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May 27, 2020


Tom R

RTR #1


How about we do a little guessing?

I don't see taking over Twitter; I do see an Order (no censorship in the form they've engaged in) that they have no choice but to follow or be shut down in this Emergency.

I'm perhaps more curious about Google / YouTube than Twitter.

They are exposed, I do believe, to Chinese influence and that might be addressed as well.

Both entities might be required to note the presence of Chinese Communist Party accounts taking advantage of American freedoms; the kind they don't allow for their own citizens. Something along those lines.

It's an outrage to me that we allow the CCP to Tweet all over the place and post videos on American platforms, spouting propaganda.


Emails would exist.


Repeat from end of last thread:


It's an outrage to me, too. It's an example of how much they have infiltrated into this country.
They own huge chunks of all sorts of corporations,
from Hollywood studios to newspapers, car companies, meat packing plants, and medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

They own farmland, orchards, apartment buildings, ranches, and industrial buildings.

They have large influence in major universities through foundations, masses of foreign graduate students, and donations to endowments.

It needs to stop and be prohibited from continuing. They are not simply interested in making money; they are interested in controlling us.

I also think the people who encouraged and facilitated this situation should be held to account.


If he says berkland is it a killing word



Twitter may be called upon to defend its panels. It can’t. So it will have to change or open itself to being stripped of protections from being sued. That would be costly. Heh!



Backdating evidence would really, really suck, tax wise, dontcha think?




And they're idiots to boot, so it's there. If it pre-dates any IPO, they're done.


Retweeted by the President, with this comment:

Donald J. Trump

Who else gave the less than elite (We are the elite. We know how to WIN!) 260 great new Federal Judges, 2 SCJ’s, Low Taxes, biggest ever REG. CUTS, Rebuilt Military, Choice, saved 2A & MUCH more? Not Sleepy Joe! Thank you Erick.


At a moment like this, it's beneficial to read a leftwing publication to see what they are terrified will happen, and what they acknowledge he has the power to do.



Eggman erickson is like a scorpion how many times does he have to sting you before you get the clue.


From dr. Phillips who linked fron dr. Todaro


jim nj

I think the Democratic convention should be moved to another location. Pass it on.



Carlos Osweda has another thread about Trump's powers and the law, addressed to Ted Lieu. This one is better than the last.

I will quote one tweet from it, in order to encourage you guys to read the whole thing:

Carlos Osweda


Section 606(c) of the 1934 Communications Act allows Trump to CLOSE DOWN Twitter or take it over.

How do like THEM apples?

You had no idea he could do that, did you?

Of course not.

Trump is playing hardball.

How do you like it? Not very much, right?
Do read the entire thing. In all my life, other than raising my two children, I believe my spotting the skills of Donald Trump and supporting him early is the thing I am most proud of.


So is gilead also behind the john hopkins study profiled by lancet


@jack blinked. Revised his policy. Oops, too late, sucka, gears are turning.


The “Obstruction of Justice Trap” – Former AAG Matt Whitaker Confirms Mueller Probe Was Used As Weapon to Cover Coup Effort….

Posted by sundance

Within an interesting interview conducted by Jan Jekielek of Epoch Times, former AAG Matt Whitaker confirms what CTH long suspected. The Mueller investigation was used by corrupt interests within the special counsels office to threaten any/all executive branch and congressional officials with “obstruction of justice” charges if they revealed any exculpatory or counter-narrative information during the Mueller probe.

Whitaker describes this as the “obstruction of justice trap.”



Goodnight, gang. Back tomorrow to see if this Executive Order *seriously* brings the pain.





Goodnight, RG.


Larry Elder

Why don't we first find out if #GeorgeFloyd voted for @realDonaldTrump? If so, according to
@JoeBiden, Floyd wasn't black--and @CNN
can stand down.

(hat tip:


Good night RG! I will be here as early as I can!

Captain Hate

Thanks to Iggy for linking Mirengoff getting railed for being a sap again. Between that dork and Low IQ Meeka, they have the cumulative intellect of a grunion.


Proxy problems, Anna Eschoo:

2 Proxies both signatures different



1 letter signature sampling


There are more, plus the rules are wrong:

Another issue on proxy votes is the House did not comply with House Rule XX which was not amended. For an emergency such as contagion to be envoked, they must have concuurance from the attending physician and Sergeant At Arms. Yes the Sergeant At Arms submitted a letter on May 19, but none of the required details in Rule XX 5(c)(4) were included. Plus the report must be updated each legislative day which did not happen May 22 and May 27. So technically, no emergency exists to allow proxy voting for the day.

