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May 21, 2020



you're welcome mjw. have enjoyed reading your comments.

i think i have reached #mydarkplace

not too dark though

sweet dreams(are made of this)




jim nj


That's a point I hadn't considered. That expressing outrage in the Writ of Mandamus might inflame Democratic-appointed Court of Appeal judges.

But, if that's the possibility, isn't it likely then that Powell's previous submissions to Sullivan created the same condition?

I mean that Powell's forceful defense of her client so annoyed Sullivan the he became defensive? That seemed, to be in my mind, in some of his rulings.

He kept favoring the prosecution and then the prosecution abandoned him in withdrawing the charge.

Sullivan seems like one of those cartoon characters perched on a tree limb only to turn around and see another cartoon character sawing through the tree limb behind him.

jim nj

Hi Rich,

You're up late.

You know I've never been associated with such a fine ofclass of people before that can

beat a dead horse.


not for much longer ...

jim nj

I mean I never knew that MaryRose had called upon me to defend her and I apologize for not doing so.

It seems that I had KILLFILED her some months ago and completely missed her message.

TK, shame on you for for using what GUS decries as the C-word that shouldn't be called the C-word.

You clearly should have used a word, or words, that rhymes with rich.

And I think it's important to state that I don't use the C-word. My vocabulary isn't that good. I usually just use the more abundant epithets.

It's not that I'm not creative when I'm pissed off. I just tend to use the "rich" homophones and add very colorful adjectives as my girlfriend can attest. Never mind what she calls me back.


fuck your lockdowns, your dress codes, and your fears.

you hide under the bed. i'm getting on with living.

the fuck your lockdown kjom hour

we're in this together


you've seen the butcher


phantom bride


never never


here to stay


spike in my veins


Did My Time (thanks jim for the contribution)




hats off to the bull




fiction (dreams in digital)




sweet dreams(are made of this)


not again



wow that all posted.

jim nj


Hong Kong plunges more than 5% as Beijing plans to impose new security laws

jim nj


William Bryan Jr., the man who took video of the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, arrested on felony murder charge


"A memo obtained by USA TODAY written by the district attorney who previously led the investigation into Arbery's death said Bryan, also a white man, had joined the two suspects in "hot pursuit" of Arbery."

"hot pursuit" with a camera?

jim nj


Mississippi church burns down after pastor challenges safer-at-home restrictions

"When investigators from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office got to the scene, they found graffiti in the church parking lot that read: “Bet you stay home now you hypokrites.”"

I assume they are looking for someone educated in the public school system.

jim nj


China decides not to set a GDP target for 2020 as coronavirus batters the economy

Funny how that works when you've killed of your customers.

jim nj


Trump confirms US is withdrawing from another major arms treaty

The Open Skies Treaty.

jim nj


"But the U.S. export control rule, first reported by Reuters last week, aims to block HiSilicon’s access to two crucial tools: chip design software from U.S. firms including Cadence Design Systems Inc (CDNS.O) and Synopsys Inc (SNPS.O), and the manufacturing prowess of “foundries,” led by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (2330.TW), that build chips for many of the world’s top semiconductor firms.

With the new restrictions,HiSilicon “will be in a situation where they’re not able to manufacture chips at all, or if they do, then they’re not leading edge anymore,” says Stewart Randall, who tracks China’s chip industry at Shanghai-based consultancy Intralink.

Without its own processors, Huawei will lose its edge over domestic smartphone rivals, analysts said. International sales had already been gutted by a ban on the use of key Google software."

jim nj


"John Kenneth Galbraith famously said that economic forecasting exists to make astrology look respectable," Powell added. "We are now experiencing a whole new level of uncertainty, as questions only the virus can answer complicate the outlook."

That's encouraging.

jim nj


What is the point of temperature checks?



Same as taking shoes off at airport. Pure theater

jim nj

Exactly, one shoe-bomber attempted attack, everybody has to take their shoes off.

What about the attempted underwear bomber?

Both efforts failed.

