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June 07, 2020



And I love that it's National Accordion *Awareness* Month. Like an issue that needs awareness, not something to be celebrated. Extra hilarious.


Sec. Wilbur Ross
Thanks in large part to the President @realDonaldTrump
's pro-growth policies, the U.S. is home to more foreign direct investment than any other country in the world. #FDI supports more than 7.35 million U.S. jobs, including the 57 here at #Fibertex.

Captain Hate

the facts are never as the narrative claims.

Someone in the Horde reminded me how Saint Traytable's scrubbed social media accounts previously were rife with details about how he and his thug peers were beating the snot out of classmates. And how all the enemedia pictures were from when he was 12.

There's a reason the jury took almost no time to return a verdict that contradicted the narrative.


East Europeans plus I think they loved America?
There's a New World Symphony, and an American string quartet ... unless I'm misremembering

That's right. Dvorak spent some time in America, I believe as head of a conservatory in NYC, and incorporated traditional melodies into those works. I recall the slow movement of the New World Symphony is based on a Negro spiritual.


What does that tell us? To a reasonable person it tells us that the entire idea of racist cops killing innocent black people is pretty much a complete left-wing lie.

Posted by: The Infamous Ignatz | June 08, 2020 at 11:48 AM

Exactly right, Iggy. It sickens me just how much they've made the Black community reflexively demonstrate for what amounts to -- invariably -- criminal elements in our community who have likely stolen from and abused mostly people within the African American community.

It's reflective not necessarily of a sickness but something of a sickness combined with remarkable political immaturity. In a nation that allows for the exercise of full adulthood, we politically keep insisting on acting as a 6 year old in a house full of adults who willingly goes to a back bedroom, locks the door, and keeps screamig UNFAIR, UNFAIR, UNFAIR !!!

I'm convinced the Black millionaires threatening to take a knee during the national anthem in the NFL should be made to apologize to the nation if they follow through. They would be willing participants in a blatant lie and that should not be tolerated.


Now I see that the Negro spiritual basis for that melody is fake news. Per Wiki, one of Dvorak's students wrote a song "Goin' Home" based on the melody. Anyway, it's quite a nice tune. Here's Solti conducting it:



Dvorak also spent time out in Iowa. The little town where he lived for a summer with his family is called Spillville and was settled by Bohemians. It is worth a visit.

Dvorak was a Czech nationalist and wanted to create American-sounding music for America, for similar reasons. Copland and others were very influenced by this and picked up the threads later on.


Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) Tweeted:
Democrats are blaming President Trump for the death of George Floyd

Which is strange—I don’t remember them blaming Obama or Biden for the deaths of:

Trayvon Martin
Eric Garner
Sandra Bland
Freddy Gray
Philando Castile
Or Mike Brown

I wonder what changed?


Captain Hate

Yes, Mrs H loves Dvorak in part because of his time in her home state of Iowa and his music being influenced by it.

James D.

RG, just short voice work or will you do full length audiobooks? I can post your info to my author groups for anyone looking for a narrator if that’s something you can/will do...


I can't resist posting this too: Dvorak wrote one of the most beautiful soprano arias ever, also with a kind of folk-hymn quality, known as the "Song to the Moon" from the opera Rusalka. This is the legendary Lucia Popp:



I love that aria, jimmyk! The best part of Rusalka.


This is pretty interesting. I can't verify it all, of course.



Good morning,

I'm convinced the Black millionaires threatening to take a knee during the national anthem in the NFL should be made to apologize to the nation if they follow through.

Those millionaire's need a history lesson.

Baseball fans in the late 19th century might’ve heard live military bands play the Star-Spangled Banner at a game every so often, but the song—which hadn’t yet been designated as the national anthem—wasn’t really a common occurrence at sporting events. That began to change on September 5, 1918, during Game 1 of the World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs.