SSA letter Mat 19 and text of Rule XX 5.(c) included.

Sergeant At Ams Letter submitted May 19, entered in Congressional Digest May 22.



House Rules – (Rule XX begins page 33)



Catherine Herridge


Tonight DOJ Spokeswoman Kerri Kupec announced that AG Barr has tapped US Attorney John Bash to review the unmasking issue as a support to U.S Attorney John Durham’s investigation. Bash is tasked with looking at episodes that occurred both before and after the 2016 election...

the frequency, and who was unmasking whom. “These circumstances...can shed light on and give us a better understanding of what happened with respect to President Trump, his campaign, then...what happened after he was elected as well.”
@KerriKupecDOJ said. @ClareHymes22

Complete thread with additional replies, some pictures, and the usual complaints:



Why are insulting grunions that way. I was willing to give rosenstein the benefit of the doubt but he knew better than to think this couldnt go pearshaped.


Former Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein statement on upcoming June 3 testimony Senate Judiciary committee @LindseyGrahamSC @CBSNews pic.twitter.com/0lngiKxwmw

— Catherine Herridge (@CBS_Herridge) May 28, 2020

Link goes to screen cap of Rosenstein's statement.

Another Bob

Mel, if you’re referring to @jack’s tweets from 45 minutes ago, I’m not seeing much blink there. He admitted guilt on a side issue, and is clearly embarrassed by Yoel Roth, but still reserving the right to edit Trump’s tweets.


Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to ANOTHER hero who has been working under the radar, like Ric Grenell, and is brining the hammer down!

This is a clip from his appearance on Tucker Carlson tonight, and it will warm your heart:

FCC commissioner @BrendanCarrFCC says tomorrow @realDonaldTrump is going to sign an executive order to address online censoring. pic.twitter.com/J1JX9kJ0gv

— The Dirty Truth (Josh) (@AKA_RealDirty) May 28, 2020

2:30 video at the link, and it's a doozy!


Witness the violence of the system or something



Another Bob, watch that video I just posted linked by Dirty Truth.

FCC Chair Carr knows the law, is obviously conservative, and also thinks Jack may have to answer to the Federal Trade Commission for unfair trade practices!


Two weeks after the inadveryent disclosure



I should have referred to him @jack so as to distinguish him from our Jack.

Dave (in MA)

KJOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8FAiXLVPOU

"K" because it's from a West Coast studio.



A couple other clips on this thread with Carr. He isn't backing down, and tomorrow should be pretty exciting!


Nuance from jack has a far, far different tactile feeling than from anyone else. You go on being you, though.

That was an existential blink, from him, trying to claw back some middle, because he left an opening to lose everything for everybody.

Now do strategery.


· 59m
Fact check: there is someone ultimately accountable for our actions as a company, and that’s me. Please leave our employees out of this. We’ll continue to point out incorrect or disputed information about elections globally. And we will admit to and own any mistakes we make.

Elise Stefanik
Thanks for the clarification

This makes YOU accountable for allowing the Chinese Communist Party to abuse this site with misinformation & propaganda spread across the globe - all while the CCP bans and suppresses their own people from using Twitter!



I think jack has a problem, a transmissible problem, as in pan-platform. Wouldn’t you agree?

Be a real shame if there were Direct Messages in a searchable format somewhere.


He looks better! https://t.co/qzxn6Svlpc

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 28, 2020

Link goes to photo of Biden in the black mask, posted by Brit Hume.


I am worn out, and I don't want to miss the action tomorrow.

I will get up as early as I can and start posting what I see.


Dan Bongino: The Stunning Reason Why Rod Rosenstein Will Be the First Witness Before Senate Committee

...Bongino’s Analysis:

Do you understand the tactical nuke this is? Rosenstein knows, he’s been briefed by the FBI as early as April, that this case is total garbage and that President Trump is not a suspect in this thing, and they refuse to clear him. Why?

Because the Mueller probe has one purpose…To nail Donald Trump.

On May 10, Mueller is appointed to investigate Trump for a scandal that doesn’t exist.

It was always an effort to accumulate enough political damage on Donald Trump to hopefully impeach him, to get him out of office before this thing resulted in some denouement at the end.

Now you have it nailed down. Rosenstein knew what Mueller was going to do. That’s why he appointed Andy Weissmann. Andy Weissmann having a reputation for, at best, shady legal tactics. They appointed him knowing he’d keep this case open and knowing Trump wasn’t a suspect the entire time.

