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May 11, 2020



So no herd immunity you get herded.

jim nj

And of course the tracers will carry voter registration forms with them wherever they go.

Enjoyed the drive-in discussion. We used to have a few in Bergen County. For their last years they led marginal existences. Open seasonally, most of them located in areas where land was getting scarce, they usually succumbed to real estate developers.

Looking around on the web I see that NJ had around 40 at the height of their popularity. Newark had the 5th largest one in the US and now only one remains in Vineland and is named the Delsea.


But of course


jim nj

I thought the MLB study was interesting also. They appear to lead "sheltered" lives.


But it will be much harder for courageous politicians to fight against the Army of Karens if the first result of ending Shutdown is a spike of deaths.

I doubt there will be a spike in deaths unless the elderly and other vulnerables fail to protect themselves. But it won't matter. Even if there's no spike, those deaths that occur will be attributed to the reopenings. And to Trump, of course.

jim nj


"Modern humans were present in Europe at least 46,000 years ago, according to new research on objects found in Bulgaria, meaning they overlapped with Neanderthals for far longer than previously thought.

Researchers say remains and tools found at a cave called Bacho Kiro reveal that modern humans and Neanderthals were present at the same time in Europe for several thousand years, giving them ample time for biological and cultural interaction."


But humans replaced neanderthals didnt they?

Dave (in MA)

FB MuzzBro


"But humans replaced neanderthals didnt they?"

I thought the Neanderthal's DNA lived on via inter species mating?
Much discussed at InstaPundit some weeks back but I scrolled on by.


Yes that was a twist i hadnt considered in my novella, along with others.

jim nj

I don't expect a new spike in deaths either. An increase in cases, probably, as we re-open, but they likely would be found due to higher testing levels anyway.

Put another way, an argument can be made that new cases are a result of loosened restrictions or the prevalence of more testing.

I hope this doesn't sound coarse or unfeeling, but I think the virus has pretty much found most of the most vulnerable already.

I'm expecting that we will find more mild cases with the increased testing since we will be moving into a more random set of testees than before.

Maybe by now we've finally figured out how to protect the most vulnerable. Like by not forcing nursing homes to take CCP positive patients. Like by making sure that the nursing homes get their fair share of PPE gear.

I'm also wondering if the herd immunity works with a much lower number than was previously suggested.

jim nj

Jim, Narciso,

My thought is that Neanderthals didn't die off as the old story went. Humans didn't replace or kill them off either. The two strains merged. At some point after that, climate, or something else, reduced all of the population and you had merged and pure lines of descent.

Some time after that we got another pulse of migration out of Africa and they met up with who ever was left. And the process repeated.


Yes, I think jim nj and jimmyk are right.
Reopening would cause a spike in cases but not a lot of deaths

There's still plenty of elderly and sick who would be in danger, but a traditional effort to quarantine the sick, protect the vulnerable and let the others go back to work, well that traditional approach should work just fine.


I’m not actually following the mathematical argument in the WattsUp article, but I’ve always been curious as to the mismatch between the Diamond Princess (20% infection in an atmosphere of maximum Petri dish where I would have expected more like 80-90%) and claims that eventually we would virtually all get infected. Even Fifth Disease it looks like only about 2/3 of the population has had it.

jim nj


California’s coronavirus tracking of nearly 12,000 travelers was ineffective, CDC report finds

And I think something similar will occur with the new tracing programs. It may work in small communities. In larger communities it won't get up to scale quickly enough and will have to chase after too many people.

There is money available now to hire contact tracers using the emergency money the feds gave to the states. The newly proposed bill in Congress, if passed, will be too late to make a difference.

jim nj


I looked at the WUWT article and others and I'm wondering if the herd immunity comes in at a much lower number of infected people than previous thought.

The WUWT article explores what happens if people aren't all the same. How to put it - if the spreaders vary in infectiousness and if the unexposed have differing levels of susceptibility it suggests a much more difficult progression for the virus.