Yet even though the event featured two teams at the top of their games, the crowd was somber that day, writesESPN The Magazine. Since entering the Great War a year and a half ago, more than 100,000 U.S. soldiers had died. And just a day before the game, a bomb had exploded in Chicago, (the city in which the game was held), killing four people and injuring dozens more. In addition, the U.S. government had recently announced that it would begin drafting major league baseball players.

All this sat heavy on the shoulders of both the players and the smaller-than-usual crowd of fans that day. But during the seventh-inning stretch, the U.S. Navy band began to play the Star-Spangled Banner; and something changed.

As the song began, Red Sox infielder Fred Thomas—who was in the Navy and had been granted furlough to play in the World Series—immediately turned toward the American flag and gave it a military salute, according to the Chicago Tribune. Other players turned to the flag with hands over hearts, and the already-standing crowd began to sing. At the song’s conclusion, the previously quiet fans erupted in thunderous applause. At the time, the New York Times reported that it “marked the highest point of the day’s enthusiasm.” The song would be played at each of the Series’ remaining games, to increasingly rapturous response. And patriotism played a part right from the start, as the Red Sox gave free tickets to wounded veterans and honored them during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner before the start of the decisive Game 6.



Ivanka Trump Dropped as Commencement Speaker for Wichita State University

I know some people don't like them, but Trump's kids are paying a big price.


RG - I highly recommend VoiceOver Atlanta - https://atlantavoiceoverstudio.com/our-team/

Tell Heidi you know me. Heidi and Mike are a wonderful Christian couple. I've known Heidi and her family for years.


One America News: calling 911 after police changes



Jim Eagle


My Son-in-Law is a top voice over guy. Mostly radio but also TV intros like for the News and upcoming specials. He has a fully equipped sound studio in his house. DC area.

Do you have the sound equipment to do recordings. His are digital and he sends them out that way from his computer. For those in DC, he did the voice overs for the George Michael's sport shows.



Captain Hate

I know some people don't like them, but Trump's kids are paying a big price.

I don't particularly like them but the pettiness and classlessness toward them by the usual suspects is disgusting and won't be forgiven or forgotten when one of their little faves gets put in a high exposure position.



I have traced the ed portion of all this to a book authored by a (also joined the cpusa) sister of angela davis. It also laid out the need for something that functions precisely like the Transfo4rmational Outcomes Based Education I laid out in CtD.

It explains why I found it in the PROMISE Program in Broward that I knew to look for because of having personally attended Restorative Justice conferences and recognizing the characteristics. When Paul sperry appropriated that part of my original research without attribution in a piece he was paid for, he left out the Tranzi OBE part.

Davis attributes it to UBUNTU and african communitarian traditions but it's the old uncle karl, mh, vision. She also intends to push Truth and Reconciliation Commissions at 5 to 7 US locations (subsidiarity). I immediately thought of that oprah commercial the discovery networks are pushing.

By the way all this is funded by a certain philanthropy you and I are familiar with as you asked me about them.

So we must have Truth Commissions pushed by people with no interest in the actual facts because it gets in the way of the push to transform all US systems so we can "ALL Flourish."

Not when we must enact theories for change that destroy everything that has ever worked well. No ultimate flourishing there beyond academic, pols, and philanthropy.


Good luck, RG. More than a few words of voiceover is hard work.


I must admit I'm getting a lot of schadenfreude over the kerfuffle at the NYT. Great blue on blue action! My mother, who reads the NYT like the Bible, doesn't know what to think. I obliquely suggested that maybe the snowflakes there could try to grasp the concept of a marketplace of ideas, but instead she sent me this garbage from the CJR, which included head-spinners like this to justify the NYT model of advocacy "journalism":

Old notions of view-from-nowhere, both-sides journalistic neutrality were never actually neutral, but rather an edifice of calcified biases. Over time, as social mores have changed, the ground underneath the edifice has shifted. Often, such changes have been imperceptible; more recently—and in the Trump era, in particular—we’ve felt the friction, as the moral blind spots in the old definition of neutrality have been exposed and weaponized against the press. In this convulsive moment, cracks are starting to show in the edifice itself.