Fire all the TSA people since no one is flying now.


https://t.co/3HMutqPH7J pic.twitter.com/nkO5Vd2T3Y

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 22, 2020

Clip of President at the Ford plant. Video at link.

jim nj


I'd like to see an updated version of a PT boat. Manned or robotic.



Michigan Attorney General Says Trump Will Be Asked ‘Not To Return’ If He Does Not Wear A Mask

Enjoyable Twitter comments here. I do not think her appearance on CNN did the Democrats any good, particularly when the governor has already made a fool of herself.



FBI Director Christopher Wray is sitting in an increasingly hot seat as Republicans and the White House press forward with investigations into what President Trump is calling “Obamagate.”

Congressional Republicans are pressing Wray to provide more information after recently released FBI field notes showed officials debating how to handle the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

jim nj






The true meaning of Memorial Day.



Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for an investigation into the leaked audio recordings between Joe Biden and former Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko.

At a press conference in Kiev, Zelensky said the conversations between the two leaders “might be perceived, qualified as high treason,” the Washington Post reported.



On Wednesday evening, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency threatened officers who do not enforce Governor J.B. Pritzker’s lockdown orders.

“Things are moving at a dizzying pace in Springfield,” reported WCIA anchor Mark Maxwell. “Now, a new threat from [Governor Pritzker] administration to local law enforcement: IEMA (Illinois Emergency Management Agency) memo tells local law enforcement their federal funds are at risk if they refuse to enforce his executive order.”


One of the Iran's most important intelligence centres caught fire last night. pic.twitter.com/1qKNOD1ST8

— MaC💊 #HCQ (@RedPillMaC) May 21, 2020

Video at the link.



The DOJ wrote, “Simply put, there is no pandemic exception to the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights. Laws that do not treat religious activities equally with comparable nonreligious activities are subject to heightened scrutiny under the Free Exercise Clause of the First Amendment … Laws that are not both neutral toward religion and generally applicable are invalid unless the government can prove that they further a compelling interest and are pursued through the least restrictive means possible. Religious gatherings may not be singled out for unequal treatment compared to other nonreligious gatherings that have the same effect on the government’s public health interest, absent the most compelling reasons.”


Well I see TM had to polish his RINO anti-Trump cred with a new thread.

He can be as irksome as Brett Baier when he puts his mind to it.


I gather TM does not associate the c-word* with Trump.

* c*nservative


Good morning! Just finished my 3rd and hopefully last night of hell! If it worked I might sleep for a week tonite!

Gonna be another hot one, but 70 and cool on the lanai! Hang tough everyone!



This mask thing drives me crazy. I get claustrophobic wearing one, and so I avoid in-store shopping.

I do groceries by on-line shopping and pick-up.
I buy wine and cigarettes (cannot buy by pick-up in Indiana) at the liquor store.

Last night daughter's boss bought pizza for everyone in her department. The pizza delivery guy had a mask on!

I can't stand it. The entire thing creeps me out.


Good morning, Jane. Hope you haven’t run out of happy coffee.


One of the Iran's most important intelligence centres caught fire last night.

“Burn, baby, burn!”

Sayeret Matkal has no comment:)


Going to lie down and listen to Dan Bongino's last show.

James D.

In today's NYT, David Brooks writes perhaps the stupidest paragraph he's ever written:

Aside from a few protesters and a depraved president, most of us have understood we need to suspend the old individualistic American creed. In the midst of a complex epidemiological disaster, to be anti-authority is to be ignorant.

It's almost as if he doesn't read, or doesn't understand, the stories on the front page of his own newspaper about the performance of the authorities in his own home state.



I go to the store nearly everyday, and have gotten comfortable in a mask.

Lately I’ve been experimenting by making weird “faces” at people to see if they can tell.

So far, zero response.

I can be kinda of ornery if left to my own devices:)



I doubt if very many people let David Brooks do their thinking for them.

He is mostly talking to himself and polishing his “cocktail party” credentials.