Two sides of an equation. If there are "super-speaders" than the average R0=N suggests that some people don't spread the virus very well at all. On the other side, some people may be extremely sensitive to infection and some may be very resistant to infection.

Science isn't working well in figuring this out in real-time because the media is distorting the work.

Anecdotal reports suggest that the virus isn't spreading well in Africa or Asia where anti-malarials are in wide use.

We're seeing all these reports that hydroxycloroquine doesn't work. Yet they all seem to be trials done on very sick people.

I'm at the point where I think that HCL, Z-pack and zinc are comparable in efficacy with Tamiflu. Tamiflu has to be used within 48 hrs. of flu onset to have any effect.

This thing isn't a cure, it's a prophylactic. We may find that vitamin D,C, zinc or maybe even a multi-vitamin may boost the immune system just a tad enough to make a difference.

I've come to believe that there is somthing(s) that boosts your immunity. That there is something(s) that decreases the severity of an infection if taken soon enough and they don't work if taken later.

At that point it seems like the virus isn't doing the damage. It's an out-of-control immune response that does the damage.

jim nj


The coronavirus pandemic has slashed US organ transplants in half, analysis shows

I presume that some people are no longer on the waiting lists as they have expired already. Moving forward with an operation that requires the use of immune suppressant drugs also has to be a concern.

Unfortunately the hospitals best equipped to do transplants are probably also the best equipped to handle CCP virus victims.

jim nj

date all cases new cases %change tests
5/9 1,347,309 25,146 +1.9% 8,709,630
5/10 1,367,638 20,329 +1.5% 8,987,524
5/11 1,385,834 18,196 +1.3% 9,382,235

date new tests new cases %positive
5/9 300,842 25,146 +8.3%
5/10 277,894 20,329 +7.3%
5/11 394,711 18,196 +4.6%

A new peak on tests. We're into large number territory so the percentages are shrinking. Yet the absolute number of new cases, with the higher testing levels, is also shrinking.

More new tests at a higher testing level should be catching more new cases. It seems it is not.

Has the virus ebbed? Probably not. It's hard to tell where the testing is concentrated, but it seems likely that the hot-spots have now been well-tested.

Who to test next? It's up to the governors. They can create mandated classes of new people to test
with some legal fig leaf that people are likely to accept or ask for volunteers. Good luck with the latter.


“A slavemaster or feudal lord transplanted from antiquity into today’s world would find it hard to believe, even astonishing, that we beat workers less—and they produce more.”
~ Alvin Toffler


Officer Greg Anderson was placed on administrative leave, waiting to be fired for merely posting a video that urged his fellow officers to honor their oath and defend the rights of the communities they are employed to protect.

This man is a patriot.


jim nj

In NJ an estimated 305,000 people still haven't had their UI claims processed.

305,000x7weeksx600 federal benefit=1.28billion

If accurate, 305,000 people in NJ haven't had their UI claims processed yet. If accurate, most of those claims were filed 7 weeks ago when the shut-down took full force. Never mind their state determined benefits, by my calculation the federal benefit is $600 per week, times 7 weeks, times 305,000 people which equals $1.28 billion. Add in the state benefits and there is, I don't know, 1.5-1.9 billion just sitting there unspent.


"Consider that 1,018,785 people have filed for unemployment since March 20. The Department has processed 714,000 claims thus far, amounting to more than $1.9 billion in benefits paid out. However, for the 305,000 people who remain unpaid, that is of little to no consolation, and more must be done. In their eyes, and rightfully so, they have worked hard over the years and have paid into the unemployment insurance system. Now is their hour of need."

Nancy Pelosi f*cked up. She sat back and waited before unveiling her next plan. And hundreds of thousands of people across the nation have realized that the distribution system is broken.

$100 billion for contact tracers? F*ck that. Too much, too late. How will it be paid out in a timely fashion?

Any further relief program is now going to be a tough sell. If what has already been allocated can't be distributed, why add to that?

Unrestricted federal aid to the states would have been easier to achieve earlier. Now, as states re-open, some will only have to make minor adjustments to their state budgets as state revenues rise. Strict lock-down states will look like outliers.

