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June 07, 2020



That body cam footage will also confirm when and why the ambulance was called for Fentanyl Floyd.


Adam Housley
Also...former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is being investigated. His testimonies didn't really match, but apparently there are emails and known briefings that he received that counter his testimonies of what he knew and when and what he did.

Rasmussen Reports
Replying to

Yup. "all of whom were government employees connected to a special multi-agency federal government task force based in Baltimore, Maryland, were ordered by Defendant Rosenstein to conduct home computer surveillance on Attkisson and other U.S. citizens."

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Transform = Transition to me and the similarity scares me.--

Embrace your new position, OL.
You are now the radical and they are the Establishment.
The progs are no longer Transforming anything. They already did. They're attempting to consolidate.

Old Lurker

Agree again, Iggy.


Yup. "all of whom were government employees connected to a special multi-agency federal government task force based in Baltimore, Maryland, were ordered by Defendant Rosenstein to conduct home computer surveillance on Attkisson and other U.S. citizens."

Defendant Rosenstein, is this because he's a defendant in Attkisson's civil lawsuit?


MM, something's awry with your last tweets post.

matt - deplore me if you must

Some concrete steps to solve the issues we face:

1. Reduce political influence by police, fire/EMS, and teachers unions.

2. Hold teachers/schools/administrators accountable.

3. Restore school discipline & student accountability.

4. Condemn violent rap music. Make it unacceptable to incite violence.

it's not that difficult to move the needle.


I’d rather transmogrify than transition or transform. Humor is fatal to the left.


Remember the #USSLiberty! Today is the fifty-third anniversary of the Israeli attempt to sink the ship and kill all the crew, Demand justice for the survivors!


Dave (in MA)


Gerry Callahan@GerryCallahan·
Everything should be open now, this minute -
restaurants, bars, tattoo parlors, Orchids of Asia.
Like I always say, listen to the experts.


I never did trust Giraldi being a VIPS member and writing for antiwar.com. A Sibel Edmonds fan IIRC.


Donald Trump Jr.
So shocked that CBS would try to manipulate/discard facts to push their narrative... Said no one ever!!!

Sean Davis @seanmdav
CBS Deceptively Edits Barr Interview, Leaving Out Key Details On Violent Riots, Police Oversight thefederalist.com/2020/06/08/cbs…




Just heard DiBlasio is a supporter of the Red Sox. Made me gag.


https://cms.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/06/black-lives-are-pretext-david-horowitz is very good.

Manuel Transmission

Whenever I hear about accordions I can’t help but remember the old joke about the accordionist who parks his Studebaker out in front of the restaurant and goes in for lunch. After a bit he realizes he forgot to lock the car and he left his accordion in the back seat. So he rushed out to his car and sure enough, there’s another accordion laying next to his.


Finally sat down and listened to that recording of the The Moldau. Very enjoyable and the comments are delightful :)

Dave (in MA)

Somebody's angling for a Bulwark slot,


Captain Hate

Maybe Dobbs really belongs here and we're the outliers...


Crazy Maxine Waters Says The Word Rioting Is Racist

Democrat Representative crazy Maxine Waters (D-CA) says she doesn’t use the term “rioting” to describe violent attacks in our cities because it has racial connotations.

In an interview with New York Magazine, Waters also said the terms “lazy” and “criminal” are also racist. But she didn’t mention crazy, which is the best way to describe Waters.

Apparently, those terms can only be applied to people of one race.







Things that make me mad [episode...I can’t count that high, even with exponents]:

Through the lockdown, physicians have been moving to telehealth models, where the doctors do routine appointments online through apps. (Not to be confused with telescope services which are immediate are clinics via an app).

So you figure the same medical service from the same provider in person or online would make no difference to an insurance plan.

ZOMG!!! Different billing code so not in the plan!!!!

Took me several rounds of questions to determine this, then add the new codes to what my employees are covered by.

Insurance companies, an evil mix of lawyers and accountants under government regulation. Efemall. (cathyf excluded. She would explain in English so one email, problem fixed. The rest... fortunately Ibadan couple pallets to break down for the burn pile).


This is long and awesome. From NextDoor.

"Mixed Emotions on Racism from a fellow black neighbor.... While there are many mixed opinions on racism from all individuals wanting a harmonic community, I think my message may give you a different perspective on racism, it is long but I was told it is definitely worth the read. By the way, I do live in your white SW Mpls neighborhood now.