Kinda like TM.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

Was reading this morning the local Facebook group on education and figure that our local school districts will not be reopening in the fall, as the Karens in the teachers' unions and families are "concerned" that the CDC guidelines are impossible to meet. It's for the children.

The same CDC guidelines that directed Gov. Cuomo to send all those Covid + patients back to nursing homes.


Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

Having to wear a mask for my shifts on the frontline (I am the checkout gal that is NOT packing your dingdongs in the bottom of the bag), I have admired the ingenuity of the mask wearing public to wear/not wear a mask while in the store. Under the nose but over the mouth, over the nose but under the mouth, under the chin (which is basically a big eff off to the entire effort), slipped sideways to speak freely (this was a bit S&M style) - many iterations have served to amuse.

I'll be in bakery decorating cakes for the foreseeable future and will miss the public's acerbic commentary on masks, even here in deep blue Ithaca. It has been a most enjoyable and entertaining exercise and a great reminder that those bubbles we live in are far smaller than we think.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

I'm not here enough to feel free to comment on the cunt controversy, but I'm going to anyway. I'm with Jane, that's one of those words that never emerges without venom attached. I've never heard someone say fondly, you're such a cunt, as I've heard (and used) dick aired. If being called a dick makes you men squirm, I will certainly refrain in the future.

I've always had good joshing around relationships with men and sworn a blue streak, but the c word is one that bites much deeper. I wouldn't equate it with the N word, but context matters.

Robin, Schadenfreude Red lipstick

Now that I'm finally caught up, I have to go walk the dog and will probably fall far behind as I have a bunch of printing to do this morning and a studio to clean. Sorry to drop in and leave - I know that bothers some folks.


People say things on the internet that they wouldn't say in person; not just the curse words, but the things that inspire people to respond with curse words in the first place. I know that in real life I wouldn't walk up to particularly infuriating liberals and say the sort of rude things that I have tweeted to them on occasion. No eye contact, not able to hear the other party's voice - that separation makes us brave, like being able to flip off an offending motorist because you can just hit your own gas pedal and be gone with the wind.

Lenny Bruce did that bit where he said the n-word over and over, saying it soon loses all meaning and just becomes a sound. That theory mostly got him arrested, and society didn't change much by the time George Carlin reprised the idea in his own way - if a word is deemed offensive by society at large, then we're offended when we hear it (you still can't say Carlin's "seven words" on TV).

The Brits use the c-word on TV all the time, of course, which just shows that insults are really about who is saying what to whom, and what their intentions are. If I may be so bold as to suggest a two-minute bit of Matt LeBlanc chatting with Conan, the applicable part starts at around 1:30, it's fun:


Boris from last night:
Between now and any 2nd wave it should be obvious the 1st shutdown failed to demonstrate effectiveness compared to states and countries that did not shut down.

You'd think, but didn't you see the NYT piece claiming that 30,000 or more lives would have been saved if we'd just shut down a week earlier? The MFM is going to be flogging the big lie that (like socialism) the shutdowns mattered, and would have been super effective if they'd just been done properly (where "properly" means under a Democrat President).

I suspect the reality is that the only places shutdowns are effective are nursing homes. Otherwise, the virus is going to run its course pretty much regardless of the shutdowns.

James D.

you still can't say Carlin's "seven words" on TV

Back in 1990 when I was at the Crewe University radio station, I had to list out the seven dirty words on the test to get my FCC license.

Which I still have, by the way. And in a perfect example of government-ese, the license says that it "authorizes me to operate any radio station which may be operated by a holder of this license."


In the midst of a complex epidemiological disaster, to be anti-authority is to be ignorant.

Brooks's babbling calls to mind Milton Friedman's famous rejoinder to Phil Donahue: "I think you're taking a lot of things for granted. Just tell me where in the world you find these angels who are going to organize society for us."

You'd think we'd have learned that lesson by now after a few thousand years of civilization.


Why waste time trying to persuade white people? Persuasion is out; demographic coercion is in.