Bennet’s departure from the Times is one such crack, and a significant one. His section produced much of value, but often bent over backwards to preserve a hidebound conception of open debate; in the process, it legitimized lazy (and sometimes dishonest) thought as an equal—and necessary—counterpoint to much better work. That’s symptomatic of a broader philosophical failure in American journalism—one that applies to the news side, too, despite the traditional firewall between information and opinion.


Captain Hate

For those in DC, he did the voice overs for the George Michael's sport shows.

The Sports Machine went national, or was at least at a local NBC affiliate on Sunday nights here, so I heard his work. For all the hilarious kitschy nature of the "machine" itself, it was very professionally done. I'm sure George had high standards.


Why is sperry so negligent, when he doesnt have to be?


Back at mos eiseley



His section produced much of value, but often bent over backwards to preserve a hidebound conception of open debate;

Open debate is a hidebound concept.

Thanks, Mom. :-)


I read angela davis bio for a sociology course, i would prefer an agonizer.





So Insty had a link yesterday that read:

How to pick the perfect avocado

Guess where it took you? WebMD dot com.


Anyway, I’m surprised the whole effort hasn’t


"This misconduct was particularly egregious because it involved not only financial fraud and manipulation of the financial markets, but also because it exploited widespread fears surrounding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic," wrote Kyle Herrig, who heads Accountable.US, in a letter to the SEC. "I strongly urge the SEC to investigate these matters."

No conflict of interest here ...
Remdesivir is currently the only drug known to work against COVID-19—and our government is about to run out of it.


I'm so sorry, jimmyk.

instead she sent me this garbage from the CJR

Tell her that real, in-the-trenches, journalists you know stopped reading CJR years ago.

Tell her that an AP Washington correspondent from ten years ago, Ron Fournier, claimed his opinion qualified as news.

Tell her that Antonio Gramski, the communist theorist, planned to undermine American institutions over the long haul just this way.

Tell her that radical lefitsts like Bill Ayers, with his academic degree, have been following Gramski to subvert higher education since he built bombs to kill soldiers but instead blew up his wife.

Tell her you love her, but that she needs to become enough of a journalist herself to recognize the smoke others are blowing.


The school choice lobby uses the Tranzi OBE model as well and does not seem to want anyone to explain it accurately. The article iirc was in a publication that has ties to the pushers of school choice.

It ultimately gets us back to the Convergence where the same practices and rationales get pitched under a variety of names depending on the audience. It's why I get annoyed when larry arnn pushes the same template but cites it as aristotle influenced instead of uncle karl.

He wasn't negligent. NO ONE but me had found that PROMISE Program because you had to be able to pick up on the nature of the practices whatever it bills itself as. I have joked I can recognize the Tranzi OBE template even when it has been broken into 8 to 10 pieces and is calling inself a banana split to sound good.



...been banned in the time of commie flu since it requires icky fondling of dozens of avocados before finding the right one.

Another Bob

Good luck RG.

Happened to travel with an ex-BBC nature films producer (worked with Attenborough) a couple years ago who told me I had the voice for it. Haven’t pursued it, at least not yet.



You really need a voice at this time. What a difference you can make.


That made my heart sing!


Thats not the way thaf works



thanks for the explanation of "rating voting". It took me about 5 minutes to figure it out. What a joke!



Hey, it’s all worth it, peasants. Its. For. Your. Own. Good.


Facebook CEO Crumples Under Activist Pressure to Consider Censoring Trump



Ralph L

it legitimized lazy (and sometimes dishonest) thought as an equal—and necessary—counterpoint to much better work.
Now a single viewpoint will make their readers lazy and dishonest (and ignorant). Fine with me if they weren't so powerful.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-—we’ve felt the friction, as the moral blind spots in the old definition of neutrality have been exposed and weaponized against the press..
...it legitimized lazy (and sometimes dishonest) thought as an equal—and necessary—counterpoint to much better work...--

Orwell was out of his league.
Neutrality now means declaring certain opinions as unnecessary which is another way of saying 'unspeakable', by which I mean not 'very bad' but literally 'can't be spoken'.
Who but a totalitarian thinks in that manner? Even Stalin would occasionally be a little more discrete in his verbiage.


