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May 20, 2020



Bubarooni votes 'TK stays.'

Everyone can stay.

You might have to take some lumps every now and then.


Sullivan is purposely trying to run out the clock on Flynn. He should be kicked in the B-word.


Sullivan should be kicked in the C-word.

He's a dick.


The opening between the right and left atria is the foramen ovale. It's almost a flap, and when the relatively high pressure in fetal lungs drops with a baby's first breath, the blood flows in to the right ventricle and the lungs, and the flap closes. In most--?80%--the flap physically closes over time; in 20% of people though, it remain "probe patent", meaning that anything that raises the pressure in the right atrium to greater than the left (coughing, for example) can shunt blood (and clots if present ) from the right heart to the left, and then out to the brain.

Murmurs can be caused by a number of things: tight or leaking valves, atrial or septal defects (holes; areas that didn't grow properly) and even just flow murmurs that can be heard in thin people. Ultrasound typically shows what is causing a murmur.

Another Bob

Ig, MJW, it seems clear that Sullivan has reasons for not doing what the law appears to require. Should be easy for a lawyer to write that down.


Its just stoopid to defend such a (redacted) remark a whole day later.


If she squished my DING DONG, I'd slap her.



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 22, 2020

"Joe in trouble."
Hannity has a poll which shows Trump leading in 15 battleground states. Article at the link.


There is no prosecutor.

There isn't a need for a defense.

It is what it is.

Unless there is a need to change the way things operate.

I hope there ain't...


THANK YOU! #MAGA pic.twitter.com/hqyNTNoVHi

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 22, 2020

Graphic at the link.


Well hsbc and huawei think differently.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--But everyone just keeps talking about it.--

At the risk of making my own pun, that's because you violated the first rule of holes.


Soecially if you use the drilling machine from total tecall.


Retweeted by the President.

Take a look inside the cockpit of the @BlueAngels as they zoom over the USS Harry S. Truman! pic.twitter.com/RTpapzaE9h

— U.S. Navy (@USNavy) May 20, 2020

Video at the link.

Ralph L

One cardiologist at Bethesda thought I had a hole between my ventricles, but catheterization showed the murmur was mitral valve prolapse (imperfect close). My heart rate was apparently too high for them to come to a consensus. I had that done on a Monday and went off to college Friday with a swollen, purple groin.


Noe that book editor who used to troll here, she deserved those curses and moore.


Retweeted by the President. Video at link.

House Democrats held another fake #coronavirus hearing today.

Their own witness agreed that it’s time to go back to work.

Enough partisan games. Open the economy! pic.twitter.com/fnSgFXDEXz

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) May 21, 2020

The milan mosque plays a role in my novella for two of the characters



Normally, writs for Mandamus do not as flynn's does, attack the judge himself for improprieties. They are rare enough and generally are solely based on an argument that the appropriate law was not followed or misconstrued. I can see why they want Sullivan to respond. As for the short briefing schedule, the Court may see the petition as a slam dunk or they might feel Flynn is entitled to have this quickly resolved before the amici briefs are considered and Gleason makes his case.




Donald Trump Jr. calls out media for 'crickets' reaction to Mueller prosecutor headlining Biden fundraiser

Both video and text at link.

Manuel Transmission

MJW, I was at Ginormous Research for most of the 70s and the first half of the 80s. We, of course had a huge library with subscriptions for all the scientific periodicals and could sign up to be on the distribution through office mail (is that still a thing?). Anyway, by about 78 I dropped SciAm as it got just stupid. I think that was about the time I quit reading Time and switched to Newsweek for political news. Don’t recall when we dropped NW, but I’d guess it was about when Clenis showed up.


I maintain that there is no word uniquely used in reference to a guy remotely as derogatory as cunt is in reference to a woman. There is a level of contempt associated with it that I fail to see in any "slang" term used for a man.

Saying it is just another "bad word" doesn't make it so.
It's like saying mick or wop has a similar connotation as nigger.

I spend my days with men; have for forty five years; for many years, the only woman in the room. They will verify that I am as from a prude as can be. (As a matter of fact, not too long ago, they were told they need to clean up the office conversations, in light of our young female partners. Which says something about me, right??)
It's not a locker room, but at the end of a busy day or at 2 am--pretty close.

I have heard that word said in my presence--and I've heard all the others.

Maybe that is the problem here--we've got asshole, prick , dick, cuck to chose from to characterize displeasure with guys or thier behavior, and just bitch or cunt for girls.