Republicans won't have to say no to new money. They will just be able to point at the states that couldn't process the current money. Let's wait and see how this first money works out.

What I see happening is that Democrat congresspeople will offer all kinds of ways to spend money before a "grand plan" is unveiled. All those "little" plans will sabotage the "grand plan."

People understand "pork" spending. You can send me the money, but never mind those states and cities hiding behind the tree. They can get the "trickle-down" sales tax when I spend my money.


That study, like all that report HCQ "fails", did not give zinc with it from my zoom through the JAMA article.

ZINC matters.


Contact tracers will find out very quickly that there are lots of ‘hoods they can’t work in.

Ever see how arrests are done? Usually takes half a dozen cop cars, sometimes a SWAT team.

DeShawn or Bubba isn’t going to see being quarantined any different than being arrested.


The Karens in suburbia are already sheltering down, getting testing when suspect, and going into quarantine.

And even they won’t take kindly to a stranger with a mask beating on their door.


I’m eating my smoked oysters Anonamom:)

Captain Hate

You give me the impression you think Comey could have replaced the senior management he inherited and replaced them with his own hires. The federal civil service bureaucracy doesn’t operate like that.

Boy when you get on somebody's nuts you stay there through thick and thin and to hell with holding them to any standards. Just like your hero in Guam you'll resort to any casuistry to justify their acts. I'm tired of playing your I know something you don't know games. Maybe you're right that the highest level of law enforcement has the same difficult to fire rules that litter the rest of the derp state but I don't believe it and even if I was 100% right you'd never admit it. You argued that Flynn's legal bills were grossly exaggerated even though there are people here who know fucking A well how much a team of sharks like Covington can charge. But I never saw those magical three words I WAS WRONG. So I'm done putting up with someone arguing in bad faith. Defend Comey and Captain Fuzznuts all you want; they're both bums who should be hanged by the neck

Captain Hate



they're both bums who should be hanged by the neck

On live TV.

James D.

"1,900 is a tiny [bit] of past DOJ employees. Probably have more former employees who have tried LSD." Fair enough.

I imagine there’s a lot of overlap between those two categories.


In 1285, King Edward I signed The Statute of Winchester into a law, stating that if citizens saw a crime they had to not only report it, but take up a cry to alert the police. This Hue and Cry meant if a criminal was running down the street, then each person they passed by would be required to yell out, usually some word like ''thief'' or ''wolf'' to make help the police identify and catch the criminal. The cries would literally follow the criminal as they ran. Additionally, if citizens were physically able they also were supposed to run after the criminal, do what we call now a citizen's arrest and then wait for the police to arrive.

This type of policing was rather successful, especially since many towns were small with only a few roads leading out, some being completely walled in. This allowed the community to block the exits and essentially keep the criminal trapped until they were caught.


James D.

I doubt there will be a spike in deaths unless the elderly and other vulnerables fail to protect themselves. But it won't matter. Even if there's no spike, those deaths that occur will be attributed to the reopenings. And to Trump, of course.

Of course there’s going to be a spike in deaths, because no matter what the actual reality is, the MSM and Dems will be able to find some statistic somewhere that can be spun as a spike and blasted on the front page and the lead of every newscast, to scare the Karens into another 6 or 8 or however many weeks of lockdown the Dems think they need to finish wrecking the economy and prepping for stealing the election.


Trump is tweeting up a storm again. Still waiting for this week’s kaboom.


Causation or correlation?


Robin, eff 'em all

It's probably already been noticed by people smarter than me, but:


You have to love that MAGA fits in there nicely.

Robin, eff 'em all

So I have a question, if you live in a state like NY that has actively discouraged the use of HCQ and you develop symptoms of the Coronavirus, can you ask your doctor to prescribe the HCQ cocktail and if they refuse sue them?

James D.

On the front page of today's NYT, there's a sob story about the difficult new job of a Santa Clara, CA prosecutor who has the task of fielding all the snitch reports and deciding what activities are and aren't allowed, and where to send her Gestapo - sorry, police officers - out to.