For KK--


Also, melinda, as it is more reason melody knows the template as we discussed last week.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Spengler on Mattis.


I'm sorry.... Tell her you love her, but that she needs to become enough of a journalist herself to recognize the smoke others are blowing.

It doesn't distress me, I'm used to it. She's 93 and not going to change. My siblings are a bigger problem, as they're all gripped by TDS as well and I'll have to deal with them for many more years. But I've long since learned there's no point to trying to discuss politics with them.

The funniest thing in that CJR piece was its reference to Bari Weiss as "right-wing." The goalposts are no longer even on the same playing field.




Good one, cindyk.



Multiple live stream links.

Captain Hate

HOF zombie

So this amazing series of events just happened in my neighborhood:


Fact 1: "Airbnb" in a company that allows people to rent out their homes to travelers. There has been a big problem recently with Airbnb in that someone will rent out a home for a single night, and then use the house as a "party house" and post the invitation publicly on Facebook and invite anyone and everyone to come, and charge admission. Then hundreds of crazed youths show up and trash the house, and then the owner shows up the next day in shock to see that their house has been destroyed. Meanwhile, the person who rented it deletes that account the next day, and disappears. Last year, at one of these "Airbnb parties" in Orinda, a wealthy small town near SF, five people were murdered in a shootout in an otherwise sleepy bedroom community. As a result, Airbnb banned parties from any and all listings.

Fact 2: HOWEVER, as part of its anti-racism campaign, Airbnb has also prevented owners from seeing photos or names of renters who ask to rent houses (in case the homeowner is a racist who would refuse to rent to minorities). So if you are placing our house for rent on Airbnb, you are not allowed to see ahead of time or know the name of the person seeking to rent it.

Fact 3: Everyone in my neighborhood is an extreme leftist. 75% of the houses now have "Black Lives Matter" signs out front. Everyone is a mask-shaming Karen. Everyone is a asshole hypocrite liberal. The specific neighbor in question (see below) is one of these asshole virtue-signalling leftists, and has a Black Lives Matter sign on her front fence. But otherwise the neighborhood is extremely quiet, isolated and crime-free.

So this just happened:

On Saturday night, a loud party erupted in one of the houses in the neighborhood. I mean, it was insane -- you could hear it from blocks away. And this is extremely unusual -- one NEVER hears parties, or loud noises of any kind in this neighborhood. But two night ago there was blaring music, cars pulling up and honking their horns, blasting stereos, people screaming and laughing and all sorts of mayhem. Went on for hours. As was recounted to me yesterday, a couple of the local residents went over to the house and found about 200 black teenagers and 20-somethings going absolutely wild in this house -- smashed liquor bottles out front, 3 or 4 different audio systems blaring out top-volume rap music simultaneously, people having sexual encounters outside, dancing drinking singing etc. -- just totally out of control. The neighbors asked them to stop. They were laughed at, accused of being racists, and shooed away. The neighbors knew the owner of the house -- a single woman. They called her cell phone, told her what was happening, asked her to stop it. She was horrified, said she was out of town and had rented out the house for one night on Airbnb while she was away. Jumped in her car, drove two hours back to the house, and finally at around 2am she managed to reclaim her house and stop the party and evict the one-night renters.

Nobody called the police because everyone in the neighborhood had just agreed a few days earlier to comply with the "Calling the Police is Racist -- don't ever call the police on black people" viral "contract" that leftists circulated online last week.

On Sunday morning, the women surveyed the damage to her house and was devastated. But at least no one was killed. It will take her weeks, if not months, to repair the damage.

Then she sent a mass email to everyone in the neighborhood apologizing for what happened, and promising never to rent out her house on Airbnb again.

