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May 04, 2020


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Americans’ “obsession” with freedom makes us “blind" to threats like viruses and climate change.

“Government is not the biggest threat to our liberty … what the government does is protect us from” oppression. --

Progressives' obsession with safety and taking others' freedom makes them see or invent things that aren't their like an existential threat from a virus that does little or nothing to the vast majority of people or an epic fraud like global warming, which if it does anything at all, makes life better.

Unless you are presently engaged in an actual carjacking or home invasion government is always the biggest threat to our liberty and through out history has always been the most oppressive force on earth.


From where I sit, it is they who have been shredding the fabric of civil society

Correct. I just see no reason to help them.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Not to put too fine a point on it, it appears you believe in vigilante tactics rather than pursuing justice through the courts, the legislature, or the federal executive.

Not sure what you consider essential in a civil society or, for that matter, what you believe in at all except your emotions and instant gratification.--

The problem we are faced with, SBW, is the courts, the legislature and until 3 years ago the Federal executive are all increasingly in the hands of people bent on delivering the opposite of justice.
And increasingly we are faced not with a domestic opposition but a domestic enemy whose idea of a civil society is one in which the self evident truths of our certain unalienable rights no longer exist.
JamesD, IMO, in his own way is merely stating in a somewhat more graphic manner these words;

"When in the course of human events..."

We may not be there yet, but we're getting there and it's not because of things like JamesD's DIAF comments. We're getting there because the civil society the progs who dominate our institutions have in mind is a very much more oppressive and dictatorial one than George III or that days' parliament ever dreamed of.


Chiming in here to say that while I understand JamesD's frustration, much of which I share (I was one of the first to stick my neck out and support Donald Trump) I do think that calls for violence are not helpful.

The level of corruption is far greater than even I believed, and the amount of Chinese influence is immense. It is going to take people understanding this and learning to think for themselves, being exposed to other ideas, and weaning themselves from the idea that just because someone is on television "reporting" or commenting on something, they are automatically telling you the truth.

When someone on a web site sounds violent, it causes many people to recoil and discount the ideas that are discussed here. I run into this with my daughter. When I tell her something unpleasant, the very first thing she asks is "Who said that?" If I cannot name a source that is well-known to her, she discounts it.

Anyway, that's my opinion, for what its worth.


Owning himself by opening his mouth:




Fewer smokers get the virus than any other group. Maybe if they do get it yjey die, but apparently there is an immunity in nicotine.


Sorry Cathy I should have kept reading before I posted.


Just a piece of the action.


Wow this is wild - Yelp is replacing restaurant phone numbers with Grubhub-routed numbers that go to the restaurant, but charge the restaurants a fee for “marketing” for each order made.



Cathyf, I find the life science site less than reliable.



New. Thread.




Ig, DJT's most important skill has been to let others expose themselves for either 1) misunderstanding our founding principles, or 2) not believing in them.

And MM is correct that the country is further gone than anyone of us might have thought.

But we have to take @RealDonaldTrump's lead and persist — not rush — persist. Let the seditious exposure of the FBI, DOJ, CIA, IC, Obama administration, Congress, Democratic governors, foreign leaders, schools, and the media [Wow! All that! Sickening!] proceed apace until what we hope will be a resounding win in for the House, the Senate, and the Presidency in November.

And, if not, ... Time to reassess.


Any thoughts on this piece?


Tom R

If that is true, then Flynn allowed himself to be gramed in order to catch some people who were spyiing on the President.

MM @ 6:27

Is that your conclusion or is it also Bongino and McCarthy's conclusion as well?


The shelly luther go fund me page.


Old Lurker

SBW, not trying to be a smart ass here, but I would be curious to know at what stage you think free men are justified in using force to protect their liberty?

Is there a point in the curve short of total serfdom where the worst might have been avoided?

Was the 2nd Amendment just to protect against robbers, or was it to protect a free peole against an out of control State?



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