When this is all over, I want Nuremberg-style trials, and I want that DA and her office mates to be tried, convicted and hung for crimes against the Constitution.

James D.

That NYT article also describes in conspiratorial, criminal terms, the efforts of free citizens to exercise their rights, while the DA's and cops are held up as suffering heroes.

Not that that's surprising, of course.


jim_nj, thanks for posting the NY Post on the three regions to begin opening. As I tweeted:

Good for us! Thank you [County Exec] Tony Picente and Oneida County and city officials!


Now we're getting to the meat of it.

Nicholas Molodyko @molodyko
The Transformation of Societies on the Occasion of Covid-19 Heralds the Militarisation of Europe, by Thierry Meyssan voltairenet.org/article209867.…

A partially identifiable transnational group seized the opportunity provided by the epidemic to try to impose a profound transformation of European societies, just as it had used the attacks of 11 September 2001 to transform the United States. #VirusHoax



Let’s all thank Billy for laying out so clearly exactly what the democrats did.

Bill Kristol @BillKristol
What is #Obamagate about? It's "a very real effort by President Trump and his enablers to undermine the rule of law, rewrite the history of the 2016 election, and give a hall pass to a hostile foreign power for its interference in our election."



Eric Spencer
Pretty sure I just heard @SpeakerPelosi say, "Have a noose, it's so spectacular."

DeAnna Lorraine 🇺🇸 @DeAnna4Congress
Looks like @SpeakerPelosi is short circuiting.

She must be worried about getting caught up in #Obamagate.


Here comes the stupid stuff.


You can Robin. Of course you either survived otherwise or you’re dead.

Captain Hate

The Rear Admiral goes to the gallows too.


Iow, if you survived - no damages. If you are dead, you have to convince the jury you would have lived.


The network’s Jake Tapper on Sunday gave Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms a platform to blame President Trump for Arbery’s death. The shooting, Bottoms said, is “part of this bigger issue that we are having in this country with the rhetoric we hear coming out of the White House … many who are prone to being racist are given permission to do it in an overt way that we otherwise would not see in 2020.”

Neither Tapper nor Bottoms said anything about two other videos relevant to the Arbery case that have emerged in recent days, which appear to show that Arbery was indeed illegally trespassing at a home under construction on Satilla Drive. Trespassing is a misdemeanor and certainly doesn’t justify murder, but if the McMichaels were concerned about break-ins in their neighborhood, Arbery’s behavior on that day in February would make him a suspect. To describe him as just a “jogger,” innocently out getting some exercise when he was “hunted down and killed for no reason other than the color of his skin” (to quote Ellen DeGeneres), is an irresponsible distortion of what actually happened. Furthermore, there is an answer to the obvious question, “Why didn’t they just call 911?” They did — there were two calls immediately before the shooting. One of the 911 callers told the dispatcher that the suspected burglar had “been caught on camera a bunch before at night. It’s kind of an ongoing thing out here.”

Was this fear of a burglar prowling around Satilla Shores really “an ongoing thing” in the neighborhood? And what about that letter from the Ware County district attorney, who mentioned Ahmaud Arbery’s “mental health records” and history of criminal convictions? What kind of mental health problems did Arbery have? If the national media were interested in telling the full story of what happened in this case, shouldn’t they be following up those leads? Also, it might be worth mentioning, the neighborhood where he was shot is about two miles from the home where he lived with his mother. Of course, Arbery might have chosen this route for a jog because he enjoyed the scenery in the neighborhood near the Little Satilla River, and his interest in the home under construction might have been just curiosity. But the people who called 911 thought he was the suspect in a series of burglaries that were an “ongoing thing” in the neighborhood, and this suspicion was what provoked the shooting that the national media turned into an Atrocity Narrative.


Captain Hate

Check out DeWine on when daycares can be opened back up: "To be candid: The mistakes I've made in my career have come about when I haven't had all the facts or didn't dig deep enough -- so this process is continuing. Reopening childcare centers is simply too important to do so without all the best information and protocols in place."