Georgia, which Abrams narrowly lost using a conscious ‘diversity’ strategy, is on the way to becoming a majority-minority state, and Abrams has embraced demographic change as the key to victory for Democrats.

Recently a video resurfaced of a 2014 conference called “Race Will Win the Race” (that’s a real name) for the group PowerPac+, which advocates building a nonwhite majority to secure political power. It shows Abrams baldly laying out a strategy of demographic replacement.

Abrams this month complained that not giving illegal immigrants representation results in a “whiter, and therefore more Republican” voting base.

Last year, Abrams applauded Georgia’s “rapidly” shifting demographics, even tweeting out a chart that straight-forwardly presents the decline of the white population as a positive trend.

If these patterns hold, eventually it may not matter whether an ambitious person has the ability to govern a nation as large and complex as America. He or she could simply rise to power through the power of crude arithmetic. America would finish a decades-long breakdown from a republic where “fit characters” lead to a Balkanized democracy where representatives are no more than racial deputies.



Obviously, time will tell. If there is a serious second wave, enough state and regional shutdowns will look like a national shutdown.

Agree with the NOPE, no way , not ever.

I don't think we'd even see a slowdown in elective surgeries, with the hit that caused.

Turn that gym into a hospital! Put some tents in the parking decks!

I wish I'd carried over a comment I read yesterday, at Powerline I think--the gist was, the woman said Americans didn't stay in because they are sheep, but because they are a generous people--they stayed in to help others. And have stayed in because they are a law abiding people.

We were told 15 days, to flattened the curve--OK.

Then asked for another 30--???HMMM. But oh well.
STILL being shutdown??? 33 million without jobs????
Moms getting arrested for taking kids to parks?

We've had the opportunity to see the arbitrariness of tyranny.

It will not happen again, based on reports out of Italy, flawed models out the UK, 79 year old Leftist Ivory Tower doctor's view of the world.

Captain Hate

I agreed (and still agree) with SWC. Though I suppose one can't argue with success -- and getting as far as she has with the petition is success -- I don't think it was due to the (to my way of thinking) overly emotive language. I doubt it really helped with the Republican-majority panel, and I believe it would have hurt if she'd drawn a Democrat-majority panel.

Although I admire Sidney Powell a great deal and read her book from cover to cover in record time, I found her writing style irritating. Particularly bothersome and begging for an editor to exorcise were multiple florid descriptions of stately courthouse buildings which I began picturing having the appeal of old post office buildings reeking of stale cigars, urine and old peoples' BO.


"It will not happen again"

I don't expect it either, but God forbid we have a different President in January and all bets are off. Again, the MFM agitprop is all pro-shutdown.

I also don't expect a second wave, but I'm less confident of that than of Trump's reelection.

Captain Hate

1) asymptomatic carriers can still spread the virus

I was discussing this with my lib daughter, the only one in my nuclear family (my cousins and brother are all very conservative) I can discuss things calmly with, a couple days ago. This has been disproven, correct? I think I remember clarice flatly stating this isn't true.


CH, I don't think anything's been proven or disproven. The "authorities" Brooks wants us to obey go back and forth.

For example, Althouse quotes the WaPo saying this is new to the CDC website:

The virus does not spread easily in other ways
COVID-19 is a new disease and we are still learning about how it spreads. It may be possible for COVID-19 to spread in other ways, but these are not thought to be the main ways the virus spreads.

-From touching surfaces or objects. It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or possibly their eyes. This is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads, but we are still learning more about this virus....

As with masks, they've flip-flopped more than John Kerry. (Of course the WaPo isn't reliable either....)


Bongino's show from yesterday had a little something for everyone here, including a wonderful rant at the beginning against the news media.

Here it is in case you want to listen:


However, the best part to me was him discussing the White House counsel who was referenced in the Susan Rice memo to herself, whom Bongino calls "The Obama Fixer" and how she appears and reappears throughout his career to cover things up.

Her name is Kathryn Ruemmler, and it seems that whenever there is a scandal in Democrat circles, she appears to keep Obama's name out of it.

