywhere is what crime Van Grack was threatening to indict Flynn Jr of committing. Flynn's lobbying firm filed their FARA paperwork in March 2017 timeframe. If there were any errors in the FARA paperwork I don't think that would have been Flynn Jr's fault.

James D.

Can't count on Roberts, though. He doesn't like to make big waves.

Oh, I think we can absolutely count on Roberts to do the wrong thing, and to justify it with an incoherent opinion that tortures the English language well beyond Geneva Convention rules.


Sorry, in Joan's link he said "I acted in the belief that I was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus, and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after developing symptoms.


It always sounded like a lame excuse for not backing him, Captain.


You are very handsome Rocco! Be still my heart!

I second Jib’s recommendation to be outside. I’ve been outside since the whole thing started and it so much easier!

Captain Hate


Susan says the Doomsday Doc is a great lay and she completely understands Antonia Staats driving across town to gather up some rolling stone 'Rona output.
Posted by: Captain Bill Kristol, SS Cuck! at May 05, 2020 03:11 PM (NVYyb)

Captain Hate

Yes, Ext, I consider that a mark in the Not Good column for Pence. Fortunately it's pretty lonely there so who knows. We probably don't know the whole story.


Similarly, the security clearance disqualification for lying to the court when he agreed that the FBI had not influenced his plea by any side agreement is a non-starter. He was represented by counsel and the FBI agreed with his statement. I can hear the atty explain to him that any side statements by FBI that he agreed with did not fit the legal definition of anything referenced by his written plea agreement.


Excellent news about Gutfeld! Thanks for grabbing that, Captain Hate!

I got a phone call and then ran out to get cigs, and forgot to alert anyone to keep an eye on the President's Twitter feed! Thanks for being alert, CH!

Had the radio on in the car and learned that next Monday a lot of places will open EXCEPT Marion County, which is delayed because we are a "hot spot" (most likely because we have more nursing homes and senior assisted living places than the surrounding counties).

We also have more restaurants than the surrounding counties, which is going to cause more layoffs and hardship. The governor was on answering questions from the press and some of the public and of course the Evansville paper did their "We are auditioning for the big-time" performance, asking if we were opening too early, if it was wise to do so since we had the highest per capita positive test results, what did VP Pence say to you about this, blah, blah, blah, all in a snarky tone.

I didn't feel compelled to keep listening, so came in the house.


Mel, I've eaten in that restaurant in Berlin. What a crook!

Tom R

CH @ 3:11

I agree that official talking point from Trump/Pence never passed the smell test. There was nothing unethical or wrong with Flynn's phone call to the Russian ambassador so why would he lie to Pence about it?

The link I posted at 11:58 has a better explanation. Trump was forced to "fire" Flynn when he was informed the FBI had an active FISA warrant on Flynn and were using it to spy directly on Trump and everyone in the Trump administration Flynn worked with.

James D.

Jeffrey Epstein court doc lists names of 70 people with knowledge of his human trafficking scheme including
Tom Pritzker, Doug Band, Bill Richardson, Fmr Senator George Mitchell, Eva & Glen Dubin


Release ALL the names, however powerful, however well-connected, however many careers and lives it ruins. Burn it all down!

Captain Hate

That makes sense, Tom.



Conrad Black:

Though he gets little credit for it—even from his supporters, who tend not to be overly sophisticated foreign policy specialists—President Trump has carefully developed a subtle foreign policy.

What the hell?

The Infamous Ignatz

Dennis Prager;
The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History


Release ALL the names, however powerful, however well-connected, however many careers and lives it ruins. Burn it all down!


The Infamous Ignatz

Maybe It's Time for a Revolt in This Country so We Can Get Back to the Lifestyles We've Worked so Hard to Achieve


Go look at the list, quite a few are there.



The Infamous Ignatz

Another day, another breakthrough;
'Breakthrough' Found That Could 'Block Course' of COVID-19 Infection

James D.

Gotta love those journalistic "ethics", Melinda!


Gus & Henry!

Heads up! You'll have the insurance rates of IL in no time!



What the hell?

Conrad Black has been a sturdy Trump supporter for years but he does slip in this kind of bullshit from time to time.


Re: ”hornets”
In a previous life, I operated a D9 Cat on a larger ranch in the brush country of Texas. Just moved into a 200 -300 acre pasture and was working on clearing a path through the brush between a gate and a windmill about a few hundred feet away. The area had been chained* about 20 years prior leaving tree trunks lying among the brush. Got one in the blade and rolled it off to the side of the path was clearing and backed up for a fresh bite at the brush I was knocking down. Got a skeeter bite and smashed it with my hand which turned the skeeter into a brining ember. I was in a swarm of small honey bees that had a hive in the hollow of the log on the ground. They were pissed! Got hit about twenty times (a D9 in the highest gear is about a slow trot for an old man like me) before getting clear of them.
Grandad was a beekeeper and called them aggressive “Spanish bees” as they were smaller and a darker bee than the “Italian” bees he kept. I recently wondered it the few “Spanish” bees we experienced were later called the killer bees migrating from Mexico???

• Chaining involved a chain between two large bulldozers and driving though and knocking down trees between. This allowed sunlight on the ground which allowed more grass to grow for grazing cattle. Yeah, doesn’t seem prudent today…


If you guys are really skeered of Big Mike we may as well haul down the flags.

Only thing that would skeer me about Big Mike would be giving her/him/it the Crocodile Dundee test:)

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