That is after the totalitarian shitbird destroyed the lives of people after listening to his stupid health bitch who scare mongered everyone into "100,000 Ohioans will die!" Only to then admit she did a "guesstimate" to get that number.
Posted by: Buzzion at May 12, 2020 07:54 AM (G2zl5)

Old Lurker

Mel "Now we're getting to the meat of it."

Both sides of the pond, seems to me.



Never let a crisis go to waste. Look to the mayors to build Equity.


Mark R. Levin
Is Obama’s long history of playing dirty finally catching up with him? Not if the Democrat Party-media has its way.


Old Lurker

Cap'n 6:38.

Welcome to that reality.

I wish several others would catch on.


OL (and narc)-


Deborah Jones
US ambassador to #Libya, successor to the late Chris Stevens whom was killed in 2012
Jones through out her mission in libya was always revered as the ( THE GODMOTHER OF THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD & MILITIAS LEADERS ).
#GNA #Libya #LNA #AlQeada


(April Glaspie's replacement?)


I’ve always been curious as to the mismatch between the Diamond Princess (20% infection in an atmosphere of maximum Petri dish where I would have expected more like 80-90%) and claims that eventually we would virtually all get infected.

And after they tested the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt, it was a little over 10%.

Btw, here's the one guy who died. 41-years-old.



Nicholas Molodyko
Informative thread on the CIA and Hollywood. My next article will be about Hollywood’s covert role in the CIA’s #UkraineHoax. Americans need to know what these arrogant assholes are doing with taxpayer dollars. Nothing positive, ask Ukrainians.

⚕𝙙𝙧𝙪 @DrutangAtHome
Replying to @DrutangAtHome
Of course, we know how deeply tied the news media was tied to Allen Dulles' CIA and its predecessor the OSS

But what about Hollywood?

Certainly, the CIA wasn't worried about influencing the public through their ENTERTAINMENT though, right?

Check out the title of this FOIA doc:



John Solomon
· 12h
MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough apologizes to Pence & Sen. Ted Cruz | Just The News https://justthenews.com/accountability/media/msnbcs-joe-scarborough-apologizes-vp-pence-sen-ted-cruz

Donald J. Trump



Jane, Robin, you couldn't until a couple of weeks ago, because of Cuomo's outrageous EO banning its prescription (outside of specific venues) for CV. sbw says that EO has expired. I still think it's had a chilling effect, but I hope I don't have to find out. I was tempted to ask my doctor whether he would, but I figured I'd cross that bridge if and when I came to it.

Captain Hate

People can believe what they want, OL. It's mostly a bunch of guesswork anyway which is not a good use of my time. RG needs a slice of humble pie on Flynn's legal costs too although iirc he expressed his amazement at Covington's rates on Surber's comments.

When you think of it, it's amazing just how much weight of government the economy can carry. What would it be like if they were pared down? Imagine there's no Dept of Education, it's easy if you try.
Posted by: Eeyore at May 12, 2020 07:53 AM (ZbwAu)

D of Ed has never taught one person to read.
D of Energy has never created one watt of power.
D of Commerce has never created one new service or prodcut.
Posted by: rhennigantx dont californicate my TEXAS at May 12, 2020 08:00 AM (JFO2v


Donald J. Trump

When will they open a Cold Case on the Psycho Joe Scarborough matter in Florida. Did he get away with murder? Some people think so. Why did he leave Congress so quietly and quickly? Isn’t it obvious? What’s happening now? A total nut job!

Old Lurker

Ext "And after they tested the crew of the USS Theodore Roosevelt,"

Say! Wasn't that ship a major prong of our force projection before the Captain took it out of action and told all our enemies not to worry about it?

Thought so.


Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐
This was evident from the #FISA court decisions. Although heavily redacted, they made it clear there was an 85% violation rate. That is HUGE. #Obama #Comey #Rice #Clapper #Brennan used the #NSA as their personal political spy agency v USA

Adam Housley @adamhousley
Ooooooh brother. Massive surveillance...that’s what’s been found. “MASSIVE” is the way it was sent to me.