As your fellow BLACK neighbor, I ask all the supposedly kindhearted white neighbors to stop playing us like we black people are all diseased or disabled with your victim-race card, the neighborhoods you live in are very nice, low to no crime, not much need for police enforcement, therefore I have a really hard time seeing how you can understand and relate to how black people are affected in black communities. I have lived all over and have had to call the police...and guess what? they did their job, I did not become a black statistic as everyone wants to make us all out to be, I survived without getting shot at, beat up or arrested, I can say the exact same things for most of my black and family members as well. Yes, there are racist cops out there, I have personally met them, but I was fortunate to not have been one of their victims. I have also met the good ones, which most are…therefore as a black man, I still support the people in blue and I will explain in a moment. Please do not come at me with what your media stations are saying, I’m going to spill facts and opinions which only an ill-informed or ignorant person would even try to attempt to argue.

Defunding the POLICE - There are a lot of low-income communities (Black, White, Hispanic, or Native American, etc) that would fold up immediately without police enforcement. There are way too many shootings in N. MPLS that never make it to your favorite news channels (I know what you’re watching). You ever wonder why you do not hear about “ALL” the shootings in these neighborhoods? Do you even understand how many rape cases there are in our black communities that are never reported, whether it is an elderly black lady getting raped by young thugs or little children that you never see on your favorite news feeds? How about MEN beating WOMAN half to death for a little crack money or just because (no reason), does that make your news stations? How about child trafficking? Seems like that stuff usually makes it to documentaries (Gotta make that MONEY…. Right?!?!) but not the mainstream “news” as much as it should. You might want to start asking yourselves why that is?!?! BECAUSE THESE ARE BLACK ON BLACK crimes and pretty much NOBODY cares about BLACK ON BLACK crimes/shootings/rapes/murders/abuse…candidly…it does not SELL... THAT IS FACT. Most of your news “jounalists”, including FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. have never lived in these communities nor have ever stepped foot in them, most don’t even personally know anyone in them, yet you are letting your emotions get wrapped up ins their narrative, following the hype. Most of them only care about whether their story gets ratings, which you help them with. You ever wonder how much your favorite news anchors are worth on these major cable channels? Many are worth MILLIONS, yes, millions and they get paid like actors and entertainers because they are just that. How can one justify giving credibility when, cable news is about money and power? For those of you that hate CAPITALISM, think about this. The information given or sold to you is a commodity, its product is generally hidden behind the narrative. You are the consumer and if you buy their story or narrative, they gain ratings…advertisement spots…. essentially MONEY. Now, I used to live in these neighborhoods and am happy I do not anymore. I always exerted great effort in trying not to get popped by a stray bullet, when walking through or by a group of gangs and praying they leave me alone. Also the same thought when going to the corner store on foot and hoping I would make it home with the goods and the remainder of your money. Many years ago my mother, got mugged at a bus stop by a group of thug girls. People get their dogs stollen out of their backyards, just to use for dog fighting. The stories I hear from my family on the North side are even worse today then what I witnessed some years ago…so sad! How about young men murdering another young man execution stile right under a family’s members window. Living in that kind of fear makes them turn off the lights immediately and shut the window because they do not want to be next. How about drive by shooting at a daycare that never made the news because there were NO deaths. Or shooting into a bus stop where one of my family members happened to be with his little girl…Luckily, they did not get hit but that too never made the news. These cops risk their lives keeping my family alive on the North side of Minneapolis, Akron Ohio, and Detroit every flipping day. YES...I have an exceptionally large family presence in these areas, do any of you have family in these or any other high crime areas? (Doubtful) but it is easy to squawk on the police without having firsthand experiences while living in our posh white neighborhoods sipping on your favorite latte at Starbucks or Caribou. Not making fun of you but that is a fact, that is a reality in these neighborhoods, and I chose to live life here in a clean safe SW MPLS environment over fearing for my life daily. So as my father use to tell me “engage your brain, before you open your mouth”. Some of you need to gain some experience in these tough neighborhoods before you start advising on defunding and getting rid of the police. Ask yourself this question, if you get rid of the police, who will help find your stolen possessions? How about car theft? Vandalizing your home? Home invasion? Why would the thugs/criminals/gangs from other states not want to invade your current lovely neighborhoods? If this happens, you will see a lot of people like myself move immediately to the suburbs. So, think about what would happen to your loved Minneapolis neighborhood?