He ends the segmentary asking, “What else do you need to hear?”

I believe this is the single most extraordinary revelation we’ve heard in the last three years.

This is why the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), chose to call Rosenstein to testify first. Rosenstein knew President Trump was not a suspect, but he still went ahead and appointed a Special Counsel to investigate him. He needs to explain why he did that, under oath.

Next Wednesday, June 3. 10 am. Be there!

(Relevant portion starts at 7:30.)



I agree Mel. Jack is in a bind.



He better have Barr’s sworn testimony transcript on someone having been given orders to act as “witness for the prosecution” as well as “supervisor”.

That will make it extra phun.



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I feel considerable momentum building and not in a way progs are going to like.


I felt the constellations moving this afternoon. It just took a while to see it. Nytol


This one is different fromapelbaums find





President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

The Clarence Thomas in his own words movie is really good. I knew nothing about him.


Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

TM: "OK, That Day Got Away From Me"

They're all blurring together. Got an email from a friend today, who said "every day is Tuesday".

jim nj


Bankruptcy cases, store closings pile up as coronavirus wreaks havoc for J.C. Penney, Hertz, others

I wonder if debtor-in-possession financing will be harder to come by in the future, or if the terms will be less generous.

Tom R

I listened to the first 30 minutes or so of the Whitaker interview. Thanks for the link.

Did anyone catch the part where Whitaker says the Mueller SC team essentially mislead the SC supervisors about what they were doing? The only two possible supervisors are Mueller and Rosenstein. That is very good news.

jim nj


Not talking about a direct confrontation, but a blockade. Cutting China's sea-lines and starving them of raw materials, particularly oil.

The plan depends on the capabilities of other allied nations that can operate F-35Bs from smaller seaborne platforms than nuclear carriers. Like Japan, S. Korea, Australia and others.

They don't have to engage in battle in the China Sea. Just stay out of the range of Chinese seaborne air forces that have relatively limited range.

jim nj


Conrad Black

jim nj


Gap Warfare: The Case for a Shift in America’s Strategic Mindset

Long, very interesting.

I started off skeptical. The authors drew me in. They note the advance of both a Russian and Chinese influence and it's not hard to think they are over-extending themselves.

Russia, for instance, has gained influence in Syria and is now trying the same in Libya. Witness the movement of older models of fighter jets to Libya. Yet, it has been opposed by Turkey, not the US, in both places. Turkey has made good use of home-built drones in both places and has shipped Syrian rebels to Libya to counter Russian mercenaries.

China, despite its success in increasing its military force, has aggravated the whole world in the process.

And I'm thinking that maybe its' time that we accepted the Chinese concept of "total war" and did the same. All of those little things that fall short of outright conflict.

Cyber warfare, propaganda, influence campaigns, etc., and then I realized we would never publicize such a thing and we are already doing it. And we are going to take it up a notch.

jim nj

I would suggest that a Trump EO would be effective here. If Twitter must have an opinion on a Trump quote it can also be held liable for Chinese propaganda.

If Trump must be fact-checked than China must be fact-checked. Since ordinary Chinese people can't tweet, every tweet out of China is state propaganda.

I don't know how it could be legally implemented, but logically any government that suppresses its citizen's tweets should have its own "approved" tweets suppressed.

jim nj

A little more on the Russian jet fighter in Libya.


jim nj


This isn't so much aimed at us. It's more about intimidating its neighbors.


I hadn’t heard the whole debate Dershowitz had about how the US government had the power under the Constitution to needle rape it’s citizens with an unnecessary vaccine. Very interesting how he tried to use the Torah to make his argument, especially against Christians.

As long as we’re fantasizing, I’m going to build a time machine and take him back 3,331 years to the Sinai. “Moses, I propose we dip this guy in bronze and suspend him on a pole above camp to see if it cures what ails us.

I feel better already.”


He’s a snake, is what I’m saying.

Get it?


Has Pennsylvania Governor Wolf provided the Dems with the Magic bullet to take down POTUS in November?

Pennsylvania: How Democrats Can Steal an Election


Pin! 😁

jim nj

A somewhat cryptic article until you see the photo.


Not a "bomb truck." More like we can dump UAVs out of a cargo plane. I presume they can disengage from the pallet and ignite outside of the plane.