[How "MASSIVE"? How's about ANY potential political foe? That's how massive, and bumps you right into Maxine's little database slip.]

Captain Hate

Greatest Troll Ever!




Voltaire is the european home of 9/11 denialist, but blind squirrel. Hes not wrong.


On the Diamond Princess, I thought they were quarantining and self-isolating within about 10 days. So that could have slowed the spread substantially. There was a prison discussed here where something like 90% of the inmates tested positive.


Mrs. sbw keeps asking why does Trump have to instigate?

If I dared show it to her, in the Scarborough cold case, I would agree with her. He is goading Democrats and the media to overreach, but they are already doing that. This tends to alienate even supporters.


Bel haj was not gitmo, he was locked in kuala lampur bin qumu and barrani were. But moammar wasnt wrong.


I hope that the JOM style counsel doesn't criticize me for stealing CH's playbook, however, this needs to be said:

fuck Mirengoff in particular.



The medical examiner was stripped of his license in that burg.


Shutdown breaks AI.


The models weren’t “trained” in these conditions, so default to gigo.


Three Months Before Coronvirus Hit US The CDC Posted Dozens Of Jobs For Quarantine Program Managers


[Chicago also did this.]


Hes such a mark.


Peter, Mirengoff is quoting E. J. Dionne.

No journalist — hell, no credible columnist — would ever quote Dionne.

It's like pouring gasoline on oneself and lighting a magnesium flare in one's shorts.


Isn't he Methuselah's age, sbw? How's the grandson, btw?

Captain Hate

Use it in good health, peter.


This tends to alienate even supporters.

Trump is a salesman. His ColdCase Joe thrashing may alienate you at this moment, but he hasn’t gone far enough for you or your wife to vote against him in November. Am I right?

He has torqued me just the same sometimes but he will still get my vote. Personally I put his swipe at ColdCase Joe in my plus bucket. I love it.

PS Not voting is the same as a vote against Trump.

Another Bob

“I thought the MLB study was interesting also. They appear to lead "sheltered" lives.“

In the vast majority of today’s pro athletes, this is true. During a normal season, a MLB player gets maybe four-five days a month where they aren’t playing a game. On game days there’s a routine that inherently limits their contact to the same 50 or so people for the season, close contact with far fewer. When traveling, it’s a charter flight, and chartered buses to a team hotel, and to the ballpark, so contact is again limited. On real days off, they spend them with family.

In the NHL, there are more days off but more practices and gameday morning skates, and most teams have chefs that supply meals.

NFL is probably at highest risk because it’s players have the most free time, and the normal contact counts at work are closer to 100.


Don't get me started on Magnesium, sbw.

Anyone recall this?


James D.

peter @ 8:28

Mirengoff is a clown, on a good day.

And he starts off his piece by quoting E.J. Dionne, who hasn't been right about anything since...well, ever, as far as I can recall, so right there you know what follows will be garbage.


On the Diamond Princess, I thought they were quarantining and self-isolating within about 10 days. So that could have slowed the spread substantially. There was a prison discussed here where something like 90% of the inmates tested positive

It might come down to when you figure out you have a problem. Since it hits the elderly so hard and the cruise ship is an older group you're likely to have someone seriously ill quickly. In a younger population (prison, meat packing plant) I assume there aren't many 60+ folks around, so it might be a while before someone falls seriously ill.



Looking forward to being in Allentown, Pennsylvania, on Thursday. I love the State, and for very good reason!

Captain Hate

Additionally, during the early stages of AIDS, Fauci:

1. Worked to destroy scientists who proclaimed heterosexual AIDS was most overblown if not a myth--guess who was right?

2. Opposed closing bath houses.

3. Opposed--wait for it, wait for it--quarantines for those who tested positive.

With a track record like that one, no wonder he is such an oracle for the Left.
Posted by: Trump poisoned my cat at May 12, 2020 08:31 AM (puu6v)


About those prison infection rates:

SHERIFF VILLANUEVA: CASTAIC INMATES TRIED TO INFECT THEMSELVES WITH CORONAVIRUS BY SHARING WATER, MASK Two groups of inmates at a Los Angeles County jail tried to infect themselves with the coronavirus by sharing water and a mask, and within two weeks 30 prisoners tested positive, authorities said Monday....