Since then, the party has been the #1 topic of conversation in the neighborhood, both in-person and online. Everyone gripes about it, but very few people will mention the racial aspect. My (ultra-liberal) next-door neighbor said to me that although one can't see the photo or name of prospective renters on Airbnb, you CAN see their ages and where they're from, and he said everyone knows that you should NEVER rent out your house to "young" people from "the Bay Area" for just one night, because that's the giveaway sign that they're renting it out as a party house. Why would someone who lives nearby need to rent out a house for just one night?

Of course, "young people" is code for "black kids," but he's too afraid to say it like it is, so uses code-phrases. All day yesterday, and the liberal neighbors tut-tutted about letting "young people" party without masks, etc. etc. Only ONE neighbor conceded the partiers were all black, almost as as aside -- but it was obvious anyway from the rap music and the voices.

Anyway, the whole neighborhood is now gripped by paralyzing Cognitive Dissonance -- they are all outraged about what happened, but can't admit to themselves or to anyone else that the ne'er-do-wells were black. So everyone's now living in their weird "Emperor's New Clothes" mass denial world.
Posted by: zombie at June 08, 2020 02:06 PM (N9G0H)


Press Conference with Kayliegh scheduled to start (10 minutes ago)


It it is just that ORWELLIAN. All opinions are equal, theirs is just MORE EQUAL.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

After the Civil War the nation partially reconciled but there continued to be considerable dislocations and recriminations. But with time and patience the segregationists were worn down and civil rights extended.

Does anyone think that after a second Civil War something similar could happen with the lunatics we're facing?
These creeps are fanatical in a way the Confederacy was not and even beyond scum like the KKK.
IMO, in the wake of CW2, the forcible expulsion of those, citizens or not, who have proven themselves hostile to self governance and the Constitution is the only way we would ever have peace.
Where they went would be of no interest to me but to do otherwise is to undergo a difficult surgery for a tumor while ignoring the millions of cancer cells in the body.



Add the term 'prison abolitionists' to your vocab and let's ponder how this will all really play out. https://www.yesmagazine.org/issue/life-after-oil/2016/02/19/the-radical-work-of-healing-fania-and-angela-davis-on-a-new-kind-of-civil-rights-activism/


Lazy thinking?
Like saying there are 57 genders.
Like supporting rioters and kneeling for them?
Like blaming DJT for a liberal Mayors police departments actions?
Like propagating total nonsense about TRUMP having anything to do with RUSSIA.
Like suggestions that WHITE SUPREMACISTS were responsible for rioting and looting.

These people are Communists. They somehow believe this is their opportunity to end America.
Btw, Mutt Roombley is on their side.


Another sample from 2019--


Davis' appearance for the week is sponsored by the Education Department at Carlow.

"Fania Davis is a champion of civil rights and an inspiration to our students and educational partners," said Keely Baronak, EdD, chair of the Education Department at Carlow University. "Her influential work in Restorative Justice resonates deeply in our community as we engage in deep and meaningful conversations around racial inequality, disproportionality in student achievement, and a lack of diversity in our educator workforce. We are thrilled to welcome her to Pittsburgh."


3rd edition of new speak dictionary


So black kids aren't achieving. Should I kneel?


"We must make ourselves comfortable with the notion that for the privileged, equality will feel like oppression, and that things — legacy power, wealth accumulation, cultural influence — will not be advantaged by whiteness."

Are we going to be comfortable with equality "feeling" like Zimbabwe? Charlie Blow is right right twice a day.


Radical work of healing, that makes me all twitchy.


This should help that twitch. https://mindfuljustice.org/about/




There are so many more composers to explore. Try Grieg's lyric pieces (Giles), Sibelius's second symphony, Schubert's impromptus, and much of the Schumann work.

Then you can move to Sciabin, for example.

There is a lot of richness in the classical repertoire. And I didn't even get to opera.




Fox News with Hemmer at 3:00 is having Val Jarrett on.


My friend Brad, whose podcast I watch, posted this. Video at the link.

The news the media won't show you... pic.twitter.com/7EeH6Bb6ch

— TheHuBLife (@GeneralDilley) June 5, 2020


I have no idea.