It's somewhat interesting. If Chinese naval power is the next threat then each US service branch needs to show how it might be relevant in that battle. And instead of launching new platform requests, they are adapting existing ones.

jim nj



This Election Is Republicans v. China – Oops, I Mean Democrats



alright gentleman and gentlewomen. we're tossing the glasses and going straight from the bottle. it's well past four in the morning and i have some more drinking to do before the sun comes up. my comment is more of a rant RG, prompted by your comment, and i'll give my apologizes now for any tone issues or misunderstandings. let's get this started ...

>>>How about we do a little guessing?

I don't see taking over Twitter; I do see an Order (no censorship in the form they've engaged in) that they have no choice but to follow or be shut down in this Emergency.<<<

the youngstown cases would militate against any sort of seizure and really what would you get out of the bargain? i'm less inclined to believe that the federal government could order them to demob their 'committee for the preservation of virtue and the prevention of vice'. the only thing i could think of is an active cell of foreign influence agents active on twitter's payroll-but if that is the case, why announce an executive order? if it is too narrowly tailored it could be litigated as an attainder and if it is a network of people roll them up like spies and let twitter explain why a dozen or so employees got arrested.

>>>I'm perhaps more curious about Google / YouTube than Twitter.

They are exposed, I do believe, to Chinese influence and that might be addressed as well.<<<

the hk roll up is sponsored by silicon valley, much like the arab spring and arab dumpster fire. i'll point to a case of h-class visa fraud in loudoun country with the additional bit that loudoun is home to one of the largest single data centers in the world and probably ranks in the top 3 overall in the us. and it isn't only china. yes silicon valley has invited in the blue haired land-whales and deerkin (yes a thing ... and i'm poorer for having to write that) but their bigger problem is that their hr departments can't screen out the agents of influence in their h-class hires, their 'virtue contracts', or their hr departments are the agents of influence. go work for a technology company once professional staff starts speaking something other than english and think you still are in the us.

>>>Both entities might be required to note the presence of Chinese Communist Party accounts taking advantage of American freedoms; the kind they don't allow for their own citizens. Something along those lines.

It's an outrage to me that we allow the CCP to Tweet all over the place and post videos on American platforms, spouting propaganda.<<<

disclosure would be a benefit. maybe a note that what you are reading is sponsored by the ccp, but sv will fight it all the way.* i'm not sure how far that could extend either because my suspicion is that most of the us media is on the take for some interest.

*i mentioned a clever bit of censorship on youtube and bitchute ... they disabled the audio service in the browser, basically shadowbanning the content i wanted to watch and listen. the work around was to use an incognito window, but man figuring that out was an eye opener. not to say it was finding an underground am station in east berlin, but the communists and fascist got their start somewhere, and disabling the audio service on wrongthink looks to be a good place to start.

Posted by: RattlerGator | May 27, 2020 at 10:30 PM<<<

no vulgarity, almost coherent ... this calls for another round at 5:23

and some chopin


Nocturne Op.62 No.2 By Arthur Rubinstein


When it’s illegal to boycott China in more than 33 states we’ll know how infiltrated we are.


When Chinese contributions to the Democrat National Committee comprise 50% of their take and 25% for the Republican National Committee, let me know. In my opinion that’s some real undue influence.

Nothing you should worry about though.


Social media executive order, not sure what power a President has. FCC has some tools, yet they haven’t used them. Some clarification of platform vs publisher might be in order for these commercial censors.


Retweeted by the President last night. Link goes to an article in The Conservative Treehouse referencing an interview with former acting AG Mark Whitaker in The Epoch Times:

#Mueller investigation viewed exposure of truth as #ObstructionOfJustice.
It was all so corrupt.and so wrong.
What liars!#Weissmann #VanGrack#Ahmad and more https://t.co/K9W1raS3ZB@realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn @BarbaraRedgate @seanhannity

— Sidney Powell 🇺🇸⭐⭐⭐ (@SidneyPowell1) May 28, 2020

Target’s Chief Diversity Officer, Caroline Wanga, looks like a Supergirl villain who’s secretly dating the now defunct Batgirl.

James D.

I’m now convinced progs are out to destroy churches.

They’ve only been openly at it for the last 50+ years...


Janice Dean
Cuomo accuses The Post of 'politicizing' nursing home deaths


Janice Dean lost a relative to Cuomo's Corona virus edict and has had to remain in isolation for some time because she herself has MS.

James D.

I also think the people who encouraged and facilitated this situation should be held to account.

That would be the vast majority of national (and many state) politicians dating back to the 1970’s, pretty much all “elite” pundits and opinion makers and think tanks, most major CEOs including all the largest media companies and the entire state department bureaucracy.