...The [surveillance] footage captured inmates in one unit sharing a container of hot water and others in a second unit sniffing a mask.

The sheriff said the inmates used hot water to try to raise their temperatures just before a nurse checked them. An elevated temperature is a symptom for coronavirus.

Villanueva said the inmates mistakenly believed that if they were infected they would be freed.


I wonder where they got the idea they would be set free?

Another Bob

Athletes live in such a bubble anymore, there’s an argument that players unions will push back hard at resumption of play because of the risk of infection.

Never mind that most are in the group that is affected least by the virus.

James D.

sbw @ 8:25

Part of it is, that's always been Trump's personal style. He's not going to change at his age.

But another part is that, given the MSM's rabid and unhinged opposition to him, he pretty much has to be on offense all the time.

Which just shows how short-sighted his opponents are. If they made an effort to appear sane, and showed some pretense towards trying to work with Trump (however disingenuous it would be in reality), they could use Trump's natural tendencies against him, and probably win over a lot of persuadable voters.

And if the Dems had made even a token effort to try and work with him, they could have driven a real wedge between him and his base and blown up his reelection chances right at the start. But they chose madness instead.


I meant to also highlight the portion of the story that said their plan yielded 30 positives after 2 weeks. I wonder how many tried to get down with the sickness.

James D.

sbw, you beat me to it with E.J. Dionne - great minds think alike, i guess.


A late good morning! Took me a while to catch up here and on the President's page!

Myself, I am GLAD he is bringing up Scarborough's case. Didn''t Joe use to run around with Kasich? And where is Kasich, anyway? He seems to have disappeared.

Another Bob

Now, do we trust the spyware experts at NSA with a Windows patch?

What a wonderful way to broadly plant spyware.


The MLB study included some players, but for the most part were support staff and their families (front office personnel) from all 30 teams. Even is NYC the percentage with antibodies was on the order of 3% (iirc), well below the number found from NYC testing last week (?) of 21%.

The thinking is this group is more middle/upper middle class, and can isolate (ex: stay off subways) better than the average New Yorker.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

And Gary Condit and Chandra Levy, MM. There was an entire freshman house class that were sordid Kennedy wannabes from both sides of the aisle. back in the Uniparty heyday just before 9/11.




A brief string on why the 2200 former DOJ idiots should be ashamed of themselves.

To be found guilty of a crime, there must be evidence establishing each element of that crime "beyond a reasonable doubt."


Continues at the link.


peter, nice of you to ask.

The real blessing of a grandson is to see his parents evolve into the loving, attentive, happy, flexible, sharing couple you hoped they would. To see their joy just multiplies ours.

He's so chill, like his Dad was. In this unusual time, Jr's doctor kept him isolated for the first couple of weeks, as I guess happens more often with a c-section baby, but now we get to be real grandparents, without masks, holding, rocking, and kissing him on the forehead even!

How fortunate we are, in our brief moment of time, to enjoy such things.


U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi suggests holding 1-day DNC convention

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi suggested a one-day Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee.





I was the first to endorse President Trump, even when many thought I was nuts to do so. I helped Trump win and traveled the country with him, embedded in his campaign. I am one of the architects of his agenda, and I was pushing his agenda even before he ran for office.

I have remained faithful to the President and his agenda. I have always stood up for him, and I never backed down, not even for one moment. My convictions are immovable, built on rock, not sand.

As the world knows, the President disagreed with me on recusal, but I did what the law required me to do. I was a central figure in the campaign and was also a subject of and witness in the investigation and could obviously not legally be involved in investigating myself. If I had ignored and broken the law, the Democrats would have used that to severely damage the President.

Some have asked, why take the job as Attorney General if I knew I would have to recuse myself from the investigation? I knew no such thing. I wasn’t informed of Comey’s secret investigation until after I became Attorney General, and the investigation wasn’t publicly confirmed by the FBI until weeks after my recusal.