And most of the "guy" ones are used to refer to gals as well. Those words are common slang language.

Had TK called MR a dick or prick or bitch, I wouldn't have posted.


Donald J. Trump
96% Approval Rating in the Republican Party. Thank you!

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

"If we're choosing sides put me with ..."

Is JOM factionalizing?
If so, put me with the People's Front of Judea.
Wait. Was that the Judean People's Front?

Let me get back to you ....


Heh, Jim.
If this keeps up I may actually sort my sock drawer.


anonamom, you could call the dude 'alleged rapist'.

that might be the oppruorium needed.

doesn't count though for a dem.

that's called 'hearsay' based upon the current headlines.


my ding dong is at its fixed location on top of the bag, first and foremost.

if i have an "issue" with a rude, unkind checkout chica i address her by the plural form of her name, e.g. "Jens" or "Donnas".

the puzzled look is priceless. i pre-empt any speech with (in my low tone Sam Shepard voice)" I'm not sure which Donna's working today."

Inevitably chica will say "I don't know your name." I can see the fireball windup and reply "Anthonys."

Smiles ensue. Fun breaks out. I feign shyness over my crushed ding dong. End up getting a free one. (dontneevin.godare).

there are only a few instances where yelling "bitch" "cunt" and the Olde English favorite two-fer " cunteth whore" are appropriate, but most favorite is sitting next to my One Great Love (my wife you bitchez!) while wading through commercial intrusions.

it's great unrestrained fun inspired by Sam Clemens and one of his newspaper buds from his time in Missouri.

They'd find a shady spot by the River. There they'd read the society articles from the local rag, artfully perverting the deeds of landed gentry, turning wedding festivity write-ups into bestiality "festivals", church news into exorcism play-by-plays of priests, ministers, and "snake tossers"-- you get the idea.

Once privvy to their fun, and found a way to mimic, i'm became less likely to bristle under standards of civility imposed by the beastly aristoi.




Of all the things William J Crocodile Dundee Barr and the Trump Administration could have gone after Planned Parenthood for, they went for SBA relief fraud. Pikers, man.


George Carlin would chastise us for limiting ourselves to the "words you can't say on tv."

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

JiB: "How the hell did the Michigander's ever fall for Whitmer"

Didn't the Dems and media successfully blame the RINO for Flint's water supply mess? Even though the mess was due to the local Dems?
And since he was a RINO, and didn't stand up for Deplorables, the Deplorables did not rally to support him? That's what I understood but happy to be corrected if that's incorrect


Well they went after al capone for tax evasion,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My last post on the subject, period, and I won't be drawn back in.
I don't object to the words themselves. I was a logger for thirty years and believe me longshoremen could take a lumberjack's correspondence course.
When alone and aggravated I use them all too often myself.
I don't even particularly object when they're directed at someone like Mika or the odious Joy Behar or Bette Midler.
But it's different when directed at people here who aren't trolls. In looking back over what maryrose said it kinda bothers me that she got tagged with that term for just saying she disagreed with how TK characterized RB and CT and that she wasn't going to be shut up about it.
If the term was enough to drive her off if even temporarily then maybe she is too sensitive or maybe it really was over the top for what is usually a good natured political blog.
But then again we're all still irritated, irritating and irritable.
And just FTR, TomR's characterization of TK wasn't any more useful or justified than TK's original remark. And if he comes back and starts digging to defend it he'll be violating the same rule.

Speaking of which I have a couple of Justifieds to watch.


I can’t prove anything, but my True Crime gut tells me that somewhere in William Barr’s past you will find a dead hitchhiker.

matt - deplore me if you must

So are we at honey badger kumbaya yet?


Lord! My point was that after all these years of hanging with guys, I've NEVER had them say cunt in front of me.

Supporting my contention that it is a uniquely offensive/contemptuous/inappropriate whatever word; not just one of many.

Clearly, time to get to bed.
Good night.

Only TM gets to kick anyone of the island.
It's not our blog. He just lets us act like it is.


He was a company analyst pin before he was atty general.


“President Trump is leading Joe Biden (D) in the battleground state of Pennsylvania 50.2 percent to 45.5 percent...This is significant, as it reflects a 4.7 percent jump from the previous survey.” https://t.co/wb0deC8LQh

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 22, 2020

Link goes to article in Breitbart.