Did I miss anybody?


Ilhan Omar’s daughter retweeted a list of needed supplies for “comrades” who are rioting in Minneapolis. The Twin Cities DSA asks for ply wood, sticks, rackets and more. pic.twitter.com/BFjXIQh8wE

— Andy Ngô (@MrAndyNgo) May 28, 2020

Link goes to screen cap of tweet.


Jim Acosta


On the flight back from Florida, WH press secretary told reporters on Air Force One Trump plans to sign an executive order aimed at social media companies. WH says the exec order will be signed Thursday.


I have to say that Twitter is mainly 2 things this morning:

1. The EO on social media.

2. The riots in Minneapolis.


This is a good thread by a career LEO about the law governing social media:


Original thread with some pertinent replies:



I have a question. If things are so bad in Minneapolis, I assume that the National Guard miht be called up.

Who would be responsible for doing that? President Trump or the governor of Minnesota?






Title: Dan Bongino: The Stunning Reason Why Rod Rosenstein Will Be the First Witness Before Senate Committee

Analyzes FBI 302'a and relevant excerpt of Bongino's podcast. Links video of podcast.





An excellent exchange on Twitter:

Ilhan Omar

· May 26
How can we fight for a peaceful world if we aren’t willing to dream about a world without weapons?

I am sorry but I can’t understand the claim that having weapons makes people and countries safer.

I know many might not agree, but this is my truth as a survivor of war.
Ryan Saavedra
Know which stores were not burned to the ground last night in your district?

The ones that had people with weapons guarding them


I mentioned yesterday that my wife was getting a knee done, and I got many good wishes from JOM'ers; thanks again for that, and the procedure went fine; she'd lost a lot of bone in the area for various and/or somewhat unknown reasons, so there's no guarantee it won't fail, but it came out as best as can be expected.

After seeing Cashill's article, well maybe Trump does know something. Alternately, maybe Trump wants to step away from the Scarborough story, and even his just be as bad as you wanna be stance in general, and the Twitter EO will be designed to hold all parties to account for unsubstantiated tweets.

I always loved reading the Rube Goldberg comic in the paper when I was a little kid; I'll bet a lot of you don't remember those! This guy set up one heckuva tribute at his home (3-minute video of his towering accomplishment):





They need to be Patrolman Knee in jail asap if they expect demonstrations to stop. I think any high official in that police department should be looking for a new job.


Who would be responsible for doing that? President Trump or the governor of Minnesota?

Normally the governor, a la Jim Rhodes.


No the protests proved you dont feed the gator scraps he takes your leg, meanwhile with justine diamond they took their sweet time.


Yow. Can’t unsee that.


hrts, a friend is having problems w multiple vertebral fractures; is supplementing with Vit D, vit K 2, making sure he gets lots of calcium with fat (full fat dairy) (potentiates Ca absorption) in his diet.
Also, bone broth has all kinds of trace minerals in it that likely benefit healing.

I've long suspected "we" don't begin to know how things that occur naturally in food benefit us.

Yesterday Instapundit linked to a study that showed a combo of seven spices consumed at the same time as a high fat high carb meal dramatically reduced the blood inflammatory markers that are normally triggered by ingesting such a meal.

To your wife's healing and health!


Yikes didnt suffice



Sorry to hear that fox.



Thanks for that mesmerizing and enjoyable video!

I remember the Rube Goldberg cartoons, although I didn't get to see them often because they were carried in our city's afternoon paper and my folks took the morning paper.

My dad at the time owned and ran a furnace repair and sheet metal shop which our house was behind, and my sisters and I used to take scrap gutters and downspouts, along with other odds and ends, and make similar (although less elaborate) contraptions and run small balls down them. (The thing keeping us from getting too carried away was the admonition that we had to clean it all up when we were done messing around. Ha!)


Hmmm, looks like it was pretty thuggy in Minneapolis last night.


Good music choice, rich. The nocturnes are pretty simple, and back in the day I could play most of them. Now? Not so much.

Try the Ballades and Scherzi, or Beethoven's Hammerklavier if you want to expand your repertoire.


anonamom, that type of info is going to be really helpful to us, no time like the present to finally start looking at healthy eating. I'll see to it that we incorporate that stuff in your first paragraph into her diet, and I'll look at the Instapundit link. Thank you!


You could say that



Has she been taking supplements.


Narciso, what supplements should she take, I'm all ears. We take Vitamin D, mostly lately and as a COVID blocker or whatever. I think she takes a few others, but I'm not sure.

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