I hope it's because they want to have her arrest alive and on-air.


Yes, this is not real, but it's enough to enrage any liberal friends.


Here is the YouTube of the recently completed press conference:


It is an absolute slam dunk in its entirety, but if I had to pick a favorite moment it would be at 22min in when she takes both the reporter’s scrotum and Mitt’s scrotum and empties their minuscule contents into a food processor.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Add the term 'prison abolitionists' to your vocab and let's ponder how this will all really play out.--

Two branches of progdom are in conflict with very little discussion, mostly because one has much more power than the other.
Most psychologists know most career criminals suffer from largely incurable and not very treatable mental problems like Anti Social Personality Disorder, Psychopathy and developmental disabilities. And the rest are just stupid, drug-addled, violent men.

But, they are increasingly paralyzed by the PC push from the BLM Marxist types and their fan-Karens to pretend that rehabilitation and treatment and halfway houses and stealing from the not crazy rich to give to the totally crazy poor will have any effect on crime. And so we are destined to relive the 60s and 70s crime wave if we don't put this genie, and the cons, back in the bottle. And Trump will deserve some of the blame to the extent he has embraced the overincarceration bullpuckey.

And of course the BLM types in their NGO HQs and the gated Karen-communities will not be the ones drowned by that wave. It will be the people they claim to care about, but prove everyday that they cling to an ideology that has already killed millions of their proteges, are only puppets in their show who gets their lungs filled with swamp water.


Adam Housley
Criminal referrals have already been sent to the Justice Department and the overall number may reach as many as 16-17 by the end of next week. Investigators are working on additional ones as we speak and some are targeting the Mueller probe and how @GenFlynn


CH: the infamous airbnb mass shooting in whitebread Orinda CA.



Adam Housley
Also...former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is being investigated. His testimonies didn't really match, but apparently there are emails and known briefings that he received that counter his testimonies of what he knew and when and what he did.


Better link than at 302p



Thanks for the link, TK! I was going to watch it nit got called to get my daughter's dog out of the neighbor's yard.


"I missed the accordion video when you first posted it! "

Surber may have multiple posts with accordion links.
They're all "Highlights" though


Everyone in my neighborhood is an extreme leftist. 75% of the houses now have "Black Lives Matter" signs out front.

Haven’t seen a BLM sign here in far suburbia.

Doubt if one would survive overnight.

Another Bob

MM, SWCs replies...

“This is really "uninformed" -- not meant to be insulting. Durham and DOJ don't need "referrals" from anyone to prosecute cases when they are leading the investigation. These are "referrals" from Congress. 99% of the time they go nowhere.”

“A "referral" is just notice to DOJ about an investigation it is unaware of. FBI might be investigating something without DOJ prosecutors assistance with GJ tools. If they wrap it up with something like a confession, they send of a request for prosecution--that is a "Referral".”


Three Rioters Arrested For Allegedly Tracking Cops to Their Homes And Firebombing Their Cars


Tom R

Since Colin Powell has reinserted himself into the news cycle, is now a good time to relook his involvement in the Bohemian Grove secret society? Many years ago Alex Jones/Infowars got footage of one of their ceremonies of what appeared to be a Satanic ritual. It seemed a far fetched conspiracy theory back then but now in the Trump era it doesn't.


"Also...former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is being investigated..."

Fuck RosenSwine and the horse he rode into town on.

He reminds me of those Nazi Party types who fled to Switzerland when the worm turned at the Eastern Front in 1942-43.


"I missed the accordion video when you first posted it! "

The line around here is: "Use an accordian? Go to Cotati. It's the law."

Cotati is south of Santa Rosa, and not far from Petaluma. They hold an annual accordian festival.


I was about to say how old ValJar looks - then I looked in the mirror!


Oh. My.

The Decalogue for the COVID-19 era is our political charter for the aftermath.