What happened to George Floyd is a tragic event that should have never happened, it is absolutely disgusting to see a life taken so cruel like. I firmly believe that we will see justice with all four of these officers because the world is finally waking up, these law makers that we keep electing are finally forced up against the wall, but I have to ask, where the HELL have they been prior to this event, whether it be 30 years ago or today, where have they been for us? These are the same people that for decades have told you/us that they are our friends, they will fight for us. Well they have not until this case got national attention, which is BS, cause there where others before George Floyd. The sad thing is, had the tape of George Floyd “not resisting arrest” been lost or tampered with, this case would have been closed with death of underlying conditions and the BS would have continued. Fact is, this case doesn’t prove ACAB, which is what is painted all over uptown!…All Cops Aren’t Bastards, the racist ones are, but they need to be removed and if our elected officials can’t control these forces then we need to rally against the police unions, not ALL individual cops. The good cops you pigeon-holed as racists, are the very ones you all call when a strange vehicle with a black man drives down your street, or comes to your door trying to sell you something, etc. etc. Yup many of you call the cops for virtually every little thing. See, I am tired of people stereotyping others based on, color, groups, politics, wealth, gender, LGBTQ, etc. Not all black people are bad…most are good humans. Not all groups you are not familiar with are bad…. most mean well and are good. Politics is the funniest of all, heaven forbid someone disagrees with your political viewpoint…I love the “It’s TRUMPS fault! Do you know how stupid you sound saying that he is the reason for what our black communities are dealing with…REALLY! I’m not advocating for Trump but for decades we have had black entertainers including rap artist pose in pictures with him or even put his name in their songs or lyrics, he’s been praised by the black communities even after his father got sued for not renting to blacks many decades ago, but now that he became President It’s his fault for what is happening in our communities, as if these issues are new….come on! You people teach your children this garbage and here we are with a burned down city…shame on you! This crap has been going on forever, even under Obama. Black or low-income Police brutality has been going on before I was born, before most of you were born. Trump may not show full empathy to the lower income the way society wishes to hear and see, but he sure as hell is not running our local /state government programs for the under privileged. As far as I know, the president doesn’t control our local police departments, the president doesn’t control how our schools are run….so get out of here with your BS and start focusing on the REAL PROBLEMS, Government local action vs the president. News Flash – If America votes Trump out in 2020 (I don’t care who you vote for) - which could easily happen, we black people will still be black, we will still kill each other in our black neighborhoods without any media attention, child trafficking will still continue, our seniors will still get abused by our own black youth, nothing will change, it will be just as before until we make the changes ourselves, I’ll explain later. Hey this is America; we have a right to our own opinions but for most on here that only counts if it’s the same as yours. Did you know that there are Conservative BLACK people out there that care about other black people….mind blowing right! Does their BLACK Life Matter????? There are obviously Liberal Blacks, but I genuinely ask…does white America really care about all Black lives or do you only Cherry pick? Do you? Are all truly welcome in your mind or do you have a BUT in your thought process when saying or posting it? How about the wealthy out there, should they have a negative stigma because they are worth more than the person next to them…? many of them anonymously donate tons of money to our low-income communities. LGBTQ…have come a long way and do not deserve to be stereotyped and picked on, congratulations to their long journey on fitting in. I can obviously go on, but you need to investigate your own soul and see who you really are.