Another Bob

“ are we at honey badger kumbaya “

I was about to briefly opine on the matter when I realized nobody much cares about my opinion, and I’ll change nobody’s mind.


First lady Melania Trump thanked students for helping to keep the country safe and acknowledged recent changes they’ve had to make.

“Please know that the President and I are with you during these challenging times and will do everything we can do to support you." #CNNTownHall pic.twitter.com/XnkIqInEMw

— CNN (@CNN) May 22, 2020

Link goes to both article and video of Melania. This is a BIG DEAL, as CNN pretty uch ignores her.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

Is Cysterical hunt ok? Asking for a friend.

Another Bob

“ So are we at honey badger kumbaya yet?”

“ Is Cysterical hunt ok? Asking for a friend.”

OK, we’re there now.


The President comments on the nursing home bludgeoning:

Donald J. Trump
Is this even possible to believe? Can this be for real? Where is this nursing home, how is the victim doing?


We need to update all our aphorisms. Denny Hastert didn’t get busted for Live Boys. He got busted for Structured Payoffs.


anonamom, you are right--the term is horrible--if someone called me that here I'd never come back. Fine for real horrors like, say, HRC or Madame Romania (can't remember how to spell her name) but not for us. It just isn't--I don't know how--but it just isn't the same thing as calling a guy a dick (though I'd never do that either). TK, I love you but I think you should apologize.

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Ig: "And just FTR, TomR's characterization of TK"

At first, I thought TomR's note was just because it is so easy to rip the scab off the TomR/TK-GUS-kk-others rift.

But then someone pointed out how slick it was for TomR to respond "How DARE you call someone a cunt, you dick". IOW, to violate the same rule and commit the same sin.
Made me wonder if it was a 4D joke of sorts, if so, then welcome as TomR is normally rather dry.


poll in key electoral states....

5,408 likely voters: AZ, FL, MI, NC, PA, WI.

leads @JoeBiden
48% to 46%

Trump job approval: 50%

Trump is +11% over Biden on the ECONOMY!

8:02 PM · May 21, 2020·Twitter for iPhone


Ceaucescu, yes its a vile expression. Surprise it has to be elaborated further.


George Carlin had a few things to say about words that “offend”, you might recall. You might also not realize what unknown words that are said against you that should offend you to the point of almost asking for a duel to repair your honor. Or actually asking.

Are you saying you know ALL such words and their meaning in the tone and demeanor that they are spoken?

Yes, me too.

ANY word can be derogatory in use, so frickin’ grow up, ask straight up for polite behavior from ALL, or expect to get slapped with topspin, from behind, for an unknown slur.

They’re be lions*.

*insert doom word here.


>>>I was about to briefly opine on the matter when I realized nobody much cares about my opinion, and I’ll change nobody’s mind.
Posted by: Another Bob | May 21, 2020 at 10:37 PM<<<

i'm thinking of firing up a few kjom hours. everytime i see "we're in this together" i think of nin.

kick back drink some beer listen to some kjom ...

Dave (in MA)

About the elder-beating Whitmer constituent:


i'm gonna scare everyone off!!!


Bring it, Fairfaxer. I can harsh your mellow before it goes dark.


not sure of the federal angle but i wouldn't want to be the subject of a presidential tweet.


Let’s start it:



not fairfax anymore ... surprisingly worse, montgomery.

(not sure king county will be an improvement either)

we're in this together


i've linked this dozens of times during the kjom hour. great short film too.


son of a bitch new thread.



You have probably been busy today. Have you spotted all of the events that have been posted?

Seems like something is moving forward,

Another Bob

I’ll guarantee that subhuman’s lawyer will use it in a “can’t get a free trial” argument.

And there are people who are calling it a case of racist selective outrage. I’m thinking most of them are subhumans too.

I note only partially for humor purposes that some females on that thread would earn the c-word.

Another Bob

And a fair trial too.


Posted by: Another Bob | May 21, 2020 at 11:15 PM

why would someone like that even have access to a nursing home?

the outrage mob will flock to something else quickly.

Another Bob

“ Seems like something is moving forward,”

FISA renewal is in more trouble than thought.

Another Bob

“ why would someone like that even have access to a nursing home?”

My guess is help is that hard coming by.

Dave (in MA)

Now that Trump has tweeted about it, they'll try to make the guy some kind of hero.

Dave (in MA)


President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA



The opening between the right and left atria is the foramen ovale.

Thanks for the explanation, amom!

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