It is the document that will guide our international advocacy, and shape our thinking for the future of humanity, focusing on the commitment of local and regional governments to build a world of solidarity.
This document aims to transform how the governance system interacts with communities by protecting those that need it the most,

transforming the multilateral system, and ensuring that the sacrifices that we are undertaking do not become a burden for the communities of the future. We are convinced that the new normality needs to have vulnerable populations in mind, it needs to reassess how we interact with technology and protect our rights, and it needs to tackle inequalities, protecting the common goods and basic needs from speculation through a rights-based approach.
Solidarity has become a beacon of security in this crisis, and it needs to guide transformation in the aftermath.

We will need a renewed multilateral system, with inclusivity to ensure that the wants and needs of citizens are present within all governance mechanisms
Local and regional governments, through a strong local democracy, will be the guardians of this international solidarity.

The Decalogue has been inspired from the lessons learnt from our membership during exchanges held in the first 3 weeks of the outbreak. It is still in consultations within our membership, to ensure that this process also feeds into our inputs on the UN75 Dialogue, and our advocacy for the future.


Art in Newport

Airbnb problems ..

City of Newport Beach has a 3-night minimum to filter out the one-night party types. My son's RE office manages a lot of that kind of property.

Any that get through, get the owner or property manager called by the neighbors as soon as the party gets revved up. They don't shut down while he's standing at the door, he throws them out. They don't go, he calls in the cops.

CNB has been dealing with the short-term beach rentals since the 1950s. It can be handled.


Ivanka Trump Dropped as Commencement Speaker for Wichita State University

I know some people don't like them, but Trump's kids are paying a big price."

I don't agree with their policies but agree with CH. If schools are excluding the political views of 63,000,000 Americans then let those schools self-fund. This kind of shaming is outrageous




A little humor!

Jessica Fletcher on Twitter: "This is the video I think we all wanted to see.. the Dems trying to get back up https://t.co/OeJNEtrN4b" / Twitter

James D.

rse @ 3:21

Pardon my language, but who the fucking fuck asked these people to "transform the governance system" or any of the other Marxist madness they want to do?

matt - deplore me if you must

I have read two comments in this thread that disturb me. The first was a reference to Ezekiel Emmanuel as our own Mengele, and now another reference to Rosenswine. This is really offensive to me. Comparing Jews to the Nazis.

We are better than that.


Donald J. Trump
I have retained highly respected pollster, McLaughlin & Associates, to analyze todays CNN Poll (and others), which I felt were FAKE based on the incredible enthusiasm we are receiving. Read analysis for yourself. This is the same thing they and others did when we defeated...

...Crooked Hillary Clinton in 2016. They are called SUPPRESSION POLLS, and are put out to dampen enthusiasm. Despite 3 ½ years of phony Witch Hunts, we are winning, and will close it out on November 3rd! pic.twitter.com/4IhuLUZjsv

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 8, 2020

Screen cap of letter from McLaughlin at the link.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Speaking of accordions;
Dwight Yoakam, Red Dresses; accompanied by the great Flaco Jimenez.


It looked more like comparing assholes to Nazis, IMO.


Paul Sperry
BREAKING: Minnesota Attorney General Keith "X" Ellison refuses to publicly release video footage from the body cams of accused cops who struggled with 6-4, 235-lb George Floyd. Footage is said to reveal Floyd violently resisting arrest and fighting with cops inside police vehicle



— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 8, 2020

Link goes to a Daily Caller article in which George W. Bush's spokesperson denied his intent to vote for Biden.



Thanks for that information. As with the tweet I posted, we are discovering we cannot believe anything the press says!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Concur with TK's assessment, but even so, there were Jewish collaborators with the Nazis.

Old Lurker

James "...asked these people to "transform the governance system" or any of the other Marxist madness they want to do?"

Precisely why I objected a few weeks back when Trump selected "Transition to Greatness" as his 2020 thing.

Transform = Transition to me and the similarity scares me.


Yes hes a death eater, one of the most evil policy proscribers apparently hes cuomos wormtoungue.


Guess just who didn’t get a commencement address canceled. Big Mike, that’s who:


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