People on NextDoor are asking to defund the police. Defunding the police will do what? Not going to places/restaurants with off duty police security does what to your local businesses that are operating in fear? You want to make change, go after the police unions, start holding your public officials accountable for their lack of efforts, stop buying into BS election tag lines just so they get your vote. Every 4 years the black communities get attention, ever wonder why? I have friends and family on both sides of the political spectrum (Wow…I must be unique in SW MPLS) and hearing that people will only vote Democrat or Republican repulses me, that’s just like hiring only whites, only blacks or Latinos, etc. this shows a lack of interest in genuine change. My opinion on politics is that it is all about MONEY and POWER on BOTH sides, so therefore one must listen to all sides. There are a lot of good Republicans out there just as there are a lot of good Democrats and if one can’t see that, then you “ARE” the problem, you “ARE” the reason us Black people or any other minorities can’t move forward in society and become prosperous like our white neighbors. Minorities (Black, Hispanic, etc.) in America don’t dream about getting things for free but rather an opportunity to prove ourselves, we too want part of the pie and being locked to ONLY social programs doesn’t help like many of you think. MPLS and most of the other areas affected have been electing the same people to run our cities on piss-poor empty promises for many decades and what have the minority communities gained? The clean white neighborhoods with money are getting nicer and that is fine, but the low-income areas are still suffering…getting relocated, etc. N. MPLS has areas that are getting nicer and safer to downtown, but the funny thing is that the low income person is getting pushed further into the surrounding suburbs like Brooklyn Park, Brooklyn Center, Fridley, Coon Rapids, etc. because now they can’t afford to live where they once called home. I guess it is easier to move the problem rather than fix it cause that’s where the money comes in again. Fact is relocating the poor does nothing for those that have nothing. Anyone notice the ages of the young black rioters that helped our other fellow destruction groups burn down our neighborhoods? (There is more than the white supremacist that are causing issues, but most are in denial) Many of these kids are the very ones that fell victim to the 1994 Crime bill, yes, I said it, probably hurt your poor political feelings and you’ll want to argue, but facts are facts. Let us do the math 2020-1994=26 years ago…. I’m guessing that majority of the kids involved over the last few weeks were late teens to mid to late 20’s (Majority, not all). The black communities have been suffering from fathers being locked up and not being able to come back to take care of their kids after they’ve done their time, otherwise the wives or baby momma gets kicked out of her gov paid home and may lose other social programs. Before you want to call BS on me, I have just recently had a cousin come out of lock up and wasn’t allowed to move back home to his girl with their son who needs an adult male presence, North side will swallow his kid up and put him in gangs without him…do your homework and you’ll see who to blame there and the apology that was given by the cause a few years ago will never be accepted, some of you will be shocked, some in denial and some will want to argue. Many of whom you all support and defend are the actual problems to the issues you are trying to defend today. By the way, PLEASE don’t try to educate me or any other black person with opposing views on what racism is, there is nothing that makes a black man more upset then having a white person explain what they have never felt.

This election season I ask that you look for people that have a track record of doing good, following through on their words, not just lip service, NO accidental racial slurs. Let’s examine “LIP SERVICE and FOLLOWING THROUGH” – While I don’t want to water down or demean George Floyd and his memorial, I’d like to point out a political stunt. Look at how politics play us…Our Governor “Walz” says that we can’t have open churches or only 10 to a funeral, yet George Floyd passes away and he is allowed to have 500 + guests and many didn’t even wear masks as we have to when going into restaurants in the next phase, notice that the 6ft social distancing rules where ignored as well, might I add that most of the people attending are anti conservative….which debunks the media’s bias on conservatives being stupid and trying to kill everyone without masks. This has been sold for so many weeks to the public. I just had a cousin whose black husband recently died, and she was only allowed 10 people at the funeral. She wanted to say something to people because she felt wronged (there are so many of these folks out there right now), but she did not know if it sounded petty or stupid to complain. I told her “NO”, that is not petty because her husband’s life was just as important as Georges Floyd’s. But rules change during an election year, so I call out our governor for being Fake. A BS Governor is what we have in MN! See, people get mad when others say “All lives matter”, well if I keep it to a black only narrative, I still have to agree with the saying because “All lives do matter”, that includes the black lives that don’t receive fair treatment or recognition regardless of police brutality. I want to see “Black Lives Matter” make a movement into the inner cities, not just on police brutality on blacks, but help restore peace among our own fellow black community members. Do not protest just in white neighborhoods, go deep into the hood where the gunshots, the rapes, and the murders are.

As a black man, I believe in a balance in power, we need both sides so I have chosen to stand in the middle and will listen to all issues. I am told that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results! NO MORE!

As far as the BLM signs, they are nice to see but many people with them wouldn’t help a black person in trouble coming to their car door, house door or out in public (Amy Cooper), there are lots of closet hypocrites out there that just want a feel good sign, it looks as good as an unread bible on the mantel…this is actually an opinion of many of us Black folks out there. Making a difference is getting yourselves involved with black people, calling your black coworker your “black friend” but having no relationship after works is not the same as having a “black friend” to just call and see how they are doing. Giving back to the black communities may be as little as hanging out with a little black soul once a month as a big sister or brother, many of these kids need positive guidance, they need to be reassured that white people aren’t all bad….they are our future and require positive integration. If you have a business, try to mentor, or hire a black owned company for house renovations. While your donations are always welcome for the low-income needs, your personal involvement will help a lot more, it can help eliminate racism and do a ton more for the cause. Volunteer at food shelves where you can have exposure to different cultures, you will see all races there that also have a negative image of those that live in the nice white neighborhoods. If you have been successful and you genuinely want to help black people become successful, volunteer at places like SCORE or start your own entrepreneur program for inner-city people, many of them have great business ideas but don’t have the tools or resources to bring their dreams together. Getting rid of racism must come from both sides. Some of my black family members don’t trust white people, I just found out that one of my out state friends doesn’t have any white friends nor does he trust white people either (sad), therefore we have a reverse stigma to also overcome. Other ethnicity's must learn to trust white people just as whites have to not fear and trust them, the more exposure the better. Have you ever had a BBQ at your house? if you notice that everyone is only one color (black or white) but you know that one of the guests/friends has a mix of friends…go out of your way to have them bring friends of the opposite race (don’t force it, but offer up the invitation), don’t talk about how you feel bad for them or about social injustices, but actually treat them like you would your other friends, we are not all victims or oppressed, but many of us have been misunderstood or ignored as normal human beings…exposure will help make the change.