It's astonishing how imvolved she was with no scandal attached to her name.

I find Bongino's broadcasts interesting because he worked in law enforcement and the Secret Service and he knows how investigations work. He also says that Obama is nervous, if not scared. He may not go to jail or trial, but he doesn't know that, which will lead him to make mistakes.


On the radio yesterday the news broad read that exact story, Jimmy, right after reading a study that suggested that had we closed down America a week sooner many lives would have been saved.

She didn’t break her stride at all. “Study says less dead and infected people if Trump acted sooner and this just in, CDC says they have still have no clue how the virus spreads.”


Catturd ™
Has Michigan AG Karen stopped crying yet?


On the mask discussion, even if you avoid merchants like wf and costco that require it now to shop there, and salons that also do, earlier this week the Center for Medicare & Medicaid released the reopening criteria for nursing homes that I can promise the assisted living/alzheimer's units will follow as well.

Visitors will have to wear a mask. Luckily I had guessed that and had my mom reach out to one of her closest friends in another state who has always been a wonderful seamstress. Turns out she had already made 300 masks. My mom had said she didn't think she could wear one in the summer heat.

So I found a source in the US for Liberty of London fabrics. Sent mom a link and told her to pick out something she would enjoy wearing. She texted back 4 choices. I told her no on 2 as I clicked on print. She called the shop and ordered fabric they recommended of the last two and told me "how nice they were to her on the phone."

Fabric being sent directly from SC to Miss to create masks for mom in Ga.

If anyone here has a loved one who has not seen someone in these months and doesn't want to scare them when they can, now is a good time to do something similar.

Turns out both of my daughters were planning to swipe my purple snake print made from yoga material that I wear when I have to and pull off and on as soon as I can.

Captain Hate

Her name is Kathryn Ruemmler, and it seems that whenever there is a scandal in Democrat circles, she appears to keep Obama's name out of it.

She's Rice's attorney now, right?


Pretty funny, TK. She sounds as bright as the Hill journo reporting breathlessly on the woman who blamed Trump because HCQ didn't prevent her from getting the virus.


Captain Hate,

Yes, she is Rice's attorney, which means that he really is involved with that, too.

Bongino was going to interview Sidney Powell yesterday and post it as a separate program.
Today he is going to cover that Lee Smith article in The Tablet, which got linked here yesterday.


CH, I said it wasn't --others contended that was false. I think the only way they could be is in close quarters with sustained contact at short distances(like nursing homes). But then the next fairy tale s was it was easily spread on surfaces and now we know that isn't true. Though merely saying that was enough to strip chlorox from every store shelf in America.I can't imagine how you could have a high viral load and be asymptomatic ,and if you have few of the viruses I doubt simply breathing and even talking at a normal distance would shed enough of them to matter to another person. Personally, I think the transmission reports have been highly dubious. (Reminds me of the woman who died of anthrax after 9/11 far from any "known" sources which caused every p.o. to go thru major scrubs. I doubt it was random. I suspect there's some mystery involved, like a confederate placing it where she'd inhale it to spread widespread panic.)


The 2020 remake of "they wanna put y'all back in chains" is lit.

Eddie Zipperer
· 10m
BIDEN: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

President-Elect Jim,SunnyvaleCA

Robin: "our local school districts will not be reopening in the fall"

I live in a Blue Hell and I feel sure we also will have that.
There are ZERO deaths in the under 30 population in my county.
If there are at risk teachers, let them take 6 months off--don't punish the kids.

Yet ALREADY our entire State University system announced they're closed for in person classes at least till end of year.
And the UC system? They won't require SATs for admission till 2024 earliest. How will they decide admittance? I can only assume by ZIP code in order to get the racial quotas they target.

Another Bob

And as a bonus MM, Biden said that to a black man.

I simply can’t believe the dems are serious about Biden.

