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May 27, 2020



Here's Carlos's thread in formatted form, for those who have trouble with Twitter:


Jim Eagle

Judge Nap, is another Fox expert who fights way below his weight. IANAL but at times, when he was pontificating, I was thinking if this is a guy who I would want representing me in any dispute.

The weather here is unreal. Thunder, lightning, humid, wind but the ocean is still. The Beagles are cowering in their cages (kots). They don't like thunder:)

I have to decide this the year of living backwards. Everything sports on TV is from last year or even 5-10 years ago if you want to watch the Patriots in the Super Bowl.


Carlos Osweda is a woman? I'm always so confused, but I agree with this:


You'll never go wrong."


Tx to you too, JiB, Momto2, and my man Rocco!

Mom, i sent the verse to Dad. He's an avid student of the Bible!


Matt- Minneap is a blue hell!


I have to decide this the year of living backwards.

Literally, with the ponies this year. The third leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont, will be run on its originally scheduled date, June 4. The other two, the Preakness, and then the Kentucky Derby, will follow. That means that these three-year-olds will run a mile-and-a-half race, which is a very long distance that they've never run before, before cutting their respective teeth on the shorter, previously earlier races. It's nuts.



No, he's a man, and used to post on Twitter as Thomas Wictor until he got fed up with them and cancelled his account.

I have followed him both on Twitter and on other sites for several years. He is very good at clarifying my thinking, plus he has information on things I know nothing about, like weapons and the ways of Third World places he has lived.

If you are on Twitter, follow him.



47 U.S.C. ยง 230 and the Publisher/Distributor/Platform Distinction


Thanks, MM. KK, sorry about your dad's loss.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

new thread

Dave (in MA)




Thanks for that discussion of Section 230. I am wondering if the earlier law for National Emergency discussed by Carlos Osweda last night overrides it, and if that law was used for unreported negotiations with the tech guys to get them to suck it up and knock it off.

Isn't this an interesting time to live? I sure think so!


Capn, just dropped a wee note at ACE 6:42.

And Capn', I drove past this little bizness in Lomira Wisconsin on Tuesday.


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



Henry, those are the best cream puffs!

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