I have spent a good amount of my days talking to other black friends and family members to get input on what you are reading, it was amazing to see the feedback on how I have opened up their eyes to what they habitually do that does NOT contribute to our unity. You ever notice that people complain about the system on Facebook to their group that is only white or only black? (usually friends that they can bully into their own belief or make themselves look cool) Does that even make sense? Why not join groups that have a mix of people so that you can share and get feedback that does not pander to their feelgood ideology. You can change the system only for so long before it goes back to where it once was unless people start doing more with each other. You can buy new tires for your vehicle but without an alignment and proper air, your car will rattle and fall apart sooner than later.

Evil are those that killed George Floyd, Evil are those that burned our cities down in the name of George Floyd. Also Evil are those that lie to us about giving us change so that cruelty to black men doesn’t happen again. Anyone that sells evil is EVIL.

Whether you agree with me or not, I hope that you are at least able to walk away with a different perspective or at least have been made aware of a few things that have been ignored for many decades. So, I Thank you for your time in reading this message. Bring peace – Not violence or hatred of ANY kind!"


Telescope should be teledoc. Auto cucumber should be broken up for my burn pile, too.

Jim Eagle


You have no idea about Bohemian Grove. i have been there twice. Read all the conspiracy books you want. Nothing like that ever's happens. Just fucking stupid to believe that crap.

BTW, at the time i was the Exucituve Assistant to George Shultz.


The IMHE site now has a chart for social distancing, where they measure "mobility."


Speaking of which, at the gun store today, only one guy was wearing a mask, so I ripped mine off in a nanosecond.

"The rioters don't wear them so why should we?" said the manager.

Right on, brother. I'll take two boxes of .223 and a couple of 10-rd magazines.




Trump rallies to restart in #twoweeks.


Dave (in MA)

henry, a commenter suggests that they be called "protests" because it's been established that those are OK.

Stephanie Nene Not Your Normal Granma

You found .223?????

Jim Eagle

Let's see.

Start a pandemic to scare the shit off people and force them to isolate. No politicing or talking up certain candidates so the likes of Whitmer despite her actions are the known quantity. Hey I know that name, not the other.

Next, wait until something comes along to to take its place in the hierarchy of concerns. Label it, beat into message submission, then take advantage of it with protests, riots, disassembly of rights.

We are now half way home to something even Bill Ayers couldn't pull off.


I took my first commie flu Uber ride last evening. I checked their website and it said their drivers will be masked but didn’t say that riders had to be. The guy pulls up and lowers the window saying he couldn’t pick me up without me wearing one. I explain what I had just read but he says nope, the firm won’t allow passengers sans mask. I go back in and get one. Grr.

I think masks = submission.


We are now half way home to something even Bill Ayers couldn't pull off.

No shit.

Jim Eagle


To stamp his authority as CInC, Trump should cashier every one of thoset e Generals. Let their pensions go to more honorable men serving.


$16.99 for 20 rounds of Winchester .223 Rem, Steph. I won't say where, but they had more.

I don't think I'd ever need more because I have a military grade hermetically sealed bag with 300 rounds of FMJ in it, which I think could be buried and still be good in 100 years. I just didn't want to open it unless it was absolutely necessary.



Thank you for your perspective, which I freely admit is not that which I share.I will try to be more empathetic.

Perhaps your friends could be more empathetic to me, left without savings or a house due to the bad actions of my ex-husband.

None of us gets through this world without trouble and heartache. I think we should all try to sympathize and get along with each other.

We ARE Americans, after all, and I can guaran-damn-tee you the Chinese don't like either of us!