Captain Hate

Even Sullivan has to recognize he's in a tight spot. With Powell's petition now accepted, Sullivan is now the accused having to explain himself - that certainly has him feeling mighty uncomfortable. And if he doesn't, all the 3 Judge panel has to do is grant the Order Powell has asked for, and this is over.

and it sure looks like they're leaning that way.
Posted by: Tom Servo at May 22, 2020 08:55 AM (V2Yro)


I want him defiant and angry to the end.

I want him to write a 500 page brief about how Flynn is just a meano and Barr is a political hack.

I want it filled with references to Rachel Maddow.

I want Sullivan to make such a complete ass of himself that the higher court will at least seriously consider any writ of mandamus against him no matter when it's filed.
Posted by: TheJamesMadison, fighting terrorist in Nakatomi Tower at May 22, 2020 08:57 AM (UWqZJ)

Captain Hate

Thank you, clarice. One of the benefits of talking to my physical therapist daughter is she understands the difference between a hypothesis and a fact, which I bring up often. I think the enemedia is either too dumb and poorly educated to know that or counts on the public not understanding the difference. As usual I blame public schools which used to teach that.


Here’s some of my interview with @TuckerCarlson about the nursing home tragedy. I will try to be a voice for those who don’t have one, and keep the pressure on for a federal probe into @NYGovCuomo’s handling of this horrible nightmare. pic.twitter.com/6QkzimXlYP

— Janice Dean (@JaniceDean) May 22, 2020

Video at the link.


The opening between the right and left atria is the foramen ovale.

Thanks for the explanation, amom!


Secretary Pompeo
The United States condemns the PRC proposal to impose national security legislation on Hong Kong and strongly urges Beijing to reconsider. We stand with the people of Hong Kong.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

foramen ovale.

I'd never cut it in the medical field. All those parts having names. I'd be reduced to sounding like Biden.

"I'm gonna cauterize the, you know, that thing there."

"The thingamagig that moves your blood in your heart is not functioning properly."

I opted for chemistry instead of biology in college. I never could get the labels in the cat right in high school. It all looked like giblets to me!

Captain Hate

And thanks for the discussion of heart murmurs. I was born with one that the doctors said would go away and they were right. Now I have one which will eventually need a valve replacement but that's a ways off.


Donald Trump Jr.
So interesting how @twitter
is censoring the racist clip of @JoeBiden
telling black Americans that they “ain’t black” if they don’t vote for him.

They’re trying to protect Joe! They don’t want the American people to know about his disgusting & dehumanizing racist mentality.


Carter Page, Ph.D.
"He is unashamed to interrupt intelligence officers and riff based on tips or gossip he hears from... retired golfer @GaryPlayer
or @ChrisRuddyNMX"

Good! Wise insights from Gary & @newsmax
are far more accurate than much of what he's gotten from the IC.


Capn', they are COMMIES. They have no interest in GOVERNING a FREE PEOPLE. They are interested in RULING and FORCING un-free people to do what they want. Along the way, each and every opportunity to show their incompetence is taken with glee.
Whitmer and her QUEER AG are perfect examples of FULL COMMIES in CHARGE.

Do we want ANY more of that. If there is another shut down, their WILL be violence. I pray that WHITMER is smart enough to GET THAT, but I doubt it.

Fredo Cuomo goes out without a mask and bitches about a MALE KAREN who called him out. Then CUOMO'S own son, a teen in lockdown, catches CUOMO'S spew. CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP CHIRP. It's almost as if FREDO'S home is a RETIREMENT HOME.
REQUIRE THE SICK AND NON-SICK to live in close quarters. That ought to work. Worked for his brother NIPPLES didn't it?


My thought after reading Schlicter on civility and how I posted it on FB and Twitter:

You want civility? Deserve it. Don't instigate then go victim.


From a black veteran (according to his biography on Twitter):

Rob Smith
Joe Biden spent decades pushing policies that put Blacks in jail.

Donald Trump permanently funded Black colleges and passed criminal justice reform.

But Joe says Black voters “ain’t Black” if we don’t vote for him!



What the CUOMO TWINS BOZO and ZOBO have done is akin to forcing AIDS PATIENTS into lockdown at the OBAMA BATH HOUSE in Chicago.