Knowing of the President’s disagreement with my decision, I tendered my resignation in writing the morning after Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel. But President Trump chose not to accept it, and he asked me to continue to serve as his Attorney General and to help him “Make America Great Again.”

The investigation was a disruptive and prolonged fiasco for America and especially for President Trump, and a massive waste of money chasing the deep-state myth of Russian collusion. Recently disclosed documents also reveal the extent of former FBI Director James Comey’s underhanded efforts to undermine our President.

One thing you may not know is that I advised from the beginning of the administration that Comey should be removed and the FBI given a fresh start. I concluded that Comey was driven by ego, lacked self-discipline, and lacked the judgement necessary to lead an agency as critical as the FBI, as was evidenced by the completely improper way he declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton.

The end result of the Mueller investigation is that the President (and I) were fully exonerated, so much so that the subsequent Ukraine impeachment witch hunt did not even mention the phony Russian collusion idea.

My principles, like my faith, are immovable and non-negotiable. I believe it is always right to do the right thing. My opponent, Tommy Tuberville, calls that weakness, which reveals his true lack of integrity.

True strength and courage are found in the determination to do the right thing, even when you know the consequences may be painful. You can always count on me to do my best to do the right thing, for you, for the state of Alabama, and for the United States of America. I will never go wobbly on you.

I believe President Trump is a great President who is steadily making progress for America, despite relentless opposition. My support for his agenda is not about me, or even about him. It’s about doing the right thing for the country I so love. I have given my entire life to the support of our conservative ideals and to stopping the radical left from their attempts to redefine, and thereby destroy, America. I always have, I always will.

I endorsed President Trump because he had the incredible strength of will and the guts to stand up for the right things, for ending illegal immigration, for protecting American workers, and for stopping endless wars. I’m glad I did.

After the President dismissed me as Attorney General, I did not say a cross word about him, as I thought that would be dishonorable.

The great people of Alabama support the President enthusiastically, and we also make our own decisions on who to send to the US Senate.

This just means we are strong, and no one tells us what to do or how to vote. We’re Alabama, it’s just who we are. After all, it’s our vote, not Washington’s.

Mr. Tuberville is an opportunist who isn’t from here. He stopped here for work for a while, and moved on, eventually retiring in Florida. He doesn’t know the first thing about Alabama. He says the President is wrong on China, says we must import foreign workers to take American jobs, and up until a few months ago, he said he favors amnesty for illegal immigrants. If you don’t like his position on an issue, just wait a few weeks and he will change it. His house is built on sand.

Alabamians have long resisted pressure from people in Washington telling them how to vote. In fact, Alabama’s motto is – “We Dare Defend Our Rights.”

The folks in Washington have been wrong about Alabama before, every time. We make our own decisions.

We will vote overwhelmingly to give President Trump a second term, and we will choose who we send to the Senate. The people of Alabama do not have to choose between voting for the President and voting for me, they can do both.

When I return to the Senate, I look forward to helping the President build the wall, protect American workers, and fundamentally reset our relationship with Communist China.


Jeff Sessions.


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I assume there aren't many 60+ folks around, so it might be a while before someone falls seriously ill.

As of a few days ago, I would appreciate it if people would start using 65+ rather than 60+ to refer to the elderly or vulnerable. :)


They're gonna take Joe out in one day?


So stumpy Jeff is trying out to paper over his own failings? The time to resign was immediately on learning need to recuse. Not after waiting for Mueller. He’s either too stupid or too egotistical to address that point. (“and” works nicely here).

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Do you know what Shipwreckedcrew's real name is? The loon, like the passive aggressive mentally ill pile of shit he is, used the name Shea in his alternate universe delusional transcripts as the butt of Judge Sullivan's comments and I was wondering which pin punctured doll from his extensive collection in his "fun room" he was using.


jimmyk, tell it to Fauci. He’s the jerk with the 60+ “fact.”


It's called "Suppression of Thought", TK.

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