Each and every day that passes, it becomes harder and harder to relate to those who hate me and want me to kneel for them. Black LIES matter.

Georgie Porgie puddin' and pie, took the drugs that made him die. When the cops came out to play, Georgie porgie passed away.

Jim Eagle


Its worse. No hardhat army this time, so far. Who are the hard asses this time to raise the bar of hell no!


Hi matt:

You can speak directly to me about what I say and how I say it, should it offend you.

My point was intentional based on credible observations, not some emotional need to lash out at some punk who i find anathema to the rule of law and liberty.

Here's the why behind what i said and why i amend the spelling of his name.

When Rosenswine behaves in a manner that reflects his internalization of a value set common amongst World War II era Nazi operatives,

he has betrayed his humanity with a net effect on us all,

(through his chameleon-like adaptability in order to survive)

of enabling the Reich to "last a thousand years",

by playing his murky role in the sacking of the duly elected president of a free people.

He resembles the "Indian scouts" who worked for the genocidal US cavalry;

or, the American Blacks who collaborate with the 21st century manifestation of the Klan- Antifa;

or, the Soros family-even their juvenile son at the time, George, who worked toward the same ends as the tyrants and murderers who sacked a free Nation.

And for this, I exempt myself from your "We".
For this, I won't extend an apology for any offense taken over my remark.

Jim Eagle

How do the Femmies and woke folk reconcile George putting gun to the belly of a pregnant woman during a home invasion. Thank you George for not killing her and her baby, you are the most righteous man I know. I bown in your honor, sir.


That Horowitz article on BLM sure got my hackles up.

Jim Eagle


You stay safe. Antenaae all the way up and in full mode. This BS can happen anywhere. TV coverage and weird little people in their basements wanting to be heroes and accepted, even in your neck of the woods.

Captain Hate

The Horde has been trying to arrive at anyone in history who is an equivalent to DJT. I can't think of anyone in US history. Lech Walesa wasn't nearly as rich. Neither was Vaclav Havel. Maybe a Roman emperor. Thatcher led the Conservative party for four years before being Prime Minister. Churchill was a public figure for a long time before being Prime Minister.

Any thoughts?


Absolutely, thanks. I’m on a staycation this week. Hoping to get some things done around the house and clear my head. I had enough going on without the added BLM/Antifa bullshit.

Jim Eagle


Stonwall Jackson. Reed his biography. Takes no prisioners.

Jim Eagle

Fuck. Stonewall.


hoyden 5:20 was a fun read, though long.
I think this is a similar message and much more economical LOL

Captain Hate

But he didn't lead the country, Jack.

Jim Eagle


We are in your corner and your brothers.

My uncle was a police chief killed in the line of duty.

Plus I have 2 cousins on a major city police force.

My oldest cousin was FBI. Chief polygraph operator.

We honor you service. Stay safe.


CH, the original founders had serious wealth for their time. Washington and Jefferson both risked it all and lead the country.


I have read two comments in this thread that disturb me. The first was a reference to Ezekiel Emmanuel as our own Mengele, and now another reference to Rosenswine. This is really offensive to me. Comparing Jews to the Nazis.

We are better than that.

Is it OK to compare Catholics to Nazis?


That Horowitz article on BLM sure got my hackles up

Same here. As if my hackles needed any more up.


Hmmm. Psychohistory, eh?



From Ace above:

Turchin has warned that "elite overproduction" can be a precursor of turmoil to come. To oversimplify, this occurs when members of the elite (or those with the talents to join it) become too numerous for society to accommodate their aspirations.



Lochinvar by Sir Walter Scott

"So daring in love, so dauntless in war,
Ha' ye e'er heard a gallant like young Lochinvar?"

Captain Hate


Washington might be the best answer except there was no political establishment for him to be outside of.


I’m sorry but any disparaging comments directed at Zeek Emmanuel don’t bother me in the least. He’s a ghoul and deserves every bit of ridicule and condemnation.


Various big-shots who weren't politicians or military men overturned regimes and took power in the formative days of Tuscany, Captain. When some of them died, their children were still in contention, and a few were able to take over while others were killed in the process.

Here's a link that notes such figures as Piero I the Gouty and Piero II the Unfortunate, complete with portraits.


Ralph L



CH, except for Parliament and King George’s colonial governors. Washington definitely was on the outside of those dudes, even started a shooting war against them.


That ace link is quite instructive and spot on.


New? That was fast ...



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