What could go wrong. Sick Granny, meet your new room mate NOT SICK GRANNY.

Don't ever expect a FULL COMMIE to take responsibility for their actions.
They just write themselves an e-mail stating that they did things By the book.


Don't instigate then go victim.


Captain Hate

But Joe says Black voters “ain’t Black” if we don’t vote for him!

He's gotten away with this far too long, aided by a supine so called opposition party that won't forcefully call him out. Guess what, it's a new day, son.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

I was taking a 1/2 day today to leave to head to Amelia Island. I just got a skype from our director. "Everyone has today and Monday off with pay. Enjoy!" That includes all our 1099 and overseas employees, too.


I'm picking Ariel up from the daycare at 12:30 (after lunch and before nap time, so she will hopefully sleep til at least Macon) and we are heading south. Just me and her. Prayers needed. LOL!


My mother's nursing home called recently to tell us of their updated COVID policies and availability or regular testing for staff.

I suggested they make some tests available for families of residents near death that they could be comforted and comforting to each other.


sbw +1


jim_nj, yours was a deft, humorous comment that wove together sage advice with opinion and remonstrance while lowering temperature. Not sure how you do that at 4:42am.

Tom R

An instant classic Trump meme.



Not sure how you do that at 4:42am.

The subtle mocking of the word police was the ice breaker.


Tom R.,

Mad Liberals also put up a You Tube link to the meme:


Hilarious! Guaranteed to trigger Rob Reiner, Brian Stelter, and most of the White House press corps!


The article SBW referenced:


It’s almost like “civility” is just a way to shut us up and ensure that we have no means to fight back against our opponents, who will then be free to pummel us into submission.


Another Bob

SBW +1 of your last two comments.



New York refused to release its own statistics, but @AP found hospitals released more than 4,300 coronavirus patients to already strained nursing homes under a controversial state order.





Um, maybe you guys missed this but WE'RE ALREADY OPEN. @SenatorBaldwin @RepGwenMoore @RepRonKind @repmarkpocan say "extension of federal funding for National Guard" is the "critical" to "reopening" WI.


Tom R

We know who the biggest dickhead poster is now.
TomR, please give us a list of who "We" are.
You are growing so very tedious.
Posted by: GUS | May 21, 2020 at 06:35 PM


GFY. I'm tired of you. The gloves are off. If you can't scroll on by my comments then know I am no longer taking Iggy's advice when it comes to you.


More funding for the NATIONAL GUARD is "Critical" to reopening WISCONSIN.

What utter $%@$#^@^. The mother$@$W%$ are a bunch of $^@%S. All FULL COMMIE $#%@%@%%


This is going to go well.

Tom R

I loved TOMR calling CAPN a DICK. It was quite a show MAN!!!
Posted by: GUS | May 21, 2020 at 07:45 PM

Are you being dishonest or do you just have poor reading comprehension skills? I called TK a dick for multiple reasons. How you came up with thinking I was referring to Captain Hate indicates something isn't working very well for you.


Oh dear TomR.

Tom R

TomR forgets himself and the ol' adage: "Son, the Devil don't need no advocate."
Posted by: KevlarKid | May 21, 2020 at 08:09 PM

No I'm just tired of a few people here who think they can get away with poor behavior because of their status.



Includes videos.


From down under:

We'll stand up against China bluster

There is little Australian governments can do to make dealings with Beijing less fraught.

On China's bullying, we ain't seen nothing yet

If you thought the Cold War was bad, you're in for a rude awakening.



.@SenatorBaldwin wants food stamp program to include RESTAURANTS. So using our money even MORE irresponsibly is the solution to our irresponsible government shutting down an economy? 🤔 #ProgLogic


Manuel Transmission

We watched Janice Dean last night on Tucker. What a sweet lady with a terrible painful situation. Never seen her not smiling before. We used to watch her on Imus when she was just a kid fresh off the boat from Canuckistan.

I hope she gets credit for putting Fredo down.



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